Episode 1: Noah Gundersun - "The Sound"

Monday, November 20th

Noah Gundersen is a Seattle-based singer/songwriter who released his latest effort White Noise, in September 2017. We caught up with Noah after a bar fight and ahead of his tour returning to Seattle for a two-night special at The Neptune with The Phoebe Bridgers and Hollers. 

On this episode, we feature the lead single from White Noise, a driving song titled "The Sound."

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That is just threw. It's data on locals only to Seattle music podcasts. That's a brand new podcast brought Tebow won a 77 the end my name is Steven Graham I am the host of locals on the radio show. That I had to do on Windows 7 seven yen every Sunday night from eight to 10 PM here in Seattle. And death I'm very excited we're doing this podcast the Symbian we've talked about for awhile and we found it kind of figured out how we're gonna do it and the format is very simple. Every week I'm gonna chat with. 1 artists from Pacific northwest that I absolutely love to be very brief ten to fifteen minutes find out everything that's going on in their world. And then showcase one of their songs. This week is going to be great our guest is known to Anderson who was actually just on the radio show last month. Talking about his new album white noise that I absolutely love. Just came out this September. Rafter no I was on the radio show he took off on a national tour he's been all over the place. And I can't wait to find out how to win it. And what knows enough to since he got home. And talk about this shows this Friday and Saturday at the Neptune theatre in Seattle that's November 17 and eighteenth. All right I got Milledge Anderson on the line fresh back from the two were all over the country man how are you do and I am good I'm my body civic. Did something. More aggressive and playing music happen or. It's well actually he has actually denied after that nobody get a little bit of our play but otherwise the largest. Just regular viewer awareness here. But I would I rate massage today certain hits. Are there any more details were allowed to have about. What transpired here Apollo. This drunk people in okay. And I can't help well. I'm glad that it sounds like you're in one piece yup and it's I think it's funny you travel all over the country playing your music and and you come back here. And something like that happens. Yeah I mean I'm in a pretty controlled environment. To learn you know from either on the bus are. In us civilian aren't being occasionally at some bar afterwards but. Yes pulpit. So when you're when you're out on tour. I know it's obviously going to be due to be home but. Is there any place in year out there that's kind of like yeah at places like this is my second home but yeah excited when year old and in this particular town. Home. You know I get excited to go into New Orleans. Is not really the best place to play kind of a tough city procuring band let. I loved the culture that media let the people. Council of new York and LA it. A lot of plays that than. So many times now that. You know I have my spot that I visited and I have a friend there and it feels very familiar. Well you're back yet seen dates back to back at the Neptune theatre in Seattle who ends the second night your claim with the locals only favorite pollard's. Own. Is the Friday shows sold out. We just really a few more ticket. So there are still tickets available for both night. And then Saturday yeah your claimed the colors they've got a fantastic you know Alan excited to be able to place and why noises I mean. I love this album. You came into the reassure not to long ago we talked about it now and Kenneth showered you with prison you do to cool in studio for us that. After this to her I've talked to people some times where. They really into the Stephanie go out and play and play and play and maybe not as a mother that is they were. Did you ever feel like after two electric maybe like racer dunes new stuff. I mean. That does seem inevitable. Serb certainly than we did thirty children used to assume. You know not counting the radio and pressing they even ladies and I'm thirty times you know lying. You know probably play him in the crowd many hundreds of times more. But it. You know I think. You know it's nice to have a few days off from them for the yeah solutions that. There's still a really believe in music can and amid a lot of fun to play these songs that the band so of of course convincing that opt out portable and expert in national. Oh and I saw what you're out about you did quite a few. Coolidge in studio things for different. Outlets that I saw some live streams on FaceBook and stuff. Is it like a nice change of pace from being on stage or is being on statehood. They put that in real life performance there's a kind of hard to shift those modes for those in studio type things. We really didn't have a different set for those kind of things and moved and the different arrangements for the song so. And actually get some variety of the day. It's not only a little. Tired and hung over and have to wake up earlier you know compared to one of those things. We did a lot of people and and yes it is that it's a different sound than we were playing asylum status at my bill that such a little bit. I'm well I don't want to get to this morgue retirement news your time trying to relax a little bit before you head back up on stage tomorrow for the weekend but that. Thank you so much for joining us for this is going to be the first. Locals only podcast. So I normally proceed. Yeah thank you for taking the time and now. I just want to you could introduce your fantastic song the sound which is my favorite songs off the alum my favorite songs. All year and have a good weekend shows man and don't do anymore fights I'll try not to think he's so much. As soon. That was the sound from know again Anderson's fantastic album white noise on my favorite albums of 2017. Sure it's gonna land them a lot of top ten lists all over the place not just in Seattle. If you're hearing this in time decent tickets go seeing no again Anderson this Friday and or Saturday I would say why not go to nights around at the Neptune theatre Seattle. And if you like Urdu to podcast. His subscribe. And will be back next week could more great music from the Pacific northwest until then thanks for listening.