Episode 10: Austin Santiago

Wednesday, February 7th

Austin Santiago is that guy behind the curtain in the Seattle music community. He is the manager of Do206, Founder of BuildStrong where he manages emerging artists, now founder of Protest Fest. He is on the podcast this week talking about artists he's working with and the state of the industry in Seattle.

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I. Locals are only the Seattle music podcast proxy by 1077 the end my name is Stephen Graham I am the host of locals only. On the radio show on Sunday nights here in Seattle from eight to 10 PM. And this week I'm really excited. Doing things a little bit differently. Typically we have musicians come in we talk about their music this week I want to have somebody who's. Just a real fix here in our music community and relief kind of like an ambassador for the scene someone to have Austin Santiago's. Build strong. Due to those six protests fest all kinds agreed things the jazz hands in so much. I want talked to him about. Everything that's going on sale music community what he's working on. And just sort of get his sense. Howard doing out here 'cause he's seen a lot so enjoy the interview we're gonna hear a lot of great music and I think you'll like. But it awesome Santiago manager of due to us and experience. Yet if you don't have that get the app because if you're looking for anything to do it is get it. Solve all your problems. Which I think is what do stuff yes. Do you seven app or just due to a six dot com you know it's a really good resource calendar fur what's happening in your city with a ticket giveaways and you know blogs and stuff with this is stuff that's happening in your city so. Then that builds strong. Yet doesn't call your company or use you books things you do artist development man's man. Totally gets started is just but basically a company to book concerts and then kind of evolved from there we've been focusing mainly artist management now. But we still decent shows there on the northwest. And I only a throughout the men only did in the some artists that you work with that you're working with. And also another thing that. It'd you don't you're not busy enough protests vestments are I wanna get into tonight this thing you just. Burst yeah I'm excited about balance things out really good music her good causes it's pretty cool. So. When I first found out about you you were my two big guy and knowing him. And I Carroll watched view. Do that up there for awhile to sort of a fan going to shows and and and we met through some other avenues and and number running new one maiden. Talking about this due to a six job and it was right after. You have left you say you're gonna move to Seattle yes and and all this can happen at the right time and it's like a who's watched it grow for you since you've gotten here. Yet I was it was very. I mean you know I think it's a part of puts up out there and that was one of the things I decided I really needed moved to Seattle it's kind of grow and expand my career and and I put that out there publicly and and luckily end Zach side and offered me the opportunity to interview for the position due to a six and luckily I got the job and starter right away and have become granite on that Alaska clear sense it's been pretty incredible. And it's been really cool law it's kind of watch you steer the ship and watch what can I remember watching. Q2 06 women you know I mean it's still kind of in its infancy and early this whole thing it's very cool what we're seeing it like right from the beginning. And now just like watching just keep getting bigger and like. I don't get out as often as I used to the area but what you know life changes. And I am when I do you have a night where I'm like hey you know like what should we do. I've I go to the app to Selig whose plane and whose plane tomorrow night what's going on right. And I think that's the the true test of lake and stuff it's got her not like I use it. Like religiously and people are always you know I get hit up like I'm due to a six as a person just on text messages like hey what's going on tonight. And 95% the time although look at my app. And like scroll around I and that's what's happening and and then alt text them back you know. You know the fighting is human then Bellingham you don't live in Bellingham for a couple years but you're still that guy for me yet there are like I that you ought not to long go looking for a hotel recommendation. And I know I theory. Yes so I mean it it is it is an awesome thing and I I love you union people should check it out but I'm. One of the artists. That you're working with right now. Was just on the news the other day and has all kinds of cool things going on can you talk about her a little bit. Yes so I've been negative trends and vocalist named Moran masa for are probably about five years. Just constantly been impressive her abilities her voice her personality. Dead literal look real I think Angel she is. And she's you know what I've seen her grow and it's here evolve and about a year ago no about six months ago she sent me her record which is. Not out yet but they'd we just released a music video for the single on my last Monday and I'm an assist. Ridiculously goods you know she's an insane singers anyway but the production is by an endgame us to produce saw all I'm really kings records and so it's really polished really beautiful kind of like R&B. Touches on fault touches on jazz but just a really really beautiful record in. When she semi their record it was like I had I was like drawn to his tests are working with third. I wanted to make sure that wrecker got up properly and enough people heard it because it's just incredible. And that's where we started as we restarted its friends we developed in a relationship as management thing because of that record essentially. You sent me the single line and maybe a month or two ago and I was blown land like I wanna start playing currently and she's a Portland right yes he's Portland base Rivera PX friendly and locals only. Generally you know as she's. You know firfer like affiliations she's really connected to the Alan stone band. Her her significant other Steve Hawkins is an advance. And then she's toured with and seeing with them as well and she's currently about a week now heading out on tour with Katie laying. All of the US and sings in her Manso. She's just a vocalist that she's on Bob's burgers like that gray and Christmas episode wrote all the singing she's in that singing south. She has all the stuff going on and then on top of that but any here realize half of this lesser working whether. Bowers is about the music and then after the like teases you do everything. Yeah the commercial side of things is like. Do this stuff I finally there's this vocalist that I meant to. Who lives in Everett. For awhile. And she summit like oh yeah like I have done my voice over stuff for the halo games. But what they fell just a random things that you find out that these pits like could they go find things that you can salute your talent to work. Well let's salute listener channel it is on the just came out and. Autism is not out this oh and unreleased track this has never been played or heard publicly I was I was go through airborne threat at any Intel whereas playing this let me read. But yet this is one of my favorite ones off the new record in just a really really people's rip people track her own little world premiere. On locals only ran NASA channel right. It. And yeah. This is certain content. Disclaimer all the kids yeah. He notes. I think times have sued and non poem saying this. Sprint phone that can lose. An instant console and none of them. There's. Steve knows that come. And student comes. Women oh. All of yeah I own this. Connor. Unnamed. Mourner. What. Okay. Okay. Slowly as a pack two and. OK okay. And then. And you don't need Hughes match today. The sleeve blue Mac. Here. Steve. Yes OK you. OK can do. Yeah. Backhand. Still can't plan to use any phone. Yeah. You move back. And so many use the pain now. It's. I. Okay. I. Me okay. It. While. It's she's she can sing brand has some pipes young's set talented yeah we are college and that is. Yet some you know it's. Sometimes you know looking around it's like. This wasn't all distributed evenly you after her on her that's the most of the people I know and work went so we'll just work hard. And try and figure out what we can mow these people to stick their deaths. You know I like to think about them is like the bones and I'm kind of like the cartilage like they need as a work without me but I'm. By no means the most important part. You know I think it is interesting and it's fine because you know just in conversations that I had with a lot of musicians. These days. Often times and this isn't always the case there are some exceptions to it got. You know both of they've got. And the business side and the creative side you met your boyfriend I have met with you Chris are alas he's the real answer actually Baghdad editor is savvy. Skill sets only third his mustache yeah yeah eight and Chris I know he's got a show coming up at the but the triple door that didn't happen it didn't I'm thinking about these dual mechanism with a solo thing tripled over and just missed Baghdad bathroom bust and I saw and I think might have been the last and I saw you. Planet in my down and pine idea Aaron played that he's outside the day before his wedding yeah that's a good idea Chris but at. Yeah beyoncé an entire family running around again I guess will be the hero just sort of know where you're eating like cash truck feared then counselors but. You know now that I've gotten off track but. The yeah I speak with these artists whose economic do you know anybody who might have some bookkeeping skills that are totally know how to set up. And oil CEO or something. And I mean I imagine this is the kind of stuff that. Probably comes up you feel some of that stuff as well as you know year I mean show don't play that Russia. I definitely don't. Pretend to be an accountant. The one thing I think it is the most important part I found of being managers knowing your skill set and then finding a team dirt together stuff. So that you know the financial staff in the booking air China. I try to build the artist to a point where we can build the team and put professionals in those positions are really make sure that we're doing it properly. Now. You work an anti commune in Virginia for a lot for years a long time out from. Hey Steve and you need Lewis and anti commune in rehearsal I ever heard of them to. You know until he moved and I so Aaliyah and I watched this guy Iraq. You know it's. I don't know how many people fit in that tent SaaS watched that we that we estimated that 4500 he has to say it's got to be at least the next 3000 Nia. I mean. I watched that guys trajectory and I mean it does seem like all the best things are happening and I didn't quite the understand what happy he left he's yet offered some sur residents. Yeah you had to be what is Detroit actually was out there for awhile he's actually moon in Portland a real Kanye are are. Reason for no longer working together was just creative differences. Nearly bunker whoever the heirs and I think that we came to a point where you know we felt like well he felt like it was best just try to on his own and he would he do and I'm not sure what he's doing now but he's a super talented kid and if he's six I'm sure I'll do great things. It's got skills absolutely them like a mad scientists but now all you know you've kind of who worked with these. The ball from when I've known you. There was no anti Communist Electronica stuff and man you know cuff links to destruct the single everything into a little bit later to grant. And then now is it a little different working with somebody like Moran. Yeah I mean so three minutes economy and actually was doing some artist management. Four. A bank called in to our fans a bank called Brothers Cooley and in a singer songwriter called Carol all lock. So I have sinister bands that's mr. singers but back then I had no idea what I was doing. You know the whole process of learning how to be an artist manager really came through trial and error like most of the stuff I've learned over the years. And so grand I really managed to come and I really grew up together really learned as we went and you know with these new acts and branding that the newest signing. It's really just an opportunity to use all the skills I learned and with her you know she's a little bit more established in the other acts that were with she's touring and she's. You know either they saw attendees import Landon is doing all these like incredible songwriting opportunities in the industry in another way than a lot of people find totally and for me it's earlier it's really refreshing just because she's already. Working you know working really hard and doing a lot of stuff to. To make herself successful so in her case I'm just helping we're really working together to China. Maximize the potential. So it is is it hurt job. Make sure yes she's fulltime she's she's because insiders know that she does vocal lessons on the side and she tours with Katie dying. It's awesome and as other singing jobs but yes she's a full time vocalist and load. Having people come and find out like you know this is all idea just like I had. Saint Clair in total and here's some ailing nine I quit my day and I just make music now on same thing like. Chris prosecutor talked about earlier you know he he had done the same thing awhile back it was just cool to see these people he fallen and they don't you finally you know. Maybe it's not you know. Hole I played it right it's okay this whole time and only. Andrew Johnson is the only person that worked hard not to do it professionally done another there is a couple other people attend a nap yeah. Okay suggests to reset a little bit here. For those of you joining us we've got Austin Santiago and studio. Closer and closer. And have a great time and how I am. Because. You have. You have this snake. You so I talked a lot of artists about sort of you know what's going on the scene in the community and you know kind of get their perspective and it usually is seen at the lines of wherever there rat in. Kind of climbing up and figuring things out and you've been at a from a different angle for awhile and sides. Think it's really cool to have you here and kind of get that perspective a little bit. I want to ask you because you were here earlier talking about you in making the decision to move from Bellingham where like. You had a nailed everything was you know like it's time to try something else we go and moved south so you come to Seattle. Due to a six job lines. Build strong. Adding new artists. What do you think about as somebody who kind of made him move and tried some different not as drastic as what I'm. Kind of getting a bit a lot of these musicians is Brooklyn. LA. Like yeah like we're seeing so much lately and it's like. I'm so glad for tangerine. Totals so excited for those guys that didn't LA and things seem to be working out really well. But. Business the home. Yeah no I mean it's hard man like you know the great thing about Seattle as it's a great place to be creative. The rained. Traditionally it's been less expensive city than on other cities which helped that process. You know I think that there's a series of factors that contribute to it being an incubator for a lot of people and a lot of great music coming out here over the years. That being said it you know it is getting more expensive. There is not really much of an infrastructure regarding the business side of music you know his radio stations there's promoters and venues but you don't see a lot of talent agencies you don't see a lot of publishing companies you don't see a lot of the stuff that. You know nuts and bolts that you need and to make this thing. A job. You know you can play shows but you can't play shows every single day and if you do you're not gonna make money. And so in order to be a professional musician in order to really sustain yourself. You have to find those inroads in a lot of those you know opportunities come through being around those people so. You know there's so many ways to do it without moving to LA or New York but. A lot of the reason people do that is because you have to be your honest people in order to get the opportunity. It yet more in tune even just like Portland. Has like Martin sent totaling you know like there are some assets down there that. I mean. I just I knew that there are versions of it here I just don't think it's the same. Yeah and a lot of them you know a lot of the best ones here so. Far along establish realize like you can make a sub pop like. They're put turning out incredible stuff but just about how many. Fans are trying to pass sub pop for opportunities like almost impossible for Clinton to facilitate the amount of creation. And the stuff that they probably miss that just gets sort of like a loss in the weeds because there's just so much not even like. Then not even a bandwidth issue but just like. Well I guess it is still kind of abandoning how can you possibly here even strange to do the show yeah people email me stuff all the time I'm like. I try to listen everything into it but still I don't dismiss things. Absolutely I mean if you think about how much museum being created. That this is an overall linking I think of analyzed summon interest to listen everything. I could never listened to the amount of music being made there's more food more music being made every minute that I could possibly listen to and you shouldn't. There's probably more music in Seattle being made that Abbas who listen to. Yeah you know I mean it feels like it feels that way to me they're really probably is yeah so it's like. How do you you know what channels do you use and that's why you're great allies like. You're giving a voice a lot of these people that may not have won otherwise and you know yo look at the blogs and you know city arts and do their features and due to a six or do premieres and you know you know I think that having that that middle tier of curators that help. China items have these incredible people. Some of the artists that you work with and is actually we're talking about. And artists leaving Seattle and your talking about sort of the tools that are available. In different places than you we don't have readily available here and how hard that is if anything about something I follow you on the various social. And you. Like but it says ours bandwidth because your time at this was sub pop near where the you know they don't have can't possibly hear everything we can't. It just sort of the candidate can't put out everything they believe in that's just east too hard you can't work with everybody. The you'd want to you know be cured but. You offer. These flight. And then even tidbits like he's pretty extensive. Looks into it like this is the way my brain works and here's something that I think they could be useful for everyone totally if they apply it. On FaceBook usually on FaceBook because you know it's longer form and Twitter and twit or net and I think people should go and check you out especially if there are bands they should don't fall you on Twitter and does some things that program like. Yeah that's sort of like a thought that has kind of ping pong grand in my head that I could not articulated like this it's perfect. A lot of it came from I was able to do they a panel at KXP called mastering a house right. And the whole point of that was kind of talking about like how to promote yourself as an artist and some of that stuff inside a lot of thought into it in. The weird thing about their industries that I Levin and is that you know you can't go to school to be a town buyer. You can't go to school to to do a lot of the stuff so. You know due to that fact it's become this kind of like insulator. Homosexual eagle ask. My precious with your knowledge where people are really unwilling to. Be open and sharing and you know. You have to learn through experience and you know for me I just feel like. If we all the same tools what rises to the top is ultimately good music and so I'd rather just be really open with head and like you said I don't have enough time to have one on one conversations and everyone that. Once to have that so I feel like my general like you know. King I can do that's reasonable is our to articulate these thoughts on having them and just try to express. So really standard procedures and and ideas that are universal to not just music industry but that's where my you know lands comes from. Sure but you knew you were saying some the other day about. Maybe it was today or yesterday about how you got started in this industry because you were ready to do. You want to go to shows and you're ready to do whatever we have ours has anybody would ask. I just couldn't share couldn't afford to go to business is business as I would have liked. And I was like man if I just like ask the people we're doing everything like what they don't wanna do that can help them any exchange yeah. Well it's funny as I read that as they can yeah. I got into this because I wanted to go to shows -- the mean that's the reason I got a job in the first place inside have money get a shows that. Ultimately there wasn't enough money do everything I want to do and go to shows and and I started this really bad word press blog that looks terrible. And then wheeled my way in with a local paper. It is dated have like a real music blog. And did it for free forever until we met still can do for free yes Patrick and did this show for free for a long time. And now I am going to check every now and then went to school but I think that's really important. And absolutely I was so people like honestly being present is the biggest thing you're like how I get this had argued that how to write and play shows in my do you go to shows. Now do you support our latest trends do you are people seeing you like. You know just like you people say our posters relevant anymore. And my thought is like any time someone sees your name three to four times they might actually start to care. And so posters irrelevant as because it's another physical place that people see your name Tucker I'm going to show as if you're not putting out music if you're not. Getting write ups by reaching out to people like people have to know we're there in order to support you and you know for me it was just like I wanna be involved that's when I do whatever I can't. To be part of this thing into experiences and that thing just sort of snowball. Absolutely does involves you know you gain skill sets and opportunities and the surprising like most of the people you know that are in power is positions are positions you wanna be and literally didn't know what they're doing and probably still don't. I barely know what these bonds due to her at her as though they are great at faking it says that as well and I say it more often nation because you know people might take me seriously if it stopped talking about it all the time but. Again what's what's the Twitter handle. It's at easy Santiago. Santiago city cooler to jump last week yeah Africa free and I put a lot of stuff he had a thread there's actually a threat of all of these tips and it's it's it's pinned to the top so nicely go to my Twitter just that easy Santiago and the very first thing. Now watch all these musicians and artists that I've. Had on the show and know and people that respect that are following you and commenting on it only costs that's you know perfect thank you for saying this and. Actually I Galen from picnic reach out and say new us. Insisted and potentially setting up a podcast talk about some of the stuff so that's perfect I was blown away is because I respect him so much as a musician and human being. Is podcast is one of my favorite part Kathy do you listen to yes from the greener on gasoline is amazing. I had to do if you're listening I'm down yet do that and I'll listen to that I had them at 88 year last weekend from ruler. And the ruler podcast is one of my favorite. We from the green room as well as the prom queen yet is really did 2000 entries and. Our have been from new most yeah but her new must par goes a block party sent you haven't yet he's there were put us on our management team builds strong. He just started a podcast with his friend I saw that it's called all my friends and it's really actually really entertaining they're interviewing touring musicians. They just did over cuts and they did run with chit chat Porter. I'm brand new podcast that I've been listening to that's really awesome blossom music. I'm having command you're some time to talk about talent buying it like one of the premier clubs in town he he impressed you this podcast is is a radio voice if you is quite an quite solid. Oh such an inviting my job my ticket to her head OK it's a speaking of the management group. Cuff links yes ZEP is rapidly approaching now. Yeah we're dropping new BP with these guys on the sixteenth of February so like ten days there's and I ran Carner it's about two and a half years in the making. I saw those guys about two and a half years ago or so great and it was awesome they've somehow managed to maintain a really extensive show regiment playing lots of Basel I can't live gigs slots of TJ gays and and the music has kind of been hard to come by but now that we have to Tzipi tenant done they've really stepped up their process and I'm excited to get new music after them. Listed as our own and use the new one believing in a fantasy cool and then our plan although on rafter that that I just love this call prowl yet that we put on the show for. Two or three years or something so let's do it is brand new music from a local group cuff links. How. Yeah. Okay. Oh man I love that I love gold cuff links jam. I love the news damn thing jams and obviously you send me guy EP a little while back and as one put everybody on notice like. You will dance the it's heavy you might shadow box. There their lives that is. So good now it's well and I saw him awhile ago and it was fun Mike lights and all kinds of cool stuff but it wasn't right now. Matt and cup places like went down this rabbit hole of creating video content lighting and night. Many mapping everything in that building able to sessions with lighting in it through committee OK so it's like basically if you crawled inside the mind of like. Some sort of maniac but the maniac was beautiful beauty now inside. It's heavy its stance the its extreme plagued if you Croatian girl or shows we have like and your ism. Are you left. Give seizures or something yeah yeah probably not he would enjoy it through your headphones. Don't go to the happening because it is. It's like even a couple years ago it was bright and it's way better now that's off. I don't take that any you know it's so cool is. Posted on Dow and a band that I love breaks proposed or directions but what I really learned especially watching this music community is. That means we're about to get. Like three new cool things because. I loved learning team Bryant it was her I know you're in early on learning team because that was like thousand abandoned Bellingham for a minute there you have and those guys went their separate ways. And now we get plastic picnic which is a rad so so so good and that's I mean those are all guys from Pacific northwest but they're doing it from Brooklyn. And actually had them when they came in and did add their capital block party. I colored it a mile Wellesley to career. Commends to your real quick let's do this and I love them I think demy and in my first night. In the news in this new studio pickle day pop by and has like had no idea how anything worked and I trampling your plastic picnic Leo moving things on the air. They have a insane potential yeah meals vote posing songwriting and they're there and musicianship together that if they haven't I think. Yeah I've been impressed and then Matt goes you know formerly if learning team and now we've got cuff links. This same you know rose windows broke up you know very sad now we can all these new things absolutely you know that can't insane thing. These people are not capable of not creating points in their DNA so and and when they when window closes a kick in another on yet and like. I'm in royalty exactly you know I just can't wait to see this stuff that they are cranking out. On their own sense yeah super sub to sell the Morales or is it took it. Yeah I wonder closes three opened its fines absolutely. We have gotten into this sort of massive undertaking the U. I mean is his idea I watched you just it's did you just put something up on. Twitter something about this. Like a month ago and then boom line up announcement I saw you for some they feel like if I want to do a thing called protest fast where we. You know we give the money you'll bunch of these. Different organizations that are losing funding would people be into this totally and all these people jump on right yeah I'll play that you and now you have a festival that you've just announced. Yes the reason it worked ahead it was because of the people involved you know the idea is essentially that we just throw away. Multi venue a festival that's benefiting nonprofits near and dear to the music communities here in Seattle. And so we did is we reach out to curators for these different communities. The venues we have the so the events happening on February 19. Other venues we currently have. Our our Bos chops to be. Farce to the woods. Nectar lounge and the tractor tavern as some good ones yeah and all those rooms are gonna be different types of music. With different curators presenting those shows and then benefiting a different nonprofit. So for instance. Our buzz that's gonna have a hip hop show with a bunch of incredible music and that's going to be benefiting the ACLU. And and you know nectar lounge is doing. We need line in. And some other great acts and they're benefiting this year clubs so. The idea is just sent him to focus on trying music and a nonprofit that pairs well with that community and then generate some money for good causes. So what are like quarter coupled highlights for you mean we just heard someone that I know is. CE. It's your commitment on the gas so I think that's a great again heard Craig at the tractor. Did he made a couple phone calls works and Greg magic he really did and our president Pink Panther and have. People like Sarah from moon star and a sassy black. Under roof finally royalty. And then a bunch more that so why not it's ridiculously stacked and I think they're gonna do like for our songs each very back to back just incredible knives songwriters. I'm really excited for the dance music happening at the woods and that was carried by upper left and a blue eyed soul who is the F programming director at the woods. Can it be more house thing. Embargoes as a hip hop show that night with. The real Don music remember face. Nick leader. Can I just say. Reeled on music is one of the most underrated bands in Seattle incredible and I mean it's not surprise if you know his history you know that the front man of sunk so many credible projects Kircus. I don't know he he's insane and just like. I hadn't been here before that I had M I bunnies to books as an ever had to go out and play and like nobody knew who we was nobody knew what real Don music was. He came in with a horn section has turned tables and just blew people's mind yes claim they singing I mean he's I love Baghdad he's incredible. So this is a thing people should check out yeah might. There's basically John ruff for everyone like it if you like if you like house if you like rock and roll if you like hip hop there's a venue that nine that's benefiting again because. Fine find it find a style you like find find an organization you like. And just like c'mon support this one yard and did you know the Monday night so I don't expect people to be out super LA but come out with this music supermarket cards. And if you want no anymore info on an as is due to a six dot com slash. There's links of that we're also doing a a pop up dinner the night before with add oh which is an incredible. Company on here in Seattle that does pop up events and Allen's Ben Finney Planned Parenthood and he's going to be re imagining some very interesting Finns from the president mr. refund. That's tough to hit it. I did I my income check this out the sound it sounds fine and funny I'm excited. So we have been playing a whole bunch of new stuff tonight that I've never heard before that last one. It was a very dope saga a lot of stuff lake. I feel like says some names that to go back there and look at the playlist from the last few weeks and like her and played that song every week the last few you can't tell us tonight is not going to be an ad like that. I don't have to worry about it all because you're taking care in this and I think you're doing an excellent job and boy also to endear show fairly often are those songs you play you know I yeah on the one person who thought Nolan listening let us. Well I appreciate you tuning in and I appreciate you steering away from it's moose some of their regulars that we're doing about this often very little bits like. Actually heard from me not to just play one of to any kid told a track every week. Well that's his thing to do it all played the same band. Like week after week there isn't not always the same song yet to make all played New York almost every week delegates on the half up like so many. I may start playing some of their Christmas tracks you have like in the middle of the here at this 'cause they're funded by Christmas and I'll land that's a great leg it's such a fun song yeah it is. Among those guns. Who we've been talking about this Austin Santiago. Works a lot of local. Well some select local bands. Through the company builds strong which is your management. Outfit yet and we've played some. This one to write yeah mess that's so are you in heaven. Yep so having Johnson came on and two those strong economic. Five months ago for a month doesn't like that. And you know just trying to expand our just think you're saying that and with his hard so it trying to get another person that we trusted in there Ted help develops and talent. And when he came on the mention was like I love. Let's get used someone you know let's get you a client like you come in and you get a bring on someone into the team that you can you believe in in the U love their music and he did a lot of a lot of research and a lot of looking around and he settled on kidney Mets. That's I have learned about a while ago he's of knowing him kid he's still in college up there. It's a really talented producer multi instrumentalists. He actually after a B battle every year called. B match we did Vieira project last year. And you know the people in their competition or a lot of people from Seattle and he was the only one that really didn't know anyone didn't have a crowd there. And years of getting second is from Bellingham yeah exactly he's down there by himself the I had very you know very few people with them and his music was good enough that. Crowd participation as part of it is the women you know and he managed to overcome that it just makes incredible incredible music. I think this says something about him to his like how many of those place. Where I don't have all these connects like I don't know all these people there's not going to be like to support community it's gonna come out and take care me. And I'm just gonna go down there and Mike. His shop his computer. Broke I mean they wanted to sets and he we skipped him and he fixed it in time to come back and move on to the next round so. The kid is is really impressive. That's crazy back computers like I have some friends and ban them laptop onstage and they're they're trying to perform and is it Halloween show I think yeah and you know some like Beers flying through the air and breeders they're coming up. Every time he's trying to start new track his laptop and shocking him. That it it's it's yeah it's like but you know overcome and get by in this crazy. Well let's let's let's check out this is Bristol which are actually put on the show before Evans and to me awhile back. But it's like I don't play enough. Told its eight zone is really really cool and then after that I think we got enough time power play and you and I racetrack is just announced they're gonna be releasing a new album in April I believe. They're hardly art. And they're really plan the Neptune. Yeah can be pretty rat one is that exactly that's the elements or I guess ever didn't just him dead or in there and there ever gang is Dave. Shouldn't that still think they're back in every now it's hard to say I don't know I claim on their wrecked my hometown so I can't. Enjoy the enjoy the Mets. And remove. Remove. You. Who. It. Roll. The moon okay. Moon and. Well we officially reached in the snack. Portion of the show. Purdue and some cookies and some cheese it's almost perfect. Delicious. If you're just tuning in her hang out and Austin Santiago. Q2 06. Build strong. And now protest fast and don't comes to them last last year did you have any stage upstream. Yeah due to a six period the states Asher upstream and we'll be carrying a stage again this year. I'm very excited about upstream that's Fineman I think it's so cool. Honestly just he has the experience a gain hang out that many incredible people and musician and see that level of talent in pioneer square and all these really obscure spaces this. Just really counterpart up your account or to the norm in Seattle but really awesome. Yeah and that was thing like when I I only went for damn hung out for a few hours and the take away that I had durable would you think about upstream and was this you know people who weren't that was successful woman I don't know about that but. But I tell you is it was awesome CJ Gregory in a basement. And I like just walked into that the architectural. My point of view of this thing you're seeing a bunch of these old like classic. Amazing. Make the first part of Seattle really truly is they kind of beautiful and not a thing that I really was. Expecting to be a take away from my festival. Yeah I think unfortunately that stigma associated with that area's economic walk through it quickly with your head down. And it's really genuinely one of the most beautiful areas in the city and this is there opportunity going all these random spaces that I had never even knew existed in getting to see incredible vocal music. Yes and I I really I love it down there I used to work pretty close to there and I walked down there and has ended sandwich spots and stuff like that and go hang out Trevor do in every now and then down at the emerald city cars chop to the haulers logos cancels based that's pretty cool at a decent they do some little like. Live stuff in there like the decent contact captures its which is pretty cool but it's an expensive guitars and yeah 08. That's the thing I was talking with some so Trevor is in the haulers. He had a little brother named Joey Susan's been called the bill that morning's who. By the way we talked about sound off earlier I'm just call it when develop morning's decide they're gonna take part in sound off its. Over and over yeah. And it's not just because they're all going to be playing a 100000 dollar guitars but. It's funny you visited their stuff and it's like oh. This is pride being recorded something ridiculous braves. Access let's hear it well in Seattle sounds really cute they've you know they've got their connects studio maximum fun stuff so but it. This I mean this thing upstream pops up and I mean they're doing it again summon assume. It was successful. And you were your working kind of on that stuff so it. Accident again heard beyond their programming comedian host committee is here which is awesome I think you know everything the year one is going to be. What it is and and dontrelle iron. I mean I think that. What I took away from it was. The mission was to try to create is really unique event showcase a lot of local music and create a cool weekend in Seattle and Josh and I check believe did that yeah onion and I think that this year taking taking a lot of a good view from last year lot of recap from last year and and compiling all they info into. Fuel to make sure that the fires got this here was what they did in. Nellie Darby the main town environment there is an incredible asset to the city and has done it time for that festival and now. I'm excited to see what that put together they announced you know cut copy. Flaming Lips claiming lips. And I technologies is CIA AM and then valley region so far. Which. I mean there's already some heaters yes I mean all of those extra insane obviously thinking let's have had lined block party in other stuff and done there's sacks rods and are transcends. I think there they're coming with the heat this year and I'm excited see it. Flaming Lips that the spectacle yeah it's it was goat go if for nothing else just to see it winning the general around and hamster ball. The zillion. Word we're about to get here into the road yeah. It's. It's been a fun. You know the only thing that went wrong from the thing was possible mental time and in this way you know I thought the the claiming it's ago. Do you notice that rate before the show started I'll follow you into the dark place. Can download an accidental husband Patrick is a tough that was in my head you normally action and get the lighting in here. Kind of dialed in May do little more variety than it is and found it very I didn't want like overdo it. Because we don't hang out really so it's like you know the more scare you off this the telephone him at thanks for having me I wanna do this like. The sudden become like every six months and you can does it you know school song what's going on dizzy. You played all kinds of stuff tonight and I don't know anything about I would absolutely love that yeah this looks like the biannual Austin Santiago residency locals only lets do it and I like this that's too long of a name the pick on our answer real quick. Build strong artists. Correct yeah we have army is becoming those cern has a couple of releases on the horizon. The sixteenth of February we haven't EP coming up from cuff links in the EP from Chong and on that constrain 22 year old although. Who as a recent Cornish graduate music producer multi instrumentalists. We're looking toward that day and humor a monster single comes out on the ninth of this month so very soon. And she'll be following that up with you know. Very cool and then when is the cuff links. He PM those are both both strong and Coke and goes into getting out on the sixth okay snacks and that's double header that's going to be. Begin day for my here not this he's very excited about pet deaths that you'll be fine and I'm sure. And then protest fast yep protest as is happening on the nineteenth of February it's a Monday President's Day. At B six different venues six different charities than a 100% of ticket sales and sponsorships are going directly to the charities. Associated with the event. You know it's just a really good opportunity to come within some great music are great guys and help people and support also. Football's over there and nothing on Monday night there's nothing so and so start earlier like getting nectar certain sentence a college student 7930 thing there bless you senators today. O'clock you know donated a cancer that those later starts at ten so there's a little range of times and events going on. I love the earlier shows Celine I'm getting older I can feel it in my iPhone can tell from my hairline. It's are you always there yeah ash. But that. North does CNN's Larry this was on trying to trick people a thing in my new new development I think it needs to he came out and a little like you had ten I did it stayed the same. What else do 206 they can find out information up protests tested due to a six you find out all kinds of stuff to do to us. I would just recommend checking our. SaaS watch her any you know way we have tickets to all the bigger all the big festivals all of the big. Concerts through live nation and in. And this TG and new nose and Crockett and high dive in a bunch of stuff in Seattle so food events as well I think we're partnering even with you guys possibly unbeaten in beer. They can Irvin to give a ways it's up to that so just check it out there's a lot of information and it's a great resource to find events in your city. You said bacon and Barack got excited don't have another bacon of thing coming out of the country fears they're I think that's our and I'll just say one more thing on on the do stuff out. If you end up in other cities for any reason. It's useful yet that actually horribly and there that has all the cities and it's a gallon one happened and switch back and forth. Tony you cities currently I believe we dislodged enter couple weeks ago and yet find all the best stuff happening murder or lending gubernatorial aid the day. Chicago all of the I have to hear kinda like. Have there be enough stuff happening frequently in my town so we can get. And get the DQ during the Q4 25 an hour the first. All right let's do this we get a couple more tracks are ya wanna get in the four you know out here for the show's over and you're you wanna talk about the either a quick yes the first on. Is. Yet analysts from the dead the debt so the depth is. You're cause side project but it's really its own beast it's them. A lot of players from various groups but the most popular group associated with the it would be B connection. I'm Tom Eddie the senior V connection and Nigeria the tremor or the connection and then market that bass player of the connection on this group and it's just really really solid northwest take on and kind of like classic soul. Sounds incredible musicians and incredible vocalist I actually found out about Tom and he threw solo stuff. Before. B connection yet he's ridiculous he's he's always guys that I feel like wakes up and his has more talent in his cop then I do in my entire body. And so our act we're gonna get to some morning music between their plan on the show before the thank you sir for coming by thank you haven't and let's do it again sometime absolutely. That was my interview and Austin Santiago I hope you enjoyed it. And if you like we're doing. Not please his subscribed check out the podcast again next week for more of the best music in Pacific northwest right here on locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought you by 1077. The end.