Episode 13: Jason McCue

Tuesday, March 6th

2017 Sound-off champion Jason McCue stopped by the show Sunday, March 4 to talk to Steven about his upcoming new album and debut new songs!


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For. You are listening to locals only the Seattle music podcast brought you by a 1077 the end. My name's Stephen Graham I used to host the show and I'm very excited because we have got. A lot of great new music coming to you from Jason Q for you were just hearing I'm right there at the beginning of the show. And I'm very excited because he has a new album called pin GF coming out this month and he's going to be playing at some tracks on the album. As well as soon songs live on the show he's bringing in Qatar and we're gonna do and everything about Jason the new album. Near some stuff lives stick around. I think you're gonna like it. Jason Mick see you in studio for locals when he brought his guitar goes I drug that out because I forgot to hit record is all going to be a local when podcast this week. It's really truly outstanding trail. And Jason accuse former sound off champion yeah. Yeah he's Aaron yeah I tell him that just last year just last year yeah this finals just happened last mayor Rendell last night I was dethroned. That's only that's really how it works is you didn't compete again now I I guess but and Ashley last that was so cool that you were there yeah now allied. On a case it would only get in all the stuff come running to sound off the so cool. We're talking about a low we'll talk about your new record here amend it looked like. Who do you always sound off last night. Is it a cop out so everybody. No well look again if your emails it was the finals I got like is is incredible I saw the Booker from. Upstream said moved to tears multiple times. With that and LA yes it's yeah I'd I'd totally see why I mean every single act that went on that stage last night just. Gave something completely unique to everything else goes on onstage and I don't I knew it was something magic policy. Everybody huge say a couple months prior I had never even heard of before yeah and yeah I mean I find so many of the artists that play on the show. From the list of bands that play sound off and I mean so many fans that loved over the years fauna Shea and yes his skin. Oceana Terri Nunn so many great artists and yet you have some new heavy hitters there I know and and also Jason Q. That is here in his didn't you have a new album coming out it's cocaine GS yeah I've been playing can't remember on the show for. A couple months now Jeff thanks so much for that I did thank you for me to that song I love yeah. That is down I think in my net savers on the album the color would you like prime makes me sound like a little of the jump because he hits. You know it is the first one I heard so that you speaking of cop outs but you send me the album and listen to the whole thing. It's 3 PM thank you so much and I'm not delicate you told me you may in this whole thing home. Yeah yeah everything is trust it's him my bedroom and load in my basement. That's amazing. I had some friends and didn't Aaron local bands there remain some records Lillian their economies like astronomical prices that they paid for this astronomical to me it's like. I would rather buy a really nice used car yeah like what it costs to make an album is really good massage and then find out about it's. You know you made this really excellent products. Home for awhile I'm assuming costs you almost nothing well on I mean a big part of it too was. Part of the sound off package last year was. Studio time and gear project. And I aid I didn't really when he is that Sarah of course because I like doing in my house has come it's what I do for fun. And also I get cheaper self conscious and in Europe recording him like some houses and him so I use that to get it mastered and it worked with a mixing engineer named the Lillian Blair at the fair projects the Dow was huge asset RD sounds astronomically different from. But I've put on the pass and I know a lot of different stars aligned for this for this 1000. And it sounds fantastic. Sometimes sewage coming out of this we can underneath. Yes and this upcoming Friday is the release party for it and then that's the release for the physicals here and then on March 16 that's when I'll be all over Spotify. ITunes apple music all of though is. Streaming sites. I got that you have to show weaker really got to get him come out CL I think that's and by copying them and they get here and on all of you know drag road. So is Shelly Washington hall it's on fourteenth and fur and the central district I'm certain. Nights beautiful. And what an article is that typical lake and you've been to shows they're not haven't and actually assess their serum that Washington is upstairs room. Which is like. Though Washington hall room that's true like Billie Holiday played back in the day hello disease or history yeah I'm playing in the downstairs rheumatism light is it's a little bit small with a lot smaller. But it's perfect for what I'm looking for smaller than the other alike can you deem to themselves. All right he's perfect like a stage so don't feel like. Everyone's looking I mean even mountain there'll be look at him he's the yeah. Works so yeah I mean that's what therefore yet to see your face. And here's your fantastic music and the Disney I'll tell people is. First of all in a little bit not airing our place and then from the alum here in the second but. Before his ties overeat and a couple of life. Songs from Jason in studio which I can't win last emir you blew me away won't pry the do FaceBook live thing for instance I can see it but I also would encourage people to you. I go to. Do you two punching Jason Q and sound off and watch them much at least in one video and this guy do you sink as it is. Just something else. And just now to prove it. Let's let's play wanna be on the to a put when he drinks but still it hasn't anybody has set her world. Yeah. And only the. RA it is time and Jason accused is going to Tyson songs well lets you wondering now. Send we're reading it. We're gonna get a song called distance plus time I understood him. And and there. It's. It's. Yeah. It's. And yeah. Okay. We. And start him this time you'll see it's. Ten. And it's. Because today the I sometimes. Machine. Well. It's time it's. Come. It's. You. It's time. Or lose just loses it can be. I think it's what do you mind and in the just. Okay. Now. Seeing him in the. It's. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Do you dare not caring then it's okay. Time. Since being gone. I'm and he has something that's marine. I'm sure he's not only here and I can do a slash and then. Huge and there's no I have. It's here. Money. And pain and. And you know. I. I am in the yes they did. You're never. The. Our man. Alone you come I had a it's so much fun to sell again thanks and that's. People. Go see Jason Q this weekend a Friday night Friday night Washington home now Washington home. We're the only day it's men. Did he get tickets events bright and just go on to FaceBook dot com slash Jason cue music in their in the you'll find everything you need the decent Q also brand new music. So far we've created two new songs from your album pain gee it's going to be released. Physical copies this Friday in Washington home now and then on the sixteenth it'll be. And it released why it. Yeah that's Tom who who's now I'm excited and simultaneously nervous yeah yeah longer. Aren't you guys I did tell hobbies and these peanuts. After an adjusted on the hand and and hey we're up or got the hunger and Suk. How are you feeling right now with all the slates. Before the album comes out you're saying a little nervous like Yahoo! is that about it. To for people who just like you know just sort of digest music you don't understand sort of what goes into this process absolutely well I mean just making. There record in general is took a while in and it was all very joyous process and I'm so happy about everything that that happened. Say united sell a lot of meat went into it a lot of them. You know hard work and being alone in my room fro file and this is I'm 35. Minute she's you know. Outcome of that in us I just I hope people like it you know people listen dead and I hope people didn't feel good and then let's Cynthia maybe god Billick you'll something you know. The only deals on that day other than anger. Maybe anger I don't know this is terrible to miss lives like this is me and I hope people like me and how awesome like about Iran. And Soledad can blame it on the bassist. It's all you can. Yeah a good man trenches really didn't show today yeah. Much transplant now let's I mean I think. I've heard it I love it I think it's it's definitely be one of my favorite things come out this year. And I think. Fans of music parted just have to feel the same way and that's. When he drinks is how one little like. I guess I would say have a year yeah tracks on the album the first only played from its main and then Josh that last saw him. Who lives just like it's so good people need to go see Jason as you live it's. This is this guy and I'm self to use a wizard. I love and and I'm just excited for this upcoming Friday and it's like. This is so as laws deny a lot of the joyous work going India and I've loved every second I'm setting and up but is a lot setup and it's going to be all happening at once and then stack snap of the finger on the over and I'll via London. Take a big old sigh of relief. Ted and I found out it's going to be a fun night. And you're playing with tomahawks I am someone knocking on the Simpsons you formerly grand homeland Tomo said yes you know. They're not often but I cavaliers are playing those you know how to relationship with him like prior cannot afford emailing him vast if you look at it. So how. Good he is Sokol and actually saw a guy do. Promotions that Seattle university's radio station Texas here. And do I and we got somebody come Indian and stayed there with us I got to hang out attend for a little beds can challenge them and it got nice Tenet. She's just nice and I don't I'm I still can't believe. He's playing my album you know he's he's very again yeah and also found Sarah Tina I'm not familiar. I know. You know Barack you know found zero while back I Kara who was. Fountain but now I'm I'm not I'm not familiar some new we need to turn and I'll absolutely let's do this. Let's play can't remember and a and then canceling horses from turmoil yeah I love that there's a video of him at the Fremont and the playing and it's so amazing isn't it more like visits and ante room as I can just nicely in his plan can you played for Miami. Now but a lot of people tell me that I should look and say hello Lou we need to correct that may in Marion if you're listening to anybody knows Nathan. Look Jason Q. Tell Nathan to both Jason McKeon I think everybody be very pleased. And also adjust real quick to me a shout out to Jason's mom. My mom who and is your easier uncles version that's uncle's birthday Harris out correct had a birthday uncle Rick. And then I wanted to say hi to Jason's mom because she thinks I sound like Jim helper from the office. I watch the office I allegedly snapped so the office literally almost every day you you sound alike yeah I've never been told that before and maybe that's where that comes from sub. How well listen this is I hope Jason's mom enjoys. His music. Israel wasn't hearing now this can't remember his woman playing on the show for awhile and I'll continue to do so because it's so good I'm I'm kinda animal. And and. Okay. Okay. All right so we are. You weren't much at the end of the show man I'm really. Excited and speeches were about to get another online track from mine Jason Q. What's. What you can do this time this one's called Schultz lions. Yeah I think it. I've played this all malicious closed out her little bitter and obviously this studio version of this on the show floor. And I am excited to experience a lot of them yeah but still it cost. Once again thank you so much adding muses it's an on call any time you wanna commend him Carlisle love it when you come back. Cool things. It's. A we wound. I. This. So. It's. Thank you. There. Okay. I. We stay enclaves. Email us. I think you are now. You and today in here I think you're. And she asked. And I'm confident scenario again zap morphed into the same. Cloud hanging back. Yeah yeah I am. Okay. Thank you. Now I've seen. Okay. OK it's not. The and yeah. Yeah. Oh. And didn't hit the. Do it's. On on the show and end. Or enjoy his time man it was so fun I am not. This is feels improvements. I really didn't play every now and then there are people who come through here and I feel like. A day is gonna come around like I met the guy a couple times because I knew only CX into the phone around call and you Jason Q what's on that. Did this is so good just let's let's run next thirty general quick and this Friday night Washington hall yet. Who lives record really is Jason and cue get your hands on Tangier yeah and we have put the all these sounds so good if you if you just can't imagine that live performance from Jason you wonder what's been going on here in the last hour. The locals only podcasts will be up tomorrow on iTunes and you can hear this whole thing. And all the stuff that Jason did and its at all for the songs to play nine to put from the record. And then you can go and experience in person. This Friday nine and Seattle had a night at 7 o'clock and great locals only bill. With the tongue on Knox Leon and found Sierra you know how Washington hall who also my friend Kerr Arenas kinda juggle a long time. Three more months I guess he had this is the need to nominate polarizing if I can juggle. Yet but he did not listen why didn't know this is the big man. Actually continue to reject absolutely. Yeah it yes three levels. Belated bulls I mean what's the point if it's not high stakes. Both are gone now they do the stakes on fire. Like nine in the year round. That her. No I know consumer demand can see you fire sticks. Need. I've never seen him if bush is doing all are you not seen her juggle machinery juggling between senior fellow. Fire sticks I guess I'll sing her juggle Steve and I know man loses. Strange that's it and do something better yeah people. OK let's let's get out of here. Jason thank you so much for coming back people thank you for listening to thank you some and yeah and be ready to here in the entire Jason Q record ping G. I you can pick up the physical copy this Friday night in Washington hall or it will be going wide. On the sixteenth there thanks again for coming in Jason thanks for claim lives thank you for having me tonight in. That was my interview local musician Jason acute. Be sure to check out his album can GA comes out march 16 it's fantastic we hope you enjoyed the show if he didn't please improve their iTunes Lusa generating a review. And may be in their view let us know you like to hear on the show in the future. As always thank you so much to a single locals only the Seattle music podcast will be backward more grainy music from the Pacific northwest next week.