Episode 14: Everett band I Will Keep Your Ghost debuts new music

Tuesday, March 13th

Everett band I Will Keep Your Ghost came by Locals Only to talk about and share some of their new Options EP available Friday, March 23rd. 


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As just a little bit of the brand new music read meaning into today on locals only at the Seattle music or just brought you know 1077 the end. Mining seeing Graham I need to host the show. Every Sunday night for me it's ten. Here in Seattle Hahn won a sense and in the end. Today were being you know ever me and I will keep your ghost which is the door for a little while they're back with a brand new ET call options is fantastic. We're meeting into what they've been up to you what Dave dye coming out and some music from the new project right now. To stick around to enjoy the new tunes enjoy the interview with Brian and Doug from I'll keep your just think. How old Jeter goes has been dormant for a little while. Then what is it did in three and a half years since last evening yeah I think you and I as in rent working together for about three and a half years or so. Just kind of coming up with new material and can revamping some staff yeah. Then and now it's already. That's correct to an end day you guys have a show coming up which it's it's a little bit secret. We don't know where it's at yet you guys do you guys know words that we know Ramsey group liberty to disclose out of commission says the show though is is coming up on Friday march 23. And some of the millions are teaming up with Seattle living your emotions as correct here. And the bill. Is steadily this is locals only favorites here is fantastic and why did you have we we actually got to play with head waves. Few weeks ago weeks ago when and it was their phenomenal they're awesome people. They are all sending they actually got only dear stone and I ain't got some us hungry guys some rest it and it was hired these stories yet they since recovered every you know smoky Bryce is on tour now and someone stole Kim's fate of close. Earlier there is still feel the air but I feel you guys didn't bury the lead a little bit they're dug on that show you play it does is. And all you really hey yeah but my favorite bands. Since high school yeah the only OCO Sanjay below key lake you know and I. Bows I mean it's sold out I was there I was a ninety Aaliyah I was somebody finds a glass you name that was I mean. When was the last time he has played before that. Is it that was the first showing a while right yeah. Yap all gonna send you a long time yeah out I think simultaneously upstream last year and he did fund raiser with your friends Panera Bread yeah. There's this bill or gas that's pretty cool first show. Can kick off the cycle for the new EP they're really felt it really elegant good like launching. Time in Delhi everything about it felt really good it felt like it it's Guinness really kick offs like what we're doing as far as this album I think. They're so I am Baghdad and yet the hope is that the momentum sticks so well I think so I've heard it it's quite mutant. This view is just released a song on Friday called 1964 which I wanna start the show it but yeah when your permission. Housing and be cool if we just played the holy. He uses hung out until 10 o'clock we put this whole thing he has to and maybe twice this. But is it just let's start with than 1964 here what's going almost EG you know come back a little bit and just tomorrow doesn't let's do this brand new music from out Jeter goes just premiered on Friday. And the first time I get played on history issue here. I'm locals only. Feel. Mean these guys down. We. Yeah I don't know. One. Given his foot. We need you banging down zoo wall are back open. She. And you know. Okay. Now you. Okay. Okay. She is okay. You guys. Guys Otis let's listen. Go back a second here we just late 1964. Yup sounds pretty good thanks thanks and that's a great song and I love. That you guys. Now how's the third member of the band. That's right and Sarah proved France tellers who we love your round that I knew a great album coming out I think next month. Yes and the really get an average of women in we contributed hears them. You know inside track oh man and it is sound set and then we'll she sounds green onion on your as a Stefano and I saw her I was Diaz it says the Julia sequence showed the tractor announced fantastic so yeah. Really say about that we've played and DC Daryn you guys love and has played with a couple times. O'Hair and did everything for years and then you're asking what you know how much control him or the playlist and to a just put a hold deep sea diver album. Something you may who just play like a bunch of our favorite DC never songs throughout the show I'm sure you get like three or four women there at least from Brent I don't know how well let me ask for and I saw DC diver Tom I was Sam went three days sold out show Allen did the sunsets and zero and gas blast and it was stellar. I like they can do that once a corner and then sell out oh absolutely. But it also has a cool venue the end is and that's fun gas on the spot. And then we had just played all or else army who hails from a power yes round in Everett wish I had so make. Good friends and you guys from want full disclosure yet I have to ask for a long time again you know and I used to put together some shows up an average you guess for the very first one. And there's no looking back after that and I'm just love doubts if you're just a percent sooner. So I was so glad you guys are here and you have new music fit all over else army. Pretty cool yeah there on they're good friends of ours we differences are primary Darren yeah I iron primary who we love you and ahead. And and an Henry shirt you know filling in and pop that in there when you do your job county was well. Yes we love those people there are good people good every people on Qatar I mean yeah I don't remember his son and I feel educated. Billy tells people about every link to it you know what somebody ever seen like why you guys stay in Everett. It was only mostly affordable rent. Yeah. He has been struggling number one but there is this a great low. Music scene. I around there and I think. Tom. There's a lot of my guess feels really. Warm and welcoming like all the all the bands are. Like friends each other neighbors and people play in multiple bands and it's all like really kind of like my Timor's prime rather than just like a bunch of fans in the city. Yeah million you're talking about you know playing in other bands you guys have both played drums. Intel or stress yeah here's an -- area Bryant and you've played Jason dollars before the RN yeah Seattle and we have agreed to see happen ever ridden. Issue with them along those guns there are some people who should listen greet this news Shannon thinks Michigan doesn't usually new played with them on why your wedding day yeah. That he's elevated Chavez Stillman is a millennia and yeah that was a good show until I heard and I don't know husband I I had a lot of fun enough I don't know they want me back that I. Mama okay I only do this let me see here really quick. Keep talking about efforts. Yeah so. Every was branded sophisticated in 2000 no I don't I. Now I've kind of Brian's point you know there is it's cool because there's not so many voices the feelings you can Kennelly drown out. So along with sort of a teamwork spirit yes we have up and Everett. Every raise Cain got their own sound going on. You know there is there's all these fans and it doesn't really matter what year into it's probably there and somebody's junior really well. Yeah I don't. Think you know being bear most of my life and listening to us different I mean from like. Being really into one carper green when I was in high school amend it dries and that's an awesome belt then that's silly stuff that you know Twitter side and now owns you know. Tellers formerly preachers wife Ruth sound totally different from themselves from when they are in this other Mino. When under different names. And out you guys do your sound is changing and how sorry about that later Tuesday. That's it all over elf army in. But nothing you know crystal does their mail houses yes no dirt all know that sounds exactly the same it's all. Like any and all every bills you know from the news flat Fiat it's all going to be pretty diverse stuff. Ten and I think it did sort of you know occasionally challenging sometimes totally put together media show but at the end of the day it's awesome because you get all your friends together and fair folks who regularly and seen music you know they get this kind of diverse show you know he has not asked. Three bands that sounds like similar bans mellow enough its new get a variety which is nice as I like the new Fuzzy stuff. Both really good I was grade those guys I keep telling Mike Hsu when what year how many years until you just said you're gonna go when sound off. Because I feel like it's 21 and under it now we have yeah which is why we've never done it this. Desert area. We had to do and how far yeah disqualified you keep. The guy had abandoned when I was in high school band minutes. We didn't sound that again. I know I already bull here. There are a lot of fans the people who are not and I schools that don't mind and oh gosh those guys are just didn't Fiat doesn't think like I keep. When I talk about them a hard time not getting caught up in. Mike how old they are. But that's impressive but I like those kids DC on on YouTube that they're like seven years old that there lake. Better musicians then he'll ever dreamed of being sixty I U revenue injury means that big. CNN minority then my musician dreams are small so yeah it's good for me just doesn't. Not a lot to qualify there. Com but I'll keep your ghost hanging out tonight Tony that the new EP options comes out says Friday march 23 mutineers during the show's Seattle seeker shows. Which the only way you can find out where the show is is if you buy tickets. And years are playing with head who is who you eastern souvenirs to eat my. Here on the show he's usually does this does not put out one of the best. Records last year. It out yeah absolutely I've I've played all the time. Yeah and as I've. And I think I'm gonna that is as he was a dive but I know do you a year early show many MusicBrainz. You know terrorism thing about it when it came out. Well he's since Jimmy didn't data MM wisdom teeth pulled. And so I was like. In a lot of pain but. Also. Enjoying that and legislate for me in a Patricio place I don't know I don't want. But it's like perfect for whatever you're doing your your driving through the country. If you're driving through the city if the late night hang is it your place. Which I imagine when Brian plays and the Atlanta. Member work part time or in a bar and ever and which I've played in this area chances are must we it's really cool I love going in there. And Brian Sears we beer and plays my favorite music on the radio. So if it's I it's it's always wonderful for me when I went there and but don't mean that's it that's a really that's a great lineup. So people should it change it is that I saw you as a present their dialect 3040 tickets left in the shadows yeah yeah it was a jumble and you wanna get him the Seattle secret shows dot com. New young you can do a quick defense an extra credit but let's feel good. Yeah I it's his own play tally shows the last you played was sold out this one looks like it's probably going to be Sauna he has been. It's kind of cool to just have that sort of like critical mass where. You can and you can can focus on your music and I have to worry about. You know it's like in a way on the Internet and paranoid sell all the time you know you can cast focus on. Just doing your music which I think she is what any. Any person using any art earning music really wants cell path -- also people that talked to coming here that's that seems like they're least favorite part of the thing Fiat is hey look at me gas fashion but it's mostly just like let me make this thing. And I hope people like it yes but they're more interest in them. If I if if I don't want people look at me it's 'cause them being on stage with a weird or something like that they had to cross. OK see you guys use them playing around for awhile. When you guys are gonna either when your plane shows. When your guy I mean here's go to a lot of shows I know Brian's always toll now shows that he's been doing to. He's about to get you never invites me which is strange that's fun. Locally like you guys love to see what are some bands that you just like. Smooth he writes yeah yeah I was doing there we just us lucky break. Sad to either album release at the tractor I mean common now is that was a killer show 1003 showed I was asleep in lessons and teller's dad and I was those are a lot of fun yeah it was a fun as a party. I couldn't believe it is kept snake every everytime I turn a corner of a person. Yeah there's usually somebody else seen it and that's how I felt and I show I was a gallon two handed to you is a show DeLia sequence Mosley after all these. People. But yeah look you know what you do the same thing in my headphones when your mother might done what subs which she. Indiana. Affairs and static on me man EC in the studio guy and I hear they're the only way we did hear an honor mean to and locally I mean. I'm I'm pretty increased cited it in all all of plug fisherman's village mcsame is seen in our house and houses. When you put everything is plural flare up yeah. I'm really stoked to see them. Back when they where doing crystal desert material I always loved all their energy. They're quick they're younger guys and they just. Daily have a lot energy. So I'm really sad to see them. Do we have Bryan young anybody else. Workers just in general assistance answer immoral and northwest I don't move there. In Seattle current limit crater. Always out there yet that's our locals only or so month when it was only Neeson crater in the for the night's arrest. I like that tellers stands now yes we must do some friends why we both play you have played in their band do you love their usually announced NN at the at a moment's notice yeah. That's good I actually had a battery that stress stream that. Because I know I don't salary really wanna watch them go through drummers since Douglas left the band you know sorry and the I have this stream banks in the same dream about four initiated when data kind of slow down playing a little bit and they're drummer moved out of town. And sounds granite where I did it and and asked him just like stepping on drums. And I and I in the dream that I had this feeling three or four times now in the dream I always just go yes sir. Of course a bit and everything's fine and as I'm walking out on stage really excited to play. I don't hold Knoll. He realized you don't know how to clean rounds actually low never and then is there one time with tellers planet with tellers. I just like fake my way through it and just kind of like hung out in the background in that somehow nobody noticed and then Sarah is like hey we're gonna record the record. We need you come in my tracks the drums. And a half and I woke up like almighty god. That's and that's something that's all I'm very glad that this guy was not a real yeah I don't think it's a dream I think there's a nightmare business -- yes it is and I'm and hopefully they never ask me do that we have delays early envisioning people need to continue to dream toy can kill your fears are just always secondary in my place in her name from now on. OK see you as I wanna play another new one from the options EP. Coming out march 23. User can be playing with headway is in eastern souvenirs we definitely have to place man I don't know how we haven't done that yet you go sit down and in the end. Second half hour but. I don't listen now to your us for very long time and I've seen this. This changing through I actually found it the sleeve but not the disc from your very very first TV. It's going goats illustration of a wall for something on it though her mailbox or something and it's from dared to. It's natural which is the last project a few years ago now to our options. I mean this sounds it's always changing. What do what do you think I mean is that was only a little bit struggling kind of led to how much time there's been like I know your game a perfectionist. Yeah it doesn't tells you content. There is nodding that I'm now running as hard as Doug and I currently only if you can hear nodding. And oh yeah I think that's that's part of it knowing Kim. The lineup of the band changed a bit and it is song actually changed a little bit too I can think. He you know is there is the process of writing the songs. You know sometimes it goes quickly sometimes you know writer's block and takes a little bit longer and then the perfectionist side to sometimes you end up. Writing a song and then rewriting and then brain eating more in our case sometimes rating like that. Think it eight minute song and then sending it to Stephen and saying hey what do you think and he says. It's good can you make it shorter. Never plays other radio yeah yeah and then we realized that the song is inordinately long more or do this just chopper in the middle man yeah songs boom problem solved I mean big bucks in part one part two yeah yeah yeah. To see if stayed in name comes down yeah yeah who who can beat that. Merck yeah I think we I'm. I you know he's I think the music you listen to. Also changes or retirement your tastes change a little bit and that kind of seeps into the the work. So I am being a little more pop focused than the previous stuff which I think I think it's an hour yeah I think I'm I'm I'm really happy with it I think. I think there was a lot of I think you and I were listening to a lot of music that was really play expansive. So late and we do a lot of like what sort interrupt so. More listen to the time I feel like you know we just kind of died in a staff but down. You know I think the sort of the new gays sound as though all around us send you in the Christian and a quarter you know here we just like. And I and I'm drawing a blank here but did you basically leg of really big sounding music that was part of it is kind of a fun challenge for us. Being. A small man's. Suited to try to make. As large sounding music as possible yes. And then sometimes we open up our tracks and we've somehow whole layer of what it. Seven cents and ways to manage their past five days tracks and we realize there's clearly a little left out. But it just reset real quick you guys have EP release party coming up. On march 23 Friday night just a couple weeks away it. At a mile relocation and it's very serial locations LC her shows in years are playing with headway as any eastern souvenirs. You. You guys played with and who is a recently. Yeah talk to him I had ruins there are heard. One of them probably the most energetic fans I've seen a long time I mean they work this time and energy onstage. And their fun Fiat. It's it's it's beat its fuel funky. And mortar keyboard DS and break it down the director is packed full people lake. You know pit squeeze in mice are means that people are so things are around to us that the show before I like those guys and yet it was fun to. A couple of used to be indifferent and most important Haram. And that's our Ryan Larson Amanda. Now it's fun to see Dan life. Doing the thing that feels like what they're supposed to be doing you know yeah and the seeing Ryan Mike really. Boston did is like frontman thing. It's it was pretty cool is to see so dead we're looking forward to playing with him again and it actually. I still angry candidate that's there they're doing music video released that same yeah yeah I think Darien dropped a projector screen and do you like a screening of their music video looks like there's a naturally find anywhere in India Coleman. Every time please ensuing years ago believed. Yeah that's a really good. I almost in my in Italy underrated in my mind. I think yeah I don't yet know if you're yeah I think every time you almost. He gives away from you for awhile and then you come back to know Iconia. You women are listening to this all the time well it does actually feeling I had earlier and when you recommend that crater so I was like. Feel like I believe through this the first time I listen to the element. This one didn't catch me like caballero Wednesday and and now I'm like that's going into. Yeah that's an amazing some sort of cuts this is an engine and we played a lot of good stuff and go to another deep sea divers on. Yes always going guys I can just I I we love you go through all I can go through all of her albums back to back to back. Brian and I when soft. And IDC diverse Fulton full band they Jessica. She opened through television the more he act. And I was like that we were already stoked to go see television and it was like a super awesome bonus. So you guys is done I was cruising through your sound cloud. And a side. I cover non DC divers great lie it. Yeah I mean what. What's it. I record came our and we just rude like that song and we. We we love deep sea diver and she doesn't know we exist. Yeah I think he's a good message die before we we say hey we may yeah they we may have played by it. We still doesn't know we. He's saying she yeah yes yeah yeah it's the whole band as opposed. Yeah. So I won't play another one for me as is news new EP. And then when I come Ackerman put you on the spot and I'm used to ask you what's next. New beaches. And no it's like jumping we got a little bit because. I mean not really we've talked about it at length wolf I'm here I'm glad I'm glad that I'm. I'm glad you guys are just the stuff and opera so I want to come back and here we know what what future plans look like. After replay is a summary of a sleep. You guys had asked for some two told oh yeah I know. And everybody Luskin told the act upstream I was lucky enough to go to find some free ice cream and they were giving away the free album to new album months and they'll take you live available because Molly moon's put out yet in the gap doesn't drift compiling moons aren't they put out there to taller record numbers I was just going whenever free ice cream and I said oh cool we got to you can tell our and they released oh yeah you can have it for free. And I was like. And they didn't think there is life you know never been the same yeah nothing has been is innocent and CN. Senate small amends for showing all the world's problems I think ice cream and music all right here's another brand new one from out uterus is sleep I've played an older version of the song on the show many times. Excited to play the new three original we've sort of revamped it and it lets a fresh let's hear the super fresh let's hear it. We. I. GA yeah. Side. You need not say. You okay. Shawn. Okay. Now. Okay. Okay. It's. It's. I. This hour. She live. Not a smile yeah songs school. Yeah. Is wrong. I. Why you see. Her mom. It's. Okay. Right decision is this is the end of the show this is the last time and I'll be chatting without superior goes on air tonight it. But I think year complete region stacks and time he had and it's now will come your house and eat some food and yet. You cookies stats are showing up here it's tricky is it had her on the show and a man get. Every day and I can work through how to produce locals only residency because that's OK so earlier this season a little bit. Wolf I'm really excited about. This EP coming out I'm just so grateful you guys are OK with us playing the whole thing on the air tonight thank you so much for coming idea that governments are. You. Are your releasing now on Friday march 23. And then. What what's next what's coming up drought curious after that. I am more live shows they're we only it back out there clemency gigs and then also on. The you know they've they're good benefits do you take any really long time imagery records as we were able to write a bunch of songs from now we can get. On with the next album pretty quickly here and you're pretty happy and a to be doing man. Think him a nice. A nice catalog were building right now they're so. I mean a lot of the songs that go Sony go back you listen to some formulate or think can. That to serve two years ago we we first did the best you know but and now a lot of them. We're like whoa why why do we not finish that ran away and some are just really really awesome. Didn't we it is and murders Drew Gooden for a dude jumping on the next one getting in the studio soon I. I can't wait for him I'm excited to carriages to the other I think it took options as well worth the wait. Not me and there's people into this and they wanna hear like. The different version of how to produce can check out the it's naturally peak that's still upon yes on all little strange I am an analyst at a fund and there's there's some good stuff in there. I like that one lot after I sort of back the most because that was pre those predawn days yeah. The American Jewish community am like. I can and listen to that fondly and think man this is why I always wanted to do wanted to be you know Alexander go Seattle. Says just leaving his own dream dad owns Caesars lives Hillary's I'm here can actually kind of gluing my nightmare so yeah yeah yeah. Let's do this I wanna play the last track for your guess is if you well the last or even get to tonight here we played in 19641. But it's actually the final track. Won't play more fiction you. And then you guys were talking off there are talking about some stuff to you guys are into was sure replay after that. Thing we wanted to do some Belgian fog yeah yeah I am assuming you're only mound though personally met lovers they're good friends of ours in Seattle. I don't think we've personally played shows with them but we do think. Then the fund raiser show millionaire where I was a duo says yeah I had a rivalry yeah but they're so good when they include. You also. Mariah has got a baby like any minute. Maybe Sherri did I'm not sure how I mean just in time yeah anytime you have so can graduation Razzaq in Iraq and the blue. Earlier on parents. Let's do this let's play more fiction guys how Jeter goes thank you so much for coming in during the show. Everybody listening and go to your hands on the options EP from our secure goes on. Friday march 23 and you can probably still get your hands on a couple of tickets. She's a show they're almost sold out prayer to god Seattle seekers shows dot com yeah you know Joseph there it is to see headway is outed you're just need some souvenirs. And right now. Let's put more fiction. In Durban for listening tonight. Now. He needs our. Single. And June. It's. I. Jerrells. Things in her. Sure now. Little. It's only. Then we'll. You know. I kid. June. I. Okay. And. That was my interview I'd ever been I'll keep your dose just remember you did your hands on their new options EG when it comes out Friday march 23. And if you're quick to Manuel Cruz over brown paper tickets dot com. Get your hands on tickets to their release party that same day. Before they're sold out which sounds like their very close. If you like to show please his subscribe to leave this reviewing our reigning maybe let us know in the review who like to hear on the show in the future. As always thank you so much for listening and we deck next week but more than best music from Pacific northwest right here on locals only the Seattle music podcast.