Episode 15: Julia Massey's new band, Warren Dunes

Tuesday, March 20th

​Julia Massey dropped by Locals Only to talk about her new band Warren Dunes and play some of their new music.

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But it. Back then. Did that is just a little bit of organ meaning into today on locals only the Seattle music podcast rod Tebow won a 77 the end. Mining Stephen Graham idea to host this show. And I'm very excited because we have got Julian Massey. Julie amassing five finger discount and her new ban warned dunes. Coming in on the show. Talk about the new man and to play a new song which you just heard a little bit of there will probably end up talking some college basketball's all because turns out Julie Massey has got a little bit of a connection to you is very surprising Cinderella story that just came to an end to stick around enjoyed the tunes enjoy the interview doing Massey who warned in here in the second hour locals only autism have friends come on the -- and I'm excited because they had Julian Massey. Well. Probably most notably the people are aware of Julie messing with I think discount that's right the now. Now all its new in the Marin to unseat change William Massey endlessly switching her name is in keeping the band name really long. Outside yeah so so gay civil also young Warren. Or Indians featuring Julian massive. This is like a way to have people who know -- mass in the fighting and discount realize and I'm in the new project called Warren dunes are piling bridging that gap over so. They weren't warned do those and might just seeing. There existed and how you looked at now you are part that's correct that's correct OK this is just is yeah yeah those imports yes that's important to make sure you know that association yes thank you for asking clarifying haptic carrier brand and so. I'm OK so I wanna dig into. Everything about it but your story with the Seattle music scene because. I've been aware of you for very long time about 9 AM ID who thinks it has been announced to the. The strange is that I've never met you before I add also I think is Ali not the same hair as all is coming together right now and our friend. It speaks very highly of him missing here. I don't seem like October or November. And he played a warned in some professor it's fantastic thank you and I haven't played since because I wasn't sure it was cleared. To playing in science I don't know how you you can play anything like that I Senseo. Both from you heard here first as has changed so excited to play maybe I mean you'll find that one in third tonight right Helena. You know it is he doing text message from management or something yeah. I'll call our food comes up until this ignore them on the mat and I talked Thursday night stand and they can get a period security. Okay your money I am very excited plane once night at lake. Let's get licked. Inform folks where you like what where you from how and we started yeah. How this happened so. And 2000 me I was living in steamboat springs Colorado and I had just finished. A couple years in New York City doing Teach for America as canned. Trying to find my way again started writing music and my aim buddies from college and moved out to Seattle. And I told them I was exploring songwriting and all and be trying to and in. Thing in un American tail and final where they're really talking about America and there's no cats and America ministries are pave with she is but in this case it was like in Seattle there's a venue on every corner and light there's so many great musicians you've got to come out here. And I was China India level headed about it so I came down as they unveiled a leader from months. And I only mean make my way down to San Francisco namely San Diego when. At the end of months. I actually did fall in love with the music scene here and I never laughed. So that's our initially got to Seattle networks cannot. And then see how long after that day is. I think in this town which is a range rat named sir thank you I actually didn't know what I'm fighting a discount was for a large duration of being not banned. 99 no it means and for those of you don't know I mean this when you steal something if I think this I'm sure most people moment just in case there's others like me. I'm I was lurking the dollar market in the coffee shop at the time. And I even met up with a really great friend in my own Lisa is my injuries so a friend she had. A partner of hers who played they say it needed basis and who to replace. An initial basis to I had upon moving to Seattle. Boom. And as a reserve becomes kind of like treachery. On the original bassist Andy was in a band. Called the Jesus rehab okay wits a guy named Jared who end up being my future husband and his. Brother Dahmer on drums. And they came to see. And dime gave me his numbers if you ever needed Jammer he wrote his camera on the back of the skyline arts business cards and after that we started playing together. And that's how the siren just how Serena exactly that's honest yeah. And and so is the five finger discounts still saying that people are going to. People to enjoy in the future is are we all in on warned in an hour. You know that is the million dollar question. IE feel Ol like the first teacher is unpredictable. But right now all of Miami emotional resources are being completely. Use with Warren dunes so when time galas and if you love driving it discount like guys do China out orange dunes CIA field now. And if you really don't like Warren Jones I mean I dust fine no judgment but. I think you might like it. No I guess you might like I guess just. RA I'm ready for atlas is let's. Let's show people we're talking less sure is he running for couples who's very and then now we battled. Tennis. Diamond and low. I am. Yeah. Got him back on. And is he at the end and is on the island and you today and is and I am not an honest and sincere. Dishonest and not get up there. And hanging. And in this. The content that the. Yeah I'm into running the run into running and gunning. Are backing a potentially massive corn dunes and that aren't. First all running for cover is fantastic it reminds me all kinds of stuff that I really enjoy a starting Q. Reminds me of some. To your irons a little bit and maybe some really dirty projectors in that series you very cool stuff. And only ask you about some things a little more personal in your music okay. Haven't you NBC. Moon. Harris. Now Ling okay now wouldn't bring this up this is things that tad. Brian sun here I love march. My birthday is march cruel happy. He did well Santa going downhill but nothing I knew I say don't happy birthday to you thin that senator doing today call and she courtesy jam of the young handsome wonderful wonderful OP had decreed and we entrenched as long. But. A Cinderella story in the making an end and then it just they hung around with can't. And I am. On old married and didn't let Yasser I was I bring this up for you is because I'd. I don't think anybody every try and look at that when that it would. You get ESPN update on your non or something you see some sixteen seeds finally beat a one C morale. Around Virginia Felder who who were these people are just saw right. Jake posted a a story that I did you did about it. Wind there. Oh I did not go there and I immediately thought I went there he skyline gone there because he saw me live tweeting. About it and I'm from Maryland and I'll tell you usually any I can only assume you went there in. And in some ways you know in high in the high school I went to the skin is a high school because it is situated. The deli and right next to UN DC it's a University of Maryland Baltimore County. Whereas some us college UCLA university of teams still left over this that is. I neighborhood descends into anyway I spent a lot of time there in high school so I have a lot of fond memories and got the MDC so I IE event very. Lacks sports fan but I love March Madness and if I can catch a few gains on release site so when I saw that they were playing at all I would. You let me see this school year totally shocked and then an elite free and it wasn't like these stolen. Beat him to believe me he'll leave dominated because you heard. And this is the. Mayors in part for me is I only saw the first quarter and then I fell asleep when my candid and and came back think and you know I did you know the tie the first court they're looking good when I woke up and went to check the score I was kind of like. Line and I nearly Ghana. Right. And then when he was when he is straight away it. But yeah and so to me it didn't matter it's a one hour Los and they ended because I'm doesn't be remembered. Yeah traveler know that I did the program's gonna try things that's O Daniel Gibson yeah they're gonna do Craig a decent people I mean concern. Over achievers. They rat me this. OK I know and the logo is just solely heart warming is sincere and. Is this just fanning the flames of this the University of Central Florida thing because they get their day a perfect season in football and got held out of the playoffs I did not exactly playoff and so boom in UCF has been like. You know really excited about. This only I always happens when you let an underdog have a shot then they actually taken yeah that's. Okay. Gotta take on it for the OK let's get back I can't RA are outstanding. What's up next the horror. Oran wounded Indians who we are going to have a read necks of running for cover release show. I'm speculation jittery Max it's fantastic we're going to release on May fourth that Barbosa. And I think there's going to be a beautiful cake baked for the event as well. It's going to be a great night if you want change I mean to Bosnia and earlier in early show with Kate into that wall and Tom's fiancee Chris as a professional bakers so it's going to be and I swear. I mean no pressured interest as she doesn't feel as you know meant come for the case younger brother Lee thanks very relaxed that's trying that's. Very very cool and yeah that is that's what I know it's may forests has may fourth that's a Barbara Starr who is staying now and oh yes men's room Erin Mendez junior Ferrari's Jennings nonsense and trying to help me out. Marco Collins came in here a long time ago and it showed me in when Jennifer done here for our immigrants and stuff and it's yeah it's really cold and I'm so thrilled to play with both of them I'm never sure that don't either. Can we do. A little bit of a throwback. Can we do it leads and Julie mass songs homes I like his don't drink yes our time Jeff found there are let's do this is. If if you're not familiar right there is some back catalog as Julie amassing nice discount the you can dive into there's about six albums that will test this is substantial. And now do you very excited about the new warned and stuff plays this is a bit of a hard time during mass in fact they're discount from locals only stick around. I think. I'm trying convince. Can instill a nuclear war crank in its position so who else you will see you tell Harare. And and. Yeah. We'll. I. Yeah. It. Oh. Yeah. I. I. Oh you. Yeah. We're. I. It's. The thing you can. And okay. Its. We. Okay it's. And and. It's. It's. Okay. And all. Mean there's new guy. And do your job I'm an. It's. Money. And. Back with more in Warren dunes new nasty well actually I say we have played we played we played an older weekly isn't it true. I think that's I don't want thank you I actually am incidentally since Doha Round all alone now that it missed me yes I am glad you liked it quite like Allentown. OK so you've been around Seattle music community for awhile yeah. When you herb can book show. You know how to local shows like do you geeks I didn't play with you get excited to see. Right now well I mean is have the privileges living in the house with Saddam annual Elizabeth and John and Jerry practice and a house together. And they are in a Bangkok electric known on there and do well and so they practice in the basement. Tell twice a week they arm my favorite. Somebody talked to me they're clean show with somebody or something that was in here not too long night tomorrow and it was the yaks and yeah. Oh yeah they're they're wonderful that my son Carl there also his favorite band he Janzen really really loud dances are on the house you guys but I hit a bar scene azeris you know. It's like an embarrassment of riches with swift music may just I finally saw the black tones lives for the first time essentials saloon mind blown up. I'd never seen them before and I am was and seeing the stage and to professed. It's our sisters on the Andy SR on the bill kind of a last second complaint and. Unbelievable unbelievable yes. I'm also another group that I adore and I may have played a handful of shows a list on his attitude common that's the gentleman of leisure it's like a soul R&B pop group I love them. No bum of first DCI Herm. I really talking about. How do you comes in here. And ask them this question excel access is questioned him whenever I have guest room and that everybody brings a deep seeded. Well you're just saying like LA this and mystery why the Emmy justly waiting for them to get onto the stage at the grammys and just do their thing insists out like an animal foundation have everything he sent. And fact that he was ships is my favorite song of theirs but I know that there is lots of people lots of other shares and there is an. I remember when that album came out. History speaks. And just think this is a great song you know the next hole. Writes oh look wait a minute just keeps going looted and yes it's I guess totally loaded and and I need a really didn't know assigned time cy video of an acoustic. Yeah that's how I got introduced and. So loudly this is the end additional. Okay yeah it's crazy it's oh or 946. See him around here at 10 o'clock in some journalist art music contract runs. Great timing analysis only pleasure getting to know everything about Julian yes. I've seen you around the scene for a long time and right never had the pleasure. And didn't know your story and mall I hated us now there's online there's the college basketball. I knew now I know that is really some then I I can't take any transferred to win or the Los and I did go to Santa yeah. OK so just let's run Macs are a little iPad. New man warned and warned against each Angel and last season we've got to the remixed the speculation remakes are running for cover which we played its top. Does the hour that's right I won't played the original owner Daria are the who remain of the view. Main floor that our boats are does yeah it's it's always a ton of fun down there although I was there Ferrari now and then looking a little further out yes you guys every claim upstream we. Aren't I should thank you I'm so excited feeling and seeing a lot of like reading get into the streaming and follow it totally understood and I understand that yeah not everybody can get into everything I didn't get into last year I had any I'd let you know what I knew I whence I am not a story of hope and then. I know AP and BC family dining. Now on we Lewis is this is the story of being musician in town or your friends of Billy town the people it's really hard because there's a lot of amazing people and Jackson on a spaces and and my attitude generally is when I get down about it I didn't try to get myself back up and realize there's going to be some holes I'm Laura and persevere people yeah. So here we are playing Justine and I do. One and maybe go back a little bit really quick before we do get out of here wouldn't and you're saying you cannot her in the 2008 so right space even around for awhile you know. I don't know almost isn't it how do you feel about. Seattle as city. And because a lot I know a lot of people learn as heading for the hills a little bit and none because of snow reasoning print prices and all this stuff. But you know those serve as a city that also. You know being artists in the community prudent in those feelings I imagined continuing in different directions that. Yes yes no no no no no I do appreciate you bringing in you duck on the I answer yes how's grade Haggan and Guinness Tressel legs there. I mean I love Seattle IA always say the I'd like to live here through marrying year option I would just put on the gas mask and staying. Because I love the people I love how beautiful it is here. I gave myself Ameren turn so I know firsthand how difficult is to afford. Housing in this city. And you know I know and the opposite of alone and most of my friends artists in his seems to be. Recurring scene and conversations. That I have with with people. And you've part of the thing that Warren do this does is we donate half of our door to putting people in homes. And I'm yeah it is it is and it feels good to doomed. And because if we should all dislike lives and the places shelter and is please Dmitry music played a role in what's gonna happen into the city. And I know city errant strand story like what happens if Ollie are honestly isn't. So let's sign that I think we're all feeling in all kind of worried about. But I hold hope that we are NN develops and real solutions. I have to hope fat because I love this place. Yeah I think it means. I'm a little on the outside because I love up north and emirates and I feel like it keeps getting better and better all the time but you know and it's getting mark Spencer's mom and easy these departures and it's like. When bands are telling me that they're moving to Los Angeles. Because it's new I mean Wright is. There's a lot of industry. Tools there to help them but. It's also more affordable it's more sort of our dollars and that's something I mean so there's something gets better and. I don't generic city sure a couple of years and it is this is this feels comparable the seals Tom Reynolds a cost of living. Just is not just your high rent diocese everything else haven't you afford. But for us mile and a house with. With roommates so that's how we make it work. To I can share living situation but. Me people you can get treated as they weren't but edition how soon so I I and the scene and the guy you get the real change paper from. One Menendez and I saw there is a recently. Hustle relatively positive article on there that said. That's something recently got past that that was allowing for some more affordable housing somewhere in the sitting. But you know it's like one section. That in the Serb problem that seems to be a little bit bigger than just one section moon and the city but I had hold hope. I think that if we all actually participate in local politics. As artist. I'll say I can't do big news out lets do it just you know I just don't seem friends lead singer who's mostly. Yeah I know south initially asked the same mind that it's like. I wanna see these bands play yeah. The bulls trying uses its its just a heart of the city is so small town. But. Ya cool things going on salute you lots of great venues cool new massive festival like upstream mature I think that's my that's yes I do not super smooth segue I can't upstream. From the sort of like. Kind of dark thing that we're talking about that by the way way. Can see more Indians and yes hey we're yet is there. Down in the pipeline at all. Is there warned in alum. Oh yes yes and at CES there is ETA and we do it the plan is so we has completed. Six other songs that have yet to be fully Nixon mastered eerie studio with Don for our own remain dear friend. And we are planning on. Putting all together to release. Something substantial and October that is a plan no. So get ready for October multi millions we will not leave well as losing on me stay here yeah he had better get our although I. Foot putt in the meantime our need to be to keep you here. Yeah I appreciate that our allies Fuzzy thank you so much it's chilling message for coming in talking online tunes thank you calling basketball most sensitive stuff. And if you just cut part of the interview. Sometime in the next couple days we'll have the locals point podcaster put the full interview on some of these songs even playing. But for now I wanna go out with one that Jake brought in. Yeah a lot of recording of that war Indians doing warcraft wonderful and we'll get out here think they steel you for coming in you. I think Germany for listening yes thank you sound like its tonight. And we didn't go to. Yeah. And. OK. Okay. Okay. It's. I. Huge. It's. Okay. It's yeah. Okay. It's. Okay and and yeah. Yeah. It's. It's. It's. It's. Yeah. The. Okay. Yeah. Well. Well. Oh yeah. And the. Oh. I was my interview Julian Massey has Seattle been warned dunes sure it's even ask for more new music from them in the near future. But thank you so much for listening to show if you like the show. Accrues over iTunes Newser rating and review if you Ghassan suggestions from Russian Elena show on the future in the human their view we'll check it out. Trying to come on the show. As far as what's coming up soon and check out our episode next equal we will have Trevor and Joey dune. Older brotherly love on the show talking about their bans the haulers. And the velvet mornings and we might even hear some new music that they've been working on together until then have a great week and thank you so much for listening to locals only the Seattle music podcasts proxy 1077 the end.