Episode 18: The Moondoggies

Thursday, April 12th

The Moondoggies have a new album out this Friday (4/13). It's called A Love Sleeps Deep and it is very VERY good. They also have a release show that same night at The Neptune Theatre with Seattle bands Grand Hallways and Le Sang Song. That is a great Locals Only lineup. 

We also got into people being snobs about music, why everybody should listen to an old Seattle band called The Lights who are no more, and if you don't like The Lights then you're wrong.


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Oh and neither would guys because I just love the guests that we've got this week on locals only the Seattle music podcast. Rajiv 177 the end when he was steaming Grammy to host the show and I'm so excited. Because I've kept amendment on he's in studio this week. Talking about their new album a love sleep steep he comes out on April 13 and they are going to be playing show at the Neptune theatre here in Seattle celebrate that release. A minute talk to them about the bands are playing with what they've been up to you and everything that we need to know about the new balance stick around enjoy the new tunes into the interview on my favorite local bands. And then dunked. Oh yeah. Game show. So we are here it is 9:8 PM it is a ten. And it's temperature ours the best music in the Pacific northwest. I think. It's my personal papers show on the radio. Locals only mining Steve programming to to host the show and I'm here. With one of my favorite bands and I don't just mean in the Pacific northwest. The moon dog either in studio mode most of them and he's more than half of them and Eads parent studio what is. The news was the good. You Stephen and I know we did you know the false starter there that can we go around in synergies that are correct my name is Kevin Murphy from Everett Washington. Enemies curled Dolan also from Everett Washington. I'm in John intro I'll also happen whenever Washington. And my name is Steve Ingram now so happens before amendment and ever Washington so. I do think it's really cool and kind of an accident it the last three of the last four weekends my guests have been severed hands. I had tellers in here. Just last week tournament there you records also is coming out this weekend. There India actually carver on Saturday Sanaa competing and you. And then has told him and don't compute and enough. And then and I'll keep your ghost was in here in three weeks ago four weeks ago. Who are actually playing tonight in light and power and are those which differs. Lots of really cool stuff going on with bands from are hood. And I'm very excited because in the nineties and a new album coming out this is number four. And stay quiet and the first three so I'm really excited about this is a lot of sleep steep asking at this Friday the thirteenth you know. Yeah yeah. It's been a few years in between records. And you know we. Took too little breathless this this record in. Now our rated. But it out this Friday in the and you know. In the road so you get to go on to her that is he going to be immediately after to show Hillary and yeah I this show on Friday have a little low on Wednesday were down we're down Portland and then onwards to California and Latin will be back man and hopefully some more. Very cool and this is is this the fourth won all four on on hard they are yes and keep asking you come and yeah I'm really really. It's an honor to for them to. So warm americanized. Every and never assume anything in this OK because. You know are all buddies from high school making you know making these records themselves. The fact that you know Jonathan parliament and all those folks. Mindy NN has some kind of. So it's exciting on its in ten years since. Licensed on these earned it's crazy. I'm so glad you guys are still making music. There is just like with an audience and guests. Amazing and made Thailand's. All. This. You guys and I were any irony you guys Antonia and gullible and for anybody who may be. Isn't familiar with them and unease there is one heck of a back catalog. To dive into. I referred to as treasure chest as anybody in the also injured instantly. Agree with the oh here so we just played today he's cam which is the first single. From lots and Steve. And before the night is through I wanna get into. Soviet bonfire outlined in the second which is sort of in nineteen song last few days here and says. This is the much more toned down version. Steve Ingram on the locals only. Oh every season came. On the talk to this and dealer's in yeah. Since tuned him can you. Yeah. OK so new album coming out this Friday low of sixty you're playing a net team theater which. Blow awesome place at a regular release party for you guys split their four. We did one of our annual. Meld these men and he shows and like oh who played. Five years back some I think it would have been on the ten minute reopened right and and you. But Tennessee is all of those I remember all typically track factory Aaron. Yeah we you know tennis switch things up a little bit. And detractors is kind of our homily from home. But I Internet tens of beautiful venue I just thought about you know one thing about presenting these songs and and we don't tip that. We get our we haven't done on all ages and that's always been a big. Regret because I grew up in the knowledge is seen you know Redmond fire house and going ended you know maneuver it in being really bummed out that there was an on that and remember telling myself that I'm an. You know prominent the fan abandon analysts will be doing only two shows and it is. Hasn't worked out asthma so it's it's hard. I'm assuming is. Avenues for it they're not you know not as mean. As. As error. In two places to sell alcohol and rebellion in the place. And people line that they know they only get there and get that's the thing get that drunk dance that although they dance. You know both couples. Gallop in the front mr. Dinh and no I've grown I businesslike fest I've seen that I've seen the tall boy image and I used in the first half yet and I know it's time. So okay user playing wins. Grand hallway and was thanks grand isle way. Isn't even technically together I was Jeanette. Yes yeah I was gonna say I watched them. Don't bail last year they reunited and it just. I felt all the Phelan scene now and honestly a man and I miss going to see them and I asked home home. A few months back like. Could you maybe possibly perhaps. Be open to you know doing any said. He would so. Yet solace they can hallway for for many years was. I would just wonderful local band DOC so yeah and an eagle tell moon is still plan on but no records laws has had been enjoying time amount you can edit create record last year the reason is late last year I think. You might I'm you know I get that amendment time mind Bremer references to study. It's weird that it's been five B well and who could. Yeah actually I was I was looking at today used it to scholar in the Americans really five years ago and it. Started thinking about announced it will always thinking. It actually came inside and studio with you guys. Out there when you are occurring in bank. Do you really know the ends at that point I think that there's I was just writing staff for the effort Harold. And I think I'd come up and maybe accosted you know ever waterfront show when you guys get done playing when time is draining any definite security to packet and get out of there you were kind enough to speak to me for a little on. That I came out and busy you guys it's what's the studio bear creek bear creek yes which is. Beautiful and lots of Korea artisan record there and I mean I was so long time ago that. That's not a member of now there's you know it feels very long but in my mind it's like I soda and listen to it. Adios amigos and damaged and you move on his record. That's not that's exciting didn't have another one there again. We see that we should please step from. The back eases turning and the other yeah. I think that's okay with me this is special to show man. You make me make knew we make the rules as we get on aren't open and I use that to me is always felt like. Like a real staple. Northwest being and and it's not edges that handsome face down. It's like its growth the plan that your stats yeah it's well I don't know I found. I found and and nineties I think early on to me. Getting into like really into. Vocal music. Is like growing up I probably like you into this basement shows and things on the route the land sea and average. Following. One corporate green. Around and and big guys. You are what they're nameless person cameras thirty years of war or the fall of triumph. I think it was thirty years or in and the faltering. Ideas of those kids. No we actually played in a band that did okay halo traction as a department and John and remember. The mean that was kind of referral bands of the fallen for way. You know we have been of the familiar yours and earliest ages 25 I think in Q2 and a man can. School again. The daily to track them like guitar here and these trees well we recorded a demo with Jack and you know that we never get into I but it was an amazing experiences to owners out remember he pled Meehan and am. News alternately little secret uses we use this one for bleach. It. Who again and again in practice I mean that's one of those grown up in the northwest of lake. And apartment with Carl before but he kind of felt like all the best music with from here on nearly you know I was like seven years old in 92 and and knows dislike this amazing time to hear everything seemed to be coming from here you know I think knows. Cynics in 92 or something in five and says like I remember. Getting a little bit older and gaining late clock radio alarm in Myron and I was an only child side. Let's but I suppose to be asleep at night and return on the end yeah. And I listened to you the last slowed to ever show is on the for a lot line. Because low line was like basically. You know it is young man. And the navy young man child asks if this had happened. And water. Hearing and his staff that now you know it's like classic alternative. And a lot of it's from here. I got planning a tape recorder on the radio with like Marco Collins and only just listening stations. You know grown up on that and having. Your fingers raided the record you know. When that song gonna come on. That is in the news here veteran or bonds on the other plan. Sappy here but and then now he Disco like. He's with everything. You can stream everything. It's not hard anymore. You ought to be invested. I don't anything now it's an interest thinks there are people who have. But the principles like we won't go on you know there's records you'll campgrounds by iron right in Manhattan. So will so. OK so you were telling me that for united you're never gonna play this and your time out called lights the lights the lights. And you were telling me I think one of one of the folks from the stand. Is now on Hussein's name Craig. The lights were three piece. They get there Haywood have been. Early box you know like 2000 trio did not say they are probably the the speaker biggest bands in Seattle but. Honestly the mean we broke up for a 2010. Or something that they they put out a lot of really great records and Craig who went on to do. Listening song and or play on those the lights I think words that are are a criminally underrated. Local band and in. Canard get a hole with some of their. Music and a few related buying and enter. You know at the shows and minority. It's out there but it it is one of those bands that latest if you. Didn't you know. Go out as he showed before a certain point you missed I think one of the best rock band through area now where you get is also familiar with. The lights yeah we used to play halo shows like we are Nashville on staff who had. When our friends and local militias in Seattle like how chairs and staff and it's in my calf. Where we're with the lights. If the first show went through the ribbon for our house is actually. Film only yours light should. Well with primal. I had fans. We we got there were on the on the lists. At the coming. Pretty. And I rigorously. Wanted to vicious rumors to the state soon did you like big dog your mom your lights ritual which are volatile imam. Run list she was in on me and choose suing to remember realized after the Sharon obviously my knees shaking. She's efforts and arsenic so everybody needs to go and check out the lights. Yet I mean and a if I think you by the record some online venture. And we will want huge. Missoula says. If you can find lingo goes in there is awesome I love you guys because we're here to talk about your round trying to sell something that most tellingly it is all that. OK for his birthday and I aren't gonna. And then go away I noticed that I mean that's just amazing and I think the Canon deeds that you guys are there. Breaks my heart that's not a and I can go and like see in a club where lawless weigh it and like people where. Maintenance and series and in that instance of an. Actually there there last show that they played accidentally my pants on fire season and smoke from the state in the back of the month. So vehemently and listening was there an amount that that was my pants can't timeout. Kevin. I can't let you give him his head telling her that story that's others how. I was as the smoke and I think it does. It was a slow learners. With unknown and I don't like I am here in America like you Anthony and sometimes in a Leslie and and you just keep amber fell into tough and I remember I think it was probably three. Hours. It could've been from an annuity instantly accessible and officers jeans and caused the fire then gone I -- that a man that knows. So excited. You know people person the plane yeah I didn't hear an yet spontaneous human combustion brought on by a premature excitement of the lights in the final. Els things it says adding that Hamburg of the cigarette fall into the cut of your genes. Is it the most freak accident being made it happen and you smelling with is that isn't as me or for whom. I guess to we're. Just talking about sort of like they cry and sound in bands embracing the grand stand your listen to expand Abraham a little bit ago. And they keep that these guys they victory at meal time hey we love you thing this on. Played so well and and I haven't played this one yet that they send me I'm gonna playing as a promise and love that you listen thank you send me stuff but I really ferryboat that we played tonight. But we're talking about Dan's Kennedy and racing's crown the sound. And you're talking about your love Nirvana and I was like wait. Let's talk about this on the air because I feel like a lot of and the talks you. They come and we talk about you know how much people lots of two riots in ruler and you know. Chubby girl and yes we love all that stuff it's great to talk about current stuff but it. Feel like you know there's this history here that we don't get into enough on the shell. Yen and you know I ultimate Landers stand if there was kind of this need to shake kid after a lot of you know probably years and then when that. Waves crash but it. You know I I really love all that stuff and you know Enron has welcomed the mine is like top one or two with The Beatles like I think. I have a lot of love for that that area next to me like it was a woman maybe the last thing you know as. Her I mean something about that air the rock and Rawlins and something like I I it's my last paper one or something you know and in my. I think there's something that it still makes me feel the field for those who you know. So pop and you know just local and then he might parliament the wipers and all of and to pay and it's still. News tops for me staff and it feel like gang. You know that thirtieth anniversary of sub pop is coming up is earned it and yeah and so I know K excuse me can pack. On an early catalog in so they've been playing on those tracks on the hand. In a lot of them are like really kind of rock. In just it's just kind of got me thinking about and I feel like music is guys rob and I feel like that's something about the Pacific northwest. Citi and gadgets about it. Do you guys in your making a record. Is it because I was here as the stuff I hear stuff that is very much more in my. You'll have a one track it's like. Straight up rock and roll like. Gas and grunge feel steal it. Not as. Having like sort of this Americana country. Vibe that the very extra equal. And I feel that sometimes and you guys that are possess them and you're conscious of it all when you're writing those like sir this influence of the past and thing you know how stuff sounds drama or. Is it just sort of like no this is our band like who is this kind of what we're doing the. Well little holiday because I think ultimately it's you you wanna serve the song so it's what you want. This song sir it's and you can go against conventional way if we have a plain song we can easily easily no no pedal steel that's too obvious or any of that but. He ultimately destroying the best. You know for the song and so. I believe in complete. Like freedom of you know write whatever song you feel and a lot of people are like guilty pleasures or any of that and I don't think we operate like that if they any kind of song we feel it right you were right. And that comes usually through the filter of whatever we you know. Who grew up out of and we write songs you know with Qatar based on skis and so it's going to be lumped into certain sounds because inevitably. Those there there's associations but you know like. Give a song playing on obviously and mean capitalize and to me I hear like remember. Feel like it easily on some things come as you are something but no one's gonna say that because they see beards and their inability. When you get Izard you know. And fleet foxes stuff but I. Ultimately feel like the song is is rock general also running general can be whatever you want it to be here. I think you know with Sylvia that kind of felt more like a familiar song like from our school days and we can operate like we don't really put any any kind of fill are like oh we can't do that so. I think it's funny you mention Soviet barn fired because that's that que and don't plan is on duty in Iraq as it. The first hours or economic namely that. Just flew by me violent music and that's a good. I attest I don't think that's the next but that you know so much next week but then I hate wearing an elegant and argues talk about your new album low sixty. Which is going to be released. It's Friday. April 13 and it's going to be celebrated with show. And yet Neptune theater which he talked better than yours is completely beautiful. I'm so excited still it's been quite a few years has been operating in the music venue. I'm still so excited. The ideas solutions and some some amazing says there Kevin and A you've got some business news take care of you cast which. Oh I would like to mention to my daughter sunny that this and is the show's over to listen momentum then. And has in mind news. It's very important. OK so. Coached me up on the sang song I know it. Since. One image on the folks from around the light sweet later there which he has cratered chambers. This is a singer though lights and you went on and formed. The same song with his wife Adrian and their friend men and I think they think they're just the three piece and and they have one record. And it's a really great record and name are. It's kinda sitting here working on this. New album that I've heard and it's awesome and we're gonna play one of the songs comment and I and I imagine he's going to be planned songs from both but. I'll say that he is one of those. And legislate songwriters that you hear you know he a lot of people and you might hear their name alive and there really get it. You know they're really about self promotions that the crisis is really quiet unassuming guy and only you know you know all of the songs and he's dislike. Like I wish I want to share this and solar book in the show. Wanted to share him. You know I feel like not ticket to off topic from Hussein's son who are gonna play here moment you told me that same thing in the last time it in the last time for the time before that. That I had. Ewing here and we played I want to see was it dean John Haynes Johnson is he said the same thing about Baghdad he doesn't really talk about himself is not real push for instance. We played a song is absolutely incredible challenge and Dick Bennett the very end here. A it's. Moon. And. We. Yeah. Yeah. I. I was sick in bed it from the in the nineties new album love seeing steep which is going to be out this Friday April 13. And it it's just keep hammering home and people who really commands the as the Neptune theatre. That same Friday colleges all ages bring the children. Let's get to them. I mean a twelve year old. Who I think. Think you can. Cause any problem with the failed to throw amount of yeah. But change is great minor. You playing with Graham always knew our sort of reforming. Do you British arm and an unknown if that reform temporary horror moment. To play the ends. And then. Was sang song who we just played a song from primary this is for that's awesome. And now it's in your computer now I got it and put all of them are they cool with even though it's not yeah I think he would have finally been going on Maria. I I I hope I'm fine I'm me you know I think it's fine because I like people airing did music and I think analysts things function being here your goals. Poetry poetry and we claimed. If it'd Dean Johnson track which. You run in quite a while pact may be a couple years ago and amended when you came in by yourself there. And then. We also played here to label me its chance to go and who's. I still last Tania has off there. That I think is my favorite song from 2017. Different now from cast doubt people should. Galen check and that's fantastic. And speaking out there and retirement grand jury earlier and they and they videos kind of they do you all back yet they really did Temple of the Dog and I now is not just with the flannel. It's there's there's a lot of stuff that's the only thing in into the wind yeah the scary color and students or if it's funny but it's also Connolly missed work. That's where it. OK see you guys made this album. With the air line. We've worked with before you know I actually. This all comes full circle because they're blood made the lights and they did delights records and so I remember having my friend drag me down it easy street. To pick out the lights come. In high school. And united and cannon are now on your read all the credit scenario blood and then we had an early whenever early shows that 20062007. And some cameras are in play this year and scientists I was kind of I was very nervous to talk to them in any game is number recently wondered too. As they go left to record you and then I was really really nervous about that because I'm too static calling. People on the phone talking so I had a discount or to pickers in color and we ended up going in record and don't be a stranger so. Well and I mean. That came out. Levitt I mean we were rewarded eleven years ago. The enemy can action while the listen of that today. In the accidents. And so when that check growth and by the way for music. Again it's. But yet you and I was losing him to. Again you're welcome into the nobody it was a I don't have it on vinyl also and signed. My goodness it is their one time only thing you know but these. We will assign names like the right up. To actually be kind of amazing. If I had an echo science and industry deals signed it's only to be used to play them and also anybody who has. One of those in their home Alexa Clinton and when this happens in people's houses across was analyst. Tenuous. I mean soon what is it like to you guys working their but before you back doing it again. Mean. I knew using work their book on audience from. Not the last record and I we worked with Ryan has likened their treatment and we'll be right have block. He had done I mean we're looking looming ears and blonde redhead and yeah some of blocker professor and some real business. You know the big fan of those records and a school. I think there is this kind of feeling like. I missed Eric you know I have missed we you know getting to work for them with relief fund and I really like. How who works in just. From an had been here and you know all the great music the men doing and he and then his own music is really awesome and so it and there's this fountain. We're kind of taken a timely gonna set at the basement to record this demo for awhile and now. When we got to the point that we're ready to make the record. It was like now and I think I think only recounts the and he was really excited to do it team now. Yeah I think so I've never met him and he moved to now laying. Not too. He had his studios here though he stood and he just says the heat if he said he this has a long commute. When it comes up here and makes record isn't goes back down. And yeah that's pretty cool and he's still very Seattle east is kind of an. You know I just listened to use some new tracks from the Cannes can saying. Can't shoot ghost. Because I can't sing via via real work. Does that work. And that he did their stuff and sounds he's actually reclaim their relation commence in the name of the bank. Suspect there's stuff sounds very equal to men and if you haven't seen her play live like it's you know especially in the last few years it's kind of morphed into this really cool experience. He does or does it do and he has his schooling. Wage him in the lights and get up and all this stuff is this something it's cannon. Morphed into this. Live experience and we're playing the lake. The plane San Francisco LA and San Diego with him on this coming up to her memory of really really excited because it's a really cool show he thinks for a moment. Thanks for as nice. You only hear sometimes as you know from him on myself for too long we're here Korea it's nice to have friends we're here for you know. Now and then now that in Adam Neiman detects it on Sundays at 740 fives and and answers yeah. Either that or I mean I really comprise just swing banker and you. Since no longer than average but somebody keep me company you know if you wanna mind do you wanna play this on the radio be so Abby Cohen and America. And ingesting fluids. Near the music acts and member and then. Meaning he could replace with. Something can use. You she had a place to play in an outlet for these feelings and very functional jeopardy if you. I'm so I actually. I am a little big enough to kill people texted and about this awhile back. I think a month ago I played because in policy we love her bond hearing you talking about love them. I'm. Well my favorite are on songs is you know you're. The one they came out you know wait later. And IA I got a little bit it just for saying that was on my favorites. And I don't really understand why I don't know. If it's like a purist thing because it wasn't he wasn't on the beach so I I don't know. Did the early merely bad scientists I mean yeah I don't get a nice you know. All engage in and of faith of people are pretty weird and and protective and righteous about music. Ultimately. You know it's it's a very human you know. Mean inning it's very personal and your kind expressing yourself and we don't always speak the same. Language you're now going to same foods on that so. Again their birdie and I guess they just snobbery gets a little obnoxious and you know you anything you read people who neglect to write about music here and that thing. Think it's a very presumptuous. To think that your favorite thing is is is the right righteous in a right thing. And you know yeah it's all silly. Sid do you guys feel. How how I think this is what you just said about people writing about music isn't you know I've written about music for very long time and that's sort of this line that I always wondered. You know I I try not to talk about things that. It didn't care a lot for does that prove my tear something down and maybe they're doing really well it's not my cup team. The lake it and I guess I'm assuming that you guys have to read any reviews of your own music. Possess and then when do you ever wonder about that they. Kia. Was say two things. One about us like. Who knows people will go the name which I would think this kind of weird there's nothing do with anything. And I wanted to be funny because a thousand times it was a little overseas. Musically but. I'd say like the thing about music and feel is if you don't necessarily like some comfort that it doesn't mean that. You know sometimes you driving a car needed a song. His you enter a time like he in you don't feel it listening to it you know at home but it's the right thing to listen to. At this particular time driving in this particular environment so. I stopped years ago sand like anything is now morally and all like yet. Canadian he just say we're talking inner area of these kinds of moments and neither happens lie ever happens. Me going through some things. And so I trying to till like I've in and that goes for all leg genre slick. And I found myself as a gun owner like him don't have any trying to put any rules zone and could potentially in chula yeah I mean who. I was insane thing we return firsthand some militia meeting in Toronto mostly young as a kind of lukewarm on it that best and then later on I hear. You hear America. Leo holt. Genius and yet he died on the back catalog and it's like something about it that time. And I love everything that you can find scientists artists that. And I again I mean to mean anything about a thing in the writing about it like I'm just morneau and if they don't generally like that kind of music and they write about it because if you don't like that. General kinda sounds like to leave it alone and Malia while you waste your time. On a negative. Feeling if you know walking into the room gang don't like. Pedal steel. Plate in number of mine now in you know over you know. And it doesn't matter to us and I operate like that matters but I'm saying like he get these conversations that your. Suing you mean when you said people can at the name I've never saw an arson before I think they think is the ceiling this to it and it makes at all I think is that there's a weird. You know group of folks that talked over the years it. I don't know like when we started there was is probably 2006 there's a lot of really serious in games like. Tomorrow's failure for years of justice or whatever really really you know dramatic and so I think there's this element of late well. We can't take yourself too seriously you know and the moon and I use this is kinda. Light hearted and there's kind of this rock and roll element to it too could move and I use that term is like. Super old and rock radios and you know like you had The Beatles collagen in the moon does his dislike this name that was floating around rock and roll forever. And then there have been other bands that are you today named it. I like the idea if commoner write songs that are kind of personal sometimes you can also laughing so offered. You write a silent black too whatever and we'll have never. I've never taken a name too seriously curb and can think. Somebody is trying to tell me early. Couldn't take Kersey headrest seriously because the name of the band some and some once and that to me right before but things went crazy for currency address them. Is it any more ridiculous than Death Cab for Cutie. And also like why does it matter what I came from magical mystery here I am that's there is a lounge singer Ani -- on it and for cutie. Really a lot of these songs have our bands have these like. The come from somewhere people if he uses this as I can't I was talking about are there is very well and can endless merry music fax to nine in. We. Beatles did you. Yen in early radio they Geist when you play. Brock generally cause audience moaned IDs you know honestly fifties. You know there's a lot of cool stuff back there and it's but I'm just sailing it's if if you get hung out constantly. The or. I know somewhere else if it's don't talk about it and present. McGinn down in the into the show ends and a lot of fun you know when the new inductees tonight. What's the it has to Monica. And not man's man. And the it is you know done it can be hard it can be hard sometimes and so in the ninth to get excited to Johnson Odom count them I mean. Mean anything can and I can see it too you know like you know all of us maybe maybe the hurting them icon. Who knows him. Now I mean these guys don't sleep over here so now. House insurance exploring. She. And yet it cleared the board on the shout outs. For your time Carol. Would. It's a gold away globally soldiers. That the no question and answer palace. And no questions at the you guys just do recent real quick and very excited union new moon ninety's I'm coming out this Friday April 13 earlier records on hardly are you guys have it's great inmates having him play and threatening. Monday York. And none chastity belt we'll talk to camp. Lots agree folks who I mean I mean I really the access so much that they yeah. Caleb. Leslie he would do as Americans and coming on them you know thing in music you don't that's Felix. Overseas sales soon it's me it should. You know it's funny as I got an email. I had a you know for a publicist from either sub pop or are they are. That was for a different record. And I clicked on the link in their particular record they're pushing it clicked in Lincoln went to that record instead. Antics that the record and excessive trees that I was pretty well if you know locally here. You know. A look at this is really into this I don't think is the fingers tennis and is. But speaking of good records low sixty this Friday April 13 and show. At the Neptune theatre here in Seattle Andy is playing with some great hands. Grant Holloway. Who who knows Spielberg get an agency that's always a good point it's all sort of a mystery and pretzel on maybe never again. But it take the opportunity and tumble for years worked at the inept and Peters and Elaine. Kind of a return to his stumping it's gonna feel cool. Come back in Canada Dominic place and yet that's trees. And the most things on news. Whoa. Cannot wait units that record so. Those guys are listening in all please send it to mean. And when your each release it will play. Israel and we had a little light flows and there yes and the lights to. Now have to go look up all their back catalog and check on that but. We are gonna play Timor Branyan and racetracks. Back to back. Yet make the and he's known yet I'm I'm gonna try to. I'm trying to do some. Really sink him perfectly. And see how that works for me. But never this. Premiere in there and play anywhere I don't think that Devlin a match matched that's one thing isn't fused at an. And I'm excited check it out I've. I don't know if I've heard Ahmanson check him guys premier think TCI to where's my air horn. And you bump and a accident I have an ally on the makes that knowing split. Feel like radio. My peaking tired. Guys thank you so much for coming in I hope you have fantastic shows friendly everybody's just and inductees to pick up their new album. And enjoy to bring new tracks from the you know he's right now on the local phone. I. That was my interview with the moon dog he's be shirts get your hands on their new album a love seat steep. And if for some reason you haven't done in the men on these before this can check out. Hi Atlantans. Don't be stranger. Ideas some and goes to dive into you their catalog is there is just a treasure chest of amazing music there for you. As always thank you so much for listening you like the show Newser view or. A rating. On iTunes and be sure to tune in next week to hear me interview our guests skating Paulie I cannot wait to find out more about those guys. Until then thank you so much for listening to locals only Seattle music podcast brought you don't want a 7:7 AM. Have a great week.