Episode 2: Smokey Brights - "Come To Terms"

Monday, November 27th

Smokey Brights swaggered into the studio with a magnificent gold chain-patterened sweatshirt to talk about their new EP Come To Terms, and the lead single of the same name, which we featured in this episode.

The band set up homebase in North Seattle (the actual home of Ryan Devlin and Kim West) and have been holding down the Seattle rock scene since 2010 and show no signs of slowing down.

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It. You are listening to locals as. I mean the Seattle music podcasts fronts even when a 77 in Maine Steven Graham. I am the host the locals on the radio show as well as now this podcasts this is. When the second episode of this and I am excited because that one of my favorite Seattle bands in studio. And it's can Ryan smoky bright pink and Steve it's nice to see hasn't seen a long time. That for the holidays. Did you have just like a lovely Thanksgiving I was. Amnesty and I am I in Wisconsin and this is like Terrell radio such podcast but tough love your sweatshirt. I love that she's wearing chain and makes me think about you're swisher with the chains radio and I have a printed switzer of just different sides chains yeah. Ranging from tiny to absurdly large it looks like something I wish I had to Wear to run the jewels concert yet. It's very cool idea we get it pictured ago. Podcast. This is the Princeton relentlessly you guys outage is a picture of the predators. Well before we. Tutu argues yesterday it it's been so cool city. Smokey Bryce fuels artist of the month here at 17 avenue and Seattle good for the month of November I love it jumping in my car. Turning on the radio in the and I love this song which registered a little bit in the instrumental. Comes terms and use. Single that's going to be on and he keeps coming out today in January you know is EP of the same name yet. It keeps them times. Racers before it is so were. You playing your song week. You know it's. It's quite good when you get sent it to me I remember thinking. The next level like coming off the top room for any sort of differences so give it. And I mean that. I feel like that kind of said the law because I've absolutely love. I love to his blood a lot of Keeney. What was the song you guys did. The video super bizarre is. Early smoky Brian sheer force of well best of my favorite songs ever to Seattle. Some will I think I've got like a seven inch. Yet the first thing we committed any sort of record when we recorded an effort re at that art institute and like. Entered together in the room. But it on seven inch vinyl and that's kind of the beginning to think that there have been dances they heard that and her consent and would be furious knowing that it was record for three. The money gets it makes them sounds and it sounds. Is important and I love you guys music. Although it act being in announced securing and used to I've heard the holy view it's. Okay absolutely beautiful labored to come out and for every year. The show is going to be January. 20. At the tractors earn. We're joined by do you years lovely friends tellers. Sleeping lessons sleeping lessons in Gambill okay cool cool cool I I it was going to talk Diaz out accurate for somebody else is going to be on errant as I'm excited that that's going to be a fun track itself brands like. Solid rock. It's yeah obviously Austin's. I immediate those guys in Paris fashion today and you come up you know your stuff with animals that. And changes. That are in you know it's another local man that's been. Hard and make it work. And in an outline of effort tellers in new stuff coming out there and play in Russia I can't wait to see that alive. I'm Steve to bringing me aren't you guys have been out on the road. Recently. Yeah we just came back from a complete two hour that we are playing them off speed is successful in Marine One hurt a company's. Mobile. That's pretty cool kind of Al yeah. That seems like wild and it's me Reno yeah we left Reno and what's at play at Reno a couple times now it's. A town that. Feels really intentional like everyone who's in Reno is there because they Reno and they're gonna make it work that's possibly in the like rock and these ages it really yeah and her friend heat. Who weren't letting cop apparently. Dish is there's a really strong community in the middle of seemingly nothing in it's it's it's great but I've been our record label freak out about it showcase on manners it's like. Policy out of black kids in Reno and ever music initiative and showcase yeah. Yeah so there's this cool like Seattle Reno connection I like in my hometown is traveling yes that's pretty cool at an article it was and it was a great like. Ain't this it was a great event acreage tour and it's in the and then we're like on the West Coast but also close enough to the southwest that room would have been like. Then third down around loans and staff today and is there anywhere we years are out there are like you just feel like you know weaknesses. Does like the next spot for smoking parents mostly. It's starting to feel that way and a lot of little places. That's. Yeah what's that with. It's regular credit actuaries is visiting all of these little markets that. Have things going on in that you wouldn't know about unless you went there and played a show and dove in and got involved and there's I mean just like we have people here that are making our music communities. Feel strongly supported there are people Dana across the country. Which we lists resources and you know weigh less cool bands happening in all that stuff it's like. Still is making it happen Santa Fe at a raped yes. Really cool town San Diego is always super and Francisco have. All the sands who plans to market and as soon. Yeah is reached out records he had problems from hero to some cool. Made him we'd. It's new albums and asked us as we so we we play in Asia and you know what. Little. Off the circus like. Just come back from like. Two week. At least guy gets absolutely awesome and now the point of lights on Russia is in in year because it just kind of gone back and back in Mac. And da it's it's this nicely. Cyclical things. They're gaining fans and like you for things. Like catching said you know its system oval. Entertaining. Watching in complete bans are in and he sees him kind of come together in the same thing you know like the stuff that it before yeah this feels like the thing nation did you feels real innocence it's really really cool it's the best selves for share market with new youth on -- records and Miami. Along I am stuffed saluted and I mean she's playing solo just piano and locals lately you know. Which is alive thing it's a slight. Devastatingly. Pretty happens. Impressive and angry. From the 00. Bands that used to be in Seattle ray aren't anymore rain I'm glad that you guys are still here thank you for that the we we talked to the bands using refine your show it but there is out about it on the local shows and stuff around. The Pacific northwest and he has excited to see who should be will be listening to. Obviously other than now. The the friends I mean. It's there's so much dead customers are down here at lake or appear. They have connections to all these different communities that you know we're really excited about so there's obviously as the whole freak out records family. And there's a lot of like. Could rock bands kind of stemming out of Capitol Hill and Ballard. Scared or spirit awards also good you know you rigors of new record really been the way. Yeah honestly sleeping lessons. Moon darling are birds are just like making degrade your music so there's tons agree rock but then there's also like. All sorts of really have Crue lead jazzy stuff going on to elect. With a true loves are doing it again on Sunday so that our mastery 100 fastest summer because I was on man. Paying those accounts yeah it was lakes much fun CN I had to host the main stage for guys say I'm being it was like I I. I have the same thing. You know with. Timber as it or summer timber as winter timber has dough today everything are sometimes it's like who's in your new favorite band total and that Canada as well. I love mountain flowers yes and I knew that the tree as Mercury aunt's house it's on her during those that are necessary on the black towns which had never seen as data from last minute they're fantastic. I can see a student. It's good stuff happening and yeah will. Speaking of its. Completed song. That legally and only come to terms. I don't think you guys so much for coming out and you know dropping by hand on the whole it and I'm glad you assess survive Thanksgiving. And repeated increased you know we we we players. We do distribute the last Waltz carry all our talk about that before we go yeah telling me that before we came in that. It is the fun is it is crazy like it they did every year it's at the Neptune it always benefits like this year and raise it benefited and northwest harvest. It's phenomenal shows sold out now teen show. And yeah it's just this corps band of incredible dedicated musicians. And include the whole the band's. You know they do to hold the last Waltz thing from front to back plus a lot of late. Do a deep cuts from the band's catalog. And like Athens where they're about stuff so we get to get up there and just like sing our songs and you know have it you know sixties horn section. Sarah it's. They do kinda thing in this. Incident nets in my mind started firing in different directions announcing an artist on consequence of your seniors on the music part asking here that ad is an parties. I've ever been to their news in the least you carver and the. That they they president Conner Vernon it always sold out in. A blip. A much larger space yeah so they they went in at two this year which would be super fun and I knew there last night for the last Waltz. Beautiful. Space great acoustics and yet hold years you've artist some thing if you haven't. Been too should we checked about it's like. A bunch of people from you know indie bands like that. It's the best final and yeah actual that's why karaoke king. And as you planning to head covers and so yeah it just all covered in my view your drain rate your favorite artists seeing your favorite. Like pop hits from the eighties and so cool. Will and I saw you guys just released in currencies to the Mac and and which comes. Streams paths and grade I that it once the euphoria and and I do them for the radio show. But the week before Christmas and it's not going to be on Christmas Eve beaches. The issue will happen Christmas Eve who's going to be simply do your Christmas album yeah. We can for them we dual covers over and conveniently covered lives or are you recordings. As an economy in lives and yours the do it again. Here's the Mac maybe some announced he has no cash you're definitely. Aren't. And now I had to block earlier let's yeah. All start to come to terms let's do right now this is for any music from parades and again Josie and the tractor tavern was sleeping hasn't tellers. On January when in future hands. On the new EP OK that you don't end. Up. Oh. And. Yeah. Now. It's. Once again that was smoky brides at their new one to come to terms. The new EP of the same name will be out January 20 you can go to the early show at the tractor tavern. Going to be playing a couple of degree at local and sleeping lessons and tellers if you like the show please click subscribe. We're gonna keep doing this each week next week we've got a great local being called lofts it's going to be on the show. And if you've not heard of laughs that's okay not a lot of people have 'cause they're kinda new to Seattle. Ailment down here together will dive into what's going on those guys get their story next week until then my name is Steven Graham and thank you for listening.