Episode 3: Lofts - "Minefield Brainwaves"

Monday, December 4th

Though originally calling the Midwest home, the gentlemen from Lofts played a video game set in Seattle and apparently that's all it took. 

After sending a scouting party to the PNW, the band moved out to Seattle to set up shop, started recording music, and now their new single "Minefield Brainwaves" has become a favorite around The End Studios.

Check out the music video for the song in the episode resources, and in the podcast, hear them talk about the move, the local scene, and the video game that brought them out here.

Episode Resources


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Is this team here. He's I hate to mom. Anyway. You are listening to locals only the Seattle music podcast fronts even one sentence and Yang and that is. It's today. Mining receiving Graham and host of locals only in the podcast now as well as the radio show on Sunday nights here in Seattle. From age 10 PM every Sunday. I'm excited I'm sitting here with a couple of guys I've never met before we just met in the elevator area. From laughs guys thank you for coming in things at us in producer sells real quick and and I'm Reggie victory. Lately guitar and Chris has America that is a huge gears of on the microphones will be more harassment suing him into you there. This this is just the third locals only podcast. Where we're going to be chatting and can spotlighting some local bands from around Seattle. And you guys like rain and then he's just got here it is as we did from Chicago answers in the what happened why you'll what did you get always fascinated talked to cancel a time to decide that they're going Q. But I Seattle go to LA and New York something like that. I feel like I'm stirring Seymour bands that are coming here in Pamela super inches to find out kind of what what was the decision when you get sent to mind here. Honestly. So we we are mid western guys. Covertly from Saint Louis Chris is from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I lead singer Daniel is from aunts uncles delivered Wisconsin. Our drummers actually from. A little answer is well. And our producers last fewer players from Illinois. As a hero born in the midwest. And there was one night where. He. The lead singer myself and another friend of ours through living and living in apartment in their play in this game called infamous seconds on. Yeah is an excellent game it's like if like PlayStation or Xbox games in Hillary Clinton and yes for Greta I hit let's do it I love free stuff I couldn't. And I ate the whole game is said and Seattle. Okay and they had like this that this great lake. Back story to the game and like Nirvana come in. All this all the scenery relate you know let it be pretty cool check outs yet and so we currently dating in doing it. If you're now wait on these bands that relates. Are coming in. Having a great time doing some of these venues and as a lot of love for it and alternative rock media here. So like Cuba's came here and check them felt like scenery. Music scene period. So that you did so the band lofts sand essentially a scouting mission with that yet to create a good there's Bruno Mars that are different. And then you decided to stay for a day planted our flag exactly and you have to me conquests lucrative. Soon. I've more question so how hard was this congress I mean. Was just certainly caiso love reading about going to Seattle everybody everybody is like cool. Yeah its cargo is old news that students read it and we re. We love Chicago but it's it's cool to be on the West Coast. You know the idea that we could just pop in the van go on a weeklong tour and hit. You know 45 major cities compared to. And in answer in the midwest you did. And a priority in Chicago that's like it at Zurich and in particular item on the outside of that it's you know. This smaller towns not a lot of exposure. It just seemed like the place to be in. And a Seattle does seem to have more of that like. That five in the history that we are trying to go in for. And I don't that just like a smaller in what seems to be much more supported music scene as well. Like in Chicago music scene scurried to get me wrong. But it talking to somebody new auditorium and abandon. They go sort toy in 120 other friends and hitting it. You guys have a have a show on the same bill maybe I'll concede certain it's it's just it's it's a real. Songs so how long has been here when was that win was the trip out account checking out make that decision how long years actually and. We checked it out like two Summers ago yeah here for about a week and most of us moved out. And summer was it. She's seen yet. So we're tired we've been here a little over a year. Lot of like we had to get stuff and a seven wanted to focus on recording Forrester report shows you this guy actually. You're still finishing his degree for like eight months when we first weird out here so. Aria. Me and him. On the its viewers it'll back I was in Chicago late and as nuisance and you know I agree. I was kind of like putting everything in its place before I got there and and I'm added. That was home best thing. OK so. Had just waiting shows up here souvenir. Yet so and it to be clear I've I found out that you guys speeches and email through locals only email here at the station anybody hearing this if you're in a band in the Pacific northwest and you think you're steps should be honest podcaster honoree this year. Sending email locals only 17 onion dot com. Like these gentlemen did Canadian of sitting here in mean we talk about your music and police on it. I'd never heard years before or since they'll isn't it. I had to keep going public with second how are not heard of this effect and so that I saw on the FaceBook pages from Chicago. In the emails is actually no we just got out here and and outs I mean I think assist real great pick up fruit the Pacific northwest had you guys in the scene it is. I absolutely love. The single. And so now I've got all these other questions Lleyton will you know what's next like wind and the video for mine Gillibrand is just came out a week ago and well probably two weeks and people here this bit. Is there an alum I purposely didn't ask you guys to any questions at a time that. Yeah let's get into it here we have a we actually ever recession and now. Next weekend and for another song we're doing. You know as you might even try to knock out two songs while we're in there and it paid for the day ever paid for two days are we'll use them anyway so. Yeah we we're planning on putting out an EP and probably the next like six months as our goal. I'm definitely something out there by the summer. Maybe a small tumor by the end. Now it's I think efforts compose record more songs and a pleasure go. Out. Here's I think that it's going to be pretty easy to find who replaces the as it is yeah fantastic urgently to your more it in fact. I was texting with our music director and that afternoon host John Manley. I'm going here and we are ruining views on abuse December locals only ours in the months. And look at school because I believe I said to him and I think the email I sent him as. Just found this. Hopefully this every Sunday and I'm alive and usery yourself. I said in the video his reply is those instruments are definitely not plugged in oh well let's have a on the locals only artist of the month for December. All. Beating we took its toll at red hot chili at a technical thing you know I appreciate it. While why beat around and nobody knew. Hilarious. People should go on second as the bad guys they're all taking turns singing employing different instruments and it's pretty funny. And I think it's I think once again as surging played in radio irritation around here and I I don't think it's gonna take a long. Especially once he has to the music capital of more certainly chosen interest isn't gonna have an easier road. It's it's really get more help and for you know. Try and the since he's been out here I mean he has been hitting local shows is there any local bands that you guys have seen or been listening to that your into him. Yeah. Actually were editing in downtown. Humans are okay well this. Yes that I see a lot of lot of do you counter items like friends of them. Different conference but christianity and another named. And then in AM event and somebody. Yes I menu goes and I as Siemens people there. Lake acts like. Stubborn son we actually both of us this. I was genius there. That's and for stubborn son friends or shall we just had this caddie area I don't know they've got a great new EPO yeah I know. It's Great Lakes and and outsource data and a temperament Ballard and I and I. And they come due every now and then they played you know really nice said we just to him and Milligan. As group people. Again like I need you guys hopefuls. The chairman. Yeah I don't know. Don't know a ton of of local bands. And still you know. Look into these more handshake had to say it took. Alison Nicholas says I don't you're seeing you were in new nose and go could colleges have Munson you know yes this fever records of the year out of while posing as him Pacific northwest at really. Period yeah keepers absolutely intends checked you know I'll make a list for years of things that you shouldn't oh yes Clinton shows yeah. It's. So I just wanna say everybody. Well we're going to be playing the song your second bit again to watch some video from remind the brain waves and for the month of December if you listen to a seventh in the environment do. You're gonna hear this song in regular rotation it's going to be like. Chili peppers. In lofts and expecting it to you and Sarah. That's going to be festive meal like the the the middle of the day lineup here's the units that are pretty cold there the great truth you know guys welcome to Seattle. Thank you so much for coming hanging out and of course and now let's let's give people. The full version we started the show offers a little bit of opening get bullets to people. All of mine to bring plants. I'm brand new music from new Seattle man. Layoffs. There's this EU. It's. Hey mom. Anyway. Ago. You know your call. Is Steve you gave me. Each. Again that was Seattle band lofts with their new track minefield brain wins. And there are locals only ours the months of you're listening to one a 77 the end. In Seattle during the month of December you're going to hear planning of lofts. Keep your eyes peeled for what these guys are going to be up to you in the future I'm sure will be talking about them again as always if you like the show please describe. We back here next week with more great local music discovery on locals only to sell music podcast thank you for listening.