Episode 33: Spirit Award and Smokey Brights

Wednesday, August 15th

This week Our Locals Only Artist of the Month Spirit Award came by the show to share talk about their new album and play some of their music. Summer Camp band Smokey Brights joined for the second half of the show and we premiered their new single "Different Window" and dove into their future plans.

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No. And. As it is Augustin we've got a brand new locals only ours the month announced a little bit of what their new stuff sounds like mining Stephen Graham and this is locals only to Seattle music podcast brought you don't want a seven point seven Ian and supported by Rainier beer figuring your Beers. I get to host the show every week. And this week I'm very excited we've got spirit award in studio and were Oates two parter real spirit award the first half. There were F smoky brightened for the second half because they're going to be playing. At a summer camp next weekend this weekend I should say. And this can be very exciting because we're gonna place in brainy stuff from spirit awards alum in the first half of the show. And a smoky bright has some new tracks that were indeed in June 2 half the ship to stick around all this is going to be so good. And be sure to keep an eye out for when you can gain new work. From the Japan will be talking about it on the show I know spear words to be playing their record release party in October at the U most. And you're gonna wanna get tickets all these things and don't buy their music and especially after you hear just how good all of it is right now on the locals only Seattle music podcasts. We have a new locals as the month for the month of August and the air here in this tonight for the first part of this you know. It is spew. The skin is nervous he used introduce yourself through yeah I'm Daniel line. I'm Chris Moore. And injury as a staff for some time. Dissent mean you're album last year was really nice handwritten attached to hit the button does a lot more from post it. Will go miles whereas one sheet. Whatever that means anymore and I'm. It. Via leeward now what somebody says it now. Well listen to an end it is very nice handwritten. Tickets I'm. It it and that public security. Firm orders them. It's important yeah it's. And I must say your penmanship is impeccable yet that all during patriots' like it was five year old unscrew stuffs that's probably why you fellows like endearing or something and ultimately this will lines like that brightness because this it's like my tickets included. Is is in its and so I certainly. But in an. On the way home and I'll get my mail on Sunday is here. Proceed on Sunday. You know and I just walked in on summer concert was anchored news released really cool music video for movements and Serb plan on the show and and really excited because and you guys have some new stuff coming. Just released a new song it's preachers wage. The locals as the month August meekly every day. Yeah in regular rotation on the end yeah. Tree it's just like supply them. Spears or at this point on pilots three you know you're not a good thing my dream come true. No I don't think of everything ought to be put it back to back with sublime Mattingly. That's his dream where I'm sim assists between sublime in 311 like. At them with the reviewers Hillary guitars aren't always hear your guitar tones without influence from experience that same thing at the Ottawa Senators John you are sublime saint. Yeah. Do you do a sale like this the first. Yeah and on the evening. And I would love to. Get the story yeah have you been in Seattle your lives were late to the pains star where's all this. Yes so IA have not been in Seattle VoIP so Terrence. Is not here he's their third member he's on tour with. Underline team that's tough letting stuff yeah and their opening for death cover something that's really hurt him. Some nights you. Yeah I moved here from Ohio about seven years ago and six years ago me and I was just torn Indians are there and you know apps to Brandon. Is users get her own country and moved out here and Chris and I'm we're working the same restaurant. As Simpson's isn't he went to Berkeley for audio engineering so. We just return is headed to external stereo stuff and come just evolved than gut Terrence onboard in an a rating together and yeah is concerned that Chris had unit here from Berkeley. Well actually Diana I am moralist a seal on the hand those born and Swedish hospital Chapel Hill all pencil themselves for and I grew up unfortunately unfortunately for. Up most liked and tears away and then. Electricians and fortunately you could grow up can grow up in Ohio it was written advertising. Announcements it's that that is true. I I mean we might need to go back there we before President Clinton really matter of you know I mean that's time Tarantino people like hung out a lot of the same friends were nearly the same music I played in life. A couple different projects with him in thirteen years. Thank god acceptance separately college of music went there for refusal Hamas and graduated. And then immediately goes like I wanna go back to see only my dream is actually you know hit hard in the music scene out here. And you know some kind of doing it moral assets. The that's kind of my story well I think I think he has. Doing quite well and I think and certainly there are a lot of wasn't there quite jealous but certainly there's nothing very positive reviews from you guys from capitol block Perry. And the week before blocked per view and hear your time means planes are very excited you. Local and parties are cool when you guys holding keys. Yeah are excited about your stuff I think you're on the right yep fresher yeah real of this is to it I mean we. We're having her record released soon as well and steer contracts you know we view of them rearm and they're they're not really they're finally tonight and a terrace is waiting there Catholic. But you know they don't smell like a thorough and favors or anything. But I mean that's a great place to choose only guys in different here because your. Well we're Gannett we're gonna play. Supreme truth asserts that because we've been playing in it also gives some tees tees back and point you in the spears. Yeah. From your columns in India in October. There. This is true news and world premiere I don't know if I've ever heard on the radio on the area. Yes. All day realistic that's just those three songs on its driver out the window and yet. You have been in this if you listen intimately you know for. And there was. There. And the as the supreme truth right now and stick around back and wrestled with more spears wore and find out more about you guys the year into. And here's Maureen green music on the I. Hang hemisphere who were in studio. Gain interest here. And I like you guys I have realized already very quickly. We've never we've never met before and never talked to use in any capacity. And this is all feeling going very well yet on air and off there. Yes it's like we're just hanging around when microphones remember fitness this is not lit league nobody accuses of being handed hitting journalism. And feels like. As Michael Leighton if you could see the view appears they're really fuels. Like its million dollars in 2000 water's taste like fourteen for water. But that it does. Yeah the view that you see you guys get this mesmerizing thing I mean I did that with you and it's five or who also mesmerizing and yes pretty. And so we were just we displayed. Supreme truth which is the first single off the new album. It was India Adams called muted crowd music. And like that. Especially currently with what's going on in the world to deals in music idea before I feel like I'm going through social media feeds using people left and yeah actually yeah. And I'm not sure where that name came from but it it struck me pretty quickly that. Yes it's definitely a long as those lines of yeah has a lot of those terms of its politics things politics with us I mean we here in politics it's that everything you know a lot of things. So okay you guys I know it's not yet. And you guys maybe music video for. Them and you guys. Not trying to give too much awaited and he did call on FaceBook page for people to come out. To specific address dressed all enlighten. And I was wondering if you guys are willing to give in to tell what's on the news. Yeah a little bit I mean I think. You know when deal little elusive and just have a spoiler yet no spoilers but. Yeah I mean this move is part of Ehrlich campaign for Leo on the insists. Just kind of creating Monica. An organization. Fourths of sorts more than a bit and Nia more to the call in conflict people to come together. It's almost like a community. US. It. I'm looking at the names of the tracks on the mound is okay if I disclose them that's yet only criticism. Dark night of the soul. Theme here witching hour that those are both tracks for me into tonight you seven sisters. Dissolve. Like. Aside it's like little mistake them. So spooky. The respond to a difference because that's where things where I don't it's. He always felt that way or is that something that's. So I think of who I mean personally have always been interest is in like them and stickers spiritual we're. Strange experiences. And we should specify navy morally in the darker direction. Yes someone I think the you know I think some of its so that it can be darker some of its questionable darkness or maybe. Who questionable darkness to ban same question with our kids that and I think that being the color gray. Yeah I think some of it can be perceived as darkness in some that is actually not work. If that makes. Them to make more sense at all via via. Yeah and some losers some weird experiences to and stuff that. Felt like news to come out. Now. I'm let's do this I want to. Morgan premiere. Brand new one now that's a convenience this group is thinking dark night of the soul yeah. I it and let's be honest here. I have heard it. I've well I have heard this and as the first track from him right this is the second second okay yeah so the Alan does is inching progression and it's this battery via some talking about some in cancer and everybody seem. This week. Going through this. I doubt very excited about like that it felt like. Acts almost certain as I was listening through it Andrea and I don't know if that was your intention of leaders like to Flint you're going for yeah. This first part of the album I just kind of kept coming acted. Courthouse is very very cool so I'm excited to play this for people on the areas whose brand new and the spirit award never before heard on the radio I'm pretty excited about locals only premier. Because fairy detect up. Yeah locals only supported by Rainier beer and we're big fans of those concerns and appreciate them. He can carry the show now they are the cold that makes this steamship. Move forward. Something and he got a better to India which bring you new kind of cool coal also do you have in the diamonds. They aren't there. They are that battery electric car you always yes that's very Theo didn't think they are the solar panels on top of my house. Think you rain year yes. OK we're hanging out with us here in studio having entry time. I already am like when it opened on the calendar on have you guys come back Melissa's hang doses and we'll come here will be here real locals only residency for spirit of postage. And yet I'm not going to be here next Sunday is that plus don't do your we'll do think it went with me on the payroll you money. I'm gonna decide really if you hadn't ridden area. Yeah yeah we work we do that annoys me just in the mine Gregory are the worst thing united we'll both. Shows character in his favorite. OK so. There were two tracks in your problem and we're gonna play another one but I don't want a player right now I want to spend a little bit time talking about. One you're guises album release party miscue becoming a big show you those who are now October 19. New Mose is. One. I mean just want my fingers and he has to go in and join music there so I'm I'm in he got me. Good music at a good place check check. The lake where you guys playing with our own here playing with and I wanna know also. Blake who are you guys excited that are around town who is getting geek you out of the house to go to shows who you like to play issues. Syria or early Susan Newman's. To her. Eighteen Thursday. That there's is there and then the record comes out next OK yes. And it was a renowned special is opening and workers to Burke on the program. So for anybody has suggestions as soon as the choose the text and email if you're in it and you'd like to lose below if you playing sublime and you're listening right now. You're open wheel lets its slightly steeper. Via. Long Beach. That's like the runner there all the spin off in three. In Canada. I think bins there were pumped to. There's a lot of cool stuff that it's. On our label unions here who's putting up her record. It's happening yeah to. Red river room. And he's written it's. And Jason manna from Edmonton's who were record. Later this year hello I'm into the cold so the stuff in the cold sodas out of that's senior guys are yet yet computers now with the story. It is okay singers is it can be our showbiz religious. The became cool sort of significantly more shoes without black holes. Which is brilliant she wish she secretly MI a is an art. Anyway their records. If so what's your guys' hands. I have been I don't know I think about it all the time those particularly like when I saw a conservative like it's genius yeah. So we're animals. The next thing as a commercial pop in and so we'll be rating songs and having. From pop singers from them you'll be called a trophy time who trophy fan yes it was good for us. That's that's wait questionable darkness. Questionable donations worth darkness is the plan around it is ability but he needs it via a victory records and circuit 2005 if you ask me. Yeah. Things or renters like you know usually like we're talking about that are. My cool and if cools the right word is that we're like we're excited about convenience alone there in its name. And if you. Him walk outs and sent pain and later. This magical name for it and yeah it is race and when you seem to me excellent sense. Is that's period. And cerebral here. It is I mean there are phenomenal musicians like mine it. So if you ever have a chance to check out the show I highly recommend taking them enough he work nights going around seeing them. To my favorite bands from you know Seattle area Spanish injuring two K. They're making Monaco a lot of noise in the season and no pun intended there and I highly recommend checking them to get a chance to. The other or that I heard. This is probably a month ago we need to be doing Ali app you know person are heard her sing on stupid and I would Andrews driving I was like. I literally just have like chills. In my head and I like says her message zones like this is like. The best thing I've heard and go time. Just her voice on the heroic fragile it is it's very cool yet. She think she's coming later in the month to its presence. There. Yes she's here and members weakened immune lingo on the ship new players. You also mentioned monster lights yeah all sorts those guys. The Canon ban like when they're done playing nationally you're surprised that the buildings that. Oh yeah Richard it is just you can camp there economy and hadn't seen them like. Iron restricted have that much energy and and likely will low while moving them into his thing about. Sat down with those guys are spending time with them when they're not on stage and all that there the most Blake. Lou he. It's too soft spoken. In so there's there are other ethic there actually harder partisan hurt him. Yeah solves Putin now I was gonna say you know they practice playing instruments while doing calisthenics but maybe it's just easier smoking. Yeah it's something right now there's like really. But he gentle chilled yes that totally in the Hamptons. Yeah. This is it earlier did it and the last part of the first hour now we. Should just mention it tees. Our summer camp artists. Local favorites keep right here just to Steele being out in 9 o'clock. And some new treats forced millions to bring in the music do you want to smoky treats to yet. So. You businessmen. And then I mean I did I got this got the text from Ryan your downstairs and being Leslie get them. And grab my wallet and ran the studio via we are doing you'll notice right now yeah. We yeah we also. The elevator situation was very strange down there yet there were a lot of aren't open there is boxes that were open right that they weren't functioning. Yes is trash. Yes and I forgot what show their guy out of it was a truck I appreciate you out there and army gave me empties its opinion and lobbies. There. Susan good experience. Really. The person Herman he. Loses. Scary and human hands and yeah area accident on microphones. OK so a couple of things for you guys get yours though I do just one. Make sure that we we clear facts I think I'd say anything at the top of the show you word. You're shows on October 19 as the that's accurate that's an album comes out. You guys that show is on the eighteenth that's where Tia game you're playing especially just listen to. Fantastic yeah and basically all of your recommendations there respond we played some what you bills and stuff weekly must watch batting. It's fine from. Some people coming here and I'll give you names off there but their that's questionable yeah request this. More questionable darkness yeah I just I don't computer's down the man Larry don't have Internet yeah. Can you talk. But yes the guys have your show coming up in your new albums via Munich crowd in October. And so far. Love everything I've heard in the middle of the play and I think I'd just like good thing now. Come back in October. So maybe it was. Smart enough and cool dentist and definitely rights and running into. The end of your. Yeah approve. Yes that's really slowed the beer will do all over it and yeah I know they sent me playlist. Here in this is what. Do. I mean they're really on like. They carried in most of our album to yeah. They like working like a mob since late got to do it they didn't but it's no different piece of the sort of established this kind of show up places and with the industry. Who yeah four early show it's actually just keep writes yes and I gonna be playing dollar song well they bought them out there there's it's. And Michael looked good doing to New Hampshire yet we've been through. I did last year. Something before replaying. We've got witching hour next yet. On before we put in another brand new on the spears lord has now been played Hillary. I don't ask every day and then have communion between now and whenever this issue is resolved. How they feel. About the scope talks. It's not okay with this. With the news came in here. Potentially trying to. Tear it down build some new those visitors can view apartments than. Yeah it's heartbreaking tales of yes you know. Being a Seattle resident Michael locally it's absolutely devastating. Well I found out that news or dislike really took a piece on me movies like growing up and you know being communes and shows there and you know spending on my teenage years going to shows there. It's like. You know you take away shoebox Paramount more theater and in those venues like the city was and it's Caldwell also like buys buys it. Only just seen yeah you know it's. It was relentless I can go and I was sixteen and mom's Jeep Cherokee adrenaline from average risk. And see it and it you know I can actually see rentals like what's next. Morose and exaggerating its and in what's left and Theo has if we you know I see we I don't leave here knowing that I contribute a fair amount of dollars to. Joke out of these venues in and attitude to the band is well. You know if we say like that's OK mentally I slippery slope you know because now nothing's sacred yeah. And it's this not a as the venue for Seattle to you know its feet right through surrounding people the coming in town and its artists from all over how does that you know I can almost a thousand feet and it's an historic venue like we mean we've been asked the president we haven't been able to and it's like. It's one of those venues that we've always wanted to play and ends like. The thought about that going away and never intensity that is in things. Well and I would say is that it it's you know. Even if you don't make my donate a Saturn and definitely an island wins next time me be able to go there and McCain knows. Length. Yes ago. And it's yeah its just I mean there's there's a million other places to put a couple of yes. We start turning down the condos and building more venues if you ask me. Sir I did that and like I mean yeah and uneven like turn it down for like Ernest Rhodes has been residency or something you know it's even and remotely affordable. Yeah certainly that people can actually and this is my keep a couple things so that people want things. Yeah well are you guys can stick. That's the plan is questionable for C. Across the passive play it all turns one big Condo is exactly if it's lower corporate conduct and what's the point moving in the conduct yet that's awesome but he treated. Igniting gift to gab. It's in the stand still too long Seattle has built her parents had exactly and that's what I mean if that's also part of like the call too from our like or elements like. We or. A huge group of people we're just not. Together. You know and when they do these calls for for signing petitions. People who were there and doing stuff but then after it's were gone shell now there's just show up. I mean I'm guilt like everybody skills you thinking now is split. We have who we have a voice and there's a lot of us in the city. Who you know like even seeing that petition and slick and people care about office. And you know you got to fight for it like it's kind of instinct actually I should be this. The number of things that probably. Are more important like a bigger group of people but does that yes fired up I've gotten about I think it'll be awhile so. Yes well I mean more important than you're going to like when you're saying it. Not get off topic but go out and vote and you know like this local small elections are what make you know that's what makes the difference you know it is also the same thing. It's it's a really does like it's all together it's like. There's a lot of suffer there it's connected in where it's like. We gotta do it just commit to it. And it's it's sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to do it but it's like. Now I don't I don't have the answers to this is you know. Thinking knowledge and problems. Via. This is changed its radius to turn. I think it's important I think it's important stuff do. This more important that she into the for he has no plan to bring new line. The spirit awards problem. You crowd. Which I think I guess now asking people to be anything it. But the did you know the albums and come after nineteen years in those eighteen. On common thank you Chicago meaning there please these guys that ours are pretty excited about it. It's and if it's an app that you know of I don't view of the effort highlighted nuggets are perched Byrd purchased and guys thank you so much for coming in is a pleasure to meet you can't wait to play this next on there and clean laundry before or stick around everybody enhancement he writes in here just loved it. And back with more locals only. I. Will we are. Six days. So I don't know I just count and we are Mathis. Yeah its weekend Saturday half it is. 17. Point seven eons summer camp. And this Saturday and Sunday its weekly its two day affair. And I'm sitting here with a couple of folks to in a band called my parents you guys can Ryan and studio. And believe it. We love you. We learn I'm used to my than ever and and here's the thing here's the thing that's the best about immigrants. Among I mean there's many there's a lot to. And I'm not the only person senses people whistling geez it's news to me. And it every time as the I'm like Howell and better than last time how will ever top that. And then I see you again and like dat. That's how to do it I'm not sure what the what the formula is here but it's working hard work and every kind of guys semi news on the idea that they're heater. Thomas. Now the mystery of years and it. And I'm very excited that you guys are here I'm very excited that these guys on summer camp this year here's. Let's run down in the summer camp lined up real quick. This Saturday August 11. You on the ocean Robert long he's from here Robert yes he's he's from around. L king Alice Murton. Who and the guys from lofts there really gets that from Chicago these two down here. They're playing their village but their first with a tractor on the Tuesday. And today. Reggie in their hand is actually out playing guitar. House burned the glam all over the world weather and and so we got a little connection there. Yeah lovely to ban the driver error and then symbol. Who is Brian from Barcelona in his new projects and it's amazing it's gone in just like leaps and bounds he's just cruising. Then dean number two. Tackle smoke right Stan. For cataracts okay press. August 12 dinner it was in the night sweats Manchester orchestra and taxi dreamers tween show. Between those planes that is above twins and a in your dancing shoes from China. And you definitely break in in its keeper its pale waves when it reaper. It's Sunday kind of rules yak. And it is here is it's here's it's funny so why he replaced its ask questions here. And coming at us escort services like wave receivers like that's panders to a sort of dispute and honestly I think people are giving you really caught off guard when they get there early in the in the AC. You guys. Blake just start the party in ways I don't think anybody's ready for and light sleepers is generally turn their heads off it's going to be and it's enroll but I they had left by the end that I. Leaves nothing. Else. OK so you guys. Put out an EP. January February and January. And come to terms yes and I wanna play something from that it will please come to terms. You love like this new people those before. Considerable means thing. That you also released cover this week yet and it's got a brand names on it. Now it's gonna come on ride but it's the play tonight. An email from label hours lawyer. You know are. Opening its failure not share it saga we cleared of everybody look at broker. You know decades. I mean you know. Nine in Egypt beginning to move to OK see you would I have bear I think you're three years and barely work here. Are listed it's our play come to terms. And then Alec comeback I wanna put the cover and don't put the brand new one at the very end yet yes because they're gonna give people excite world about this I get my air power and Randy. Half hour. Actually I wouldn't make that. Analyst for an out of this audience to the last time I sat down the as it is for like the very early generation of what is now locals point podcast. I feel like. No fault of yours Filipino lovely conversation but now I just keep alive and make podcast and just. I agree and I'm excited to do this yes and everybody stick around definitely. Who's ever won a 77 yen dot radio dot com. And click on the summer camp and get tickets and you can come here this alive. Just parties he presents its which he should. Oh. Okay. It's. Yeah. Now. Yeah. Your mind everybody that I think it's pretty cool Rainier beer. Is the sponsor big supporter of locals only so much so that they gave me. Again some greener perhaps. Yeah I mean she shirt and a big trucker hat. I'm excited at the shirt and men buddies and I we will win the players we were I think it's you know it's like. Classical. Yeah so that's I went on a trip with a bunch of my friends and we played golf and it is wearing red green trucker hats it was easy despite each other in the eating grapes and obviously look out there of there turned bonds' ball again see that Netanyahu. Are instead of four yeah Omar the crate they're they're really in your speech. Read your tires yeah exactly it on. And yeah. Maturing gets me from the marquee party. With theft is. Through these again this is battery of the there's little that some. Yeah yeah he's crab traps. In the studio and houses are there about and people can ask me what they're here for a had no idea and it that it has. It's something new at this pounders and it's represented of their favorite Portland Portland Maine. And not have. Portland Oregon OK okay rivalries. Yeah and yeah. I admittedly do enough balls sport and the things very funny because teens to the you've been beaten with. I they beat her Vivian for Portland's lead guy here. And yeah actually it's human beefs. You can finish talking trash and Africa. I mean that's a difference in the studio Mo was only because that's not too bright to India out there this Sunday. Yeah our camps. When he eighteen out of Mary Moore park. Everybody can get two tickets won a 770 and dot radio dot com click the summer camp banner and actual. Like a pair take someone with you that you care about you want them behalf and that special someone yet. Special not special Sony just net is coming out some can't. Energies and press for someone yet assume they're kind of on the fence about. What tests and this unique opportunity to find out in their tires public. Easy and how do you do with the crowds and Ed if you find. You put a wrist band on my arm about it and I'm all ahead yet. And yeah you know how you defend me in the most. Six of those cars that tree the other thing that's important is if you find out through part of this you actually don't really wanna talk to the person. Like maybe. There's just not a lot there just wonder close to this teach you that Howard who used to be that close so loud these days so have you heard live music now. It's the left and gas well late given no chance of talking numbers it's are yours you're good notices differently. It's it's especially when you've got a active. We conduct our I mean a couple of years ago we're task maturity. And we're like get me to lock in and media content her perfume genius who I was at that you know. I immediately you know make it into that show because immediately fifteen. Feet away and I realized that in your mind was like yeah it will be the ones that I actually here this weekend I. That go in there. But percent you know if they give you if you may see extremely how weaponized. But which included the goal abuse at Comerica and its environment Ballard anything from that Waco miniseries that Taylor kids who did weaponized music does plan for music via your man. And it on the ground floor. All in by the weaponized music's stock. We've got about a western Canada that I. And now. Talk about you guys avenue. Get in news song it's different it's. And ice idol I'm familiar with the artist he has. Yeah I'd never heard the song before he you've heard some Jerry or trafford again in your. I have before and like you probably haven't heard the samba like medium like an am radio. Just like you and your dad's car at some point line but yeah we we did this cover of right now on the line. Major effort it can mountain. 1978. Yeah. And it's just like it's just a beautiful like late seventies. Candiotti. Grew he's just one of the fans love song dance rock songs out there. It's just and we're suckers for all of the above is we had to get settled on this particular. So we actually can. We. We did this for a compilation that it's it's gonna come out probably this December were. It's called surf Jack records that are Hawaii and there they do it a compilation record of much covers. I don't kind of like little beach doubt versions of songs and this is this is on the list and we you know. We love the spoon who else is going to be on the completion. I don't. Miss. I don't know just agreed that Anglican accompany your. I know we mean so our body Parker. And again and senator Parker yes you're still in town yes records. Mean to me we actually just met. Higher around the person writing. Here. It's you know we've been hearing for years that says circled it means. You know in real life and this is an honor to be part of it in. Though this will be him. In December of vinyl along with another covers them. With lots of other fabulous super cool artists. We don't we can't. Markers that we were also. Drinking. It in weirdly the members just isn't fresh. Look it will ultimately. This is on it's gonna rockets into yet it has. Iraqi bat I don't know why were so convinced that it's. Allah we ask that was on Hillary last year well so freaked out OK so I've that you can't agents of the rank him so it's we're just getting. Is getting all kinds of excited for some of the skimming. And in the past because your plane. Oh this can't. And we shall do that that we were camping. We get a free of cruise stage. With par and is setting a plea waiting for you on. The path a path that I. Is that eating human right that aircraft and you I don't think the that Kim has her own. She. The rest of minorities in the it and then it's do you guys have. Yeah now only when they offer yeah and it and it's usually like. Obstacles means. Of flexible and socks and and resorts like Kia it was the best whenever we going to we plan on the next game which is just. Who needs in this vegetables in the day and the band and it's that he is also healthy. No no yeah. Ladies did everything in answer no no that's just to counteract all the unhealthy things a man you know like sitting in the van I am not dark bars and volume isn't actually vegetable. Well I don't think it has relied last night it could have. I mean it is where one is legit card. You know arts and this country. And often eat that's grounds now. It's unfortunate game I think it when it announces and it. It's Elena gets her via the children because I guess that's that's still think Hillary. For touring bands. And can kind of scary I was. How does that work. I don't know aren't fired in different three don't and I haven't Felix sailors. I don't know art Harris period at Roma hello Graham. A lot of radio I think if I am I was in the band and then had reached a level where I felt comfortable with a writer. I think the leading opponent like the makings for peace and listen to please I just want to make. I think it also meet them on some news. Sometimes it's. Been like I see some. Through that and execute him about it. Kevin Kevin served for an from artists he never heard yet. Is it yet the heat of that he when he was that it during a band. There rhetoric and fresh socks yet he's that's Liza that Kevin Jones and yeah back in the system that raised you know there's the district adults. Don't forget to the simple important injuries and the clean fresh socks with sanitation. And. Yeah mine is mine is it slippers and it's an active mind because it's an you know watching grandson. And weird room it's just nice. Poignant days I notice bill and yeah do you think it is the unit of China yeah now. It's. Important. Let's again I ask you guys we talked with nearly as though the slogan we're gonna do both of these things that he has that. Who like who do you guys get excited I know just from your reactions we'll spear were here you seem to be big fans afterward. It's. Who else do you guys get excited about seeing around town that you think anybody is listening she don't listen to music. Yeah I mean there there's a lot. Seattle I feel like is an interesting and spirit or his argument as Rangers in place right now. Where like Hilary stout and it's it's a bit of harder in the music scene right now and I feel like. Their reaction to that has been some really intentional. Music coming out you know music and knows exactly it is and it's not preach and that's. That's really exciting. And they mentioned monster lives. And as a room and I am I'm so excited. Cumulus is back and yeah I just island Alex semi I had been here in just. Like a month ago and men friends William and Stanley as planned she's still able to task act and act yet it's it's it's exciting to watch yeah yeah. Yes I mean there's just just a ton of incredible dam in the whole freak out records family weren't as his lawyers ask because there are people but it's also like now. Schools Casio and pass the time like the reason her own come together as we go to. And a similar spirit and student cool stuff. You know we puts macedon her marriage played against Michael Casio has put them on the show before the message that depends picking up steam and it's easy to see why there so is there or did gas. And they shared sense. That your. Justice at eight players. Are their names there. There he is I mean parties Apollo gold line. Like. I mean I sleep we Wear a lot of go actually we Wear a lot of old I don't know I brought my yellow gold. Now I Wear I Wear it every day can. You guys limit him to get you in. The yellow legal who feel like took a step out of limelight for a little while. I got you guys covering all got a bad rap. About that definitely and ninety's and the odds are very silvery nose like something's. Where and now saying. Robert Gates. Spurred were driven in gold strip rights stretching Steelers. Street from. I think that lets this. I want player one for rear as is come to terms EP own yeah like this you and now we come back a little bit don't close the show out with you as is new process create but I nice to know Tony pretty inane. We're gonna be components in the second and get people excited about it soon. Is is enforcement prince and play almost weekly on the three national. Excuse he. And radios hard. FFF. Kennedy and the numbers analyst Larry is. This two minute promise we're we're two minutes closer to summer camp was smoking friends I'm two minutes closer. And what. It's twelve minutes away from heading home to launch a new emphasis sharp objects. And just get deeper down an important emails in the room. It just get into. Show. The Sopranos. I'd just like. I don't know and I you know I just like sopranos for the first okay let's talk about it I don't know this stock and I just finished it. Like like a weekend Africa. Will we gotta you gotta love doesn't like how busy you are not yet either. But again I IA you know with iron like probably three years ago oh and we are common on sopranos. I watch the wire once a year it's all of the certificate because it's important it's the and you know it's it's instant. That's the muscles still. It whether she and yeah this since ours now live in Baltimore. Feel like it's more of here's America. Yeah. Making it in its current is you want to you know we're not quite on that. I do menus are here and I still out there these twelve minutes that there I. We've got a signed yours and you play that has steered a word about. You're. There about the shoebox. And they gave very thoughtful answer and I I fully intend to ask every artist that I have in here between now whenever this gets resolved. You know they're feeling about the show vox thing and had just loved he knew where you guys phones. Yeah I mean obviously mean. It. Ax we have the honor of playing it's twice as recently just a few weeks ago with. Like. It is. It's an incredibly important thing and it's been thinking I. Mean you know. It. So it's it's crucial. Crucial service for. Things like Tesco. I think. It's good opportunities. Tina and I think I think fight comment yes. And it is this year we. You need. Meetings and and you know that's amazing to meet the needs. Use it for me. Is now lowered. Yeah I mean in. Stay unified when that news dropped. The first thing Kim did was reach out to our City Council members. Directly from the smoking's account and two of our city counselors got back to us yet and angry and including two sound and I'd like several corresponds as sensed that and so like they're there are people fighting to keep the spirit of the city alive and hopefully that is an awakening and to. You know bigger issues. Our sons. Ingraham. And now we can. You know work together to make it work for me well I seen. I seen this. Feels is proper. Accurate I have seen. You know Mac more death camp see a lot a lot of heavy hitters and coming forgo wolf tonight. This week in this on the last rain we're gonna have to have a conversation about Joseph box and where you can put your apartments. Is not there. This of me. Feel like it's late night in beating you any answer about maintenance and now but yeah it should just keep raising their voices and yeah you know it's. It's just a staying engaged throughout the process you know these are things that happen overnight there. Things that happen over the course in Mears and his numerous opportunities are out says. Get involved public comments in. You know and the like so it's just it's about staying awake and saying gauged. I yes yes staying gauge a feel like yes the answers I got from both human spirit award. Perfect. I'm really grateful for I'm waiting for that I'm waiting for the night and have against him here and I'm likely think of their content they never they never regularly what are the da. I think it really quick for a for a additionally duke which I don't know I don't do salon on the radio to hear all the time but. I think and we intend to sweeten. There is listening as an English. One. Well just in case if listen sometimes bitterness not tired of hearing me talk and she does is in the process. Camera. My moments. And Mulva and at least a lot are in town from Sweden. And yet spend today doing some paddle boarding on average misses its lights in his eyes on me Patrick and. Sweet. Still looking for yeah and it's it's not a case that you guys have bring you song. Yeah man. And Madison bugler and have opportunities as seen here against you live on Sunday. Mean. Yes. And Christmas Day. I. Move I I clicked on to sanction it that download link work from private practices at that one coming here like totally pressures ease. Just like everyone else I'll athletic on this together in Paris. For hearing a beret and news as a brain aside it's called different windows. One you know to meet you mean like a little bit about this. That's what's going on this song. I mean the size of the from windows. It's about information and and and how we experience the world than. Thanks to the digital age that we live then. People can kind of curious how they experienced the world you know you can get your news from. Provisional sourcing your news from. Highly craps strangely influenced. New source Michael Fox but it. Flake this song is about. Like co existing in. Completely different realities. And trying to. See each other and hopefully that that's what's on here it's with like to have happen. As for us to see each other. You know. I feel like if people to all taken it and like listening to you guys talk about things it's really easy to start drawing lines. To. The music that you can putting especially in the last year and I remember listening to. They come to terms EP Indian like this is going to like this is really liked the sounds huge and so good and it's and then listening to it and thinking. Like really thinking about when I was here you know uh oh. I think these guys that are here say some stuff. And T yeah. And you know like. Whatever direction you go it's like community. If you've got a thing like if you've got a platform if you've got some art that you're making avenues and put yourself in it and and you guys any voice right now speak out yet and you guys like. I think it can seem settled select the casual. You know like it's in the stumbled on the stuff but to make when you just take a moment. Thanks it's not yet at smokey gas and people's. And that's it's it's publicity it's getting. I just wanna say thank you so much for coming and ancient links aren't for all the learn support sort some tees and I'm excited I think that we might have some more smoke you brats announcements on the road and yet on things that counts that will. We'll will say that teens at a local T. But you guys. People if you heard part of the show you wanna know what's going on spirit award you wanna know its announcement to bright beating catch the whole thing later this week what the locals like Podcastalley you can hear all of this. You can do on iTunes where every listened to podcasts to school click subscribe mirroring her view he can hear this conversation on this music. Now here's a brand new one it's called different windows through smoke you Bryant's group from world. Premier. Yeah. Yeah. Those are my interviews with spirit award and smoking rates definitely be sure to be there early teachers summer camp tickets to see Snooki brides. An American or perk for summer camp this weekend. And I get tickets now to see spirit award when they release their new record which I've heard the whole thing is so good. When they play at numerals on October 19 in knocking on this either of those shows. Thank you so much for listening to podcasts we like which you heard please fears over iTunes click subscribe leave this rating review those things help us out. And will be back next week would more than dance music in the Pacific northwest rain here on locals only Seattle music podcasts brought to you. I wanna seven point seven yen and supported by Rainier beer.