Episode 34: Zach Warnes

Tuesday, August 21st

A dear friend of Locals Only, Zach Warnes of Lonley Mountain Lovers, came by the show to talk about his new solo album GD. He was joined by his producer Rick Hoag and bass player Simon Nicol of local band Leava.

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Yeah yeah it. That is just a little bit of what we're meeting to today on the locals only to Seattle music podcasts brought to you by one a seven point seven yen and supported by our friends at Rainier beer. And that is -- good when I'm excited we've got Zack Warren's. Local band lonely now lovers. Coming in to discuss his new solo project that you just heard a little bit rate there. We're gonna dive in everything that he's got going on he says the kid. Life is changing for Zack and now he's got a new solo album so excited to listen to a bunch of that talk about the new music find out what's going on with act and tennis I think a prime ask him about the show box and a bunch of other things to sit stick around. Enjoy the interviews and enjoy to rein in music here on the locals only newseum music podcasts. Yes this is that our number two locals only is we have friends can neither should go next get a mention Chris union locals only. Supported hiring your beer exciting is pretty cool I like those guys. Him their products. I am excited I've cats Zach Warren's and company in studio and you'll know Zack from his work with a lonely mountain lovers do. We've. Cancels Paris the monthly played only not numbers on the radio so it kind. Lots of love TU four years blowing out letters album cover being our old building. Now which I don't know how that happened or what if it was. We really don't know how. Telling his alma media's the as the pitcher MySpace in Owings all of those. At locals as the name it you've gotten. It or aren't for sale again this is beyond the littler and introduce you brought some people view who word. Instrumental in making. Some things happen DN my friend ray equally as sitting in my judgment here he's. And longtime friend and producer of them of his records. Japan's an island in this project we had the opportunity to. Yet again in minutes Simon Nicol even who would actually work quite familiar oh brilliant now he's up. Okay well that's well not perfect but I know and show this week's. Let's get everybody's a little bit up on the microphones and guys are pros he is my counsel I'm coming here but also though I should say and mean. Whether or not you've got your fingerprints. Like in this you know it behind the board all of this thing Simon and use you worked with so many people. Yeah you're working with a lot of bands. Where you're not playing instruments and you've got your own project believe which we play on the show. But you like them and find more more people coming healing and we work assignment on this and yet I mean it's next to keep up the good work. I. Think real hard time. I OK so let's get to wire wire earlier because it's like you know on the mound who. Perfect about the Zacks got a new project. Yes solo project life is changing and yet they EB. Yeah new yeah new project. And loan amount numbers being gone through some changes and the it's just like. But it's let's find out everything yet on what's but this'll. You know Rick contacted me and let me know that he had mantra on the schedule hands. And we've kind of been talked about him on some stuff for awhile and it always that he's songs that are kicking around it might not be for the hand. More than the name Amylin. And bad inside to come on in and we were able then sit down mostly just two of us we had to actually. Our friend Austin dean who's playing guitar with mean. When we play the track early this week he was implement them in the studio on. Hit play forestry records that we can't get everything done that and we needed five songs. It more actually gone back and after the shows overs are like how when you said. Only a few songs Kagan and exit more than you said it like he sifted through quite a bit yes go to zero in the five year equities and means so accordingly. Every couple weeks in news everyone. Needs it in and where do. Some of these years instead. Two weeks before we are cursing me and that's old news on battery. Which users can week race. He rates all of them in. Yet what what to axle. And but that means your prolific man he has. It's. TCU is within a cell phone recordings he sends me sevens okay this is an mastered opened on the race I noticed it. I mean when it's. Gonna couldn't. But I've been here I mean active users and just. Back in February and excited that it's ready now again to go out in the world knows and knew we start with one. Ecologists and other life. And I think it's the second track off the album and wanna jump through a bunch from Moyer here. I know you've got a show coming up only get into that later in this an hour but to every stick around we're gonna have a bunch of bringing music. This like the first time this out there and we're gonna locally premiered here from Zach. And joint all right listed this is just another life on locals only. She. It. No pressure Simon this is rated as an. And then just a conversation these red lights and Armenia and I found any in here. Yeah we're fine no the red lights do you. Like. Continuing some sort of panic yet has. Yet it's written yet but thinks I'm not a trap the it. Or hanging out Zach Warren's and as producer Rick and Simon who plays bass. And we're just talking about Simon's news missile. Yes. Not Simon's new solar equipment and exactly. I guess I'm in so many times that I was looking exact sizes acts and insular as you mentioned well no sign a dozen new music coming and you've been. Were re getting up we're getting off topic any to have you come fax modem and I've seen you'll teaser trailers and stuff so cool maybe you postman. Yeah anything anything it's ready in your stuff. I. I'm the same man like him here you gotta ask anybody's permission only now let's talk about it move there aren't enough there's you have. Does it house. Speaker sorry we can barely hear vehement you know. It's it's a lot better than I ever convey mentioned it begins in 2000 to prevent acknowledged thought it was going to be as gonna be really difficult men and you know I'd. And then not live in dad penalized for a long time so I think that it's it was a big is big life change that. You know being a dad is probably the best thing it's a dense farm but not difficult. Now now she so easy man and a gag keep a keeping my friends around anemic you know babies they're fun looking up on this one is. But it might not be that way audio. It's like I got a puppy right now I'm like I thought how easy. Oh yeah. I was super. Like conventional. It's good good. Apparently you're just I don't know I don't want to radium you've got to just like getting cakewalk over there aren't good enough it's again Casey gets a commitment you're going to be at the track your time this Thursday this Thursday that its. The tractor -- perfect place for you in like plain. And it are rights they aggregate. Amount of hours and that your use you shoot an email to a great match and he treats. Its on the mound letters. Perfect game for that we put some catches it pressure packages Hillary Clinton could still I don't I don't mind that let's Aaliyah and that was again. We leave you gave was too long to drink wine before we started planet think that might have found a putter perfect. Against your music it. So OK and you're saying you know you you just you had some songs in around. Lake was your plan that you want to trying do this solo album. It's like. This year or was it just. You recap and have a vacancy NUM IRAs and escalate this plan is area variant plans really. And the time in the studio that was great. I'm not not really expecting a whole lot right now it is a lot of my time is it's that time and that's and that's fantastic. But he tanking yet and we had everything done in. Probably trying to but the show on player now I don't know how many shows that I can these guys and a fine with me and that. This one for share and then you know Seidler who were in record company's songs as well as I was mentioning Ayers. When when you get that says. Mess rhetoric. Deaths and states can do this the mean. When you're going to. Right new songs and you can just a matter of days couple weeks do you feel any kind of panic was there any data views like him in a ball back and a couple of these things that guy now pocket I ditched a couple songs actually because they just aren't working around the mean time. And it in the mine but done I was just really excited we have the time and again at a few ideas that really wanted to flesh down and make it reality and we did. Google is instantly. Gap in France. Mean he's so prolific as. Editor and so diverse as a writer and any currently the first lonely now lovers record to link their second EP railing on my psychedelic in his. There's so much more to his style of writing I ache in his sound that was like let's explore this let's take this to another direction see what you can do. And from super fun again and no pressure no pressure at all. That's paid. That's awesome and I'm glad I'm glad that you did this I'm glad you guys had and put this together I think we should put another one cool I'm thinking everything is changing anything anything about this song that you feel like you people should know before replaced. It's awesome. It's OK. Okay it's awesome does it. I was down when I was dancing Francisco last week and we suffered the ingenious idea that this really cool club and this was I was joking it is an honest men and on as he comes out on stage he's elated. I really like this next one truth. I mean narrative like almost half say things I was like yeah I've wasted field you dole it's right don't put out there are used another brand new. From that point is calling everything is changing. And this is you can keep looking at this I'm assuming Thursday night the show. August 21 Tuesday so it's gonna be available on Tuesday beyond mine. The only person releasing music in the middle weeks to lean on the vikings on Tuesdays and you get a jump on everybody else may be some peeps in The Who listened to it no contention that the rate I'd Moya Tuesday industry stands on and then you legacy alive and I have physical copy. At the tractor on Thursday and that's check this out. We are back hang now Zachary Warren start about his new solo stuff it's going to be out on Tuesday sand. Beating beating the rush hour traffic on. When that's the music on the comes. That your yes your job your jump on the line and jump and at this school the front line because people exact like people have things to get excited about on Tuesday no I like watching hard knocks on HBO so that happens on Tuesdays that. Before that earlier in the day I get to listen to your new record. Is that going to be working people get it it'll be on spot. Behind him Imus and as a music combined nineteen and can't. Stream arrow on us. By mr. us. He's a dead man comedy it's track and why is music you know. OK so. You've got to show coming up and your claims some bands and the European fans and yet and I slightly when your booking shows. Or you're just like who are you excited about who's gonna get you out. To a club around Seattle's what local bands you'd. Sure why I like a lot of C enemies right now. That new ballooned on these record. It's like the record that I wanted it now I wanted on the Mount Everest maintenance cock he did he really think the only song was in the anyway. The bands were playing with an on Thursday are really great Antonia I mean it's fantastic I've known Sarah. For release on time from that and and and she's also Portland it's been wonderful her guitar player Austin is playing with us for the show them. And that Christine in the gutter balls are headlining that show there are awesome to. And act. And records coming down yet colonists at least till funnel this way I was but second I don't know is a deploying new stuff on the air time played either of those bands those who definitely. You know. Send them away enhanced. And you've also you've done stuff with how can he -- from temple canyons she did and it's almost afraid you worked on that gas was one of her songs and she did this breakdown there and at that studio and it's nice you know disintegrated complain honoree next who gets on our. Rick announced a certain find out you. Okay you're working with a much people like you kittens get. Well this is get. No knowledge it is if it was and it. Wouldn't product. That's an idea quite. Your producer. OK so we're getting down to the into the name here. And one of the things I wanna do and and that I will say like there's a small victory that were celebrating on the same show box. We've got to stay of execution on hoping for a ten months looks like they're kind of maybe he'll land marker. Talk people in the building things and Morales. Who knows what's gonna happen hopefully one of those things happened. But I am asking against who conveniently. What are your thoughts on this whole. When he noticed that one likes the act like being an artist in Seattle is getting harder and harder all the time because I know that he notes it's expensive to be here and I see people leaving all the time. Yes it is like your take on. Just through this whole situation here and then. What it's now doing not only to our artists that the places. We go to enjoy arts. And I just don't think there's even enough time and it really have very well as all of my ideas about that banner yet it's too expensive to live here announced armored. You know. And I do a I'm OK I got a Jack I don't. To steal this and get a job you know that pays the bills and stuff like that it's still hard to make it happen I yet I've seen a lot of preaches the ship boxing hands. I think it's it's. Those wonderful an important part of Seattle's music scene. You know I don't think that if they ripped that thing down and put a bunch of apartments that there I doubt that they're going to be affordable cell you know I think that says. I think that we should try to keep keep this prep to Seattle that are important to use community into the local community. It's officially that I am a part of and I don't know. I don't know enough about it I wish that it did you don't have to know enough about it to him legitimate. Feelings but feelings. I know it's been said it's time people and it's it's Dole's whole city cars and also being. A great place to live. Indian artist in me inspired by doing shows at one of the greatest venues and lastly to not have that here to certainly that's one more thing where. What's. What do we have left. You know what's next is. Line and Americans who can. Countless shows have been there there there since you know as old enough to go it shows. And 8000. Just east thing and yet I think as I've said this when. And the guys who steered a word and smokey bright in here couple weeks ago and as we are talking about sort of the slippery slope. Being inflate if if this is allowed to happen like nothing's sacred anymore like everything's up for grabs right handed and okay. And thinks of here it means they would. It would. You know I I think about public towns like. Except Cisco for example where there and aloe plants left there are some that are there it's way expensive. And he has huge honor if that happened appearance. You know you know and you know please keep seeing all these people. Going different places than. You know open to find success rarity you know records Los Angeles New York. Where Austin weren and a but the analysts keep Maureen here yet seemed amiss and tangerine. It's. And all of these other hand I'll have done that. OK so. Let's let's focus on users who have one more time here for you here. Zachary warns new album out Tuesday. And a concern streaming it on Tuesday by it places on Tuesday very good chance of physical copy I hole in my hands 30. Which is more than I can listen to once again. And it would hasn't me absolutely yeah. I actually don't. Any other sort of element they're gonna yeah they're gonna handle half of my dues tree in my car. To be great and so awful and this team's schemes and your. But. You can going to physical copy on Thursday ninth tractor tavern. And your plane with reminding him critiquing in the gutter balls in Antonio Antonio any which is a funding and named say yes. And again. Some stuff but check. Guys Christmas I think so much cumin and and sharing your time and you music. Thanks and your opinions about important things coming on this region and a I am I know that says Simon stayed off the Mike and asked that question and he's got some very strong opinions about it and we've talked about it before it is. Deciding can be a quiet guy that you ran into him with a drink in his Christmas party. That has to say he's gonna tell you. It's a little ticked off sometimes and he's got to lay people now as we ship we should be that says these B vocal it's fine. OK let's play another on from your album for united here you you had one that you were feeling pretty count confident about. Yeah as one you seem delight. Do and it right this on it was I mean is that titles as well. Mean where where is asking ourselves that. We you know rate that and this song almost didn't it. Putin it made so it's awesome that it. Can blow suites acts so yeah how blessed for. That's. It Allen has to make it. A do you wanna say it at everybody if you cut part of the interview in years years enjoying. One listening to talk about music and also enjoying sex music. Outlook locally podcast up later this week and you'll interview Anthony stands. It's fine that locals only am I tends stitcher podcast check that out. And we that next week more on this music the Pacific northwest. Was only thanks to listen XT. Okay. Oh. Okay. It's. You can't say yeah. Okay. That was my interview with Zach warns I love that guy and it reload his new solo project. He's teacher hands on its coming out here real soon and you can actually go and see Zach on August 23 when he releases that album at tractor tavern just down and Ballard. And of the still tickets available and easily playing with Chris king in the gutter balls in and you know he should. Antonio only a never say that right. That says it's and their music it's pretty you know maybe planted on the radio show accurate since each check that out thank you as always for listening if you like the show. A new crews are iTunes click subscribe leaves the rating review those things help us out. And will be back next week more music from. Pacific northwest right here on locals only the Seattle music podcast products you buy one awesome points in union and supported by Rainier beer.