Episode 35: Whitney Ballen and Ever So Android

Thursday, September 6th

Local artist Whitney Ballen joins the first half of the show to talk about her fantastic new album You're A Shooting Star, I'm A Sinking Ship. Ever So Android returns from LA for the weekend to talk about their new Castles EP.

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Okay. It's. That is just a little visible in the union to today on locals only the Seattle music podcast brought Cuba won a seven point seven yen and supported by our friends Rainey your beer. This can be very good episode we have two great ours coming in. Well really draped local artists and then a band who used to be from Seattle. And the name of the Los Angeles and other back because they had a show releasing their new EP silk purse that the suspense passed between human first we'll win you Daylon. And for the first part of the show will be going over her new album. It's very good it's cold you were shooting star and sinking ship just came out this Friday and at and what ever so android and direction at first yes I had when I took issue over by myself. Some very excited to have them back to lead the union to view they're new castle's EP stick around enjoy the music during the interviews. I think you're gonna like witching here. It's. A match. You only. Okay. Okay. It's. He kind. We just heard the song everything from when you balance your problem your shooting star on the sinking ship. Hanging out and I am really. Like so we never met before I really don't know much about you I know awhile back Marco Collins is like you guys here this year freak out there is a project you put out I don't know a few years yeah. And so this news the sound feels like a long time coming and and I just wanna know like let's get your stories like how long have you been around your being your whole life how did you get started with music in the Seattle area yes. And I am. I am on my family that is born and raised here and been here for and how you started. Playing music and his fourteen and is this firehouse and Redmond. Which was. You know close to a lot of amazing bands and that's a key test now is. It different layers. Notch. The gossip. Is still going it is still there. And we just waited 25 anniversary. This costumes and and yes homo gotten into ammonia has been together and play yet exudes an. His fan movement it is today fears stands ticket to please and yeah we hadn't intercity doubles. Onscreen and yeah some some crazy staff went and it. Document yeses it on people liking to him and that's that's written and still is stones in building. Which is in house. And but yeah I started playing shows there and is in ninth street commons. And just kept on playing so chances and writing really that's owns yeah. And I mean. Ventured out into you know seeing other shows in the city and not an amendment that. At the of their teens and Anderson Bellevue and Kirkland which now art insistence. And passes on the line. Going to fair project going to use the old their project going to view. How Russia is and so many places that are now demolished and ands. Yeah IA I guess they just made the rounds epic the ten inches and building. Myself in this music community. And yeah. I didn't start playing with. Really other people. Like us going solo happened tone. Illness in 2011 which is when it. I started. Record saying like my very first recording situation. With traffic in ran an ounce containers in the hollers hello and then yes I have a lot of for him and his family. Now and then cents. I was entries school Ers I can hear that nobody is in fact check that. That's true but actually it would have got a call from and who do you think it I don't know. Anyway is city recorded. And I'll repeat again. And kind of get there and based office that. People came in sat on the record. Later around for about a year with that and then. And that kinda students at Stanford. Just listen in the band situation at the time just wasn't fitting. The songs I was writing. And cannot let falls. Just. Kind of inspired by a twin peaks fish. Things. To his ticker at close to their feelings in my view Marcus and it could've been audience yet. And then. Last thousand doesn't fourteen regret the firehouse. And Dylan Malone whose just like a means stay in the area that's its engineers can. He and hadn't. Then last year that a little EP coping here's hard. Which was complete as a album recorded that at Norris at the unknowns studio which is. And forums. And original spirit like. Studio but it happened in accordance. And then mess. Being Erik Prince ten. Issuing sentencing shift so the memory can not fair. Over a year. Is it is it thank. Do you make a decision. That you want. You put a band together to start playing shows in accord with or is it like. You write songs and going you know I think he songs that sound better pray taker like these songs feel appeared to have. And I think it's a little bit about like there's. I think. Mostly. I'm writing I and I read on the songs. And then yet there are some of them dynamite this definitely need something more but and some of arm. Don't at all or date could but it would just be a little bit more distracting and it's not scary you know to add different instruments and as if Eric my music is like heavily nuclear like based on the knicks and Mike realities. And so. Sometimes that's just it needs. Yeah it's some. Honest stuff it's pretty and Maria fed. It I think and it's a lot of stuff that. I think a lot of people might feel at some point he a lot of things you're talking about on the new album that maybe not everybody who's lives are so glad you're out. Yak I or something. Someone asked me about that recently. NASA saying like and have always been like really fascinated with it kind of like. Disturbingly. Like. No human things like and and around them that's like real things that that are really uncomfortable that literally and true one. And I'm experiences. I guess I don't have a problem talking about how my opponent singing them in front of other people we. The message and use I mean that's the thing that you're totally OK with me on the other hand. You can have an experience like your talk program on Friday near panic attack leadership. Exactly act and sometimes. I haven't really digested what happened on Friday but I do in Canada like. Yeah I mean that could be a reason why that happened. Is because like the things I was going to be singing about. In front of every one. Could happen to be a lot more strangers this time than usual Ehrlich. And on our people in general Caldwell. Yes and now they're like yeah it's. Really seem vulnerable. For vulnerabilities. From me which was an intentional that. Happen. It's well let's play another and from the among played the first single that that was put on the show bunched it's called ego and and the guys from. Oh like spirit award in here and handle it Daniel is going on and on about how much he loves assigned fastest place and we place and I and on a play that they don't play a brand new one things can be a premiere radio program from red ribbon. So we'll get back on here in just a little bit. The first to go from when you balance from her new album your shooting star on the sinking ship. Now. And yeah. Yeah. We are back apparently. Somehow got my wires crossed and loaded in the wrong red ribbons are anemic at that later actually overdrive. But that's okay because they've got no I'm coming out next month September 20 and I'm a college have moved into the vessel was is so. Until. Hang out when you're down and talking about it you're new album. Your shooting star and the sinking ship. Who we just heard go which he put on the show before and I wind definitely died into at least one more before. You know I'm here tonight but I. I wanna find out late. Who do you get excited about around now like to be renamed a whole bunch of fans and grades that are local bands that played there that you see in the firehouse and Internet to like. Presently you're gonna go out in Seattle season but your your booking shows like who are you excited this year. Hack. And I'm like I'm a little out of touch recently. But. How there's so many Jane decay they recently opened for my opening bloody Valentine which is no big deal. But there amazing. Part of the and is also an exquisite it's. Which are also amazing. The big that he is acne today area practically an irony show and I may just cannot. Stop listening to that there album. And is on Ryan. I see here. Allen from great cramp. Has some really seems Kong's that they're playing under. I police and mean political ploy. That's yet globalize it tickled by. I look program yeah very excited ice they just redid it and they're working on new album. So to know that there may also be some contents from. Yeah people that I enjoyed yeah I add. They all for the most part if there but it all. Others to do it so then there's us. Cam drama. It's project Cobb. Apple's. For more apples with mine I get this passed. It here Apple's formally and apples with. But it's. A man so I'm I was just going to Kugel pickle boy you better guys like I'm at work. And so my mind and I. And I'm constantly he's immediately on that if you're an apples with Moya apples with not that. But yet that there there really very. I mean like and I have seen it happens in the end. I think they. Maybe. Something more. Sense yet I get on in snapped it acts. My age love the snow freedom kinds they came in. They're the sweetest guys who cares as we all. Pretty on apologetic Lee. Shared our love for Kanye West. It was. This is controversial he pays me. But those those guys are tree. And I know then and Peabody displayed the. So they've played their release. On. As parents panic from snuff index since. I've been the most probably intense period. He had played in some bangs and we've and that kind of sad day and there you live there project but not really just. And it. I've known him for a long time he's always been extremely supportive like literally everything. I am doing and he has a super positive never own an up and as super positive and street. Let's. Affairs special explanation. Yeah and there's a pedigree. Now owned as how silly it amusing and connect with that credit that. Yes how there's so much I I I can't even think what. I love Susan the reasons I love asking that tone sorry yes Toma a so. Noise and adjustments on time with the tripled our Ali and it was completely beautiful. And nursing homes. After I haven't seen him. I felt like history. He made us all time travel. It's just from his ousted in the song. And the like his whole thing. Honestly it's of the forties. Something. And I just really on and analysts and a school yet told us absolutely amazing Thomas. From the grip and ability and secretary quickly post them Nike senators and and speaker at playing at ground zero it was that they'll be teens and act. Which I spent a lot of time tier and he was their credit you know earlier than me but he. He is just so talented he is the most amazing voice. And as I mean like ever until it happened and. And I feel like he's one of those guys who. Like he does it very chill way that he can and just like mixture. Your com and feel really good about you when he's around you. It's true I don't know what that is that I just human just like the way he smiles in nod like. This is to come idea better idea I I love it. My has such like and calming and energy. And yet this thing and impact and atlas. Let's play it let's plume from snuff redux and the media Altman who will play one mean they're big buddy or from a apples and Malia I never heard. Apple's mind that this boy is now asking that questions because I find out whole bunch of apps I think I know something and then some and they named three or four cans and her her and I am. Instance of you know when you're down and studios to ground because we're gonna have ever so android appearing at 9 o'clock in the discount the lobbies and the program then. Fine that's been going on Los Angeles. Hopefully not all the snow in the thing you can do with apparently justly. Oh. Now and options. At each ice still gotta like that the and I moved back here for that is fairly quickly. Added that for six months Regis the living net debt canceled. I need among and getting hammered entry now that I don't listen to hi I'm sorry. There's not a candidate but it's not I mean I have I'm not like totally oblivious but I am not like me at heart I just haven't. I feel that. I believe the so called. I don't know why you'd want to live here. And I think he has no actually it's a battle cents a I was OK so you put out an album on that Friday green you problem. Called your shooting star and the sinking ship. And I just like ask people about it. How long has this been ready was as big a lag between when you finished the album when it came now and in that time. Like how you feel in that time because I've talked to some people who are like quilts are working on new material pretty quick or. Later just want this thing out aren't like very nervous people here it. My Utley where you land them. Yeah I'm. Can mean some of the songs have been written like. And you know like kind of Alex for years and months now but some of and then there's some that like violators he wrote in the state is so we recorded it. Her figures like either five days or six days story. And and remind. Us. Justice and that's. Up. A lot of things that's Chris from camp Keating five hot and but. Yes it's recorded there for her about State Street. And then did like a little bit. Extra staff outside it's ST. Few months later that we did that last June Kirk. Says seventeen. So we haven't really been sitting out on that we have been planes and signs some of them and over the past year and I guess it wasn't. I never really like he looked at this like of course there are people here that a million speaker Nancy. It can happen naturally and I wanted it to be released finally. Because it just noted that many people here as dictated by. It was it's on the Korean. Naples specifically and something's just like now in place and then. Super into. That enables. You to get this yet he actually it's code code released its. Witches. So you thought their daughters records and their pace. Half between San Francisco art and then also. Substitutes. Records which is it for new. And it's packs them. And just. Set us apart and I really. Parents. Sent. To see me naked. That kind came into play your way. Not brilliant like march. February march of office he says. Happened in the quick greens can work. And beliefs. Time being asked where it happened to be like a cast which was. Have never plan on average releasing any thing in the summer has. Elements like. Are very. And indeed in W local. And and I have been riding. In between. Nothing like that and Serbia. And things. That happen. I think I am glad that. You are so thrilled with the labels are him yeah it seems like one the moral of the story is like don't force it. Absolutely no tea time and hopefully things come together and ping response. Also I mean just think that it seems like. Sort of like an industry. Side of things like you've got a great team I think as I knew you're working with riot act boom on the publicity stuff and I have loved those guys yes there is an Indian Antony and the. Yet it's Lauren lake. That way that it came together was honestly like the weird instruments random thing and he is actually part. Partners with another member. Such she team up again and Andy so. Like house and a management company with. Jesse a file their daughters so it's like this weird like I calling the things they actually litter on a family had so sewn. Amazing my head and never. Couldn't ask for anything like that won't. Eyes doesn't think so much for coming in and he. Sharing music tonight I want to play in my favorite from the album that says that we can play honoree you have one. As a title I can't say on the on the campus area. Can use foul language but it's of its. I'd recommend people check it out that this is called mountain. It's their rhetoric and I mean I think the crowd get her back. And we back in just a little bit with Iverson android more locals. It's me it's it's. News team. Okay. Yeah. And we are back. Hanging out at the second part of the show. I'm very excited because we had a injury. Am ever so android in studio kind of returning to the scene of the crime a little bit. Back home in Seattle and also a Smart thing. And you guys might miss an interviewer now but the last command on the show was my first night doing this show my mind. Nervous. Yet and it's like there're people watching get there later this hour replay is committed the shortest radio career at all times. I will say since then I would like to think. It's gotten a little easier. I feel like I've got I think I'm better now. So I'm just excited you guys have always been good so that's all fine. A fifth. It does well but you guys left hand them honest what was it a little over a year ago in October 2 years old one. And immediately. We had so. But when it was into the fact that. That and it's okay it's it's like if Simon and there's. You know get loaded in the leanings. The I'm very excited that you guys here I'd love to you know hear about. One that transitions in my way how much you miss yes. I can tell you back Chuck Berry and I thought exercise you get the last time you're in town it was sentenced. You pointed into the higher than. We've made it. Before that was two trips again he played I know we in the earth that freely left Ryan Grant okay deck there monster watch broke my years. The desert series. The insulate. Mean Los Angeles. Yeah I'd let's talk about it. Talk dozens also. That's OK a lot of just sweating right now so far so good in but an outlet through the court and hard working hard and am. It is definitely. Intimidating. Ray you know it's like everybody's fantastic. Into like intimidating and what lane fantastic and like. Well I think for us that was sort of like first only an hour for them because we it's definitely an hour and a pair. You know like not that we can have a community and friends in the scene which is sure where I am a mature for it and then so there's kind of there. But also. I say all the time like. There's like more icing more professional. And I'm moving. There's better and to an enemy of my favorite in terms of treats you use your example appears hands okay. I mean down there though like I see you can instantly with way better geared that can grant him place or. As a means there's money there's a money elements they can do you think. I mean. The resources. With the industry resources you know say a missile or the history this year. We had so and that's an interesting case I want and it didn't wanna get into that because there's a lot of times I talked with talked opinions about in the fact that. Like a lot of people are leaving Seattle I use you guys McCain Jolene and I don't know if you know them that is you know it's. Learn. It in there is definitely an industry factors. Associate lows I think is a pretty knows it's it's changed a lot yeah so being Sunni group here it's different now and I was at a time for me personally wearers like. This is an okay time for meeting go like a lot of the things that I like to lose the style to Kapono had changed. And it's like you said industry it's just I always say why be efficient in the desert. You know. We're prepared as it felt like I felt like. There's a couple of you know wonderful labels were to instantly contaminated with that and we're going to sub it was hard are there doesn't grab DNA it was hard to get traction you know we have a rat community in so many equal band from like. You know hatter thing going on a peer pressure and in so much appreciation gratitude for that but news like. How to make it to the next level wanted to know would neither of us knew how to do it you know to. Q do you mean they re not sharing that fishermen in the desert stuff with the union bonanza here this morning at an event. Actually you purchase through our. Haven't seen anyone since Malcolm are coming here cheered and there is as part of me that was like why do we think ourselves national. That like we're the ones in and I mean it was like this weird ego in check and I'll click on and we just little industry is now I'm not I'm not implying that other bands. Should or do you feel that way and things like that was the thing for us alleges that that we sold all of these things alone you know you. The block party and we just an all these things that we thought might be the thing that changed it and they are goals like world domination right now it's really just think we extended tours and yeah in the end Booker K road in. Yeah and tonight I still lots mainly lofty things I think having you're Mexico it is very realistic. You know it is it's like that it's like those montage was injured in videos and it's like. You know you watching watching Dr. Dre or somebody come up to nearly Acxiom in his house with mom like. You know rapid rises time machine and then Carney and and then. And and then it's the next scene is like and then there in front of this huge ideals and they have a record deal and that has. That is not the reality labor and reality is. Working hard paying for like ten years. And it's just keeping an opinion you mentioned Mac more I mean he worked hard throw long. And get better I remember my parents like you and for different verse been like it here project for. Indian. If this thing. Now remember and honor him in the first of four to Acxiom excellence and in this thing that's let's there. You go to Africa. Yeah down here and it's hard because sometimes things. If you would mean more resource is seriously people used this person that person thing. I mean faster through lately it's a competition exactly on during the journey coming and from that. Perspective it's his birthday. I think it and. Through it. You know when Castro once you take the ultimately what you think is fair. And you and you eliminate that as well as your taste your expectations actually just manage those and you know if for some reason you guys there feel like I totally agree with the way we yours and you people that don't. Don't stop like tonight you. You know in in regards CU and I feel that way about a lot of other people do and if you find you know like we did things I would do you know it. All right good Brooklyn next you know and and now all you've done is you've got. Now organizers that you get these satellite. I know people have done that have been various prison might be getting to and is way they've been around and as ending like. Acids and you know so people tell you don't like the bigger industry people we have Mets have been to think. Just Africa yeah because I totally agree is that silly thing like in ten years on the can't overnight success like. Listed his own plane went from unions. Not complete kings and queens strip itself the New Castle Tzipi Booth and we come back element going tuchman too shallow and you know just whatever you guys wanna get into and I haven't seen you guys along to I'm excited just to catch him so let's play as a brand new Owen from Anderson android. Who Justin to stop by for a little bit northern town I love it. We're back next actual players aren't we're back for more locals only hanging out ever so android in studio. And I am. I feel like. You guys. You have this you have this unique perspective and on you like being in Seattle on thing going. Los Angeles. And and you know what you guys are talking about sort of you know. And drew years and like I wouldn't recommend. You know as a sort of what was right for you guys. And think what moment misses something that may be ending going on for awhile and then as look at there was some things that happen and it or was there I mean why. Absolutely what pushed the button it'd been a conversation we've been having for a long time between school and back at Ford. And then we put our. Our previous CP the civil. Or we rather we had just we are mixing it and you're actually Brett Myers. Hershey shopping and we are talking like. How are we do this differently how many times like. How to present this differently how we make you excited about this in the Buick you know or third or whatever release what do we do. And we are kind of talking him whenever in the and I said to him. I says. Dude it's the gecko like it's time. You know it was into the how many more every so hundred says can we do where it's the same show. Has had. Happy decision for Fred Meyer yeah rate but it was really quick that was and Mike Martz or something and then. I said dude it's time to go on his Accuray it's time ago. A bunch of conversations leading up to where room. You know we're article or we do everything is something else seen anything like rarely live like we kept kind of having that conversation. Neat feeling you know stagnant. Does it become a thing or it's maybe. Maybe we don't need to change maybe it's time like the scenery in the audience changes then. That's like the buzzing about the audience here it's like a certain points like currently. You guys have seen this done and now like we need showed some. I think for me personally through like I just don't see anyone really do wrote like some kind of machine behind them today in enemy and think it's very very very rare that I see someone. I have friends that I don't songs and I'm like this should be huge numbers mean and if they don't have. Like if they don't have the money to pay for great PR you know America just naturally know this person and that person get it out there think. Flea markets and I'm going and on. Not even agree PR I mean how can apparently taking that that would take us so much time to come on the planet and our whole life setup and music DC and so we have the responsibility jobs which means not work and work. You know I mean. So. It's so I receive upon the money that we need to relate to a falling to PI to towards this and that might hire bunkers you know like. That would take for answer. EC and so it's just. Not that I won't do those things and I and I can't buy it it's just. It's this practicality it. It's what I'm talking about efficiently and I didn't feel like we were like we could do that appear at some point you know it was just like we should work smarter not harder and yet just a lot more endorsed gone absolutely I mean personally that thing was that I had a conversation with a friend. And she was telling me about. A friend of hers that does like a bunch of music stuff appear and she was like oh yeah he's seen you before making things together and I'm not we're not thousands I mean that people are gonna hear fan you'll love our brand like I'm not sensitive about that wasn't an issue the issue is. I think this is certainly going to be the other parent I've never heard of them in an amateur kind of fun and at least heard of everybody and I just let me down this path of like. And sure someone from some polishing I'm sure and I'm sure some of them are in and mean and I'm like that's one of the only game appear. So what do we do you know in Munich will reconnect and I think a lot of friends warned me about it lately. Too just in the same down there and it's not the same because there's thousands and thousands of people down there late China find bands you know it's just. It's just such stats for everybody is there on the industry side of things aren't so let's. Talk to industry paranoia. Are you happy. Yes. On that is barely hesitation that's that's yes I am happy you know I'm happy of them and is because I'm doing everything I can't. From my life and from what I once and I feel like moving down to California was good for me because anchor appears and in terms of art. I'm so proud of it and I'm so proud of this EP that we made like drew mixed aren't good it's very you know he makes the entire things in these are all songs we've written in the past. You know two years and and I'm I'm excited about them and I feel like for the first time with this band. I know in my opinion this and know what I wanted to sound like and I have something to fully represent. And so I can sleep well knowing that I'm doing everything they can't. Yeah and analysts say in from the first listen as well. Kings and queens two hole total leader. Yeah that. I don't dove into the hole Europeans dislike are well Anderson Andrew's doing so android things. Yeah. Alexander solidarity it's fun and and I think it's great that the it's cooling of the you've mixed them. One nice thing save a buck verse all also I know what you're looking for. I mean on some level I definitely hit walls where I'm just like either I'm just like I don't know how to make it better and there's something had to tell them to make better share which is kind of went for. Yeah let's do another one yeah. Can do lower and maybe fading yesterday and. No we got a bit oh I do want to earlier that your premiere this song from the stand rendering and and somehow ended up with a song from their old Alan I don't know what happened and that's the link up. So actually in a clip overdrive from their new album after. Between may be fading in new one from Anderson injuries EP castles and premiere yes. It's a. It's. Man. Yes. There. Yeah. Hang out with the ever so android in studio. And is that your. Listen to review police can bring tampering here yes that's been tense Korean come this late tonight actually I think so we I think there's another station and that's an affiliate. Place them likes to rock and acted like you might. Deal to contend millions of jobs and we're. Cleaning talent through you can just. People would be so confused if you guys at this station again and then you snuck in like an adversary Andrew attractive and they get a hedge expo at this and these. Do you have a theory of earth I think it's just sort of what your team members you're listening to yeah okay. Make I try to go super not genuine it's like yeah it's easy now. This is my theory that we look at this document dialogue that's how I panic you know I use this. Steroids yet as he was born when you always man. Political. You take. I would say we are two for 21 in the excellence scale for the news news. And ask you is. They. You guys aren't here anymore but I mean in a lot of friends when you were in CO and I'm just wondering like. Who were you get excited about in this community you'd like if you guys are still here who GB. I mean that's that's an agency 2000 because it's like there's some mode and we don't want to I just mean that activist Henry now and then and you still feel guilty about like super moment let's just assume mail boxes. From. There's a bunch of people. This is this feels loaded Netzarim and instead it's not a trap this thing it does have that for something and accruals and and our one mountain. Well we have played the past two shows have been channeling their bodies among authors they didn't studios Vicki XP yesterday. And there apparently are OK so I machines that are happening here yet but I've communicated them quite a bit and I played on the show all the time now. So we yanks sweetness and I can tell and they've got a real lake. Explosions in the sky eight you thing. Close in has a phenomenal voice I don't know he does I don't understood that it's too so. Greek to me if you take away late so he went up to leavenworth indeed these like icicles sessions or something and some some of his title who currently where he was happening and Hampton. Mean maybe Syria I'm not aware of linemen in north I don't know everything. And there's him a piano and it was like a little. Yeah you can totally do this yeah. It's and I know he's come down your way and had some success and. He'll miss or else they hurt us we just hurt incumbents are studio apartment here Goldman's. He delivers trees are really you know we're going down and link the plan is we're gonna play this one day now laying in like somebody asked us that we want failure across the street the next night and then we I and other so across town with a few days later at that. It. Where we are really that is. Come on take the wrong. They Jack Cole work until you're coming home late. That was pretty cool. Ethical thing. Like and the events like that like him or Patrick for people like that they they can just. They don't need their plan to go and show what they're capable. And in natives and themselves. We have our beeps in boot solution was beaten him a couple of idiots blow. But I think that you just. So that is one thing. Who played blackbird and nine times bird. Who says that. Is it just you guys are now near them for me is that I know you guys what you're Israel before peace for a while you're pre eminent when. Two for every down back to. No Blake no nothing against I mean that how real answer this question is not an annually related to any feelings about the guys in the band but. I mean is it sort of like liberating knowing this like it's just us that you've made sure that our sales these are low and we can do. And the company is yet and honestly I think I think the reason. It didn't work out with either of them was mostly on costs and not really knowing where boundaries were not realizing like what kind of creative control we wanted to you know like. I think. I hope never anyone else in the band and I was very idealistic unlikely ever. Is there an alien and you diagonally. I don't mean nemesis lately and a pain and physically I mean like you were just like I don't understand what we need to hear anything like that. Yes you can hear and this is good and I. And heat shield to laugh you claim you bring them. Nobody it was I think there was as we learned from enemy in anger anger for those who work in some stuff. So you guys do you use familiar with that acetone. In recruiting and CSI millions living down your land that thing to know that I know and guy they were was from a sort of let the Paris. Kind of guy either was there still is Mike Brooklyn or something but in guy. Has set his life up in some kind of way where he's like I'm on the go to Europe by myself let's pass in time for the next two months totally and then I nicely shows in Brooklyn and he comes down lineman in team up in his Buick went to West Coast dates and I think it's like that. I think the thing with us this relate it's maybe this is the healthiest perhaps best rated we're just very much like like we're just all plan hey. You know I mean really this is the thing that it is now in our side projects or not. We don't do anything else just has one thing and it's not it's not really putting her eggs in one basket or anything it's just the one thing that means something to us and want. I think neutral in the industry. Now. Mean that's it deceit at networks there for us into. Being you know you've got to be super crazy. Yeah Ayman like. To write songs and start from absolutely nothing one game. Maybe if all the stars like I don't have to clean houses are. Mom it's almost working now and fun facts. Brian Petr until weakening in Kenner from among authors. Two and has confirmed it was good for me to him. He. I have mastered that you masterfully Fuld really are looking master is taking nothing masters and then we just it went like that. Like that I think I can there's that insinuate that a little bit reasonable doubt no same time like I minutes tonight I don't learned there is a perfectionist like they do and we're like asking. You know and he and I are both the youngest man analysts are making decisions sometimes. Read the convoluted. And just takes awhile then the queen of dinner and then to Regis did you I don't know. Whose it was that you do this series that was sort of my answer and nearly can you do radio. Yeah I think I can now as an analyst people who in the and you guys. Did the past week due to snow stressed solve our housing house since but the best thing is somebody to do something in spirit that you can do that. And I Hannity radio is so I have a friend he may be listening his name's Jim. Hatched and our way of getting him to do anything because he's this like mind over matter men like brute force. We Rhode Island yet and he will do it will not only could you do absolutely no. Moral. Good accomplishment and that friend his name is harper and then hillbilly poultry under the ground here like it can't believe it. Also could you put that the artists. Isn't that. And this. Look at that they get that stick earlier that apple news like challenge accepted. Climbing as well liked when he becomes an accord with some stilts if you get a and. That's. This is. Had a great time code on the East Coast and its feet. RA I Elena has yet to see just go to the castle. The castle are cast councils. EP on Friday see who seems like fitting time for me be like what's next. What what can we expect from unions. Were making a promised release. A ton of music this year and we want to have we're aiming to have another EP finished by January. So it was literally we are gonna fly back to learn to California and then start wearing and the next thing. That's crazy in the seat but don't like the game as it's crazy that you guys if nothing else well you've been you've made it very clear. That you're thing is music this is. You've built your lives in any way to where you can put all of your time and effort in this thing's important you dance music so. I think you know people do that. It's like you've done the really hard thing you figured out how to save your life. And now it's like right time to do they have. Now is likely just like we were right right right we don't ever released and as a as a and an on line I don't know you know we've had our like insane in there it's ridiculous how many times we had that Regis how how many. I don't even know like over the years. 5060. Signs that we never put that effort on that is them anymore than that I don't know I. Didn't business and just. That's. I just listen to yours that's fine with them all the demos of me ever on policy. You just put it. Then. He. That's got to get the Asus and the hang out begins again and in fact check in that your innings that Iran. It was important for us release appears yeah do we had a like a 12 conversation like 32 in it's really bounces. And that's. At the end and it's still home for us in on I mean we're just working down there like it's like Maria to work right now the weather's better. I mean. I mean he adds I have been let's talk about. January that's written in the eye and laugh I just giggle every winter thanks is that in the five and sunny like not a clown mask and I semi friends posting on mine elect and 45 games and haven't seen this sudden there's like B it's like sixty Evans. You know it's so funny and it's like when you when you're here all summer long in the north the last and you have this you know pretty good summer it's pretty high and then it remains on a daily today I think in my eyes you know that we tonight about how infamous weekend. Today it was raining and I you know I felt this way is wellness of people posting like. Thank god can give her name and now like yeah though in you know December rolls around it's been pitch black. And in your eighteen hours a day in the hand and way you're gonna have. Who wish to please let's put it this thing. Ideally in my world that we live in. Los Angeles. For the winters and then I would look up here for the use him. Thanks so like 75 and mostly dry exactly or under great angles and if I was the color but I will say like we moved down in October 20 years ago and it was like hundred degrees every day and likely was still not only was it's so hot but we're also. Theory pale there's where we're super pill will look weird because we're not from their and we're just sweating profusely and Rick are you renting trying to do it. Jobs and get apartments like forget it in the talent weird enough from you're from around here is your pale girl with. These songs on the talent can definitely dude and it ran on account and you do that compares. People have since he every moment of picnic. Johnson. And thank you guesstimate for an element of your time appears precious narrative proceeding in the time become a girl friends yeah you get hurt like hanging out of their friends to stay connected while he's doing there yeah. On a plan there when you get asked me specifically leave this one for last year's one interest. I just that in access this is from so you don't like it it's not your fault it's not your snow layers of. None of us from them but this thing was some. We never had us on a hard copies were put on actually PM in the physical copy of elect on Spotify except we actually when it is on Spotify we released just released at like six months ago we. Visitors didn't end. Both her concerns me is we need it. We made it digital we releases digitally and several months ago a group claiming to grow records. And I did actually play this before and yeah OK yeah Lance announced just on the CD. I was much more articulate to the point out never sentiment to do woman's job his doctor told me that it's out there but it's not out there but it is out there so it's. And work ethic it's fair and it guys get home safely we were they here thank you everybody for listening here's morning music from personal injury this is our inner and can attack at their new cast of the thanks for listening in name. That was my interview when you Daylon an ever so Andrew it. Go pick up their new music when these new album you're shooting star and a sinking ship. And debt Ursula Andrews and you EP castles they're both fantastic. You're gonna love having the entire work and we just barely touched on that stuff tonight that. There's so much more they're free to go and enjoy it. As always thank you so much for listening to show if you enjoyed what you heard. To be cruise over to iTunes. Subscribe to podcast looser rating your view those things help us out. And we back next week more great music from the Pacific northwest here on the locals only. The Seattle music podcast brought Cuba won a seven point seven yen. And supported by ringing your beer.