Episode 4: J GRGRY - "Erase The Shore"

Monday, December 11th

J GRGRY opened up 107.7 The End's Deck The Hall Ball in style. His intricate body paint, cutoff jeans (on ust one side) and dark pop opened up the night before fellow locals ODESZA and Portugal. The Man, along with worldwide names like The Lumineers and The Killers, closed the night. After the J GRGRY set, Joe swung by backstage with BrandenFromTheInternet for a quick interview for the pod.

Joe Gregory was born and raised in Seattle and released his 9-song EP Gold Teeth + Glass Eyes earlier this year to astonishing reviews following a decade of industry runaround. We have played just about every track from the album on the radio show and you'll see why once you give the whole thing a listen. 


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That is a little bit of what we're going to be getting into two dale on locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought Cuba won a 77 yen. My name is Stephen Graham and host of locals only. And I'm really excite well first I'm still a slate. Reeling from what a great deck the hall ball we just have last week 25 annual deck the whole ball for 177 the Genesis crazy. And what we're going to be getting into today. Is a little interview with our locals only artists who kicked off the show. I'm locals only that I play this guy. Every week I absolutely love the stand. The the gold teeth glass eyes EP from Jay gray area this year's and my fear releases of the year. And that right when he got off stage at Key Arena. Brandon from the Internet who he runs things over here for all things web for the end. And he'll be on the podcast from time to time starting today. And it comes by the radio show every now and then bring got a quick interview. So I wanna go into that and then we'll come back and played RSS song we discern out with its Clarice the shore actually love that song. And we'll get the whole thing here in just a little bit but first here's Brandon catching up with Joseph from. It is the athletes and they hearing is in England but this is the biggest one yeah and how to go for it was amazing it fell. Strangely it felt natural in that so much fun in sound agreed it was exciting. You know we've obviously been on the locals only. Our radar for a long time in on the on the playlist alive yeah you've come into the show once or twice and twice now yeah I acted in missile twice even around. Wesley was just in your process the last a few years I mean just starting from where he started happening getting Torre tiles like. This with this project it's been two years ago we played the crocodiles for Christmas party. And then two years later played in ovals for security. And yet you know we go deep in size which was. EP and done and just wrote in toured in. Screech or shoot. Ash and India. Just as is picking up really connecting with fans the social media and in and reached out for this is just like this incredible. For you here. In the attack on where. It's amazing I mean really like this year if it. All of these hugely like streams from childhood honestly that this one being the ultimate. She was the first concert and it's a plane it was a dream come true. You know this is. Analysts accurate history music you know going Quincy Jones and he wondered. You know to be part of that is just it's really incredible normally. DC is still left on the list. CO. Seattle bucket list gas. It might be headlining act now. I like that. All right real quick what a year. To clear bars in Seattle to clear pleases to Europe. And I don't drink anymore but still like and bars and the hide out on first is. And actually just on the street that fetus and an affair. And two is eat yet. I have to say sizzle pine beacons and best eaten pizzas. In two. And aggression stores. It's written like that vocalize Oreo. I don't like public or restore it is eight L line for a political. It whatever is convenient usually winds out there. Yes you know. Hello and thanks for being here and joked have you desk to Assange we're glad that your local domain artists we love having you in Seattle so thank you so much. It's scorer. I mean. This. A sir I am. We. Right. Yeah. The. That was. There's been another episode of the locals only podcast from 177 yen if you like to show his subscribe. We'll be back next week and more great local music and Pacific northwest.