Episode 5: Werewolf Diskdrive

Monday, December 18th

After leaving the music industry, Eric Elbogen (formerly of Seattle band Say Hi) found himself working in a Seattle electronics store and discovered a semi-sentient disk drive with a desire to make a rap album. The disk drive asked Eric to be his manager, thus Werewolf Diskdrive was born.

Eric stopped by the Locals Only radio show on Sunday night to talk about his new project, the music videos, his time as Say Hi, and the new music from Werewolf Diskdrive.

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Boo. Yeah and that is just a little bit of what we're going to be getting into today on the locals only the Seattle music podcasts brides even when a 77 the end mining Stephen Graham. And I'm very excited because I got to hang out. With somebody that I am having Julia well it's an artist is music editor for very long time his name's Eric elbow and and he is the mind behind saying hi I am formally send your mom. And now a project called aware wolf disk drive. Which is just so much fun and it's super weird and bizarre and I can't sit down and talked him on the radio show a couple weeks back about. How all this started and in explaining the myth of the Wear off this strategy he really goes into great amount of detail and it's it's really an incredible story that I think. A lot of people and have fun with he certainly is and the music is just. Place that super bizarre and awesome and it's like stuff that you never thought you'd heard that you also wanna dance to it which is. Pretty cool so. This is a three part interview it's a little bit longer than we don't before but will get into the origins of world this drive we'll talk about. What happened was saying time and whether or not there'll ever be aware rules disk drive. Live performance this sounds cool destroying its because I pulled it from the radio show where there's things like commercials that we are talking now and it's so just hang with us on that that. The conversation is great I can pointing out discuss more I think you're dangerous stories he tells. As well as the music that he makes and history says we've got. Eric here from say hi and where leftist right now lots vampire stuff which I think is. Totally rad. That's like a thing it. A scared of everything growing up but for some reason a vampire stuff fascinated me that's can I think somebody showed me. Q honoree is amazing performance and Bram Stoker's Dracula when I was way too young and Aniston hammered for I say amazing and being sarcastic but. Yes so I do you know anything like that I. Kind of gravitate towards anyways. And now all you know where wolf disk drive. Which is just so everything about it is bizarre and awesome and like what they would it be doing is it's well thank you thank you so. It's it's kind of weird story but basically. The gist of it is until this a few times over the past few months. I appreciate you telling him again no and and I think that I distilled it down to us at our ass and you you got your elevator pitch you have the kids. It's there's a lot but isn't Salim. There isn't there is a man. There's a man named Eric Alva and use them and call. Sad your mom and he failed at the music industry. And so he had a he had a hard time because he played music was wrong in our time finding a job. Eventually found a job at the store and electronics store in Seattle called wearable and and it was great you know the customers who came in really really nice. And then one day and he stumbles. Into basement and he finds as we are hard drive. And plug it into the Internet and it becomes alive becomes absentee and being. And the first thing it doesn't it catches up on what's going on in the world is that announces once and a wrap her okay and this is a way better than sky and it. So far but rather a much friendly ear oh does it get worse OK keep ground nine yet I think. And so because Eric. Had worked in music industry before he asks. Eric to be his manager and so the record that you're hearing called rule disk drive is the debut rap record and them. You know at as time goes on. The will to strive and Eric don't always get along that. They get along enough and it's so far it's been pretty. So. Should we be concerned. If they end up not getting along. More than they do. Yeah no we're we're not there just yet but. Yeah I would I would I would pick concern I mean he left. All Elon Musk on Twitter and I notably this whole you know like self aware thing. We should be where I saw the robot doing back flips on line the other day it's not it looks way more nimble than it should be ranked so I have concerns. Well I would say that in the overall scheme of things. In terms of what's going on in the world this is pretty low priority and I mean right now but we're pretty people who I will distract ISIS'. Trying to make it raps about cereal yeah bind them. Pop how much you know I'll give you a heads up again so my plan one is the news after. After talking with break my plan was to play it SA high school affiliate after the conversation just of the story you just told me. I feel like we have to play a world distracts them. We can do and every one let students I wanna playing on a plate hammers and Honda. Which is that is that the first single that there that was just drive released. That was the first single. And it's it's been funny to watch people's reactions. Because. It's it's a little bit different then than say hi and again I mean. It's the will to strive who's who made the record but still I was the one. Announcing it on all of the social mediums and you're vessel yes I'm vessel and if you haven't seen the video yet. Do it. The world to strap work really really hard on it and his really really proud of it centric now on you can see it over it to 177 the ends FaceBook page right now open it up before you came in because I want people have an idea of what they're into it and the hamburgers and hot dogs media away didn't put that may be at the beavers and beepers I can't remember but. Nevertheless don't watch Allen and I talked about the Villa as we come back share but for now let's play hamburgers and hot dogs and we'll come McEnroe didn't get into some more about how hard the rural district worked on these videos because they are bizarre. Austin. What what. What what. What what. What what. Can can can can can can can can can. And we didn't. And. You can do OK okay okay. It's. Good to keep him the key he says it couldn't. Didn't have to it and I didn't. Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels. As people didn't and I have to do we can do. His. CO career. During the. Problem is already there are just an OK it's do you think you know. She is you'll take you don't. We'll take. Do you judge yeah. And into the so that's what it's. Pretty soon things. Can some content sites have been taken to a good job. This isn't that cute. Green we're. Yeah I stamina I think music and some problems. On my favorite stuff I mean I cement condensed you do this especially tonight. You do yeah I really tactics well I mean I wanna play. And when asked you mean here is paying. But it York's. But in New York they're creeping and I think they put out. They're making you rank them this year which is. Hate dealing I I think if I had to I've got to put that in my top theory I ain't it will their record sincerely came out. February march or something it is. So concerned with. It's wonderful I only recently senator following them on Twitter and there there are really very funny yeah and there there honoring the real long. Tour right now and it's. I've done all those drives that they're doing a thousand times and so like you know we're in Denver tonight and sonics the in my in my head I can picture every. Every mile and an hour. Drives. And how tired they must have been tonight when there rabbit can be court in Salt Lake. Yeah in the big greenery and they're sitting in and it totally yeah it well and think they're so Smart there. They're changing there name on Twitter says that in every city I'm dying and it's that you you know you you've got it dame man got it's hot it's hard to reach the people these days and so. He needs. Take advantage of the tools that you have in front of you yeah and I mean the the presence on the Internet is. You know I think the aware of distress was doing earlier in time. Really great job with that as well with these videos links on how many I mean. How many videos are there for the suns so there there are three videos and I've seen two of them and there had to take sacking catchment. And they're wild man. Yasser of that and the anatomy character for just a jacket but so the first one. Romans that hammers and hot dogs media. It took me four months to make it because I didn't know how to make videos. And courage thank you thank you very much it it's. It's all all all the backgrounds and characters you see in there were sort of cut and Photoshop one by one and then made to make. Dance around that is basically the and but I I'm really happy with with how it turned out and so. Again like the media if you can you like Pixar qualified now where Coca. Later it came together really well I think people should go check those out thinks I I. The initial plan was. It was to make. The video for every song on the record and pretty ambitious. I mean I mean I happened to us given how much I mean that they're always comes down to time you know it's like but yet fulfilled the the same hive mind all. Re kick starter has got to go there's your ally now got a good in my job with the electronics. Where it distracts our. And manage. That we're getting as you do the right now career. We'll see we'll see what I mean through three. And yeah I like them I hope you do more banks amen I'll definitely watch it there on the view and you do that. So I really wanted to played some of the same high stuff tonight. But. I don't know it's like a piece of the first time ever saw you and I. I don't know how I went through life. Like. Thinking and you something about this community as long as they did it out. Being exposed to you and I went to you death cab plated the crocodile. Leon it was like three years ago. In the it's news units when he fifth tee between fifteen yeah yet and I went to that show and it showed up early and you're on stage all by yourself. Sounds like why is this is amazing. And then then they come Allah. And then get words like how about say hi I have Baghdad as a new band system microphone and the truth and outlet. That there is so good. That Adam. I'm really glad you're there and out. That was one of the more exciting. Moments of my life. However I really really love that band and there there there very very sweet and canyon a few shows. And that to me to Australia for a couple weeks that it's open for them and he was. It was like investing in the world. Just. Like great guys there are many on the they just seem like green eyes of their their wonderful and they're all they're all super super Smart and super super funny and they have. Holiday decree was really really wonderful and running nice and for example women to Australia. They decide in that didn't mean to their touring party and from the Thomas stepped off the plane into the time I got back on the plane they just. Took care Armenia and it was it was amazing and fun and week of food and talk about that jokes and and they're awesome that's trip like the best sounds to me to come next time you have. That they do that that's Ellis fishing so thank you well if people are you know in this situation I was a couple of years ago and. Wondering you know what we're talking about let's play it's a hunger Nickelodeon yeah and yeah I wanna play. Creases of the night but for united here too because that's like. One of my favorite songs came out here is above us all three spew this is. From saint time which you can now get there's still some vinyl available right. Yeah actually I'll all the records or so ago while people's bigoted dive into the back catalog. Com. Teams that. Yeah. Guy yeah. I want to. On its. Pain pills. Constantly. When he. The stimulus. Yeah. You goose I. Am where is the time. That's that's already 946 since changed its fleeting we're about to have to get out of here as the last Emma bull. On air I hope we talk again like you man who I like you to elect. You know. Every on the regular lucky here with the guess after I can kind of collecting your friends and you know I hope you leave your confidence and I do absolutely I do feel the same way and less and honesty say anything really offensive it's mean they'll. And 10 o'clock Malone. We're in the friends forever this is. Perfect. So you know we've been doing. Deep in all things world distract and there your honor. You know of their opportunities for people to do that. You know more than just hearing it on the show and you know seeing the villas. On YouTube others I mean what are the opportunities to people have to get this poll where will district experience share. Share the single is out there it lives up there are so so there's there's a medium page from where there's all of this. Long form. Immunize minutes fiction by. You know you can pretend that it's real and it's the whole story of this guy where you know and his job. At the electronics store and the world distracts rap career and then. The world to strive sort of refuses to play. While the rules of being in a band so has a FaceBook page where instead of posting actual reviews it just makes up. Reviews like your posts. Magazine covers where it might gives itself up it's for temple and are Rolling Stone. Five stars and it. And then. And insert Graham. It. Posts on these pictures of imaginary friends that and pretends like it's Israel it's it's real friends. And then. The Twitter pages sort of just observations about humanity from that is that there's there's there's a lot and some of them. There also have have very evolving in some of them are more complete than others but hopefully as time goes by. The world to strive we'll keep contributing to all of them on and it's people have the opportunity to. Really experience the world distress personality from different angles and I think that there's a lot of volume and especially in this car and Andrew in the world that. We occupying. It's cool I mean think you think a disk drive Centene described is doing a very simple thing but it's not it's it's that that the complicated. It's a complicated creature. News. Just just to remind people you can go and negate. Well visit self titled world disk drive will just drive. Where the album's called world this drive its on the record label world the next drive and if you'd like to complete the vortex the first song on the record is called where we'll just. And I think that. You know I mentioned it him four times the ninth I'm trying T dial in all my favorite stuff from 2000 and team and this thing like. This is so this is this is definitely up lately it's great it's a ton of fun. And it's like I'm drive and sometimes that was to be I can't I get into it. And I can offend you by. Now ranked Altria I am running and some some some videos and yet we India packets and packets and sing along. And just another people can go into accounts I've stuff into the vinyl they answered everywhere people in music. Yeah it's not all everything is on Dan campaign and Spotify and whatnot and the registry and the so. Did the first four records. Are now on vinyl and it's the first and only pressing and it's doing stock. And in the fifth record was out of print for a while and that's now back on violent. If you ordered it I literally box and up and ship it out hue within a game so authority to. That's pretty good that's better than my eBay terror attack. And then real quick I wanna make sure that we get one more. We're off to strand and one more says hi track in the for united here ten. Is there the possibility. And I hate to put you on the spot but I love to put you on the spot. That we may see a shows some time where perhaps the world to strand joins forces with say high. I knew we did or or a line where rules distract show in in any. We're Cassidy. I'm still discussing that with the world this strive to be the the logistics are kind of complicated. Because of the fact that it's just to do is trying to buy them. Where where where can I not much of a live presents the rain today pet currently there are no plans but. You know did describe the world to strive changes its mind on a whim and centralized so Lucy you know has been in my own them for. People. We. I. All right good was moved and is in good. Nice product and I was wrong causes he I did was on the farm 'cause it's. The mile. And maybe there's informal drinkable and as mobile phone sales and they're sacked him no good just utter ignorance of those machines are so that different kinds of robot arm. Yeah. I. I've been postponed drew since you guys how are you anxious to make me who are there things that I do his momentum thought. She's speaks out like this. Obviously it's forced out into the G experiments. Music is the most startling concept goes the machines they shouldn't and about a dozen current and. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. And Kaymer yeah. Yeah. Thanks. So yeah. Well that was our interview with werewolf to strive we just music world distract and say hi I hope you liked it if he did his subscribe. We went a little longer form this week because we're gonna be off the next couple weeks for the holidays and we back into it as an eighteen. With more great music from the Pacific northwest til that happy holidays be safe and as always thank you for listening.