Episode 6: Best of 2017 with Branden from the Internet

Wednesday, January 10th

Host Steven Graham and editor Branden Griffith sat down to gush over some of the best music to come out of Seattle in 2017. 

Artists we feature this episode:

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OK so here's the deal. Read for Christmas Branyan from the Internet 9% to we going to get together and recording podcast replays over favorite. Local music from 2017. So this won't either typical locals only podcast. Where I interviews a local artist and we played some of their songs. Brand and I are basically just going to. Gosh are things that we really loved in 2017. And then play them. And we've got to more than you loaded appear Korea. And we went on and on for awhile about a bunch of nonsense before we actually get to talking about music so I was human drop us in. Ray when brand actually decide to start talking about the reason wrong here which is the locals only podcast brought Cuba won a 77 and the best. Vocal music in the Pacific northwest so here are a brand from the area and myself. Talking about small music. I hope you enjoy. I admitted say we haven't talked about music yes what are we doing here OK so this is. It's the cut at all that and basically it's the end of Tony seventeen and I want in its view. Something where you know we've been doing this part to a little bit and I think we have five episodes in 2017 we had some good ones and I was doing it a wrap up year end lists and its that you may media and and the the ID is doing a podcast went along with a where you know we highlight the handful of our favorite songs that came out this year. I think. There's something me to be a lot of fun in the living is there are some now are there were some songs that came out that want on my team EP year however something. And I wanted to get into that and like from this from another point on a couple of great songs that really aren't affiliated with a full project yet. And I imagine those things will be out you know as pride is something come out in 2018 but maybe not I don't know those guys you know they make up the rules they go and there are always winning so. I feel let's just. Maybe new receipt dated the F a trash can yesterday. Which and outing Phyllis has Miguel. But there are a lot of really great stuff and I thought this would be fun to hang out of brain and for a little bit bring from the inner thought and talk about how. My friendship with ban it and while they're removed to see yeah at all. And how do you tell me that your wife thinks I have a great voice yet. Not presenting is Goodyear I think for. Local music I think that you and I kind of between the Brett of both of our interest says as far as music goes I think that. There's a lot of good stuff this year and we haven't gotten to talk about all of that. It's hard because you know on the radio show. On Sunday nights at 8 PM in Seattle plug blossoms and on the radio show we deals. I don't get the opportunity to elect really long form on things that I love. Especially you know you'd guests come in just every Sunday and it really let them kind of talk about you know their work the things that there into around Seattle. Which is great thing is important but. You know sometimes they just have to have more thoughts about something of the times Sherron. I it's necessary that I get the platform for loudly here we are at. So I was thinking Iran. Well actually I sale of that but I kind of got to be fun to start with something that it. You know I keep kind of forgetting about it but it's something you really love the stand among authors the and Alan this year and I don't feel like these guys get enough love and I say that is somebody who. You know it kind of shameful lead. Let them keep dropping off my radar. And you keep a hate don't forget about this and he you know don't forget. And who's yeah how did I forget that because it is really really committed and I don't think enough people around Seattle are talking about them and that's why I'm like. Really glad that I get you to kind of and then remember Lisk does but it's is important has agreed yet and assure. It was about. That album as a whole that. IA kept coming back to. Throughout the last year since he came out and I just keep fan myself kind of deep fault and that. As well as the note Anderson albums of the government's new fall backs it when I'm like our morals of the summit oral listen to something new and I want elicit something local government code to. And I would say that imitation house I believe is the name album. Comets at least name a single bad apple I'll miss them if I keep coming back to really diverse thoughts of coal. Effects and things that they do I don't know what it is ambit. It's cool have a little kind of post rock. Type sound coming out of Seattle. Yeah in the it reminds me and I think crisis by every time we talked about it but it's got cabinet and explosions guy and I kept and which I love. And it's some of the songs are very long. On the album. That's fine because I find myself in situations aren't like them listening to it I'm sometimes it's like if I'm working home and listening to an even if I'm driving car. I find myself like. They don't really want this to answer. Fine which is kind of how one of the reasons I love LCD sound system. It is you know all their songs that are sixth. Eleven minutes or something. You can junior forward John nastiest stuff right to songs that totally 24 minutes yet leaving LA Italy in nineteen minutes yeah yeah and so it's like. You know the the ideas of hey maybe this isn't exactly uses you know the best thing for the radio because it's. A little moral it's a little longer than what people are price used to hearing on the radio I'm also sort of reminder. You know maybe you don't need to make things that are just you know sound like the race for the radio meet the thing you'd think he's committed to the thing you wanna make. And if it's didn't like we should still find a way. You Rhode Island laden suitcases and similar songs and it feels like they have movements too as well so it's almost like you got three songs in ones I think which it. Definitely be beat. Talking about them all the more blue have like a band on the run at address keeps changing the act of love that he's going to reference wings. It did today. All right so let's play let's play imitation howls from on authors and will be back in just many here. And then attacked bounce more stuff that brain and I love this annual my turn next why is this might turn as well because I didn't love it's. You just camera. Which I appreciate think for them and if so. And. Can. Yeah. I. And. Cannot she when I. Mean. This. This. She use her. We can change and own. Okay. A I mean. Very. I. Eden. And the. It's an. And I. That was among authors with their single imitation house off of on the album I am to come. From 2017. Really mean. Really underrated in a way and it's doesn't make sense to me yeah it does make sense to them either. I I knew I was telling you earlier I think often like that says Joseph and Indies and I want to you. Well I love the album he put up this year's call I am origami. Part one the universal side. And he's got like four or five albums as part of this thing in coming out. John. In case people don't know John Indies and was singer below the forestry Pacific northwest Dan for a lot of years that. Hung it up. I don't know maybe two and three years ago and which is very sad but it ran after that John network on. All of the solo projects and he's doubt one it's actually just put out. An album this week of like prayers and hymns is the disease. That is part of the project and is this like Cain like this is different and stuff and I think that there group of people who'll really care and the like this is important for me to put out like that's awesome and make the step you make room like let it find its audience that's perfect. But. I'm Morgan report one and I was just like. Start to finish full of great pop music and I just absolutely loved it so I called him on the way here it is. Any time we put a song in the podcast are going to release. From artists saying yes you can use this in and format that can be downloaded. Bring in business. To make this story makes and I'll just call him all the time. I was trying to permission to be able to do this. And he can answer that. Right after I left him a super long and advice mail he send you this Texas says hey man sorry can't pick up at work selling Pokemon and magically gather. Which is greatest actors that are received for anybody in any band. So I am just concede that the screen shot that and that's basically he you know John Indies in his seventh. Being in his regular day to day life involves him. I don't know if he was truly like an elementary schoolteacher and it's like selling Pokemon and magic on the black market under this rule like recess CR yeah yeah and it's. Your wants money. Now I think if you want to who lies way drag I don't know I think he's like ya know Jones and the chorus and I think I'm assuming he works in some sort of comic book relies too much. Card store or something that's awesome assembly he did. But could do it well using its on site used to run this venue and Everett. Called the cannery RT. And Joseph on the inducing came in played missiles that ran after the announcement came down the the only force was Nomar and when he came in. We didn't really talk too much and attention a little bit late and and he was getting ready in that he can use. I think you know in person earlier X form. And it's a gesture. And I know McCain never talked to stand for no real. Point of reference for John and Susan what he's into and as a walking away to grow into the printer use it says the song is called dot Ketchum ball. As like okay coolness or walking and stopped turned and looked at him he has yeah. The that localized zones and hot and poke in my time. I just liked. All right so weird night and John Indies and cover bookmarking so I'm sensing a theme with and that she gave BD. Said. Music yeah well I mean. I don't know how much that trans transfers over into you know all of John's in Susan's arts. It turns out if you rearrange all of the letters and all of the track titles at all 151 original month. That's got that there's going to be I'll be right back I don't method I. Yeah we need to get a double check this map for patients except. Oh man we're all over the place that the locals podcasts is we don't lead to long form yet but here is John Indies in song the bitter. And which I think is my main heavy favorite track from I am origami part one. There are like you pick any song from this and even make sense 'cause they're all really really dude. And you should people go by it's it's fantastic and keep it out for more stuff from James and John Hindus and he sent me some demos from LP three. And it already sounds really really did that. Snyder ahead of ourselves this is the bitter end. Next I didn't see something that's. They're differ from a lot of stuff we play. On locals only. And I found out about it. From I had local journalist who writes for whole bunch of people he has Syrian man and his name is. And which I had asked him like three times if I'm saying his last name. He came in hung out on the locals only a few months back. And he sent me a list of staff he wanted to play and I'll listen to news does nothing but. Street heaters slick stuff that I it was who's come off my radar and like. Since mirror band black tones and some a bunch of really great stuff but this one particular artist. Jurists like. It just sounded. Different than anything playing right now and is Taylor Elizabeth. And as I say that in the wave it I would imagine it's said that it's spelled. Now they are and who was with. Disease doubles these. But the so maybe I'm saying maybe it's Taylor are you a list that that. And after listening to this the song he sent me I just flick went all the way and I'm now her fresh cut flowers Tzipi. I was like man this is really really do it means they're playing that's all the time. And I think I send it to you right way and Europe response Louis it was same. Yet yet there is this is one of one of the things today and one of those kind of stall warts that kept coming back to a year. Really good front to back. You know it's like five songs I league in hand. You know for an EP. Five songs along the man it's really really suitable I'll listen to lauded him. They care yeah I really kept me hooked too because it's like each song like you don't want change. The track use there's like and next on like. Play through man answers do and she's a great follow on Twitter she's here. Seattle area yeah yeah strong opinions dissident. And that's that's great strong opinions and it really strong EPA's so I don't know that I had to force he's gotten us I think Davos at 28 he's going to be pretty big guy and I think you know you'd ask him to make a list of artists that I think you're gonna break out like local artists that mean in a breakdown between eighteen and she's on there. It is it's just the leveled the work is really high and I think it's. I just see her getting a lot of hands. Like kind of all over the place that seems like his hustle and yet so let's play let's put storm. From the fresh cut. And you like this I highly recommend you don't know it's on sound cloud on street by finding other places like iTunes something. Highly recommend doing picking up opening of its very cute. And it's just a very fresh sound. For Seattle I think right now. Oh. Yeah and. It's. Yeah. You mean yeah. Ourselves and you. Emotionally. Yeah. Yeah. She may meet in the hell yeah. You have a nice. Who knew and fatigue and yeah. Yeah. You know any. I mean child and Harry is okay. I mean okay. And you're reading and you are. I didn't mean. Yeah. News isn't news it's. It. Yeah really who police and I think she. And. Sure it children and she actually. Yeah. And pieces and for me. Talks. He was standing there recently in my. Yeah. Clarence her hands ahead every yeah every every night. It's time. Women's. She's never truly means she won't know for sure it's. Generally decent non Jewish yeah. Where are. Where you. Oh. Where do. News. Claire you. And. Smiling. You McCain. Larry you. Malaria. In times. Am I here. Hearing news. Being my. That was Taylor Elizabeth. With storm from her fresh cut flowers Tzipi another one of our favorite things that came out in 2017. Out of the Pacific northwest. And I wanna see you talk about a band that. I've talked about so much this year but still doesn't seem like it's enough and everybody is talking about them and still feels like. More people need to be talking about New York. They put out an album that. I just it it's is packed with incomes they wrote that further the wrap up for tourism and team might. IA seeing all these songs. Night. All the time when I'm at. Sing songs out while I'm driving a promising to only I just can't not it's sincerely is just such a great record and then they came back. And then I boom here's a holiday album reflects some rework schism originals curse like some holiday classics but also like here's some originals and and is a slick. A huge really fun year for two New York. I think Tony irked when he seventeen was massive for them they put out sincerely. They opened for Weezer that shall box that's a high on the date they had their record released atop sue we which has a lot of fine but. And it will stop their perspective. So when they came into the radio issue so. I don't know like 45 days before their record release chops. At the time. The station was in the middle of a move right and so we have all these boxes of things going around and there's a room full of CDs. And there is a box of CD's of olden. Like sampler is from the mountain. Back in the mountains a stationary. And yes our opinion did you miss them. And there are there were there's a box of all is in bad things like Dave Matthews and I imagine accounting chronicler of and that is the matchbox Tawny and possibly some Blues Traveler. And they grabbed this whole box. And base and we wanna really take this with a smells like what ever for Anderson we're gonna we're gonna take him and give Milan are. I can release party and housing that is made any sense at all and then I wasn't there you were there. I was area we're standing in the front row. Me in my friend who he's a big Weezer fans on the and you like New York so we show up that at this show and we're seeing there. The last song they're just GM and manager's and it's crushing it. He walks Peter walks off backstage comes out this massive box. Everybody's clambering to think that they think that is a new. CDs and dumping the box all over chops to meet. In everybody's like clamoring to get these things there had been this box is largely it was a hundred at least a little under there were probably 250 in that thing and people people are like finally like they're grabbing and Graham Ingraham in them. And I don't think a lot of people know with a cover it looks like they're picking them up they're looking and they turn it around in their like Counting Crows Dave Matthews Jack Johnson match boxed won me. Sheryl Crow opinion don't sleep on Jack Johnson and I eight you know he put out new music last week it's a deal yet on us and we'll talk about the different podcasts anyway it was a it was a incredible joke. That. You can watch people's faces dope from like excited. Too confused. Till like may be disappointed to them like some of a certain population of them like we act too excited to be half. And Ellis Steven and I was he with you on the radio show that nice I didn't know that they had like but as soon as I picked up one of the CDs I would like. Well minority office I know exactly what happened and I was able to put two and two together they'll assume funny and speaking of these guys being awesome having a great year and messing up. Things in our office now just the other night we had our holiday. Christmas party. That. You did not come you know I felt Cal's ball and you'll little under the weather in the past have been in my Housley in and to hampering that everybody else yeah well. You missed out. Because and I found out that day I saw the tweets the next day I was not pleased do York ended up playing her only Christmas party which was. Is amazing music is a gray is a great surprise and you know how write a lot yes. You are sometimes the setting you know might not be quite right for bands to to be. Bring in it now they brought it I mean it was a Tuesday it was stripped down but after putting avenue Christmas album couple weeks ago they came they played a few hits up the sincerely. Pretty much the big songs off that album and then they came and played a bunch of their new Christmas tracks and a man those guys are so funny and so nice and for being in such a setting where you're not playing a packed out club and you're not you know I mean like they came in they brought it they put their heart into it. The music was good for the those of us that words that were sitting there and and eating your food and drinking ordering something that's and they got. They you know they just amber and out of it they got some. Snacks so. I was deny is cool. There's a big year for them capped it off with that great and her com parties and. As we record this hardly are treated earlier today Seattle here is where and when you can catch Steve York caroling tomorrow yes they are gonna go Christmas caroling around C knowing. Around Seattle they're going to be starting a lie in the attic they're going to sub pop at the sea tac airport easy street. And in socked him. Genius via their car just genius. It's a good man they're good people too they end not to mention equated this year's summer camp so the literally everywhere for a us right now and I don't think I've ever ask them now now. And that's a good thing that low about it and I played worse on that. I do love the peel back and forth between you know he singing. And clear singing and it it helps now there's some bands where they have different singers sometimes it's like. No I don't really like I like this thing or this other thing and I wish that the whole. Feeling like it's disjointed column as the flow right. It that's not how I feel of New York. It's just a really nicely just keeps brash and it's people have sort of their own thing and it's but it's funny any similar Wayne a similar enough awaits you where. It makes sense in this is always teach New York. So and you'll. But you know I said that the song picked as one clears things it's it's called tonight and it's my neighbors off of the album. Which you know. Again in another we can pick any song. You can make the case for us yes it is yes it's fantastic so let's do it tonight from. I had at number three up after ranking. I had them as my third favorite album of the year but it's like. Was a lot for Seattle music but when I was writing it I think I even wrote the end of my little lecture about the alum way it was just my favorite album of the year. Can they do you kind of feel that way now. The damn this is actually maybe the best thing came here use this is to New York. Management course. That was tonight from two York's albums sincerely and another one of our favorite to releases from 2017. From the creator Seattle area. And another thing that we. Both agree on Brandt both. I think were really loving this year was known Anderson's alum white noise. Feel like no and we we kind of joked about this a little bit when he was here. Like the guy trainer Reade I see we been immune Brandon. The guy can reinvents himself. With each album seems like a little bit and not just the way it sounds which white noise definitely sounded more progressive than anything he's put out before Berkshire and it's definitely immoral like Iraq and allow them but it also is still liked. It's like beautiful like psychedelic beautiful like I'm that cocaine sex and alcohol or. Which I still I felt like she answered the question when he was here and asked him what that song was about that after as the likely he really did he like politician me. Yet he's a real let you decide what that means I Diaz about an night in LA. Yeah well okay all right good. And I think actually asked him if it was about an right now land that he didn't. I still don't know that he really can't go back and checked the report it I'm not sure he did not getting firm organized but. He he looks like he changes almost the way he looks at the Allan Selig right now he's in his like long hair. Sort of like pirate facial hair thing which. Is it does look like it's cool. But Lisa the first two times SI know understand I think as a college for an address block DA that is long dreadlocks and guys like senior songwriter him in an acoustic in and it's on. Over. L core zone and he played Mexico I think there in in news with. These big winners yet I was with his family which a lot of this stuff is the and then you know and and I saw short hair no authorities on moisture and obviously. Beattie days and I clean kind ran all American boy and I'll say I'll say that this iteration. Known Anderson music and note Anderson here. So far is is definitely contending with with with summit there yeah it's hard to say I really like the courage. Like a lot of separated back then I was kind of what I. A coming through the college years that. I really dig white noise a whole lot yet if there is solid album. Luther it is yes it's it's one it's like. It's kind of an Odyssey and practiced sonic lately the different. Directions it takes you but it. All the ways it's like it's a very strong very coherent in front of package you can kind of follow a track through it feels like flows really well. I think he's got more in the works for the new year and I'm excited that it seems like he's going through a really cool days as I think I'm not sure how old Noah is I think he's younger than mean. I. I feel like he's still in his maybe mid to late when he is I'm not really sure. And he's put out a ton of contact already acted draining bugle and and I feel like the easily angered you know agree compliment. We have not seen the best of knowing Anderson and I say yeah I think that's a a compliment because. Everything he has done his decree and you know I think a lot of people would love to. Create the times that he's stealing and yes I just think that he's got more like right after Disney who's gonna go deeper it is in Macon music's like sixteen. Yes and let me on this when he now let's see that he's been making music for a long time and he's still young. I think these Adam I think if he keeps arteries going they'll be quite prolific you know over the next some would argue he already has been right. Yeah I think. The Vanilla Gunderson popularity. And not just around here like worldwide diskette tumors as it's something Jim Jones and his music that just ended John ankle pain right good old. But that's just that's like he's live in and users out there and people love it and I wonder how much of that. He does some love from sons there to the debate. Via with you know huge. Cultural event a lot of people of this and he channel bought songs on there. And new computer you gotta do an extra people yours stuff now he looks like he could be on yeah now he looks like he might be in the gang it's in the biker game mixes. I didn't say that in the news here no but I should have yet. Noah you're listening and it went well I don't point Jesse to me an apartment with someone else would do you look like somebody you don't do it. Which when I saw you Adobe didn't look like some initiative and are thicker and a let's let's do the sound. Which is the first single off the Allen it's one matters is off the album this is out from knowing Anderson's outweigh. No and switch and let me plug this if you wanna see a great exclusive performance needed thrust. I it was a Nassau. Anyway USA agree exclusive. Performance. Bring your camera out he had been noted for us when he was in studio go to one sentence in the N dot com. You can find it on there and listen to some really cool music. That was the sound by note understand from his 27 in album white noise. We've just been listening to Steven and I am I'm Brenda from Internet talk about some of our favorite Seattle music from 2017. Just it to talk about a few of our favorite songs from the year if you wanna see the full list of our favorite music at Stephen ranked. You can go check in on one sentence in the N dot com will include a link to that list in net podcast description. As well as links to some of the other things it was talked about videos and just links and songs in and things that you can follow up. And I do wanna say. There already some amendments to that list coming. Because. The days we put that list out. Two fantastic. New albums came out from the Pacific northwest from Seattle. Special explosion. Who I saw open for having kind of the crocodile like 45 years ago or something and they were very young men and I haven't heard anything out nonsense never seen them line and going holy smokes is screen. And the haulers. Just released their debut full length. And it is so gay and I've been listening to April while he's and Timmy and as he allowed me to use drops in songs on the radio show every now and interpreted. And these are things that must be talked about how many trying to ball bands on this podcasters in so we can get deeper. And talked about but they would have been right in there and everything else also. I just found out that prom queen put out an album in September then it. I can't believe I missed it's so good and she covered November rain which what they organs and signs. Ball they go and we will include a link to all of those things as well. On that list. My number one favorite I have to pick and rank them was too tall those. And I just fantastic problem keepers which everything about it was perfect the album was Cree it sounded. Amazingly from start to finish every song seems better than the last like it starts out with some. Like pop may keep dance just straight batters and then goes to you. Like the songwriting gets deeper and just keeps getting batters you go all the way to the very last song which is why wanna play. And even the marketing campaign promise things you need this hilarious video where he went around and interviewed people which you can see. I imagine we we have an on one sentence and the and a positive. Where he goes around inputs had zones on strangers around Seattle and plays down his album and they you know this is terrible. Because it's not really has our own is fine form but it's hilarious and perfectly did but then. I'm gonna get error on the show notes and I wanna get him on the radio issues sand and and pat him on this podcast. As I have a lot every time I think about the got a lot more questions forum about his music in the way he does things he's very thoughtful deliberate. And it all comes out in. This album and how he released it and through these showed he did which was not a typical thing you'd like a prom night. Is very very cool he's he's agreed but. This is this is it bizarre rap on 2017. And I already have a list in my mind doing it all the things and excited foreign 2018. And I imagine we'll be talking about most of those things we do this again a year from CN next here this is America good night. From the tall as album keepers. This can't. That is it for the locals only podcast thanks for sticking with a slew and a little long form this time. Firm best of twin seventeen some of the stuff that brand and I loved. And if you like the podcast. Click subscribe. And will be back next week with more of the best music in the Pacific northwest and I've got Eric from silver torches it's going to be on the show so definitely check that out we'll be talking about everything. His new record. Let it be featuring him on a more locals only the Seattle music podcast brought Cuba won a 77 Ian.