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The schools time. Gloria lorries truck in England China. Well bad that's when things go talk to him. On my acting on its us offices and to protect the football fight I'm obsessed. The English English stuff like the difference between American and and English motherland proper yeah. I don't realize the and watch a lot of English soccer stuff I don't know anything about the championship at the lower divisions and there's all these teams that are called unity cup is going and stuff that those teams that never wish him wondering is yet exactly. There's all this team and there's all this like. It is definitely two sides something Scheyer went dairy queen Scheyer and Nevada. So help me understand the difference between small town owns and shy Ayers and like. What's the meaning differences between all these places like some hormonal Hobbits live and just look at Metallica figured out though that's New Zealand business right. For the film but think as opposed to being. And don't dish to the illusion. Hello nice to be backed by the way are good good this is this is fun none of that would kicking off. Straight into an English lesson there. Have a duel of the way and well absolutely so I mean how long have you cults. Shy is towns villages. And hamlets. CT's column abrasions. Oh with the last war and I'll speak to somebody the other daily use this for a east as well and cultivation. Derived I think from an from a good called the patient. It just basically means an area a group of people and stuff. If I'm being really technical problems is fascinated so hamlets. You've probably go. The soaps Ireland's two million. Just talking about how hamlets. Not cheap from eagle pack in the 1516100. Souls. Which a little too willing to people who horse drawn carriages and stuff it's not like a miniature Hamlet cup little pig or something all they had a was Tom on the matter of the town was a panic pence hamlets. Did you Josh Jameer now Phil or some. The team champion didn't become. How Ripa poll from animal farm by Joseph draw well how how many places to you know run by aches or animals I mean I know who. Only one example like India but that's from ancient Roman. Times with a truly do love making his horse a senator so. We know we are getting deep I have precedents that Canada. I'll from my stupidity and so anyway he did how much these days but it's tiny hill places where about five houses. Then there are villages. Which were erased and if in the countryside you know. Probably about 5000 people a small little place. Chickpea you know technician chip shop and as a Chinese. Has a chip which you can't say it has a Chinese that the that's racist but what's that it has a Chinese person. The relay if you could. The Chinese food in England. Like it is in America as it's similar but I'm going to get Chinese after the us exactly yet it is it's pretty much the same and we go to a Chinese after the such it's. Yeah that Egan young have a Chinese now. It was of the Chinese person to think that Rambus blitzer was like a guy named Jack Nicklaus it's the class of an advocate any easier you're absolutely right in my village Rory says David England. In a Shia which locomotive in the minute we visited villagers Shire it's a village in a shot at the moment this is why it's gonna take forever we haven't got time on his buddies I would still listening yes glory is still there hello and gave. But the guy who ran out Chinese restaurant rotate to it was in the restaurant just little Chinese totaled takeaway for. How the most ruled local taxing going to look at him he just he looked descendant of Chinese people. Obviously I don't know what generation Chinese he was maybe second of but he only Tommy gun when you heard noted that will be cool day youth because you front of deflation bulletin. And it I. Oh. Golan saying get cuts they don't. A cat like this plays yeah right else eight. Odd joke I'll see if fifteen minutes. And then you get then you think you will be. Like an old guy with a flat cap and graying beard looking very Anglo Saxon one I sort of closed up and it was shiny and studied. Who looks just like he was going to get him on the show Shanghai particularly these recommend is brilliant plays more visual because to look at it you would not think that acts it will blow sent. So we can't very well well we sort of an advantage but there are towns I was brought up an attack on. Which is kind of a midsize placed Taliban to the question though is the Chinese food similar is it like I won't dance and did I mean that's like rotary said that sometimes I've maybe I just wasn't listening about that it's from the so it's flexible like the same Mike. That or you fattening ultimately is still live Mona sodium glutamate and UNAIDS did issue a sleep so much. Cashew chicken in just minutes. Yes I passed so that is is all said the same as in the UK where you order it out city shed light of that. He leads the colts and what of and then off they dockers at west. And and often our legs a young great yeah sure sure that's just the way and it's it's announced chemistry could be guys. Asthma medicines like come on up so lose. Yet towns CF. Mid sized places does that seats he's now this is the state England think you know to be a sixty. You have to how the cathedral. Whoa so what we know church. But kept the true so religion a big part of written to the cathedral just be like. Your house right there were discolored. Fletcher cathedral will seeing is my house is massive with a yes for expires on it and add and a couple of Ding Dong church files of the briefly 200 feet up yet that loan aspire like you're north and northeast spire of the bestseller in spies that so what then we're back it was speaks our style lies and that's particularly at least a so you listen I want to show or any Sharia is and encompassing area like states. Because basically county may be so it's we have counties as well the counties all shines. Us and he's still with me yes we are all county signers of the defies tonight use them interchangeably will know BK is like where I would rice today it was Davos. Don't be shy OK willow grove was less to shine it up let's new lows not seen him Shia and it'll come to China but we called she is when you talk by six. The team shot or just to Cheryl Lincoln shot but then there are other counties which on shows like some six. Or celery a sort of both of them which in near London and a and the took a Trevor cook county's full yet they all counties bit NO shyness is today I shot into the ninth. This is complicated I can't believe we've spent ten minutes talking about this at the beginning of a sensational second yet I sort of can't believe that that's the. But the best part. Other thing about this for a long time you tell if you're away and I was like him and I need to know what this is when I was about to like wait for you to respond on FaceBook or something boring yeah I would never bulletin tonight these is more well. Stretched out and much over the course of ten minutes when you go to yet not to click a simple sentence where you looked just copy and paste Wikipedia and and after Reid that's for the world to enjoy now. So you've got to cover the first of all. Ross is also a urine Seattle another podcast that I host so this is kind of like two polyps in one week pretty cool yeah a lot of background from you but. From half the people will be two. Uninspired. Only cure your home here to to actually go find the other one thanks so it's me really put the take it enough I get the radio in the via okay. But you were covering another Olympic Games. The time in the winter yes this time in some country where they make too much but it. Victory Norway says this is due to the chief Winter Olympics okay. Yeah you know way when you duties. This is going very content. Jack I just hope my friend from two and a half weeks in Norway. Which is an absolute delight well I have a few questions for you about it because they don't have shies. A spot counties cities and counties. Feel good again for fifth at some ice all on your work your way back Q were previous such an airport somewhere or something and you at some American food. Yeah and so two part question one. What was the Republican Norway. And two what's it like coming back to America and like seeing what we're used to here. Moved due in reverse sort of McCain is being Europe's two and a half weeks the game Easter says in time cousy. Switzerland is always always visual you should expect yet and it's. Was still a little bit medieval. So kind of hunks of wild board that you just rip off a bye gesture but like Jerry King what land animal on Slaton just grab a hunk exactly cool so. I came everywhere and universal and he gets in no way. Which he's very European and not parts of the European Union in Europe though in Europe but Scandinavian Northern Europe. I very well developed economy society. Free healthcare free schooling free for higher education. Everything's free but it's because the very wealthiest country. At the same time team it means the cost of living ridiculously high to pay a lot of taxes and think yeah yeah that's yet so news. IE it was predominantly and it's hound who live M and a news friends of an epic show will blow. About it because it says little town how the 1994. Which were Olympics. And it's 25000. People trio was north of vols led the capital. And unassuming pretty Steve town there gorgeous place but because it was small. They're really run that many cuisine options there was and there wasn't a Chinese. I didn't see Chinese. To actually did Tippett will not snow chip piece of it up lovely fish and chips in a very English style pop. Data show I mean you'll look to Norway touting the style fees does being with us. Blocks up. Located super. Both games will the main deal that second. Pizza I think you should put Scheyer at the index is just there's of the a Mecca that's just goes to the way that it was people's labor Earl is like mixed me so happy when he next saw the franchise. Our version. Due nailed it that can be I think either with indexing via the window at what went on to burnish. It's Kuroda please refer but the amazing yeah done already I Kuala mobile dog that needs some seed capital. For the bonds the seats in the bones that passed so produce. It was drag his impedes it was a devastating. Because to me in this lovely Norwegian slew filled Tanya I think to get. Some local delicacies and what that you know. Blow that one delicacy like did Havel the local cuisine up a couple of actually because. But it's also the capital for a couple of days the hos pipe skiing snowboarding competitions Gaza and that super pipe. When the the X games it just in that contested. And that's a lovely fish that big to fish obviously you treat what a deal. They knew what he'll. And due June of cool so I did doles out why of course not that's terrible just. All full fool to say that you word that you will what would it taste like who's yet. The lover ex I think you'll put a Chinese and it's GT shame. The duties this would just the fact all the way through it was a ticket prior. To me and yeah and robbery robbery of a sudden if you if you leaving a couple of mistakes you know we do you like everyone always liked the fatty part of mistaken I'm still fighter little accounts that I'm cutting that out early efforts a whale that's. Yeah awful death or that it won't that it is really how we ship cupcake. Say it Catholic to be that like at that closely yet have an even shucks moment we have a little player ram and it. And I can't quite TV it's in my Norwegian friend and I told me. Contrast that sick. Outs of this sick call K. I'm Hispanic so the difference of the weight pronouncing a menace about all the ouija west says she cupcake is like ten EJ a hootie. XY eight. K am G Taco Bell in there somewhere and yet but I am much and I was meat balls are cram bristles I think the whole militant I have to go I know it's a different country but I have to gonna like you have now and they're stupid meatballs. But it did detonate this it's fine. The middle pretty could be in people there Susan they have IKEA Norway Jolie doing yet has an Avis and engaged him. It's very homogenous and in that regard in the know he suite in the course. As fans are weird bunch I feel like Greta Formula One drugs Oman yep and really boring story fully just what do it. We were doing interviews with the athletes at this is the yeast Winter Olympics I. Fifteen to eighteen year olds the next generation of Stalin's gesture and actually would it be winter sports of some of the cool kids' sports like slate style and off but. They were already the stars of now like Khloe Kim he's when X games go to Aspen and could go to the Olympic Games at thirteen issues apparently too young for Sochi as she would app counts and it. But. The Finns with the and it in quite good number that we would do an athlete profiles. For worldwide distribution so those are my work was shown on NBC said in the US I have petition. It's pretty astonished. And so do we were trying to give the world flight because this is not just into the US can round the world. All of these famed god Gil speaking English is fins highly educated. Patents they use these looks good on on the slopes so we'll try and chat and and experts whose camp she's area forehead kiss me discuss these kids background yeast. Gymnastics he's back Yani had a trampoline he can't call it a one base always Francis Keith I'll try that became really good became a ski slate style that. And so when it's him said hey yeah. Last me a chance to inevitable chapped training is yeah I got a problem not problem. So feeders and we we shoot him for two hours on the mountain freezing cold wind up seeing right through me and my camera crew. And I'm all six of seven it was Pepsi freezing but we're waiting for the start to finish a Rico lawsuit ready to training footage of something cute okay. This interview began to speak Dutch reform and some in his back story. It'll be easier on an English as a second or third language that. You knew just what how do you do you get started lovely young kids fifteen years old. And then all of a sudden we stand in front of two cameras. Me produce. Couple of assistance stunning of established amounted to try to make him a did he gets a bit stage for a it's. And it was like pulling. Teeth pulled guy not his fault he's sixty he's finished our blemish memoir my thought went to charter a keep him. So I did just tell us how trading laws. But it did say. That her and it. Sorry. Critiques it oh OK you were cool kid that's how we will speak. So that's pretty good looks pretty good finisher exactly so the so stick it to me why I was sick. Gold I landed on my rounds. Okay as an interviewer you're not thinking I've struck gold at this point I can exchanged exchanged so tell me how did you get involved in ski. Was when I was child I went the backyard and I practiced my child point nine. And then I see things skiing I think why not. OK. Anything else. Yeah I enjoy a lot and he. So what do you think about being at Ileana you but it did say that. A reserve sabres return for ya and it was the for about six or seven minutes I think I spoke for about five of them distracted. In Peoria twenty. Yeah pull Kate's got no idea why saw the story. But that was opposite confronted regularly Abbott. There are Formula One driver rivers finished and when he would be Jack hadn't noticed that like Mika RA Tuesday with Kimi Raikkonen oh yes and Kimi the horse and I like to me it was passed Muster watch Formula One but 2005 or six and that tells you what you he's fully able to pass is good to. Gonna do it's if Britney is sick. And at the post race they forced them to do interviews in English you have to do its part of the thing so your form of the wonder of it doesn't make English or trouble because it's like a requirement to. It anyway. If that is the comes couldn't intends to apply them to implement the content from an out of banana and there was no punctuation ever sent you a minute response was no brakes and it. One of the most asinine. English speaking of spoke performances ever of them what I'm doing currently and then on in Tucson Arizona the middle of the desert were. For like were European nurture the bevel whatever I would play clips of this guy it has portraits conference has been another big win for Kimi Raikkonen. So it was a small sect of people in Tucson who was canceled British station but love Formula One because I'd like this guy it's absolutely. You can put put to good tournament with a look at the content took a group whose truth of the can be proven to put spoke from the Pentagon on the -- that's sells its distinctive that's what I had to do that it's these things are still stir awake and then also who are so. All but we might not just physically but emotionally. Yeah Jerry Hardin. Except for Mika Hakkinen who is a very funny guy he's in his element I mean you throw enough millions of dollars at somebody and I think that come out of yourself. Probably area I have to balance this out by saying and so many decades he didn't speaking English as a first language and there industry's last baptism line. Ticket to swift's. Don't know what is about this way you you you are English and none have been practicing this for points along time. Give us your fourth season of English right now I feel like come that but this these Swiss kids excuse Suisse cut Cisco to really. A bubbly witness against 1516 years of age. I just incredible so easy. With that with the spoken English so I mean shamed into learning another language of ex deputy isn't a protester to wolf a brick to 125. Is the cut off point stopping any kind of new musical talent or language into your head and what's your forced to live somewhere. So basically is saying my life is over assignment. Oh to one not just by a vote on all the blood clot malevolent. Who already put my it my grandmother you know she moved here when she runs with fifty and it was like well good luck commission learned English but it was never like. Newton but he too sick with Britain sick and shut outs to Monaco for the abuse. So the other side of the walls Gannett that's the white walkers are okay and your game with Jones fan but no good no are doing so you know nailed it zero. Moving on to orchestra you RC after two weeks of covering so we put her sports including curling I hope that's fine that the best. They a couple of things account. Yeah that's just on TV and and Canada like I was up in Canada a few weekends ago that should have curly on TV preloaded with a Saturday it's like welcome back welcome cruel crude. Oh interpreter. Suddenly. But recovered from real people excited about it and that makes it that it also will yeah there's in nineteen. 98 maybe may be late. Midnight you can. Gold medal cutting that shouldn't wits against six million reasons. Stayed up to watch curling. Baltic it's that if this is a country sixty million people case I've got an idea that just came to me right now curling is sort of the river plate shuffle board at a bar isn't. It's sort of the like large scale shuffle board on ice where ya. Why don't we take curling. And why don't find a patch of ice big enough and play it cool. On ice will is there it is a curling rink in Seattle now north woods who enjoyed it we takes him pull bulls so no local ball and a and see if we can rent out delayed for now go to his typical recipient of the stones. Which probably invent our own billiards game on ice will Kennedy. Hum of foreign somebody looking at the source from ECS's got some time to get time for a lot of sports type an insane sport stuff like this self a join BCS this here is my first aired joint Obama foot so there today because of Hugo. That's two in the stadium announcer so I think we've seen snow for the game zone and I don't know I've been. My buddy Brian. Still hooked up that seat ticket I have a excellent for fun sake I have the best seat in the house. Pearl like being game fewer of soccer there are better seats action watch a soccer match happened. But in terms were right there where everything happened CAA intends to be able to really verbal abuse on the web you want on the field you have an ideal spot on the front row and now that person is going to be Brad Evans and accountable for a final ruling I've Bret I've gone back and forth for years now on the Internet and everything and so finally tracked him down as offense putts for Paul's Seattle humane it was awesome and reach the 151000 dollars for dog and cats hmmm. But he was there. And we've gone back and forth and I walked up and I'm like hello Brad I'm Greg and he goes. Gives it Gregg is with us Lauren is like Coolpix Comerica is over the start of the elect. Cool. Halt broken down I was like well didn't sell a militants and had a staff and Fries don't know what really weird you've got a dog there too was that the cute dog that in. Full rankles. Pennant in twenty minutes later something just clicked I think little brother happens to came over and was like so you're gonna go to public to present. To developer early right so out of it figured it out you issues and yeah. So from now on death did just registration drive over there at this. It's a joy ulyetza if he's playing center back this year and I'm sitting front row right there on the would be shot of Brad Evans toll brings New Jersey or something to shut me up. They did it's it's you'll mission and to keep tabs on this Connecticut Connecticut right watch so you hum to come back from the from. The land of the ice the other side of the walls or call and what did you find when he got back to America. Knowledge portion ask so I had that the shortest reits timing in Olympic history. I'm being sarcastic I can fix it which included six and a half thousand new mechanical Wear anything in I'm going there two weeks Jenny Jesse a luckily I needed. A half of age to get through there immigration. Is the linesman he basically went a very English she went from one lion to another line to another line please Q where Yahoo!'s Q over there and if finally if all hungry August and face. A look to the salads on often vote to sound like that in America yet but he gets Fries with that but he would be drinks. And and that getting a salad which is twice the size of my head to attract. I'm half and it arranged very randomly Ethel a black and of the Fries today. And they were about the size of my head a full army team three. Of my own head CA. Mean in salad and Fries it's still cheaper than Norway is still waiting for the no way wed everywhere it was verdict is huge bug adults and who was my favorite to. You you're in the hallway with a Spiegel weekly. Why is replaced cool dude Metallica I mean what is the I don't know but this thick exactly of why rib apparently quote it's mine and my sister Lisa. Who's a student. All the best birdies in Norway during gas stations but really little and and then American feed a supposed naturally but. And so has the that the Hawaii for a ago. Show has the Dallas fed cup and a good little comfort when Motorola all clues tallies they're entitled I haven't said. But the united and us she'd do it in by itself. Lovely little skiing village they're ready to restaurants opened in the village but for pizza places a couple of what was in a nice kind of Alpine cults. And then the other one was in a gas station. So it something about it all away in a queasy about what you currently resides where he picked to be gas. Gross a bit I have nerve gas stations must do little different than ours 'cause I would hope at least did you eat their own side's defeat it seated immediately treat stand that while failing to cast some degree is Peter doesn't come out of a palm for some going to have. You know liquid people are that would be me duplicate that but yet portion sizes over its sense of the US I think it. Kind of mix that says nice to be. Now one I mean it's not obesity of America. So we commend commute Jody hug. OK so. I guess so what. They do keep following the founders of the opinion whether you like everything talk about the founders like channel judges of who was sitting here in Seattle. I just as and the sounds of playing this week I mean those are now watching the Leicester city game right now I know that's just so you know what's the first half of us thought was searching vacations. What OC to deliver on the silly like Tuesday where he can make your home we unification probably due back to Europe and Hannah for a couple of weeks and think yeah. And a key Greeks Greece's jewels of the go to Europe in October. For about ten days away and we're trying to figure out we're gonna go to. Italy for a more commercial flight that London and then we'll go to Italy to Venice. I'm pretty users the end of the countryside somewhere outside Florence or in the Tuscany area for a few days and then the last stop this kind of like. Open ended and it sort of works out like. And let's go to Barcelona because I don't. Know anyone who goes there and everyone I have met but does go to the like you'll get robbed I'm like 00 great SOB was say it's a new enemy to both town. That would be doing a boat sound you get Schultz. Live their three years he was fine built on the Barcelona oaxley that'll definitely and and as a lovely time passive belts and Donald second violence also the thought they got. It's got a bulk of the credit. It's got a little mini speech she got by the scope to puck a lot more would you be passed. And it's so much more affordable than flying all the way to Barcelona probably isn't actually. And I don't know with a third place is that what distinguished like all you assembly places to Croatia. That's that we talked about taking that we can take a ferry from it's swapping and go into Tuscany first. Then the Venice in the taking the ferry across to Croatia has created easy he had 222. Rules make if you don't know island hole. To vote exits this kind of if she liked him throwing just very well us in the page very retro peace we too will the bulls. Can lean mean old study in street don't reference game with phones that have never seen it but blunt I seem trite is full rate didn't do you mean give you my HBO passwords he couldn't reach beyond. Let's just go child I would time. All right when Arnold kept much out of sleeping because my child's awake all those poor booking vacation was looking statements and oh Croatia be brilliant you could island home gates how involved she's been read a violent. He's such an hour away from splits but by its split being one of the other big cities in Croatia no looks a look at split. But the ports. Gives you access tool these islands are fantastic go on and hoping Croatia goats Amanda task right eaten my one thing that I was thinking with that we goods and exit or success of this. If we go to Barcelona. If FC Barcelona's playing that we should go see a match there and I was like I would go see you soreness and messier and name mark it for sure yes yes like a great on century link field I mean also the ticket price is probably a significant upgrade to slow clean they didn't. Necessarily so I don't even though you think is you like eighty or ninety right now and update yet they've become now it's huge. So yeah a Yemeni marriage friends of innings get tickets on the day of ram and created a bit of so here. There's camera with the other one my my friend just got back from an invitation in Spain specifically in this note little places that does little boy oh Granada of Seville maybe. I'm not the Costa del solar which is where will be the English bid now to go to Daryn that. Get away trio of at a solemn and and drink English beer and -- English sausage in match which division anyway but we doctorate on vacation to have so sound as yet. Because it is still still keeping tabs on them. No obviously is intensely. As I happened to yes we actual games and keep over the news in OK so excited so the question for you than news. You've been to China before not to cover the the Olympics in 2000 ninths how is open for me Martin's going to cope with living. In China. CN that's a good question. The he threw the long and so the short Thomson IS. And yes thank you. Very helpful he was a guy that at fifteen million from his native Nigeria. To a country where he knew nobody nor the language it's a death. And Fritz a kid a fifteen to leave you'll you'll parents have the rest of your family. To go and try and make it and enhance desiring to do that Canada. It's and seeds to so he well yes and as apart from that you also have some languages to. Canada and Korea to try to build. Bet anyone new news out of their compass and it's like you are right now Coca-Cola ha ha if you are major weigh less because you are at least sixty Tate. Moving to. News Nigeria news. Nigeria and only speaking mission Nigeria. A canister assists out of name Nazi death and the Lucy and culturally very to do with its. They ski threesome it if it could elect could do. And and try to make it as as a high level professional annual U industry don't radio present to an acquittal on Matt Killen that the hawks up. I'm the best he's played wreck chords inevitable basically this thing go on a bill like her brother her opponent already done and how we go back from China and I've kind of always like but that's just the landmines work right. But I think he will be able to make a success and so they bring the second edition ho. For my life in my line nine elevenths especially his position on an there was a second division team who was the was there someone that the government growth level yet so announcement that include. Graduate program there was something that's. He basically his Billy's career home on being adaptable and being at a travel chore that wherever he dies he can make a success himself and his own personal mantra remember sitting down and in doing half an Aaronson before. Sound is TV last year we've over Femi. And he's a guy that very rarely speaks he is less than loquacious. So is included out of the beast mode themselves CNN. But he really opened up because of lute talking about his back story which we you know we've we've struck a good relationship applies Padgett is supposed to do in my Treo. And it's. He was explaining how he loves the idea of leaving from place to place because he wants to prove himself. In countries where he's not well known how cool to go out and do it and show you people who BA's. Award easel lip outs and he did that moving to Italy fifteen not 1981 he did that meeting to England to New Castle. To two in the northeast of England he went to Germany with Wolfsburg for a short time did not panic and vacate the makes people speaking machine. He beat Germany could anyway despite live contact. And not many people. Knew him that. And he didn't have a language and it becomes a Seattle this outpost of salt could you anyway he was really well taken in by the fans. So I think you'll do fine. And I think you maybe seized on these or are you ready retiring by then it goes somewhere else run in May be Taxol. And and and another bucket full of cash and learn to live somewhere else. Then some people called him a submarine chasing the money but if you know defending monsoons. Then you will note that there are some things he's right. This sense. I want to keep trying to sneak. A will to keep proving myself over and to his many different people as I count on if you miss something in that really. To be applauded. He's taking himself outside of its cast of course the paycheck helps of course it to us. This'll be easy and silly law. He's out and willing to give it ago any new place to head the need direction. And of course it's the sound is lost he was the best player on the team. They couldn't necessarily keep him because when a place as a want to go to the new guy at an annual he's very close to the sound as well known that. And I just referred to Rivera defending was a guy who lie to inquire about getting any contract when he went on a good run full pleasure at central view contracts. While he was with the soundness which is unusual but that was the star power with which he was able to. So poll of polls the sound is this way and that. But I think he'll be fine BB five morally. This last week. I didn't even realize it until he self professed it was a new defending not Tim's dad. Our own abilities in secret he was wishing himself a happy of the Femi Nazis that so says that actually got him something. It does not seem like the city took it very heart and never were alarmed public no one seemed to hold against him enormously upset with them I think everyone kind of like at least. From the my Twitter feed seem to appreciate him and send them. Well wishes on his way or whatever you it's a really complex issue I think because if you as a stop plan. In Spain's top league or at least top league during the it's totally and decided to move somewhere else just like that the club felt they had to Latin guy. They'll be uproar in the fun things. Pappas play you're saying you're letting him how we gonna replace it. But as a sign multitude of reasons why I think he's he's departures no big greets him with the idea. That many other places in the world may have agreed to waive. I think people realize that he was gonna go is a point. All said the fact that Seattle sound as if they have a dive of a big repeat it won't be difficult for them to hold on to top quality plays the keys MLS is. Not able to compete with either of the money China all. The cash I of the European the school I mean analysis rude sort of because China all the sudden this year was like this are your bullets go for it won't move yes and none more none in that the Chinese league he's actually targeting more players out there you and how did I disagree. The Chinese and you know she tugs and cries about it couldn't afford and what. That's what Portis the guys that maybe would at the end of there at the end of their European careers or at the that would return to and the last to beat these kind of names you tacked on to a league Peter trying to inflate -- there is no reason formed come here if there's money being more money that's available in China which template laden but the Chinese songs are Ramirez from Chelsea immune fifth for a staggering sum of money. Was putting too young to be considered tremendous and you name it every few regard there the courts to stop players that come to a molest generally erode over the age of thirty. Ramirez 2728. Something like that so it's no direct competitor apple for a and that isn't it a Woody Hayes he's done leaching the talent for every lead in the world just by its tiny fraction. And it's only a tiny fraction because you got to remember. This is a global school other K there are only a very small number of seat to stop us. But and the tea below in the tabling that. There are hundreds of plans have very good quality there's enough to go around we have a Pirillo and analysts questioned. Do you think he is next step will be to turn into wizard at. It looks like he's right there like to slip that her go below up. I don't think he's had a shave. In the now three all the color goes away you're on top of a mountain with a giant stick commute some lightning bolts down and turned chickens and and other things but then. Take in some kind of role Larry politics and bring them back. It's an action Harry Potter like a nice yeah this escape that he can I probably can't begin releasing you'll now is that there's a couple of prime Paul Rockefeller Center. As those states expected to practice with the talks since MLS announced that they're gonna have the analysts. All star game is going to be on the West Coast against arsenal moved him my support. My friend then Putnam tan having his wedding weekends Waltz. It's like he did it deliberately justice by me. So you Skyping into the wedding right step for them. I'm on May. Can drink for six months venture to socialite yet deathly Skype into the waiting quantify it center of the coastal ship is again. What if I saved the money that I would otherwise spent at the pump with. And then use that to buy an extra flights to the Wednesday night MLS game. Come back Thursday. We Friday for the for the wedding at the ticket because only did you realize they didn't overlap tops in the Italy now do you even worry do you think arsenal in the playing appear somewhere maybe Vancouver here one of those it's. Which are due West Coast tourist accountable way over her room or you know maybe. And I think spurs could gain entry date but of course the problem is affixed a list of great congested fixture list of the reason that Seattle didn't. And MLS. Rather sound is against the European game. Last season was the fix it seems to congested during the Selma had topping that early season game against Mexican opposition. Aim what was it on which types of Fabbri months' time yeah. They they talked sentiments to city to talk to waste how it's also a few other teams about having a team. Come over in the summer but in the end the division the Chechen and Justin work with that would to to a cluster with there was an account of what teams are over here than they ended up. Playing for some sort of meaningless small cup like that's like for maybe get to European teams that play here then you get so many European teams coming now. To the US in the summer of the case it's great facilities. It's really good way of you'll very well supported where have you guys. And the clubs can make adult royalties from merchandising and broke past deals so there are a couple of different tournaments that go along. I think the the most high profile out of them. Is the international champions trophy. What's us champions cup the ICC. Yet at a lowly European teams playing and as you say it's it's a pre season told mr. damp but maybe delights of LA galaxy pro Iranian. But it's it it really Max and I it's not like winning the Premier League title because he seems to warming up for the stances Copa America tunes in the through the on the cover America is huge chip out of next hope is hope for. That's the best sixty. National teams from South America. I'm because it's a Centene retold and of the Centennial. Now allowing me in 456. North American century American and Caribbean T score say sixteen team told the base in the US. It will be a really good feast of full pool. Of course will be if you came to NCC. Suarez. Person man afflicts I'd really wanna see happen like such a monster citizens fantastic you might even see day volume there AC messy all depends on the calendar. And the Olympics he goes to the Olympic gamble how inconvenient but how good for the Ross Fletcher how's the sell orders which. Good in the first leg of the yacht club America worked for were two witnesses on the they have the second lag so David full imports are before the second like so this is going to be. Inaccurate by the time it comes out I guess our and complete by the karma comes out but. A team that did not look good in pre season suddenly you like fired up and looked. Awesome in the in the first real test of the year and assessing about pre season you can never rapture you judge how good teams can agree. The sound is having so. Regroup and in a sense gay Isa the idea that Portland Timbers of the reigning MLS champion ours. Does not cut deep. I think at the end of last year. Losing their best player in over Femi martens blocks acting the hiring great talent to Jordan Morris. And initially the sound is we'll banking column Martin's being that. And with Martin Dempsey dollars and Morris they had full Berry could strike is vying for. Effectively tee positions. ZE Schmidt in his entire career all the way back to college that I cage of the soundness. Was a 442. Formation guys had to shrunk its. But he changed it because of the wealth of talent at his disposal a went to a 433. Formation of pre season say three forwards. And a Marxist diaries sent all these changes in pre season team having to get used to playing at a consistent. A different style a couple of new addictions couple of guys have left the mold of experiences. Left from what would be probably on the bench. Which is like Jimmy can get into this is the season goes on as the theme to mark this down. As as the strength in depth I think he's decreased for the sound associate the city wants to get younger faster. Maybe that's just another way of saying. We over spent time limit Kaplan last year and we had to jettison some older more experienced players. To cover the gaps and and and fits into the MLS salary budget. So the likes of pat Natick out bank. The likes of from the Mon may group going Chad bow our heads guys and a proven go scores improved in quality plays led Gonzalez and all of his experience despite. He's injuries and you can go on market Popeye hats again again one of those guys at least died can be damaged one of them which creates it forces. In all of may to beat so in love with team. B writes what's the question they they. From being their first competitive game against club America played a really good go a century link field this fitness stood up the test of time. And they must come away with that rule nine inning game is decided over two legs so the first wanna have of course and then down. In LT sheet in Mexico City tomorrow Wednesday night against one of the best teams in the America's club America. It's going to be entirely different reasons I don't really seventeen minutes at those who should really compensate for altitude difference and so see. To your full seventeen yeah we'll see what happens boosting the Seattle having drawn 22. Need either win. Or 334455. Draw to go through this is the CONCACAF champions league court to find out the last state of this international tournament. To decide he's the best team based in North America. That club America rather like sounds hosts the do you know who played Seattle in 2012. Kia and loss of dishonest he won't. Will say that best for hiring. And the Mexican team didn't overextend themselves to any great degree yes or Daschle showed her whole hand yes he had the hot seat because is a gulf in class of course the Mexican League this is much stronger they spend more money on that pious and if you have the rest of the books saw economics. It quite clearly points out in the Premier League in England that the money Spezza wages. Correlates almost directly to the amount of success you have the way you you finish in the stand next. So do Seattle had to show their hand they had to come Oakland's plays and trying get a result that didn't India and the control not the end of the world. But club America clearly plays for my money within themselves and they can go and open up sounds of slick unity 2012 winning six won't. Against it believe it sounded as who have a pretty nine heated. In their their outlook that type. I think Seattle learn from that experience they go back to since then the certainly about team and since then. But I just feel wallet I didn't think it'll be a 61 demolition lineup result for years ago. Of America will have to march for the sound is. It's that's not to say that now have a chance they that they have a punch his chance. But I think now fighting from a couple of weight divisions the line. Sure score one goal and play the marine you know 731. She evidence that's part of the issue but didn't know whether the soundness. A routine that can defend for ninety minutes. That's never been in bed DNN they tried just putting all of the guys across the face of goal just like standing next to make better at it and then Brian products. Maybe one guy out there to run around and and then you just got to make sure you to block the goal from. Move the ball from telling us yeah on the what I want to Russ let us say that would be in the oval approach show quite like to see how long last a full. Incredible to bring all your tallest players that game. Go get that one goal is to take a leave yup. And then just parked about literally blow the human bus and welcomes that he. Pick listener. Come to an advocate she.