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Saturday, September 29th


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You know full Monty likes to study notes. Now we Jun min. But the feet and got embarrassed. Hello. And you know what called Molly says will be awfully humid the people who would be I hope you like John Maine to. Plus falafel. There was there was so few good. Pretend I like had no idea that there was a second you won't lie aligns well I don't think so the founders didn't try my strategy for the suggested. Where they put. Ten guys in front of little and then one guy in front for the Eagles on America again the club America game and I got to tell ya. I was right there were up one nothing and if they would've just done that the Gregor. And put Bryant front. Notre rocket meant to the next next animal champions league why they didn't succeed I have that city knowing did so if you emails. Not heard a response really. Texas hold genius of man and that's my business card besides. They've written now it says the mornings and tyrannosaurus. Just confirmed that the tablet but the real thing morning straight tour I'm lying now it gives you kind of an endangered field. I'm extinct you business confidence is quite the style like on. That's not gonna run so I don't know shouldn't be extinct yet I'm too young for that. Will you put it that. Capital onus is telling you to be its tyrannosaurus. But look I even got a little political partners like a little meaning kind or that in these times you need glasses to even read a business cards are small enough as the days. Putting its tyrannosaurus the signs of a symbol of and pray and get a deal annual much cruised. Anyway maybe he senate can't into the sound this. And they see it's mighty tyrannosaurus. Though immediately equate to its hope quality coaching so that skills they're probably for the fear. That's another one rule by fear. Yeah a couple of rush run for president of the US man that's one of the major tactics being important right now seems like everybody's considering when he prison and then the rule. Being scared away by mr. trump I am I know it's a very English to talk with your family your friends and I think about. Your part where you stand politically McKee has the kind of buttoned up about these things by ivory was for the poem real battle of my aunt over politics and it's pretty weird how do you leave him after two months well the part where I was like let's have a racist and sincere call me racist and I was like. That's what to believe that. OK we haven't had any resolution at Brosseau. We're how long's it been a lot of the day's Christmas. Oh bright months they're so dikes opponents and a blanket but sound as should've been club America. After doing medical and as a champion and they shouldn't be and that they had a chance to try to establish. Something that was my method. There was a done done deal death next time that was the the two call that the other champions league because. We're watching proper champions league action UEFA champions league right now battle of European and I guess also Russian teams run this refreshes in Eudora even Israel. Others UH even though it's not a lot of you're OK so Russia's part of Asia. Harry devoid of pins which politician rattled out. We know the west and on and some peach is it's next door to Finland that multi continental. I can study ever thought about Russia being. That I mean I know it's massive but yes pretty baked. Look at Edison with him come out of Bonnie yeah and watching Chelsea PST has Tulsa PST. A little self. Huge. I don't know why hate tells you so much I think it's because of John Terry. But. There are certainly other clubs in England that I could. But I stand last. Plea to I don't not care for Manchester United why I didn't care for city so he can't win. The Premier League was first introduced to me now almost a decade ago was during that reign of dominance and Americans for united it was just. That sir Alex Ferguson has done a wonderful job with that club and he ruled with an interest but it just felt like he was the now if this is so arrogantly Iran like there was like that. How dare you even consider Sobel would be as good as it Manchester United. And I guess from from my point being in the sports media there was a time whacked. Basically sir Alex Ferguson the last maybe ten years of his reign so he was above being questioned by the press. And as a journalist you get very annoyed by that BK is the vast majority of sports journalists are just trying to do their job and he wouldn't replacement press conferences he wouldn't need deet. Ben minimum media he wouldn't even be contractually obligated stuff. But speaking to the BBC to that their prime match of the day highlights show on Saturday night. It's a real the real martial lynch that could loan yes tonight is Marshall lynch is is likable tough. So but if he's so he's sort of it looks even sort of like you sort of a Donald Trump. With the that are stylist claimed. Again that soulful Ortiz to work on their bodies and mystical some mango imitate a Condit and now we got. As you said ten kilos of dried mango here if ever there was a reason to get into it in my life it was the going to Costco. I'm buying lit surely 25000. Kilograms. Of dried mango. It cost about eighteen books the first piece we tried it was like filth. And so do for the last six or seven months this huge flag of dried mango has been sitting in a top company in the kitchen. Anecdotes of the states today island is Tom way out eaten my lunch I was still desperately hungry for equipment had nothing left in the fridge. On his web approach I was in housing crisis might and I finally snapped. And and had to go back to eating the tried mango so help you self offense and six month old Orioles yesterday there was the Packers ahead and an open it a little snack pack which is six or those in there and I was like. Well. Don't court. I mean come home to think about it how much food and less is go further growing on it is actually gonna kill us how often do you eat burritos. The owners also designed to lie each one do you eat furry burrito place. Noted on just on the public per retail and that's when the cat gets into the sleeve of Europe quality color us. They need it the cat the Angel Nadal you know the the mrs. would be very upset by that go to the obituary yet there it's. That'll come down very well I did to some cattle cat crime today and that's awesome or 15 in the morning and I'm real tired of one cat is like. Fired up as a cat says he's like run an open on the hallway and he sees me like it's down below in the takes off running which is hilarious and itself little I know that the little cat was waiting in. And if he were running by from nowhere. Jones' ferocious beast tackling the other one in the law all the liberal on the ground that both were running opposite directions at. Puller is for me again the misses being sound asleep at 4:15 in the morning probably felt before a similar to put. Good show for me a lot of media did and then put him Lincecum with a hash tag counts of mr. Graham is not what everyone does that tests taken at the men's program. That we have that the one of the cats as bombs. And so he'd be great since grounds himself that he didn't. But you could. Can't cast over there for good the joke we're going out on that was incredible fit. Yes he's got so oral or has takes their past account films so fitness expert has taken them you'll sepia. If it's like in my mind you're reaching ways Elena desperate it's. Buying something interesting to look at yeah. Maybe I'll give it again I had to give a shout out to pepper she used to work at the end with a she's gone on to work for the cheeseburger network and that the people that have all of a cat that it was the original patent means on the Internet they were the ones that can look at this I can has cheeseburger with the website right on they were going to give voices to cats on the Internet and so obviously he works there now and she compiles lists of things at a teller to search for hash tech at thumbs. Then we get. And you can become mulled through the famous. It. I'm very excited about this you'll pricing a lot of stuff down today will limit me like that make me do stuff with this at work now and so I figure the more I read ahead of panelists I have to like think back to the things we talked about it and then like I can just look at this and we kids so it was a back so basically you're gonna make Scholl. Buoyed by writing stuff done his time judging went to having an interesting conversation. If you right now I doubt it means up and really boring and just every laugh when I was writing business card and erode business carpet itself it'll be a fish something I was gonna say is somebody fishy about that no boy. Poet got again peanut gallery in the background enjoying some Blanche. That about it's a two year fan now. Won't touch goes all the way back yen the eighteen year old will be heckling us throughout the Pacific but and so we apologize in advance I don't know it does I think it's wonderful I encourages keep adopted. To do a big by the Somoza excellent. Big fan vegetables some myself now massed on me originally written a vegetarian. Not hoopla just tools we. Veggie similar salute nice and who sued over the front of one of the least cabinet sin. The inclusive market cut him who could afford whole foods whole paycheck crops yes. Well. We knew we had once founders match and I I was wondering what your response would be that last week I was like origin what's your stance on a close watch the games just don't like it and we've talked also previously about like if you're which connection to Darby county is. Crew home. Broadcasted to. Mobilize all the telecast. And we're back. I was. It was awesome to see you tweeting about the sounder what did you think of the first match overall. The the rate of play and these become the bungalow in the and. Excellent performances from people time to have on Larry's first game of the season. Things Renault low rent and a property because it was the first game of the season who all of us that I was up isn't it. Mathis this out here and you look at T teams that clearly one. In that wreath in yet. And they surprises for the sound is because they're trying a new formation. But the president stuck with it it's considering that over from their Martin's went back to China are now back to went to try to and that's one of the issues actually we can probably get into most the season goes on but. Seattle. Under Ziggy Smith for seven years have been a full fourteen team Ford offenders for midfielders to strike it is. Thoughts they son Jordan Morris I'm growing kids over the wind sun and he's a fool would. Clint Dempsey had no some Valdez he's best position. Is also forward Andover Fannie nonsense so force starting count before woods which NET spots so AZ Schmidt I think quite rightly. Look to play to the team's strengths say change the formation to have three forwards. So going forward you get more of those options and hopefully more out to those guys. But it is Soo many different types who knew wants is ago with that and the biggest worry I have. Was losing the combination of Dempsey monsoons when they played together up front as of Saturday. They was so you could depend similarly but forming. Mittal wants he's not understanding of breaking opposition defenses upon. With three forward formation. One of them how to flatter around a little bit wider a new lease of a connection now. Very shortly before the season started. Martin skit shipped off and sold China and you lose your best play out. Did he get scared noodles though if that's what he gained that amazing yeah yeah that. I'm a little more money on him but I'm sure it was a new clothes that now lot of noodles what's wrong and you know. So then you've got three. Bonafide a forwards and he gives me having gone all pre season with with a 433 start with a big question is now how Long Will that last Willie consider going back to a full full Tate. But the jury will still be out and still be out for a while not formation. Purely because they haven't had enough time in game situations to see where every case the best out of the place they call. Now. The opening game against sporting Kansas City up how first twenty minutes into really good. And it was actually Andreas even shoots the Austrian made field right behind those guys who was making them clay. Morris missed a really good chance that he got to the stage fright. On he's on these analyst. And being all they had was keeper and a big gold ahead and he rarely any how to do you yeah was an extra point that you want those I wanted to score obviously but I wanted to get that out of the system at home to like here the crowd go crazy form after doing that like. At the right environment and shake those jitters off they lose. Yet they received the supports about he's a hometown kid nothing that would give him a lot of slack there's an argument again. Probably something for another day you could say he's arguably under more pressure sonic the Seattle because he's in fronts. Of the hometown fans that know him and care about him rather than. She's in that the German Bundesliga way he would've been adamant about. But to finish off the point about this for 33 they need goats to play it for 42 minutes because O'Neal Fisher got wrecked car. And it was a silly tackle it was a reckless tackle. You com domains to forty leaving the ground but it was all you can also the ball doesn't mask right it doesn't matter if it did the I played the pool defense is the most ridiculous defense anybody could have. Because if you are endangering the safety of an opponent. Doesn't matter with you quote the bull away do you attempted to play the ball in the most of the game. It's either a file or an attempt to file. Which could drool a yellow wore red come out it's not about the level of which sheet view Collins how it is the opposition play in. All the level of concert eagle with a bowl it's all about. Was he and being reckless was endangering the safety of his opponent and he apps in the B was said he kind of so if you micro orbit when of course sound as fans are gonna stick up for him and you you'd like to stick up for the guys and young. But he made an error he accepted I think CD Schmidt accepted it was a rate cut. Most neutral observers a most you know the rules of the game was they get wrecked car which meant that Seattle had to change their formation. And this 433. Is still very much jewelry out because we have three feet. Seeing enough of yet. Well I was I mean it was. It was super interesting to see the replay just know like from our crew from our vantage watching the game you couldn't tell as much you saw the guy to sliding in to feed up that's a thing whatever but you couldn't see the direction or couples who was the player. And yet I don't think the player was in the actually any direct RB violated the rule. And so that's that like I think the guy got out of the away yet isn't yet his credit which is good but again it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because that he. You broke that rule on the rough Poland. If the ref had called the other coach would have obviously been in cents. And knowing that that was huge opportunity for an advantage. I do you find it I always find this funny I asked the president of the co president of these yet this I was like why you guys cheer. Well for the team to get over it there's a chance to do that starts look sound or studs up and a studs up tackle is. An automatic red part. And that's a sure that they do so when he's coming off the field and they start chanting that I was like. You're chanting that thick that's like. With a dog p.s on the floor giving it a treat this like a chapter of the very thing that just happening that you penalize them lost the game and not this I lost the game which in the spots not win the game. Which is crazy but they would argue that a ticket. But a fighting each year and I appreciate that he's a mystery they would yet even that they would meet its first sets of fans in the soccer world course to be chanting something that would necessarily makes sense at. Usually we can blame our friend Peter's apartment oh. But that was an interest in change without the sound is handled that Rudy well considering yes so they windmill no. At that point and they created some good chances early on that it really go for the first twenty minutes. Probably again part of that is the adrenaline of playing time. Season opener you wanna impress the fan just like that the other matches to even against. America and stuff they were playing in the first twenty minutes it came out and then especially in Mexico City can see the light slowed down a little bit because of that yet I mean that's that's precede that the pre season as well. But the lack of fitness that you have from yeah you're not. Halfway through match fit. And the play as well be fully match that he I don't think. But they'll be close to it ends after that sporting Kansas City coatings became and they themselves are missing some. Key piece is particularly in the midfield pollen and immoral wasn't meant Brad Davis wasn't that Benny fail Haber. One of the league MVPs of last season wasn't that today are missing some key players in Bates took awhile to get into the game with a wrecked car change that dynamic human Seattle. Cuts above and careened basically to eubanks of fool so what I mean by that is four defendants and informants field as we just want strike camp. So a change of formation because of the union official ranked. And he can still defend very well with that because you're defending with eight guys these two banks of force should always be able itself. B study that shouldn't be any more holes and if you playing a full full says it just means you call principle. As much and you have to PP small so when you re in possession. But eventually that war Seattle down and sporting put into the game. Had another really good chance themselves to Josh. Holiday and didn't take it and then of course the unfortunate goal really feel the staff of fry because last season he was one of the best. The most consisting keep his. In MLS the long shot comes in its clubs underneath his body. Maybe they need tough it didn't ski busy would have expected it to on the Honda C a surface. From last season. And under his body Tony's and does the winning goal and you really feel for him because he's also would one of those guys. That is hugely in respective. He thinks about everything he takes alone time to rationalize stuff and go over stuff in his own mind he's he's pretty deep thinker in that regard. And it's a come along Tommy came to Seattle to build least confidence. Pzena at C injury wracked years it's wrong side. I just keep seeing the replay of the thing where it went out of the corner to. To kick a ball to clear a ball a low nineties I loved it and it. Went to read the guy's right of his agree here almost volley did it was that easy and scored Ottoman and embarrassing. Moment it it's he is an it perspective guided the I'm curious to see. He's been tweets and stuff to accept responsibility for about how much hang on to that before he can Monica. And he said look it'll take a long while to get over this mistake and you would the thing is doing and Kasey Keller while calling you can. Quality go keep Wendy's and run would say as a co keeping you have to have a short memory. BT's you have to forget the mistake of move on to the next I just hope Stephon from a world who sits on let it. Settle too long and he's mine beaches. You have to move on you have to just blanket that you have to exit it was an error. It's nothing wrong necessarily with these technique is he's a very good Cokie but these things occasionally happens ago keepers I'm sure it'll come out stronger from it a good. Yeah I agree doesn't dwell on it for 22 long cassettes and it really count. Start to affect change. That's too bad it's it's never the way the U wanna see a game get called either on one guy's article it's. With the team failure it's one thing but when it's one guy the Justice Department that's so tough man to. I feel for a but at the same time he's got a good squad around them of the bread Brad Evans picked up that injury that shoulder injury did not look good. No and I had an MRI on it and to be determined but as as we told right now and it's. I think for the sound disease with Ramon Torres out injured still so probably late spring. The starting eleven is very good and will compete and anybody and I acts as their doubts about that even with the loss of the best player of the funny martz is a still be competitive. And still be getting it in in the upper echelons but the problem comes. In that. So did she grow with the twelve to. Eighteen in the eighteen months quote beaches there's not a law. The depth that the soundness and over the summer we're gonna get whoever the winds have we're gonna get younger faster. You can read. A couple of different things in Sanaa but yet they wanted to be more authentic and to be younger subsidy true they have an aging squad last season. And they brought in some younger people like Jennifer and Jennings. But he he's a 24 year old expects at least effectively be replaced a 23 year old and O'Neal Fisher left behind because led Gonzalez. Hadn't been playing consistently all season didn't remic again twenty for the time civilian really get any younger and regatta not really much faster. And then in the middle of the pot you still have very. Experienced guys so maybe when they said younger faster the other aspect to these days actually be go to. The under the salary cap we've got to be compliant with a salary cap we spent a lot of money he. Last summer when the club was on this horrendous scared and run results. On experienced expensive guys to fill those gaps that desperate rush. To get results going again and instead it necessary fighting their way through coaching namely through they pulled it way out to those problems. And so they had to then let a lot of experience pros guys at the end of this last season name which Barrett. Gonzalo Pineda retires the mountain legally shipped off a defend me martens is sold Leonard Gonzalez retires. And so they'll just counting those guys not even including market pop up. Who's 2627. Six experienced guys you can make a big difference we want to responses. Or off the bench no longer event Chad Barrett 67 goals a season off the bench tremendous. But that experiences will go home and you left largely with Kate's on the bench is that skull as a defensive option is the is similar experience I got excited when he came on and not Microsoft fan if you can get up to speed little bit older more experience but apart from. You worry to see how many players off the bench in the scored. Could also change your game by the First Amendment not looking at bringing in attacking midfield a highly price play Korda designated player. When idea defending Martin's money can be allocated tape but at the moment if they get a couple of injuries like Brad Evans. Then all of a sudden that scored looks very thin underneath office to them. Quarter to pick up Alex Oxley Chamberlain at the end of the arsenal sends out he's not a I ever. He's real fast he's young he could probably play for many squads and England boats attacking midfield with some speed. Perfect so Alex the newest thing. Give us consideration and thanks for listening the last dust and ten thanks Alex Atlanta at some hats it's nuts that Jovan Jones man. Every time from my vantage point every time anything went wrong in the match. That was them as a result of have screwing up he was there to click on love that part of scenic I give the ball and chase it down and win that back. There's something that. Some of the older guys maybe don't. Wanted to do was much or maybe don't feel the need to do as much of because that position than something that's great to see it I would an art on the run around keeping earning his place. Yeah I think a lot of people are excited about his potential NC Utley came from the worst team in the league last year Chicago. In a rough season and is now with one of the better teams so it'll be really interest to see how he's fixing to not let spot role. And as quite a responsibility to share. On the full backs in this 433 formation. Because without trying to get seat technical. If you playing three forwards you ready go with three midfielders. And who's gonna come of those wide grounds when you go forward not the three midfield as though be fairly central so the fullbacks on the right and the left. We'll have to coordinate with the each other and take it intends to cover a lot of attacking ground to provide the wits that Seattle will league east. In only having three midfielders so they need to have lots of energy Jenny Jones looks just like. He can fit now bill. Now the other part of that is it the full bikes are being asked to affords more. Chances are to be out of position defensively. Mole and teams are very quickly transition when Seattle reasonable can exploit those gaps. And that's actually what led to a Neil facies red calm he was up field. Trying to help structure on offense. When the bulls turned over. Sporting Kansas City moved into his right back area and he had a little back and in that sequence of play. And quite aptly the first moment of getting back but he is a little bit slots that he didn't dive gain. And then if things that you have to really watch fool. We view full bikes flying forwards enough formation that they have to track back. And they have to be able to know when it's a two guys went to pick and choose them items to attack a win to stay in good solid defensive shape. It reminds me so much of it's all changed now what I was a case you know ten years older so it's ten years old play soccer. A YS of soccer is the local public soccer thing Everett the American want. It was always 8333. With a sweeper there's somewhere so I. It all lined up and it was a grid and everyone ran on in the league it took that just kind of playing out of position a little bit and I was supposed to see the sound is out there with three guys and aligned on the on the outside applied there. And the swapping at running back and forth and so it felt like running we've drills and soccer practice whenever the commitment like you could see all the basics coming forward now those those each mean you've done really well we've your idea of parking the busing is of America. And now you telling him based these kitchen kits so they had to go to I missed those jerseys that was like white on one side and blue on the other it is just what to like you show where we went to the okay put her put her Jersey into that over the orange one and executed and moved blue Russia. So good man I also connects the GA BC in the Columbus Crew you can't mission. Listen I thought that somebody has had mistaken it for snow and they had tried to make some yellow snow a bathtub and those like I've got to design idea. I days either drunk this is not and we're not doing that is like. Yes we are excited by accident to the printer or something like it is duels or embarrassing. If you play on the team it must be embarrassing to run on those luckily both fans are pretty cool about it though. Another. Somebody's joke going down the this will only hurt out there who have a design those kids who had. Kipling and also an awful lot like. To describe them they're white they look like there are urine stained. This thing nice light blue in the it's there's a load going on at the disaster as a look on I want them to window because the not more than senators obviously but I want to win so we all have to look at that Buick. That's the rub it and I think they make the and its proposal put into words that make the clusters MLS cup kick off the season playing each other again. Yeah I didn't know whether that was to liberal decent but should shooting quirk probably deliberate. Aziz agrees to the other Portland beat Columbus too one in Portland. That it an amazing teeth I doubt that as well review with reversible counts. And it was get injured get past present and can we start to seize by the way it was a highest. Average attendance I think in them and had some upbeat totally wrong but. 26000 fans an average turned up for the opening games the opening ten uncle will be great mainly. Thanks to Orlando he sits. News for the second season running filled the citrus ball. That'd be campaign called fill the bowl tackle and they go 60000. Fans into the Citrus Bowl in Orlando and authorities usual thrilling 22 draw against the sound is next opponent row so late that Saturday or Monday were two nil down. And school to read too little too goes equalizer in injury time which is an amazing finish she taped. The McGeorge today 60000 pounds come again. For the next game the 60000 ill land again having broken the sound is wrecked cooled last season full biggest average attendance. In net and expansion season so big things go and I'm done at 22 to see the fans flocking outside to watch Major League soccer. He didn't mean much to cop there and have MB so charismatic and that's got to help them and goodies like the opposite of Steven Gerrard were replica but to some bears and the conflict. I'm the greatest you're the greatest incorporated. DoubleClick and Libya accuses. It's exciting to look at I think he's probably one of the coolest signings for the analysts to someone of that caliber who is also excited to be doing yet he's really invested in me he really has taken if you've literally invested in it doesn't like or part of the team to that wouldn't be surprised at though I don't think excellent and active he does and he's good enough money doing les mis is doing today PC meant that not around the tree days it's not broadcaster money but that is right. Almost there but that seven point one million dollars a year. I think he can afford to shall haul fleets well how hooked up mostly of a particular. OK so calm the Real Salt Lake and that's traveling for the first time. Hampered knew what to expect I don't think anyone does any of the any founder Stan knows what to expect to win its founders and Real Salt Lake. Face each other it's one of the most exciting. Non rivalry rivalries with out that we battled a lot in the playoffs. It's really mute and never know they come here and I'm like I have no idea what to expect of them who they beat us but few here that we don't we beat them but you have to put down. The exciting dynamic. Relationship that really gets overshadowed by Portland I think. Yet it's one of those must chops to actually probably has much history. In and I lax for the sound as as any other team and that gays by acts of the playoffs in 2011. When the sound is Gobi three no matter wouldn't you know I don't go a long time out. And the year after drew nil Manila home and then would one know so leg to the sound its first ever series win in a playoff with. Too early right now to know what's gonna happen in this game because he's too early in the season. To make any predictions about any T shirt he deal roots talking about this last year when over probably seven RE changing economic predictions so right now. Who dies who knows will happen in the game who will you do delete sequent Riley is that. There's a lot of history yet the soundness Havel would. In creates intense stadium since may 20:11. O'clock or lost their last four games that with in the regular season or the regular season. Mentioned a playoff winning 2012. Yeah he's writing this so clearly a big interest and like it on the back in business companies to a source who couldn't don't scribble over the trust source. A button Anaheim Seattle done very well against trails only you remember the three will win on the last and last season to secure the playoff place says yes you know each family the road news. Trips have not been kind to sing apple and actually. Three it's it's a stadium was the scene of of of the biggest blow up I'd I'd I'd ever engaged him is he Schmidt. Half time. When this is probably a couple of years ago at home the turn to. It was all men who have right Vista out. Look us up to the applied it was a good note it was a spat between Oz but it was a and go back and forth I was and you guys were fighting off salary. Soaring notified is fighting these players in the off time date date this sounds all fully with Tyndall down off time. Could have been a note now. And Ziggy very graciously always did I mean to you the result on TV straight up the whistle seat get a roar emotion. That's exactly what he's thinking of its time to know them also look down all the tickets until. And. The work sheet. So the sound is it's you know down a half time and he usually comes over to do his interview ands. Is one of these we just nun who would have you ask him he's gonna give you a disease honest opinion see Tony Thabeet he. Technically the questions a what do you make of the first off we all horrible. We're all horrible. That was it polls. OK tell is why. Obvious follow up question well we didn't. Capable of those twenty minutes ruined tracking error has gave up terrible though it was just all four. And now normally at the end it's up golf at the half time interview we asked two questions. Normally the first question was me the second question is Kasey Keller we can see you busting for the toilet so wedge just before half time but wasn't there for obesity. And achieve plated sabaya had so I could ask all the questions why was tightly controlled the flow of the interview which is easy nose broke ST look to be that bad journalism yap and asked in the follow why and normally that's the end of a but it was such good stuff because he was so angry hope. I'm gonna poll puts us courts jacket and this is TV killed today okay were woody gonna tell you play is an off time to sorted out these guys. I'm gonna scorer a map. And then gets his headset yanks in oh he's had the ruins it to the floor and storms off the court of oh. Okay well liked thanks for raising his record that clearly a little bit annoyed registry bullet while more after this break. Because there was. Is that Levy films is that the guy who does all the great footage of of these founders and there was one after the loss to Real Salt Lake where it was a bad loss on the road when he NFL playoffs. And seeing. Lost his mind in the low owners in the war yeah locker room and it was awesome to see that kind of I know that he's. Maintaining a professional there about himself and is on the field and usually you wouldn't throw stats that we can you hear the place. He goes in there and it's F bombs and like that his astonishment everything that's happening so. To find out that it to have much of public moment of that it's fantastic. Very ran for an intensity that says he has journalistic talent. You kind of enjoy there's moments. For the case you feel full of them but at the same time you've you've risen above the Monday and with the yes well the boys played well and we may need to play that's in the second half. Sent yet that was that was one of the bode moments for Seattle have railed so late in the if I defeat. Good old bottles soundly as. It complicate. You know we're ago just complete look at what you would expect to the team this week to what you say. Well it all depends on really on the personality Ansa news and officially suspended with a Brad Evans. As a right back there this sits under the plea centrally if he doesn't. If he doesn't lessen the center back that they put rule that out to the right and so sounds ago salacious issues of Brad Evans as a play free beckon me as Sorrell banged up at the moment. It might beat I have to go with someone like Christian rolled down a ride back which clearly Hungary. On Sunday night he was out their route market of people like really chase people down. Gigabit chip B. Time you he's a confident young that whether this is best positioned it's not clearly since my BM men didn't make do you scenario death for the soundness. You just hope they can. Get the most out of them from three sit this full 33 works. And that hope that they they get a first points on the board of the season what's our solar collectors say I mean it's always Ackerman has always think of yeah I'd seen that that the horrible last year and that decades total through chilled check this. And they haven't massively shaken things up they've brought in that one a full with strike as an awkward you're remote Sissy and who's playing in the Russian community. Again jury's out on how good they'll be this season as they say they crumbled late. With a team to lead Orlando to cruelty today we'll just visual process the little Ecuadorean guy when the smallest guys in the lead of five feet three. And that's pretty being generous. He's he's he's an AP the east over the pace to finish well kind of guy that will be double digit goals in -- season. An and I still think. Trying to find that right combination so does away Seattle will play aggressively on the rise they always date no ivy team does. And early in the season anything can happen still 99 points up for. Out for offers with the he said which is pretty cool now. Possible start Timor but NASCAR hope lives just came on in the background of the champions league game is gone and there's some Tony Stewart news that's happening so. You've got to give us some rubble I got to run.