Full 90 Extra Time 002: Cup of CONCACAF Cup

Thursday, March 8th

Jose Moreno stops by the pod  to goof off with us while we talk about what went wrong against LAFC in Week 1, what we liked about the match against Chivas, and what was hot garbage last week.


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Since. Oh that's nice. Well it's a nice start to slip under the full size extra time podcast our weekly look into this Seattle senators have to see. Nerdy soccer culture and outraged. And an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by foreign royalty. This week the means my against Saunders ST take on how. Don't feel us achieve this Guadalajara. In a battle for the cup of CONCACAF cup without a particular. I'm Gregor great to talk to you as usual about mailing the MLS but sometimes right away in the season we find ourselves in this quandary. Where there's not a Miller soccer happening but there is this other huge tournament and it's been a real. Ask of people to be like your home opener looks field appear team so we could play in this tournament against a team we've never heard of before for most of us. Brandon is joining me here is a much smarter man about soccer than I am and his much more attention to details and doesn't just make inflammatory comments like I do on the Internet to market. Good morning are we talking about. That Tom PR. So good at Genoa at the other champions who the other other champions looked like he. Bet like people really care about and they're trying to make the one here like that yet here yet so that's a kind of where we're stuck right now so. Two matches were quick to get caught applaud yap on the first one from the weekend. Against LA FC indeed debut of a brand new team in the MLS uh oh yes and it was quite a debut for them. The first forty minutes the first forty minutes yet unmatched that was lost by this elders in the way it's in the twentieth minute or so yet not on just the sweetest dole. It's kind of a mic and a mismatch there defending. Mainly because of the big problem that those who were for the sentence at a lost one to nothing. Against LA FC in there in their home opener which is a big disappointment for the fans specifically windy. Team that takes to the field is one we are not seeing all the big name guys what's going on why they feel these people some of which had never heard of. Yet it's easy to have this knee jerk. Everything is Terrell or reaction to give them. The last two years or actually just under Brian stretchers tenure. As head coach like we did this century link has been a four tryst for the Sanders having lost only like twice giving up barely any any goals ever. So to come out. Start the season losing one nothing to a team that like has been together for what 35 days this team right. Like it seems terrible and it seems awful. But at the end of the day you look and and and you see you you know were prior to as champions league. It is so it's gonna look like garbage right because we're putting a lot of players out there who are basically asked two. Caliber official portrait and all the things that you set here yeah or anyone that's new it's kind of joining us look at the MLS season is like any other season there's a bunch of games and stuff like that the soccer. It's really weird they have these like concurrent tournaments that are happening all the time. And that's this and in this case you we have the CONCACAF which is a region in the world UEFA as the one that's in Europe were CONCACAF and then there's cobol wall which is down south. So we have all these different and Blake groupings of leaks throughout the world and ours is CONCACAF and there's. All the of the club teams from the different leaks compete in a turn emit at the same time as your regular season is going on for the sellers the season started a week ago. For the other teams have been going now all through the winter and everything and so they're already formed team that are going so. Price messer has chosen to put more into this champions league than to start out the season. Which is he can get a ruling you can start hot in the burn out in the ML plus you can to be really good in the summer time and to start going to play into the fall. So to put your eggs into the basket of those champions league can get some profile for the MLS what we talked about last week but also be a chance to. I mean. In addition be a chance to bring a lot of attention to our league to make a little more serious to be able to attract some bigger name players from other places. Well let's put it this way I mean analyst goes until. I think December bright. So like you have a schedule how many lake you have how many opportunities have a cold start. You know really comeback in N and have a chance to remake these three points that you just lost in your home opener yes not like they're showing that you wanted to kind of look like garbage on the pitch but like. Add the same time. You know we've got 33 more weeks of regular season no make that up this is the quarterfinals of the champions league game we're playing against one of the most storied. Mexican teams in history that being chief is Guadalajara. You don't tell. The by the supporter. The supporters that came out. I mean after this stadium was probably achieve this at some more digging it a Mariner's game in the summer when the cubs come to town here like where does that understands what our every time Toronto. Blue jays come to town of players like every Canadian from Canada and everywhere else is and also give one of the rub Canada that's because not because there's like today I assume they have like moos standing outside their houses like carting it -- ever put it. All right no more Ken Burns. A quick note about the weekend's match the 01 loss against LAF seats. Hum huge Will Ferrell fan but never in my hated it more than seeing him in the press box going to write or women because he's a budget. Minority owner. In LA FC which really boiled my blood and. If you watch any of that free mats stuff where like at the very cringe G. One of the hosts of their ESPN show looked at will pharaohs like okay gimme the Ron Burgundy take on this game and like Will Ferrell is kinda have that dead look in his eyes of like. Yes I will do this for the nineteenth time today. Tell you you know Seattle voted an 1804. And like just did a bunch of hookers right leg just did the whole bit and liked the whole time he just looks so little. Just. Sad I might have studied history in school when I'm not sure that I got it right there are hundreds what's going to go back to do that others and then popped up for the people that are. Giants hellish fans like a lot of those names are going to be strange but once I can't wait to see more from is this kid blah blah PWA and a packet that shirt he came out of no already relates cyclic wolf like grown yeah do you really changed the game by being young and full hustle and McCann really inject some like excitement and who think now I think we've missed a huge opportunity. Last timeout because we didn't talk about this guy that looks like he's carved from stone. Wolf make room what is historic brand and our. Anything about yeah wolf like from. Is was you imagine this is theirs yet he is in his first name is Magnus wolf is his full name is Magnus will biker. The best part about it is he just wears wolf on the back of his Jersey life. Why do I know I know so now we and so somebody I'd there's a really good we write about when we signed him as. Now we have a wolf we have a bear AK will brew and and we have a goat. The thing which is Clinton saw the greatest of all time yeah I mean go to a one more goal moved on the US men's national team about not record an accident. Yeah Bruin is is another form of there's another way to say bare boat is yeah failures UCLA hello. Dad if so did observant but it does. Anyway so Walt riker and nor wheezing guy. Greta come yet the pension checks a ton of the creativity. Formerly played add on Manchester United never got the pitching it was like up from sixteen years old on he was there. It's the ability of the draw discount European talent that's coming and that's religious I'm excited to talk to our guest today. I'm just to get into a general discussion about where the future talent for the sound is gonna come from African do we yelling and where we're comport from a having a guy like Magnus will like chrome come from and dot even Eric free bird previously having some dozens of home from Northern Europe come into play. Opening some doors maybe for some other quality younger players will be really interest. Well last night's match was really exciting I would say it was the CONCACAF champions league again this is a tournament for all the best teams from all leagues in central and North America competing to try and win the CONCACAF champions league cup full of tough fear whatever it is I don't know if copycat. There's a picture. In one of the achieved solid shots to Jerry he posted a picture from one of these Mexican. Like sports tabloids. Editors Clint Dempsey finger to lips. Shall we who looks like incorporated V person hold on we now applause for the cooling of the studio. But could suck my phone picks an implement recording I'll try to do stuff to. Anyway plus it's champions league match it was they've exciting back and forth game to see everyone coming out it was the eighty squad from the sound is there play plus a couple names that were maybe not familiar with looked. Super cool that this board a kid again shows up he gets the start last night and its chance to Rudy run around in the midfield but it was a chance to see. Clint Dempsey come down on the it was a chance to see both of our central defenders playing at the same time that the stars the Ramon Torres and Chad Marshall said Marshall looked incredible and then. Friction Suk min Biden. Black panther sister are tough Cust wearing Stephon fried back there and dole might not. Yet I wanna talk about like specifically Hannawald wanna. Because right before this match I just read that he. He said he was so nervous his hands were shaking off is he did he this is his first start kid Sanders ever he's only ever come on once before as a substitute he says he's in a locker room his hands are shaking he so nervous hit the pitch he Clint Dempsey comes over and checks on and says hey man how you do and this is Clint Dempsey. You know American legend sounder Sanyo gray at this point. He comes over to the kid and says like hey man I doings like neo clamp. I'm so nervous I'm so scared to go out there gringos. You're here for a reason that. She goes so much here about your does your all time like Brad are you for a reason to be nervous to come and hang out with a us in the breakaway brand America you can. You belong here I think is just a really cool moment for fur an all time great to show up to this homegrown kid bit I mean if you if you chance go read him ball and wall won a story it's crazy alien and slower and while I wanna cat he comes out of Kenyan refugee camp moose the US starts in the states knowing liked. Little to no English. Becomes you know just starts playing soccer is picked up by the sound as cat a mean now Sanders homegrown player and now starting in this match against one of the most storied Mexican teams of all time. OK so that guy. Makes a difference in the midfield we don't see a criminal them to reduce some of the big big names on the sale sounds a suit used to that blue there'll just fell eleven million times as is usual what did you like from last night's match. Last night's mass I did like the may feel I really liked the way that actually after having FE a poor showing in the first game on the gray area came and got that assists the second SS a hockey assist with. Him in and we go in Dempsey a team was starting to actually look pretty cohesive. Clint was trying all sorts of stuff and will borrow in listen to mistakes to a man yes I candidates of errors and like homer and answers out there with and I mean economy you're gonna had a hat trick by the end of that matchup if you could finished. And then the one thing I think I always do as I Norma estimate the hell out of will Erica that's a guy who we to mean he just looks like. A dad you know like very easily let you know I've read the eighty's he's the guy that Leahy doesn't look like he's got a ton of speed he looks like a central defender based on a titan has billed. But. He gets up there he's able of really some guys around him a lot of good looks on goal last night almost had. A couple off of his head he had a couple great runs I hope I thought oh he looked really well let's. It's it's so important. When you have Mercer island's own Jordan more us out for the entire season. Can that's all facets going to be such Kia top there. If an honest I'm going to obviously it's a tricky up top there for will Bruin to be able to come back and second season look like he's hungry to repeat what he did last year. Yeah and then the last thing it I feel like I really ought to more things one I feel a little bit more confident about our. Our left and right back. Positions with Waylon Francis I thought he had a pretty good showing hasek he's a little too slow I think for that left side. But I feel like he's equality. Knock in a mess up too much position on the field is to have in support with the new news Goodman who's gonna get a red card it's a boy yes just think yeah. Okay now Brenda watching the match over the weekend I think finally figured out how. How to describe. Seattle center's at C new primary states tell me I'm so I've been waiting so long I saw the snow on the rundown and I did. Field camouflage. Their current employer and then with the field to be sneaky. On television and I was Blackwell. Would give me a lot of luster for somehow okay on television there I. I was like sweet second it looked horn looks at the background of the artificial turf. It's field turf green is what that is they're sneaky man and he can slide right in their goalkeepers that Tennessee is standing in a wall or something like that it wasn't able. I think they'll like wolf spiders like get the guys are running down a fielder's popping out from below the field and end in stealing the ball had an incredible so let's go to maybe filled a better. A about it though the druze have certainly been a hot topic but now let's see what they were going for. Emailed staff. I it's our room on Torres during that he was game doing some military dive roles I feel like you're camouflage might be. Pretty on point as you see them play in the event where he got turned around. And fell that you didn't just fallen said he did like our running dive roll to get back up on us the key is insane he's such a big dude and the agility that he demonstrates for being such a big dude is. Incredible LaMont Torres plays center back at the same way that I played fifa where if there's no score his underwear. Drinking beer and eating burritos at the same time destroy checks out death. No anywhere if this if it's scoreless in this 25 minute I'm like OK all out attack Cinemax forward goalkeeper up for every single corner because. Something happening is better than nothing happening so all of a sudden you see Ramon Torres on the right we need all the way up by the touch line trying to get across is in which is likely to do. Think I could do it clears Bob married. Right now branded its time that we look at a segment called hot and garbage. And of course hot garbage it's hot garbage not darted to start with hot. I say hi is all like are we haven't really done a lot to talk about them. He's he's come in again I'm 48 seconds a few minutes ago dogs class. He's come in twice now at halftime and absolutely made in immediate impact of the game you're overlooking the most important part. Says wolf ministers yeah that's I was gonna win too. I garbage. Home and I feel so bad about this and his Xeon. But not young enough to not be garbage. Tony Alfaro. Alfaro editorial Thoreau left the field after a miserable game with a red card may ask you yellows lead to a read yeah and boy. I think he's just kind of sense the way that we were all feeling was like OK you guys want me gone right OK I'm just gonna hack this idea now. He didn't disagree. I think that there's an immense amount of pressure to perform at capital C a professional soccer player and you gotta get together and then when you have can key here in the wings waiting like that's got to be really challenging you may become an early that'll take you we know what that's to his double click this here. S two is the the minor league team for the sounder is a lot of guys from. Phil Simms came up. One of these guys is Alfaro that you know we look at not being a starter and having to step up and about slot and has seen better days for sure and then. Hot garbage we've got all kinds of options here at. Mind believe now because it's too too far past now that I went to the DVR and with the there's a disaster to start the first match Uga you hustling also. You got this hog are rejects it doesn't come out of Seattle comes out of Vancouver click. Decide garbage is white caps FC Vancouver right that's SC they're young star funds a day ABC seventeen years old. He has. Aid I'm just balls out in their camera he scores he gets insists he you know he's got he's he's a very young give Barack we keep him for long 'cause he's gonna go somewhere in Europe Europe or Jeff thank. So he seventeen years old. And he is definitely. 100%. White caps ma'am and master sir yeah. But except for the fact that he's not because men are the man is man of the match is sponsored by Budweiser America and I hear company. And because of that you have to be a legal drinking age or purchasing needs to be part as a school we do it in session at the end the ticket into it if it's sponsored by peerless or Tony want right. And so he is definitely by far the man of the match and because he seventeen in the drinking age in Vancouver and the rest of Canada is nineteen years old. He cannot he cannot win meant a match so for matches where an underage kid balls out what should happen when similar signs young players ranked. What do you what do you what he proposes Hui. Clearly we have to be able to give them the man of the match right and I don't want alike I don't wanna say that the beer company can't sponsor the thing because like. You know we you got to make your gesture strength so I think that they should change the sponsor for whenever a player under this legal drinking limit for whoever that might be playing. Change is sponsor to the version Bud Light Lima read a man unmatched. For. And that's the BVL well I am OOT I'm obviously yes exactly in men Alfonzo can go to the clubs after the match and just drink a couple my memory does virgin virgin virgin by a light armored us thank you and still be man of the match yet to be the man and talk well. We'll take a quick break here when we come back we're gonna talk to Jose Mourinho. He is I gather it's been integrated in all we see him running around all kinds of sports leagues and at every team of every sport. And diminishing connection to what we saw last night which was the cute support from the Latin community and talking to find out what he knows about what went into that here after eighth 82. Noise thing. CNN in a sponge. Children now. Com why do you insist that I named my baby Jose junior. I'm just really looking for a strong individual to carry MI tradition in since I don't have any kids a I figure I'd try to convince my friends staff to name their kids after me I even offers sponsorship deal. I don't know if this does stations so this is not for others for the station. I offered in 101000 dollars for naming rights. Now NN lifetime supply diapers he turned it down gathering at a mean decision was like I don't know we got to make sure it's all jet you know my wife and I don't have any kids yet so. Cotto bout 101000 dollars sound pretty good we'll circle back around very rare that you get busy making a baby I have no way I can get the name and ten grand out of it absolutely doesn't even have to be a first name taken literally be like. Gray junior brought to you by Jose Maria Pope well Roxio. Erica I just tattoo like Jose can sponsor on my baby's chest and I come on man what we were you thinking that he's got to have the choice of eighteen to be able to do that himself wrote Erica up tonight do that Michael just don't. Five K now unlimited supply donuts full. That's that's worth it. Can do for the tomb to womb and the dawn but Campbell if I'm not pack action you're writing your mouth and can't conceive I think Italy's. OK so I was a picks come and and and not talk to talking to Jamaican the match last night I did I was on the sidelines did you guys seem I had picture gallery no I haven't really had a averted. PRI had been. That picks these sad. Dot com implode eggs thoroughly thought all the flags we have all the place how did you get connected with sports move specifically on these in a spy on all sides so I actually played football for a little bit alone. I I wasn't very good though yeah now you know I met you ever even remember what I told you this. I met Jose for the first unasked question and just told stories suitable to you answered. I'm Richard for the first time it was a pickup on the planet foundation in armed they were doing the their flight football tournament at century link field. And here's this dude booting balls dude upright on the field as you're about to do a contest. There are some photos from Columbia who came in as you started routing them to the tune you're gone back and forth Beckham's soccer play. Be fair though I was than not good looking soccer player taking the ball. That did was attractive publicity and accused. We shoot you down here okay handsome man but I couples Bermuda guy I was just so round two is Columbia there is no doubt he had a he he didn't want male had enough. It using him as a nice guys out here and I think that's one of the big key takeaways from that tournament that everybody that showed up there that night when it was just rip it find that it anytime and they really wanted they really care about the crossing colitis foundation which you do as well affluent I don't think you give yourself enough credit for how you view except. Quickly the story here pulled his growing last year before the first game got room warm ups when we asked them not to lie and a warmup. Because why would you warmup you are an adult like with the puck this at all you just got to ask you what karate man it is true though its first close look. Old problems. Yeah I know I know it as pretty ridiculous. Just to build way he. He had injured I was in the discipline because we really we were counting on you to you're the tallest member of value it came to get a post up too high yeah well you can new wrinkle hello. I was pretty useless. To have really taken a particular rocket and try to rocket off from the pole right up with a groin from a mile throw the football too it's terrible. So Taniguchi chicken little demanding its. I was back in my day when footballs were softer pick a time you people aren't as fast thing I was really like get that and really high school in. They retrieve play college ball and which we don't know oh DC here oh Bruins than me yeah yeah back I don't know about the idea and you know it's. I was given a lot of opportunities Horrow is still people that I'm really lucky that I that I got to do a lot of things that I that I've done. Will look at school the school break. He's like a brick fifa mandated to hear that. Yes they care what is going on top notch sound proofing. This just this is pretty amazing you know like particularly to a scary stories now. And once opponent as a police. Moments with the Supersonics is as has been in Kentucky about donor to support the full package management. So you silly play some football play I've I putted yeah GAAP I hunt and I've always said that pressure. Yes and this year's smartest players did ever we are the partners out yet. That John Ryan I guess I can't disagree with him yeah no way except he's still OK can we just to the full disclosure here. That deal it is also very attractive enough super high. He lay out of practice from time to have him on like you're the reason I'm not planning in the NFL right now. But let's circle back around the donuts thing yes yes he is I iced doughnuts and I have a very unhealthy healthy relationship. As you may be able to tell from my pictures I may have let myself go a little bit. One of our buddies are miles Montgomery was also punter and he's done a better job of keeping she is the cigarettes and me and they had got that didn't I didn't hit. Yes I was I was looking up to play and and I played so I probable and I played arena fumble for a little Wallace while I broke my leg and how so I had to find a real job. Full recovery looks like both of us yes yet and then I've Brooke piano playing soccer hell yeah. So I've had a couple of injuries but you know it's not bad enough I mean I'm really lucky. In listen if it wasn't for those injuries have wouldn't be sitting here today. So I I always look at it that way I feel bad for you meant to you could have been were sitting where a higher I could've been napping and at some old enough to have had retired. From now follow course and I could even do what my buddy Walter Jones doesn't go to tens of thousands of dollars. Ord or a thousand yeah I guess thousand are like zero or negative yet again okay statistics are they asked. Statistics. People who who play in the NFL and a pair broke are my least favorite people in the world. Well well we know them go walking by eccentric little bigger than us help her pay. And there's an Hillary we are very tight security as you describe all I've found and I know a lot of former NFL players marking may not and never get to where he went around we get Jose is around Evernote and weigh in. Yesterday. Security people it century link field China's century link field somebody's. Almost data that mean in the stadium because my computer when in turn on. All that happened to meet last week to try to get an African ridiculous and would not let me in they're like well. We're gonna have to have you turn your computer and I was like well it's not it's not on the equity at the charger. And I'm like. The chargers in side is I'd forgotten it Sunday yet the only AFC game. And it goes like Hussein. I mean to be a pain that. It's a security risk now is likely audio premise tied violently like I was going on here. Am getting he doing profile of doubles happening. I'm getting professionally profiles that I if you photographer one you too mighty and compete because just. The pictures somehow don't they go somewhere I'm not developing them in the back or he just a plenty of phone it's so Gary's own fuel from from your from your shadow to Canon's O I dongle Steffi. I talk to dawn this morning on. It's not impressive for a final entrants is the is that that's. Anyway yeah you just played it during April to Angela alzheimer's I was the air would have kicked unsettled and quietly the wind blowing in the background. Wait so speaking of photos aren't are about aluminum market. ICG. Based on you're set from last night. I pulled up Jay Moreno PR dot picks he says and I looked at ever ever now. I am looking at these photos and teeing dude. I I directed B deal will there earlier friend VT at the station who who says I you know mass amounts like her there on TV stands there and it is like a third full maybe more what was it lets you take them 5050 I'd like fifty feet from Sergio. It looks it was definitely read with some sprinkling double green and blue and I was crazy. It in Houston thing and I can tell you this then you know it I assume were we're all seahawk fans in this chair in this room right now. And that's what it feels like when you go to some away games right so I am. Buying good faith can't be upset at that. I get mad about going to do mariners' games and how badly she's tickets forever not Fuld whose banks than not that crazy but like going so much and then the blue jays come down the cubs short talent of the team comes and it's a dominated by. Seattle people who have flipped on that. But it also speaks to what you talk you know achieve us Guadalajara is like one of the massive. Mexican soccer clothes. Tandem around the entire around North America apple will also so when a public that shows up. Who do you think the people are that are coming up support they have a traveling following -- of people from the area. I think it's people from the area I know I if you look at at my set I took a lot of pictures for the fans and I spoke with him in India Italy traveled this far. Size far away yes while along tack on to this game chair and and she was really throughout their first teams so. For people who can't afford to travel to Guadalajara for a game. They're really getting to see the whole club com. I I think. I have no problem with with people having that that aligns tease you there. To their team its zero media and especially if they're cheering for the sound as every other time there's a picture in there Nelson Diaz link to it as you've holding Mexican jerseys and then there's that there's a founders Jersey right now exit just and that makes it feel real good I mean this tariffs are are very young franchise in comparison to some of this this Mexican clubs are. Just a soccer clubs around the world period on an image in it so great to see that that the senators are you know putting their their stamp on the world. Well it's great to see you when that wind were traveling from the previous leg my just sense tech look to see even you know a couple dozen sounder fans are down and that's pretty challenging to get down and do that had an awful lot of close travel that was great to see LA FC with so many supporters up here. Offer the home opener in despite the loss it was good to see that people in this league are starting to travel. Yeah they did they didn't march before the game and it kind of threw me off Olympic zealously it that's usually my keys armies of the again eating. In the press spikes sir thought Iraq that are around that time and I heard did the ruckus smells like old I think coming out of the chemical harmlessly. Do have a different kickoff time so I go by the window and beautiful view from the press excellently. And it's all Italy AFC people marching in ages eight through me off I was like. Why he the Q in this in my home town before coming out right now I feel like. With the LA FC assault followed firm I don't want to support for for that club and I know that's the to relish having to LA clubs you serve in California a lot of flat and culture down there. Do you feel like one or the other teams will be accepted more between the galaxy and LA FC by the Hispanic community or do you see it being shared. No I you you know it's funny. I liken this to the raiders and chargers right now the raiders are. The Latino team call all over California if you're Latino you like the raiders you don't like the niners some do you. Haters. But everybody else most of raiders the raiders is that Latino team that's like that cowboys. In the midwest the south the death. Are the Latino excuse me the cowboys are America's team okay thank you. I mean they are we don't say that how honestly. It and I think it's full term. I think it's so cool that now there is that challenge. For. That that fan base. LA has enough people there to support the real fourteen to not just being realistic. Calm weather Knightley can. Net that was the challenge because you have people that are willing to be fans but how do you make the experience have an actual packet. Seattle and talk about how does Seattle better serve how the sound is better served the a lot of Americans that are here these are people that would otherwise come out for achieve this match but maybe aren't here for just a regular you know Saturday night game into. Did this town Ers have done a really good job of surrounding themselves ways. Talent Spanish speaking talent in. It's interesting out of PS nor any of their PR people. By now Alex cough field speaks better Spanish than nineteen. Say is history and it is super Irvin he claims it's not that that man that link him put it down or put about oh. With the with the S Daniel and but I used to ice to be part of the senators SE PR department oh really under under Alexander rally in your not getting like me in the end of the best part is he's really humble about it but any chance he gets to drop. The Spanish solid so I think it's pretty much it's awesome because nobody expects it will be this Fermi I wasn't expecting to speak Spanish that well I knew I millions. I mean he spoke Spanish but I didn't know it was that. It was at that level in. He's so humble and he's such a nice guy in itself honey could you see him in he's like this basketball looking you right. And and he does his job he's he's one of the best at is gay. But when you get to Norman and a personal note he super car he always checking and he's always single match the same way and have a winter. You think this Rupert hallway you know super jolly did you know looking killer and then they have Kelly. Paying Kelly showed does the U cedars is this. Small smaller lady. Interesting Kiki and I like to say ask circular or she is totally kickass is she needed to issue rights horses and I mean it's just honestly coal fire from here and you at a horse until then you can kick my ass look and I can't come near horses I'm afraid of armed yeah I'd. Defer any further announcements to come over Freddie and educationally or out kicked me out well. I have never seen a horse punt the forest he might be on to something well they admit that set it up. I got people that. Jose got a question for you your leisure Starwood all the stories get read in the tub sorry I wanna know we always like to try and help. People stab was kind of where someone is a soccer fan and maybe you're a huge fan or maybe you're not you're just learning about it either way but. I wanna know three questions who is your favorite Seattle times FC player. Now oral time now now roll done and that deal is soul feisty now. I he's just he plays with this. With this Ozzie why it just came from a night I've seen them push more people in the last three games then I had his whole entire career. Favorite any player of all time. Prevent the common loss. Left Winger for a around Madrid. Had the sickens free kick ever. I I only played soccer because I wanted to take free kicks I've told I told suck money that I wanna come to this tournament and this time there in his charity gained that he had kingdom home but I only wanna play if he lets me take the free case I think that's literally the only thing you know what he can sub in and out. That's at best this turf recap even if it's just want it could be the Stephen house got another kicker who came out and did that he only took one free kick right off the cross bar that they were scrambling here and the back to the bench for chemical agreements and then I'll finally what's your favorite soccer team. Individual club. Like the 99. About arsenal gunners of yet like our squad whatever it is a lot of bulletin arsenal cannot do that's. It's a finger out of them does that a. I am I think I would have to say. The 2002. Real mystery half I'm a big brown Madrid fan. Again that Tennessee be the Latin. Teen mr. Barcelona is more of the snooty people team a ought to know that I didn't know that was booed doubles is there was not association both of them spend money like it's no problem but you have a Real Madrid through its anymore for the people and if you have any issues with this just means that's fantasy 'cause I would guess with the whole like Catalonia. Independents and all act and it's tough today that's likes to have an alias gen Odierno. Has and by that I am a big believer that will let them fight their fight. Has sort of come back until we're out of time already for this this week but I wanna be able to do more in depth about this because I'm really curious about how. We ruled the Seattle sounder is FC as a team for everybody rather than what perceive it would not a good. Sounds themselves are doing anything negatively but as a perceived right now look around it to attempt to pollute the white people friends in Seattle and there I wanna know how that expands in the future so I hope you'll come back and do that yet. Iraq it. And now. Before we get out of here I have lived and excuse me before we get out of here oh we definitely have to take a look at round to the second leg of the CONCACAF champions league that we're gonna do here and next week so it's. What does that on Wednesday the sizzle not up to date prepare for both the when it and it just audio outgrown Mecca for Wednesday the Seattle founders Epstein traveled to Guadalajara to take on chief us. To see if they can score an away goal maybe get some extra points and advance beyond the quarterfinals. Of the CONCACAF champions league it's time to take a look into our Crystal Pepsi ball. And see exactly what to think Brandon you go first I think 1111. On the juggle peace chief buses passed through everything at this Cameron. Jose is the guest if you go next to one cheapest plans to one Cuba's wins that ends up being a shootout know that no that's. No you're right no we would go ahead because of weight on because away goals this too warm but not enough for two of us to move forward. I of course think that this owners are going to win at least. Ten mil.