Full 90 Extra Time: Arigato Gozaimasu

Friday, October 21st

Gregr is back from weddings, honeymoon, and just a crazy trip to Japan. If the Sounders can walk away with a win on Sunday, he'll have everyone saying arigato gozaimasu! PS the "u" in gozaimasu is silent!


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It's good trickle down. The image of a liberal that down for Pacifica I. You know the interesting thing about the spread north back in front of us. Same colors I use karate belt but I got yesterday. Walt. Watch out world view on the movie and enshrined doing chop someone read the the pics today how does that words you can have a little vote to keep some of the defense. And then he treated so some of them may she get orange boats what what was the BBA in the Philly you understand nothing about karate. Zoo like I said Laney reference is to Rossi it from the eight sense there he went straight from Nobel the black belt too which seemed purity. Pretty critical for a clear reason for Mike to fusion stroke lack of knowledge I did see a video on the FaceBook to do that my father in law tax Meehan of a chimpanzee. Doing karate and I was like this chimpanzees so exit karate it's like punching and take its total length which fell today have. A plaque than it out dean you'll Russo you or not. And then. The next clip of it is the chimpanzee doing spitting around the house kicks to the I was like it can't it's okay to get your your reply well I understand all I am just if you silhouette you progress in that regard I should have learned something from mr. young QB can't just joined via. What the creature is the skill could very well be opposed to pansies will eat your face you'll still the wax on wax off stage show. To me Yankee Eunice is a look at my cardinal no for sure that it expected him to do more of that now Christine. I just got back from Japan and yes I have very exciting. I have to report that I small literally zero DO Joe's being tired and I'd parrot and he traveled through Japan wasn't she the bachelorette. They saw a bonus Georgia accelerate enough. That the book that is knowledge beyond my in my it was the mobile Ross I don't have a the Jonas is very high popular culture. And have an eye on an early Japanese high end stuff I'm right and at a television you'll guts I'm way behind so. I for once the awful cute sort of because I never never traveled anywhere except for Montreal which is very for and I. I went to a land that was. It's more different than almost anything right now but also it's so modern and so western that it that it was I think a good fit it was about as. You know I can go to Canada and it's. Essentially the same thing you learn a few different customs no big deal just to Tim will use him yeah exactly forget our bikes to horns he got a few accounts until they can get. Did -- cast doubt about backs trying to putt are pretty much yet Annika Finland which at least I think if you go to England into the semi Durbin never expected to adjust to some of you drive on the left that's adorable look at them completely taxi drivers are on the right side of the car okay fine all right. Japan's him when that was definitely like a trip I was I noticed it from the air play and I'm looking at the window like. To have a McClintock well let's Holliday the little crashing into each other post is possible that it is very confusing to were you confused when you moved here in had to learn Wright's address or must I drive to the right. Not leave the Apollo from learning the full weight still. Which is we have round of buyouts in the UK I had everywhere since the guy instead of having a full way. Waste it's just an intersection when you take it intends Santa Claus Nolan takes incidents in as well yeah nebulous cracks restrictions. We have literally ran about some shall people with a gentle rant about saw. It's basically in the middle of ninety section and a circle Prodi would heap of grass on it and you have to go around and you rule. Take turns depending on who is on your right hand side. That's not supposed to work out what ya have it it's no one ever taught Seattle how that works zero people on this and round about Stan so when I get here to a forward stop non roundabout when I get there now I've just decided that I don't care I'm going to ever stepped up. It's everywhere just to look at each other by the end no don't think it's her to I think it's just not. I was radicalized so if he was like Naples and rove will be you old people would you smash into each other but it at least people have yet okay all right all right and celery you go you've got to and I its oil which is doing now which is Oklahoma tweet about it like today in traffic so men went in front of me when it wasn't his turn I can't believe this culture or give a passive aggressive kind of way bonus if to say yeah you got even though you're wrong. Yeah and so I'm over that now when it comes to driving album on the real maniac. Didn't go to him initiates ultimate cops yeah so much easier to drive in the US in the UK because we're pretty much did shift. Manual there so you have to be so much mold so here's kind of easy to our life that is the or the case or not. As automatic as isn't really 90%. To 10% manual sort of not taken I would sank. Lying below that any help me. So callous he wanted to take your Formula One driver. IA had a I had a look at a drive manual transmission on a minivan. And sort of the UK it's full of minivans like yup pretty much. A Dodge Caravan and probably early ninety's Dodge Caravan and had addressed I didn't even noticed except for some of that island on that. My friend taught me in about five minutes how to drive manifestations. Of this very simple and repeated its glory. And then when I was I don't know of an age old okay abilities to squawk. We have three we told always slow to both hold allowing cola yeah. All the stunts. It took me to. Tunes when child what happens stolen a baby newborn and was wondering who moved to tears of. Mountain View movies through the poor the. Didn't you know who's gonna sit down a series dissidents starts again it trite but the whole music Rosenthal whose office. Yeah I had in. I terms whatever I bought myself a whole sport the Nissan and it was stick shift and six feet short of ships stick shift is so incredible X ray you know. We don't plan on hold London Cuomo music plays more music. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. If we do it and do we're talking follow very little. I opened me. You know in each hit middle finger in the mouth. Whole. Where's mommy. That's who I'd listen to. Thanks thanks study ranks pretty highly of you know Christine come over here and you're juggling multiple things of what you're really into that mode. Percent. I'm sure maybe your mother moment disagree with that but. A little. The rat you try as a unit tried. See you got a six speed. Short throw Nissan 350 easy and it's the plays I've never. I've never adjusted to having. Never just having an automatic transmission it again like I haven't applied it drives easily no big deal and BB. But man I would love to get back behind the that I actually driving the car. Yeah issues like you're in control mold doesn't it probably just pressing the accelerator for the person that was driving like a maniac behind me up Capitol Hill today up to all of there and she was like all over back and forth in the driving erratically and have like you'd never be able to do that distinction you you would just stall and then we'd all laugh at Q and then keep going. That's a great reasons out most digits I think watch people still to make fun of them now. Lord deprived a ticket to take it seriously your daughter driving a pig man. The slipping while on my wife doesn't drive I think she's like there's too many idiots out there driving like weapons use it just let some other idea dried me someone that's me that's it because yeah but she's an excellent driver she's just terrified you know people. The Japanese. None of them have cars I can't get over the fact that we were a big cities they get it but at the same time. It's all taxis. And icicles yeah I'm sure that's not uncommon to other places and Asia but I was surprised by it when you hail a cab all the drivers are wearing white gloves the cavs are immaculate like everything in Japan everything's. Steam with. And you're not to open the award yourself specific cultural things you are to let the driver opened the door except for its Japan in the modernize of the driver at the Barton who. From inside the car and that sort of thing. I love it straight up and and again and it's again closes its very poor form can't let a Delorean in back to the future. Some a bunch of them thick smoke rules that's yeah it's just like Evanston. It is a strange culture where people don't talk to one another where they mind their own manners were there not engaging one another except for when it's necessary the young the use our little different they're probably too like now prepared to do with stupid rules would only without defending African American tax and but. No one engage one another and it's necessary what does that matter of respect minding your ride these needs who'll pick to show I need us the war. I think it's. A matter of not wanting to change one's self and if you don't say anything that you won't bring shame itself. But on the very confident society that is it it does not feel like it and it's strangely super sat. I looked giving on dislike of the tonight podcast. Forty times a week because it's fun to sit down and yes with people and like that is not something they do the two there's like. Little records on the buses and everything it's very English speaking culture that like it's like all the announcements are done in Japanese and an English and sometimes and and Chinese again. Right in the bus and it's like or the train and it's like the next stop is over OR station with the Japanese first then for us and it's like oh I didn't have to. Know what the signs there can just listen for it yet to be diligent pay attention to the very polite and proper about everything but. Is that you can on the trans pockets everywhere that say if you must talk keep it at a minimum. Because well no one on there is engaging in Minnesota just a lot of liked to talk. What's been hard for you as a as a as Leahy says a Tony loves to talk all set six full five being wasted old jets have Q worry also take to get people staring at you taking photos of me. I was so surprised that must be. I'm I'm just repeating what I've heard of sorry for everyone's offended I'm not sorry but that's that's going to be. I guess the Japanese hate the Chinese because the Chinese do exactly which are talking about which is what I was going in with where you were saying the Chinese walk right up to just take a picture like. I think I have ever worked just picture the strange thing I don't record listen. Japan not I was ready to be I was embracing it let's take a cell B looks to all of this whatever you want you can even touch me whatever you need at. But found a few days in new buddy. Nobody even looked at me. Subs almost excellent down the fact which are gonna be like a figure that's going to be hilarious and Elvis like looks straight ahead. If a content when looking at me it was like the extra that the ground tax breaks that were embarrassed him in cult can. That didn't have the self control and not walk. Assess how weird so one night. More it was. Touching upon some rest and she's she doesn't. Eat any fish or meat or anything it's so it was like anytime I want at sushi it was a it was a chooses to like watching mean I'll just have the right steps exactly and so. She was not doing well as who's gonna take a nap and I was like all the week's issue right now because if I'm gonna do it now's the chance. And Psycho and the the I want to go to the crazies sushi close confinement and there's one that's like not just days conveyor belt trains if you think all of that but also it's not like video screens. And with Munich custom orders like the sutures slides out of nowhere does luck insulin abuse of this epic. Cool and all the things shows up in front view. So is blade runner basically cat sort of and I'm sort of sitting there and I'm. I've got a couple plate and I don't know what's going on I can't figure anything out I'm clearly like an idiot by myself at the sushi place right and there's these two. That's stereotypical as you can go it's two Japanese school girls. At sushi with one another and the Japanese take a long time to eat there a fond of taking two hours to eat Anderson give one bite in the new weight any talk this evidently. You talk and that instance I guess when the food involved would sanction and that's when you do. K can't and so there there and I have like a couple 23 plates stacked up and like I hear like they're giggling and I looked over the goal like it's been waiting for middle Covert them. We giggling a flake an escalating and she points in my plate and points to a slots in front of me that's plate shaped it sees slight lead in the Hogan. And the Kindle. All whatever comes from the Ian from the video screen. And then it would it. Keeps tally of how many patty put another way and he loved and so dominant it's fascinating thing we should just taken the plates with the an annual. It would have been charged she or whether. You're sure looks so quickly machine it I've gained the system there the puritan. So you can that a few times after five times he could to look at Dickey who came word like it's like we'll do. And like all of a sudden there's like a cinematic on the screen Anthony brewer junior ordering in your chance to win a prize below prizes there and come and like. All the ruled out of Arkansas idol when the first time and that's too bad you can winners off free sushi so that okay great. And they are losing it without them Liam and sought. Cats and one of the times that the talking to one of the rules is saying something to me and not English but like she can understand me which are speaking to mis speaking in Japanese. And while she's doing that I see the other girl just nonchalantly with over her shoulder while she's trying to sneak personal phone up. And what are you supporting this at it and looms if they've like die of Japanese girl laughed at La Avon periscope it was American Ambrose consultant elect now or fronts now that the made fun of me and I'd break it up and ordering stuff for me in the with a past on their ordering it and wider to have a drink make it to you in the they like making hefty presumably a court restaurants now. And at some point they were taken there. Thrown in the early taking a picture because as big empty space and I'll liken it it's not pot bad and it's there it's their version of snapped at that puts dog faces on us or whatever and we dual it's a special mine and like arsonist goes the Americans snapped up by the scotus no problem. And the whole thing is preposterous it's the most fun I handed him one time throughout the whole report they were so happy to engage in American do this like myself. The vast pot and it's more than half of the fond of traveling approved. Dan you still completely. Lost and amassed. In the coach absolutely and I remember in Beijing 2008 UN myself from my cameraman who brought them for the Olympics decided on a day off. We were just gonna get lost in the city. Find their way out of funded DOT's Backstreet noodle bar you possibly could turn and exactly the same things you Gallup that. And in this case. The through DC the menu is only Mandarin negate eating me Harlow wouldn't. Then missing the job back and then Nick's face a team which clearly means would you like a menu and aegis and she shakes. And a new light and funny and it's yeah its it's Mandarin symbolism. You know just points something an agreement through doubt and if tremendous of the people across the table was. A kind of wavy yet you would just be making some kind of sign language small talk and is trying to get a she suddenly realized that he. There's a whole wild outlet. And the world these. Is it can be so different to what you know it's open you'll minds of that. It's tremendous it was interesting about it is that the Japanese are so similar in terms of like. Street structure made sense of they've named their streets like if you knew the right words is like. It's about dory is it was like sun dory is what it was it's on Joseph Torre is limitless. That was excellent. What that means it must be some Japanese electronics products on that and us are looking in the house on as the number three. Joseph mean something of first third whatever it is that's their equivalent of that and the Dorian street and I'll sons were hurt street. An innocent looking at the map of the all that makes sense to yeah what over the next go to. Need to Gloria whatever was the equivalent Olney is true princess and also had an up and makes sense. You practically a local already in Tokyo. It it was it felt. At Tokyo was harder on Q2 it was wonderful too wonderful city but it felt. I can understand how it's humans we have a tendency to do things a certain way we have to organize ourselves a certain way and it's not. It doesn't matter what. Where I was I could find some sort of similar structure. I realize other places are probably that wayward but Japan was very much of the oh they still have green plants here and hills and the sun comes out against down certain zones of today and nights the human experience is probably still probably pretty similar no matter where you. Not no matter where like in certain places so it was also knows. It not everything here's purple whatever and you know what I expected but yeah. Certainly not everything was robots and that's a expected to see a lot more of facility reckon I'll hope it will be for the Olympics are fully it's time I can you mean it's very. A Beatrice is to see what it's like when you go for that because it's very. 1950s. Or sixties when America went into the war so. Violently and it's X stamped it out that you like this for your time ball pool. It's everything is still a department store you still go to the department stores like family outings for the team. In this all the restaurants there and Frank Sinatra is playing all the time and that's always executes fairy like 50s60s. America. Conservative. Everyone is dressed every conservative leaders knew what machinists in terms of sexuality. There's no. It was Feehery buttoned up in a press couldn't believe it. Expected to all be robots and like and everything in a hundred miles an hour Aaron. Know when it was in Tokyo was a little different it was like there's a there's obviously isn't healed everywhere we had. Feel like here in summit as a real pace accountable and pace of life to happen even then it was like it's the respect for one another that everyone has that there's the you don't you know bumping and life isn't out of control New York I thought was a bigger hustled and Tokyo did you get it by back trouble that bow out like I got a bad back and new content of the might be the proud that a lot of it and different like my wife and I were different or is very she's like. She puts me at the forward figure it just kind of like trails behind me as like things I was willing to try and talk to that's surprising given how shy you. And it well I would hope that. It was something else to be able to to try it I was like fully ready to a great let's talk about whatever like and anyone like a few of the cab drivers you forget the don't. Even though everything is written in English secondarily everywhere they don't know we English so the whole of the soccer news tussling on a picture of a photo that I don't. Read that but it's. It's not in con gee do I don't know what that is that's. But it became a homeless in this in the Muslim iPhone and Google translate is a wonderful thing but it became. But that was more than news since and so was like totally figured out how this thing it's like I said Hilton hotel and the guy goes. What bush told Tillman he's like I don't know what that economic. Hotel when he goes. Like a nice drives it differently in the funniest. As like Hilton to home. All huge boom. Because it just that. Just that little bit of difference that would erase them you know doing is enough to be a world apart and so it's like the two of us have to figure that out find common ground man blew my mind is not fun in the first instance and it might quite get. Wearing little taxing after a few days are few weeks that. The idea that you succeeded. In communicating with somebody. That doesn't understand your language and you'd understand their language. This is something kind of warming about that certain and the guy gets excited to America and embrace a list of each other down like we had to break it down to what's the simplest level. And all the. The announcement in Japan everything's so proper so regimented that like when we are flying back on the air and they do all the announcements and news. If you knew the customs form a true global law and the refusal in Japanese reflect ultimate sort of American airline that has been repeating in Japanese and I realized from the time we went into the same thing the opposite way. To that we were coming back I realize that everything is that a that a that is that is unequivocal the most. And out of the those amounts and everything in the same way it was. They Q and then because a mosque being the with much brazile punishment at that but there's an accident pick up on the structure of how they did everything I was like. All I can see how the Japanese do I don't know any of the words but like structurally. If you get that out after ten days there to pick up on what they drop words at how they do select the first he's trying to figure out how. They say that you can such a watch by the Japanese real system leaves after the first day on the first train we took when it like was five or six minutes later amid. It's miss our second screen. I'm very like I tried to talk to a guy don't have any way of communicating except for. It would buy my ticket here it is my time is my ticket we've missed it what happens now and he couldn't do anything about it so finally he was like get. Training did go through an eye towards Donald random train the next stream that looked like it was the same thing just got on a lot outside heats up we just stood there too slick. And then someone else and are on their gonna go there in the just over collective like. Being I don't dislike owning my own stupidity and they were like or on familiarity is what it is they all came through for us and yet it all happens in a way except the end they're customer service's number one they like go out of there like walk you to your hotel room of the things you don't understand even though it clearly know what's going on I don't know where come on we're gonna take you there because you need to. We need to make sure that you're okay and it's not for tipping culture is it or is it alienate tipping cultural tips. Now all like if you tried to make it fair I tried to the Baghdad we will have you back to no success so offended by it. Which is just say different is it is this coming year where you go in order a coffee at your local coffee shop. And even it was like three books or three votes 50 she should have been leaving a tip pill we get attack. I still none in the US you can help me out with the pants if I don't get taken out now. At a rest strong be it Chinese. Curry. Won't ever relationships doesn't matter do you tape that could believe it should be going to the ritual picking up and walking out. I posed this question to our listeners before on the in on the social media FaceBook or whatever fan support pricing number of them who have had. Service industry jobs say yes. But not it's much. Too and he right and so like if what's pick up. Jennifer to its eighteen. Fifty or whatever a ground out to want me out of it. Yeah yet but there are so offended if you were to do that and I don't know it's because they. Pay their people differently or if the wages match the or there's more emphasis put on service or because. When your wandering around here and in many places I'm sure. It it doesn't have for high that this is a restaurant there's just like a place with some lights on with no advertising except for one sign written in Japanese that I can't read until. I don't know if this is a stone's house so our law firm orders that are sucking air with what we do it's awake we end up. A lot of time being well. Let's go to the next place and see what happens whenever. I found after a few days and maybe you can. But we know offices comment after a few days. I was learning how to. Do broken Japanese. Hikes where I can like. Rather than at the first payment while I'm really overwhelmed it was like to camp I just say a couple things. Here and there it like kept the conversation going the direction the night. Yeah that's a funny thing that's always have been ever. Come on neutral whenever I've got to broke I was trying to speak that language a little bit limited but then what happens it's as though who's in the service industry quell from speaking English. It creates more pro blew past that it's will because they're prepared to speak to you reading English because they recognize that you're not from lack chair dance for albeit. Brazil recently enrolled Spain or Russia. Always had a but if you try and speak and eat like you get a few crazies down that if pretty fluid. And the accent is reasonably good attempt then they'll assume that you know that age and in five to keep you. In their own language nobody ever goes zero. Stuff I gag. Like in Spain had not know it yet though the school pay you know sorry it. And it just becomes big mess so sometimes. It works other times creates double trouble of but you'll go and try to be polite. And Ed's opinion complete thought. It took me seven days to differentiate when I needed to Reese rapid fire respond to somebody just like that's when walks by who whatever they are when you're leaving. It's go menace it is I'm sorry until cab driver almost at some of it and the breaks we usually gone typical of the like always it's. Unfortunately it seems like a victory you know she did you sense that you're not concerned that you're almost died OPEC. The thing. Go to mosques is like a very similar. Phrase goes in my tournaments are like start the same way until I was in or changing the two like a lot of got the blue and violet did finesse and such thing thank you I'm sorry. If if if if it missed that at this. Now I was disappointed in myself because I didn't think this through and like the soccer obviously I'm here to talk football with you about soccer or whatever. And when we were in Kyoto I didn't which is my new favorite city on the planet. I didn't stop to look and see if they had day football team and they too. In the second division of the J. League. I think Stanley and that's the edited yet jaded Japanese they have like how was like one of the biggest cities in Japan and not fielding a team that can compete in the first division. Football there. You get it that you get all of the world. And even back to England. You get a huge cities that don't have. A premier Li Ting Sheffield which has a population of 600000. Which is in the top twenty comfortably UK cities have passed two really good teams but therein the second tier infinity while. No it's again which is a city a group posted there as a team bouncing of forests that were in the European champions league. Twice. Late seventies netting eight and one half and that but it's been. Basically floundering in the second team. For the last 1015 it is ridiculous really cities' biggest so utopian stand at Kyoto doesn't have. A team in in the top ten maybe they'll go back up go get promoted but that's the kind of deal all around the world with promotion. And relegation among Major League soccer there's a chance that if you're mismanaged tool you are lucky you'll yup what every she east. You'll team can go down and all of a sudden the city's scratching its head going hang on why we his second race opposites it happens. I'll follow up about big cities not having teams. I'm not an official with the London. I see. Why is that now exists or doesn't exist and I don't know what and it's trouble wolfpack because every single London team watching six of them in the printing out we're all trying to stake their claim to be the number one NC. Crystal Palace who probably the smallest of the Premier League London teams. Would say then the team of South London sir that's how they ran themselves we lose South London. Because an eagle west ham who the east and boys. Sultan and hostel who with a north teams and separated only by a couple of miles and in Chelsea outs in the west. This Fulham he used to be a pretty team riposte to that but then on the second Tate. But his precious thing in a London team and I think you have to get back to the history of the names in the eighteen hundreds. London's huge city can't have one team in London and then just call it though London team it's too big a place to radio warranty. It's got tons of teams including the Premier League teams right down to the fourth tier below. So it's girls' school as a team I seek out just how walked cold londoners would state. But in the NFL what we have to New York teams you don't mean that there's the giants and the jets and that is likely both are called new York and people hate each other the same way that you would if you were Tom no more arsenal fan or whatever I'm so surprised reporters recently always surprised that there's not representation as just one. Will it's named after the liquid supplements if he wants tablets in the sub level of what's happened to be moved seed mixture annually to state the logically Crystal Palace as of the town of crystal palace of the area Crystal Palace. Boss dole is a cheap stuff around that also Crystal Palace easy to destroy it with a rock I think. Not been worked out. If I am beautiful but cannot shots reprieve Chelsea is oversee the area of Chelsea's cell so it's all about weapons that the local area within the city sues like she knew you'll taking that example. According to team queens exceed what the Brooklyn Dodgers yet exactly Brooklyn nets so what Andrea Lafferty. It was baseball playoffs in Japan over there and I'm cool Obama because two leading into Adams wanted to baseball would be so cool we went to Formula One which the robbery. Cica alike to back that but the baseball which we didn't know going and it's. It was something where Lori who's real trooper she looks fine arts and she went to form one with me and and like the look and efficient cars for sent by to a Clinton. I she was looking up could we go to the Austin race which is this coming weekend so we can we pulled off because she was so strict continent to catchers are taken by law. About how exciting it is the cars by at that speed of that noise and you know it's a very satisfying thing to see but I was like who's gonna reform if it was human long colonel moon might be too much to ask. But when it came down to overcome a tired at the end it would have been fun to kill but the nature of the playoffs means that they weren't playing in Tokyo I don't know Tokyo team made it to the playoffs. And and again. The big city where they should have the most money the most ability to attract American talent or talent from wherever it might be strong. Doesn't have any representation at the end of the year. Just like England and BAT's that this dome of the team was Liverpool provincial northwest city earth seem to win title to title in Manchester event Manchester to cope with Manchester United in the nineties and abilities. And now Manchester City erupt that which is squeezed now. London arsenal of Heidi sporadic success and Chelsea have had more success. But really the big big chunks of time in the last 3040 years in the you can write. When the top soccer teams haven't been in the most populous city it happens I'm. Probably called the naughty thing never never heard that that's really had never heard the nobody's 80s90s. Dole tees in the until we cool acoustic eighteenth. Tease probably man when he had an. Her name earth. English speaking on. So it's been a wild ride here at the end of the old settlers easily just talk about that and I've been. Going in a million miles an hour about Japan which I could talk for three and a half four hours about so. But the senators meanwhile have been and floundering. Almost a little that they had this huge opportunity to lock up playoff spot last weekend and at just took off opponent that looks like that could very well win the round of the FC Dallas is playing against the LA galaxy in LA trying to wrap up the supporters she'll be the best team in the entire panel last. Colorado who claimed there steak at a earlier in the season looks like they can. Actually get it on the gets real weak Houston squad but. The senators had a chance being up one nothing in the second half against. Especially Dallas my favorite city for SpaceX this is I think you have retirement a terrible air conditioning on their horrible. My whole life that you're that put a real Japan you know like departments are culture. Let the senators couldn't get it done and now they find a very dramatic finish to IC. Haven't decision guy is really ramps up. And I think if you'll leave the marketing people a Major League soccer at courses you see downtown Manhattan new law silent facing because he sank. Seattle with the results at Dallas last weekend could've. Stamps. That place in the playoffs. And the way they'd name of the form the grateful they carried game. Nobody might be able to do it yeah but then they've they've they blew up. Great winning goal by 97 hero policy through use open casket eats. He too has been a thorn in the side amenities that maybe seven year old you know Mario he's pretty old. Amended Seattle now. How else to get a result. Against rail so late Sunday with Portland win mean to bring them in the mix. Basically three teams who goes into the playoffs from a pool of four possible rules. Says a few teams above them that have we locked in now that you mention Dallas Colorado. Like galaxy but then ace Real Salt Lake Seattle. Sporting Kansas City importance of this. Ford teams fighting for three spot. It's an fourteens that. That come up a lot when Seattle's fighting for something to happen this is these are teams that we match up against a lot whether European open cup or in the playoffs a lot of times or it's just cascade ia with Portland and the that sporting Kansas City is always the matchup that I look for to just exciting and two team that you would never expect to the why are the Kansas City Wizards or whatever they were Koppel good or bad I never expect them to be that in the suddenly they got a stadium against good. Yeah yeah exactly they big they really re modeled themselves. And push the franchise some. Eight nobody really into being a preeminent team. In Major League sockets and now you have a much more competitive. Leak and it takes six out of ten teams are going to make playoffs but to try to deal it's a good. But he still needs is a race pretty much of the end of every season. So Seattle behind Terrelle so late so they got a destiny of their own hands that's. Pretty important but it's a drool might not be enough. If that happens and sporting Kansas City. Beats on Saturday a team that is already out of play on the out of Portland be vying cute another team that scenario play out in bank chief. Then Seattle. Will be out because real solid just about Seattle in the standings so they've got to be able to get the job done I think we have to go into with the mindset of we need to win this game the if they drool. All movies they could still go through depending on a lot of other results it can say that that the dreadful scenario. Is it by Portland on sporting Kansas City. We date gain Pacific time than Seattle will be comfortable but they status didn't want to have to go doubt. To the last day of the season I mean it's it goes on to simple probably overused sort of cliches. When. And direct. Yup Sanders if they win it I think that even clinched the fourth spot I think that that's that gets forced yet because so they could just about them yeah of course Italy problem with the win. And that opens up all sorts of possibilities. Because you thinking of how un tie up in the wall. Gain not count round you don't begin in the rugged and it's a pretty quick turnaround as well in the playoffs. So who's putting needs get a win for that that put up very able to be in this fight how does that work this here into the playoffs with the who was playing the knockout games so the top to get through automatically to that place take calls placed fifth. And he said full flop the home advantage fifth and sixth will beat a team that travels in the one off game. And then whoever wins is knock out round games place first and second in a two game series which is the west conference semifinals. So then. Than you do home and away yet the West Africa and then and the analysts that this these championship funneled the Western Conference that's home and away votes war. And they need nearly two MLS cup final which is the best team in the west he's the best team in the east. Out the team which had the Spezza wrecked cooler over the regular season listened one off gain simple really is that. Take a page out of the NFL analyst and you're listening thank you for listening. Take a page out of the NFL. And she lost. Have single elimination quivers record as fast get to their man it's like. That's that you should be playing for all season if you're going to be playoffs is happy kid first getting into the playoffs then getting home field advantage because it's so massive and if you can win on the road in Europe that your that story even better it's great for the narrative written for some some. Some extra story there for a frivolity but it's. This home and away nonsense. You don't get that full battle to the end from these teams you might be playing for a different result I mean obviously want to win all the time but knowing that you're gonna have to play again in four days. You have to make different decisions and it's just doesn't feel like the spirit of the playoffs to me it's a. Very European thing because you get on European champions league wants to go through the group stages two and sixty you then I would I'm series do you plan how many play anyway. So was the way it's been done then and I think he's been carried on but the raw rather instances if a as the playoffs yet there are there mysticism of close around the country or around the world worries done. Differently. Some people would argue back to some people out he was asked why we're in the situation there are always tweaking it. Rugby league if again with the fact is the sport is pretty obscure it has apparently it's instant. When you have that. How much I teach at first will play and I hired him or baby coconut by for sure. And anyway and and go through to our rates in the semifinals of the playoffs set a school play. Seventh and then whoever wins that played six of them and keep him long at all so you reward the team that finishes top. I knew coming so late stage which is a little like the system that was never the home and away scenario. Like he said this event on Tuesday for the highest seat maybe that's a way to have to look at it particularly is that the season's already punishing me long at eight months. And that international where it comes in and you lose all the enthusiasm that you built a few other international break Thursday before the MLS final the cup final. I get you give the team to a week then two to settle. And to make their plans to train for for the final match maybe get a read the epic final battle but the fact that it's like. That there's a break in play it's not followed by the MLS cup the and I don't know how little time out this year haven't looked over the years past afflict a little soccer still going on the effect that this is when the Seahawks season is getting interesting or whatever it is an exit is sealed dominate the sea oats apps and really dominates the season or even Kansas City Chiefs vs the sporting Kansas City or in you know LA has the football team this year you can starting to elect a war against seasons matters that are getting more interest in. And have more maligned and and it's just yet. If you're trying to cut through America tour that's that's dragging it out forever is not dance well you to rights or less as a missed the job. He's the Soka courses put it down ask for a little out of whatever. Revenue damage from a new system we use proposed in happy dates when you're that young simple. Really political Adrian first moment within an hour. That's what I wanna see us proposed here to our response basketball. It becomes the it's out of play. 120. On Sunday you could hear the game broadcast on 1077 the end of head of a station second of two games being broadcast the seas in the first let me just say when the centers are on the end. Undefeated 100% so just don't Maceda.