Full 90 Extra Time - Dinosaur Train In The Cold

Thursday, December 8th

The Sounders FC are off to Toronto for the MLS Cup final - will they take the dinosaur train?!


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Central library it's all said with a cool library downtown yeah it's really cool library in the kids carriers amazing that I know we got nine nice. 1030 Wednesday's. Consciousness of the source. Very busy. Door Ross. No worries I made notes are its goods or another serial mom. We are going to be soaking for rages because as everybody knows we know notes we have nothing episode needs of each other for. Photo editor houses mature those look at them and effect kind of that's a new notebook is well all love the sticker on it. Well we have trivia at the front desk every day. And when I get a trivia question and correct they gave me sicker and dialed you have to stickers food. Says one of them and other one is nailed it while all that's the coolest front desk in the world that's pretty neat area up there is ever Dave make it a new ones so. Sometimes I walked by and I get the right occasionally I knew some sort of trivial piece of nonsense like died yesterday is wrong I've looked at today yesterday it was. What is the origin of the points that he. Plants what does that what does that come from. New York once that is so isn't it Afflalo to read some things to derail immigration plan should kills cats affiliated my two year old not lose more about Clemson ninety. And I'm not surprised no emotion W about short cut grass and that's about it yet. She's speaking to dinosaur as you'd love that we told about this I love dinosaurs I think we have talked about my love dinosaurs before we sold about how to have done this'll tell you about you'll live a dinosaur crazy I've depression probably like. See you David needed notes through this okay first of all. I think I have a gift to sender of future pooled his Celtics is in money's coming out of your pokey it is plastic dinosaur or are. We shall mogul that cynicism is our triceratops. Out and that is I think that if I'm not mistaken it's an ankle Don Fowler cows getting different deploy their kids and it's very cool thank you. She loves this sure the show include dinosaur train impede yeah. I've heard of this actually betraying does so tree doesn't change dose of trees yeah it's tremendous and a new way it's a human and it's not a dog meant a lot but. Is it don't you just a little educational segments at the end of each story animated story. Talked to sculpt. And she loves it another interview doctor Scott before have you us in his astonishes. Don't just got a paleontologist. Holbrooke and his sister teaches that a human growth. Oh yeah and she does stuff like she's a study how old's don't discuss odds and I'd probably about. 4550. As a how Holden she's my daddy how old the dinosaurs are set. Hopefully millions of years old skews yet. Kazan from the chair rustic home ultimately you'll term. That's incredible and it's atrocity even I don't know this is a sudden infant death brings you much of a point about not knowing about violence and my sentence and doctor Scott Sampson. This is nice and name I think I was I was told to sculpt the paleontology and assert that I interviewed a guy about I don't discard the preview intelligence the incredible it's gonna be him big big face now flops down and kind of I sold in pet the dog had a with a person. Now. He talks very animated okay kids stood outside to edit Sunday show meet your role in this. Oh definitely got absolutely fabulous he's such as how. Now my question is is you'd like Dr. Phil where he's not actually a doctor of anything any diseases that title so he can be on TV. As a paint holy cheeks I'm guessing he probably east how. I'm like I just looking at angles what I can do in my next couple there you just try to discredit go to the doctor Scott and total data is what I know I can get by pretending to know about dinosaurs of the way I can be on dinosaur train. Watt and that would blow my mind and that's not at the very critical is the next step in your career nearly just put the pieces together of my love of dinosaurs like you're Kimmel have dinosaur train to thank for a put. Well when I was growing up in the Q we have I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico and there's a natural history museum there and it focuses on dinosaurs. And yeah. They're my mom to take me to when I was a kid and so like rather take the kid to the dinosaur museum of course museums or grip with the tickets against. If they wanted to know like if they don't want to it's boring but like had a look go to the dinosaur museum momma certificate. Let's have a boss closely about that she was like well that explains a lot my I never considered that like going in looking at at dinosaur fossils was quick spoke fundamental in my now. Immaturity as a full grown adult and exactly the ages sixty fool you still wailed about the use of the Pacific signs sensor reload and dig in hang out with the diamond souls than I have been as much as I'd like to marketing news and everything I think it's because of the Internet I think that's what now I can only with a dinosaur stumpel possibly lose everything that worldwide by an amateur voice of their last crazy we had a Winnebago whipped her concert yesterday it was decked the whole ball yellows it it was right during the span -- Band of Horses they're fantastic you should the month. And I was like yeah. About bush. To bring them. It's like that my voice that that as I was millions like well the ring you know those liberal my wife was like you do realize when you've got thousands of people at a stadium you have simply put a microphone in which projects you'll voice and speech is I'm not every which people can hinge are not invent of course is the uses cherry. Host and you really should G seem the most of the game and he knew that being the whipping man the excitement of front will go of them are South Carolina now they used to live here but he's like hey all great to see ya don't don't dream player Kyrie and here we are who is like it was so fun there so that there's so it's like come. The sound like how electable boy hicks though yeah fantastic I love about voices down excuse for radio is that medical he had exactly right. Can you know when that is an. US to be done and it does well it does the real deal hey lots of the great having you up for a six minute that I have a low dose elders divide it's it's Jersey weak. Was one under and to celebrate the sound is going to be -- cup I started on Monday wanted to do with a big East Coast city. I don't engine budget is no doubt. Retirement garbage Ross. Love and Jersey week I've discovered something about Jews who week. Jersey which is the number one way to make yourself realize little fat piece of crap you are always a skinny mini cold and refrain has got to say that you realize this this year it was a lot less tight a year ago on that right that's just or even two months ago to point out areas like not out really hard in the night. I just I wore one wore one yesterday deck all blow woman senators two years ago. Attention the people the a lot of their way to be like yeah goes counters because everyone's always ram and Seahawks that you. And to bring the kind of the third team of Seattle like those outer stance definitely find each other like I'd like. There's like vendors and then the concession lady yelled at me and it was like a lot of fun to have that Hughes plus a one point com are from Heidi from the sounder as the formal and I was gave us I gave me a custom printed Gregor. Senators Jersey now. I don't know about you like I don't play for the sounder so I would never presume to put my own name on 21. Onto a Jersey and then Wear them around because that's like what Bret Evans gets to do you know I don't know and I never quite get that I'd rather support the guy that I like the most war. You're life would just to show would have been Brad Evans and we got that autograph for a Mulligan on its. A matter Brad Evans though right now and breaking news whom you're isn't that he was in the building yesterday to idyllic cares W our sister station and I was like he was tweeting back and forth of those having a good time. I don't know he was here though and then I she kissed every bill like pitcher Brad Evans for coming at a public. Hello. Sarah. Go to Carol just so you can ratings are down ran you know standing here with me. I just of occupy I don't like to be the volume the second station that's fine I just like to do you mean people love these last three so Brad Evans I'm attitude right now. Not really though because it's the depth. Yet so Jersey week has been half men every comic has to be wrong angle myself on like. Literally two months ago Jersey recruit a perfect it was a great shape already in becoming do you think comfort marriage and now passed segment boobs insists she's wearing Christmas sweater over the office who is not got some questions for Iran and your team back home in the UK is not enforce the streets of and those still lynched black homes according games in the biggest rival to. Tell really as the manager living given you a little ounce of me what you do about it yourself on this before to be fair. It's a different whatever year. Mystery to you and then look at. They're not in the Premier League so how do you follow that does he would show which you have to just look at the Internet how do you keep in what you do. Team B in spool swung with the channels living issues are thinking day in the week but this is a word to. And so news but they championships yes said that each of the ship set content yeah islands the prudently follies is Omar and basically. You just mentioned about the world wide web. Some stuff out that these guys are lauding your whole alliance could be yet did you know ignited such a bus that particular thing yeah. I always thought almighty to every scene mutt Shia on it if you want you can subscribe to the team issues highlights and and delayed ninety minutes of the games and stuff but. Com that vaccines and these days so you just kind of like to know what moved general story you've got a tremendous zero interest in the still resides in. So I mean does the site owners and become your home team sort of is that the kind of how that works at a time. It's funny when you yield team innings and he's always you'll team not that's it's weird how like. Here's a look at your from a few American cities there's a few football teams you can never betray. Like if you're from Wisconsin your Packers have to be a pocket camera like it doesn't matter that's like or remove them to you give people dig you've. 49ers front here mistake. Absolutely enough if you look crossover between the two cities do I think people move up here from Sanford and sign your import into parity is support. The Seahawks right but boats then when it comes to soccer you can't support anybody of Matilda or even with basketball at Seattle people tend to not support. Portland basketball because he's even though there's the Sonics are still he's still hate the blazers and then Seattle fire school supports. Arm. Thank you when it comes to hockey gap so dude is also as a way tribalism. That. Very strange that were willing to look one way or the other and and that's okay so like safari for Sonoma are whatever your nonspecific team in the fifth the fifth the Catholic I think it is being a challenging especially without BS sports like you said only showing one game which I figured something out finally dom I tape our tape that such an old. I love it and I've come these days of phrases that should never die what are called there's ago that the team the all our guide I DVR. The public motorcycle racing for instance and half the time on be in sports it's. The English freedom halftime by half the time it's the Spanish feed debit or Spanish erased the lead nick chemical screw this up. A hundred plus he'll classic who the other day between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the Spanish like yours it as best cynical of food for soccer well I'd look real well with his name Rory Robertson ray Hudson yeah crazy man Roy Hodgson as the former England can ask ray Hudson is the crazy for Hillary. I don't play from England I lover Hudson I think he's he uses some like really awesome color food polarism whenever he comes out with so many superlatives of friends are looking for adults who wonder whether that. Quite scripted out leaps death if you know what's in him because if there and he is mine now when he comes up with these wonderful and industries of Friday's. And it's such event a button so describe applied you have to say he's the world's she genius now is the biggest she death he's just pulled that out of nowhere yeah he's the David Copperfield of mean what few cute and I say little phrase like once a day. In employee I'm pretty proud Obama and George out of my daughter don't know to that's the real. Yeah I mean ball so much. When I'm trying to get better at radio I know it's hard to believe that in an effort right at the peak any right now thank you notes that the opposite if you usual ankle unfit for what else is on the gas and Greg a special credit I guess I don't five minutes a day. For like a week or two weeks just like working on my com my analogy your mind metaphor I just work on that such civilly writing a lot of that stuff down. On and that I find like a couple weeks later after that exercise I can pull them faster or with out having to have. On the written and which is that feels good. Think he'll imagine a black guy either is writing a lot less free time or a genius yeah but I was only get to his commentary if I'm watching on Spanish soccer. So finally I was so sick of it at the bottom of the screen it's that available NSA pre the Spanish translation. For English go to the ftp mode so it's twitches and so. I've looked up how to do it on contest if you have X one you can switch over to the English version and sure enough. 41 minutes into the game suddenly I have the opposing commentary and the relief for the halftime tonight at four minutes of the homework but. It was fantastic to watch paean sports and action be a little with the English commentators that I loved so that's cool credit limits trying to watch and they are confused sometimes it's in Spanish and English there's usually another feed you could switch over to if you are using. Actually endorsed Comcast but I this is a thing where I might I genuinely used this for the purpose so. If for blaming the team that you support in England in the championship if they were to go to a championship. Match yeah. Which for two for promotion decision Cheney asked that if they win their second. What her would someone in your circumstances in England. Watched that match as it at home is there a pub that everyone gathers that with the go outside the stadium when the cubs were playing an ever won't go and watch on the screens out there how would that be him. Looks like an example of what I call the game like that we choose Dhabi county. In that championship playoff to gains in the prime nearly 2006101007. 2006. I think the Darby and Darby and I was there doesn't citizens doesn't 67 season. Heinz it was a huge occasion because they missed the top city which was automatic promotion and but then they had to go into the playoffs third fourth fifth and six play off. For one extra spot holy crap to get promotion it's really cold and into the season keeps interest alive small teams and the Eagles had to play a final. And that's always played and nationals stadium Wembley Stadium cool so every big internationally in an east play. Out one stadium which is which is unusual for for Americans consider. But this won't place Wembley Stadium in 90000. Leaning almost a billion dollars stadium in North London. And then all these Olympic Games played it too like FA cup finals surely cup finals. And in the playoff finals and so those 33000. RB fans went down. None really to hang around outside the stadium. The venue yet at B watch parties and pops intact. Faced each everybody has access to on TV pretty much. So it's a mix read it what are we talked about commute to get their records based alchemy defective ordinary people days more than a tenth of the population of the city so it's a reasonable chunk of the sixty that guns but they did the city went down. CU Wembley Stadium to go watch him play it's like the euros with Iceland worth the door into the hunt goes on I got into was in Europe who are well out of lessening almost everybody in Iceland except I think 276. People watched today. In the country when there physically you know Iceland's it is like to meet sir oak is the country's any courtroom many people. So that we here's how when when the elm wind we found out that it was going to be Toronto playing in the MLS cup final against the founders on Saturday at home we booked a flight. Knowing that we are 24 hour cancellation. Without having to pay a penalty. And started looking for tickets and a friend of mine who works in organizations like all the two tickets or about it no so wet and I was like greats. And so I picked him up in the morning and was like our pixel. Ballplayer tickets are about the tickets and he was liked JK I can't actually do that side have a nice life. Well these same mean low 2000 dollar so the difference being if you're coming down from Darby county on a two hour train ride the cost him six bucks out that purses the 900 dollars per ticket to fly to Toronto. The 700 or 600 bucks to fly to Detroit and rent a car and drive through Canada to get to Toronto who knows and what conditions I don't have any snow driving experience. It's of the became like a well he could've saved me two grand hairdo by not coming through on these take it from but then sure enough as it worked out. I found other ways to go and I'm like it's too late council we don't have a hotel room anymore every. A third more right Willis doesn't he was your friend is it'll be a friend that clearly he's dead to me but. Just Brad Evans who took a puck at. God is mad at Brad Evans is not that the mix but. It's another and now the reality is whereas a sounder standards not traveling to like to watch them just listen in many places are traditional kind of viewing places by the way yet tickets sold out. On general cities a three minutes now feminist up vomiting Toronto in the soundness that's great news for the league official window will be replacing the traditional sound is pubs when people go oh what Roy can't let will be slow and like Atlantic crossing yeah and down in Fremont as well. Most Jones in ballad to me round but then again that's parts of the atmosphere is in the U wanna be in a collective wherever. I want a lovely little sons are all just such an old man I know what why that is their home game what she beat Capps. Subpoena does not care for soccer accidentally at all. I mean that could be a possibility we're talking about go to the flat stick pub and is the new one in pioneer square watching that or think about the reality of that is on Saturday at 5 o'clock game. Probably gonna be there right 333330. To make sure that we get someone to hang out there would be the buildup to the borrower table assume that if we get bigger group than we can manage the space pretty well. It's not like it could be pretty opportune. I just don't know polar watch it at home or can hear it and yell at the TV in like. Via my oldest son was actually going off Abby and be in my own swept pants just at home if that's what what it comes onto what would you do would what are you gotta do. Lama this weekend. Among friends fortieth birthday policy now and generally yes okay. And union of low forties that they putts when Hillary difference than he had than it was OK okay cool so this that's going on RNC have you know what you watch it that's the thing is over and how to yeah man you mineral and we'll check annually said okay. Not speaking should it be if it picks up a bit of an idea man as a reference or we can get the karaoke pleasant street to put on hundred composed of lots and I'm we'll move down the street for them is across town for me and that new barrage home is going to be pricey so I'm like trying to wait us out and bliss chief literacy thousand dollar plane ticket put in LA that that's a great really it's been fifty bucks or whatever no big deal to tool opportunities is what I wish the wife would drive because since she could go to Q I'll just drive and nausea should conduct and yet seconds can apply to something. Hard I think you could still get did you get popped for that for riding a bike or intoxicated a little did follow alienate sitting too intoxicated authors of the cost. Nugget I mean. Low. It is not at all their bodies on top of the idea that like if it was a girlfriend newest and lift maybe if you do you decide. Give me the discount clubs. That's what I want me and that's that's a good gigs mean and its complex. Both sides saying good to have it now does your friend drive for left or no wasteful to put that ring and hurry past few dry. So to get an idea of the business a sports field and to execute I deer actually that you wet for this company does not come until they don't encourage you to go played forty minutes right hello hello branch I boyish some of the seven in the seventieth I would have your headsets still on via Bluetooth they're like two commentator and lawyer playing though be incredibly nit in new growth over the people who steal they get when you're going to aero. Oh ho tell you you know offense about it. Also I want the the referees when their Mike stop I want to hear what it's going and I want to feed to be recorded so I can hear what they're yelling at the players. With in the players can open the yelling and Spanish at the guy and he saw him back to them we know. That would be funny did you mica the cages these days. Hold on everyone Mike in like. You can control what you release so with such as them saying like terrible things to one another like you can you like veto it. At the brakes on that but the same time I want to hear what's going on down there are well maybe one day when you're the commissioner and go for it that's my next career I'll be the next Don Garber. Those who does that. We've run Evans as you deputy. Will season you can make the cut up my dad's side right now let's appoint you can be addictive to me you get packet in this topic does not itself. Now can't I can see it happen again Michael barred Jersey on just pissed Brad Evans. It doesn't. It doesn't snow commonly in England rain. And she used hungrier Monday he will put it this way 100% of the knees never makes going to a friend's OK so. Well there's some web we have an ancient white stuff. Almost full the entire country has ground to our call autumn of that one season there was three or four years ago where they did pull off on Sunday of soccer or football there because it was snowing everywhere and they had to shut down and it does happen. Do you kiss they probably every year. Got in every country I don't give Bostonians style snow whereas drifts of 5678. Feet happy pitted just anchor occasion and you get little foot subsided somewhat apple gets a sledges out or slides out. And there's crazy with it great yesterday at noon in the news networks some believed was others know of a round the clock coverage of snow there have been basically rilya from one place them upon coaching yes this note hey it. To someone else all we goats no hair and let's get some rest. When we go it's their means omen on I knew was in. Unknown who's a son and dot season knees. It's if you ratings as Walter clean and beautiful right yes it is Ray Nagin there are dogs out there outsold. So I'm from the desert where it's regularly for you know seven weeks at a time somewhere between 9910. Degrees and that's just every day look at boats to get the seven day forecast but we don't need to post. Yet just like it too is going to be triple digit toward god are you going to die if you're outside for more than twelve hours at the that the so. Oh my friends out what was your real mad when they'd be like look at the weather other places like there's not enough weather here undercover they'd be like look at that in Boston it's raining today well hell out of the keeping wedeman in business deputy Jack has otherwise it would be like did. The weather today not tomorrow also a lot more sunscreen. Or so increase in Lucian in June. I'm let's face it lot of local news that was rely on their west of full cast to sale a lot of Matt's high. It hasn't happened to his the weather up over its value again when the weather's like in ten minutes time evidence feminists are not what do you say exactly the same thing again have a little bit it should keep and so within these presents a the Kazaa fills. More talkative awkward because they don't know how to do it there's no look big their like reading a script solely it's my favorite part of the news of now on. Final winter related question for you. I saw this film for the first time over the Thanksgiving weekend home. Is there any other winter movie. Or movie that's as popular if not more popular. Then love actually. Bullets and interest to launch its brevity it actually first for the Britain's I mean there are obviously movies. That's a big on days of big on I can't I can't think of proposed Bill Hall today. And what was that will not come remember Tim drama but the big Woolen in the UK this year and every Christmas. TV channel who channel four it's Rex true TV channel. And about 340 to full PM. Is the snowman. The had to be animated film the snowman. It's not trusting the seminal it's wonderful nice just say gentle dates this does no dialogue in its old. I'm trying sorry America is also yet no one of these days it's from what the seventy generate he's made me. Am just have the grinch that stole Christmas. The jets up like that brought I don't really know me anyway. Did you have like Rudolph for any of that stuff for glucose Eisen. The red nosed reindeer and very but did you have a you know the clinician ones. That old staple sixties. American television though it's anything we did from. Finally something that I can bring up and as an example to you don't know about. Found it slid on by Raymond brakes dual rate predicts rain mom breaks. Its classic in the Kennedy. A recent is 26 to December 1983. And as a child every Christmas Eve accident of course that sir that's a big Christmas you have the Christmas story and roughly in the midwestern Christmas that was let's play here 24 hours a day on TBS for. How you gotta watch someone not like the American if you growth in the eighties duplicate that it's on every TBS plays a round the clock coming in yes OK good police kill an unemployed mechanic of old cat and you're. That wouldn't happen today astle agree Meehan about that about if it was like. Where did everybody would just text in the public got Kevin it will turn back around and to get yeah. No burglary. I mean actually the burden would have been success at that worked on that out of a tragic story one that ends with hope and and why it's okay so I too dark tennis is Christmas. Now I guess we're supposed to talk about in this and other than just Christmas movies and when that is the fact that the saudis are going to their first ever in Alaska here. We host this one here it's a truly feel before our SL one not against someone and I can't remember. LA galaxy 2000. Nine I just can't stand accounts same division was up before divisions fs in an incentive in. Between her and how that happened. I think and the budget we had a really thumb cases before much how many US having read up on it. They had a really funky way of doing the playoffs where you could have a Weston team. Finishing. Somehow. The other side of the bracket BK is that placing in the conference that didn't have enough teams to make it work out right. This month and us but it's. Unfortunately the game couldn't happen here because Montreal couldn't keep their act together and that's unfortunate so the site owners are traveling to Toronto I think given day a year. There tomorrow to get out there and get acclimated to being on the East Coast couple questions. How big of the disadvantage is playing all the way in Toronto for a sounder squad a big any Sony when the writers you know favorites and a kiss hug him. And this year particularly MLS is proved. That the vast majority teams play home win their games mean so that means a vast majority teams that traveled doesn't. It's a warm off gain so you don't have to eat symmetry to that Trent but the idea of being a timeout encompasses everything he's always been a huge advantages of schools. So it's a big day seventies they go to travel. They're very a couple of days these unfamiliar old icons and stuff a myth can say I do they even speak Canadian I don't even know Faye bushel forgive past Border Patrol with the economists should have a Annan a bit of Russia quickly now this is English speaking Canada. So it's a descend on stage and be. ESPN SP RE sister which ranks the percentage chance of winning public and ebony and it's eBay because it doesn't take into account injuries and most vote things. But they said. Seattle lost something like third T 58%. Likely to win the game but if they've been home it would be sixty something percent. In America. Underdogs win all the time Ross who hits the dream. Those counters are making the analyst great again that's what's happened. That's my prediction so my. So but I mean how much is the kind of from too little just being in Toronto how many teased you need to offset the fact the Euro East Coast and the travel is such a a lot of these guys that come across from England who put their twilight years in the MLS find out that like. That's hard to play a in the summer and B to travel all the way to Orlando. From the West Coast and have to be on her class yeah. And they'll they'll charts the charts replace NASA it will be more comfortable Fulham. I didn't think it'll be huge problem they used to traveling to east case games on a Thursday he then they train on a Friday with a light session in Plymouth south today. And it's real difference doesn't really make too much. Of a problem BK is sometimes you're going in the evening sometimes you claim yesterday in that sense here on the west case ruled east at six. A three hour time difference doesn't take too much but it did hear from some on the of today he's a trouble putts that you cash. That it takes and how what a day to get rid of jetlag. So if you travel for. An eight hour time difference takes eight days valujet while obviously making three outs but I think trio makes much apparent hacker like you say that's good point about what time it starts and everything. Yeah probably more nerves than anything it's more doing more over the wet there I think it will be the issue is going to be. Cold really also advantaged I mean both company did I feel like because it has been so for him cold here in the team is still had a practice in the mornings and stuff like it feels like it's the will Nicholas the terrace hamstrings feel nice and warm. Playing in 25 degree would love Brad Evans during the mr. reality. Our god not god am I thrilled girls Jocelyn. And it's the same for everybody of course is all that's on the field at same time. What you just wonder. So message of being cut news he's the two roadside stop yeah. Sporting Maurice deploying a cold weather because used to playing in Italy during the week so sure and so freezing company's coal path. And then. You look at his error radiating had a brief time I axe in in the Netherlands. Before game I toss and Tina and the climate policy in Argentina was much more woman favorable in Toronto have a will be be really small things. It's all about who performs best on the die when the bright lights go long. He turns up a new one sit Malloy inevitably bulldozed out of that tree sporting maxim albeit some bicycle of will snuck whose will. Will be stronger on the day. Canned Torres and Marshall can think of a better parent trying to handle big brute like Jozy Altidore it's a good question I think there will be a big box Paul has to be able to stop him the she's saying his. Will they be able to deal with the the pace and the trajectory all Sebastien Jermaine can who last Susan league MVP run away with it. He would it would it didn't this year if it wasn't for a meet season injury which held about it quite a few games. Not to say that dot Vijay did to cities interview will receive this week but. And Sebastien you being too is the real long salute how form juicy Johnson who's the sponsoring ramble try not to go down. And achieving chose the guy that would decide Shea through it how about your battle between say like an Ozzie and Bradley yeah good battle. I think they're pretty easily apparent yet you weren't necessary to something you always look at these guys are asking me a real midfield battled actually on the field when they play they would be going head to head necessarily BK's brother to promote offensive Woolsey plays defensively I'm Bradley. He does give Ford a bit FitzGerald say that the majority of his career resume deep line midfielder Simon cuts two. Willie counts each of the right might be something like Jonathan is Soria against all's you loans of Missouri's decent Canadian guy off the bench offense that. Robin starts in recent time has been the scene as well then more flat players but a good bottles I think all over the field the issue for its role in southern. Is whether they can tell with the sound as forwards. And Seattle in scoring at a reasonable clip just had jewel Morris is fully fit but to Rome so concede. Too many pills they conceded three out Montreal and that Eastern Conference final first night conceded more. In the hollow leg as well that's a school Y eight. To be able to make absolutely certain to go through so why worry fits enrollments. That they would just simply wouldn't be able to keep it clean sheet you take a step on Friday has any advantage having come through Toronto to Seattle I think he's a huge motivation. On that's what he's tall he could remember as a full withdrawal to play now he played Walt MLS game. In his last series. That's not because of anything Toronto did the because he had a horrible. Couple of injuries. Really horribly broke his ankle and it was a hand injury this season after. And has kept him out lasted at least two days wasted two year but he's got motivation to go back and say look is the team that didn't keep me. I noted different sides come back into the old house. I'm gonna dumb moment shall I get the job done who needs to have a performance from Seattle to make it make the difference has always looking to designated players suited to Nicholas the Derrick to spark them. You're looking to Jordan Morris to school the goal is. Maybe even though some solace that the kind of my dark core yeah having had a horrific season not scoring in the regular season. Comes it's a close the schools to me three days. Says help Seattle through that winner but that's been a source it's a must feel already now it's simple hope and time again because these playoffs are very stops on first so Lou if you look at have been a step up. Yeah as as much wind is no survivors in his Correia. He's played a higher level and MLS a much higher level see you looking for him to use an announcement experience in a wall off gay. To try make a difference to Mexican. I just today a deck the hall of all can moved to America sound Jersey I was like it and they're like what do you think fur Saturday. Sounds like founders to one. And they like to move warrior goals coming from. And I thought would aero is a guy that you can look to at least cause a lot of trouble I think on Saturday and I was like I think felt this is going to be the other guy. I think anyone's gonna be ready for that though the bottle what. But. It is going to be Jordan Lawrence obviously it yet but I do one dog caused some may feel about daisies is lousy loans that would be incredible just Steven Gerrard style thirty yard boot just throw my docs I sold the emotional. Palsy a long series face when he was some dolphins Yates. In the second leg of the of the west in congress filing is now broader. How low and it's he wasn't as fun moments when he knew decide it was going through bella and that was amazing and he is a player for the big occasion. I tend CO ZA loans they stepping up from 35 yeah it's. And smashing warnings of its help Coleman. It's just what he does he did not tremendously well against spurs in the mid season friendly last year yeah ha so called a ball. He did in the regular season when they Tora pot and make galaxy near the stub hub cents a middle end of the season. He has that aimed his Lorca. Those big moment school of big plays a big place. A nausea loans it was certainly capable first forty minutes of the match on Saturday would you want to have seen from the sounder to consider it the right start well I think. Violence today game they won't soon be able to be solid defensively. Feel their way into the match as a mentioned it don't think it's a roadside it can go without conceding a goal so they can't afford to be patient. And they'll probably expect something even as the old school from two roadside in their third set a funnel like Seattle but. The expectations have been huge for ten years a man missed the west franchise in the league for a couple of seasons as the mole. To now being the big guys. At home looking to get it done full Canada. So I think they'll have to weather but at least you'll play conservatively early on C title. And and find their way to regain use the outlet pace of Jordan Morris used violence to hold the pull up. Trying to find some opportunities from that and then I think from then they put a real chance of doing it. Do you foresee prime minister Justin Trudeau being their support staff. A soccer club so like team if it seems like the cool thing today nothing yet it'll probably be that. Cash coliseum narrowed a bit distraction though I think it'll be like he's very handsome some. Careful gentlemen. Adobe distracted all finally. Roman Torres is fair in such a positive influence for the spirit of the club but often times finds himself a couple of yards on the wrong side of love of them off the forward it's coming out of arsenic and lead to be a little leaky defense at the wrong time. You think tech has got what it takes to step up and deliver in the animals company. Sure he's played on biggest stages when he was a captain at Palomar in the gold company reached the semifinals in 2015 he was a real leader. The Panama many hits Mexico and they were hard done by. And it's. I think he yet he has the the experience. Of those moments. Just hoping he keeps his cool keeps his hat. Only sit in the playoffs the referees rested differently. To the detriment of the gay and actually order listening to the different little couple really. Big toe once a brandished cost because they don't want to be seen. As somebody new has a significant influence. On the outcome they want a place to be able to decide that. You gotta have a disciplined he has been caught on the wrong side a couple of times at with disciplinary issues yet because you know that the Iraq. It's about concentration but he showed before he can step up in big games in this. Until eleven so he's gonna have to do that again. Can't wait Saturday five. Nerve racking I can't imagine what it's gonna be like if they can pull it off or how deflating it's gonna be if they can't overall which called the seasonal wind. No you go to an analyst cup.