Full 90 Extra Time - Frisco Texas, An American Treasure

Friday, November 4th

Remember, before the MLS playoffs are over, we'll have finished all our left-overs, entered another new month, and already been to Deck the Hall Ball. Yup. It's lunacy.


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I. Snowy interstate. This that I thought we were gonna talk about playoffs soccer but that. This time Haas is going to be about the slow cooker. He's got your first look at her post as slowly choked up as well it's not an English thing and I don't think so. Maybe not maybe it's just me opening. Cullen notary. Which is culinary Howland at every yield ordinary well I know hey you just out of an extra. A couple of stated syllables on the end of aware of it sounds fine if you say it was the British authorities and every little believing exactly MA and see me it's exactly did he also speaks Spanish issued for the sort of sent. Well hi Ross hi what are you making a slow cooker right now Schultz rips. Usually came lakes and lots of rigs like a racquet rapes and a paltry ten does that again and again not a British thing now and it comes to Vegas for much thirtieth birthday and a this is what hope Kansas there is rapes and of course is make you say just sit that the funeral gambling. You've got a million sports greens in fronts of you saw Yasser and you awarded the most American thing on on demand you did last Britain's. Misha balked. We should. Q so swallow how. So I'm just a pie you've spent enough time in America that you know the different kind of like dialects like a little bit regional rail like Ebola it's a terrible acts so yeah ribs amazing and then slowly took. A Gatwick to children now and he's he didn't get the same time to cook don't took the children so instead attributed (%expletive) is now meets on the office and loop with fattening up for the second one and I mean before her exactly given a few unions. And so east end of the keyboard we could do you think now we've run outs of those frozen meals that lovely friends and family dropped off well that's part of it in the first few weeks let's they would just come down in. Give you free food aid saying hey we need CB easy to use in you born. Pace of three to stick in the of when you ready a Canadian neighbor across the street that we never met. One bowl says these lovely free prepared meals went. Owhali a six week old here's some free trade for you have not met you to please enjoy only. You've got to six security should be looking after yourself let's let him knocking on your stranger neighbors' doors to be incredibly nice. A make us feel guilty batting average he's ourselves in the last two year's hand Americans you know they sure are not that nice again this is lovely people I. I don't America exactly that's why stuck around now needs people people be like Rick well knowing tejada revolves around. I was buying slowed to a I put your stick around for the pot to be honest I and I kept going just to make sure you stick around yet that was the number one reason. Sort of forego my first American there indeed it if you live except France to probably try and eat the fraud well exactly. And of I don't know that I mean I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eating I ribs. But that's about it when there's not a slowed Kook a thorough about programmes is not a thing one. Nothing is their legs of really spindly on that and I guess I don't know a lot of meets them. I don't know if you grew up with a that's probably easy enough for you party like it's like chicken wings probably got to eat like two dozen before ruling gorging gleeful I guess to have a pro. And program rice justices have rights doesn't I imagine some sort of cream sauce throw Cassie that a sounds French enough to anchor good enough a bit annoyed at a castle IEA's but it sounds French French enough I actually I've realized that I never eaten at a French restaurant in my life just yesterday in Europe and Durbin a French restaurant of any sort out I don't know what happened the French restaurants all Alicea so there. I know that column of what took place called. Shea something in LA wants but it was not French it was like you've been to Madison valley yeah. Chris leak. OEC a nerve there T hairy rat's erode the French chef that lovely man now. Everything he's very rich now very rich she Blake American portions of big which ID coming from Britain wait till you see the French restaurant American portions that were. Come back from where you couldn't wait and you got to the airport knew Erica Anita burger at a salad. I cannot live like ninety pounds of food are going back in America that was Russia had a month and rush after Sochi after the ill Olympics down and then now he's. If you want to broadcasting jacket on the day it was rainy and is three billion have you war to priests so I need to bust out prop candidates and this is rarely happened while that's not true because beer put. I was at the sound of match on whatever day that was Sunday and it was still fun of so excited when I won by watching by the little team shop not the other means horrible shot in the corner. All jacket in there and I was like oh I gotta have that jacket and I made an impulse purchase hundred dollar ample purchases to get myself a rain jacket that's. Got a little bowl to itsy stay warmer because we sit uncovered and it gets rainy and cold I didn't realize. Does everybody get a free poll shows the sound news when it rains like it was wearing green sound as Paul mentioned those founders charger five dollars the another another people on the like the suites the field mobile suites and on the other end that from me those people I think do because everyone in there how to how to poncho via. The year in the cheap seats. So pay all away so I've got a question for you need your help with something I've been invited to say you watched the election party where yours encouraged to dress up as a character from the from an American elections as a British person watching from America. I might need your help with this because I don't I don't exactly know which way to go I just wanna say that if you're gonna do it if you're gonna dress up as a political figure. Paul Ryan he got a dress up as Paul Ryan you can mail us. And then you could I make you could say like easing that western things you sing it looks like full raw iron is that the issue more than I do and I was like I want to goes polarize the whole area that they deploy the dark hair and that drew the sharp jaw I think you could pull it off all right we could die and it just straight to bit not front election pardon me and an affiliate seems quite a big deal around my wife told me no shaving but this is like I don't know that I ever wanna see you without facial hair and I and I thought that's. Commitment that the face but okay mistakes I guess face for radio confirmed at home done. Thank you new wife so that us are looking for political figures that have beards turns out there aren't and that's. Abraham Lincoln's alone and but he's been involved in this election cycle what he's been quoted a couple of times that counts is probably rolling over in his grave as well a little thinks what the things that he fought for are on the on the chopping block here or to blow it out to skip that out of the way. From Namibia maybe Lincoln isn't a bad I don't know yeah. Yeah that's about getting an elephant costume or donkey costume and most of them are so many ways you can take it with decent nation turns educated and Anderson Cooper wig like I want some really. Might skip the spray the white hair spray the turned to her blade Bluetooth and yet do Wolf Blitzer and got appeared. Exactly I could be Wolf Blitzer dogs and I got to practice some of the things these incidents and we were like how. No you drinking. Is nothing has changed but is raging because it's a new minutes of today don't we need sixty you don't back from commercial yes armed refugees does it change coming up I wanted to do was John Oliver but I realized I was gonna go. I would be around people with British accents and that that you kick I can't do and he still try extra hard ought to do as well. Don't go well. That's always had an interview that gets like a black twice a La Canada and he loves his own bonds mature and so. You think of anything that would make sense from I'd told spindly body my frog leg body. That would make sense that it goes to wrap I don't know if they're very politically leaning and I putts. Hypothetically. Straits to be honest can hands of straight up and down Elise holes. Yes I don't know I think ought to think all right I have I could it be easy enough to do the two to go by the the fun hair thing in the NB a trump character or whatever orchid by haren in the Red Hat and make America great again all that puts. We. We mentioned the freezing of today we have a a mighty locality. Path and they would soon be able hanging out of a box one dressed up as. Donald Trump excellent of the other dress that was Hillary cleans it knicks still to be Jeddah trying to make America great together on salary. Let's us take notice says something that they'll wind sort of thing Hillary that they at the Donald. And I those terrific so it's easily done. I thought about going as Hillary I think that would be very funny. I think I have some very conservative people my family who I think would be like Cuba would probably take poor ready poorly to it I think it would be a little -- stick it on the phone FaceBook Jeannette affirming loaded piece of it gets Hillary away again and then I disagree go to like Tucker good Willis in the country and find the dress was bumper to bite out of 65 might be challenging. Well again is partly fund the standard that you mini dress I wanted to go you probably don't know the -- episodes is a big enough when you're young but yet on treehouse of horror todos in -- aliens that come to earth every year they once ran they took over the elections and one of them play Bob Dole the other one as Bill Clinton and then at the end they reveal themselves and enslave humans to build their next desperate or whatever and I wanted to go as one of them told us or hanged but that's a little little old sheets isn't it be real hard at it hard to do that I thought about Gary Johnson -- he was the New Mexico governor I was from there but there's nothing that really says this guy is Gary Johnson's thinking maybe bringing into a mountain climbing picked. And since he's avid. Everest climber all you have to do is stand and dumb and people ST typical questions stick my tongue out maybe look likable little stones. And maybe there's one picture a bunch of images I did a Google image search for what comes a disease wearing Inca sport coat in the underneath and a great teacher with a peace sign on it up like that it pretty easy to replicate a connection probably make that happen but. But I told my wife issues like who knows like tech trick that's I got a little more obvious and that's. In case you just gotta do is Yvonne could trump. That beat the press I'm tall enough I think like if you'll just sent six inches would dig. Her effect he's kinda got the only hope that has been sent oh or require shaving as well well. The little bit too far or can be hilarious if I don't say if that could be. The possibility. Coming of the nation more than once or before you definitely needs because of the mid term elections the ones dressing up over it diligently watching on TV. Oh that's except except that do you wish at an apartment if you are hurting have done this now that you've had anchor babies. Do you now wish you to get your dual citizenship and votes and the upcoming election on Tuesday it's a really funny when somebody asked me missive today. Q won't survive. Well yes colds is when Britain has elections the stuff path a make shall I post my sites judges' spots that he can sing yet. Many think could be one of 310. Million people. A particularly in a state like ours which she's pretty much always gonna be looted. You can basic elements of Britain began well. Yes democracy and a colts you have to exercise you democrats' drive and a decent tub thumping chest beating. Speak stump speech now about why would he she gets out and not just because that is problem was Powell holdings can ever do. So yeah I'd have to bite ya know I'm. Condiments consistently crass and I'll just leave it at that because I don't want final at this time ago politics did you see Justin Timberlake done in his voting Booth. In Tennessee a pinkie was worries from broken laws. Like tweaking until him in the voting group but a funny thing to me is. The lol says if you do that and you prosecuted. It's either thirty days in Jan fields. Or a fifty dollar fine I thought I ate zero. Up it's just until late loss a disincentive. Is not today. A part of a loading zone to get a running get a coffee the other day and the couples than thirty minutes I'll be 542 dollar fines so high. Harking oh are taking it tweeting a picture of herself taking a photo inside a polling place until democracy pull this sucks up crew about the same the consequences. Copied not worth it and after the four dollars a spy on topic 46 dollar purchase. Little rough but I have been a really nice Ethiopian blend it was a it was a good Catholic Paramount shout outs to about a cup in my favorite dump. Yeah. I think I would argue that if they do anything to him for that that it's foolish because with this type of pull appeal he's actually probably turning more people into voting than it was doing damage to the voting system so I don't. And not have people come on about because I've been watching the baseball it's the other big thing and I don't around a little bit. Little bit. So bad time of going to press eight seats heading to game seven NASA by the time this actually goes out. It'll already be over and great job wells and you clubs nice because there we go. That was that was well done it was like of women actually recorded this after the paralytic anecdotes of the finalists are there any tickets since access enough you put a 162. Games that you got to play your Brohm to digital series yeah and then division championship. And then World Series since you're talking about an extra 810 games for each of bombs so Europe a 107 to gain market back out. And they and you take it from there to seven more games. In baseball really is the coolest stuff I think all the sports that if you go that whole season. Not many teams make the playoffs a human put a 162 games for what feels like nothing and then on top they play all these extra ones and if you make it to the end you don't win at. It's even more punishing than say another sport were the playoff serve. Short or like that is a baseball player you never get bull history you're always doing something I can say I mean except for a affect the whole thing a sort of boring. I think the challenge of playing baseball is that you have to unload baseball mamet. Affect a challenge to baseball's that you have to stay focused even though nothing happens. I've really I've really good insulin. Again in very un America. And un American thing to say axes of parades in Easton think about the export and watch the annual bull ring three I was a game for it. Nothing rideau and door we have cricket we understand like yeah makes English and its previous ruling actually we need. Yet properly into half and Israel time a baby number one for me. When my wife is pregnant we stop eating out of time and we English how will get a date he said stick it on the Mariners because they're all in every site they can count on and I just really really go to insert something gently about the rhythm of legal side. An if you have good god give commentators or if you like the commentator should say. Then that they keep they give you some into tune into that familiar every day which I think has also introduce it to him flash that place up action baseball I hospital I have a season ticket holder for for the Mariners in my point being that like if you're a player. He gave 107. Wounds that give a 107 of the season it's gotta be hard when your. Fifteen games out of the wildcard not to like mode tonight in a motivate intellect. Not just look at the chicks no in the stands you know like you got elect be able to like hang on and keep go for the that would make it to the playoffs everything accelerates back against me for hope and a multimillion. Dollar a year it Chet. Give a public years ago improvement needs articulate Ichiro losing national hero for the country of Japan I found out that they're like forty serious about Ichiro stuff and that does not they're stretching between every pitch in the making sure that they say it loosened up and no wonder he's 65 years old and still Plymouth before talking AARP by the time that that agent here he is still. Connected to the 3000 hit mark and it's incredible embassy early say seven sealed that. When AZ east eight my Damn Yankees you homeland. All do you have a do you have a horse in the World Series race. Yeah I in the cubs of the Indians kept you know I think either one of those is going to do it and and it folded his now okay I'm I grew up with with a grandmother in my mother from a outside the Chicago and so when I was little kid gravel and I. Up from kindergarten and in America went growing up there was two channels that had baseball that were on basic cable. And that was WGN and would have the TBS TNT camera which went with. Pomp and so either you were cubs fan or a braves fan puzzles were the only two teams like broadcast there and so. I grew up with program offer outside of Chicago and I to prepare for school gives lunch have a nap wake up and we'd watch the cubs games together every afternoon sending to us about. We're just doing the checkbook or whatever it is. I put on the baseball in the background and just pass the time for you it's I grew up loving Andre Dawson in Inchon Dunst in a Mark Grace and rents Hamburg all these guys that were fantastic. Hum when I was a kid into this like affinity for the that I moved here and win cubs have come to town once in awhile for some interleague play. The fans the warrant such a high. Cricket club my brother lives in Chicago is a White Sox fan because it doesn't like the cubs fans because it's like it's Metallica it's such a frat party of blood. You. Think a lot of that I'm. It's so like I've really turned away from the cubs but the something about it both oral grandma rest in peace that I'm like I do it for her though she she don't but like. For her with the the World Series that was like my child outcomes could really comes through. After this year though about to hit the cup so I'm I'm Bob pull for the cubs with a good story though as well amended both. Have a winning Yates NASA I didn't eight CA's scrubs and a sixth the day yesterday I think it was going to forty it was like Cleveland yes. Either way it's crazy and that's one thing about baseball's playoffs have eighties so it's tough. It's again team you have to be a good team. To get a news detainees here that's diffusing get Saturday with a World Series bowing their radios that enable us if you just start performing by Alexei July you can make it as the sound of proved this year that I'd be happy to be bowled some half team you can read at twelfth team. At a twenty. In and have a losing ref call that. And you're in Wales that would mean mobile. It's crazy to like to know they're playing so much in the season for soccer's incredibly long as well but I don't understand the you know I hear a lot of talk about the British warning to adopt a playoff system for. For soccer and never gonna cellular immunity. I I agree minute too much money that gets in the way of that German he had treated German Bundesliga with two of the top five athletes in the world. They slowed Sydney idea share some of the lesser clubs even. Why I say let's suck but it this way but in Munich at the top and win the league every year because the spending big to resume those ceremonies today not seeing trips to the event lost luster money on this. So Savannah. Thanks we quite like winning the league champions chair with Tuesday the ultimate prize. But yeah it seems actually at proceed to Oakland in child Curran and and those other teams are quite keen on having a playoff system at the end of the season determining. Who wins a hold dumping some mystical they proceed to encourage and I am a dormant jeopardy the second team in Jimmie said yeah I'm not for a let's play Boyce says it might be more realistic happening in Germany and I just I think the it beat seismic for soft cuts because playoffs just on the embraced. Around the rest of the of the world when it comes to the top leaks. It's a pretty cool notion though to to still the same way into winning the the season's cup whenever they called me and each different country to win your league top Little League count for the championship chipped it to the regular season yet to win the regular season like nobody gave two craps about FC Dallas swimming and Pamela started having a hard enough time and they know. No one knows that the supporter shield was a big deal for FC Dallas because they've really turned around and got stopped by the founders like it's a team was garbage. Mid season. And so it. It's going to be so hard to like to put the emphasis on. The thing that action says you're the best team vs the thing we're like I had one bad showing. Man and partial but the best team doesn't have that investor that one bad showing aghast at the very it's it is out of deceit. On the champions league is so exciting because all these the best teams from all these different leagues all play against each other to see who's the best of the best and all the top name players all wanted to go to a team that has a chance to play in the champions league -- proved to be a playoff system that you're the arrest. But I love to see at the end of the season the top 214 so let that go head to head for a second cup yet this. That's probably won't wave doing it beat his playoffs will be on possible for most of Europe and am I mentioned the opposition as well as some support in Germany. But maybe just say yes cover a couple of the end of the season. Is known as big as the regular season because level wants us to win now that time. I think your story has just mean a prize money exhaustive in this. Things are World Cup's and European championships. If it's too easy the enemy Gemini seems security job of managing their work cited by any having 34 games this season and one month break over the wins. But the prime really getting in he's just go do 38 games some August through to may we may break and three of them in that week right after Christmas letters today senator Christmas. Sudden. I did the odd to act. Cause in my lifetime that abuse really surprised in my life summit though playoffs and Europeans I don't. Care for the playoffs myself this is the baseballs and exception it's interesting because of those structure of the league that's an interesting way of doing it with the public sport games of the best of seven you do. Big games back to back nights he can really move through them quickly. But click overlooking at the MLS playoffs right now. Oh my god they don't want for I mean like work. Do you play a knock out round things start the next now we're six weeks away from the final. It's weeks it's a long time and it works in the opposite way as well that. Some teams have compiled through eight months of heavy lifting. To get some a knockout round that it sold to listen to say and it leaves office game oh the classic dog if your sporting Kansas City you must be really felt. Hard done by that system because he fought to get there at the end. Yeah maybe year unhappy with some refereeing or your own performances or whatever and your gamble was a season full. Pat community it's it's it's a really cool and there's not a big paychecks it's not like everyone's in the league minimum is not. 400000 dollars or whatever the league minimum here's the fun of us can yeah be an out of it acts crazy man and so on for the starters not to be firing on all cylinders right now doesn't even guarantee that in three weeks they'll be good. It's hope and and that's what's that game the other night and stuff it's what our. He did it now playoff game is down let's try something different about that match I kept my normal when it was that you could tell soon as you walked into the stadium that there was something about to happen. There's no belief within that seem that when they step on the field to win the gay men and it was did the dying days is the east meets. Coaching reign in the sub and the sporting Kansas City defeats city's final straw. Three nearly children's messy parts sporting. There was just did it aside declined that they were going on the field. C news now they've built up such a momentum. And drives Matt says that such an incredible chilled. That they go on the field thinking the on going to win. And this other thing they routed Dallas three nailed a second Mexico on this. Sunday my favorite place Frisco Texas. Switch hitter conditioners of Frisco Texas for all intents and purposes the ties are device policy Dallas winning bus full play goals. But the thing that really struck me. Was this some nine Nicholas that Derek came out. To play. Now you might see with co C win because he's the star Matt. But they've been so many instances. Of high price foreign talent coming into the league or any league not just. The that in the MLS. Has had Bubba it's. But coming game playing well in the gathering is viewed in the weather is nice but then it's like inning and they say you might be great when you played chill see New Yorkers. But what about a cold wet she's staying on exit stoked sitio Middlesbrough weather wind howls around the stadium. And it's. Studded cast snapping into the tackles. And I feel that the scenario. Bludgeoned I didn't know whether he cannot supply it was lashing out of the race. It was cold it was the end of the season. Does he get the idea of wanted to play in the playoffs. And quite a few foreign stars would shy away from the upfront. He didn't exactly he came employee and schooled. And was just a presence on the field and that Sony was probably the most saddening part of that anti gaming. We saw transformation. From mean to a we have very. Interesting seats because the game is super flat for us to write down of the front. Four at one end and so like you don't see the game how plays on the other handled when there are breaking towards the goal it's fascinating you either watch her own defense. Try to keep it together and stop what's happening or what your offense draft pick apart that defense it's very interesting and on the third goal of the evening in ten minutes of the second half than ever so exciting. Comes let Darrow to storming downfield after having played. Currently hung back for the first half it looked like in the does all this and came out of the gate blasting over and over over bomb and on the side here it comes right out of us. And you can tell it's gonna shoot that there's nothing that's gonna stop him from another pass the ball to anyone this time he's doled fourth. And he scores that he doesn't break stride he just keeps running jumps over the ad board and Mikey plays for the freak and on Green Bay Packers he jumps up and EC asked those supporters section everyone goes. Absolutely insane and it was at that moment that. The wheel Barrow Jersey from the pro shop most of sold out yeah because he can't. Out of that the whole team followed on the raft would be stupid Salazar is over the yelling and everyone to not do that they all do it. It's three nothing at this point or another fun day come walking back and as everyone else has jumped back over and gone back onto the field curable Darrow. Going to another level of crazy his excitement and passion and starts pulling on a shirt like a sounder did it in front of everybody. Was. It immediately. I think soon crystallize him for us it made him beside his character this like presents that were now everyone's gonna get behind. Not that nobody had any problems so far but it like really solidified he's just takes its own the level because you just end up and Dragonball ZU goes super say and then your hair turns and blonde and sits there and lightning shoots out of you and they that type of thing it looked. Look at Cuba's get a shuttle levitating he was so. Into it. On the and that's exactly the type of character I think you wanna see materializing right now. It's a moment that people were remembered forever rather like roads and of that scooby celebration news New York now six years ago I think it is now when he scored a goal. In front CB CS. Sacks on the advertising voting and them went back what's holding you and others with his legs up pretending he was diving scuba style. Often buy into the boards of that just put him in sound as focal. Nothing led Dara was well on the way to doing this thing won this. Till last week because I had a question and that was know what I do with. What do you do it old Valdez the guy who didn't score all in the regular season play in the run of the regular season he's one injured designated players he makes do you know a zillion dollars a year. You might be a great locker room guy but if you're not getting results on the field would you do with a guy like that the question to hold Lee. Changes I think when you see what a huge impact he's had in the postseason so far away next year importing seventeen what you do with this guy. Looking. At our dividends easily Contra de mama Cho but if you can get rid of him then. I think he's gold is Jo McKay is yes and contributes enough what each county. Is Kim dom did sendoff because he would be finishing on a high would those goals in the playoffs regardless who the Seattle go any further. He finally contribution can always rest easy. Having had you know pretty horrific regular season school. So news I mean again lovely lovely guy and I don't wouldn't quite a bit while I was that last year. Just a seat individual. Brilliant locker Ream god it's a rift pick professional. But on the field for many and a half dollars and MLS no goals is a full list isn't cutting it there's no two ways about that so. If you of the GA and golf blog where you looking to move him all but at least you give me a moment a pats on the back path and I didn't even think it was a right decision to start him against FC Dallas. Boy it was a proven wrong because he got that goal so again in three days having not school year and now they think low cost and Calista. Because you go with a hot and so that's a great political beta of a managing. Coaching. From brunch Mets had to get something out of a guy. The hasn't produced the we concede Jordan Morris bombing on the sides instead of like Japanese Tony George Morris managed to be affected in a role the people said he couldn't play. Out why he's and he's Spezza suited up front which can run essential Travel Channel as the magazine's side out runs and pulled offenses Apollo have been apace. He's he's not a window. But they found a way to make you work with him. As Dara and filed as an again I'm going back to brunch Mets rate credit city still interim rather amazed me to panic courage. But great job by him it's it's intended done to find a way to get something out of these guys and it really really that's. Core of the season for me from him and I'm paraphrasing that don't have it written down economy but. When they asked like if you don't make the playoffs is that season Tuesday is that there is the season a success if you don't if you make the playoffs he says the seasons on the success of us who in the M Moscow it's a failure if we don't win the whole think that's what we're here to do and like I like that not being distracted by the in the moment type questions and stuff like that he's got a round prize is like really looking to what the actual goal of the season ends yet those are really focused guy and he's a really intense guy he's a character you know. Quite where it came out Alec Correia furlough for Dallas too because he's the opposite -- Tracy Austin fire me and action brenly and he's well spoken and an endless times heated debate to solve it and the Spezza has very likable or just a question gives the -- is ducking and let's elaborate if he doesn't need to respect him -- a particular kind of like that I like having kind of an enigma yet kind of mystique about selecting a singular open governor I think is what it is is when it comes into and I that's why you'll best spots with infants with how we can get him in here and do little podcasting with them on. I thought it was interesting that all the home teams won by shut out. In this first round the first leg of this it's circuit right at some confusing. He put both home are you and away each team to to play at home and away in the side in this round of the playoffs every team Toronto Montreal Los Angeles and Seattle. All home all won by shut out. Is very insisting that. Sixteen New York seat CFC and the Patrick Vieira this incredible. Full what play it was with gospel around listening to my guns. When the World Cup with France 98 he's the coach and he he yes he really turn around a season. His philosophy was to attack attack attack UMass a way that you playing with her home more away and then. It comes to play outside. What does he do. He chose defensive. All of us so the idea of its she mega playoff game did Sunnis heads. Any changes that way of playing lo and behold Toronto got to beat MR CFC two nil and now is a huge hole for new fuel to climb council. Over thinking things in the playoff. Is a big issue and and disease may it was was probably guilty of that. And so for the sound is now over thinking stuff and changing formations are bringing you guys it Alex cast ski. Akins and land the first leg of the conference on and 220 for example we lost three nos cast and stuff and leaks its August 2 walks walks and never saw the last day again Alex casket BC's all decisions that coach is Mike. And I think Vieira was was was guilty of that suited. And so you see more defensive road teams in the first leg but his old thinking is is keep it science keep it's not even if released just one note. Wearing with the show because we too fancy ourselves to finish the job. How to trouble is for Dallas and frame what CF seated now local themselves in the vehicle adults is the same thinks it's an interesting. Almost. Would call that the Billy being style it's soccer or their growing on our own talent they're trying to find guys that otherwise wouldn't have the money ball most of their trying to find these. Pieces and putting the other this young team that kind of develop themselves and it's super exciting and the need it to the playoffs you missing a key guy. And aegis or exchange them for like let's say supply and then and it's likely want what he'd yet hallows is really seemed so that you expect to see the centers for the same way that they play at home on the road on Sunday than I would imagine. Let's really insisting now you have a three goalie probably know you probably dead because you've. Don't 75%. To what you do you bunker it is no point leaving myself exposed particularly if Dallas school and legal. Because if they do and you still trying to play open and and fluid attacking full pull you're going to get colds and rookie status is neat cents a just three road numbers fool it's a Seattle can afford to bunker and invite depression. And they have great weapons themselves would let Darrow with Morris to counterattack. And pay down as salt when they want should be fascinating chest. Necessary Alonso get a day off to a company don't immediately if they did that play seventeen games in four days he actually gets a week Billick or do you recuperate that's nice hum none of those teams on the road get broad goals so that I never understand this exactly but they're not coming in with that extra little advantage a road goal being worth more in the end it comes down to advocate of Seattle is three goals added to worry too much he would make it a full 210 defeat it but people one and you even music that you lose to one don't make people nervous. All right and I above I would love to see about as at the start again just trying to be see him keep that streak alive get some Khatami I thought it interesting and the in New York City FC vs Toronto game. Donna via. He last got kicked a guy pretty good I really do sort of a dirty player when he got bumped off of politics again Mini Cooper. And the disciplinary committee went back and they said he should have had a red card. Putts the analyst decided they would rather have ratings. Plus a whiz out really really difficult decision for the lead because you said it's not egregious or reckless out of like I don't know what value. Concede that no that's not either of them. I think yeah after the play data via kicks out of its own time Madden. And that eighties violent conduct in his knee in in in England it's a three game time. Here with the retro resting so this disciplinary. Commits evil altogether. I'm able swords about it. And somehow decided is no bad and the only reason they've done that is because W veer is one of the biggest dozen major leaks Oca. The playoffs has households about Anna spoke fast. Other big east dealing Major League soccer they do not want their stars. Sixteen on the sidelines at Yankee Stadium and it and it's the way did the refereeing his go on life jury in the games they are seizing to hand out cards. When they should be changing the terms. Of the rules. Jury any day. Is wrong. And it leads to these allegations of MLS being a little bit small time ducking the big issues but again at the high level. They wanna see their stars on the field efficacy dry heaves the game's popularity. And shirt sales and you want kids out there rep and David Villa and again and dotted via sees me want that out that you want the DP he's playing the up. It's it's a you wanted to look like blood aero. All right Roswell honing in Cuba. Founder Sunday. 6 PM that's four games on row starting at 11 AM 1 PM 330 and sixty concede all four playoff games to determine who's gonna make it to the next round. Another back to back and then. After that sometime in December the tenth sometime in December will finally gets to an MLS cup hopefully this'll suit Sampras and you can.