Full 90 Extra Time - Karate Talk and Hot Dog Probs

Wednesday, September 28th

We have a lot of karate talk to get through before we even touch on this crazy end to the Sounders FC season...


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Enough microphones in the studio for full people. Thus slows things. But we all go back oh sorry up. OK given these. But just how good doing it now a days it's. Going to want help. Both look to everybody hello hello there. A real radio professional. So this is a book fast doesn't it. They're on their rules usually I'm the one we're making fun of for being terrible this is not view. What we've got coming today TU ST it's a make sure you press the record button today come on now unlike last week's call whenever the last comic book testing wasn't. I'm sorry got married there that my life has been on has been a wonderful thus. We spent twenty minutes still putting beautiful things and you never press the record book no I can't I screwed up though after we got started there was like ten seconds but I out of it but the with the I don't know those monkey was a thing and I stop until it excuses can grasp by the way missed a married man that relevant it. That's a flattering had real control board here I was just to kind of connect to affect how does it feel. According Manassas a million times already in ink it feels exactly the same as before only it would even less sleep than I normally get and more stress. Could run even less league what can beat up and an honest and now safe haven they divide our honeymoon had to Japan and yeah I. It's it was a really stressful starting off. We donated about dornin is not a reward we volunteer some time. A week before our wedding to help a bit like football tournament that happens for the current plans foundation populists and and my friends. There was a dinner. And so I got drunk at the dinner and then I just cannot never recovered over the next two weeks of the running straight at their wedding and reception last weekend's those three weekends in a row what do related things in the visible just amazing however. I am so done with everyone and everything I hadn't thought apart from you'll loving you wife took one of those easy easy so it's really like. He doesn't cost you much stress and hang on on the morning of your wedding reception here in this facets of sync a outlook instead of hoping. I get ready for rates. You do it a flaming row seats -- and it's not only that Ross but I was kicking ass with the karate to pass off I've never wanted to think about life except for a more I carry ten or twelve and single from the radio station when I was nine what more do you need to match it to be honest direct but no one not one but truth trophies that this thing a magnificent trophy stay on and I brought them to my wedding reception and I did everyone see that I had them because I've never been more proud of my own personal achievement in terms of being rewarded for doing something well I've been given compensation financially from working at a radio station before I do my job. But we're not podcasting reasonably well today at a mediocre to. Mediocre plus level okay a much better than the pond but I for one troubled with like and you did it you're better than these other 220 people whatever. Move so when the Olympics come rents have been next intake of new sports the game to be dad advocating for today with the haired New Zealand's. And Japan they're pretty good dude you're going to now and aren't they tell you had asked us you be about sixty by the time that he Jolie still gonna look at least to me Ozzy out like I did the application and the next Karate Kid two OK Hilary Swank also went through the process and she was bad ass too thanks to mr. gotti's though salute them via the whites on the wire acts all the big travel real Brad Evans here I've done my hamstring. In the process of my karate tournaments off ten TDs. I'm on the wrong side of 35 Ross look the problem it's all downhill from had to put it this way you'll clay sets ascendancy now. The new laws to zero and now know Clinton really sobering below born here. With the Sox could throw you down from the high of happiness and marriage that it ought to say there's one thing four Seattle founders things are going a little bit better right now but it looks a as likely that I have taken home silver went through this year than than they actually will also all take that in stride a look at some more perspective we old side to all of you saying and shall come and still a chance you know of course of course Portland pulled off last year yourself pump now I am disappointed in myself because they didn't think this the roof far enough that's unusual for you I know usually I'm selling well. And so fraught with fraud must be Donald Trump how dare you were to get to that to Ohio want to take on that but. I was a karate tournament firing people. And I needed someone to come dictated that I can bring you along here imagine if you were holding our viewers send it to my friend holding the iPhone and you're commentator in what was happening and I couldn't deepest you'd have to Stanley pretty far back side there's no way keep straight faced and and be tried to attack somebody no matter what they're. Level of competition closes on if you're if you heard. Your job and away in the background make him nonsense and then and make economy I think that would open heart but I wish that you would have been there to see it's he could've come it is would've loved to let out. I have video of a couple of other ticket but he was also very hung over my job. The idea of his six full sly leaving me he did whirling one does curry hearing around this Sheehan lets. It's just a name needs to saudis. I mean there was also some it's clear rule that potential material. A joy to many styles. I think you missed out as well Ross because he opposed this videos of the Paula Olin senior now isn't she fights and did it does look like Daniel son from Karate Kid. People in the white roads. Are red and black helmets and ending the cents a day over services fights. A basically both the kids Roddy White just run sowell. I'm 01 on the a little right now and 066. And that puts it up well running all of running away out though it ticked that I do I wasn't either the kicker is of them you did a punch and kick nudge the connected obesity. And the other kid isn't. Really putting up a fight obviously you've pretty astonished my friend are you did little long to jab culmination. You should be an XM MA dismal season in common McGregor I delegates more testing to first Mississippi that he can hit the atmosphere bubbling oil and if you come in my ten. And so I just have an old dude defending from an attempt to take by the opponent hit Greg circling around the man in red fends off a couple of jabs digs at the right at the desired. I'm the referee says still it is a bit annoyed to imply. I thought I had no idea the competition rules are but he sounded good long chat this rat race talking to you both more when you arrived she spending time fights it. You can't have him be exhausted by that new blood though. Around I want right there I won I think three to one and that's it's about the three and the point zones are from belts to show to I guess face you can at the face that's the thing again below the belt. They can hit anywhere in the chest or the sides top or back of the head in the protected by a helmet. Now the idea of any martial arts tournament is that they shouldn't actually be contacts if it is that should speed I could have gone through you but it should be by the time you hit. You're pulling up that way you don't actually heard anyone that's the are. New what's the black felt like dude that is not Dickens they are going forward but at my level to try to keep us from killing each other and really at any level there are supposed to also do that. Thus in Gaza did not heed that warning though it was terrify a lack of death is Jim a good idea especially at eight karate term that I had to pay money to get into a feel like if it was like conscription if I was thrown into it then maybe fatality might be selling you'd expect but it's handed over my money to them. I took the police that they can do is trying to prevent my own demise so basically you hate so months and no hit somebody else and hope eating get her city. Greg and I ended up getting hurt so while wearing a big white robe like about to have amassed so what you're known as posh hotels nap but we don't do it well with a big red helmets on debts of it but my mom's attention and oh yes sorry yes go attach I thought a guy who was he was. Not quite at my level mom and we won't get into that because it's not appropriate title solaris. Ask me author sometime if you run into me. That other advanced to the next round where. I thought I dude who who didn't speak a lick of English except for our. I like you're saying is like and that is an image you what he's like well all right and him were like yes and Brian obviously you clearly fatigued but they've observed. And I beat that guy who was terrifying did you think you knew what it was doing and then I got destroyed buoyed by a guy who was like five foot 40 I. He what my Mac pretty sweet I can only going to come on dude I can you know they can't that's illegal as we've learned in the Karate Kid the pretty much the primer for all those. That's laity reference point says it can probably nobody out. Can watch it go because I think that based on like what the rules are what they got mad about the stuff. At the tournament are a Karate Kid might actually be sort of grounded in reality a little bit which is pretty interest it's one of the most relevant films of all time obviously. Support kid coming from Jersey to the California what's he did do you know past the site of the kids have. Obviously with an old ninety team about bonsai tree lots of hanging out with cool like an old weird man and then moving again I think that the to do that today is did it -- enough I would go over so hot in California. Well it nice cash. There. The guy that I thought at the end who beat me everyone around him was like dude. Just kicked to keep kicking just kick kick kick because there's no way he can get TV so small and it's like okay. Well I'll just kicked so you ended a during the river dance I ended up not doing any kicks or stop at. As what the punch and he won so much who listened and I feel like an idiot but also somewhere ago so that's a finesse walked out plus they took home two trophies do that after that we do forms which is like the electric choreographed stuff for America. And outlook are. Jack delayed those noisy so yeah dig graded on noises well actually sort of gives everyone doesn't say what there's two places with that I did the single pin on one that's Micah going to demonstrate. Yes please this is great fellow for Pall cast were known consumer out there. A case of Greg is not standing up remember he is 65 series has almost bashing the lights he's nobody's. A how this clasped together in fronts of his chest he leans forwards it. And respectful plowing motion funds then does a kind of gum show I try to breeze file a tie he's now looking fairness embassy mirrors his own place. Bruce full loads are all big outs again but it was just sounds one makes it sounds and I got an eight doctor. And. A a a. I'm done I'm done is scaring me already. I think is an in depth. More dismal and now he's just doing news from what was it cooled dancing with the days. I tell you what Ryan looks he's got nothing on Gregor. He still get it all about very respectful. Until I can see why he won two trophies thank you. So you intimidating because my friend there's only two parter supposed to make it reared its require the huh. The Danica yeah Heidi and does not in hello Heidi and I don't know it's it's they intimidation factor thumb but then you're allowed to put them in wherever you want for effect until my karate instructor since they Cody. We'll authentic. He's been named he's like he's in Kyoto yeah absolutely unbeatable foe he told me no and you got a solid going to be more dramatic in multiples of two part. To third place. That you yeah during exe competitors. Who's watching she'll keep them thanks pixel color blocked that can achieve shot at a time eight site. Hi Tom yes and you the pride tournament. Pretty successful film pretty good about it did. Not so galaxy of malice here. They got married that's pretty cool getting good marriage advice from a half probably know that we can put an apology. Love you'll life. It's done it's they generally does the best thing I can possibly offer well thank you Russ have a question for you hum do you know what a soda streamers. All tour life and that's another 1980s. Themed all what's so the stream you happen and so to stream in the eighties now when I don't have one until 2014 you'll kidding me no hole they were amazed you can make Curome confidence. I guess she still do and it did admitted annually tripe that's not I had nor did they even exist at this must have been like a European thing and you have the old ball close of like the Mexican Coke bottles. And you watch on the top that putting says to stream over the top. It was a bagel clunky thing how. And by the by a backdoor of Mike kitchen of my mom and dad's house was where each episode history now I was brilliant I guess. The fifty water a workable would you call it carbonated is that it's an advocate carbonated water Mulder the widgets that are like a Popper does not matter what they say like. Willie eats eats a Paul if you want to defeat you drink yet have to do opposite a place of as the company to boards venue and you syrup peso. I'm pas I got over the this sir apart and only the sweet drink so much anymore not years ago switched to diet drinks for growth and I like. I'm not enough of those but I always crave the bubbles and so my now wife of someone was like when you when it was its total ones like that's disgusting. It is like garbage and who's that you're an idiot too from his seat by trying to do a lot on antsy you know like the so a lot of not only son. Nam man coming just know it's always agree that she figured it all we don't do nothing to do decide to thank you thank you guessed it all right after she got major again the busy Waterman. And now I can't live without itself. We went through and we were. Thanks for helping fund our bullet train adventure through Japan that was very nice in that lessening gift Bruin through and found stuffed add to our history and like. Japan's an expensive trip that. People came out of the woodwork like. I didn't invite to things and the like how can I contribute to your Japan trip until we got everything Matt and the people still it does nothing I can contributed more used what cash in the we're trying to find things to put on this wedding just work site. We can we got married it's still going on and one of the things and I'm gonna make. I found the pieces in the and the people that do it and take our soda stream come and hook it up to a restaurant grade tank of CO to come. And make it so that we don't have the stupid bottles that you screw in that a proprietary that you fifteen bucks to fill the Bed, Bath & Beyond what ever take 20% off coupon to the few bucks but we're gonna actually hook it up to a giant tank. I'm gonna have endless total in my house that it's very excited. I act shouldn't think of anything Beth since I'm in my house. And let's buckets of son to war to park in I mean it's not like I'm just going to be he's gonna leave attitudes of the street instead of having eliminate stole he's gonna sell similar to warts are. Oh man I was walking down the street and someone had pulled soda water I you run a mile. Now I would give them a block for sure okay all right well high lungs so long finish work it. Lunchtime every died may be cute and make an extra buck on the side how do you feel about going to like when he Gillick a fast food restaurant and their like to give you a cup for a drink and you like don't want a populace wants soda water. I won't pay for the Drake skipped cup get sold along works I feel like that's. I don't know the honor of on being a good or bad citizen when I do that. Yeah. Olympic. And I do a very ready to you got a to be an excellent and I've recently he's actually in. Brazil and Rio the first angle that after the Olympics. Ana winds is in the food coldest giant mole that what must I tell wasn't didn't have a clip outs awarded Portuguese so what did you was it would to Burger King purity about about this. At a Dixie ball which she's negate this helps I know other candidates. That was comfort does the and it summons they always ask us that we are saying yeah pretty much how man that's amazing national. I love me some McDonald's cheeseburger and can't open its programs music city triple cheeseburger no sense at. A that that the Kelso the Sutter street meant I'm hooked and I can't wait to take it to the next freaked him out it's an honest sounds excites it excites and Ross is west of the debate last night debate I did indeed home again on word garbage firing on all time high fascinates it will say note. As a bricks as I am. In the US seeing these debates crying so opted to 102 decimal three score something compact it's authentic. Sanitized version of politics spot where I'm from and you can. So it's been usually don't like pouring as well like when you're here it's like usually tell you go to the issues wrong on Wednesday night as a group. Usually there's police say it's always about policy in the olden days the time it it was crazy that like their state should be so boring because it should be about like running a country not about just being a net pick that person that's the bearded it you call this person base and yeah I'd about bats and you'll emails that is dead and look at the high school scenario or something like that but. I saw some I can't remember whom on the Internet with a little blue chip Martin insular name and they said you want these debates to get better. Have one of us a British person moderated. A I was thinking who I know the British the two moderated debates. Ruslan terror. I nominate you to moderated debate do you think you could handle Donald Trump talking over you will Def fraud I brought it. Draws twice three guys yeah they did a thirty signs keep talking. I didn't have you the sitting British prime minister Tony Blair three times during he's my bud radio Koreans eat up Al. The UK presidential election about the Iraq War sector so enjoy ghosting Seth a bit of a news junkie as well. They also know about economics. Yeah. The AM the thing with trump though with prince and as you so what did the moderates and Lester holt is truly accomplish broadcaster. Even he couldn't rain and it and it is almost too much of it deferential attitude from the moderates that you won't policy specifics from the candidates. And so in my mind there was any one candidate who is. Holding forth on that and when the question was asked that many diversions that from trump about. What the actual issues what. And so we never had a policy and it was also the moderates who was to Timmy made eagle too respectful to interject so but this isn't the question. So yeah what I would do an alpha. I'm a pretty gets thrown out of the country about. My question is that if he comes back and I know but my question well it's. But you know answering the question was how it worked it if you brought in the first and limited has been relentlessly dogging of the Canada visit guy in the UK Ku Jeremy Paxson and now that came up on YouTube I'm sure to be clips. He's recently moved away from his longtime role on the BBC's Newsnight program. Which she say high brow. Nightly news program which is more focused on interviews. Then. Quick recaps of the day species. And he is a violent when he gets guys. A boom well let politicians or any of the people who gets away with not answering the question it was a very famous episode based. With a former Conservative Party leader offensively Republican Party leader in the UK probably fifteen years ago now. An eagle was destroyed this politician's career. Because he asked. The single same question something like fourteen times we didn't really ha ha we've been demanding a iconic. Unequivocal the question most but if you you chief Jeremy taxman and Michael how woods. You'll get got out eight may we could even do it now. And say hey and Dow off today's high ranking politician. To was the leader of the of the opposition I think at the time. Rob elected Donald Trump it was amazing. Now Michael is that where this in the C here mr. how. Mr. Lewis says. I that is mr. Lewis told him what we had decided about Marriott and why he that is you exploded. Simply moving the gotten that was politically I'm palatable it sounded indecisive it would be seen as a five. If I did not change my mind to suspend merit he would have to consider a. Rooney missed a matter don't let it be right mr. Marriott was not suspended. I was entitled to express my views I was entitled to be consolidated threatened to an idol I would not entitled to instruct Derrek Lewis. And I did not instruct him. And it is true that to overrule the truth of the matter is that mr. Marriott was not suspended it I think I'm not a liberal and I did not prove elude deputies present to overrule I took advice on what I could fall could not do threats and I have handled it as it happens here record how would that address I did not think that route that you are fresh into us to marry it does not suspended or threats into overrule him. I have accounted. For my decision to dismiss Derrek Lewis did you theaters in doing ruled him content before the house of calm I and that you're an autopsy and the question whether you questioned whether liberals in the on trying to get it is slightly rude but yes unit and I started it. It's a bright brilliant donuts and I was I give you an eye on it you know he's that threaten to overrule him. I discussed this matter with Derek Ayers. I gave him the benefit of my opinion. I gave him the benefit of my opinion and strong language. But I did not instruct him. Because I was not and tightly to instruct him. I was entitled to express my opinion and that is what I did with the respect that is not Austin the question of would use questions to overrule them. It's dealing with the relevant point which is what I want entitled to do and what I was not in practice to do. And I have dealt with this in teacher before a house of commons and before the select committee with respect you have thought the question when you threaten to overrule that. What you see. The question is what was excited to be not what I'm not a. You did is I was not entitled to write about ethics identities yet generalized dot. The fact that. I can't imagine. Lester holt even being able to come close to that in yesterday's debate there's no way. He did they just moved human out of the way the cage. Were were arguing over here Q to what do you mean excuse me you know I'm not invited to a party even though you'll of one intelligent the Rossum and a tweet at whoever has the coverage of the next one suggest that it be you okay now you do proximate I think he's probably bats have prepared and will be you set your news out until I take it happened yet I can directed who're gonna document job. It's it's weird and to see how the British actually do the news blew my mind but it is good to British ness is one of it and fry actually brute Tampa but did you threaten drive through at night I'm announcing my intention right now I don't have to eat it too hard polite British way of interrogating somebody snubs actually reroute. Now Ross we haven't had a chance for the talks since excellent and so frankly busy recently slightly frightened and finally rooted consented to not be a little podcast with you but. On this counters are in a much different place than they wore at the beginning of summer now the were at the end they've. Excuse to ZE Schmidt from his responsibilities is off to California presume running around doing whatever he does. Probably with a hot dog I'm not sure but now. That too far applicant appraisals were rightfully shocked that I would say. The the government argued that who have been in this field. Heartfelt portrait there. Hot dog talks well but. Bright spots or his command and he's taken over the squad one lost and what like eight games or something that we're talking about a all the different squad. One also missing the other key player from last year Clint Dempsey and they've introduced the world arrow and put the pressure on the kid. But now how different is disqualified. It's how you silly totally I said back in April Seattle on making the playoffs. They they made the change they had some make. Which was moving CE Schmid own path I'm not necessary bringing brunch Mets are listed in the the coach was. The thing they had to leave the meetings each middle war's not number one. Thing. I'm in nights and today all of a sudden they get into this Wednesday night game. Hug him suit would seem in MLS Chicago fire no one's lost more than then. VNU the team this all settles fourteen games and a sound his opponent. Do that anchor of a white caps Citadel's had just beaten. Another three points behind Portland's. Which is the final playoff spot. With two games at hand so effectively if Seattle win Wednesday night. I can Chicago fire there in the playoff spots but also wooded David radler the poll. It's incredible how things turn around. Huge huge credit. To brunch let's say he should get a jolt full time ways to be interim tag around his neck I don't know he's qualified to do the job. Alessio are thinking of making a splashy. Overseas Hayat. That will come and revolutionized the team. Not the foreign coaches of Rihanna had huge success and about us anyway because of Simmons is by suns signed structures and ways of operating. It's pronouncements is jail he's keeping the job full time remove the interim tack he is been the single biggest reason in my book. Why the sound is a real life again now if the sound is don't make the playoffs though here there's a with five games after they don't make it. Does he not get the job and your mind he still gets the joke because his he came in when I do like Seattle would not gonna make the playoffs. And you made the case just want to defeat you were eight's nine games having just come golf. Their results of the season. Winning full two and A galaxy to I think grow beaten. And the cut who mats it'll unbeaten sixty games. Very cute team of course five times champs. And looking like making a late run. But the supporter shield title for the best regular season Recco Seattle go down to the stock pot censoring in costs and Southern California. And get a victory their first winning Indiana license 2000. No lane. Scoring full golds in the process. That was an amazing result one that yeah this stuff it's frighteningly. Shocking how well that you put up when you put that pressure on to a Kevin Jordan more it's like how bad Mecca before him with doubts Clint Dempsey. And then it if you look Darrow become Powell's. And they're out there. But yeah I didn't see a lot from what they're this last match she was out there conducting for sure but we didn't hear his name called like crazy like it was the Jordan more show. Because Morris has stepped up and the thing needs the I didn't NC with a Canadian radio station yesterday and they're asking me. Joan Morris struggled a little bit without tendency Sam Nunn it's the opposite for me the way he took his second goal against and I. Outside the rightful top Korda. Decisive. Even though technically. Each saying he should strike you will be left it doesn't matter because he finished so well. And he's taken on the mantle of responsibility. We didn't see outs of the team. And to get twelve goals in your rookie season no the rookie puff from column lauer and Orlando last year was at a school board that rookie season. He's starting to fulfill his promise there's no doubt the mate. Nicholas slid Darren who is a magnificent play. Hasn't made jeweled Morris a back to full Bullock. But Morris is aqsa composure. His ability to finish. In these last couple of months has been all of these low mullah. And I think he deserves massive credit robbing us of the season slowly. We've ruled on expectations beyond that expectation he taught him from both inside and outside the club. The Morris has come a life easy to finished article knows how has he shown. A level of maturity and ability with which to drag Seattle back into the playoff race. Absolutely. Absolutely looks like he's. He's stepped up after that of immense amount of pressure. And that. We look at Clint Dempsey we have no information about him whatsoever. And the teams currently not missing among the pitch it does come a time. We're playing three games in eight days or whatever it is what's happening right now you're gonna wish you had a Clint Dempsey out there we times you played a woman dumb play a scenario where you need to gain changes and tendencies wanted to split right now there's a big I mean you could make an argument that you can get a different DP and six or some money here at the Seattle founders. And order Pakistan Dempsey sentinel. He's still another year left on his contracts and Leahy saying no would he know he's he's. He's severity of health issues you just wish that. He will be healthy whatever path Clint Dempsey goes down 100%. Island but on the field jab could do within. Of course do they actually need to rely on him right now none because of the day aero. It's scoring or assisting in every game that he plays he's writes I know that it was an eight game streak. You rule and NS record is eleven games all time which just shows the impact of the dead as hop and Morris is banging in the goals. That Darren has been the game changer on the field Brian Schmidt who has been in the game changer role fit. The Darren has been the game changer on it and with that he's helped George Morris become even bats so you've got is virtuous cycle. If you lie and let's not overlook. The return of remotes Horace. He looked shaky in the air against LA galaxy but I think just his presence. As help Seattle and given them. A different air of confidence that I just mean how good he is a dancing in the locker room after the how much a gray area writes to say you buy into that but seven they pull things some times. That lift the locker room. Changes the moved a carries a lite Taurus comes in he clearly a positive figure. I just got some excellent or. And not teen dynamic has shifted from a slumping side that didn't want to play for the coach to a new guy coming in. He clearly no easy sex is in those on the training field house the respects of his players brunch Mets set. And has been able to utilize Nicklaus a dead run and get the best out of jewel Morris. Seattle at the moment Rooney going one way. They now how bad destiny. In their road patents in terms of reaching the playoffs that something they couldn't have been sank. For a sad few months the season. Cable and you take this turn and you say he brought up just a minute ago did you have a team that's coming in to Seattle on Wednesday night there will be two day actually when I released this tonight were sent Chicago fire who have been. Darted Julia that'll I think for the worst in the entire MLS is not the worst in the east for sheer. But this team comes and and Seattle now is charged with making sure that they don't take their foot off the castle but here but chip on the shoulder that they're bringing into a must be so important. This is way that Soka like any sport is a wonderful leveler and Kevin nick and bite you on the backside any moment you'll not looking. Was early in the season a couple of years against Seattle started well in Columbus Crew came into town. And beat them with a couple of of of late. Goals in the east how how to get four. And their armaments in the season and A galaxy probably had it. We then moment against the sounds of the weekend buddy Sam invincible. And then it seemed a spin out of it comes in knocks him off that such an LA how about last year report intimacy. Apps and he ripped apart in the galaxy looked invincible so it happens. Chicago fire are different kettle of fish. To the sound is so Portland Timbers but still they have plays who wall proud should be proud of that are professionals who beat going out again it's a result prove a few doubts is wrong. Maybe some of the the playing for contracts the next season is all sorts of motivations. For the a's players to comment. I'm rain about an upset so the calmly complacency from the soundness but they have this momentum right now. Which just gives them a Fuzzy feeling in the badly will they haven't how true love that I'm sure they determine the ultimate I guys. Now over the weekend 177 the end carried the first ever radio broadcasts for us of the sounder airs and words founders are now one and oh and on the hands looked a 100% high publicity chug it accident that I gotta give you big props slow because. We go we have the line between here and Allen were who's the weather broadcast team is down there and Matt Johnson and Casey Keller the two that are calling this match because ESPN's coverage of TV's the case is not there. And it was about and say hey Matt Johnson has Gregor reckon the studio Greg and I hear I don't know or Kasey Keller. I. I was like. Moments were like he must have paid enough attention from you guys working together for so long or from some little cues here or there. I've been of one time for five minutes but nothing too memorable enough that he would remember that up somewhere you tied you made that connection for me I think without knowing it possibly Somalia in the credit for that a it's like the idea how about a precedent voted but it took a million bucks you inadvertently injured in my mind maybe he listens you'll need think only he does like the music I mean he isn't the metal well I don't know peoples into Portland pilots or. And or they just made the oasis stuff people. Now he doesn't like Thailand since he hates him Linksys is next yeah that all five finger death punch all the time. Hundreds of the sides of the way nice isn't it knows that does get Tate Casey enemies of four years is. As as colleagues and friends and lunch buddies on the road to and also is definitely bug known again which is very nicely I eat you realize that. There are people in this world that. All on a pedestal that that style laws of the data showing. You all deferential respect president thanked us and then you just realize what you did. The day that they saw zoologist people like your honor. On deaf friendly and they wanna be buddies we union might not realize that. What you're talking about me when you come with a pencil. And are we had Danny Jackson and we Weber from the broadcast team in here with us as pundits talking about the stuff has been through from the questions they respond to sort of like you do to me right now hi all of the things they said was what judge to Chicago could just show up and throw a team the kids on the field to see. Who wanted most for next season and how that could potentially disrupt the sound or something you reward about. You're need to worry of Massey for continuing K bit it's always who was a possibility that he has you can never predict that if so it was a predictable sports. Nobody would watch. So that's that's how it goes I refer you to my edit comments about. Bass players being professionals say they've been playing for pride but like that Korea is in some people's cases if they don't perform their routes and it's a very tough for a world. The world of soccer the world of sport to be doesn't perform it's what have you done for me lately rather that unity is gays go to Angola site. Under the keep you on that doesn't wanna in professional sports so I guess they too common. Sheds a few tears of sound the suns if if they bring bring their a game and in Seattle all caught on its militants is that. How would old Brad Evans finally last week that was incredible spiritual that's. I've recovered thank you feeling good about it and I and a boarding reception and had to blends them until execute. But I had did that was weighing on my mind so I got the Brad Evans thing down in the like kind of like switching gears or whatever but after all this talk about it the last what three or four years now finally we made everything come together and wants a woman you'll hear that you put on a pedestal.