Full 90 Extra Time: KC BBQ Wingin It with Steve Zakuani

Wednesday, April 11th

Something something Sporking. Sounders broadcaster/former player/podcast-haver Steve Zakuani came by to talk about the Sounders' rough start to the 2018 season, his favorite Sounder of all time, and his upcoming 'Zakuani and Friends' charity soccer match featuring Obafemi Martins, Chad Ochocinco, and more.

We also talked about the Seattle Red Card epidemic, whether Head Coach Brian Schmetzer still has the locker room, and #WengerOut. Oh yeah, we also previewed this week's soccer match against Sporking Kansas City where Brad Evans RIPs in BBQ Heaven. 

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For. Of the bold idea exercise podcaster we could confuse Seattle sounder that seeks high. I don't think those. Thirty soccer balls are bad now ray is gonna have to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by foreign oil the MLS. This was some. Solid click on through apple pod cast even if you don't use that up. Just give also reveals the one rave review the show five stars be awesome but we really wanna know who your favorite ever Seattle center FC player is. From Steve's article ID two James Reilly just please don't Freddie who work. It's a very large gap. Between seas act I mean the put on the same squad guy another guy I know they're both so does that seek commentators chosen on purpose I was so I figured there was such a pretty. Merrill guys trying to be time to be okay what part time on this week's soccer professional Steve's like a lot of joins us about the great Tzipi palpable to to talk to move on a crisis mode podcasting he's got a new putt to putt just told wing and it with Steve Zack Awami. And his kingdom hope the second one in France charity soccer match we'll get to that later in the episode. For. Terrorists. There are things. Aren't harnisch. Artists are taking that fast the worst in the absolute crap. It's garbage this. Our age it's. I've read it looks are where it's hot it's okay so. No game for us a look back on by looking forward. Now my next match what is hot is that. Ozzie Alonso is apparently back in full training camp blues clues in Arizona. Gas saw the Alonso team. Team captain and no where's Graham I mean just every I don't know every snap tell these guys like I'm in Las Vegas I'm in Los Angeles I'm in Miami I have a ciller now I miss hit yet so it's seat back and nausea Alonso. Comes back with meant massive sailor tattoos and wears a cap on the field everywhere he runs around as a parent flopping about like a stand still looking these little bit. A yes in English it's in our ways of time where did you get into Winnipeg relate. It was makes it very hard place fifth. So until others back he's been hurt he was from the end of the season last season demand for MLS cup. Yeah seventeenth. Didn't start the season hit some sort of mystery diagnosis that include Lily for in the pre season long it's crazy because. At first when it was announcing his injured everybody. Like I mean there was speculation he'd be able to be in for a Hamas cup and then now all. What five months later words just now getting in full training he's. I think according breast cancer over overt training during the week. He said today he's likely alchemy in the starting eleven but he'll be an eighteen for the upcoming match against sporting Kansas City so. Sorry sporting Kansas City yes thank you for for finger wag there was a tough literal the little finger wag yet. But yes that's big news I mean this is really big news this guy is literally at the heart hi hearts. Look at this team. Via vested he's. He's one of the most. I don't know one of what he's one of the most feared and respected. Midfielders in the game though MLS sounder. GAAP one of just two left will only one. He's he's at comic that's grabbing a cameo spread left. All right. That's nice to think about the evidence Samir really get I mean this offseason. Ozzie was kind of the subject of a lot of rumors are we gonna keep them are we gonna lose them they seem like there's a little bit of a disagreement between him in the front office about. Whether or not he was a respected or like did he feel that he was being honored by this team by the front office by the Seattle's founders and. This is we obvious area I don't think there's ever been a time worth squad to the pitch with out Ozzie Alonso where I was like we got this yeah. But when he is on the pitch I'm like okay well least we have laws. Now he's getting older but like. There's a certain sense of security like he doesn't he's a hard tackler he is aggressive. But he holds together somehow is not a red card guy he's not like wild he's got a good head on his shoulders has great leadership on the field to do that like we've talked about at length there's not any of that out there right now seemingly. Yeah I mean kind of a question after Brad Evans left to was who's gonna be the leader of this team travels and on the field goal last year anyway so. Yeah and so having Ozzie having Ozzie is gonna maybe bring some of that leadership back under the field. When he's able pop in I'm assuming a Macon captain again. So yeah I will CNN I'm really excited about getting back out there it's certainly he is so. Fun to watch he's a guy that will make last stitch tackles without getting a red card. He's got that big old boots it'll put too soon and at thirty yards yeah fruit some problems yet I know I just can't wait for the first roar of the crowd to tell on the issue when he gets the ball 45 yards. We sold work for luck Don Shula won I don't know Ozzie Alonso the Seattle's lots on hot. Right I'm moving on I hate to have always have to fall back to this but we haven't had a lot of hot yet this season but we're moving on to garbage garbage. Yes Garmin is I there's a lot to look at garbage can still be the fact that we haven't scored a goal thought they could be the fact that Sanders FC two. Couldn't even make it through their most recent mass without getting too red card we did ask Steve about this is a bit of a red card culture coming up right now I'm not sure if that's the problem within -- coincidence slow we looked at it they use seventeens one lead generation Adidas cup they won it with ten men on the field gap the S two as I think in their last two games received a red card and the most recent game against Sacramento they received to a Sacramento too received one so even though both teams had a regard we still managed to play a man down for most of them that. How hum. So I don't know you talked about Saunders first team that has a red car never meant every single most massive season yeah exactly so we're not doing ourselves any favors. Some answers coming come down our hard on it who's got the red card this week Brandon massacred and that's we should stop trying to predict the score insert trying to predict who's gonna get the regs. It's a crystal ball and. Guess into the future yes I don't know it's swirling around inside who will be the recipients of its Finn thing it's somebody different every weekend and you got on this here now let's investigate Tesla Motors on news current although it's been people that we don't expect this been like Lear down. Bret Hart a guy's floors I was going to be like you stopped probably at. Kuester and Ozzie guys I don't see it happen I don't see the red recover from them okay and other garbage. And another carve is EM LS cup was a thing where eats analysts team picked a dictate. Sanders is real life real life Saunders are at the bottom of the table. And the not realize Sanders AK REM LS team also happens to be the bottom of the table and not even make it in hopeless got another note here that we'll get to as little was later segment here. I just want to throw in some little rule. Garbage. The parlayed jerseys are back to literally made promotion garbage. You can buy a kit that is made from recycled plastic taken out of Africa Pacific Ocean partly as a company that does that. MLS teams up with partly to make a Jersey this year's will be white and for the that we are great it looks like it's went through whites. It looks real sharp on and off limits in the money to give myself paying extra Jersey that's made out of garbage and it could be worth and I'm I'm not sure that's the Minnesota. You know game on the 22 that explicit I think though one under hot there it's because salt and they had to heat up the garbage I'm assuming to make it through the well I didn't see that their brand that's nice reverend she that we looked at I was not aware of that. I on the other hand I think they look like trash I mean you used five a's all caps that yet because of that when I was planning on Rihanna doesn't SH harassed. Because there I I don't know they're they are basically these owners versions of the Los Angeles SE hits this season which is like a plain black shirt and a plain white shirt. With their logo and crafty. The fundamentals like to know. Hope that black tennis so no the black LA cameo with the gold come all I think balance or your project in real hard if you weren't all the already in the first season but come on I think felons OK at the white one is is basically our parlay it there were about disagree. I I haven't seen a white 17 paid enough attention but the black kid is so. Thanks. Yeah I think I don't of these probably it's cool I I I think there will definitely look loads better than it did last season when it was a grave and a white in so when they were playing on the pitch together late I think guardian was against LA in LA. And you couldn't tell the difference between the jerseys on the field so what are they could from their perspective of it was difficult or not I don't know is a sunny sunny mats are remember looking at it and thinking it looked. That is it's hard to differentiate who soups and. Your body deterred Smith who just walked by in his sounder that's the outerwear which is on some western Macedonia. OK so moving on from hunt are retired garbage we should look into the history of this matchup that we're gonna see this week. We're talking about sporting Kansas City vs Seattle center's at seat at children's mercy park in Kansas City, Kansas. 1 PM Pacific time kicked off that's on samba though or Domingo that's on Sunday okay cup I should have written that down I apologize Sunday 1 PM in Kansas City would dazzle. History here Brandon yes so all time senators are 85 and three against Kansas City friends he wins five losses and three draws against this team could. But as we said the the last few weeks it's kind of hard to look at our history against any of these teams because he. In the last couple years a lot has changed for both of these teams their missing dom Dwyer and Benny fell Harvard kind of two of their key pieces fonts that I'm Brad Evans and they still have grams doozies so it's hard to say all the programs as he has cut his hair off so maybe there's going to be a little bit more of a Sampson. Like a samurai coming off his. Not there hall. So yet so it's it's gonna get the jet on May become office there and now he's become even more power since he's just easy matter did he kill all the training the rumblings I haven't in Kansas have you I have an Internet now. Does this just in grams Izzy. Kid killer move wolves with if all right hold on a few does insists I would've been like all right let's look too far Brandon. If feel real whistle for what we have to take that goes too far OK you're going to be offering of oh ordered up an apology on the next time I'm sure for that you have via the cat. So my favorite thing about the history between these two teams is that Seattle has a super long history of very late goals to either win or draw against Kansas City. We have scored. Six goals in the ninetieth minute or later. Which is insane. And I think that includes. Most recently our most recent game against and we won one to zero the clintons have the game prior to that. Was I think so but not last season but the last playoff game that we had against them was a pseudo offside late winner from Nelson Valdez that small yes I do know is not over. Nelson Valdez no longer with us so probably wants easy life cycles yet again. And he's no longer in Seattle had a hot takes a minute hold it past him for itself. And yet so bad it's fine if it's a late goal. If it's in our legal if it's an own goal I don't care how we score because as we've noted the sound are still a zero goals and a must play this year we even sent out three times. We've lost three times so any goal I don't care it's an and the centers are always you know on this is he could score a goal. Yet so. It's going to be hard to say they have. You know I really blanked out there for a minute we were talking about something in the new says he's no longer with us and that really like connected me back to the part that was a really emotional moment for me Huckabee fifth. I'm sorry to make you think that Mel's and other might have been dead for sufficient hot net that would close working with likened the in the media table. They sparking is very top of the analysts listen covered stables owners are firmly at the bottom and basically took that time they've written tied blocks around their feet and Sloan with the fishes. So it's hard to say how this game is gonna go. But issued an annual. Can you do that you just like everyone's dead do you read how much it's like this person's dead the dead kills kids stuff. This woman got murdered by the mob a to set and a hard time having a positive outlook on on Seattle's and beyond sports right now man that I could hope to Steve's aquatic cheer you up teacher that the regardless elucidate why would I agreed to beyond the significance of murder Brandon over there this guy is very very dark he's a so zip and I'm not I'm fine I'm fine. I'm fine I'm happy stick okay what's did you couple quick look at some of the headlines going into this one woman on the rule the roast me the wrong way Toronto FC. I now. The loan on possibly the best team on the content and right well good north of the hat part of the country and Canada is still part of North America two part of the top partly yes they are the two of the North America but yet they can why. So besides the fact that they beat us in Moscow last season besides the fact that they also won the Canada. The Canadian trouble I won't give them the credit for having won the travel the travel being that they won every trophy available to them which is three of them. And they are they are the Al most of the US open cup they do not plan that because they're Canadian GAAP they play for the Voyager got up. Sun which is basically the Canadian. US open cup Seth. They play for Hamas government and won them on supporter shield which means they ended the season well the most points available to them now that's the stat that I really care about because the playoffs RO reared lover. Right but the supporter shield winning with the most points throughout the season dislikes that's huge not only did they do that they set the record for the most part like me the school they got the most point oh sorry just one season Hillary is so circulating sorry if so where they won the most say about it and this year ever with 69 yeah. So items stolen that and up next. If that I saw me off guard. But yes they have the potential to a severe I say possibly the best team in North America because they are still in the CONCACAF champions league may just be one of the hottest teams in. In. Mexico being club America. And they have a chance said today it. Really established not just themselves but the league as a real powerhouse in North America and so it was a tough army than men question they're gonna played she was tomorrow here in the CONCACAF cup a topic. The compass CONCACAF cup natives to counseling really weird it's what opportunities the boardroom Clinton Portis who was sorry you're there around. They're playing Shiva spin the Concord couple CONCACAF cup. And I wanna know if you'd rather see Toronto wins elevate MLS. Or deceit she must win to knock Toronto down a panic and I wouldn't say anything negative about the Toronto fans either because they are delightful people. This is tough. We didn't talk about that charred around two uh oh we have we didn't yeah its US I question. This is hard. That's what she says yeah. CS FM fri. Said something along the lines analyze has already established themselves. This through this through this round of CONCACAF champions league. As the cup of CONCACAF cup it's our students should not number one yeah and that's and I know and so our 1 July and also achieve this is the team and knocked us out of of the league are out of this tournament so it's hard to CA specifically yes you deny. She miss came into our blog guess instead pay no more the guys are hourly out of cart path if not. Specifically because you keep calling it that that's what their reasoning was. Ilya I don't know I'd like to see Toronto when it but I also don't want to give them the credit of being the best team. In history. In the league and a hard time rooting for. Jozy Altidore I don't know why he just trusted the wrong way I don't know the guy yeah. But that's tough so but again I I don't know seemed she does win. They CONCACAF champions league would be hard because. It gives every league MX person might OT US is currently bottom of the table in our league just be your best team ever. So to be really I hope that's Monica's just kind of stunts on a. No to the Toronto loses and penalty kick shootouts to roam onto us. There were more torque could you please press. Yeah but I mean that's I just want them to lose that way again all like he'd like he just signs a one day contract with Tivo us I don't know how it works Brandon I'm not here for globes Booth Luke logistics garlic T missed a sign a camel. Very guilt and hey can score a forty or pain or you I'm ruled on Flores suspect that. I seriously though looking ahead at this weekend's match sporting Kansas City for Cecile centers at sea again it's Sunday 1 PM children's mercy park Kansas City, Kansas. Match number four for senators have to see who avoid net zero scored zero goals. Of three red cards one for each match Brenner it's not look at on some little preview who were going to be looking at on a sounder squad here to be the hero for the day. I may think the hero will be. Beer. Then again look at your last week I mean Beers have all always the hero our our senators and I'm sorry I mean I know I'm and so they are not a hero. I don't know Ozzie Alonso makes this tramp and return the field he. I don't know scores a goal does something crazy honey badger ish and I just bring this up before we did the segment. Princess to me just what ever so and it accurately to do it and ask him who the hero is and he doesn't have you had people to appear Dalai adding ideologues. A deal on those higher. He is hire a personal hero he is. Yeah I think this is going to be the game more nickel Beryl finely. Blows from making a lot of stuff happening to finally finishing I think we'll see all broad goal. From Nikko at the very least or or at least an assist on a road school for something to make something happen because frankly I don't wanna imagine what it's like we don't score again. It's really hard. The case. City there was this quiz ones and at the quiz let's which sound of play area and my wife took the quiz yeah and she was Ozzie on. Which is like somewhat terrifying but I also low Ozzy on those on makes a lot of sense now so that's he's my hero Imus is kicking your balls home. I'm doing the dishes and she used to foot so I tackle the that's how you load the dishwasher did it. Dillon read a brand and if you're looking at a villain for this week until next to nothing except for the most important stat about sporting Kansas City and that's that they the home Brad happened that's. Let's look at people who might actually play yeah. I they have to villains in my mind one is Johnny Russell he's the guy that will most likely score on us he's they're Branyan signing he's Scottish he's good. He's a blizzard are recounting FCC and there's a Jack Russell Terrier joke in here somewhere dead there is OK I don't know what it is but there's definitely one that we're missing so nice here at home listening. Comment I don't know lever view NTELOS with the Jack Russell Terrier joke there were missing it in the other villain I would say it will be Tim Malia are Millie on me and I say his name took care that AME there he is they're goalkeeper he is very did he is the analysts' current Hamas player of the week after his performance last week. So they have a great goalkeeper were having a hard time scoring that is a match made in great home field environment there too as well that's going to be so to really get those players fired up yet to be tough on which you want to win with a drawl would you be pretty happy. I songs it's like a one line I'm tired and us going goals if we get a point I'd be happy yeah. Yeah I think we'd still be at the bottom of the table with a single point Tribune with 300 of them and I think even with three we'd still be in the bottom of the table but at this point hey. Anything will do even you know stir if it's easier way L a date last last year or two years ago we played against Kansas City it was 00 draw. Not we didn't register a single shot. On goal and it was at home I think you got that wrong I think that was on the road in Toronto against Toronto FC Dallas and molest. That's also. That's the joke is a thank you could just explain it it's not funny Greg OK again I opposed I but no I mean there is a game that we registered zero shots on goal it was a 00 draws the most boring game I was there is the most boring game I've ever watched in so if we get. At least a shot on goal if we test a keeper if we get a point. Humble current I'll take it. Fumble break I was there I mean would float reasonably diligent work for the sound there I was at that illustrious game where we scored zero goals and registered zero shots and I went away thinking that I wasted time I'd be jealous K brand and guess what way. The full might be extra time putt just followed me on Twitter. It's the pod desecrated the five years ago and somehow it's following me on the Internet without I did not create the winners so oh minded partisan did I get this. Finally if you weren't there when that. You bet I'll follow full mind the extra time. The apparent pulled apple might be extra time on Twitter now on Twitter and there's nothing there okay. Now or hug every time there's contact John we look to your your hot garbage putt garbage so if you have a hot a garbage or hot garbage. Finish this up on Twitter at full ninety extra time when we come back and think you're gonna schism thing I was doesn't say when Steve comes and do we have to call Horowitz. I think you lived in America long enough now that he public all the garbage but it. First question out of the gates fifth when we come back after the second break we'll be speaking with Seattle center's Etsy broadcasters sideline man. Analysts. For a player former player and former number eleven literal number that you wore. Also the host of viewing and it was Steve's a bloody podcast. And the guy with a big super bad security soccer tournament coming up Steve Zack wanna next. On the full ninety extra time podcast. See now. Okay. And man was to migrate to a beautiful mind the extra time podcasts as a guy about his own thing and as always we invite someone who act. Actually knows what the crap they're talking about. Joining us to ponder the hut I had Steve. Gilani he was so awesome guys paid you for the death just touch and blazing speed on the side of the touch line he's managed to step to the other side providing us with the clearest takes an insight. Or declare your quality could provide a name will forever be associated with the beginning of a wonderful soccer organization in the MLS. And MLS Jessica. Some actual soccer talk to get through here and a minute but for we guitar I want to know. He just told me off terrorists fourth season already doing sideline reporting. I think you got so good so fast at making that transition inferred communicating tactics and what your seeing on the pitch to the viewers at home in ways that we can really understand it. What was the key to being able to pull that off it suggests the. Something I'll always done I think you don't know every trail is like that but I was content and the guys the night before a game and do my roommate when it was in the hotel talking tactics Austin game I'd watch film. Kind of figure out where it shouldn't be direction of the bin things like that so I'm just doing that now. It's easier now or some a full season was I have less some friends on the team so I. When I first Lloyds diesel or just ex teammates and it's hard to walk the line between criticizing them and you know kind of not have to be objective so. Now some easier does not more separation between me and the guys you played. And so I'm able to just kind of give a very unbiased objective view and in a way that I would want someone to spin it to me. Now I I don't I hope we want to across unless there's table between such a program beat me up but like Alec that astute team. And their baby faced man you're old guy around their card that I am and feel that way you know lost GA I went back into a training camp with a soundness and just even being back around those guys I'm so old you know I was rooming with Clint Soledad me with him. Oh yeah always back when Clinton have a day off for Chad Marshall I have a day off to where. When I've played I was always in the younger group who bomb could go every day and did need to warmup kind of just get a running in and now was the and I two I was a treatment just before treatment. Now you're going from here and just a few minutes record your own podcaster wanna generally plug on for that because it's awesome first default winging it with Steve -- wanna eat. Get on the spot already apple podcast don't subscribe to give its Wilson's because Dawson you're you're talking huge gains in soccer world when you just mentioned Clint Dempsey delete other can get an interview with all the attention. At the TV you'll come over until a few things after a match puzzling is that dealt with the on the door told him. But also other names from Taylor Twellman on one hand it to a guy who's rejoin the squad. Big Davis Trotta. Yet yet it's. Is being good and a sort of things when you know I got to admit Taylor Twellman the night before I was drafted so I've known Taylor since 2009. Met the same age assault. Is those kind of relationships you build just through the sport I'm David Ekpe move obviously. On today when I leave him running downs into V two of the Seattle rain plays Paul and I just met him from and so community is so. Yeah it is windows up when he's right we just wing it kind it's just just talk about what's gonna what do team. Tried to pull closes in on what's been a tough stop for the team that serves ashes and on their on its view of the week block. Yes think it's a platform where the fence you kind of get and again objective. Hum economic sound is going to be objective what they're seeing and they know if you're lying to them. So it's been a fun it's been a front scuffled. There's certainly a team that is our group of people that will not cut it any slack that we looked usually kick off these things they got ahead of myself and apologize Brandon but we'd like to ask to give a little perspective. Three questions and it's very straight forward who is your favorite squad soccer team of more football team in your case. From covering the all time fluff. For me it's easy as the 2000 full Austin seemed according defensive woes is team that went undefeated. My grew up playing Boston for five years Obama had just been released sells a little bit build towards the club Joe Buck. Watching that team I'm going to feed which would never be done again I don't think in my lifetime and that has to be the best team seem. Do you and at the time when your stick kid with in the system I mean do you ever passed through the holes of some of the guys that were out there on the pitch during the some muscle most of the year. We the decks you have an entirely different train symphony youth team and then the first team is somewhere else is kind of something just on just on the right to be way teary on re impassioned Vieira are Bjorn a somewhat when we would train they would seat him from time to time my Mitt for any number of years ago. And then go out to be steamy here in Seattle again so and tear every amid. As I think knows him Evan I made him an awesome thing to just look at food cafeteria and then I go to military when he came to release of these can be FTC's team for so we'll from the book on Oslo was. As a kid just being an amber and it was a means of your favorite besides yourself sounder player of all time. Is too public to an act cost split them I mean OK I guess that's one is as volatile and owns just because I've played with him. And you know we speaks on freedom what's on Freddy Montero can secure that we knew what those guys are going to be. No one knew it was going to be that good and I couldn't believe just how consistent he was and to still be doing now is quite amazing but. I'm the best son of votes and is all the time since yes I guess my friend and just. I miss a beat going to games and beaming games of him watching him was he always did something I'd never seen the full. And to have that level of talent and I don't think we'll see that in DC for very different thing. All right and finally the third question is your favorite player on any squad of all time. Favorite prayer for me is a Brazilian guy who I think he just officially announces retirement couple months ago rhino Dino. As a kid I was grown up watching him it was that let I think in the states. There was a one trying to beat up Michael Jordan for us back home in Europe. It was trying to be that would noting he told this sport to a level I never see you would do note policies. He possible he's black and he just did things I couldn't do to this day and doing it for Barcelona in the champions league. And he gave Messi his first and assist the infamous source gold so. He eased the mine for me and that's will be the best that I've seen buys. Would signal passes let's I got a note that a few times when they'll run like that doesn't happen more and I and Hebrew that's when asked why wouldn't they needed every game so physically wise that's a heart. We wanted to quit across the current context edit analysts here Clint Dempsey he doesn't try to OK yes to address so media. OK so all right so we got a little background on you that I knew that arsenal things I don't know that's talked about that for you were like he's gonna say at Atlanta on mobile let's let's just certain road to sell senators FC. We've crisis mode right now nor is it too soon to do that I think just two reasons one is too soon. And also even though I hate this aspect of oil leak is what can sound as does not relegation from the heart you all even it does nothing to do you see you have. I'm thought you won more games you gonna be in the top six in a conference to make it on sound is in the top six best teams in the west I won't say yet even as the on now in an audit and I'd play is so they'll be fine they'll be in the playoffs. I'm just you know we'd stop because apart from. Sums stretches in games they haven't really been mapped out pleading gained has been a red call it it's being you know down our red carpet yeah I a couple of Coughlin heard. That's a clear reserve team pretty much against an S senior open is an attempt disease it has been reasons why you today five seeded new Cordero tendency was volatile and also played ninety minutes every game and then they went his position. And maybe panic a bit more. So we talk about us a lot we can talk about the long season sixteen think the playoffs right. Is there anything wit especially with busy with the World Cup this summer is there anything where you kind of wanna start getting point you gotta start soon because you and certainly isn't Samir best players over the summer so what he's what do you think about that I agree I full coming into the season has dual two reasons the sound is how to have a great regular season one was that inclusion only close at some point you know Ro money's gonna someplace. And east and he's on guys who play a lot of minutes but second he's also is the most seizure that's it was towards. And he she gets ominous W one whole statement does get meg game here in Seattle and you un veteran regular season and the sun is close couple years however the slide really bad the and it picked up in August and just Goran says. But UConn dependent. The World Cup affect that this year is that it would that. Created to make it even harder to make that August thing happened I think so because if from the courtroom on going to miss a few games. Anytime you combat you have to reintegrated into the team so who knows what a team will be at a point if that played well in the opening well. And put those guys to come in again dame Anita extra week of to break from the World Cup so. You just he's too many unknowns to depend on the beer hall at that time but. It's funny because the hoyas team tends to win com MLS cup the team went into the playoffs bump I think the sound is want to put to go vote quote regular season and be rewarded if they get so ominous cup they will be hosted. No points no goals through three matches or read part of peace. What do you what do you think the missing pieces here. I you wanna say. No one knew Jordan Morris was going to be up for season I think if joiner was and it. Yeah I had so everybody's got within itself is a Jordan's Utley and we have received excellent Rigas and equal it's useful web casinos on the Mosul condemns the move on DC and considerate caught it. It's just been weak that we haven't seen the guys once he together. But no I I think it's blaring of the issue beautiful. I enough clean my boy. Since photo roommate yeah one guy but he would want. But he mrs. Obama in accents or has someone who just had this high level Kim assured that border best out of him. And I think at this stage of Clinton's career to separate national team was Christian previously know who's the guy tinsel K with that. If you can bring in someone to be the man and team play around and off him. I think it is this honestly different of passcode eighteen team effort to McCain to beat Clint Dempsey all the time when he's not there I don't yet know at this stage of you scoring all we saw when he didn't play because of the heart problem the team still rally the media so little exactly. Well. Is Smiths are still got a locker room do you think you give me vibes that he still got everyone on board and I don't think Schmidt small as a result grew aha because of the kind of guy he is vessel he has first. The the only thing that the questions miss on his at least two nights the night. He the president talked to him and he nor Schmitz cares about them as people fuss and simple and in the spoke you don't always get that but the problem then is. The concerns Christmas go make tough decisions and you know being just the person he is did she mean years I think those will be hardest things he's strong was we've just because and is often to do whereas some coaches who don't have a connection they can do an instant able caught this guy dropped back and not think about it so I'm actually got Marino drop impossible I think you're exactly and prepped us for example so much arrangements as a locker room the guys respect him have a program for me is you look at the leaders need called Rome on Chad clear and he still Schmitz seven Friday asking me off. So it's beauties those guys then you start Tuesday to impetus to. We Denny we've had talked about a sorry that the red card problem eighty talk about nice masses DCE. Do you see this being a coincidental thing like we accidentally get three red cards is not indicative of any sort of discipline NNS two also and it adds to and even in I mean we looked at it in the academy as well it it's where I almost went on the I. Sure yes I wasn't there I don't know happened I think he should have torrent to Calvin made them an orbit it was intentional bit of I didn't think it was red caught initially in Minnesota replays annulment okay let's but you can't do that. Come clear it's one I just it was an article he had I think we're all on the same I think Malibu sequels I was closed. I don't claim any and is it Austin pennies. Adamant he didn't do anything and I kind of was like a thing you did and then the next day when the different angles came out that the rest would have had. Though he didn't do anything so I think you can't seem to think of a guy when he shouldn't have been sent off. But we did dumbest think as a coach you probably funded teams say to shoulder video and say you know that we can't have that that we can't. Keep digging holes for ourselves because without it must think I'm with him affinity wins that game with Eagles ten men. Montreal impediment dominate and killed us understood chances now says it could mean throughout the match is still creating ton of opportunities the things I don't know how did those dole wins OK no bonuses. Shocking to me that they have found a way to school something so poultry just broken to speak emblem going to kinds is very tough to see you mentioned. Ozzie a couple times right. And the news this week is that he's back in full training he's likely going to be in the eight team this weekend. How big is that return for this team I know he's of a defensive stole orbit what does he have going for I mean is gonna help this team and I could I overcome that went into schedules vital and also stories like when I played. Afternoon a team we have to we dynamic queen easy debut team to win this it was meal once scientists are in the assumed oversight and off that was opera Fernandez. And there was some games communities so they Kuwait I would look for to be it was altitude and hate defending and running back. Anyway and build some gains in the game aussies telling me I'll run for and that was that the biggest British beef and biggest burden off my shoulders. Just outside you'd short read but do your job get crosses in. When they break how confident and he was able to column my position. And do his job steel so. He's its team play out fussed. And he's just so good. I think what I realize how much is teams to misty was the MLS cup final just gone does not position. He's a guy goes to Stefan Frei to Chad Marshall to Ramon Torres gets the board and then is the link between them. And clean and equal and then he also stopped him team's best male which to have both in one guy I've never seen before. Do you see that developing a role model with a lot of comparisons being drawn between the two broad Don is good and the besting throw Don is to play alongside those to keep learning he should be milk in the last he is off Ozzie as much as he cat and wrote guns next he's gonna be that guy. But I seeing. The cushion of playing next as he helps in his book he can kind of do his job without having to be be you don't need to you don't want to us crude on pay what prints around so I need stop geopolitical adjuvant was glued to us closer to Bermuda Brodeur is not there yet he won't get that. But the two of them to give up. He's a strong addition to low now taken him so how's the lineup change then with Spencer and what are you were new and up dropping him to load into one of the we're positions or something that's the thing for me wet and look someone in the stars Vincent found a quote that's my bet. But he's very good he's going to the World Cup is a Sweden. And actual banks and that's waste it's been definitely could eventually a seat next Benson and number guys of that kind of bop bop. In their best positions that to meat suit is Ozzy and his Christian. I'm sensing conduct and set him back right back he complained amid new blood that's my bit for me and I don't think as a company every game 31 games left. If he plays 25 it be amazing you needed for the playoffs and nothing's a sensible gates minutes but. Just the full of having those you wrote down to give Hingis makes it. House health aussies so incredible are being able to pull off a challenge out racking up a red card DC's and younger are headed guys Paul yet it's it's it's it's a skill it's a skill he and his timing is perfect he's very very quick is lost he gets back into position well. And he takes as a personal challenge I've cut train against us he's well aware and my you know dual move on Posey and beat him. And then the next from a coma to him as a different intensity of these you're not doing that cabinet and that's just in train so. He takes it as a personal challenges he wants to be depressed on the field and I think. But was able gonna get back is a good here's chip when he showed up if it was just something to prove he hasn't played much people male full caught just how valuable he is so I think we're gonna get an OZ. Now I'm actually feels Adler to prove and this is when some good. I think that happen similarly last season he missed a few games in when he came back you realize like the sound is played well when he was gone but when he came back it was a is a completely different level we were we senators playing at a level. That I mean you felt like nothing to get through our midfield they had. Either lofted over something even then it was like kind of a crash. He's like that man and you ask anyone in the locker room I'm in I'm Wilson will have this conversation some time to time and know you could most guys from the 2019. And guys and that when he seventy team. Does that mean years apart and each one would have Ozzie and its free a discipline that's consistency from. What's your job like now were you don't have the same kind of access where you're not in their feeling the same emotions compared to. When you were as a player that it's easy does not pressure Russell what I do now I love it I get to talk about the game we get to travel and watched games for free and just kind of save this is what's happening. But I I I missed that pressure I miss the night before Lou that back when Austin it was that paint LA and I know land it's Clement David Beckham's coming rugby teams come in and fact political tortoise tortoise he's lacrosse players and as pressure I missed those I missed that week train and I would always takes a ZD before a big game. And be put me in the second team this week I wanna play guess the first team in training and it's hard for me when to weaken comes I'll be you know good a good rhythm. As I miss that all of you can never recreate that and that's the one thing about and professional sports guys are so unique human psyche competing as he's won't cross athletes going toe to toe to so much pressure around it but it's also fun. So you don't feel like when Taylor Twellman that it. Got to extend popular broadcast getting I don't give a pro world class data flow back I just say no let now I just do my seeing. I know just woken by the game of do you desire to want inference charity soccer match how many years has now is full of fear for the air it's flying by intimate and cover the basics here Sunday July 1 star fire stadium the study go astray. In Fuego and also known as star fire and stadium in English okay thank you don't have 6 PM start our stadium is these are corny inference charity soccer match in a big name that you mentioned a few minutes ago is returning. Unfortunately we're gonna injury after a long flight he's still come and hang out though mr. over the we Martin's. You'll via sole. Oh what was gonna play it was gonna pay ten minutes in each of these stating season but he was gonna play. Nothing would be nice to give the people and set a chance to see some all the flips and see him out there and so he suffered an interview that morning we announced it. I got help and also the week after scoring a hat directory and ninth was an attack is I think he's a fourteen I was ahead though I couldn't get him on the phone in time to ground that it was bottom yet it's bad so he company dubious of him including. Will be to get about two and a post game meet entry would always fun to see those two together so they'll be doing that fumble have you know somebody usual mine and Eddie Johnson will be back here. I'm Jim each carry guns opening Adobe playing generalized anger and focusing obviously booked his flight of the day he's actually a heat Ozzie played nineteen minutes launches owner of this will be back so it's it's a fun events a full feud doing it. I'm asking people I don't know what to expect to have been now vicious and we. Try important refund so the game bring a mix of players you wouldn't normally see to gamble and the rest of flight school. To select some pretty big highlights over the last few years I don't know which is my figure out what's yours between Stephen house cup buttons yeah that bullet hit my cross bar than I think it's still glance back at lower Marshawn Lynch pick in the ball up and running NN receiving a red car that somehow didn't go down a man after that's my favorite opponents at. It's tough to go against much this is to do that in fit for a simple grab a critical onto the board away now hold two minutes was an ice being. It's tough to put as much ended last of the bullet so a lot of people we have we just mentioned to wild things that happened but I mean we've entries you seem Landon Donovan run and all over the field things like BC's deceit Landon Donovan passed off fire units like a year off the just retired so I think aids and he's in but you know in Mexico so. It's great I mean like even let loss of one of my fear may measles was known that this condensing keyboards or family and he was there in threats and finds it just kind amount you'll see that event which is on the street equal to have. Kind of both the players can be there was no professional some of and to some of the time it's almost silly because you got some coaches he got slots ski out there aren't around you got the guy that probably haven't competitively taken to the pitch in twenty years in how their wing and balls and stuff it's like a lot of fun to see everyone out there yet others tackles but little tackles being up. I don't I'm OK all the pressure. Opportunity for some laughs and some great memories and tells its kingdom hall with what do you do looking to hope what is the benefit this goes to is gonna shoot so. What we do very simple. That it goes to a painful awesome growing up. If you instrument club team where a team like also could scout you if you will could you just went. Qaeda in the states patent plays very expensive so does a lot of good players admit ovaries you can't afford to make up Soka Washington so. We give out scholarships that I'm Phelps on the beaches over the years just woeful season I'm beautiful travel things that. Take that burden of them and their parents and then we helped to put kids them through school as well so it dedication and soak up on two things are very close to me and asking. Robin do enough of fund brazen black tagged you know I don't wanna be stunned and can't who can put a scenario messiah and we kept it just a game so honestly the idea came from and it's been good it's been so much fun every year working we get tickets to that. KKH eighteen dot at them bright dot com so this is there each is different and I England yeah OKH. HTT eighteen. Dot com FM break them down Donovan right now and will through the Lincoln we'll take care of us yeah a few the that's going to be super duper fun to see all those guys and one once again and again. Chad Johnson is good at soccer he's good like I doubt if you pull mailed in an NFL game a possible game and I would be half as good as what EST he's playing with guys you played an ice level and Edith fine he defined do we see if you symbol was available. You training with blue and nothing to yeah yeah I think he's a Jew trying to make she would try to bring peace symbol and actually Steve a look at parent it's growing now at. I have sort of like last year at this match and now we're still here hell you don't fourth. I told myself don't DS and two and a half when used correctly in the hostess fruits copped to it off when you see Larry gold's. And then asked to revisit it now yeah that aids is some days an active denies it is game read for Africa. This tough ones can be hard for an arsenal fan but finger out. He had I am so sorry to say but yet I was there it. Be full. Washington's right to know as awesome and all right how hostels hi slow for us on how each console that anything that matters but Flynt is so high but. It I inning and we finish school sixty's I left high school in 2000 awful lesson lost him Austin won the best. I'm a grown man now I'm married avid dog. And Korea and still have to see my team win the nieces and a school night you have to change something he's great but just someone new fresh ideas. Ontario Henri I'd love to see bill actually a former player above you know just something differently this time his impeachment. Path path. I imagine that our it's our code to get in the prediction game here looks because dust off the swirling wisdom of the Crystal Pepsi ball. Yeah okay. I must say 10 sound there is thought he scores a screamer from 45 yards in the 95 minute god yeah. Steve what do you think for the Sunday 1 PM Seattle time in Kansas City sound senators verses kids were sporting Kansas City, Kansas on the the last gonna be tough that's a good team just beat the galaxy FC kinds of swings to one with two in a -- we get bode well Libby the newbie and on the foot three points had to win we got a goal. The sport that's a way that's a look at your conservatively guidance. Seven nil Seattle.