Full 90 Extra Time: The Planet Earth Day Biodegradable Cup

Tuesday, April 17th

A special Earth Day edition of Full 90 Extra Time where Gregr and Branden do nothing special for Earth day (but we did acknowledge some hot garbage).

This episode we:

  • Breaking down Nouhou's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
  • Celebrate the first point (and GOALS!) of the season
  • Preview the match against Minnesota and the evil Goal Scientist
  • Recycle

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A king over. Well you can do more fighters to drive but guess what he does so quickly ordered the battleground is SE. We look at Seattle starter Jesse nerdy soccer culture Sam outrage and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by foreign royalty. MLS Brandon hello I. Do this quick solid value brand but you've listener and click on through to apple podcast rate and review the show I don't know attempted downloaded through a different. Podcast manager those who manages to do with their because than we wanna get on the front into the iTunes yeah the idea right tell us your favorite ever Seattle sounder FC player with in that review to be able to know that and maybe someday all actually check from set for Friday Kasey Keller. Pleased to Freddie loan burden but yeah it was a bit Bulger equipment so right point in her view great. Do earlier level a little Taiwanese have been I can't I'm gonna go do it get that allies aren't famous ones are. Listen we'll see more authentic and didn't hit us like pandering for five star reviews. Hello this week the red hot gold machine so does that city take they can we heat our hands and feet on your red hot goal scoring machine Minnesota united in a battle for planet earth. Big cup and upload it. Yeah great yeah. Looking into some of the bit under results from the from the weekend as civil Sanders at CU you wouldn't say a big result is that drawn half. But it going. Bullets in three matches previously and red guarding the crap out Little League. Goals go low I will slow. In respect to try to definitely finished with everybody on the field although I don't know if we deserved that. I think that there was. Sure we get to the old and a lot of pressure ruled on quoted as saying tough result after a decent performance time to build and reflect on the good and bad thanks for your support travel safe also. Very proud of Alex rule bond on his first career start as a professional but he was excellent today he was great that's that might be a little bias as his brother but wait. Wait before we get dog aren't. We do have one review that we haven't read on the show yeah yeah it was my wife. It. My latte with a lot fifth and that I Katherine you know she bless her you know she's really she's really. Learn to separate your typical real balance he's learned about the soccer but no it's slit her favorite player here's what she says here's a Katherine public to preemptively apologize to your life for whatever you're about to say Catherine from Seattle says. Indy craven has her favorite play our yeah. Thanks for helping me understand soccer a little bit more you're welcome. Catherine the fifth and Andy is really humble and seems so kind although I secretly think his she loves him because they both share a great affinity for doughnuts to upload more than like seven minutes dynamo last he played when he invests too. But not them honest thanks to Catherine for Cubans to review I'm reluctant I don't care if I know you're not put down there rules that's on. Garbage. Part of our news and garbage hot hot garbage ridiculously vast the worst in the absolute crap it's hot it's garbage this. Army is it's something we're off to a hot start of its week. Low real pleased with the permission DS owners of newspapers. Hey you know the still photo. Bigger club at a very here. Apple might vodcast let's let's let's let's talk this week he is is houses I've pulled any contact no not a good idea. Yeah. Apple might be extra time on Twitter at let's get into what's hot yeah Carmelo corridors are cut it first caught flat. I'd hate every note and goals yet that's that's it's the first thing ripped or branded on the she calls Ali a to learn how to read what you. Will Bruin way to beat Natalie just a guy who looks like a dad but also played like a leader. He did I'd I know I Vienna. A pretty good game for earth I thought we are gonna go there and absolutely crap the bed and cut. Yeah he had. Not an hour ago I IOC took over at the top of the west vs the bottom of the west or in Kansas City vs Seattle yeah let's I mean let's recap a little bit we Seattle's honors go to Kansas City play sporting Kansas City best team in the league or best team in the Western Conference currently. We being the sales founders' worst team. Garbage absolutely. And we go there and. Steele points we did nothing cell does that seem go to Kansas City play against the squad that is that looks like they're gonna just destroy. The Seattle in the process and instead the exact opposite kind of happened founders came out looking. We talked about it several times that it looked good out there there's the man down all the time NC gonna give up. Errors especially when the defense is holding up so to see a pretty. Okay performances defensively. Combined with having enough people out on the field. Is not is really grates there's we get to another bit of pot that makes that defense even stronger but first will Bruin first header off the crossbar that like me everyone. And the Celtics to optimistic point right dead at like all that's been knocking on the door and then moments later. From a little opportunistic right place right time everyone else has kind of given up to one and a half just awful side put their. Civil sounds FC 11 and most importantly. Off to finally scoring tool staff first goal of the season it felt so good I. I was watching this match with a sporting Kansas City fan too weird there that you know one I do know one gallery there weren't in the face adorned in the stands up for sure they were all in Seattle and yes all one of them behind in her living room. With her husband and I am not yet. Anyways only wants them ASEAN area haircuts weird to me out yeah sorry that he looked good but I just enemies seal lookalike got hot mess right now we instill we scored three goals wrestled effort here at then. I mean your wife is a hairstyle basis I think also Katherine yeah. Maybe that's why she like denigrated because of his long luscious locks now I guess so anyway so I bulls that's polls that's the takeaway. That and and then he got and your ruled on times to yes cut it's written ruled on X two X two said that if you made a movie about the role on Brothers starring the rock may be in the early to admit our mid to late 2000. We're the Rockwell is cultural bonds because sports movie the little sort of buddy comedy it be fun here too is. The Iraq and Chris Rock playing ball rolled on some sort of like sort of like a twins type thing yeah I basically wanna see rush hour but with Barack interest and soccer related about anybody Brothers Asia and central sun times to Alex ruled and does not have the admit that the wisdom of a seasoned veteran but he has the heart that you cannot teach somebody he looks. I I'll I'll I'll say I was nervous about giving him his is giving him the start I mean. US Nagle on the bench you had one guy who even has more I'm less time. Then rolled on this point both lament their rookie season but you have Lamar Nagle on the bench I thought that he would do that's Levys are him but I several dawn with Korea other Alex thought. Out hold on to say the younger brother Christian ruled on. Been so promising over these years learning under the wing of a salons last week on the pod Steve Zack wanna talk about how important that relationship was and how Christian ruled on going to be greatly considerably busier broke slips and a CW guy. Pops in and hasn't. Awesome game creating opportunities don't lid on things there was no. Hesitation. On May be an error from him at some point where he didn't drop back to help cover for what ever the old new was doing no we will get there. Also brought back in the line up cut Ozzie Alonso. But so date is massive and we talked about this last week. He didn't so Ozzie Alonso. Legendary team captain at this point honey badger. L cores on disease known because he's the heart of this team cap he did not look like it do they dismiss five and a half months due to a quad injury or whatever it was that he had. He finished 96% of his passing after coming on. In the second half. That's insane that's insane he we he won both of his tools which is a is a statistic that. Which metro and head coach French retro is looks at it's really go head to head with a guy who comes away with a bull who we talked telescope we scope passing has been just. Absolutely just shoddy credit wasn't great either there's a lot of like. I giveaways that could have been prevented but it was so much better yet and and to see Ozzy come on and make that immediate impact he allowed Christian rolled on to deal to play up a little bit more. That turns into a and that turns into a goal I mean. That first of all. Hot was that Christian ruled on eagle putt. That's up for gold a week this week go stuffed the ballot there's a lot of good competition this week but what we can do like he was trying to escape and get out I swear it looked like all of the anger that the Seattle Sanders have been bottling up for the last three weeks. Instead of channel league and into another red card channeled it into a goal which is. Exact I mean even after Bruins scored his he turned around and gave Vermont Torres the most angry hug I've ever seen in my entire life and I loved campaign. It's looking at that also how about a Roman Torres hug hi ya all of those it would be very warm he seems like a very large warm man. Lot of big warm hug they've warm hug from. Our big Panamanians are back so miss five and half months Ozzie Alonso did and immediately when he comes on the team looks completely different and Charlotte's the Taylor Twellman who like really identified this as well because it's really easy for us even here in Seattle to get too down on the team but again we forget. Who were missing some of the the more players in this the match about Clint Dempsey again with the team comes away looking pretty good. I wanna start a series called where in the world is Victor Rodriguez 'cause he's another player that I mean we we we often think we're missing Dempsey or massage you know. Grand Canyon creek if he's just happens to me that is on is a low Murrow going down the side just like taken pictures vulnerable elements are grammar thing but I that's clearly were areas not entirely depends on yoga retreat yeah absolutely yeah. That already know that to your point like we are missing or to Europe point about the little wants what we this is a team that. We look. I mean senators look decent I did their missing pieces here and there. But even our starting left back who knew who is supposed to be. I don't know competing for the job for eating he's injured so at this point word down to the last line of defense and most of our spots. And hey we walked out we walked in Kansas City senators got a point grey and finally and this we never have this much stuff to talk about hot. No red cards cut that is hottest. Moving on to the garbage whom. But nude nude solo performance. Garbage she. A man. Nothing is more frustrating. I think from seeing a professional athlete who is on motivated to. Help or in really any walk of life that I'm motivated to help out. And deceived the huffing and puffing and do lack of full heart put into some of these plays. Is talked to watch a guy not getting back as fast as needs to committing some big fouls which expect from the skies young and he's like aggressive and expect some big south it's kind of the difference though between a guy like county Alonso whose. Knows how to pull that off and it's quicker than you think. And new move who has not yet figured out the hutch of that yet. To see a guy out there panel like you. If you're traffickers and other players too with the equipment is in some form a crude dropping back to help out his position is literally pleading NFL yet. Yet a left back get back yard in so here I'll get back get back here it is given to PK yet. Early in the match which is he noted turn into a goal like cuts you give up a poll that's what I thought we were gonna. Possibly see the first red card I know he wasn't lost defender but also like rule. You are wrong raft yes luckily the rough had a cooler. Head has VA already anyway I almost all the McCrary challenged later on turn McCrery who's playing the news opposite position on the right side he had a talent but the two feet up title he had one forgo over the ball into a guy shin I thought that would be the red card. It looked like it I'm glad that the also review on that because he dig at the bolts they came over the top and put puts spikes to a desolate yet SEI have a peso back Sununu I have a hard time. I have a hard time with this. At a time with my complicate for a how to make the water coming he had a terrible game we can all agree on that really rough game poor performance. I knew I'd been firmly on the news who told her. Good I'd trade on the new hoot to Julie knew who to choose as it's been called. I really do. Like I think he's got a high ceiling I think that he'll be great for the team in the long run. Two massive mistakes he's got to learn I mean we heard from Steve Zack want me last week talking about causing Alonso. Is a player that will allow your forwards Iran and get forward and and put all of their energy into those. Into the attacking move that allows people to move up and to be able to be part of the offense rather than getting caught somewhere in between rules or being exposed in the back because because he tells them. I'll run for you I will you get up all cover for you while you're up out of position but it's. Coordinated its calculus yet and soul is so hard in what really what really aggravated me is during that second goal. Knew who. Dribbles the ball into space up into the the it is for you can see. Final third were getting it into a pretty good goal scoring move it looks like. He's got support he doesn't need you know he doesn't have three defenders on enemy doesn't have to find a way out right if he would've just held the ball up for a little bit. Waited for his teammates to make a smarter better past. But instead he decides to shoot from 35 yards who he and he does not have a chance right. We've seen him make the Smart decision before. But I mean do you talk a little bit about the difference between audio on a new who knew was ignited beginning of his ears like in as early twenties vs Ozzie has been. In the league for effort will also UC AA again though. Back to will Bruin who are for the second goal to Christian rolled on he pulls the head up but he looks that he realizes he's not gonna stop a shot ends because he's. Close you look looks up and sees an open player to be able to make a play to to be able to put another point board which is incredible new group responsible for I would argue for both. All of these sporting Kansas City Eagles the week yet yes I would say so too I mean one he gave up a PK that you won against the man that Johnny Russell something else that guy is a terrier who and then secondly he just didn't run back to cover grams losing who made the full rundown house and the whole right side there. One S the second half to this Porsche shot attempt that he made. From 35 yards out quite literally the ensuing play it was him not running back to get on grams Izzy who. Collected the distribution after that long long terrible shot. He collects it from his goal keeper and takes it all the way up he just makes a run up the right side which is where to curtain that. Two who know Lowe knew who told us supposed to be defending Brent is easy just. Screams right past them is it looks like neither doesn't have the gas is only in here's Greg is even more complicated earlier in the game beside knew who penned a pull up once off no contact right looks like he's holding his groin or any dirt easy heard it was he should he have come out earlier like what was. What was the situation there we don't don't status of his injury if there was one he played the rest of the match somebody said something about stomach cramps. I don't know what the deal was I I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt. But also. And then explain after the bullies Obama double outside again he can get the out of breath or whatever but if you're unable to do the primary job of defense. And some will argue that it's not only defend a tournament like. If you're not able to cover your position in the don't get out of position so badly so that way you can come back click or asked to be so public. Make everyone else work with viewed as a team to be able to cover this this is where Alex will then the younger Milan who doesn't have experience first professional start he's not drop back into position to cover for knew who who is out of position he's doesn't even have the vision may be or maybe he was to position himself for something there was no one covering for that. What ever knew who was doing but the the very next play some between him about this on the next play he. Is on the demo looked again. After what does it looked like such a half hearted rush to get back to play defense in that second goal so I in this out of with a couple points on the field because of that. Yep yeah and MS stuff hit the the only other thing that makes me really question. New visibility here it is you know. We got three sub sir you got three subs and match and we only used to move on so this is another tool Lois. And you know this is on this is on Spencer. Greatly I don't know who I said this multiple times laws watching the match and and some as much match with goes well who would you replace what would you do. May we have players who certain looks real tired out there obviously knew who was having a rough game icu raid sub him earlier than we did. It's Mets as a make the call until later. We left the sub out on the field based basically we made two of the three available subs. I thought once you have nausea and there may be there's room this about to stop and put may be. Lamar Nagel and has another attacking threat. Third all forward because I think that's a game. That this owner should have won could have won gave up a point. Our goal gave up two points on an end and Leo it's really encourages seeing what encouraging. Is that most of them died after after the match all the players in the coach and everybody seemed to say. We missed out there that wasn't a draw that we are going for the council and saluting us about them from. Preventing yourself from using all three of your selves garbage can I think so and I was one of the most frustrating things about during this does he Schmid era and the Sanders is that. You'd always sit there and and go what are. What is our tactic here what is it what kind of substitutes are we making like why are we not making efforts up until the seventieth minute so. I mean that's where a even manager can really make the difference is by recognizing how tactically you can bring someone off and bring some and on to change the game otherwise I mean you're yelling kind of on a flight angle from the sideline regularly at a guy across the pitch to that pulse close look at. You know in the moment he tuning Mecca now very public how is that working need to maybe shake things up but putting in a new presents them with fresh legs. They can come out and make it different and I know that's that's probably a highly debatable subject I think people. Have a lot of questions and ideas about tactics and all that so if you disagree. With me on this of Steve and tactics of Bryant's Mansur I don't know I think that we left something out there I think if there was something. That this owners could have done there I think there's some. I don't know it just seemed like we are lacking something tactically they're toward the end. Let us know that full ninety's extra time on Twitter and and debate us fossil OK moving on. Which really got her brand him with the Catholic. We get a chance to talk about this we recorded the Dade that this happened the data this was announced. Clint Dempsey. Was red card of a law along time ago I don't wanna talk too much about discusses kind of already been put to better rays are you angry blow up. Clint Dempsey Eric carded two matches ago we had. To buy a weeks in the meantime and another of the match that he served as those feels like for forever it was 25 days and then they announced that he gets. A second an additional game suspension for that. Red card I mean if you'll last week you know the we were talking about with Steve Zack want him to a pundit for the site owners you know office under a seat we're talking about exactly how. The got that wrong and it was a tiebreaker in the first place how wasn't red card in the first place and then. We know that that would be laughable and I'll get blood I happened so what move on. For him to come back and announce a second match ban after the review process sending it to Disco the disciplinary culinary commit committee via. I'm which is a bunch of anonymous shadow figures within an absolute. Yeah thumb in him the to the Sith lords of MLS and then they came back with an additional match ban despite evidence that suggest that that's it's all concocted. It was all. That was grade a acting by the whoever was for first UFC North Africa it's unbelievable that they can get that soul wrong and then again. There and there's this whole narrative about like oh this owners took too long to appeal it the I. Put that give that give behind me with back his. At the end of the day they shouldn't of had to appeal anything hasn't even been thought they're gonna add an additional game suspension there's an angle that says you're wrong. Absolutely makes he's selling it to me is it looks like they're trying to put a mark on hey this is Clint Dempsey a guy who's knowing for doing this ball. We have to give them an additional suspension that to stamp it out of his to the dude has three reg cards and out in his analyst career since trying to sounder that's three over however many season since Tony fourteen writer Tony thirteen. So you're talking five years of only three red card sir he missed most of us here with art can conditional on what ever dude like. I'm I'm I'm a aggravates me in the fact that took so long we didn't fire at the sounds and find out until the week before he's supposed to play after they'd already announced additional like fines suspensions from the game that he was. Red carded. Three weeks ago. Dude this is deep state a right this is all this is all this generated by a guy Sean Hannity is responsible of us. Know where it's. Unfortunate. That for me my perspective on it is that. Analysts is ruled out this new piece of technology and they can't come out here and show how it doesn't work yet so they have to get behind it in the Big Dig in. Which is a choice to be may went despite having clear evidence that says otherwise. I don't know what their processes to the very secretive about it but if you're not looking at that evidence which is very clear we've put up before it's very clear that there was no foul there except for maybe a foul by the actual Frisco player for grading hole he just. A wrist locked on amid a crowd class blue blue rebuilt congratulations 3% underscores the fact of the to cripple its and it broke up a bit. Yeah I think is the same anything from league and I really do the lords of Disco. Really did just don't like Clint they don't like kind of hard disk our presiding over the Disco lord John travel I've achieved not through office is on the Disco it's. And and we'd need to talk about the VR in VA are real results from the game against it are from this Kansas City matched. On Sunday. We need to talk about the fact that this outer had a legitimate penalty shall for a handball on the box. We had an opportunity to add the time it was 11 we had opportunities take the lead eventually we did the Sanders did take the lead. Kansas City equalize what are it would have been a chance for. Potentially game winning goal a third goal for the for the sounder I'm with them on this I I agree with the VA our decision I agree I also agree with the decision however I don't know if I agree the fact that they took it to VA are in the first place because the language in VA are as clear and obvious error there the ball did touch the dudes hand in the box. That is a hand ball. In he called it as such. You can only take these things to VA are in clear and obvious error I don't know if I call on a clear and obvious there. That was handball on the box regardless of whether or not you think it should be called or whatever I. It takes a little bit out of the game. To me two going into this topic at any time there any minor error it forces the referee into a decision. When sometimes I think that the referees just got to go because I think that this this specific play is still debatable even after VA are the meaning. If it's still that debatable is it clear in now obvious is it that clear. It's always been a problem with a two I do however enjoy the idea that it's the but there's an via our breath that's looking at this 'cause the stoppage in play is not one refereed running over to look at the thing every time you know there's about 32 stop does get to catch their breath a little majority talking about free kick situations so I I've so far been OK with for the most part how it's been looked that guy holding his finger to his here waiting to hear if he needs action associate himself if it needs to be reviewed or not it's unfortunate that we don't get. Any part of that process that we don't know what's really happening there so we don't. Have all the information to make decisions ourselves from an old. And I guess it's hard for me to sake is like I do agree with the result I'd I agree with the result of the of the VR I would have I would have felt hard done if the sound ears were worried. Penalty was awarded against the sounder for the same play now however. I would have still been. You know how it was a hand ball on the box there's crazy Ericsson goal for Todd them over the weekend where he had an office foot became off another guy from man city and then went rocketing into his leg which put it into the goal and like he celebrated little humid to do that I purpose. And he didn't but he still gets credit if not an own goal because of a ricochet or something it's related. That was the goal that doesn't need to go to know when it's your back and review that I don't know that. I feel like if you're going to review anything it should be in the penalty box people get real mad about that there's a lot of debate that goes on. I'm okay with them both taking a look at it and the result they came up with. It's doesn't play out for the team that I like that's just how it goes sometimes yeah. I. Had enough fan outrage people getting man on the Internet after everything happened that the Mets this week in a fan outrage I think I think seas act want and a great to be after the match saying knew you got to give back their son no matter what run back to make the play arrest after he cannot rest on defense not ever. Not ever absolutely because. You get more I don't know how to say this correctly but you walk away if that defense is steadfast there you walk away with three points because you protected those extra two. You can scored ten goals to give up ten just a likening had so I feel like ms. Stevens right on point with that as well yeah Andy. Says. As India words he says it is now snowing this is dumb I'm over it. Has tag task tag yet Dennis Hester he's a sporting but the sporting cases get off him if he if he knew 31 degrees to kick off I don't have a problem with us this is man although leagues in the world player like this it's that that's what happens yeah I think I think that the bigger problem with summer play it was like 65 degrees I think the day before in Kansas City and 31 and snowing the next I mean we've seen some inclement like weird temperamental weather here. Men I this'll assists. Slot time slot time he's he's not mix well. I. A sounder heart. And Espinoza slides Alonso collision could destroy the planet. Our own agenda pads and that's outrageous and this is misplaced the Pickens can go anywhere and it's it is just accurate information to have not they need significant. And and then next this one coming from at a greater next time leave new to a home hash tag DVR sports man I was so mad after that second billion zoos I got a real read about it and I understand there's not a lot of depth that the position and that looking back this is what fan averages about I was like this is garbage you are free game. Console mad and then okay get a but also give me some credit here. I was watching the match with my mother in law set up the death camp she does not understand soccer at all except for you can't touch with her hands had not like the depth with the knowledge that's fine I think that a lot of people around. Don't know about that now I'm from Atlanta I don't know that no actually they have the most attended soccer matches in the entire league I don't like apple is it their all I'm willing to give you passed. But when the sporting Kansas City takes that big blast in the first half and step on fried drops down faster than you can imagine guilty leg on it. His ability to drop weight like that to the ground and save a goal. Why is he ducking to see not even care and I was like listen you are not a you've been watching soccer now for seventy minutes you were not opponents. Get the help out. The way we leave you talk about some Friday we ought to darn I was too much but. If if if every week if we had one feature in hot it would be Seth and try every single week they give the dude is just an unstoppable right now he gets an incredible saves against Kansas City he is getting no help from his defense there was one point where nude just. Did not defending here's my penetrate there's one point where nudist did not. Defend the cross well. We got like seminar really fortunate the ball just came back to fry if trial looks a new a new turns around looks a friend like all pissed off that I am too. A man yeah and then if prelates in Mike excuse me excuse BC what I'm doing for this team right do you see all these saves that I have been forced to it isn't even like that it's the it's a prize yelling at you to do your job you are not. Doing our job seeding yes but let that guy is. He's such a passive sweet stoic guy. Gets mad at the moment or whatever but like when he is Joseph that you that's. You really up if that's the case yet he's he is at the prime of his career right now I and it's it's nice and a league where you've seen what's been quickens play out 11100 teams now in the MLS like he's he's bruised. It's unbelievable to see how the keepers are bounced around from team to team to team like that and a league where we've consistently. Hmmm sounds lot of 23 keepers really throughout their history in MLS play it that's pretty incredible. It's great in and stepped Freitas is truly a staple on and it. He is he is he's the king man he's looking now like this all this must be a senator Hart article shows the senator and hard fought some and help lines. Fernando Torres yeah Fernando Torres is apparently set to make an animal us move he is. It's now being China China offers China. And so it's Fernando Torres is an all time Spanish gray. Right played for the Spanish national team play for plenty of big teams and nearly Fernando Torres and has had attacked him he's past it had already recently took to her offensive don't remember already but yes I think he's got I think he's done is turn out to of course January as he answered your Ramos the both had a hair ties and the two Obama looked very similar I think it was awesome I think my I take my fashion. Readings from eight years ago in solidarity they're famous. Proposal Spaniards for me years ago but anyway this guy is. Basically a legend in Spanish soccer and he is talking about making and I must move a lot of offers coming from China from all around Europe. And and the US and apparently owners of one of those teams and is connected to. I don't know if this owners wanna pony up to a 34 year old Spaniard current but. But he is currently playing for the team to finish second in one of the second and one of the world's best leagues. Eight. The only scored a few goals locally few matches so it's hard to say he also wants like somewhere in the range of four million dollars it's I don't think anybody really wants opinion that. So. I mean I know this owners are desperate for somebody score some goals I know that senators are desperate for. Not making their fans angry by it not signing anybody I don't know if this the guys this for a man it's so tough to say that you're too old guys the top of the pyramid there are going to be Torres and Dempsey for combined age of AAR PI like I don't know off the that's the exact way to do that or not I'd love it I think that's awesome I love as a marketing opportunity at a low as a potential guest in this showed to have Fernando Torres coming near great great I do have a more favored Fernando Fernando Alonso audiences the Formula One driver so sorry Torres you're the second Torres on the sound hers and the second Fernando in my life. Yeah anyway at an off that's their line I think I don't think we should make the move I don't think senator should make the move for Torres. But hey it's something that's out there there it sounds like they're considering it. Match number 5% of setters FC twelfth placed cell centers at C vs Minnesota united balloons coming here eighth place in the Western Conference to teams not very good. That I don't have very good results it's OK the listen to and feel a home match for centers that seat Sunday 1 PM it is the planet Earth Day cup. Is it is it bad that when I look at those balloons current skip the current results were as to four and I'll go wow what's it like to be good for. You have to win is that Oklahoma. Well this is the way to the going to be wearing the news C a garbage. Garbage she had a hot garbage kits oh yes we earlier we disagree on the that we got. I'm OK so the other be wearing custom are one of The Who makes them it's par lay out our layer parlay expert looked for when you turn on the TV or go to the match this weekend noticed that there wearing different colors the Brandon doesn't like it's some it's because they're saving the earth on Earth Day eight looks nice yes so Sanders was a little bit in history sellers are too low Leno again Sonny's two wins zero loss zero draws against Minnesota united all time. The one time the Minnesota United's been to Seattle to play dale lost. It was. I think. Let's see this the first time this honors went to Minnesota they won. Forward to nothing it was crazy is the first meeting in team history. And then two weeks later in Seattle the Sanders one to one again so outscoring the team's six to one. But again all of that's out the window when we've only finally scored our first goal in the fourth week of the season. Great great first and second goal yes first and second goal of the season. Great news Dem seat Clint Dempsey unless the league decides to announce yet another suspense in two days before the match. Dempsey and Kelvin we're them are starting right back will be back. Allegedly allegedly. It's another great news Minnesota last year they had a really hard time on the road twelve losses on the road that both that you know really have as but the problem is is that. Jim Sanders at sea in the last season and a half only had two losses at home during that whole time except for now all. Two losses at home already this season itself I don't know if there road. How very road record compares against our modern home Korea fear they may do it maybe just means that we got. Also old blues sound a squabble awesome out there so there's a lot of potential there. Again it's for me to look there are the most felt Clarence Sanders a C over the weekend at home out front of a bunch people Holler and animate so it looks. Positive I don't know. I don't know much about the latest there's a there's a there's a method consistently get sick Brenda told us with heroes and villains who we look at that I say hero. It Dempsey. Senators have been all about channeling that angry guy a energy into the team. Into the game that last game I thought I played angry that they played just mad in the and it worked out government does being mad though because of the rising and open otherwise is how can he slept. I don't Wear them hitting people almost in the next I don't think anybody does angry better than Clint Dempsey. I want his. Suspension to just fire him up and get him out on the field and just. Just wreaks Havoc on on that Minnesota team. And on former sounder. I must cup winner of this under Tyrone Mears who is in that defense for Minnesota for the fields to come back over my left back. Or anything for us at this point favorites portable just when you thought the problem was. A lack of Florida striker could turns out so you might seeing you might see him then this week you might see Tyrone Mears Yahoo! suiting up against Seattle center's FC but that's probably who their scariest Clarence ray who's the villain for the squad are more out there yelling of people the evidence that the guy Watson and Minnesota's. Defense this year earned in Minnesota squad is at Darlington Terrell. He is their very first ever designated player signings at. Two years in right they've never had somebody it is still one of these designated player slots garbage exactly how. It's so he made his debut from Minnesota last week against Portland in a afforded to loss of age gap also garbage and but. You know. He made his debut he's instilled in us the way in this league. But he did score in his debut. This dispute has a history of sun non Seattle with club America all of so he's been here before he's been here before now he also okay. This is the best this is what really makes and the villain despite the fact that he's their most dangerous threat moving forward and serve any has a history of being good against us. His nickname. His nickname is and I'm gonna butcher this blood on us fans may use it says. Those CN typical dim cool big goal scientists does that not sound like the evil like bill in a one among nerd talk man to another I wanna do download new talk podcast subscribe on like apple to up on gas. Yes yeah you should be analysts see interfaith gold diluted cool when you mix it kicks with the the ball in the equation in all I don't know science or no it's a different path for. Or as a dual core has been known for that matter but the goal scientists determine if today is we hit him and he asked if you like Colombia's. Still not know he's like Colombia's Chris Martin from Coldplay with. Plans that's all booed her at Abu Rana creek and now goes across the all right mom. And other notes I love this I've jumped ahead to will be wearing a white kid but not our white kit it's Thursday all reflect her sight literally says that hadn't read that. OK time to take a look into the murky future hopefully not full of red it's time to look into the Crystal Pepsi goals. Oh condensing. There is gonna get into the Mets like it is gonna kick off the whistles gonna blow and the league is gonna have some announcement Clint Dempsey has been a find an additional amount for. Dissenting by playing soccer and also he's out of this game. Permanently Clint Dempsey touched his own balls and has been red carded a three match ban. Clint Dempsey L one point so dear mom. He is out. And are looking into the cause of her two small. What do you predict for a score this week. Classic three mil through email Sanders I really do think that the floodgates are open goals are gonna come Dempsey would there on the field together. I I say happens and I think it finally happens three now. Please stay with Dempsey back. Nine mill founders.