Full 90 Extra Time: Playoff Contenders?

Tuesday, May 15th

Can this Sounders FC team compete in the playoffs? We can't seem to agree. Kim Kee-Hee's hair was bleeding, people hate Clint Dempsey, and hey, at least the Cascadia Cup is still in play I guess. All that and more this week on #F90ET. #HotGarbageHotGarbage


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Are you serious. I did outrage right now. I'm sorry I just drew a big intro to the show because little Brandon could just listen writers were starting we get the word that. Robinson can know all the different sport but we're not covering has been suspended eighty games for steroid use. It gave us an idea what city went home runs are hit while he has a broken hand also some reason he won't be having anything except for his desk when. Only in his. Native tongue and I don't know how to say damn it and it's an amendment passed did it Spanish guy welcome to the full body X time podcaster weekly look at the cell cell centers at Seton thirty soccer culture. The guy whom or just branded as we call the switch at an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by Rosie MLS. Just quick solid and click on through to apple podcast specifically that's for the ratings that up and helps us get. New listeners and to expand this thing a little bit rate review the show definitely fives are definitely the primarily told your favorite ever Seattle center's Etsy player. Know from Danny Jackson to move who apparently not Clint Dempsey apparently. The stuff we can skip Friday Bloomberg a big rates. Yeah thinks it Tacoma cam on iTunes this week who said. I agree on the out he says Nazi sign the players have four guys and so much history so much passing and Al Gore is on. Awesome Padraic great local flavor dirty humor. Parity in close nerds except that I do their talks so I would do this appreciated if you would dialed down a notch in casual feel is an. So thanks to go by Kim for your view also thanks to a friend of the pod tropics down here resell on Twitter hadn't said. Very informative learned about her insults I don't remember turned the ball from the previous broad does but it doesn't matter Ivins and it doesn't matter if it's a seasoning for turns. I took a back with the I guess which is basically our podcast talking about the sounder season is here so far it's a seasoning pretend it's just this week we're recapping the traveled BI annual sales out of that seat. After a hot garbage loss to work absence was dusty folk. Portland tempers in a battle. For the how do we already have another bye week seriously though there is a third final week of the season already a third of the season through I don't think so but like so why are at the end of the year we just going to be playing match after match after match up formats like we just finished three games in nine days I would have thought with three off weeks they would have been able to find the time to play one of those matches you'd expect you would think honestly have games and hand from the bottom of the Western Conference staples I guess so we can play more and lose. I'd as. After we lost this match somebody. Somebody put out there won't wait do you wait to you see how window Portland treat timbers come up do century link field in pesos on our home turf I'm like yes we till you see us lose again and it is going to happen and nothing should just right now but it's going to be good specifically they put it on the TV and I'm glad that you put down here. The list of the Seattle center's FC players that are injured currently it's a lot of big lists neagle el Al Ozzie Alonso outs threw in Alex Jordan Morris. Outbursts are islands on SM endorses George Morris and Summers are voter Morris LaMont Torres notes Kim Ki he got here it was an out on the way there but on the way back he was after suffering political ticker apparently an ax chop to the head definitely not a head injury his hair was just bleeding difficult I think what is the injury generator say about this. All right knew who she went out with a stomach bug Fiat again I think is like the third time in three games today he's he's been struggling with this after watching Franklin Gutierrez who suffered with the stomach problems that kept enough for a season and a half at like 9000 baseball games. That now that this could be an actual issue that is worse than we possibly know especially with a guy that the kind of banking a lot of hopes on that finally did all the answer Graham knew who did say had a stomach bug I'm fine now after the match at its third time though that that yet so we'll hopefully that they get a sort of and then Victor Rodriguez still out with his knee surgery. It's a bomber and hand. So what like we mentioned will Bruin who was kind of our guy right now Diaz who else is going to be is out will get some more of that later because it is not looking good Jonas hi Gartman this is going to be a real tough time for a system to we're gonna sort through this we'll do the best we can't. Ours is. High harnisch. Garbage time. Dig in the best and the worst in the absolute crap it's hot it's garbage bids. Card it's. Hard garbage. Off at all well. One nothing loss on the road with a two shots. So one on target she's from new hoop another injury. The turf for the actual physically actual physical he would hot 115 degrees they take off with most. At not a and other turf like in the temperature of the surface they're playing on a 115 degree we can which is also. Art cart I should that they sub body from the fart and timbers because his feet melted literally took the field. Is like yeah why don't know which fantastic forehead is the one that can pick stuff up with buy that at. Whatever is that I do not know what you just said that the amazing gap that was graphics via. Yeah nothing hot little guy I guess you could say that can keep his new hairdo. Cut bloody do we have a bloody Burton because we sit at the bloody about whom Cooper. We love you we we don't have that don't get working on that no problem flight if you move this to rate too big. Garbage. Another game with out any goals for Seattle setters FC. Garbage who also rolled the dice is there really Dicey matchup of reckless keep in the park this pocket I think there were at least three potential red cards and one like death and it should have been a red carded Jordy Alam. Tackle on Diego area early in the match. That this is a tackle absolutely should have been a red card and then there were two more from two Portland players won again I think was identical to the jury glam. Tennessee's storied on chair is identical to that should have also been a red card. And then a third one I think I was a salty enough points it it should have been a red card it was it was a yellow. Borderline it was it was a very Orrin G cards and a I know of Atlanta later that is I think this is full of the garbage category though what's the story with our lone striker. Hello yeah I found out that he well will Bruin is his name and he's that he didn't make the couldn't travel. Two he's in travel for the match I found out he does some kid named Connor. And is instead Graham who goes out all the practices are takes ought to give it up shouted a million self these all the time an honest and yeah but he parliament assaulting his that was him and some willbros when he was like willbros not troubling for the bachelor. Yeah. Is so story the story this story is Wilbur Ryan hurt himself in the last match he had a foot injury but he finished respite we got. And then he tried to go through training this weekend now and couldn't finish their training. Garbage it turns out the reason is he has a let's see torn fascia. Which if you it's a foot thing it's a thing it's a thing and I -- manifest yet this in the last year like often on its exit from takes a lot of stretching a lot of work to get your hamstrings loosened up -- like indicative of other problems -- according to a person on the Internet like he's not confirm as a doctor or know anything about it it's says a -- fast you'll actually fix planner and a fast Janice who which I did but that doesn't of the problem with that is it's like a multi month recovery so I don't know if this is confirmed missiles like somebody on Twitter is saying. I was Connor will Bruin has a torn fascia. And it is so who knows if in which which in a team not necessarily stacked with strikers right now I think is a problem. Not that it wasn't already a problem but now it's no would you how are blunt guy you're counting on him via garbage NATO arm under the garbage actually let's hear it. There you know that I MIA I love the. Atmosphere of soccer matches I sit right next to like the easiest section the emerald city supporters and the Borough amends that's one of the hands of the stadium doesn't want to all the flags waving to a banana full time to have the people can't even see the mass but there's like dedicating themselves to being allowed everything they bring tipo which of those big. Usually fabric banners that they put up with like some sort of starchy thing on it or in their case is always death related to Olson's death in the battle a fire in the four horsemen. Just a little lot of that. Too good of one of my favorites ever was Zach Scott king intend there as a reverend his 300 game data to long ask career with the cell centers that's long ass career. Amazing development could ask career as Brad Evans. And itself. Did they do great things to stand down on the road days David did the better tipo displayed then Portland that's for sure who did nothing included nothing that a new dimension to the new Baylor which is written in Latin rules are so we have to explain it does to everyone loves to joke that needs to be explained later. Just falls on its yes in this one. I'm a big supporter of what they do and who they are both be using a signal flags to read obscenities to the other fans it was a bit like. The equivalent of fooling your parents with pig Latin like they're gonna catch on someone's gonna figure this out it's pretty like pretty pretty corny. Yeah if you if you translated today it translated to. Offer a city. Which is you know it was got to get nailed it burns so clever that. I'm patella the same time it's like fun because it's then there's not local team rivalry here and stuff yeah I. I can appreciate what they're going full certainly with like a we're really trying to stay away from hot garbage is what this could have had so many more flames in schools and death in my opinion garbage. Then to the hot garbage hello my god I don't know where it starts from. All our guard residing no goals. A big injury to it's a big goal will burrow in I think and he leaving with the bloody pair I think he'll be back I I in my opinion. It A because I'm a doctor death. I was just promoted to doctor WebMD yet Ph.D. yet right got it so. In my opinion he'll be back it looks more like a cosmetic injury he's really is really worried about his hair cut. One major terror stopped leading fashion icon fashion icon playing our fashion icon printer fashion icon thing. That's will growth. That's tourniquet. And so I think he'll be back but still it and I. Is that besides the fact that the bids of Portland turf similar to the Seattle turf is literally made out of hot garbage and recycled. Looks like recycle Christmas tree pretty sure that's and we we put in new we I didn't do anything to eyewitness Gregor are out there rolling out the turf. Be the fine folks it's a two X field installed new artificial turf there. I was the cult had no doubt filter for filter area rug burn up it's old and new artificial turf over the off season and exclude. Great out there and to go and see the footage from Portland to. Who that was hot garbage as the presentation. That I have Joseph the CD on the field that and it looks like it's in shambles looks like they've taken old. Christmas trees fake artificial Christmas trees grounded up into parts in the Mike has come amid a pitch out of it they are leg is Blake grounded up. Like rubber tires and sand basically put in there. Yeah it's it looks and and being I mean standing on top of me a 115 degree pile of rubber tires doesn't sound fun to me. So. Props do starting a game in the middle of hot Portland out 1 o'clock PM in dialed today to I think. Yeah it's. It's unfortunate stats. You have to get stuck playing that an. You know it's important to like that's like a big MLS rivalry it's important to put runners hammer people can watch it I don't know if all over the country to 4 PM was worse in terms of heat I don't know if you get more shade to the stadium by van like maybe there's something to be learned by that there's matches all day long. The kept watching somehow I'd say the blue fuel in Orlando tech grass is beautiful. Oh my god it looks like it must be a pleasure to play on sucked bit its boats sold. So short. It's going on green yeah I think you can putt on that on that field and it always which makes sense for being an Orlando cola and a little. I always want to mom I was wants to do see a match somewhere like that I was each wanna run around on the field I'll was want them to put. Actual grass in our stadium but. I can only imagine how much S two is spending on grass and over the Cheney stadium the in the infield of the baseball season and make that happen. Back when a's were for the Sanders one of the trips that I got to make was down for an us as to verses LA galaxy two game yeah and on stub hub center by it where LA galaxy plays by no means has the best field. The best grass in the league. But just going down onto the pitch and being in a soccer specific stadium you know walking across the grass before the match as the cross that games they're okay 'cause soccer specific. But it was nice view it was nice to watch like Landon Donovan doing light. Clutch in whatever they. I have power power queens. Clean and jerk yet clean and jerks. They get the jerk part Gretzky after a issues Ferran I think he has his nice guy yeah. Robbie Keane on the other and back manager are you flipping tires down as a step up and you weren't trying to say is that. Even just any grass playing on any wrath so. It was quick it was hot in LA when I was there at the field so great so hot yet it was very hot so I see that I was to that it's okay so. Moving on to hunt garbage that finally officially. The red cards are thing honestly I'd. Losing. No no goals although that's also occupied not that stands out as like of there was nothing really egregious. Flaw I was watching. Hey we're tied for tenth in the Western Conference attended. Is stand the F up menopausal but I'm pretty sure like it just means that the bottom two teams are tied for tenth took effect for. You've made me sad times sorry. No goals. Kinky he goes out and now we are not tied for tenth. And that's Linda Sanders I think is that how does it seat twelfth place in the Western Conference standings on nine matches played eight points and hand or eight points taken away. With a minus four golden for an hour released tied for twelfth. And no. Sake. What book I guess we will have eight points but the eagle I got tied for tenth is San Jose Colorado sales founders. In twelfth place on eight points with minus four. Gets on thickness if zealot can get to meet our other top of these table sporting Kansas City with 23 points that seems like a lot of points like Tony three seems like more than eight and like 23 seems like it would be an ideal number to have instead them there instead of eight which is what we currently have so. Like sock hearing it seems to not be going well pulled move to fourth place in the Western Conference because other bill the tickets Katie teams are doing much better than Seattle. Portland and Vancouver both top six. It's the only good news from the week. This mess didn't count for the cast getting a cup the one trophy that we Michael Jordan this year why didn't kill for that because. Over the season hurt so this suit this year is unbalanced schedules Seattle as a play Portland as many times has Portland placing cures like basically we play Portland three times being two over twice is uneven schedule there's not us a fair shake for each team together same memo points from each team. Whatever that Vick supporters council came together and said one of the games will not count. For the cast DD cup. Which is that trophy Bob is for between Portland Vancouver and Seattle this was the match that doesn't count. Cut. Imagine how insufferable that Levon is a finding a male we got to find that we got we got to find the little the little flowers. In this big field of of terror to its salty assertions. The it's getting hot garbage or do we like move on now we can move on. I mean we did say that there is Will Johnson former timbers capped in. Now plays in Orlando had. The melts the melt cius of meltdowns in Orlando. After not receiving you called you wanna we will closely gift to. Our website later this. On this face either he failed it crossed that the prostate games on eleven from clean and jerk or he might have given birth on his bus. This exist so mad at this so. Payne would also be mad if I gave birth out my but yeah of course wouldn't be average everybody admit that maybe. I don't know will Will Johnson could have done it medical marvel Will Johnson. For those directors of the movie twins it's this big earth. Sorry will the content. The head that this the most ambitious cross over of all time the if you instead of the heated twins at the also it's the capital Mother's Day so congratulations on new mom for a little little president. I'm I'm I'm a tick hot garbage we come back appliance. See it's bad. Okay. Yeah. We're looking back to the full and it's a type I guess you didn't go anywhere and neither did we. No let's go to Chris Powell while all fair there for a second just to get our notes and lines rested dance yeah I mean really it's like a lot of finger pointing dancing you know it's like the widest guy white guys stuff ever. Just when everybody wanted to analysts on a dozen or. So a kid headlines and public a soft. Airlines a lot of World Cup news as all rosters are starting to get announced provisional rosters for the World Cup what's coming up just next month. The big ones came key he seven or sinner backed does not make South Korea's World Cup preliminary 35 man roster. Which means odds of him making it to the next from the 23 man roster are very slim build us up. OK so you've explain this to be off Arab I don't I didn't really understand it beforehand. What the teams each team has to do each country has to put in a diesel the 35 people pool that we you're gonna choose from to take our smaller for certain roster at 23. Yet. It's a guy that we anticipated it being like a staunch. Like sent her back further South Korean team and does not look at international super power that we think of in the soccer world. But they played in World Cup's before they had that one run like when they co hosted the public took them to the quarterfinal which is pretty fun to watch some years ago but. You expect when you get us when we sign this guy that we like got a guy that's really like an international talent and then suddenly he's not in this pool to even be selective I think as part of like a selling point for me like South Korean international. Starting setter back Kim Ki Ki. And I'm kind of reverse racist against Korean people I love Korean people clique group my best friend growing up is Korea and then like so the question we got to create a guy coming up like this guy's public. Wait and everything ever. Yeah and the like I've I've misled myself I think. I am I who knows man a could be a could be anything he could just not want to I mean that's silly and obviously he's gonna wanna play for a team but there could be something behind the scenes they were not aware of there could be probably a flatter her the Hollywood that's probably what it is that's probably what it is. Soak in key doesn't make it woke up browser it sucks I think but at the same time knowing that in other headline news. Our room on nor the Ramon Torres was named to the Panama and Honduras about Norris envy and love child from. Chuck Norris and Ramon Torres mother a and be confirmed flu is a north a flatter. If anyone can see hey you heard your first robot doors name to Panama's 35 man provisional roster will also likely their captain he does have that in jury that is kind of a scary is sounds like it might keep him out but speculative demand as obese and that they love him so much that the dislike people play to his leg public you get out there into wherever you go to grow he has a good for him he's into that that Russert the whole point is 35 men get named to the team to this provisional roster 23 of selected to go to Russia which is hosting the World Cup this year. So of that 35 is not guaranteed twelve of those guys who get left off ranked. So of those 23 guys and somebody gets injured they get to pull from that provisional pole that's already been named. Okay let me let me do the math on this than what jurists getting at here is that Ramallah tourists and are back going to the World Cup Chad Marshall plays for the US today so he's. Play adding quote on quote plays for the USA and it had to get called up while in the US citizens are meeting that he is in no danger of doing her credit for that Kim Ki heat is not being picked to go so. In a situation. Where you might lose two of your three Centre backs. We dodged a bullet. In Seattle. Watching the sound to be able to see a little bit stronger there. On top of that though pentagon the slick new like clever defense of the point with five guys playing defense the back. The third guy and that equation has been good stuff Stinson. And he it's called into Sweden Sweden does even bother with a 35 man roster they're just like now we go to 43 we ought to take Phibro account there's five people she she never. Our dial around the what are they gonna do without a Swedish come through. I don't have to be honest I don't know but it. Old is just only cult 23 man Indiana and so awesome translation perhaps. I hit it Wii is 23 is 23 Swedish people the equivalent of 35 other people are living penalized for lying about the meatballs I read that these were the Eagles are actually Turkish. I think fifa is analyzing them for how are very angry sweetest person on line it was air retriever. It looked real local knowledge I was blonde with a I invented tock goes. There are still pretty good thanks again of who their leaders in this because Eric we need to talk but it got Brad Evans career we gotta talk to Garnett that I Kia. But the been to IKEA. He's got out of control last year so you're talking about two of your strongest three defenders and being out of the squad the summer will Bruin who knows what's going on with that guy. If it's a multi months that if multi if it's a multi month recovery. Will Bruin being out us not having a striker. It to replace him that isn't Lamar navel or Harry ship. I don't know man made it's it's best case scenario I suppose because I can keep Kim -- he got left behind. We don't know yet as as far as when we started recording this I don't know with neagle Garros been pulled into. The your way in national team got restarted which is good yet so he's a guy who. Is kind of a fringe player he's being called up a lot recently but he's also been plagued with injuries recently so and his four of the club level hasn't been. I deal so that no might not pass tag MLS cup Tony seventeen cheeks he had that. Who perform oral and a from sound at heart dot com of that Jeremiah Russia and a players need to take responsibility for getting healthy Stephon tries says pool. What's going on here man doesn't usually stoic and doesn't say a whole lot sister but I mean assuming that they're getting this help a correctly. That's less of a lot about a guy who's now being critical of of a squad of his team of his of his fellow team of his teammates from now if I could. I'm not translates on her heart because they do great work but. He's not being critical which Rainer is either it's not what this is the teams staffing issue it is actually the players. I know our trainers are doing everything everything they cancels individuals we need to do everything we can because time is slowly running out. We're getting pushed into a corner again and we know how difficult that can be some people say. We've been there before so we're not sweating it but it doesn't make unity in any easier results have to come and it starts of those playing. Players take your responsibility to make sure we can get on the field can stay on the field and then were more on the field we take our chances and perform. It's like kind of funny every time there's really hamstring injury on the team where everybody is like all another hamstring predictor hamstring Seattle there's like something in the water here. All these injuries are happening. What ever rank is kind of funny but then there's also a lot of a lot of people bring up are the two what is wrong with our trainers what's going on so it's it's really just seem to hear from a player's perspective saying. It is up the training staff. Us as players we're not doing enough to get ourselves healthy and better to play I don't know like. When I get injured I don't know how much control. I have of getting better right but I also not on a regiment where my health is still uses the thumb injury on your PlayStation controller like if expo hi my or. Callous. Our daily I do I do though was from I didn't keep it up. All. I would trade more my counsel America. I needed till I need to tell my wife that I need to play more Xbox so I don't injure myself as much depth I'm doctor approved. Thank you doctor Gregor in your welcome. I heard you were just promoted on WebMD that that's that's that's that's a Philip a full or put a submitted by 31 dollars and Algeria. So yeah I wonder what he read stuff like this if the players are still firmly behind its. Spencer but we need to maybe find someone that has little more knowledge about the baby did tech wanted I can hear you talk about the disease it'll always be because it's such a legend. And he has so much credibility with that but still get enough of these negative results and you wonder and is a player speaking Alec this is our is everything okay and locker room. Yes really it's it's a really interest seeing we had Steve Zack Lawny former centers FC player current broadcast analysts we had him in a few weeks ago and said no everything's fine with the with the relationship between the player in the coaches. Everything is fine there it's something the players have to figure out. Again it really adjusting for fried to be critical of his teammates. And not necessarily the technical staff. Does that change in the future does this Clint Dempsey read enough criticism about himself that he's eventually gonna turn that out word on to. The coaching staff and and what have you because playing a 541 does not set up Clint Dempsey to be. Target goal scorer right. I think it's time we move into it further talking about this yeah I think that we sort of slip into something at stake than outraged. The thought faked an average it's just legit fanned out at this point in half cocked at this point that it is the first time a long times are that's going to be actually. People getting man on the Internet after everything happened but the match it's this week in fan outrage starting with the it's similar to the lots of games and you make this thread every game. Little rational take a little although there rattled take. However you wanna see it I'm curious to see what people think Clint Dempsey is a lightning rod Wright he draws more ire from Sanders fans the also draws the most praise from senators fans I come responsibilities Twitter that I was like he was blunt about it than Saddam's men I don't think have ever seen Dempsey. Look this hold on the field before he looked slow and the step off but I didn't sell the saloons the bottle itself and they guy another guy re tweeted it to reading. This is exactly how time works. I'm panic not literally this is the oldest she's ever Ben it's that some weeks he like looks like he's really got it and other weeks it looks like it's a step behind. Well when you put in and I kind of touched on this before when you play a 5415. Defenders for midfielder Clint Dempsey is a four Clint Dempsey we've seen him thrive on the Sanders the last two years as well I kind of withdrawn. Midfielder moving forward with some guys to distribute to. We have four words for industry to anymore so he's the guy all the way up front. And he's not really set up to be your fast PC. Go get the ball run it through the lines and score anymore he easier technical. Hold on to the defense. Get a good shot here in their combine what to combine with somebody. Work those that way to get in the box and score so. I get it he is not succeeding right now because this team isn't built around him to succeed. If it's a vote that's my opinion that is my opinion it. Is quite long Alex says. Playing with one striker is not intelligent football learn from the best teams he needed trio like money salon for Mino in Liverpool. Or deal Lauren although invents a month in. How Real Madrid is the two teams playing against each other in the champions league final yeah. So you need to sign three of the best players in the world in order to compete so what are the senators even doing now well if he would pay attention to Michael let me paid so we can finally get the 150 million together divine Mohammed salon. Not a but no I did contributor did Alex I don't think so I also don't think Alex wants the game against Toronto where we played the same formation where he goes. Sometimes four or five goals sometimes one or none consistency consistency. He spells it out that way and collect. What we need is reliable and carb day an offense O yet you know to score goals I get I get that. Did that says Smart he just goes on to basically splits which is how soccer teams win soccer game which dude what are the most rules of the game is over as the most times throughout the year so we of those points in the to go to the playoffs and lose the first round. I don't get it now that's the equator thank you for a Q you state keeper effectively than switching site decides not hey I gotta override so over it. OK so perfect praying we we we take one from each team became Mohammed salon. And holds about Christian Bale gets to be Derek bell but that man tricks. It's good side yeah. Well triggered a lot of you know and it can open at all so law bad man not the guy who plays her minutes are united and Harry should n.'s Harris and the the triangle of topic you wrote due to be great. A man he's gonna batting uses technology. Volatility off though Barry O gets so many red guards like. He's just gonna punch a hole in the face really do you think the rough is gonna say anything to cut and he knows what he's about to get electrocuted by his fats no matter and it looks a public who are explodes the regard for battering of the referee. Who was brave enough to give that it's all over VA are pro Israel if it's a but it's not just that man we're getting Christian Bale from Psycho from psychotherapy. Or forgetting also from the terminator played John Connor exactly so we're getting we're getting all of these bad ass versions are also doing an investor from that movie about how the economy collapsed. Obviously as great this really I think we've solved soccer signed Christian Bale yes we need Christian Bale Mohamad salon. Governorship and Harry shipped through the bridge. The trying to world class Harry sick the triangle. It is almost compete okay Brennan to wrap things up let's take a look at the U William Kerry won more than terrorist. This one I just feel like tie it's tie as a seven and nice tidy need been very dramatic in that case rooting for this team is becoming a and sure. Congratulations. Official looking into the Crystal Pepsi ball. Slash. It's about a week so we don't really look at a result here today for a week for the weekend because there's not a match in that case I wanna. I asked a question on my Twitter I got a question for you actually spoke that way. At this point in the season right now if we had to make the poll. Not based on the point we have everything but like this team the way it's going so far. Does Seattle senator FC. Make the playoffs no. You think about that hard. No I don't think so I don't examine make class I want them sounder to make the playoffs I wanna clear death. The last two years. The same I army to have the same feeling last year and we're this bad at this point and two years ago when I heard of this bad at this point. I me think that things are different this year with all of these injuries. To the Sanders with com. A World Cup the year where who knows what striker we're gonna get the rumors haven't been like connected to these big time strikers are gonna come in and save today. The same way that neagle Adair added two seasons ago. I don't think this I'm Rick wells I don't think that there's enough time. I think that. With the players that are currently healthy one are gonna pick up enough points in the next few weeks to be able to then build on that with a player when when they come back. From the World Cup and get back to you on this because looking at the table right now sixth placed Real Salt Lake. We all Donald Trump Salt Lake is up on thirteen points after ten matches. Centers at sea are on eight points after nine matches at the very bottom of the table and that means a game in hand so they would if they were to win against Real Salt Lake. They get three points and are just two shy of a playoff spot. Now it's very early still it's not that early actually were like almost a third of the way through the season now. So. I think that it's so. Crap packed at the bottom of the Western Conference that the still a chance I'm at a say yes. That's yell senators FC can still make it now we posed this question we'll put this question. On the full ninety extra time Twitter page follow us there and Simon for us I ran my connect in my own pull her to see what people thought in my own putter but we'll do it again. From before nine the extra time. Apple mind the extra time on Twitter. You know will post and warrior the brief read the results. On the next episode just I'm curious because. I don't know if I'm just like the most pessimistic person usually am very optimistic here like this out is just loss urged the Mariners just lost Robinson can know for eighty games. But I've I'm and I know who the Mariners are and I have always been a fan. And I still have hope. That they'll make the playoffs right real Bob Hope over there have real baba this doubters have made the playoffs every single year of their molest existence. And have looked this bad before but for some reason I don't have the hope this season so. I just don't see a path ahead that looks very good but also I'm not. Given that the numbers aren't as dire as they sat let us to squad looks just mediocre enough to step in and helps us. Sharks.