Full 90 Extra Time - The Professional and The Idiot

Thursday, September 1st

It should be easy to tell which is the professional and which the idiot after one of us didn't record the first 25 minutes on the first try. Sigh...


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Welcome back to take number two. I've missed feud of professions that I've really figured I try to make everything tough not to like this and so like. Are in the backyard plus watchers how steady pick. At banners flying above us articles flags are I guess it's to bunting. Bunting. He hit it bunting. For the what cellmark data is at least try to get on first. You know when you're decorating a British person's house we've laid bucks and elicits. I'm beyond frustrated and black professionals and shall show now because. I can't leave it can't. Believe that we just did twenty minutes of Olympic coverage it was gold gold medal winning coverage I mean we were like you were the same bolt and that was that Canadian kid. We could wrestle silver medal coverage until that happened time and just remember to press record next time I mean how hard Kennedy. Who could to see it's been over a month for the death and oh my beard grow and honored giving Ghana some things that we've touched on the all re touch on here. Some things went surprisingly well while you were gone and summer showed up yet it was nice founders had it also run of victories a stone tells you got back console. A packets all Portland and tennis others say under squad in Portland yet I wasn't nice and on the multiples degree myriad of that's also something amazing. Yeah ultimatum to Mozilla tolerate it tolerant all of this is for folks who. We have one of the reasons the revenue and so did so I'm just wondering whether is can stay you'll goes for the wedding I believe that it's we're gonna treatment I've let's get to try to pick Celtics star KM out of start right now and she's full of furious anger and like this we thinks it's basically you'll Europe office going to decide that as she's out of she's very reasonable one thing I'm. But I'm not to have not hurt the blow pretty Laurie on the one thing and not have is they cleanly shaven face because it makes me look like I'm Ford fourteen years old and I thought. Now no one would keep my hair a little a little more cropped as well but I've just let myself go knowing that the weddings coming that's. I knew exactly who you're doing basically you've going a scruffy and is unsure it is possible. And your wife lovely wife to be L'Oreal be thinking and pointed in the right thing Qatar and then when she sees you. On your wedding day all scrubbed up to within an inch of your life should think politics is done X decision. Make great psychology. My friend Smart Smart move everybody. On them idle money that we have invested and that if the at the beard that's perfectly into the gas all be on of the cleanup. As they say and then but who knows after that I can go full on Leonardo DiCaprio again and ago that I have to change on the parents teach you follow deceit on the deed go now writes and what she unity event that Lori look there in ticket that's what you have to look forward to so of course. Well yeah you made a 28 hour journey back from Brazil they made it safely. I was gonna invite you to go to the mariners' Dave baseball game the day after you got back I figured probably reach though because my own. Your wife had and senior for a month the kid probably doesn't know who you are anymore may be getting out the day you get back is a little selfish of me so late should at least medical. But hello I am in my mind said that it cookies so that's pretty cool that's. And we went down to the stadium and the Mariners that's trouble with the big games can people in on time. And for the second time in a row I got there about 1230 or so and the lines word for 500 people long pants on its top 1240. On any think that for the first fits you'd be able to that they would be able to cycle people in faster I don't know what the problem is that's fine it's nothing but I was like I'm not about to wait. In the slot for 45 minutes an avenue through a little late so we stopped the bar had a couple Beers before you know it was the sixth inning and was like well. Those tickets just went to X supplicant didn't miss much privilege and everybody that's I can just waste 41 dollars on a baseball ticket times to South Africa anyway. I think it's. September 21 run counter I got tickets for a day game pool that we do so they have difficulty around the Hugh timing about how I'm so hungry and we had talked about food for like ten minutes so let's do the abbreviated version please come. I'm really curious about what Rio de Janeiro was like in terms. Now. Although all they showed on TV. Some coverages like look how incredible this places. And then the Internet was like look at all the poor people there like the Olympics are rooting a community and it's like you have to navigate between those two things. Because of the competitors that are there that put the largely don't make a lot of money themselves that are putting their all and to be able to compete at weird things like archery or whatever. So that the we normally don't care about the once every four years. And so I wonder what your take of Rio was. From seeing both sides of it. It was it was so interest thing and and retool Keogh. The other scolded the generic visionary hooking generic exited the jays apologizing chasing marine yet to say and then the orange. Whose judged so Ronald Xenia who won the world's greatest play is of his time is actually hormone gene the how cool and Portuguese. This I don't ever understand. Germany. Is just some dumb ass name that we came up with an English. When it's torch went and what are we just call the thing butch like it's not like we don't have the letters for the ability to pronouncing it we have Alexis stepped up I typically there's that other cultures were we don't speak Erica Chinese I can't pronounce the words correctly because they have a certain squabbles sound to it that makes it happen but. It's a dork slender neck and then in an address how much and don't Americans and books would put. How did you say Iran holding on the issue holy gene you know. Just is Ronald Xenia huddle she you know just a T does it exceed an official right if fanatically and then another let down the English language and we're already butchering it you're you're people. I hey hey honey EG OK so I'm sorry I digress. But Rea. Fascinating. City of contrast tonight I was very fortunate to spend. Just over a month that living in eighty a new hotel. And a brand new shopping mall. In the north zone in the city which actually is the end. Privilege it was the deprived parts of the city the south so it is Copacabana the famous beat. It could mean the missiles and pictures and waited decreased though Christ the redeem a statue is drinking up there looking at the people noting it's time but again luckily I've been a 33 you know today I had seen it. City in the south so it sold polished off. And it'll say and it's basically crammed people incidents of violence which all of the low pitch unity. Sometimes high crime neighborhood city downs were rooster route to their group although I guess I guess I yet it's difficult to exactly define them but very tightly packed. Oh name Cordoba houses. Unit sometimes not even bricks and boards we've with windows based. Corrugated ruse. Narrow streets wait to drive the car up one of the fellas nearest complex down Amal is huge house has serious issues. But the any way to get around this brawling Favreau not by com. The point cable cop. Installed with tabletop because Ria was built several hills is our glorious city from a a geographic complexity. And so they have these gigantic. Leaning cable car which runs people from points appoint. Within the favela but don't get Iran like dead and survivors typically a place these people to get outs of a Qaeda strong communities and set senses bugs. This new species of poverty crime. It's so we lived in the north side. And that sadly you couldn't walk outside really have of the hotel complex at the mall. Because it won't subject jive freeway on the other side's acts of violence. And as a as a as a bloop trough so I'm always in your sitting in learning the culture is that we revise its work. During into these areas in the world again it was a sad story if because it's. 85000. Policemen issue of cruelty to provide security for the games. They inevitably brought a lot of people from outside of Rio to come at a working security at a police officer from I think the north of the country. Was driving a police car took the wrong turning went since with a Fella. It was instantly shot debt. It's because people full this is a police officer coming and it cannot be done solely this is Alex. A few guys. Survey yet. You have that and the things and then you have the beach is down in the south session which all true. World class stunning. Stunning natural phenomena with mountains rising I've decided these curve sandy beaches of Kadima. Topeka it's a real city contracts she can live the high life. And you CC wasn't CT sixteen million people some preteen desperate humans just trying to make a tactic of its rhythms of them. Did you get a chance to. Probably not but did you get any sense of the people of Ryo are here. Of what they thought of the Olympics. Again yes and nine beaches we re in pretty much a bubble. Which is just high hats that they as a set that it would've loved to have gone out and try to sample more the coach of the that we are working. Every day I was that says he's straight Jason enough and long house as well see don't get much time to go inside sea oats whole political she chat we think we had a a young Brazilian assistant shoes and 919. And you got the sense that she actually got into the games. She was training to be at sets but was just interest in this phenomenon that was coming to South America the very first time the Olympic Games sit. Never been in South America. But it was a real splits because when Brazil won the games morally the Rhea when the games in 20092. Stages. Rio Brazil the wider economy was very good it was buoyant it was it was a basically south American tiger. Growing all the time it exponential rates of Christ 1011% which is phenomenal for national economy to grow year by a year but then for five years ago the economy tanked. Money started to run out. A people's soul that of these Olympics the large jets. Of the greatest blue sports sports spectacular. Really shouldn't be afforded money Windiz this poverty and other issues to sort out said the public was really splits. Really really split some people really enjoyed it lapped it up other people full this is huge waste of money it really funds should have been diverted elsewhere that. And I think you saw that reflected in some of the crowds where that even if they had sold out signs 1015% of the stadium was still. And T occupied I don't think I ever saw one at that were looked muscle it was a huge chain. And and this was documented by the meter at the time and I can would rugby sevens. And then every section of track and field and the first session track and field and we were already a week into the games of people have a chance to. Be captured by other sports before trying track and field the very first session. The track and field when it starts it. Inside it was documented by it but some meet your organizations that it will more media in the stadium in the way I found comic. Now that was just that was an exception because the stadium filled up. For other sections and always in it to half capacity leveling capacity. But eighteen the games didn't grab people. As I suppose. More wired that you would put the obvious reasons the economy. Adam did the the fact that. South Americans yeah they did know into things like trash can feel it is not normal because soccer is king. What else is big imagine NFL and then Tripoli that's how much people care about Soka. There sir in Brazil it's all about that. I mean the biggest of faulty pool as well but the same way there it's all about Soka said the Olympics was a shiny new thing that people weren't quite sure bouts. And it it took awhile as capture the imagination. People true apple like what are you Tagamet has an international population that comes and how much is it normally printed. Eight or nine of these things now how much is it normally between locals that show up and people that come in for. It's predominantly local. Things and I would only add some high eighties and how accurate decision was probably at 7525. Splits after a local says foreign. Traveling contingent. And it was a long way for the cold holding it Shui said the Olympic Games to come from North America and you Laura. But still they came in reasonable numbers and you always solo to different nationalities flex which is what he should be about it's a global event but always you wants. The Brazilians as they would host nation to be there in mass numbers. They would their numbers just don't mass movement. It was a bold brave decision by the IOC to take the games to South America the very first cut is just a real shame that economic. Circumstances well who weren't highly different from boldly where when Maria with the dates have music. It's winter there right now because it's yeah South America but summer games is that because it's based on where what the season is an Athens and that other dates and it's always has some competition of the Winter Olympics in in Quincy of the Summer Olympics in. What's known as the the that the Northern Hemisphere some all right dads have rights always around. It is times it looked like it was still. Some are even though it was winter yes and in that some days it will get up since 1992. Of the days he wouldn't hit much field 7075. And not probably helped waves. The lessen the impacts of zee camera. That that the temperatures at night frantically wept preteen model of the work that many mosquitoes around let's alone in the cica carrying most he studies. I wanna make a segment right now were reduced to say and souls to the children caught trash talking. You probably guess what's happening outside my backyard right now is. This is some really good fought a fully that I'm doing. This is called the rich tapestry of queen and life is that. The the bunting. Do it. It's. It's I'm always curious to know who would cure to these things and how it like I guess a few if there was an America a lot of people wanna travel to America to see America the destination Vick for vacations and what that's up. People would probably come here more than other places that they. I can I imagine Rio was far from everything and it's a real challenge to get that an office that. Aside for them when you get today has these world class. Sites their assertions like decreased or the Christ the redeemer statue should alleged mounts in. Still continue to follow it that little TV and it's spectacular and there are spectacular. Areas we are very lucky 1 morning time morning off and we wanted down myself my cameraman and a few of the people to with the need to be Shia. When lets people hanging out and it runs into Copacabana Beach the wedding meat is a fool's forts Copacabana. And a rocky outcrop which divides the team beaches and we sacks. On these these rocky outcrop. Looking right the way down a penny apiece in the mountains in the travellers that bind beyond it. Rising steeply away in the hills. It is in this whole ground is a big swell. Where it's just that she's done do that pain now cool and at least you grab the dais sits on the ropes watch it happen. A me message do this at sunset one nights as well. I need to sit and I think this ace at an amazing place amazing it was severe Carson there. Will. A huge amount. They haven't they called skull which who was tickled us as brits meet my British friends and because we have skull open. As a staple in the 1980s. Felt that it was kind of the drug could spend XK or two ago Africa and civic yet. In full effect there in in in Rio which is which is crime musings when he brits that seems this'll. Totally empathize with how we when it's just taken a back electric skull Copacabana Beach but it was a little like tight for reunions. Which is that drink of choice expect cocktail of choice. Two shots. Dump loads of sugar what's a good news about the size so it's it's full of Q suspects. Little eccentric maybe not quite and it's six freshly squeezed lime to muddle vote Lewis who is ready rating it's a question of the action yeah yes they know. A couple of outs. That sent and in and out of east sushi make this is fascinated the idea that. Would you say sushi I have no concept the Brazil would be the place to go for it yeah I didn't either until I go that. And then I found out that outside of Japan is the second biggest Japanese nation. In Brazil. And so of course the tradition sushi is carried only a goal and in a month I can't wait in a month readers are so that I go to Japan gonna be fabulous Japan. Let over the seat she this is a great surprise the Brazilian team meets a bed meets. With a side order of meat cook so it was really nice to have a contrast from meat polygamy was lovely new was cooked it study rab which I love. But it's. They had sushi and in my shopping bowl oh staying in the exile. My favorite place was to go to a little outlet sushi yeah. And you could order a bottom line of sushi a witness a bug is sushi and I. I truly mean sushi in a minute chew wood didn't boats. And they put on the rolls on it and indeed Jay is so resource and whatever else. Spotted as they did they take a just a fresh in nature it now we should be done and outcomes Apollo legacy she says honestly looks that I could stuff did you go like every day. In the forty's the road Michael naive feel I should still. And of course. How about did you get a chance to watch and the Olympics that you weren't covering. A little bit it's a little bit dual working on a 1416 basically launch is the nature of the chill. So when the track Phil was on the really absorbed into the swimming on TV eating don't see any of allied sport. Some might she sports I was lucky enough a so so much because hosting track and field every morning extra session. And six days of rugby sevens. Brand new and it export which is like and it bounced Daryl Gates daddy is such captivating sport to imagine NFL sized field. But we seven players aside so solutions of open space and led the NFL you have to throw the ball hoods. You have to keep the ball alive and thread backwards and so that became never stops the clock never stops fill it with some of them tackle the downloadable down they'd start right back up again where it straight back up and if you don't release the ball quickly. It's a penalty in the opposition get possession so the any time that the clock stops and the pool game he's dead easy BJ's. Out of play in either sidelined or if that tries schools equivalents of touchdown so it was captivating sport so the NET sports are really soul. All the track and field. And rugby sevens but that was enough to cool job for the what seventeen days of competition. Sure does some stuff that I song that I pit like the stuff that is like the soaring Sloan and the track is fun I like the field stuff of the traffic flow of what you can. The javelin and and the pull Fultz and the hammer toss or hammer thrower of the call while I like those ones because it's like these people. Their life revolves around something that like no one gives a crap about and select to build like throw a stick really far. Often Ehrlich once every nine they compete out internationally all the time but to get attention for a once every four years with so much pressure for the yeah everyone loves soccer ever wanted to see name Argo home with the goal obviously is the Brazilian star whatever. But no one knows. The first person that throws a javelin but let's so I loved catching stuff like that which was fun. Also lot handball which it is Paula Joseph really it's ambled in London for years again. Yeah it's terrific to watch one match it was real boring but it was a really see the it took for being great it's fast pace is brilliant. They telling you didn't enjoy watching you saying both. So that finally got Jessica well where I'm going actually is that I've you release all that exciting a limp all the exciting swimming and then. The women's gymnastics team I did not watch enough of the that was such a great story and there's as to turn the athletes their bananas the amount of skills that they have got your. But then to the towards the end of the games I knew that I would hopefully be able to catch you on TV via a side shot from someone else's camera hopeless you. Picking your nose or something his unit contribute to this country is a big goal and not do. I never got to see you interviewing anybody or anything like that except for what other people posted at the bit founded because they. BC didn't show any of the of your organization yes so I was working for the effects of the world feed data mining seabees went to every TV broadcast around the world. The other usable they didn't NBC since two and a half thousand of its own staff. It's a couple of games of half of America so they didn't need me solo to that put the country's ease my stuff is wedding have been able to send the reports. So I was by the track and field finish line maybe thirty feet and finish line. At track level. Credibly privileged position at a Susie athletes finished that race or de La opponent they want a medal they'd have to be funneled through our interviews. Web basically if she wrote Lisa rose fifteen you report says how many then radio reported at least fifty TV reports my and then sixteen radio reports as well and in the athlete gazed down into the bowels of the stadium in this camp. Sydney's paper and digital reporters all wanting to get a slice of the action happens a third if the athlete that one doesn't speak. The language of the report like you're the first one there to the half someone else that speaks William you have to organist translates as they have language services that seat again but even then the athlete sometimes to amongst all. Because you is sort of no going into it who's the favorite stuff so you would be able to prepare if again it doesn't yet he conveniences. Favored but if there's an interesting story then you really want to be pads on and sometimes you know pre packaged it seemed historians have it happens. But one of them should be one of my favorite stories. Because he wanted the Brazilian athletes do well yes and as I mentioned earlier that it really have a pedigree track and field. But there was a Brazilian 110 meets. Com Kyra Amber's name right now. But it's. Wore sunglasses looked up paid DH. Big strong strapping guy and it was wet the wolves ninety reigned in the track and field stadium it hole for about half an hour. And they let the 110 those continue to in this downpour for awhile. And his Brazilian guy. Was huddling. And he wasn't on to qualify for the final. Until it is very dead heat on Eads over the finishing line had tell waves over. War on other things this. But actually he's dive go hand qualification. And it's not only seen is the thing today sir sportsman like thing today to die. But it sure all made an impact. And he came off the tracking came round thoughts Coetzer interview this guy lately have my Brazilian assists and he speaks Portuguese. Just approached him and said and simple keep doing England as probable little bit in an inning at least and to get yeah of course of course not knowing what to expect the problem. And I look at English turn he is again turning is again I'd I knew no words of English and now I'm really good English on this and some ugly it's solid so much story. Okay camera's rolling off we go I just sets and what will happen with the the Phoenix to the race and yeah it looks extraordinary needs. And a note out this is normal for me this is nothing man this is what they always do this. Last year's. World championships in Beijing dive for the line that I had to make it to make a couple of for the line. I broke a rib doing it but I had to be that I thought this time again if I'm gonna qualify any to die so I dived over the lot about qualification. I made my country proud. In his chair next little while. It was it will what does it mean and to be in the final. He's just ex lady with the story in this one of the joys at the Olympics Lee mentioned earlier about the field athlete you don't get much attention. 90% Iraq these go and it is nice today kind of slowly this is their moment shines avail very willing to tell that story. She just pulled out with a motion historian. In Brazil. And you know I didn't have a chance it is. I decided one day. On the do whatever accounts via the Olympics. Sober house. A sold much I left my family and I flew to San Diego and I went to America I I didn't know that in English. That English I trained as hot as I could to bring it. What made it this far and he was just fantastic. That the batteries ran off rounded off happy she can pay. And the in my Caroline just look to each of would you start to laugh at. It kind of the really happy joyous laugh just because you did little wooded hate you at that moment is bold and energy. You sign of the happy. To have achieved what he just a for me that so much of what the Olympic Games are about that spirit of people show the sacrifices they managed to get. When they will seek yet it's it's lovely when Safina that pans out now final. But and make your pick because that's and it's not fair and other each has their advantages and disadvantages but. Your favorite between the winter and Summer Olympics. Who who tough for. Look and he's saying is that great points to five. But I think the star power of the summer games beaches late in of being able to. Chats of people you same ball who's a legend in these holding the beacon of hype for the Olympic movement right now. As a show you and a true entertainer that you always want to see that yet being able to chat to him. Mean it's after he's finished he's race is such a thrill and again. And we do this then in London as well orca doesn't 22 Olympics in a row where it talked to the death of maybe the best. Runner on the planet a outlandish but they shadow of doubt he's the he's the best Olympian and I think we've. We probably ever seen he we will nine goals in nine races in these three Olympic Games. Kinds eating a cold himself alleged in the 2012. Fair enough and assets of one of the questions if you with a hundred meets his. You could you self legend for your exploits in 2012 has snake and Lisa though what you know about. A key here to be you know the best and approved and again they too could in my recent somebody said if I win these I would be a more posts Abby immortal now and he's just a great show once again lines like that as a journalist. Other people like that. It just makes it so worth it from. From the opportunity. Chances are slim that he remembered you from last time I'm guessing GAAP. Kind of has a little to deal and go to them for a guy that runs well who'd just nine point eight seconds with of what I. He then NASA goes deep to I was with the media straight. Greed writes for the nine point seven seconds with a. Now of what brought the sofa in the previous recording of this podcast is to keep bringing up against but. That hundred meters that he can run in less than ten seconds is effectively from. Goalkeeper to goalkeeper and the analysts look at a soccer field. Or from ends under and zone. If you're playing football. American football and then for him to turn around the 200 and be disappointed with his result because he didn't break nineteen seconds. For running from one penalties spot to than other one and then back in twenty seconds is that's mind boggling that a lot of incredible. Insane I mean I've even if you weren't a top level collegiate athlete that would probably still be insane yeah that was crying and running a block a deal house a single pool yeah that's probably going to be a hundred meters site. Sealing its HE a thing if you realized. How simply human. Some of these us they saw the couple hammy just because of a so what do think. Winner or summer summer so six summer because I still think some I mean I love wince at BQ Aziz. There are three. Let's Charlotte sting unit but an and the athletes saw much. Mole I did it look. It's difficult to sag is most of the community feel about a week's game because a smaller and their sports led the freestyle skiing and snowboarding where. It just feels like a bunch of buddies going out having fun pastime we did yeah attitude with. If you say so yourself. I. Winning that gold medal and four years of public sacrificed not to say that it would stress these during game three that. But the story she gets from the some against. A quiet. Remarkable. I think there's a lot more individual. Pride on the line. I guess both the phone with us both of them have the same number of team sports and oh summer is always used since nineteen since did that the late nineteenth century it's always been about some games into the woods against come along after church and if you know they started says it's it's rather. But it never it never on the same scale as the a summer Olympic. Well that's okay so when you left the senators were bad. When you got back the first thing you see is the sound yours playing badly. Yes you got back mid week Sunday big match Portland away. And boy and one half of a football. Soccer. Do they look really poor and that's unfortunate but while you were done let me assure you please Ziggy was not out sick would you watch in the match that actually they fired him. Recipes Ziggy is still alive but still. RP's that you. And French matters taken over and whatever. Whatever the case was. A guy that was already there stepped up and things changed immediately. Seems that there's a big shift in the locker room and how that it seems like a few guys who are unhappy came out there shall real marine you know leaving. Chelsea and suddenly Eden has our this year is come alive again. If some guys that may be weren't playing at their highest level and the left and they change the formation around a little bits that we talked about. You know an emblem for. Five let's yup the jays are on the formation in the Sowers came to life I know it's hard to believe I know that this that you might think this is a stretch. But it happens and those were really good then you get back from Brazil. Ford nothing enough. It's nothing to do me thank you very much. But almighty that defending its Portland. I don't think I'd seen a sound this team defend this actually is that what happens underestimation people keep saying three games in eight days and yet this this summer relevancy that. Bonds set pieces now Seattle didn't even want some mom. It's set pieces that is a basic that's what they didn't want Obama to port number. Clever way of doing if you picked meetings. But still. A couple three times they go play is. Wide open to score goals okay a very close to scoring goals but it was more than that that's just the start point for their defensive problems. There was very little protection from a central midfield. And us than usual from Mozilla loans be a Christian rolled down a little excited but prevented him it didn't really see year old on ascent to defensive responsibilities he has been. Phenomenal to be to be fair to him. He had four games in a row where he looked just stunning for for where he was to where he is now is fantastic you decide. Maybe that's the case of three games in eight days and he just was not ready to perform. But also the wide midfielders. Did held didn't track the runners didn't. Luke to try and mucking. With their defensive responsibilities as a team thing team defending is never old and individual. And she Shane Duffy of the of one of the English club to school to impose a sets up its two games for fifth. A couple of weeks he would pull him. Put in extra costs heart's racing towards defending. And it's a half time lethal well if Poland don't take their foot off the gas this could be. Is to be an NFL school has to be really embarrassing luckily pulled in dictate a foot of the guest Seattle cements score a couple of goals to save some face. The money mean. No how can it defend like now. Against say greatest rivals particularly easy side. Coming off what did a really good run formatting with thinking actually. This this whole fanciful idea of the playoffs. Might not obese a fanciful laughter. It was us into the radio broadcasts or someone was saying that. There's Danny Jackson was saying. That there didn't seem to be any leadership. On the field that the senior guys war. Getting things done that they weren't. Motivated the younger guys to get out there hustle that you did you notice anyone that was the looked fired up out there you don't really knows a real shame particularly in a Dhabi game like that you mention his whole lint yeah Portland Timbers special Aurora. Awful win here at home just like Jason ten guys I get a. Is molding the greatest rivals because remembering that dynamic. The starting eleven doesn't how fat many forceful. Personalities. He got. Brad Evans he's he's highly intelligent guy very good team play. But he's not shouts from the scream a parasite chop martial side and again if another player like lousy loans of their. He's very much leads by example but doesn't leads voter Kelly you look to people to leave voluntarily to Dead Sea off the field we wish him well which case. Healthy she's we still don't quite know what's going on with that. That world thinking of him and hoping that they can get that rectified. Nicklaus and Derrick comes in this language barrier. And it anyway he'd be a leader in in that vocal tough. A new running out of players it was ever cry who's like a quiet dude who's they the prize once examiners and off sometimes but still and it's not to say that that people he shout and scream. All going to be back so players symbol have a huge effect on how. A team before apple would your talents you need those characters and the law Korean. And now that who organized. To cajole. To get things going again and as you sort it took until half time when the coach Mexican out some way to the place for things to change. So news down the stretch you'll you'll worrying and thinking well where all those Carey says. And it going to pull them through if they off now wolf full points outside the playoffs so how to shop where they gain stick. Now I mean but the DC at half the introduction of Ramon Torres and suddenly put a big. It's not fair but a big young vibrant presence in the in the in the Centre back pairing there and things change a little bit but. He's he brings something a little bit different than Brad Evans would that same position yet. He's been out a long time he's been nearly a year or amounts aren't there. Islands he's got an international call up with Panama where he hobby cheapest pay 45 minutes. In years they will see whether he gets he's may be a blessing in disguise of the sound is just he could get. Match fitness. Play PA's national team we just had to do is get overworked. But he's a big hulking presence we'll see what kind of full week to recapture is still a bunch of aids but he was brought him with a very good reputation before he did he's a CEO. Some players too much fun from a CEOs of the players like much form of Darby Michael crate Forsyth just came back left back from an ACL. Two games it's of any season he did the same ACL again. So I can't exactly tell by the way yeah. Trash truck walls aback. Talking trash and growth in I think they know where recording something so they deliberately and seeing the same. Big that they had teed off an arrogant. So grateful to have Fuller got a good actor son who. Yeah we wish robots horrors of accidents going to be fascinating day games is it to see what it sounds to police season. Outs of the five hour. Or come assumption here which is dangerous but Roman Torres comes out and such playing. No it full variety here in two weeks for the Summers are back to weekends but say he's good to start. What are you gonna do with your defense effect has available played a full mighty what do you do as coach Ross. I think the assumption is always a proud and enemies that Chad Marshall Ramon Torres will be a sense of facts and where do you put Brad Evans. Do you put him right back. I will say let her know the guys so I'm not trying to be mean anything terrible sounded maybe but I did not think that Tyrone Mears was acute if a rap. Out there playing the other day that looked like he was like at some point is kind of switched off a little bit about enduring Saudi got some doubt. He did navigate games and that will put it that that's much here you put pressure. On plans and those who play no matter what they reputation should it'd be guaranteed this ball. Write a note that the loan in successful career it's irony is this hat then he sequel he's a low for a first team spot. With the sound is a Major League soccer. But not necessarily so proud evidence if he tool intensive purposes wants from a tourist gets back. Will be fighting for that sense about spot will probably have to leave. Not necessarily leaving it's essentially field let Darrow is now in. Does Evans take the rolled down spot alongside those loans. Does he gets a rocket does he even gets left but when javy Genesis is not had a good you did. Also questions. It. I always want Brad Evans to play it right in the he's not a fiery enough guy but I want to play right in front of the central defense that we can still have that role drop back with some of bombs that the sides. But at same time you birdie got Alonso you've got free bird who has really come on is that defensive midfielder and then roll bouncy have like a pretty good trio of three guys for two spots already. So the Evans debacle that's really tough for meek has great player great mind what do you do with them what do you remember as you said. It's a good selection dynamics have rather than thinking oh my how we gonna fill. This hole that hole it's great we've all accomplished players but not enough spots for rulers guys. That's the that's that the job of the head Texas way gets paid the big bucks. Punishment is gonna pay the big bucks if he's getting me interim boxer announcement caught. It's thanks cushion for the front office I suppose that there won't answer who knew him. So we have a international breaks the players off running around I have a bachelor there was an authority he had just. During defensible thing in the nation yet been announced that just kind of incidents consult as they beat duke does America to call up I've looked at they take that I'm sure he did and Torres and of others. Interest or that are out doing that July Morris as well with the US national team. Meanwhile some resting all of the legs for some other people probably to get them charged up for a return San Jose a way I believe is in two weekends in the LA galaxy here at home all seem to have a single play is not injured right now 925. And wicked disease Stephen generally does the way I can remember it's LA galaxy was Steven Gerrard. Well as of deceit and together. That. Does Santos character is. She is something else man I think he's gonna be reroute it and a real problem for the sound rushed for a long time. He didn't show much like some of the race I think to work on already maybe not when. Ducks who were here so the game plan really keen schooled via an ego yes census was that he was quite used kept quiet actually. But he's a very good how much that got a lot of names on that team so they knew Erika a week off then before the team re gather to play. At San Jose necks that's the big battle in the west it's crazy to watch the cascading in rivalry. Everyone is fighting for a playoff position which blows my mind that it's been. That rough for this region of the country but in the last man it's going to be front sick a couple of months this issue. Seattle San Jose 910 followed by Vancouver. Here on seventeenth and then at LA galaxy on the 25 one or so but to cool. It's gonna be Iran in some remember.