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Tuesday, November 22nd



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Okay do you have an do you have volumes hello. I have buttons. Good volume buttons in the book. What happens. Jersey on you really scared me then when you. Very but violently enough facilities wit so fuel cell. For a couple of you have to hold on hold on on grenades top female fans that's my buddy yeah out fortunately those another item of clothing underneath. Hello everyone else us live today on task W I have slightly delayed day in the podcast universe as I've got a Brad Ross Fletcher from being upstairs doing some work there. Come down to talk about the sound hers and sweaters then. Japanese people all on one misses him for a while protested know them not to poke Kesey shooting PM probes. At least we normally have it semen shot before we deed it's about what we're gonna talk about I have to tell act like I but the worst influence on the in the world on you know you talked over the intro and Alan stuff out yet and you can get kicked out a bit less than one professor and I. He also drinking a beer I know and I'm not the one drinking this incredibly amazing so yeah I domestic come in and and and mess about all messed up. Positive ties W the rock is now he says that that delighted 99.9. Gary B I have. I felt more comfortable in the environment to pull out. I don't slip they know Laura you look around and I just had a heck yesterday go the blades surrounded Arkansas writes. And I get up so the role OP polls I have never seen so many mainly due to language greasy dog tag. Downs of their shoulders to explain care. W does everything alive on life day for two shows though Vijay and makes in the morning and the men's room in the afternoon. Everything is live all the commercials every sound effect when they're about to play like a game and have a solid fourth then abandoned their place on YouTube in minutes and then. And that they can get revenues though. Of the senate terribly Kennedy news the view confuse you have to actually have someone to be pure. Like I wish I can be a guy excuse sandbags crown one day must one day so if you want to ran a sort of sound like I use on my show alive than your kind of undercover out of luck like. Like dual stick him indeed you love stars that's not a really yeah. How many wake Europe but not under a bed and also is but she still loves them now like I love dinosaurs that we have to watch diner so trade. Every flaming morning what's dinosaurs and what you Mostar DeSoto it's a triple a source pretty did you at X yeah I mean I did medically before decades as to what any teachers work really basic kid showed animates it about Dinah so now. Irons three of the kids that surrounded Jones but I mums it's around you following Yasser Reynolds on. And then the Dinah so I still don't we know his name isn't its current adult. Citizens have swings into out of don's apparently do somebody's been step and house. So they have to go to train her own and food dinosaurs of course are so trained to go to expo it's amazing I'm sure if anyone still listening. Thanks. It's a loss or after sound effect. Let's face -- you reserve these things for my own broadcast every morning but this today really calls for a punching it out we got to go above and beyond for that I was given a bit as toss of his life days to hang out they don't pay is somehow a total dizzy than a six bucks and you think you're gonna leave so just via the paper the jubilee can on the Rainier free plug events so you lose today if I was cheering keying a bare back home and yeah UK on my old. Okay it would have BBC are being silly thought he thought about uptight and violent and soon. A young there's T and that's all it because format has seen as bad as it happened so it's a dream big and you're how ultra hole on the apprentice is this is the BBC. Ross serious question for you little sound ridiculous if I wanted to receive BBC training is that something as a foreigner that I'm eligible for can I sign up for the BBC training class in. Whatever city you did it in and and show up on deck hello I'm here from my training. None. Tim it doesn't think so the a three putt the BBC how they do do is they show bold and mode Tuesday trading modems. All line I've I've actually seen some remote to some interviews settles or once you connect she did you some training and drilling in the snow shall world that's great okay because. I I've talked with a wife about this and she's like you should issue vacation time to go over and trying to it's a proper training from somebody sent to hear you right. Universities so expensive and pretty overrated yeah and so doing actually and the confines of the industry itself is the way to lower ninth yeah what you need is some of these are the work school or work for the BBC. Does station he needs and I know I'm the and there's Niles ten he works in Birmingham. Can that Putin did the mailbox must building and a T Israeli cheek in the mailbox nice builders T if you're like me news this evening can't handle your UT without the cream and blood sugar yet and the lady who says she probably called Doris. Bit uptight by the doors wasn't there when when Iman I called but hadn't called these credit losses have been yeah she's passed on critical thought called wild animal figured out done OK great. Finally the show's gonna get the professionalism that it deserves. I do take a big old swig out here Britain SO. Here I've this is like the radio station group that we work and here. The most lenient about drinking Beers and I've that I liked and part of I had to had a segment on my show called pier for breakfast for awhile so we were my mom would come and before Leisle alrighty Garrett he's dead he's just not and he would come and we were prepared on a Friday morning and dice buttons during the show that during the showed the for the purposes of ratings and Hamas. I idiots. So it's I would say the were probably a little more of. No loose loose but. I guess. The BBC is a government run institution in the Bono doesn't know its independent from government thank you very much at this oh yes. I thought it was like it's its athletic as a government it's kind of funded. By the government is funded through you'd I don't assaults and attacks that isn't attacks but the whole Portland and ACC independent from everybody now so it without fail rule fades. It will do is Joseph yeah okay so you come be touts how bar. It Kobe case of say a president elect scolding you media people and in telling them how he sees in his own little private gold embossed Allah what are we gonna do about that that's crazy I'm terrified I was that your house during the election and I'm sort of like. We're having fun mostly British people this is great and then everything got really. You serious and it is low on I think we might Joseph and that's not right cities did country come on now a crime. So I have a lot of energy right now in the meantime and find out and I am not a bit I I love afternoon surprised by this is great if were only hours away from the sound of match action to turn this around really quickly if anyone's gonna hear it and how to be relevant if we Jim many yards anyway sickly Sasha always does it costs that I was purse for a thirty companies off guard oh sorry I was French what does that or just beside you is boosts to sit again at Lisa shorts. Man plume pizza so I'm just wiggle. CIA sock show she told change. Lose some salsa and weak and all I. The language is now. Logos on the the thing is this about the any French on went I let its a fifteen ethical and nice to me now OK so all Kenseth a Britain motorists playing basketball. Jim mystery tested it point eight on the because usually a basket. Of basket is basketball aha. I live Ellis thirteen winsome French exchange way Joseph wait for a week and even a French person does now did you break your wrist playing basketball oh yeah it seems to think so let's UN thought they don't have my mom was in a cast. Because it was broken Murray's serve. And they were bound to last me error. Karl Malone a sock. And so I thought about it led to spray death and is one of the first things net trouble that they asked me. I solaris degraded clearly this brazen and. And you know I was yeah. That's the typical bump and today. And that was it's a hundred. Parallel and our lives that is so we're both incredibly handsome until all the time a couple things to mom we both have -- career arcs that are similarly you're more professional -- and that also admit I told middle school or I'm from but in my middle school years I also broke my wrist playing sports in the neighborhood. -- -- for us it was going neighborhood baseball and who's. The medieval -- burn in hell. He broke my wrist and how do you -- -- based pool so we were playing neighborhood baseball with like with a cheap bat and a tennis ball and you could just -- you know it's like two or three people and yes. So. So very I think this is Americans think perhaps it's not maybe the concept of ghost runners is is available in in England as well but to play I would like six kids. And he got okay so the most it ever run with two bases that are in the C headed a pass excellent cardinals went on the street gone crazy. So when you were. Would you were done hitting you had to live a ghost runner on second and they would automatically do what they were forced to do. Six had to keep track of that is in your kid Monica okay the guys up the ghost runners on first and second so okay so. My buddy catches the ball a deepen the asphalt out outfield throws it back into me I catch it it's just tennis gonna hold up to tag David arkan. All one. And he got intentionally give me a show of and knocks me down and land on my wrist and broke my rim both both bones and my my arms distasteful eat and by nature no because that's when the motorcycle riders heard all the time I'm like when their crashing and they had their hands on the thing you were doing like a rich hand chopped in costs. Yes but that would be and you'd break your staff for their two by missing. Though he did I did that twice move Yakuza United's do you again you know I kind of test out the news is am broken now still. The perils like crazy man having a cast as a kid at the excel toes to cast. It was white's hands of them could rights on it and has pretty cheap piece will now I have to and the national service in the UK gaffe free rent but then yet in the second summit did it now. A date and figure what to tell a story that is a real or not. The press I was Basque people try to taxable in my head and somebody made it back fooled me as I was running backwoods. Reasonable. The second side it was full wage before I was going to college for the very first time in. And the last thing I once it was a cast a mile on on the first day of college degree are desperate. I haven't asked him how did you do that you wind it was other French. Well. It's time now I sit there and it would have really impressed Oberlin who. And he's a twit French cut. I don't wanna produce accurate caveat you'll raise it it was nothing sporting we heroic others I am a little vacation in my buddies. Too little teensy seaside town and he's the southwest of the UK called. Actual key ten TO RQUI wise men being re Vienna. Basically has about twelve palm trees that redundancy department because items. They'll arcades you wouldn't you know what I mean by arcades but is it all mean for me and arcade is like of what we got we got street fighter two upstairs got a luddite yes so it's basically hang out. Place with loads of danger compiled while addressing games whatever he's getting arcade in Japan it's like gambling hall this is that for here like didn't Italy and India yeah yeah you gotta do is guns exited these artists didn't do that racing games he sit in the car and like tennis a but this was up. Boxing machine pack and act. Actual boxing machine week putting you pounds according nobody got three offensive and I've been three guys that hangs down and so what happens is no you put the glove on. And he comes up so the bottom. What's McColl that he hits now the big back rolls by it comes up the ball back that's. I. This is getting worse so its horizontal a depressing Eudora and and stands erect and then. You go to smacked it. Just like the books of woods. The only comes down gesture is up death what an. My two buddies are quite well built now and they said Katie she got a 174. On the school math among the but he is not 1029. Dad and I get up that knowing that goes skinny rest should rise up. Hits it as. AT seven. Down to comparisons are headed to Iran and it wasn't fought in the butt out today because he's bloody stuff and a spent a pound. So I've got a second Doug. But not good parent called moderates as I visit yeah. I'm really judge dual role in trying to get low power lies like 73. A room. I nearly done something bad yeah. Drink get off but I'd use to my three guys must corn on the wasting 33 to set patents perhaps about a pound. So I estimate about his eagle Idaho default AM Oakland avenue of the guys are just it would mean for the Brooklyn on a driveway the 33 to set pads to hit identify. A went away and that night's house sharing agreement buddy Ian Ian batted in the side of the republic of delirious. Because I'd a density really bad it was a bull was my wrist. Really didn't it well laws didn't you didn't and who was in this room. Alongside at the true to insure up even in my best but he was lying and he's back and started punching his strengths. The wind my broken race. It's good to you to hook up. What you did luckily you weren't punching him very hard and well not a good rating and an ex felon got an extra effort was like please the pitching me and I'll salary really hustle. I have break at some got to college sending people back I did yes would you tell him nice fight now all I die insisted they took the the cast off before I went what's yeah. The dangerous. Now can you still bull and stuff like that he like the candidate healed. I'll send teams do easterly jelly and I guess so man wow I'm I'm flabbergasted by the story of breeze and yeah. Kenton cool that we don't have them until and good now pretty good about. April she told she's died at this. Which it is all the time impromptu parliament is some of these stories in Manila that she can promise is I have the worst memory on the planet's ought to remember any stories our budget to start writing stuff down as I think as the other it was a fun time after write it out paper in my book with me that has them in their -- mama's phone because. I don't think you're remember the cool stuff I've gotten to do and radio land and nothing I did nothing need to like if if so doesn't remind me that I have no idea and then my friends that told the same stories like 4000 times and have attended one time like below. Every time it's a critical first never met the right go to my. But what for yet Melissa always sets. Yet he she don't do speaking or something Dylan entertain people would you stories of going away now with Olympics in sports that have never lied to fool them like our. I hope remain ready okay it's not going to happen it's gonna start ago. You know what relates is pretty cool country into some people must spool and and then. Would be adds little bit like sushi boat Michael and I can remember that's Mohamed was 83 months again I am fair that's a good point. Yeah what what I did for my wedding was every night when we were done for the night we journal. So when we would have memory of the but I am way too easy to like writes or type something so we just set up the phone. In video mode the we just talked to president today and so at least not already know that except for like the most important that the getting married parts and sought of like all the little small details are gone now but I can go back to watch him and be like selling it. So unit. It does a Dick that's triple what it okay cool. A so we need to know yeah it when it comes down to him so okay well the starters are is still play soccer evidently that's like a thing yeah I went away for awhile I would argue that came back. When what was the first what was the knock out game 2009 yet that's both and I was like in mid ninety's myself but it's. It was like 323 weeks ago at the international sold long ago I'm just I'm harping anyone who'll. Even gets stuck listening to me I just harp on this all the time charter a million BP old database is yes Seattle vs Dallas and won three nil in the furnace won't. And that was 11 in the second game not I'm even talking about. What the what was the knockout sporting Kansas City owe him wolves. Analysts first playoff round with October 27. Is when I got here one nothing vs Kansas City so that was the that was the single game elimination. Right nearly a month ago it was yet almost today is at record 22. So that was on the 27 and then the next game was like three days later if I'm not mistaken on the thirtieth. That means OK so that's. Week number two with the did two games there over and putting the senior journal BM journal and has a chance and then I had a hard time. And wheat onions corn dog month month and the corn dog mustard okay and then. Then what did they played two games against Dallas rates of the second one was November 6. So that's. Now you're on the third starting your third week of the playoffs is November 6 of them that play into the twenties that can't. So there's an international break on what is that ten through fifth fourteenth us on the web saying is that if you would've done a single round you could've had the international break in the time off. To heal and and this would be the MLS cup this weekend. But instead you have to have all of this crazy travel for no reason at every team in the league makes the freak him playoffs it's so stupid. It's excellent time yeah you think you baseball nut takes a wise old but at least he's playing like. Every now hates another like another World Baseball Classic we're gonna take a break and I understand in algebra is for everybody like everyone does it it's frustrating with the Premier League do whatever like everyone's gonna do you watch the USA just totally doomed terribly who proves not good he had no longer you know you Clinton's age and so re pre Serena is now but appointed until the end of the 28 team World Cup cycle so let's conferred the sound is Payton on the very beaten up on the galaxy a little bit Arenas and real time remote colleague he had yet he's always had a number until the season. And off the bull hill despite and I actually haven't in my star studded team that eroded and I think any MS son is -- now that's some. It's frustrating that after all that great momentum of the sounds to lose that became a real like local story for a minute and now it's just. At a time people that I. Soccer nets right then that I thought the season finished there like other still playing a cut of how the response you just gotta think if you're the I know it's hard to start the season earlier because you have teams in Canada the don't have indoor facilities full time. And so what you do there like he does not like places like Chicago as well. Snyder who gain in on the east face as hoped Boston always has indicted. I'm surprised that they don't figure out how to turn outs is not big enough there's not a big enough indoor arena to do that I mean the bears play outside and Chicago's and Metallica is the most rules here any woman be the big Yahoo! the Olympic Stadium manifest through. This Rick do you shorten the season since you know playing everyone home and away. I mean we're getting into the playoffs discuss knowledge is that you would we're gonna get around ad nauseam I I don't know how you click and how you stop the balloon from the fleeting look at how do you want to expanding the league is expanding. Knicks' season and SAT ninety. Yeah guidelines say it. Again coming united seat and already hit Atlanta says but I'm not I'm already up. And that ASE and commit to that on is enough this ball it's Sihanouk and a few league games you gonna have more games argue that he. Unless they re cheek how many. Each conference plays against each other at. And it was a really agency report out. This week about promotion and relegation. Let's go adults emergence of that right now that is the league is mature enough now weighing but there was a report saying look these are the overwhelming benefits. All having promotion and relegation but you have to split the country can't have relegation because teams hopeful partisan don't have the analyst money Miranda conducted there by that you have an LS one and analysts say Newt. It can happen I'd still like you got to split the country need do east to west and you just at the end you play the two leagues we send their best represented athletes other evidence you avoid the issue promotion relegation I don't know I didn't work out Larry's CME Houston this year. Which is rubbish. But the other decision nobody Ted about Houston for a good four months they became irrelevant. And they order relegation fight. Bad day and saw relevance every week because that fighting force something. I even as survival. In this toxic they have to oil needs or is an a but I secure but you accept it up. Patrick wouldn't be bad just pick up and aboard dropped picnic season. Like you'll you'll rue ward team. Pull performance. Than any of us are just kind of stuff I would argue that the Summers we're gonna win it in July and they are now staring down these semi semi finals just different issue. But it's offensive faced teams that are the Boston is still something to play if we have to and you'll rights and a to play against the top team. Also it's all but three teams make the playoffs it's supposed to be a big issue for many people. Today I actually like how the animal us is handling everything like that they're a little bit too heavy handed on everything like that they control everything because. I think the league is too weak to be able to withstand. Not to be able to carry some of the issues. On its fill out the teams do within themselves I think that in the beginning right now keeping everyone at the top level trying to hash it out losing achieve us once in awhile is what's gonna happen but I think you blues club more fusion all thought through all well he's dead make you an arms race through defamation relegation. Does not. Incentivize everybody to spend more money to bring you back to quality place. To maintain your ability to be deployed does Billy Beane didn't try to figure out how to get what the best valuable to you that rather than saying okay. Ticker Rosie Perez he was silly he's aiming for is Bruce a real literal way says now the US national team coach the highest coach in the country. Parity he says. Leads to mediocrity. And a how much longer do you want that status quite. Decade of the best athletes in the world America yet not the best soccer players in the world and so on and know whether these are a lot of these guys are getting to be the best is by going to go overseas or they've to a full time I regret argument from Jurgen Klinsmann that he wants the college. Soccer season to be ten month law. And to be I would I used to it will goodies that in having a 21 year old playing for two and a half months of the year. And ended the rest of it's I'm having restricted coaching analyst. Whitbeck coaches. How is that developing the American empire to be the best they compete when you have someone like Thomas mullah the Germany strike I've DH it's. 22 hole scoring in the World Cup finals in twenty Teddy scored five goals as a twenty year old. He was a top scorer that kids don't democratic colleagues in the US until that. It's twenty spin to have a they have never played a professional it how can they US Paul simply compete. Against a Germany that if that's how eagle breeding you'll generation. Of part is. Cruel coloreds to protect cap though I mean that's what I've looked melanoma you do it through one MS is trying to do and I applaud this. Their own team bildt's academies that putting money in good and and reload millions of dollars couple million dollars a year. It CBE each academy attorneys and that next team to bring three plays from his younger is under twelve maybe even older depending on the team. And they need you minus the. Sidestep. The college REIT and you're no longer depend on dad producing plays and the truck that's a year on yea it is becoming less and less relevant and that's the right way to go. It's the US wants to grow its play -- cool that's crazy the that I think Dallas is a really good job with a prince got a really good yet they did it didn't really give education every soccer splitting up a little bit and him being from Miller with everyone not a very. Early time which is super cool now for the than brutal out well suck it bella hosts. Aren't so the sound of playing the against Colorado tonight note Tim Howard knows that's a big blow for them in terms of maybe just morale like it's a back up it's awesome you did great with the first half the season yet he did he's gonna reading your goals against average each but I don't rates it was a Cokie that knew exactly big mat the gas supply to Philadelphia. He was account how Maceda. He's the only eagle keep ride at a seed in the professional ranks. Go up for a Colonna. Largely uncontested. Let the bull go beyond these happens battled so please shoulda. A Joey so he's no nets him as I've just never received out of this hole. Technique is a little lackeys who we said now says he could be expunged how woods having pulled his groin. In the US defeats against Mexico and having to come often huge woke qualify. Big blow the Colorado. In my old city without a leading scorer skills and dash sheet and little totals right and his comedy goes. Should be it's tough night for the rockets now. I haven't read today even sets was kind of like suspected to be healthy enough that he could make a return. I hope for the would wait hold up next week because the chemistry has been so good I think Brad Evans is healthy again. As low opportunities for some senators' names to have gotten healed up in this time off which would be the argument that the international break. With no senators traveling to the international break had actually had a huge advantage. Yeah I think they're in good shape it's just a way as there's eighteen can continue to momentum that they builds up they clearly builds up ahead estate in the soundness. Outing got past I was finishing the regular season so strongly. On this tide of emotion gritty and Deng going through the semifinal rout against Dallas who'd been their nemesis. In the past couple seasons. They just seemed so how it sets up for them this season they'll play it would have Montreal Toronto you played earlier in the died FS I. The only way Seattle can host an Alaska Fido. Is an eight by beating Colorado and it's too next. That'd be hoping Montreal all get restaurants that sets sound is make MLS cup final. If this Montreal it's hyped up and visceral so. It's in Toronto. It's this hook way to go but I think it's just coming to gather that the system to Montreal though it can name can they get the best trying to yeah I mean Dave goal. Really cute weapons in us CP Nazi gas Argentines on little guys magic. He's a kid a low level messy local he sees really skillful eye for goal picks a pass crates on the counterattack east terrific. And yet did you draw Oprah does consult. At if you kill off the page sixty somethings good assaults that are getting to the cycle might tree site who's coming from its city below need to assist team in Italy. School a couple of playoff goals which is huge. Suitable weapons and they've got a lot of experience. In the middle of the polymarker Donna Donna Patrice birdie at eight and an advantage data the other Argentine. And among stating the strongest field some guys you can school some goals is she just being able to shut down Sebastien Joseph being. In this rural insanity because he's that depressed plant in the in the final question should the sounder pursue frank lamp art and our free agent in the MLS. Our duty if he's going to be an Alice on TV. You could 76ers out there epithet picked OpenId log. Other means carbon to golden syrup eight that you have but he's also yet it's. Just his he's English a little like news.