Full 90 Extra Time: The World Steroid Cup

Tuesday, May 22nd

Gregr and Branden are pretty sure sports would be better with steroids, or at least an NBA Jam version of soccer. Also, you can't lose if you don't play, right?

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If. Hi and welcome to the full nightly exercise podcast our weekly look at the Seattle counters at Seton thirty soccer culture fan outrage. And an attempt to understand the soccer league not funded by foreign royalties MLS. Producers which solid and put through to apple podcasts rave review the show. Definitely buzzer so primarily told your favorite ever Seattle Sanders at C player. From will Bruins foot two tendencies Texas Tech too important for whatever. You love or whomever you love the most about Seattle times that say. This week Smith slash slash slash M six gave us five stars thank you Smith slash less slash and six. Said grace down her podcast look forward to every week catch me at the games with my heart garbage kit on keep up the good work guys. I hope the net like he made it Kitna has talked garb and I don't actually says that about like the number of probably just got one of those like recycled par lake now. Look pretty Djokovic on the seasons in sorry if it's monsoons in the face slew. They're like literally made out of our garbage but maybe they have loved full ninety hot garbage Jersey with a that you print another failure does that get the free tour of the studio yes and like my everlasting love and affection forever for ever forever do wow look at here this week indeed tried by a week still setters at C take on the we have the same colors as bar syllable word almost as good Real Salt Lake ha ha that's not a is good. It's a battle where they just pulled a rebuilding your cup I think that we have a shot at winning back to what is yeah I mean. I mean if if if the a goal this season is too. The problem is we just won't call it a rebuilding year it's like we're still gonna win them Moscow if we still on hosting a Moscow we wanna win this port to come on man to totally don't take a few. Out of the Seahawks and the Mariners and all the other Laura equals low we're talking about some pretty hot garbage can easily say that keeps you out of the Mariners yet they have like only nine or ten a rebuilding year and they're highly good isn't two decades of rebuilding the US right the last good mariners' 2000 line too doesn't want it gets a work it's been almost two decades seventeenth season at seventy rebuilding Susan's this year's second in the AL also takes a long time I mean. Rebuilding about as fast as buildings go up in Seattle now hold on just don't do that canoe the Robinson to know move and do you win over the directed he's using to put to definitely not cover up using these tickets. Do whatever I do whatever you can at this point I would like to see a Jack Clint Dempsey the hockey just booting balls from. 250 Arkin Mark McGwire home run king it Clint Dempsey. True treasure puts another bullet in the back of the net from fender of the fourth trip murder in flame throwers go off ninety feet in the here if it. We're doing HDH in the play in their efforts. We twenty starts. How we're gonna start the era of steroids soccer. I'll be so cool can you imagine that okay so before that I would the mayors in my suite from 61. It's America's game last week and with my dad who wore his can no Jersey was the data can know like god damned difference and the size that night is the last thing we recorded. And at coma and uses outside and they were like hey man what he can we viewing your wife who wanted to be what do you think about this and I'll like I don't know I think Pete Rose Barry Bonds and also be in the hall fame in baseball should have steroids they are like. We duplicate usenet of the TV. Sleet and they're but I think this steroids and make all sports so much more fun but I mean the destructive capability and the influence you have on children is probably not awesome right are not great but seeing the guys seeing is a lot time literally kicked a ball through a dude would be pretty delve a bit. Everybody gets to have steroids but the not allowed to talk about it just kind of way to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and all those guys did it. It was only sad when they got caught right now. It just don't talk about it does make it until the kids now I've got a proposal OK okay at least between now and the next World Cup it's a free for all yet okay. Perfect and then it will blog I mean. World Cup soccer has already so insanely like dirty and the so much evil money and it right. My muscles to say that you got to really I just it's. I don't know why it's it'll obviously we don't is being put out of feed there might already be drugs at the World Cup. We got Luis so there's no way we source wasn't on like bath salts. I don't know if I don't eat your face I don't know how to say that and that's when you'll. But over here. Feel bad about that. White that legal legitimate people got their faces Eden. Not by Luis Suarez occasionally it'll be fine but oh yeah and continue playing baseball is this thought out whenever I and look at Juventus and as a real idea of World Cup soccer is already so corrupt and what's still won World Cup every once Joost I no we're already like your ear kind of edge already he's got to push feith over in this thick line. You're already there you're doing all of the other things sink. I don't think we have enough money to tell fifa to do that I imagine fifa. The amount of pools going you would get. A law pretty excited that I've watched too many easy I lost too I'm an American I expect score in my sports wants to many. I draw all nailed nailed products mill can titled I want fear that your character development is terrible. It's nil nil draw the pets today is not American view of only that kid it's beautiful. A the idea of having like big. Pro Bowl. Mark McGwire style like in sailor accused horse of the do you want and all of this World Cup below do you think you're ready guys like. Hole or Rahman Torres on steroids like they're already being BP dudes like the incredible look like Roman Torres turns green and his dreadlocks followed deter a lot of charities like punching fighter Lawrence but aren't all out they would grow like the three sizes. May have been there already we are just talking about this Catholic home they're like I'm not gonna go where I did before because it's not worth the reset up put. Did the idea that it is him on steroids get out of town. This really good this is really the premise that it's a for the health and drawbacks in the high degree everyone would be really X there's got to be like sort of go to the fifa version of this were like. Upped the how war on everything in the speed in the healing time and as far as I know they're not cheat codes and fifa later breaks yet their needs to be at all. He liked big head mode like NBA jam more or like what did. Hobby yeah. Yes thank you connect enough passer to go until the bullet fired a guy like a little comedy you relate when the goalkeeper tries to go forty potential fire runs around a guy like that but killed Madden games the ambulance comes out the typical guy though the way into extra guy way did the same type of thing accounted douse them and like Labor Department to. Taking taken shots from fifty yards from god and yes. There we got to sell that. Hi thank you Piaf. It's who. I'm an. I put the pond is over thanks for joining us everyone Groupon killer found this is how you know it was a bye week is when we start out with a lot of happy energy because he can't be disappointed matchup he didn't get to watch and that's. Did the theme for this week's run chief we have here in front of us it's as what's happening is he can't lose if you don't play. What we didn't play Italy obviously we didn't play a match it was probably the most stress free week in and out of the sounder span in the last like 910 weeks. Yet. It's incredible to be able to just let that go and have some fun and run around. Yeah you can be just when with a team that doesn't play it it's very. Sad looking forward now but the last ten days have been pretty nice. Our. Heart our news. Dig in the best and the worst in the absolute crap it's hot it's garbage this. Are it's. The first hole steroid soccer I don't. I don't know I hope we need anything else that's gonna be hot garbage and resilient twenties like for the intro here I don't know what to do we just. Jim thanks and is ever ready. I think it was the full might be extra time. We have extra time right now it's amazing I guess it's noble to report about. Cell centers of six of some headlines coming up there are no no sound is FC this weekend but the only do we don't have a game to review so we can't be like man that. Time that stuff out for us saved the bird from going into the net a bit but didn't happen to others in the hole high on my agent Randy Johnson's arch nemesis is silly. Particularly the birds savor it. Like Randy Johnson good enough purpose to Velika do you and I don't know. Look I don't know a lot of eyes glued ready secretly terminator like that's why teams Paxson had the eagle in on a welcome to the Mariners podcaster we have talked a lot about baseman Hudson they're having achieved Paxson Bobble head diet and or has an eagle landed on you shall know their now death July oh my god street I'm glad that so. On one of the things that has been most widely circulated to actually fall into two different categories because it involves little blood brother and also likened the very worst of soccer which is the flopping and like. Rolling around crying soccer player on the ground a pain now the slot on. Hear from you is just standing there being a soccer player win for some oh win for some. So don't happen yet it is like to karate suckered happenings like listen I'm ready to do some karate or some soccer whichever happened first. It turns out the week while the karate happen first because the defender whoever's won his name is from a troll impact. He's standing next is locked on channel like box and how old he Richard downs of rubbing his blood. Listen I got a new babies so like if I Guantanamo like. Physics man yeah that is not how he was though if said he went straight on all night and chop right Teva judo chop to the net to shoot coach up the guy on right beside of the head. Thought I deserved it but yeah and Robin Hood like any other humans but like I let the meat to moment first look how I don't know accused cut up to that yet. In the Arab retool his left America that's gone worldwide yep but man I mean it was in America. Physically and I do non American people should Wiki had to do was driver's test to get his driver's license that the California DMV you know DT about the bug Grumman and DMV test you don't know that. Oh I've never taken the test in California so I do not know that OK it's California. So I guy reaches down. Rubs his blood blues looked at fat right side of the head to root. Obviously flops over because you've been so much is like rub against face he falls over it's an instant red card because of the rules right and it's slowed earlier this season with a like tell them we're dumb. Oh yes memory got a little into the face of the deal prioritize here. As the guy is flopping to the ground like a giant baby he steps on flop on foot who takes giant baby to black belt level. Into the ground obviously death. Leo do you what do you black belt and did a flopping Fred from the giant B being a hypocrite and join a pretty good luck built up a yes of slot on hit the deck keys are all around for like ten minutes would skip the you know gives the referee just enough time to go over to the VAR and review the play and be like oh yeah you slap to do in the back ahead. Sir you guys that you got your toes stepped on. You're going to be he's laid out there like holding his phase like holding his toe in the the med team is out there like are you OK he's cooler early in his career ending injury he's whispering to them I'm just doing this so they don't give me a red carpet and they gave a reg cards and ours generate cart any time fists he's like the epitome of what clicked both luckily the American in the sports fan feels about soccer ovals like that whole moment what I think. Will make a lot of fans out of him as a duo just chalk the diamond just stood there like what's what do you want it and study heavily baby get up tell us. Like old time baby I wish. I wish that he had gotten the memo that we're trying to do NBA jam in not hat MLB slugfest. With. Then I'd get it can get there in time assembly our time robot a time machine robot is not functioning right now it only is he stuck in a loop. The shuttle or time machine robot goes now. Part active forty strap these trapped there and number so that the combination of target and the blood relevant cut and then also flop around like a giant black dole baby garbage. Yeah also let's move on another piece of garbage now because this line they're a lot of talk about this week because. You know by we but around the league what's been going on garbage head coach of the red hot New York City FC his name is Patrick viera. He easily in the middle of the season where they're like second place in the Eastern Conference he's just up and leave and he's gonna. Niece in France what sounds which is knights offense needs to it sound Sundays. I'm sorry that I have stooped to the level of puns about Citi names and your dad appeared. Add now and ask a couple of black Sox awful although quick. You have a shorts black side I'm not adapt I've lax and we needed a magical moment watering your a company can weeds in my shorts in the black Sox in my slippers look at the thing that happens now I wanna go play grandpa thought. So yeah that's you're you're you trending down coming up if I don't know if that's the problem with that. So get leaving your team mid season. Without being fired he's is like not gonna go to that now dead first of vault like. I don't know how that happens if you don't have any. Equipment adjustment for Brandon hear his that's goalies coming up together so it. But you get to go home I toll like did not mean to reference that but I did. Like how the management let that happen how they like that's cool broke. I don't know because now they have to replace that a coach in the middle of the season. With I don't know. It is in everything that everything points to so far that he was. They were trying everything they could do to keep him from leaving him and even now where it's like all but confirmed that he's been in France. Talking to people about I'm gonna take this job. And and everybody at New York City like no. No no your not gonna he's definitely not gonna do that whenever it's like he's kind of doing it right ice coaching these are like today he was that draining but there late yesterday was impressed. And you signing a paper and there's a picture I don't know there's paparazzi footage of him getting a huge mis neck tattoos so like I like it's a pretty much stuck tight aside these days instead area LE everybody in the New York City media team is like no. That's not happening it's fake news and saw a New York's favorite that's everybody near there are things eighty's that's what still Porter doing these days is hit the dollar co op. Even better. Can cost again keep costing you better than my CFC. Affirmed may be here on full and it's a tough podcast yeah we don't receive any repercussions for fake news new garbage that's a good. Until the robot that's what I'm yes currently broken what was that and a problem that's what they're it will it will hitter but he still Judith. Dick move Patrick Viera Cast a compact. Pat PV IO ND OTV county hero close until men head coach Patrick Vieira HPV dude all I can. Come on man come together not nice about me he saw. And hot dog. Hi. Yeah I'm through. This is so I we were gonna do high garbage but then we stumbled across with the sites of all morning. Throughout the day I've seen a lot of people buzzing about this but I haven't actually seen the image that sparked the talk about. Legendary. Thing of legend she's a legend. From the US women's national team brandy testing you all know her for her like if you don't know who brainy testing in his how dare you. If a second ball see you would recognize this photo the most iconic photo probably in US women's soccer history. Of her. At dates of the US women winning their second World Cup title in 1989 she scores the game winning penalty kick she slides on our knees and wrists offers sure and she's like his fist pumping in the ever already made to chasing what she's ripped out. Obviously the men it's like Chris general although obviously copied her when he started doing this play out as his like we are where we started doing crunches. Copyright. And although the high. Hop. The yeah rip off the show I think it's later on it. Yeah and so I like you know it's legend it's been twenty years since then right pulls a sees almost all the Ellis one years has been nineteen years she's. That many years older but just two really good like she's a a nice looking lady I'm not worried about her looks so much well it makes sense and I were talking about. Put them. Again and put new long blast here I am not a that you're not woke brew OK I'm just saying that. Well that they released a plaque. Celebrating her she must be from the Bay Area as a wooded and I'm assuming we didn't do enough homework on this he has done it is very much not the point that. We don't we just got immediately outrage and concern cracking jokes but. Brady Justine has how a plaque dedicated to her for the Bay Area sports hall of fame. Madonna from your home to be able to Billy goat there's another thing I don't know if it really comes with a much other than that it's gonna lack. Which is also into it's not until it's not because this plaque. Is that how crucial it is so that so guard Digi yeah I mean it is. We try to think of like the person that they captured on this it does not look anything like her it looks like episode eight Carrie Fisher a I don't Carrie Fisher all right Pete but our guys did that like Brandi Chastain is licked its famous. Figure in women's sports. And then they took somebody who is like famous for being mad at Lucas film for suggesting that she needed to lose weight and replica of a thing on its own. But I say that like the two would are not similar looking people the problem is is that like I Gillie EC and air but I think tissue looks like. Current Darth CBS like I didn't spoke with the. Voted no question yeah I hear or see the movie troll to free milk I look like athletes as role there is quote there is no like there was stroll on. But it they're not related in anyway and it's actually about trolls it's about goblins its way the premise of debris going it was a I was trying to make a bunch of money off of a off of him. Movie by making its walls no know got their goblins in the movie that that is written it was like written entirely in Italian real life controlled Ellsworth thing. Yes we can get like barely yet yet and they made so like this movie it's it's sadness fictional town of mill bog. And there's these human meeting trolls and that's with a plaque looks like because he's human feeding trolls it's the worst acting if you haven't seen a movie don't want to but it's like on par with the room has like bad movies go wait but the room willingly Tommy lights out cannot rule book we don't know how are you are stuck in the yet a movie yet it's what are you with that really like critically case could claim to movies like I'm not talking a full. Orbitz. This picture so bad this plaque they did such a bad job you said that it makes the Christiane rebelled no statute click on par with how bad that is due Google now if you haven't seen Mike soccer fan. I think it looks like every president before the you're like 1840. He's got to like Gary Busey and spit the bit is a famous big embarrassment and what were they expecting to induct him like every year. That's just. And this looks closer to know. No I think commission looks like the old lady that owns Tweety bird formula. And a symbol cadence and Sylvester the cat and a my question is is is you brought an ever earlier runners document there's this kind of just looks like every portrayal of a person during the Great Depression of like an old lady during the Great Depression which makes me wonder did John Steinbeck write this as a character in the grapes of wrath of the I need to step on that I don't know if you're John Steinbeck is still living are not I suspect not Irish are now gas slowly today exhume his body Victor nobody could you liked the look fell yeah we have found an idiot in my pro patrol in central. Native. Popular. Analyze employee and writer at it Matt Doyle says. I don't know I think it was kind of cool for the Bay Area sports hall of fame to honor Mickey Rooney. Things brandy for up. The underdog Ireland itself. Moving other headlines move. I never liked to see when the first two words that -- branded our robot Tora ads in fifty they're really bad or it just talk talk of his usually. But apparently were a month -- is is attracting interest from league MX seem to probably need a new forward which is why they're looking for -- Torres Donovan -- I didn't play holed up in the midfield that are still worried to sort of goals yeah I know I look good luck or is your big guys in and you only like to play for a new new forward. In other news in other bio week news the sound there's went bowling. Love hot I'll tell you that would and it doesn't look and a week it's been in sound business report the I think at and that's probably raising money for of the year he had everything money for lumping him we probably could have been battered journalism with that and all know another thought this is about no. That's the caliber of week that we're talking about here centers that seat doable it. But lift points scored points scored left in the and finally we have information about will bruins' injury it's funding confirmed. Wilbur it is now after suffering quit its guidance with no timetable for his return given. Are they going to finally break into these MLS contract the players can't fire relic is deploying it then I don't understand it. It they you know they played quit it's in my college like on there's like they put. It was that was the nerds stop it just stopped with that yeah it's like I'm sitting in my journalist's office like looking out being like how nerds completely no right about this if it -- you they don't love it although you if that makes you happy playing credits which they have put its link here in Seattle also I should actually practiced on the back this up the people that played this I talked about it on the recently. A lot of joy and actually watch them do this looks ridiculous and I might Tizzy a little bit but you could do what you wanna do to wrap this back into like this under is related stuff and there's a while back. That's some argue that there is a while back where and Amazon have like a big being a century link field and the big being culminated in large squid it's tournament on the field the day before Sanders mass in any case looked terrible the next day and everybody was pissed that equated to was being played on both the it's the David Hormats also their biggest star. Had to set out to this old snatched a think. It is the it does OK and finally as headlines. We weren't so sure last week we have an update he had his last week we said right boo leg during the pod that eagle there hadn't been called in your ways that we didn't know fuse going to organize it looked like he was but. Of course right when we got done recording a hit Twitter that people an arrow gets called into your game in your way squad. Which is good for him because now he gets decoded to. Russia Vietnam and that kind of the biggest headline is that the senators have released all their World Cup eligible players so we're talking to some Spence and Vermont Torres. Nikko Darrow all those players are with their national teams therefore unavailable for this week against story all Salt Lake. Derek Cole. That's so and it'll also will prepare you for a load for what to watch out for that but first I wanna get it done. I forgot to like a feeling we should say the real thing which is that Wilbur and is not out with what do Titus but he is with Al. For sure with his planner Bastia torrent and that could be like multiple weeks as the foot injury and is kind of involves a lot of ruling your foot out on a lacrosse ball for months and doing lots of casts raise exercising. This painful thing about it and it's having recently gotten over blood pressure as it feels like there's a band aid that's loose under your skin. Well. Good moving open. Didn't get a man on the Internet after losing happens at the match it's this week in San outrage how man it's so I mean partially is not a lot to be mad about. But I don't know still found no way I just all Stephon fry bowling and he lateral to strike but I'm still mad about this form. I saw an interview with pull such that's that if he conducted hid Bruce dormant here playing a friendly against only FC not here but in America yet and they asked him about. Hewitt didn't wanna talk about the World Cup obviously in the dog kept like pushing out and he was like listen it's every soccer player's biggest dream is to represent your country in the world. I don't know if that's tour company he said it compelling and within a nest stop asking me about it and type because it sucks as does the system this itself look there are going to the World Cup director representing surveys. Also it. Typical Seattle sports team pull still burning stuff that doesn't help the team at all for for what it's okay. I get it I lived in Seattle almost my entire life tempers in college right track where you went to Burlington Bellingham so like I basically told people at the end on the radio with the right regular but not anymore I don't mind it sucks anyway. The whole the whole thing is I get it like Seattle sports teams for the longest time for basically two decades word just being like. Hey look we're doing. Some shrimp and the here's something to celebrate guy it's not on the weak little guy at the World Baseball Classic K okay congratulations I guess good. Where it's just basically all of your teams just reshuffle the ground and put in the field it's just word cynicism that we have as an entire culture where we can't just be excited for that one of our guys or gals is going off to do something awesome like when the women's World Cup happens all be stoked when the US does. Well I'm hoping and to have the potential to win the whole thing because the B people that we see around here in Seattle that reported that apple would our team's not doing well. It's easy to just like focus on the negatives and I did because. A super depleted sounder squad is now missing three of their biggest names and one of them specifically. In stunts and he has really been a thing that's kept this team together with out him. You gotta Tony Alfaro coming on it's gonna have to catch up to the the quality of play. Which is not already been that good but he's got weeks to do to build a catch up it's gonna there's going to be some big hole that he's gonna be like well here we go. But you know team is gonna stifle. The Arab World Cup opportunity for the players it's our fault for being in a league. That nothing we could choose league around the World League that plays during the summer so you end up missing players. When the World Cup comes around this this this whole concept of I'm mad because this doesn't directly benefit the thing that I care more about. Now we got a better for the human male yes what do what do you mean he got sick let's unacceptable we ought to get sick. Miss a match because you're hurt like it's. It is stop yes stop. Happy form let's say Joseph Callahan says I'm done relying on the kids the last twenty minutes our offense has looked like a high school rec team that's sure. I can't they didn't look great I don't know about the wreck team part because I put rec soccer and I was hero award they're certainly better than me I mean we talked about this could you play. For the hackers right how abductor injury right now it's. Thackeray these injuries or kill us bad. Don't you Mikey says why do we have zero bulls and games the Dempsey starts I've got this one tell me we haven't scored. All that makes that would explain why they don't give those goals when we don't score they go drinking and did you tell us taxpayers screens out of this you were laughing so hard about it a few weeks ago we read one of your reviews so always just a bomb yes essay about. Always feel free like we will not make fun of you if you reveal us but we too big call this guy old cold air and with all the multi wasn't. That's players from like the seven the end I mean is like fire your player was Ian bridge from an SL days which was like I don't know I'm not good with time but probably ninety years ago and he said. He said catching up on apple might be extra time on Twitter by the way follows apple minus dime on Twitter now he's at and heard my podcast comment read where I said Ian bridge was my favorites now under the boys and I must be in my 50s I am only in my forties thank you very much. Not that different parent with a good. The PS listening to us amazonian since day one cool I don't care. Huge difference first ball off a tough tough talk. Look for my whole life to for Williams and Billy you have a molecular sieve is that the kind of listened to bin since they want they don't care how dare you mama I don't yourself up according to play this back for your boss lets you that goes over I listened to the end. My whole life hold back his back it up now and all over it twice twice and I could go to a a bump thanks so much for not only the awesome resume for listening to this podcast of course it was into the ended any hope we'll get paid an idiot for after guy can turn over the money comes are also if you wanna hear us call you older than you actually are go ahead and leave her view on an upbeat statement this. Also told apple. Podcast you can rate review the show. It helps us out because then they'd he gets us more likely to be dropped into an area I do another podcasts are did coldest so you're in Seattle were interviewed Seattle people. And I too threw me into the new and worthy. Category like Alec. Hundreds of followers in one artist without having had done anything yet X Africa pods Hewlett super helpful so if you can live as a nice review that's they could potentially lead to us getting even more listeners and then you'll be one of our OG and will be still treat or maybe money to a bad money now you know in her come get them early Barack. Dang it we. Not a god of this weekend we have a match up it is Seattle senators at C hosting Real Salt Lake. With their star player real old Donald Trump. I think that. He can't run. In Chile field to film the killings if you don't play to teams not having great seasons. No no not at all if if this is the first of his or playing Real Salt Lake two weeks in Europe this is the first of the worst cup tie in analyst history. Two teams very low in the table in the Western Conference last last season are so be Seattle two to nothing and you Don December's beat them one to nothing in Seattle. And historically. The Seattle and Real Salt Lake have a history of like. Facing each other and some pretty important matches were talking. Playoffs were talking semifinals. Real Salt Lake has to MLS cup titles. We have wind like they've been a good team historically this owners have been a great teams historically this is not that. I've watched are still wins there are title here. Right in Seattle had to bring for them to the West Coast team enough to people on Salt Lake electoral for the steam it was a strange time went like. Neither team was represented so it was just like it's 7000 people came off the most cup final the embryo I mean LS used to play them Los cup final bow same way to NFL does the Super Bowl where you pick a neutral site. Every S travel there but it's a molest some not allowed people travel there but I exact about a Seattle liberal again I guess we'll go watch soccer is before its owners were in. And molasses well nobody Ono and there were there already and was it that a year or was it the first or second you're OK remember if it was or nine or ten gap but. It was Catholics really happy for you suggest that your because they can actually come to a match or just watch it and not have to like go crazy supporting the to the cubs enjoying a soccer match that is kind of boring. So. Yeah well anyway these are two teams that have not looked like the teams of their past glories. Our cell. Got absolutely walked last week by Philadelphia union who were picking up their first win of the season they beat them four align themselves are so got beat by a team who hadn't won yet. Luckily Seattle now has literally no strikers that. Perfect and missing is some pretty key defenders we don't know if aussies in going to be in the eighteen this week either so you're talking no Svensson. He's able to throw the first pit some hoping he'd Beckett and we don't know if can keep his hair is done bleeding has so core pro confused pack into a whole other had a shoulder Scania to make sure that he did not do damage there are slated to air his rotator cup there are no one bits of America's game. I'm just curious to know and a return to Heredia I think yeah just your grid to keep the theme of talking more about the Seattle and he's in connection there in the media so the looking just at the table cynicism and I think we should do every week just to get some perspective vesta where we are Seattle senators FC. No longer a last place in the west. And Colorado has played one more match Vince as than Seattle is in twelfth place after playing ten and dale a walk away with only eight points and minus six on the season for gold so. Senators who have plays surprise nine matches and particularly eight points let's just under appoint a its which is not off some. Protect itself now. And for. But the founder sit still at the bottom Real Salt Lake in ninth place with just five more points than us which is actually pretty substantial it is substantial and it's a long way off from the 24 points that current first place teams sporting enthusiast but obviously were not a lot reaching for those go lofty goals anymore we're reaching for sixth place Houston Dynamo who still has almost twice as many points as we do for. But still. Well hold on though because the difference between the took the reason why we're talking about six twist that's the first playoff spot he's got a keeper and not know leg and keeper I'll mad because you wanna try to make the playoffs keep the streak going for civil centers FC with men every year since joining the analysts at B tenure setting a record in the league and so. It's it's not out of reach yet you know the seven points that's three wins at some point here like that's certainly something that. Would not surprise anyone to see happen however with the condition of this team is and it's gonna take. Also performances were looking for heroes out of the team from similar Lamar neagle has been here seven times now. And coming off being a bench kind of a filler player this might be as opportunity to really shine for a few weeks. Somebody like I started to land can also deliver him the goal of the season and wall wanna yeah I had a young guy that's got a chance to really shine I think that he still got a lot of learning to do to be able to be effective in this league. And again. Charl a fire like the criticism in the fan outrage that's like at some point that's not gonna go well worthy teams gonna look really bad. Appraisal us not forget about the poll we asked last week a biweekly got to do something and yeah so we ran a pole by an apple mind extra time on Twitter again follow us if you wanna interact with adds up. Full ninety extra time the name fool us 90 extra time just like park yesterday. Will senator Jesse make the playoffs has check out our retired army is your response is 46% of you say yes this owners who make the playoffs. 31% say no and Tony 3% told us to set up. I expect except that but have play your talk about almost half the people even in the debt the dire straits that the saudis are in right now are saying. Yes this owners make the playoffs a possible let's get now I don't know if people realize how long we're going to be missing some of these key players due to World Cup obligations but it could be six weeks yet. So that's a lot of matches it's quite a few matches in unlike other leagues who who are on a break right now analysts still going to be playing matches in those weeks so. We're talking up playing without three of our best players their best because they're going to the World Cup right. Are about dad playing without three of the best players on the team. And hoping that these young guys step in and do a great job 46% in view I am I voted no I don't think the sound is gonna do this here. I am I I want to be optimistic idol. Bruins' injury makes it really tough that's what kills it for me so I'm looking at opportunities first owners to score some to pick up some points against some teams that are kind of on the lower and the bottom of the table here turn the other thing that two matches against Real Salt Lake if you get some performances out of some individuals. You from leadership out of Clint Dempsey this could be a potential. To take away six point I'd like that it's really there and got to believe that back it happened. Six matches I think I don't know what the final award to the bold to finalist but to the six matches between now. And the time we get all the players back. Potentially like assuming that they go all the way or whatever and yet allow for a week or two for them to recovery and grade and we got hurt yeah talking two months here and six to eight matches before you have these stars back. Not looking good. Especially with them with the management say they're gonna try and science from after World Cup like. You go a lot of ground to make up to do is try and stay in contention with that sixth place for love for a playoff contention I think they can do it I don't think so I don't remain optimistic just for the sake of Plavix. It's in the debate about on the pot I'm gonna say they still care they're gonna surprise us. And will be talking about like narrowly making that's explodes or at least having like a critical playoff at the end of the season to get that. And then playing like made a balls cold final in. Toronto again who are also not doing well was hopefully like we talked over the map on an earlier episode of this of this podcast. With Matt Johnson who else understood. Hopefully we get to play innocent and we get six plays he made it to the final replay dial Atlanta are who Atlanta's brutal though because it's such a rock this place to plants except to. Huge atmosphere but it's not negative five degrees if you look at you look at the teams that are in the running right now you wanna play in New England Orlando would be all right for the two CA currently fifth place Orlando hope against a currently the eleventh two theft at the Seattle David if I didn't make any places would you travel to and MLS cup final. I think so I think I would if it worker. The something like Orlando. Atlanta. Whose little benefit to being Sherman lol yeah after Fiat if it's. You know maybe Columbia see you know some like I would travel I would Joseph I don't know I didn't do effort tried in on the money guys wanted to go to Toronto and then it was cold too and I had a thousand reasons very high and then the law school. Yuck OK so again let's just take a quick look. It's really. It's really hard to be in the prediction business right now of who's the hero is going to be we tried to save a little bit there with some off the bench that hasn't got a lot of playing time the Sears got to step up and prove that they deserve to be on the a beautiful mind you Lamar James Nagle him I think that's their best that I don't know I think that is the best as big as far as villains go. I don't know nick Armando lose excellent keep her or just high old Steven Kyle recommend I feel like reminder though is. The kind of like an unsung hero of American soccer. And doesn't get any respect he's not occurred he's not like a giant guy he's not he's just adding that's why London because you look it you look at the massive imposing figure Colorado keeper of Everton legend Tim Howard. Whose big bald and bearded. And then you have. Nick Vermont though there's beats battles are collecting Zach and aunt in an earlier problem for days just like. That's just. Our looks like century link field sound does that seem vs real old Donald Trump on at 2 PM on Saturday. In the you can't lose if you don't play a match up time to look into our swirling Crystal Pepsi ball. I'm gonna take a page and McGregor book yeah you know I say it's going to be a role for a nothing. Downers yeah. Uggla like to hear only because like at this point I feel I can't predict anything so there's something unpredictable is gonna happen I hope it's positive. Cool I'm gonna predict that the final is. 31 sell orders bucks. 165. Yard pool hot off hot spot on. Aren't I.