Hot Beef and Puppy Puffs

Wednesday, June 20th

Chicago dusts off Schweinsteiger, oils his hinges, and prepares for a rematch the Sounders FC lost big last year. We learn about Harry Ship's secret formula for goal scoring, find out which player was hatched from a soccerball, and a long-time Mexico supporter gets dropped in the hot garbage.

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Large Clark fired fired fired fired. Men. Site at a cash used arguments Jews are no. Quadrupled any extra time podcasts are Republican in the Seattle founders Steve nerdy soccer culture fan outrage and attempt to understand. The hottest soccer league not funded by foreign royalties MLS which happens. Also be the only league playing during the World Cup break for some reason Pat's or I while other leagues take a break to let you watch the world's best duke it out for the most revered trophy in the sport. The fifa World Cup also have close enough to let me do a lot of credit there you take this is important and it's been a lot of fun to see these and I just can't encourage you enough to do is quick solid apple podcast or iTunes whenever you call it. Give us a rating as Democrats testers have a primarily. It was a comment. We don't miss they care about the review. The most of the negative in which is get out of here. Which would you favor ever sound as if she player is or maybe there's a moment that you like really solidified your fan I must live and in your favorite player is of all time of the season whatever it is. And move on and give you a shout out here on the old podcast one of these weeks. Yeah you can't write this week the hamstring cheese incident attracted to Sanders FC take on date not the only team named after a disaster that killed a lot of people Chicago of heart care what more do you San Jose earthquakes hit it right exactly. Like Seattle's injuries have been so bad noted and I saw you limping around and I wanna try get to the bottom of this with our help the a full ninety injury generator. No I'm not battling severe Xbox and Xbox found none and you if it's WR WR. General articles as you Olympic blood guts. Simon two thumbs broke I. I like we want all of it all these injuries in the dissenters are breaking up left and right. And yesterday playing softball and Mike a beer league I pulled my groin in the very first innings I don't feel like having your room to to be like are you gotta put in the extra effort to get better get back on the field. But hey. He had a sound is lost against New York Red Bulls since the last time that we potted however. Ozzie Alonso yeah Victor Rodriguez started so at this point players not being injured is almost like a victory is not even a goal his sister. Eight and these players. Are a lot of event and apparently are soccer able. Since the last player assistant to us talks on the pond we had a mid week match for Seattle sound as if Selig said against New York Red Bulls. Who beat the Sanders. Two to one and it was the first time all season you just mentioned a couple blow big name for back. It was the first time all season once saw this team playing and I was like a low. This elders just aren't very good TV oh it's not you mean it's not injuries you mean that the team's not good. Yeah as a as a as as a structure as a roster I don't see it keeping up the it seemed like every. Every turn every touch every kick. Red Bulls just had that little bit of advantage yeah these were in the right places and they made pot hole and of mistakes but they've got a good point they've really good point does good players into which is different than us. Yeah it's tough to watch that type of it's it's tough to watch a type of matchup for the first time DEC oh aren't good guys that are out there aren't. They're not as good as they're standard tee fill in there will be time to grow into its build and it was the first time rose. That's a disappointing to it watching this game it was one of those where it was like in the third so. It was like any point you're like while the Sanders can really pull this off because the way the game went 37 minute goal by New York Red Bulls Daniel war. Daniel because it is such Danielle during Aurora I don't analyst on the baby talk no. He uses a big fan of the end of learners fifth ethnic Daniel lawyer star. He gets a goal in the 37 mayor Bradley right fills it's a header in the 52 minute we did call amount as the villain last week up. So props on us for being at least accurate I mean I guess and graduation us for knowing who was gonna destroy us some pizza and somebody on their team will be yes that's probably the guy all always scores yet if but but we begin this right Seattle's aren't. How how's that school. Our goals in machine and we somehow soft through all of the cola flavored Pepsi crystal ball count and sonic Harry ship would have to make an impact their ship did score in the 87 minute but even January and a defeated because legendary legendary goal scorer Brandon jazz legendary goals or with his first regular season goal BMO snippet but a yeah but I mean he was still in it and that one match of the US open cup that's out of place yeah where and he has his other his other his other Google paid us back to. And we talked about it's figures it needs to be playing. They're Sydney's before we did not agree on that but not military ship just fine and if he's really got the top they're like really believe and and himself as what it looked like sort of when your answer is Harry's ship we can't score goals and win games I know will Bruin and Harry sipped at the answer. Ten and no offense is of those guys know there as they can both put in the two both foot and a shift out there and no one fights harder for Sanders of sleep and will Pruitt I don't wanna sound like it Digg like I definitely sound like ticks ripe for sure is getting ticked about this but definitely both the same time but let's both call with call now for what it actually is which is will Bruin. Up there by himself is out generates a lot of opportunities. In some matches yeah Iguodala helped. Yeah so let's be you know you need another tomorrow south of the can like help. Like if you'll have to guard one guy. There are at the couple's Interfax yeah so so just make sure that that will guide doesn't get in the box OK we can do that that you elect does it looks like he ran into him buying shoes at the running store. Discard him but just traded from my tribe broker for. You gotta Brooke's dismissal Brooke shares of Berkshire. Not a hate to where we're tough on that guy but he's the best and only -- easy to root for he's he's a gay seems like a good guy positive positive. He generates all the means whenever he does something cool and a him and him in Harry ship. I want a root for both of those guys I want both of them to be by to Sam Mike they're not. The potential role Rui Diaz death who we might be getting percent after weird across Fletcher flashback what he says that up the anti brewery DA as. Phone Perry ship I just figured it out do what I'm such a dumb masses shouldn't know missile launch he has got a brand new puppy. Is powered by puppy power of heart puppy public office did powered by puppy pops up our end. All men there is. He's got a lot of. For now now he's got he's got. He's got somebody at home who's giving him the encouragement and love and he needs in order to it it's a dip so do we get puppies or all of the senators SC players have. Why not absolutely I almost made a joke that was the way over the line that it's just. Just fill in the blank there are what should not have been said and then he'll be it laughing to yourself even though you can't say it okay great. On. It's here I guess it's time for the the big sweet hot mass action. Garbage. Part of our news. Garbage. Particularly fast no worse than the absolute crap. It's garbage this. I okay and our drivers. Another James Bullard saying rubbish this. Until we get that in there know our computer is broken I think he sent to us being whacked by a pro V painless and trying to invade our we didn't pay royalties that's what is. He's. Sorry James. You know I Z as a james' press provide better Xena stadium announcer for the sales founders heeded the best thing in recorded himself saying rubbish for us and hot religion Horrow is he recorded himself saying a lot of things most of them we cannot repeat on this podcasts. Number whatever is number it is. Birdies. Sip now included nineteen millions herald herald herald that dude kids. You just saw what I wanted to. Time will you call him Harold we don't have to say that that wouldn't be the number oh whenever he is Perreault. Okay well all of you get a really a really cool stat here really moved from her food can. But with billion a month at the billion. Memo whatever he has a leg up dubbed by himself. Barely a month video on. OK so you've got to us. Something's off here with hot you got this really cool stat up that I was the don't lose stokes to find out about that didn't know first of all high step pride yeah but hot. Stepped Bryce Dallas in new single mask club record with eleven saves on Wednesday he made eleven saves surpassing his own club record which was in 2015 against Columbus. That he was tied with with Kasey Keller. They had about to say is I don't know exactly how many they have not masked however eleven saves and a mask which is awesome if your goal keeper but is like not a good sign about that sanders' defense because if you watch some of those say it's not Red Bulls match they were like one but they were incredible -- that they were. One on one and yard where's the closest. I like looking around like to see all they're all heading Harry ships puppy. Well there. Other other guys to go do I think it's definitely isn't into the World Cup Columbia method of just thrown Norma Kennedy and look at people want to bring much. I am the keeper now it's not a usual stuff. Yes so I think except Friday a very good game cut. And you know on top of that Harry ship he does not herald sorry old stuff a try does not on the record for making me feel uncomfortable in a hotel lobby though. That goes to Casey Keller when we got into politics conversations I was like and and and maybe when you leave us a five serve you let us know what you think Kasey Keller is politics up. Please don't do that stuff are not here to start new trouble understand I've mentioned something corporately and that I got to to a very heated discussion with them. He's also the best those kids don't. Also if you are really wanna get fired up just go at Alan Hinton on Twitter about politics yet and a little on yet you know herald who we think Gerald Gerald sip also at a gradient high look. Any time we score any data centers and score goal is good cut. And win it's Harold Shipp who's sitting on the bench for most of the matching. And is able to it to do that then it's it's also good and I think he's making a strong case for himself. To be in mass starting eleventh why. I wouldn't be because I don't know restart a mower like you're playing a 541. So there's not a lot of I mean. And that's a question of playing a 541 and it worked against Toronto on the robe it's Ronald obviously is a shade of what it was last year. We're going ES near Red Bulls were one of the best teams in the league right now. Their IPO go play at 541 against them. But you run into that. Where do you put eat your most prolific goal scorer a pair up well herald ship. So billion America and the bats the way herald can I took gold and Gilliam and Harold sounds like like a Cartoon Network but a big hit an album like a different country. You run into the data I don't look for another Linden billion minerals because Belinelli yeah I knew he had. Norwegian and Billy men Harold at. Dollar by a puppy pubs. It. Any other hot. I can't I don't know I really think of literally another thing now I'm so tired of the team going on the road and playing in front of nine fans and then like. Is a typical rated no one's there and then run home when there's a zillion people and it's like oh this still the I don't know with the Woolen happened we'll find out yeah. OK so I guess some are moving on to the garbage that which is kind of related to hire New York could have probably scored five or six different times out boobs up on price and a commitment 81 and you actually was interviewed yet and that's bad men generally. Brad and you've identified via a John Madden and losing. 56 or 821. At no rear years a new clues into the globe Daniel losing game one yeah. Those are the purses are the most it's the end of the more goals only drove earlier there's only evil Google or whether they give us some excellent bill Matt Iger and these are all we you're like John Madden and Bill Cosby for Blackberry got to go to scored two goals and get through whatever new orders in the stray dog kiss. It. Houston do you give a hundred convicted in court I know I'm now says it save it if the bad pains me to two did you not say if the bad they know why I'm saying it's a bad I am saying it's not that. Bill Cosby is that unequivocally bad hey Bill Cosby. Fascia they'll but it wouldn't say today thank you Jessica have been 56821. More and lake. Did Chad Marshall I hate to say this because he's. Throws himself everything pet but there were multiple times where it was one on line. With with seven Friday making incredible saves but it was Chad Marshall who is who is a step or seven behind him and that's hard to say because he's a guy that you might hold up on a pedestal is like never makes a mistake and and they're gonna renamed the defenders the year trophy after Chad Marshall teams were concerned he's no room on Torres is what we're trying to say in terms of keeping up Florida case is between him and the defense I don't know in terms of being good at his job as a send her into the bill big boy Larry can I won't tell heaviest boys in that. All right so so yeah I think it's it's this hurts me man and Chad Marshall Garvey I. So bad but adding television turn it down a little civilian how about ten Marshall. Gonna be huge debt that's if he didn't Harris right. You'll still maybe some they come on the public know people know he will never barely smiled when I really got a photo with him on time it was like it was painful for him delight. Like the I don't want to get a head injury from smile just by standing with me probability was like who is this tall senator back from a third division had tekelec Q looks to have a beer belly up. Is this Alexio all Africa Africa. I'll mail I come back to that OK so that's garbage and fortunately put in the world lows after Paul. I haven't seen the Zagat have only seen the infinite Internet outrage I'll have to cover this but it's so the whole OK so obviously United States doesn't make the World Cup. I there's a bunch scene that he had there are a lot of salty thirds. In response to that right now so one of the things that like so. Fox in all these others like companies invested before before they knew the US wasn't going to be in the World Cup this is kind of assumed that they would be as it is does because. And so all these countries invested a ton of money before hand in light were going to be sponsors of this in the World Cup or we're going to throw this much money did have our name in and bubble like you are God's work and you. You don't remember this is your kid and talk to our overruled listeners right now Tucker I was a kid in the he was the Atlanta Olympics or we're gonna happen and we were sending Dan and did end Dan Johnson and the other day and guy. And they were this a big deals like whole campaign security this. And then one of the guys didn't qualify. Who it was like they haven't like spent months advertising with these two guys another like a move to other Dan had to follow through on his contract. And like still like filmed commercials being like hey I'm the other day that didn't make it to the Olympics are. Like I was here a mile under here a mile journey and how all that they have working harder and what a fiasco Dan and tests still there and antipathy to its advantage manager Dan it's as band was slowed down death at the biggest water is the biggest boy Dan nine there. Yeah I was numb it was a very uncomfortable watching the final qualifications. And seeing that not habits of the skeletons and nothing and if they had your matches you know that is what is so investment like if fox wins the rights for the World Cup you know gazillion people are going to watch right specifically you can charge fifty million dollars when every time the US plays and you are on the Heineken had a. Right the whole idea is that the only American rights and probably less a merit. US being involved. Isn't glossy fox soccer is like oh well crap I guess I guess Mexico is the team that we. That we cover closely now pool where unified with Mexico and Canada right in well on Canada's nowhere near the World Cup and so. They. In so there like a gimmick so buzz a lot of countries are like okay will what are we gonna do now all of this millions of dollars we have invested an advertising I heard that they found the Canadian men's national team writing wills and our walls across the straits they're between Alaska and the Russia just trying to stay can't. This is like on the back and you know it it's fairly on icebergs floating across allayed with death yeah paddles and the Catholic yeah tomorrow and so where so where the hot garbage comes from depth is. One on one of those companies that invested a bunch of money is a bank Delray thank you reliving the actual problems and I'm getting better have not traveling on corporate people yes. We still work for a company Riley's that we do so what are those one of those companies is a day in May and vested. You know millions of dollars an advertising in the woke up and they're in their face of it was former as US amends the national legend. Landon Donovan guy like one of the food now plays in Mexico full health. Nine warrior released phone but he was there is so he retired from soccer went back and play from X public moments ago. Anyway so he he pose a sing and then the whole idea as easily have Mexico's. Mexico scarf Altria is what error are known as. And that because of their flag. We're going green yes yes and and he says in the whole thing is hash tag my other team is Mexico thanks to pass tag bank here bright and people are like no no Yuri like the US soccer's biggest rout rivals Mexico to be clear about something here is that. The bank is not the issue here no not at all putting their money trying to do their marketing that they save a little Blake. Neo Soviet their ad dollars out of it break is that plan for this in the falls apart it doesn't happen but there. People are still going to be interested and a ton of people. You gotta love match here you concede she must play here and there's a Hume. Yes it's Mexican and further south continued to people that are Vick fans this is still a huge opportunity right they know that they have a lot of customers. That will support the Mexican national team but they chose a guy. I who helped. Fight to prove that we were better and better in Mexico soccer as soccer area and that's the whole thing and like a lot of the response Herman is like. Look we don't hate Mexico we hate the Mexican national team we don't like their soccer team we are careful high totals we around because they feel like there's little hard to a lot of people are saying like general announcing that you and I now obviously were like four of everyone being equal malaria but there's the current sentiment in this country deserve all. So people are like no Landon Donovan we're not going to like actively root for Mexico because. Well that's our that's our archrival late we don't want them to win the World Cup before us it's like okay it would be if Clint Dempsey yes. If if the if sales centers FC don't make the playoffs this year and Clint Dempsey. Bribes is and if pour Carlos the club World Cup in all of them less rallies behind Portland and is like. It's like. Portland is our team in the club World Cup Jacqui tell you know you do not do that yeah it's like there are bitter. Our track I love this like me personally I love the city of Portland I like some people from Portland not only now affairs like a puke just -- elect a candidate Jack it's part of chuck from this it's yet this is fining yet attack. Do you know the guy the shares specs it right. I think your other chuck there are a lot of Texas are tailor yap literally his name is cool man that is the best is. Is real man yeah I was on I was like probably this idea that with conviction these are hoping you believe me yes. But there is so you know hold everybody's feel like we don't hate. Mexicans. We don't dislike the country in the people Friday and I don't think everybody is saying that's their problem and address the marathon are back he had a girl lost sports related politics. This week but I'll quit our kids Casey Keller the ideas that your your all time. After I'm gone garbage for that. I'm. The idea here is that our all time leading scorer for the US men's national team Landon Donovan and has. Put down his Jersey for the US and has now picked up another one and exchange for money to be like our archrivals are all yet law and even what makes it even more Rogge arteries is the fact that. A couple other US mad men's national team players responded like dude this is not good in those other players are Mexican American. Men who had played for the US soccer team and even they are like hey look you can root for him but in my. It is like landing in and he defendant needs like you need to know your routine needle like ball Bly and leg women's a white dude from San Diego and your like are from wherever he's from I don't know. And I imagine that this was just tore open a soccer ball telstar back in LA is out of you who call it came out. Relief it's still covered in my nasty view. The sorry behind the tickets. But the boy if I don't respect the Landon Donovan a lot more fit if he was just like yeah I got paid for this though. Like I took the money for this I don't know man I I I wanna ask a follow up questions user Mexico in the in the first bomb. The first wave of matches in this group stadium had a huge result against Mac RA possibly against Germany. It is the team you get behind the closer that. The further that they go and can you support them if they were in this what's it got to the quarterfinals and leisure company you work for them. Man I that's where that's where I am so. I feel like agnostic toward this World Cup I feel like there's so many teams that I that I want to see do well and honestly Mexico's one of them I I think it would be awesome to see a team. From this part of the world advanced to a place of sued a Panama bro yeah well and that's they don't look to see Panama make its first World Cup first ever work about what does it Panamanian team is like 78%. MLS players Seattle though the only thing with Panama's I don't wanna see Blas Perez do well at all former FC Dallas guy who everybody in Seattle is thinks is terrible blow and they have a perfect solution to play up top that's not Blase it's robot soaring us and we know they his best position is striker we know he hates playing center back because he's never in the defense differently peek at it so it's just do what ever do that. So Landon Donovan. After if you want to wrap it all you have to through way to turn your back on your own national team that turned its back on you after. They've even played Lincoln have to. Fitting revenge I know that is actually really after listening to an elusive American fiasco you see there are having he had no right okay so there's another podcast I would definitely recommend. That I wasn't even have to ability John toner about it it's Roger Bennett from minute blazers. Did a history lesson a little. Documentary. On the effectively the 1990 through 1998 US men's national team and how it all came together and then all crashed and burned beautifully. Any sure the stores is this happening and then you think about how it impacted these guys and you should I'm still talking about how they like it bothers them to this day how went wrong. And we think and how like the veterans were benched in these biggest games and had a that a terrible system a minute wasn't it just didn't pay out pay up for anybody nobody walked away happy from that. Except for the one due to ended up signing record two billion dollar deal to play in Germany and it. Then you look at Landon Donovan and whom. God is Jurgen Klinsmann turn his back on and didn't take him to the Brazil World Cup. And perhaps this little bit of like when you don't tell my backs normally get paid chair which to your point is he says he should've just. Said that he'll on the Landon Donovan ads during the Brazil World Cup were super funny too because there's like him hoping around hotel room in a robe and slippers singing. In going to resume I think the content please those were hilarious and I feel like there's an opportunity to do that again Dan and Dan moment or did little damage did add add as Dan and land Don for a moment come my job like without. Commercial what it was and yeah like. I've done O en Banc commercials. You just be your best to be Brandon. I didn't get him out on the Internet after anything happens at the match. It's this week in fan outrage. And a song comes from granite man of steel says ship is hugely underrated by this in every one who continues to on him since my. You showed us. It is true man I that and it's actually my altar that's my that's my other announces deal man of steel. The he sees it from bunt the steal from another person says five man back line doesn't work when two of the people are bad in one as. Horrible like I box. That being referenced in fact been Sanders play with a five man back line and still gave up two goals all right and a lot of shots a lot of shots. All right and out of another person says eleven points and thirteen games we the browns now how dare you DC united his worst I had a friend today that posted an article. That said didn't mean. Washington DC area is. Has thought highest concentration of World Cup viewers two million people a day Watson they Bobble off and I just wrote on there's somebody should tell DC united that. Then apprentices at road not the were much better can we are one point better current agreement Linda in DC has a game and answer articles in the they're gonna lose that though because they are awful. But they deal where she responded to me a lengthy paragraph of like don't forget worthy. Here we are the team with the code team with the most MLS cup. Blah blah blah blah and. Just as you do when you get defensive guys front right about ways of defense broke back but now we might DC united there the browns yeah they're the browns were not there yet more like the Buccaneers you have you have of the early ninety's the aft. Sit psychic says Smiths are out Winger and. Arson then you can come here whenever you want pro we will talk about being pulled together it'll be great if you you have to fruits occidental and welcome boost when a front composting will not the most important useless and you learning French do right aren't as Germans are you learning German. Well. Better beds scrap that so I affairs my wife is learning French though so papered Lawrence given here and talk dollars and six mentally for you I think she can handle things like this is a book. I'm good faith so ours that I'd like to know about your experience at arsenal he said this is a book. I don't feel like a fifth if he says. Mother father son and an uncle. I know how those translation apps work they don't. I think dual and go smaller Rosie says hey look guys it's toward two games that are eagle I appreciate Marmol Rosie is optimism here because. Yeah you gotta take your wins where you can find them we had two players who weren't injured anymore shut the wind we scored 122 games in row one of them was an over and got jerk but we are two games they're a DC united two. That does make us better in the DC united yeah we did just beat them we'd be two jerks Vegas also I'd like to commend your. Optimism for thinking that that is not sarcasm I'm so. And then they could then again I put this on here because it's just funny. On this or Graham senator Jesse post of the result and hi guys on a bus dot Seattle said. Pay I'm a new account doc you any cute guys on a bus routes in Seattle ball for more to come off so if you're looking for hi guys on a bus in Seattle hi guys on a bus cuts Seattle fall mines Syriana I. Arnold take a break and we'll talk just briefly about some all World Cup result for the involves Sanders players and and some others an outage wanna count and know. What your angle is on some of these teams and about the accident happened so far. I. To federal word time in the bathroom I ran into Ryan castle. Is that a prolific legendary KSW broadcaster. Talk to me one PA which I'll it was a weird to onto that mental block to me and I I don't see. Being all of us on the same floor now here where we've before we move we were on different floors it's I've run into like weird those from other from. You know the other businesses are for another tall my coworkers and stuff. I've loosened up a little bit about the public being around of the people. 80 that's and apply because I have to actually some my deepest commerce stations with BT have happened. Over the air and senate debate team back foot bomb. Ryan castle mentioned to me while I was paying about about the result for Japan today now way we're recording this. All of the first wave of matches for the group stages. Have now come to an end but none of the second when it have started outside actually Russia verses. Egypt Egypt border just so it was just let's keep it simple old in the first round of matches has happened and I'm the last one being to kind of verses. No. One of the last two today and damaged Columbia I have been all inverse and Colombia should of stopped. Japan absolutely but. They also committed they're a ball to stop the goal in the third minutes. Which is a red card offense which Japan and capitalized on with PK and ended up winning 21 so. On couple potential first. In recap for quicker couple sounder salute to sounder CFR. Play for squads that are. And the World Cup right now which is good for a really injured team but also we can use the delicate stuffs fence and playing here. I just Swedish team Clinton that today thoughts. Yes Sweden and that's actually what begins I have minimal C. However I was able falling and catch up with a lot of highlights Suggs this Stanton played a portion Manny but I ten minutes and that's yeah. Suspense and didn't have a huge role in the game Sweden had already scored the lone goal eagles' interest and he was on the bench and some sports and the tattoo and you can immediately come out yet you know the best he was really hard at somebody out about some of the Cusick. Fired up and I was like that is usually Rudy like even keel and likes to steal it can like you don't see him get a B is more excited about something about it in the goal of terrorists. A column at a glance yeah and then. It says a lot about a guy who's playing from the bench but the bring them on when it's time to buckled down and make sure it's South Korea doesn't equalize yet. And and and so Sosa's Sweden be South Korea one melt. It's off of a penalty the penalty was questionable is given via. VA are. Which is is and you were sort of questionable and you reviewed it lying right in even under like that's that's one of those we talk rose before about like. Clear and obvious that mistakes play on the field is what's supposed to get sent to VA are. I don't know if I would have called that that initial decision clear and obvious because even under review it looks like. It could anyway. But long story short swing picks up three points against South Korea agrees are for them in the group yeah they don't you have any day a group to you get it what's new new new wells is Portugal and spam arrest record so yeah you've got to get a win with Portugal Spain drawing an apple definitely huge for Purdue got to think that if they can win one is the fourth in that group of Korean Korea Odessa the got a if the cut to huge matches coming up for the got a really buckle up I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a sense then in a defensive role that's holding midfielder saw the half yeah come on one of those matches against someone worthy of a Christian Ronaldo on the field after the suck up. A defender for the entire thing right so how they'll be interest to help get the minutes he had big result for Sweden Mac group move in the opposite foot though he had any narrow mind Torres and Panama. Their first ever World Cup were we got to remember Ramon Torres is a guy who scored V gold SN Panama under the World Cup he is like and national icon on the probably put him on money someday they named a stadium after him already already the guys like not even thirty yet probably also to understand their occupying our spots in the World Cup which minimize the team that not basically not direct not directly but made it so the the US national team couldn't go to the World Cup. They go in Belgium puts three are numb and would still on Belgium is a favorite to win this run of like a three year fourteen that you gotta think are gonna go all the way that you can generally need orders the gas to Germany Belgium is Lil industrial England this series another star I don't think he wants strong enough to do aisles. But Brazil I don't think they're strong enough either even though they have an MR continue that right in the Bobby tell us comes Rondo each of my favorite minimalism preference of the fun for me now. And Diaz I don't I don't know if England's I don't know of England's strong enough hurricanes strong enough yet don't really publicly he was hurt yesterday out of we'll see how that police guard missed like every opportunity right there and had about it at this in the plates and young guys that have a lot of potential that was their first match in the World Cup. England and ICI's I'm pretty sure they have the youngest average roster age yen in the entire group so you gotta think to get a couple of games under their belt do you play on the these guys. Especially English players. Play in the highest stakes all the time. Once you get used to playing at the World Cup and once you get over mosquito satellite guy I was crazy there's a one closeup shot of Harry Kahne just like slapping mosquitoes away from his face. The stadium was in flake literally infested. With mosquitoes and flies. And that was disgusting gross there's this flew a helicopter over before everyone got into the stadium and dumped pesticide and it's trying to pull the mosquitoes. You know. How healthy it is in Russia. I can I'm glad that the Canadians didn't make it on the whales over there they no kidding we at least the end. PA keep your Canadians healthy isn't as the as the saying goes obviously keep your Canadians healthy. Yes so revelatory as the to the Panamanian team made it and got just stopped and Iran are half and LaMont Taurus started and played. Almost all of that game I think he played the full ninety. Exit type and what the hell on Twitter. And belt on you Abdullah both Belgium's first goal was a worldly right like it's a world class school you you. It no matter where it happens if it's in that the Dutch ninth league or in the World Cup all the top corner beautiful stuff yet and then you got a guy like woodcock who out there who's as big as Roma on Torres almost. You know a 50% faster than him and he scores two in its is is he's or class players want so anyway the Belgian team is so stacked. Act two very good guys and talking on a teams it's unbelievable up. And so there are loses Belgium three nothing definitely not a sound area are due Peru definitely not a senator yet role rely Diaz who. And his team Peru lost to Denmark. One to nothing rewrite DA has played just over five minutes in preparation for being an nonetheless he made sure to not play very many minutes Osaka. And he he's just getting used to what it's gonna be like on the bench after he pulls a hamstring sort of about a little it last time but give me just a couple quick details about the sky so we kind of knew what we're looking at because the rumors are swirling media I mean even as. Far as his old club Brian destroy that this is a done deal so the timeline is a role is our rumored to be playing there to have signed or be signing with the Sanders. The rumors are flying donors are and in need of and a big flare. He is a tent who they say attendees of player this is the name came up right. His previous club was it eight digit 88. That would be really 3456 yet aided ten million dollars is what I was going far because otherwise Stubbs I'm so bad but I'm just not good for the million dollar. Billion delta and Seattle's sprinting to catch the his previous club. Is in Peru arm her. Mexico Mexico hitting it played for similar Peru he play he's been makes it for two years the other through Mexico. His previous club and Marcos Morelli. And terrible as Dennis duke confirmed in a tweet that he's leaving for the Sanders but I if fiery you if I or listening to this are now don't expect anything from this owners front office until at least after the World Cup. Possibly once threw gets knocked out of the group stage which is most suffering and happened. You buddy Alex Fiat over it the founders just the Billick yeah. The whole department like. Yeah all of yet so he'll he'll hill he'll he'll come back from the World Cup like please come straight to Seattle. Finished up just by not the final details but his club even treated out why his former club even to weed out things for everything role have fun of the soundness into a it's like tagging out Sanders FC focus to come a long way here today from talking about World Cup from talking about Harry ship we've got a load of covered a lot of ground but most importantly I think is the fact that sound as if C take on Chicago fire setters tenth in the west. Purses Chicago fire seventh in the east century link field Saturday night 7 PM at the fun one idea that's going to be passed a baby's bed tumbles if I can get to go or not fright night here in Seattle 00 right now get a favorable match meant. I want after Hammel previous it's like you to my wife to a match from. We're looking at match fourteen here for sale Sanders at sea again. On Saturday at 7 PM some things still look at last year in Chicago a Toyota Park setters at C lost four toward net respectable 4 there and Eastern Conference team so our two cities only meet once per year it there last year here this year. Looks Britain south of Chicago brings them that's sweet John Mara are not the suite but suite. Hot John Mara so we can have some mass of a tie in beats here that's what favorite match kind of the legendary for this I've never been to Chicago. Death to the president had the same reaction last time he said this to me yeah. There have been a lot of places Chicago's one of the ways that feel like as ago to get this like on some like multiples to French bread roll this bill will like slow cooked loose meat. And then you could this. Picked cold vegetables it's like spicy pickle miserable mix on the top and it is. Our job in a post when you're describing that to me can you go at like a much to slow jam music today his will be adjusted to just did something corporate. The object. OK so calm debt plus here in the sky and get the best of Seattle but that doesn't mean anything because the Seattle also winter in the last couple of iron in Chicago went to whatever dumped the living and whenever this Chicago and fitness coach if you know bridge view I think is where they're where they're field as technically okay great doesn't. On those Roscoe village rules OK so looking ahead blue. Hero and villain to hero for Seattle sound is has to be Lamar Hunt who could that be the US open cup is named after Lamar Hunt. And Chicago are coming off and US open cup battle midweek against Atlanta which still surely lose or have lost by now because Chicago he had that matches. As a were oriental on Tuesday that matches tonight I believe Morris tomorrow so that matches tomorrow Wednesday night. So we just all assume the Chicago is gonna lose because of win that is just caught fire so did all the time yeah. Oh but quick question for you mr. Kim everyone to believe now hate Atlanta is that okay. Because Trevor laws Seattle right and everyone hated us because we got attendants and one matches so has good hatred turned towards. Well yeah because I don't know I don't think you can handle and I don't think he can't I just did set I didn't your. So okay. Thought that the correction I love Atlanta with a fifth or is it is an hour your wife is thrown. Old day but she doesn't even like OK well then yeah you can deadly Atlanta dead that's fine idol again this is not a though like the Mexico USA talk like I don't. Hate Atlanta I don't pay olympians I just. Hay the deep the the idea that like now the routine and dance career with a sly and every goal every goal or late everytime Palin a player is. Nominee for gore save of the week or like best dressed coach at the end of the year like Atlanta as the news Seattle Sanders where they just ballast up everything so even even though the goal was like eight. This guy. Took a penalty kick it it was really bad but it somehow win and it's like. Two feet. We recognize or stuff like best dress codes that they were literally won best dressed coach of the year last year it was tough to Martino wearing sweat suits on the sideline. Brooke truth in Atlanta that's the top of a about the pile I guess so. Yeah yeah anyways so yeah you write the hero will be Lamar Hunt US opens up because hopefully all of their players all of Chicago's players are way too tired. To play against us play in Seattle this weekend after a playing match which are measure they're playing at home or in Atlanta I'm pretty sure they're playing at Toyota Park. And it traveling after that match to Seattle to play Italy in Atlanta do you. So there are so they're going midweek Atlanta it's it's almost as far as you can go in MLS yeah. Orlando visiting Orlando area further to Vancouver as the further you know it's like all among the furthest you can travel. One direction to the other relaxed yeah it's going to be a long week for Chicago and Chicago to Atlanta to Seattle as read too much into this like distance thing is he still displaying. You're just like adjusting a little bit to play a soccer match it's more being on the road than any thing I think it's sitting on an airplane and might not moving for being back to back to road games that far apart I think we'll actually play into that so here I wonder if this is one of their if still use one of there like lead allowed to charter flights. To play this mask but I also don't think you do that because it's like you're going to play Seattle and obviously. Seattle hasn't been like all we need to make sure were the freshest that we possibly can be because that that Tony Alfaro is going to be just it just totally ruin our strikers some brand everybody sorry Tony fifth. I have a villain for Chicago certainly there must be something to feature I phase. I think that there's probably better players. To say for this nimble and I'm about to say but being that it's World Cup time in Germany is a favorite. RC bastions fines are here because believe it or not Chicago has a World Cup winner in their squad. And that being tries her from Germany from Germany he'd be won the world haven't won fourteen with Germany little grayer than he was back to the that it is just a tiny village just a tiny I think is he would double World Cup winner. I don't know if he I don't know if he's won it twice and kept. We can look I guess we could do the Internet on that. But but he is still a quality player I don't even know if easily injured are playing right now are only what the deal is he's got a name that like. Pesticides Ares I. It just sounds like he could be a bad guys only get bigger database sounds like he's like in die hard yelling universalist. He's. Asked Darren and so. I ghost writer and nail this thing this is the thanks I can tell when it counts he's fun to watch he'll be fun to see here or person easel which. You know way if they had a whole fame in Germany which I don't know if they do he would be he will be a he's like on the mount Rushmore of there he was their captain for awhile as Jurgen Klinsmann and we all know how we let America felt about that Seattle. There's other players on our team to watch out for Brendan Benson is one of those guys. They picked up a couple of players during the offseason they were being successful elsewhere. Not necessarily. I think Chicago's is in seventh place just outside of playoff contention right now but they are ties so like they're only really behind on goal differential. So they can get their act together me and put if you will matter they'll they'll pop up in the consider the team where you don't have to if years. Chicago ran you don't have to freaking out you could tell your fans settle down right click right there it's still it's we're not halfway through the seizing are about to be. It's okay it will be all right and in a couple into seeing it. Facts about this match Chicago fire is where Harry ship for incensed guy his argues a homegrown player in Chicago grew up in the area. And China men ended up playing for Chicago fire. And being really good for him we talk about this last week he's a very good player and a team that wasn't doing very hot before he went to Montreal and end up winning in Seattle cut. And now. He discipline the scene again is a lot different looking team and he was there and a by the nature of MLS it tries everything to do so much but still at some. There's a connection with yes okay he'll deal too long didn't listen you're just chicken back in after falling asleep to us talking about Panama play in the World Cup welcome back. I'd like say Harry ships powered by a puppy parts of the it'll handy blue pill landed out of there we learned that Landon Donovan pass from a big do we soccer ball a natural telstar from the late seventy's it's as. Kilroy an apartment real soccer player and last if you wanna see a hug and a bus fall hog as a bust out Seattle on his program. He'll look into the Crystal Pepsi bald Brenda what do you for see for Saturday night 7 PM a century link field Seattle setters that seat to -- Chicago fire. And then negative and it did nothing can independently. All right I I think I think two mills Chicago. Yeah. I think I don't have faith in this team and our man yeah man I don't. I'm and I have to say a sound of the gonna win. Pot takes the foot putt. Harry ship. He's gonna score. Gold. The.