Interview: Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION

Monday, August 8th

Aaron Bruno is ready to play Summer Camp and remembers his last visit to Marymoor Park. He's lucky enough to be touring with a band he grew up loving.

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He's a man of many musical tricks or do you do when you put on his record your hearing his touch on all the takes a multifaceted talent powerhouse producing his vision from every angle is Amanda brings it in the studio. But then captivate from the stage and he's the first guy I saw a master the art of accepting that everyone is on the day of Smartphone. And turned into a modern day later sing along and he's Erin Bruno good morning. There. A new the first person that blew me away by taking people's candidate captive. Which had done their screens and turned into something big to be a participant rather than just and as a distraction. That Ayers used to look at space guys stoked about this probe with flying around Jupiter Juno. You know it is really interesting view there are I about earlier. School can be being a child of the eighties. Side side now apparently inspired by you know all the Star Wars and eat eat and and all that so up. It because it's funny when would she becomes reality. And that's cool speaking go from that far back and she your duties young enough to have piled into a car with your pals after like high school and blow your Rage Against The Machine CD now your gonna head out on the road sport the dudes in the pals from public enemy intact until. In legacy band profits of rage what would high school Erin Bruno think about that and what does adult you think. Our school. AP that she caught the car to fear on old and answer. That attitude you bet. It I would never think that happened really what it and that's been one of beyond. Most incredible. Beings. About this security have they not in. You know up on the success side I think it's been. So need to play with a lot of it bands that where. Heavily influential. And instrumental and buy it some reading it now. And more importantly gives you go. Emotionally. Supportive or whatever I was going through at that time of my life so beat you know on base can map out Korean art or music and pop rock and it popped. So you know a lot of Metallica had become big at that point and remember I. We're connected music that was. Ever meet down cute. Pretentious but I also stated that music it was. You know even happier that Metallica at the underground that it will reach it immediately done. Oppressive pressure because that is sack in the broke back up from the hard court speed and that was where our product. Leaving mostly as far as music goes and continue to go out playing. But they get it it's such a way to do it. I don't take poppy but it but more. Accessible to the masses and act Arctic that it Beastie Boys on the urged I heard what I believe to be. Killing in the name that. I've K Iraq are our local alternative station and it just blew up on I didn't know what it was a very intimidated. Okay. Now the rest the world gonna get it here a little bit of or keep from art or speed up at a Chela. You don't you discover. Something underground GT you know it's yours it's your little cute little toy you don't want to share with anyone I doubt it and they are the open. Now and you know I believe bit. Basic and keep it the only group that truly. Truly walk. Our I had it all being happy and or street need where it. And the group in it are what came after that I felt was. Not a cool. The video we are in urgent out of that bed out. I can agreed on the level with. Radio you know it's received a second record up. You know I like they're okay computer Ottawa evidently it but it is a brush up on it. And now look at your question we'll also are all I would never thought that was something be sitting out due to be put it would have thought Japan bit. We're oh big beat up beat that article. When you're at that age. You know you figure. Especially back then in the ninety's. It Urbana a radio it it. Billionaire. That you could needed you know are actually all. I think now it's unbelievable I can't cover current debate could become a pure kind of all the way up but I'm in the last five years. You know even. But I don't look at myself on any I would be out appeared Buick well that it heated or Brent. No and I don't want to preach about but I am tricked it out a little bit in our out the bass player from great to get the scene that I. Love so much grown up. You know you go to school. Riffs of all I would happily these people operate. At 188. Outlook with. The bulk of that. Opening gate well it. That's what my old self but they wouldn't believe it and now I oh in what was it a about it out there it looked I. And it you know I've I cannot tell you that public enemy. Equally well and being. As a big middle figured you know it ended aired at the analog away on the growing up in a fairly boring suburb. It was you know music what sort of I. Only true called Barack beat it up brought in Carty. Is loaded. And you know keep it main street somebody way. The army rap music had not hit the mainstream. Yet. It would anti beat pick it up in Beattie way cheer along with W in period studied the public immediately or. Well it's it's interesting to me that he says it's because like he talked about underground and about the stuff you know it but he said there's a piece of the Jersey Minnesota wanna share it will now. You worked with us a ton of our big mainstream radio station which is you know I'm proud of that but at the same time. We've raised the most money for acute care and help homeless kids you plated Key Arena for deck the hall boy did and on summer camp before we're having you back this summer which is rabbit. Also artist to start like a bolt from the radio. Then at the first chance go to do the things our own way what is it about working with the format that makes it a good fit for you. Well all he can't. Eat it it. Expose. People to the thought you'd written it it it huge opportunity and you let it. God only knows. That based off but. The media that. That I've read. Hundred and saw that don't want Kurt in the league be glad that they India in the jacket. What you're thinking about it is that patent blessing and in a dream come true and and mind blowing billion I'll wake up ago. Western isn't really want that. People know my music now. You know it it is it strictly sheer. And I think it if you look back you. It's definitely been in the mid eighties pop music. It'd necessarily happen down really like you need to get poppy it. Today you're probably gonna think about beyond Taylor Miley Cyrus or well. Brutal market some of that yet somewhat better than others let you know record originally what popular. Pick what whatever was popular so birdsaw. Like. The example of crossover into the gates being in that way it was. I Becker out what happened. And what it it was just it was it. Predicted that many people wanted to hear that. I don't figure you know alternative is the only cool flick of the music or are. You don't feel people but it was either or or all radio. What are we ought now is bury it. If there ought I think it out. There's enough information out there now. And people are Smart they assert your music and also that it can't wait so if you here's our. It doesn't really matter. What that number but I don't really it doesn't it is medically like to go up. I'm open to all I'm repeating country gay guy I thought I would never really look. Like a lot. I kinda liked older country bar all the other couple. I think that urgent sense that I love a lot. As others that are that are of its. Let up this city prejudice sort order yo. One kind of radio station or in others it is. Eating back and it prob. That lives in the world but all. And in your eye out. It's coming from someone who doesn't believe in genres music preview it 100 actress record accurately. White. But it label on what it was out duty it is. It's a tribute to come on record pace you know and Al Aziz unit to aspect that. It definitely feels like humanity and there's like him I hated storms mortar and there's an authenticity that like doesn't. There's no. Decided style and it because it feels like it's coming from one guy Simon to argue if you really have broken out of definition of John like that. I realized I was standing a little bit Indianapolis Motor Speedway watching Spanish dudes on motorcycles wins by a sales playing in the background and that as a result of having Red Bull with do you have they've been able to open doors for you and push unit of direction the may be radio doesn't. I'm certainly any any time that the brand as you know involved. You might need to get amateur athlete. And that video clips they've done it's been it's been very sure that I mean I love their being in you know I grew up playing. You're mainstream sports like most is that America but that assert every let Imus coolers eating they're being. Snowboarding in our really blood Red Bull. The grant will definitely and did it hurt my music. Any perceived lack well the radius that it probably gonna play this stuff anyways so maybe we could bust out another way. I think that that you know they get me help I'll never take any credit front. What they gated as a brand. So I get it any chance you get peavy could be played any neat format and let and let it you know straight at its respectful happy he got it up a duck it. I got a one of the rig here also. Of this. Project is that it despite it people edit it or outweigh where they hit that using these. Or various. Other videos that it somebody get a big it got viral. They'll be used the get all the media which really wasn't connected to rebel boats just what that the director. Chose you'd that I met in Switzerland actually need to elect op. Being appropriate or. That guy and did not you know all the way to Cappy you obviously the cute little pain so millions of people. It now when this record are up front as earth you know a couple hundred any different by. Which have ever been planned pitches you know the people see you. Speak. Without us really having much in all public and put the music out there see what happened. And then try to ride that wave that swept up. I did it during radio edit or. This hump run. And I expect that there a little bit it. Political operative which. What actually speaking but it well. We're excited to have you back in Seattle in August Mary Moore park a venue that you've played before a summer camp of the past a couple important questions one. Do you still have the incredible tight white pants you wore on stage those few Summers ago. Lendl speaks so and in fact that it looked at a photo recently. That was. The show where Cheney or people or keyboard player and and so we get something pit. We've talked about this studio but I never thought it would actually culture in general burger better Alice optic. Starting Q up you know rehearse. I said it won a grand coulee. Is he your engineer and in the studio and I was working that I developed a lot of a lot patient up. And I can't beat product we we were not sure one day this became an actual candidate we I'd. It is stage if you didn't you do it also going to be back in beatle each other high content built the crowds. Perhaps there that actually happened that showed a photo of it. The only bummer though oracle like and it. And baggy black bedecked. But you know it was so it could be hotter. In oh but no I don't know the answer about not a regular white and it is appropriate. The fact that the and dumb as a kid what summer camp if any did you attend. We. We it is written in their camp all sports camp. Honestly that there now that's pretty much it but you know once summer figure out what I felt well it certainly not a lot of. And burn up from elation performing. That's summer camp might want picture Cohen ended. It Stratton.