Locals Only 36: Say Hi and Abraham

Wednesday, September 12th

Eric Elbogen of Say Hi and Seattle band Abraham drop by the show to talk about the new music they just released. 

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We. This is just a little bit and what you mean getting this week on locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought you don't want a seven point seven meat and and supported by Rainier beer my name is Steven Graham I get to host the show. And I am very excited we've got to incredible bands coming in this week it. Both just put out brand new music. We just heard there is a little bit of Abraham's thirty EP this year. And they're going to be and for the first half of the show the second half of the show we're gonna have Eric from saint dying here and very excited ask him why he lied to all of us. About say hi being done. When in fact there is now in music album I'm and thank him as well for releasing more music Anderson. Absent it was say hi I'm so excited to die in all of this today on the show. If you're not unfamiliar you never listens before the story take locals on the radio show. And airs every Sunday night on one a seven point seven yen in Seattle. From 8:10 PM and we condense it down. And we take the inner view in the music from artists that are actually in the studio we put in new podcast you can check it out. Later on if you miss a show on Sunday for some not everybody's sitting and artery on Sunday football on potentially game throne will be back I totally understand. But for now enjoy this and maybe go check out their music online and buy it somewhere this news to from say hi Ann Abraham is just fantastic. Now. Enjoy the interviews. I'm very excited. Because I have got. I get a band here that I've had here before wasn't all that long ago. And you guys have kind of with a bow on top. This year long project that you've had doing on Abraham as terrorist just. Get ahead of us stop with us this day the his CEO Edgar and introduce themselves Pam Jules. The play guitar and drums in the music band Aybar hand. I'm Brian and I do the same thing in the knees and Abraham. It coming Michael gonna play this. And what other other than music and mother can bands should medium lookup band of Brothers. As a bit of a Band of Horses is a good point does give him did horse is also music. That's the chipper that's fine. Guys you that's how can of this fun thing you're doing this year and you were putting out. And EP on 33 my birthday I think agreements. Another one on 66 that's and now today my dad's birthday OK right that's correct and they today at 99. Significant therapeutic reasons. Yes okay so is. Holiday people on national. Yes it is that's news. And you guys that is realized. The first sign on the record just one and yeah is so let's check this this is really weird so I'm with you don't know my calendar look at. So I'm looking at my calendar. On Friday and I was make an appointment. For Sunday and it and it flipped to Sunday. And Loney holds its grandparents' day. Which is significant plot thickens here because Ryan and I both have songs about our grandfathers. On this EP okay had no idea planning and it off yeah that's another Leslie and Heather you know weird you and November and it's funny. Yet. I drove. Five hours home from visiting my grandfather today I had in any quite a lot he lives over on the by the green Cooley dams we went over on Friday and became activist and that we conditions you know it was NASA program it's actually had no idea idea that that was even a real yeah just. And well. This is you can but it still like where is this the woman naughty stuff. That you get me and I started yeah sail again and it's obviously it's as a joke but it's becoming very real I don't know it's just like when you mr. Payne attentions that is numbers and the laws that. CNET news of the number 23 you can hear. I mean I don't have actually saga. And it didn't have him playing saxophone like in a smoky written. It and I think that I have a this year at all. I don't remember that. Pars. It may in Atlanta than it might have been a dream business is spooky new numbers taking. So okay you guys doing. What's that what's this article this is called stuck in a rare form. And I pay do you feel like and I mean this 100% I'm not just singers who actually went saved it and mr. I've been listening to it. Cynthia you know Lugar the other day. I think it's the best thing that you guys have done well in this these these three tracks. I don't know I loved all three easy p.s have played all of them on the shows here and this swine. Really late and maybe it's because I was just with my grandfather who knows maybe it's him in the feels but I do think that. I think people are gonna like it I think it's going to be very good for you guys it's already been very good for me that it. It's definitely. It's kind of like Kurt. I heard groans ballads. Like all three of that all of us on their premium on especially the second and third one night and clock in around an island and it's where night today it's it's really aren't. But yet there they kind of leg. You know space here. It's more long form kind of dreaming atmospheric you know for us anyway it's it's as sort of like slow and reflective this weekend. Why those reasons that they ended up on us in yet as I like infertility is. Captain then. To the year. So what is 29 or nine. It's a sawing it's it's. There has a reference to man grandfather. Don Myers if you're less then. In Ohio are not likely to. He's still with us there you can. Does he understand what a podcast yeah I think Sally is leaking intelligence animal link faster and it later that is yet this will be on the locals point podcasts I think he would like that. But at the time and today wrote it my grandmother had and just recently passed and I was thinking about. Him and you know who just. How how tough that is when your. Alone with here your own dots and nine and after having spent so much time with one person in just. Just before my thirtieth birthday August 29 and so I had the thought that you know. It's just so kind of silly how when you're 29 you feel secure content. You might as well be 99 I don't know if anybody else has had that experience but it's feels like. Let your scrambling it's happily stands in the way you better make Redeker will because you're 29 years old and it's about to. You know things are about to change I don't know and then says so that's the hence the title 29 or 99 thank you kind of same feeling yeah I so close to death man this could in the end you know. It's interesting I am some 31 Newton and when I was turning thirty. I felt like. It was kind of like other people are making a bigger deal that I felt like it was lets you know it's big thing you know you're turned thirty in. And I was like it's great is the reason we've opened blackjack. But I like to do remember that. So I. You know it economist me at that point been now. I was actually just thinking about it. This weekend in the news because as with my grandpa and then he has this dog it's been in our family for awhile haven't seen in years and last year she's caged in and liked. Great pace the it was startling to hear that and that. I kind of stripping about that so. Like it in to kind of stop thinking of myself easily exceeded. I don't know why that thought finally came to me the it. It continues beacon for some reason I personally am in my thirties now conscious of gas. Our ability to handle my responsibilities. All the time but for some reason just tonight on the child. And Ottawa that kind of occurred means yeah strange. I revelation was kind of kind of the opposite of its treatments opposite our program dollars that the united. And then I have my revelation was like. Now did you hear your fun now yeah okay. Not a life or well or maybe you know it's it's just a flash in the last night and man. I did have some of that self talk as well whereas like. Ideally I'm about a third of the way there. Yeah leg as long as that last part is still solid. I'd I'd like to think about a third of the way there. And it's and that first thirty it seems like for peppers yeah. Side. Yeah I think that the point that take away if for me with it with 299 unanimous that you have. You just don't know and and that's OK it's like it's a certain like coming to terms with like I could between and I could be nine and it's all you know here you're relatively close to death but you know that's the rest comfortably ahead. I mean at least you could Israel and that for a while we keep an LA we talked about playing Addis. Hand the tone for the rest of the stones dollar. You know we've really got to turn it round leaders so. The partnership which just did it at. Let's you know we've been talking between now and let's let's play it and I do it solar but he stick around because 9 o'clock have air from sale I hear. And formerly also well not foreign Hampshire he'll probably still be working. Ads or with depending on. You've heard the story the where will this drive them exciting I mean you're talking about music album and are supposed to happen. The first real danger this entire new EP from Ingram. Starting with twenty and locals. Tool. Okay. It's. Pain. Sort. Yeah this has two minute promise me back with more locals moment I just played for the first time I've ever played if anybody's place the that's that's at least premier. You have four we knew Abraham and we played in new enforcement to rights as well. Their brand new and flash your lights and I went bust you brits because they are going to be. Now our game and bent it to ring your peers who if you haven't hurt. Are big supporters of this shows that think eatery here beer and we're working with them on. This event they're doing October 6 is called our day and the lineup is fantastic especially your fans locals only. Great sub pop and Helio sequence who are locals only ours the monthly plan for your tonight. So keep rights aegis hurt and the moon dog he's from Miami of Everett Washington who are. I'm hardly earn a degree fantastic local labels that. Who prides quail through those stands tonight. And come to him already it's free 21 and out and I don't if you pay for beer that. The music for him very cool down in George. But tonight we're going to be playing in prop prime premiering more brand new music from these gentlemen hang out here right now. He gets Abraham in studio and must. Jewel is here not go on to reason with kill sedan I was a kid threat and I I think. He didn't recognize you because I think the last time your agreement had a hat on revenue entertain ourselves that I saw your hair out like. The students in the area looking at me like he met with. And then as soon as you start talking like college that's an islander. Who have kills that and yet they will put those guys and an uncle or your name but. Are we just played 29 and 99. Fantastic song I think people. Election night people orange if you like the music you're hearing. But he did texting like it you can extend. 9177. Text and generates plenty you can text and like or dislike them don't like it. Not really interest that. Because I like them to keep playing it but the new stuff from him let us know if you enjoy. Guys. Thirty. What's that mean against you know players show yeah actually pile all these things together in and let people get on a physical form what can people yes yes to both of those things you can expect that says things. Actually. Are playing. I'm my Chris set I trademarking. This new term for a very short sent. Live music it's called the makers that everybody we're doing it at a cafe racer. I played another band called after it gift shop and we have a residency and cafe racer. And I thought to be perfect celebrated the release of authored. Three sign EP that we would too. A three maybe four song set in its entirety yeah anxiety. Spiel I appreciate area and yeah I tried to return it. You know now. You know we don't wanna run the risk of overexposure. Says you know the the people. One more yeah totally so yeah racer Thursday September 13. Two months yes check out afterlife gift shop. And supporter racer and the local music can you believe they actually never been there. This is perfect opportunity so many people say that and Kathy racer only got it open again. And and in the hands because he doesn't come on it's free there is a tragedy there was. Times closer memory years and now they're back strong. Yen going to change a lot either. Yet in these owners really seemed to respect the established. And yet to create neighborhood hang out its rate in my neighborhood and I just started working next door retreating musician. You know support the block. Decency and aren't in yet three Texas does in people's thing like let it play more so in the I think one of them appears to be. Too. Nice that it is. You know if it is I don't mind the 54. Five euros for a this marks on his mom. This next visit. A little bit longer so wanna play bad drug tutor coming in over five minutes that real quick anything that we should know about this one's got a great explanation on the last. Stats yet about Jerry. And so you speaking of Joseph Dan Connor says key engineered. All of these. Three EP's he's been working with us for a long time and he's also a singer in kills have been okay and he played drums on this particular track. So giving Ryan a break on the drums and Ryan played organ and it was recorded by our buddy Brian brown. Yeah Ralitsa let's play for people and ending didn't. Indigent champion track and after that and it turned civic and fines and Rainier it's state costs and they're asking but does more bringing music. From a Abraham you can get all three of their EP is it that this year I'm assuming everywhere music available to us at band camp first that's kind of our day attitude being given today the best for the artists that go out by it. If you're not sure just listen to this and you'll now. Okay. I. It's. Good. Thanks. Yeah. I. It's. I. And. Before Rico for. I would just like to mention. Those the other enjoyed as a football. Aaron Rodgers. Is the greatest athlete the world's ever seen it. He also happens in my cornerback. I drafted last year he got hurt out for basically season. This year. First half the game he goes down of the outrage decry him back after halftime light it I love it. Football just. Maybe has any tips. I'm tickled that they have been in my league championship game three times in. The earlier years I think it might be. I had to pick first for the first time matters and the money is there anything else again to trophies to get bragging rights that oh rats well most of the people my lead had been friends with its high school. And several of them. And there is nothing with the AC and a means bad loser worst winner. So. Really excited seen. Naming him the them. I'm really excited you. Really celebrate the pack an amateur. And beat him. But that's along with a lot of stuff Julia on this year's shaping up you know let's face it is and I'm pretty much a singer and waiting for money. As yet so yeah it anyway. Hang out Abraham and studio that timely basis upon them as well where he spent hours yeah against them. I was really rudeness and I really was excited to talk to somebody Aaron Rodgers reentering the game and asked the guys from neighbors and we got to deal but mean too fancy football. And the whole. Concept I think this is total silence. What are you guys into but the minute let's get to know use. Well. You know. And yeah play a lot of music. And Adam and cooking I cook. And that that's pretty much my entire life what's your go to in the kitchen. Get a two to eight you know like making yucky so that this okay just whatever I've gotten mixed with noodles that's. Yeah I'm a big fan of like whatever meat have what are meat and vegetables happen to be laying around can be. Can be stir fried or were steamed yet and then just put her rice with some characters suicides that area pretty much. Can't miss him. Recently their chickens and it's. My medal let's really sweet and it's. My goes photographer. I dabble in the photography. I don't know by meaning good and yet just got into it last couple months though host and a paid gigs probably I just a like. I have what I have one book from another one vote. And I'm trying to get some feed on that thing. It's so far it's but it's not when our passion that's gonna happen to win you take that picture of Will Smith that's on both. Week. I tell us about it this year I. Yeah I painted the mural of him because he's like an icon now. That's utterly appropriate for every musician could never get see it it's okay and I feel I can yeah those Vietnam looks exactly like Will Smith at its use your photography. Studious good. Well it is called fox wick photography book the and a yeah. I mean look at. And you know. If I'm you know I'm like ready for hours and it's match. Aren't we just got coming up in my radio career Alia photos I I give you some dazzling and jobs. You know I like to imagine bands. Especially like. I don't know if you guys all showed up here together. And please it'll Oki did I like to imagine the band's pretty much just do everything together and now I know that for jolt that's probably not likely just because you're in other opinions that. Thank you guys hang. We do we. We should probably hang out more. But that creates Stewart likened him to be hanging out more all the people. We've we've known each other since fourth grade they're like. Through news a cumulative. Fitness and the hours that we've logged together and a that's right I remember this now you guys have known each have for a long time and you've been playing music studio time and it and then you that is says Michael the end users like if he's a fan and you get struck him out on tour that's an area the day us can already driving them to shows. Like I drove because North Carolina technique that's at this is. And over that's that's pretty good so yeah for those of you at home and want to be in a band. They get older than Michael let it and bony bottle that's caring wonderful and it's just make yourself available is being used circle I think it is the my steel is not all that important. Because I didn't know how to play the bass like us and the last thing again and if they can yet don't go there and it's happening as it's shown up. I'm a test that news but he complexities that should be attempt to. Still camp Olympics that's cool. But you're abandon band sounds Corey. I wanna play one premiered as a sacking EP. And and to donuts he's the last track of the new EP for a little bit later on the figure will play one from the second EP. And it's called dark side and put this on the ship before and then we come back in a little bit wanna talk about the final track from the most recent project. And then again everybody stick around we'll have same eyes in studio at 9 o'clock but for now. Enjoy some more from Abraham locals home. Yeah. And. Yeah missed. It's. It's. And yes maybe not just saw. Yeah. Pan. And and and. And. They're not. It's. And it's. A am. And it's. Us. And. It's. Every now. Your legs. It's. Yes we are back hanging out with a neighbor hand in studio. Guys this is its liking as combine to though is ton of fun thanks guys. I appreciate. The the work you've done this year at this idea like spreading out these three EPs. I know that we talked about last tenure here. But can you guys may be run through sort of why that happened again. For folks who maybe didn't hear the last time you room. Yeah yes. Well it started I think with the idea like. How do you release music now. Because people. You know it's just it's it's to get time to experiment I think the long form. Full length album. Seems to be kind of a thing of the past and it can. You can really. You can take a really really long time specified trying to do much other stuff I think that I don't know that I'm ready to say it's a thing in the past yeah I'm not trying to argue EA NN but I think that. The way that people digest things now. And I sort of become yet I think a lot of the time yes. And I think that is the way it is. Music is consumed now because of things like iTunes and you know yes stuff like that re just going get one song whatever rules and you read it. Reality the attention span has probably changed a little yes I don't wanna make any sweeping generalizations about this this stated the music industry at large that for us it was it seemed like you get talented. And tried breaking and out into. And so we had it because our last Allen was like fourteen songs and attack the really long time and as a result we didn't really get to. Decorated as much as me move we would've like it's. And so it you know. It is what it is and came out niacin were on the server panic but this one we wanted to spend more time. With each song and so breaking up into. Three keys each for three songs. Made a little easier to do that. Woman who had been a while since you released something rioters and years and it's such an. I like that and I think I think. You know as far as the way people consume things now I think it's. It's a way to kind of stay in front of people read it matter you gotta collect them all but yeah I don't regret the blue thing in. Like episodes to that's what I like them honest about it we we thought about what songs to cook with each other and you know and releasing each one the way that we did just seemed like. Yet seem like more of a show you know where Serena show you as a us just here's our movie and it's that. Then you make a hard on yourself to the intensity again did site. More or three times the amount. Uploading everything on line three times the amount of album artwork and Bryant or self promotion. You get a fine and it innovative ways to do that well I was every. I try your Michael's always out there making sure that I'm aware of whatever new thing is going Al yeah bring down and that I it. I think to do great job and it's an sorry for all the late night text notes. But it's not it's not a problem usually consider finally we take this camera you up and he could have an impact. I take this moment just. You know. Publicly and myself well it is hard work I told him at some point before we started this. Murton releasing on this music I was like man I'm super busy and need Jesus that relate take the reins if you wanna keep this train. On the tracks and I think he's been really great. I was talent I agree 100%. Art where what and so. Bring embryo as they think they show you guys have coming up yeah racer when is that again wanna give me a flier so rules and Iowa. Don't know every day everybody is sound paper. And well it's definitely has got flame emerges on this apparently isn't hot like fire September 23 September 13. I campers it says free yeah that's going to be time. Believe the non life believe it it's free just for you. And ethic per unit and everyone else these special Steve NBA empires and proceeded more. I was answering a sticker says earlier other banned yet it's matter let's get job where after that gift shop is hosting. Deny care creating the music we do every second Thursday it might keep you keep him on task and with him those guys Abraham I was gonna give him a brief before this like a disclaimer of our username and you're only need fans they know but c'mon let's keep on I think real quick ideas are asked yeah how was it kills have been open for months now so it was amazing how can one of the permanent highlights them. Definitely the highlight of my summer and one of them from the coolest things I've ever gone to do to be honest they treated us really well I'm Modest Mouse necessarily bad. Those guys. But as Fiji to really get careless and and it would yeah this is amazing Port Townsend is a wonderful city. And we just and is happy to be here men and maybe months mouse down. And even are likely gonna actually offended me. Everybody go do get your hands on everything from Abraham crews are being camp find all three of their EPs. And dig into the back catalog to they've got a bunch of great stuff I'm still a big fan of Perry vote. And I will continue to grow on the radio so into the thing that's very but we have time. It's not on the ACP's I don't know that it's not yet it's going to be on we're in condense them on tournament youthful and and you physical run. And it'll be like a bonus track when I have to. Do we know we're shooting we're shooting for our effort to our tents and because it be ten songs on the tenth of the tenth month. Just keeping with the SF and gay. Actually. And I think that makes well Mary and we're gonna look for other you vote off this Christmas daddy thank you so much for coming back bigger time everybody stick around we're gonna have aired from say hi here at 9 o'clock with some new punching his music. And and now here's high noon from Abraham. Send. I. Does. It's. I. I. I. Okay. And. Yeah as it is time for the second hour of locals only and I am very excited because I'm Kent. Again I I think I determine the last time you're here that were now friends. 0100% hit a good guy everything I mean I don't usually like to assume with people who just come through but if we agree timeless and you're here. We did and we end. And now now having said that it's gonna get a little uncomfortable. I'm on first of all I've got air from say hi here I'm you may remember his work. Where he partnered up with the where wolf disk drive and easy the last time he was here. And and actually before that in a very public statement on line he lied Elvis. And he told us to say I was done. And now. I'm thankful that it wasn't true the only them like gee why I would. Falsehoods. He wasn't alive time and he had I I I promised not much I really. Well up. Of course the heat who because of their friends you know there's an interesting story and improved durability just you aren't you released from your contract with the where will duster and yet some time in your hands what happened so. And the rule of disk drive suite we had to we had a wonderful time so if if you believe if you believe the story and I recommend that you do. You can hear the story it is earlier episode of the locals only podcast tune with where -- Mr. Bush then. There's that's doing and then there's this story and that's again. I. I had dreamed one night and knew it was not it was not long after. I was in the last time. With the world this drives. And it it was basically. A giant sand tar with the head of David though he came to mean dream. And he had a talk with me and he said Eric. This world disk drive stuff is amazing. And I love it how love it was on my are naturally but. It's not what the world needs right now I was like really. And since I do though he said. Yeah. You need to make another say and I record demos like blue and move. And then this sort of thing about any and make. This change your wrote an article about it and everything. And since I didn't really says that I know but trust me I'm so anti David blow me. He need take my advice poem by the way. You need to call it caterpillar since a paean to. Because every song that record needs to worm its way into people's hearts. Is that why it's called caterpillar that's why not pleasant alternative vote yes. I look at the next game and I was like yeah I was just dream. But then I thought about it more and I thought about all of the really nice people that participated in the vinyl kick starter for the sanity imam records and just. In general are nice people who were bummed about the retirement of sand iron I was one of them. Well thank you. And I decided making this record in the next thing and you. Sam's back and now it's back for years. I'm thrilled. When the news came out that you have a new single. And I've played on the show immediately after it several times and say thank you and I'm. I also was just very excited to have another reason have you come back here so soon because it wasn't that long ago I don't feel nose of his years ago on the I mean it was like November something okay so let's hear again and I mean in and the world to strive project definitely when my favorite albums well last year came dogs on the video work that was done. Around it was all. Wild. And her brilliance to QIQ and that's really great and you you also have another new music videos. This is out recently ran the for the news. Album Finnessey act record yet and and this this new video. Through the song I just wanna go home. It's like. The first time actually shot footage myself. And it's all. I had to make set up make. Make out on a monitor him in my room because I was filming myself dancing in front of are being screens. Now we're gonna call that achieves a pocket and I am I played that sorry to play just wanna go home and a little bit. That first I wanna play that for single firm that album that we've been playing a little bit. This call every gauge on empty and then that I wanna come back I wanted diving more into that story a little bit later about that he has donated it does save the contents are people wanting more sounds Cain can't give him everything at once. This is music from say hi that you heard on the show before and will be back in a little bit. When more brand new music from caterpillars and if you which can combine Alan I recommend you do. From from from from from from England and came from from from from from from from from from unconventional and didn't intend and then turns into contention and I told him from and. It's. Who haven't changed so brilliant. From taking too. Bad back. OK okay you thought. Yeah. I hear us. And and. And. Yeah. We are back hanging out with Eric from saying hi in studio. We got past the uncomfortable part where I had to confront an okay game. They do wanna ask. How did it go when you explain to the where will distress about this conversation you had listened to David belly. And that. As a stump dug him out talking appearance since actually. I'm actually really nervous tiger back in maybe you and I think you may. Pete pretty mad announcement. You know that. I wouldn't recommend this utility of force Alec little demanding so. Maybe that wrong with a sort of what I took away my last conversation. And I'm very excited your here the new album Campos and he just came out on Friday. How were you doing right now. How was your weekends when wins when the kids the big event raised. It is it is work comes together for this one day when it's gonna come out bits that's not really it late there is so much more that's happening. Yeah. It. It's a wonderful it's it's exciting it's exciting to stay out. You know edit to secondly on Thursday night 22 round music services and see it make sure he's their go live. And you know it it's very exciting that but you're rated it I'm sort of in the middle of lake. Doing a lot of things every gang camp I played in installer. Yesterday. And in the can for a that this solid Dan. Got some other stuff to do every day this week in and then of course. Called stuff you guys do to prepare for the tour like. Make sure you have all the merchants. Pack in its you know. Neutrino all the words in the songs that economists that the song that that has in store yesterday and through the and I. Happy about it and it that was doubles and a yeah it's a great song they I it so I took off on eight. A five hour journey to visit my grandfather and eastern Washington on Friday. And I had my Amazon music streaming thing on and I listened to all of caterpillars and impede and then. I just went eight shuffle. Also. This place it goes this way and as I forget sometimes like the depth of your catalog and it's thinks it's insane. This is this is reckoned number twelve. Soon after I I decided to Pozen the world disk drive I sort of pulled that into account log so I I now consider that. Record number eleven look at. So you know this caterpillars and he is is number twelve and that's that's really kind of an exciting thing. Except for. When dining tent like sort all the records to bring on tour 'cause it's just so much of finally got a ring. Or your so many songs that you eventually forget the words to. It's cheap answer sued an eight you're about to take off on two or hearsay and is it this week he had the first show is on Friday and it's it's five weeks of the new term shows. Euro over the country yet and Canada's our debt and I've seen people I think on Twitter I've seen people like freaking out and maybe. It in seeing these things does your liking the tweets are retreating Emerson and seeing people freaking out about. I think get tickets to say hi show in New York does anybody have any. And like that's amazing it is people are very excited that you're gonna come back cholera it's amazing it's it's. What it it's it's weird like already shows are really. Small intimate so it's like. Anywhere between Mike Tony and sixty tickets have been sold. But. So it's cool if it was really good to sell them out and it's also make it in it hurts me and at the depths of my soul to know that I. Somebody who wants to come to show can't because it's sold out so. Pat I'm sort of I'm to learn and but you know they're really small living rooms and technically summits baseless. You really even though you are the artist and you'd like to think you've got some juice. At some point yeah I was so many people can be there yeah yeah yeah. So. I I. I mean it I've been telling people. You know some missiles shows are not sold out and suddenly you know you can just try Dodgers is ours and the fact is to establish and now there seems X that they don't they'll respond back to that you know no I cases occasionally about down. And I get a you know like I am I am someone. Make these days that how long guru show with the clean and then clock discuss on the holds a Canada in the same. I'd love that there's there's this trend can have. Happening where they're starting shows earlier now I was that far is that happening now and then opening game goes on a that's lesser assaults. This well and that's that's sort of the beauty and why had decided to season shows to begin with. Means claim by Iceland in better in the air and just the concept of showing up in Iraq venue and and we around you know firm your turn career turned in. You know when clearly everyone else. Is it has his day job in the morning Brad and what spots that got a bad like I do it's it's it's not fun if if tourists and you know plant. We'll 7 o'clock every man and I imagine when your playing living your pitches an inning and a people's houses. You know these are obviously fans of yours. That are booking. He shows outside their houses and honey ideally and the you know they're probably pretty excited you're gonna be there and I imagine they do you just can't get a chance to make yourself. Which is Paula little bit better than hang about it venue to share in Sun City. You know and you don't know really who works there commissioner who's gonna pay me sir. It's it's yes it's it's fascinating I mean. So that that. Undertow is the company that books these shows and they sort of figured this out because. It's demand and David is on and he was he's been doing this for years and I sort of have pioneered it. Yeah he needs needs. They've got to down new science. Now I've I've never known them before. But that everybody I've talked to who have who'd done them. You know only on the I have nice things to say so I'm I'm really looking forward to it and you know it's it's that the tickets sort of encourage people to show. An hour before I start so that government can hang out and get to know each other and it's cool because the rooms are so small that. You can't just like hug the wall of a thousand capacity venue it's sort of your Internet yet. I feel like everybody will be close enough that. We will not talk pretending to be contagious the time I. I want to play another one from the album day and I'm actually I'm fascinated miscarriages were having about the tour. Aspect of this hole things I'd have a talk but more we can save us okay. Or plea agreement and view this is one when I was going through new album which is called cat horse and opinion. I kept coming back to. And it really really actually all four of the songs from Clinton kept coming back to hang ground and I I think people will love the entire album. I do. To sell them for some reason just kind of stuck with me and loans plan and I this one's called agreement and B from say hi. We're back in a little bit talking more about this two or your vet to get on and everything else it's happening with this album because it's so good. I'm doing. Yeah. On me. I'm good. None. Yeah. The good TV news who. Okay. OK. Let's. Boom. We know nobody. We. In. Our back hang out Eric and say hi. And we were talking that this tour that you're going on. And you redeemed living room janitor and it's coming season five weeks five weeks yeah as he stops. Thirty. Did well there's one there's one day off there's one day after new York and everything else is thank. That's not true physical is often LAX I think it's like thirty. 3034. Shows that the America. That's. An in your hit it yet I I have always. Been much much to the frustration of people that. I've 200. Slash. Booking agents. Past I I really am. I'm Mike and no day off kind of guy like Miami serious thing in the world is like sit around. Not Holmes yeah that were just like sitting around anywhere I mean it's creative here. In New York City anything. You know walk around go to museums and stuff like that but. If you like just driving through the middle of no Rangers have to be making an out at the pilots now make doing nothing. It just drives me crazy so I'm Amal now. Planning the routing looks so that. There could be a show every day if it's possible extremely efficiently your time yeah. I'll like it yeah. Yeah yeah you know wasting time and affiliate LA new Yorker places where if you have a tail off. Yeah well I sat famine in LA so that's weather stays off there her. And then. In New York. You just kind of plan down off because there's guys do but action flick. Things like this. You know. Which I love. I'm glad this is we got to. Yeah hey happy you're here man I mean I act like I'm doing that reached out to US is on our day I was. I was absolutely planning on getting into a tie now so excited that you need stuff is coming out. But is it now speaking as you know people you toured with before and and this whole thing you've got going on now. I know you you are the band you'll have a group that you've got to organize things with really you're the gap. France you're hitting the road completely by yourself you know completely about myself the outfit for the first time ever done. I've always. How about we sort of had. People. With me slash into ringing as I get the tour package where I would do my sent him play in other bands were. So it's it's good news it's going to be weird. It's going to be weird I think I can do it but. It's going to be weird do you need some like audio books suggest that they have I have I have a bunch of things some ominous. That reminds me as opposed to it they put a bunch of books on holes at the library a long time Augusta and there are you ready for this week it set up house mean you can email me some suggestions I could see. A big fan of the spare oil. This bear around you know then we'll talk about it off I get some good suggestions by way S fish are very good when called whiskey and I'm starting right now it takes place in eastern Washington a whiskey drink and then all it's a book it bit. She'll find some of those on the road as well. But this yeah I mean. Keep yourself busy only be left alone your thoughts for too long 55 weeks in the car yet well I mean I most most days them. I am left alone with my. Stocks anyway and that's why and now. Having dreams about since I didn't know we had a road disk drive but them. It's good I mean. It also easy task keynote to spend all day driving to get to the destination and then. Hopefully they'll be friendly faces waiting you know and in my leg. Have you have you designated bike if you friends or loved ones like Paris they're gonna be some stretches where I need to talk to somebody. You're gonna get a phone call. And I need you to be available. I have in my head that they don't I Illinois area. You got my number me and call me I work from home Monday prize on super eye diseases go and hollered he's got it. I wanna play another one to eight. Again. The Netherlands just I love to from the album. And this is one new music video for yeah and we were talking about a little bit earlier in the music videos. Ridiculous thing because I think that's that's the most fun things to talk about it a little bit yeah. Well like we're talking about before I sort of say getting into. Video editing. With the world distress stuff and I'd never had a camera and shot anything myself it was all like. Either manipulating stock food injured making weird things and in Photoshop and and a meaning that. So I tried to I got Cameron and a green screen and I said it out and it was really hard at first and then I figured if at the united front. Put my computer monitor behind the camera. I coupe like. Watch myself and sees that I was in the frame and make that also sounds complicated. It was. Make everything make everything they do make it took. It to Korea on time make it took a month of like. All day long shooting and you know it's like quote two and a half minutes long and like that but I did it and I'm really excited about it. And I Wear lots of fun costumes and it and it's we're talking about and I've been using this this and this Fuzzy. Pink gorilla suit for some of that press photos and fuels fuels like a month it yes well I love I love Muppets are dead of Muppets. And so that. That may into the media and I I almost like suffocated myself and passed out because I put that than the mask on backwards C conceiving utilities. Yes I forget whereas that only this but. But it's it's fun notre. Many people go check it out I'm assuming you know YouTube or any any your social channels yeah music video for a I'd I just wanna go home but don't do that right now. Who we're gonna played on the radio yeah and you'll find it later. Listen to a non media and then go to CE two dot com slash sanity imam. And a I would say lawyers there just watch a bunch of Eric stuff because it's all. Think it's good and they just are having dreams about sent our David though after a few say higher world disturb videos that. For now check out I just wanna go home isn't used from say hi and we back a little bit to a top one more time simply the hour. Why I was last man all right brand new music from say hi rain on the locals. Yeah. He's a good movie. The key thing. And I was zero. They couldn't. OK okay and then they competed. It's the eighth inning guy since at a yeah. God so. A. I was just telling Eric dispute last time we channel radio and nine he put pressure on the whole list of academy ged. I mean it has I'd like to think that we. Kind of until it. So far. How to do it until game rate. It's been a very fun night radio. OK so caterpillar seventy. Is something that I've been thinking about action is two things from listening to that I want to ask you one I've noticed that there is some long. Trails on the ends of these songs. That fit to silence or like. There's like an extra fifteen seconds or so yet what is that one there's an online long yay and a percent to. This is the reverb trio man okay Disco let it be it's old but there's I feel like there's even those just like pure silence. On the tracks does is news to you. Yeah I think I noticed and as well as putting songs in and I was wondering if there was some news deliberate. Yeah I don't know why why that is I don't didn't have it up loud enough and I wasn't catching all of the reverb yeah I mean need Burnett or Armenian. Where do you get that the songs from. Band camp and can and I also noticed it when streaming in on Amazon's. Music's so I asked to look into that meeting is this problem or maybe it's. Intentional and well. It is a problem your welcome. And helping you. You know troubleshoot the new album let's hear from. But also. At least as far as I can tell from listening to it. Not of the empire. And this is Hugh Grant is Jim cases there was a trend there for awhile with the same guys that well yeah are we in now. Well so that the last. CN directed making amends when he fifteen. Of course was the it was a breeders digest reader's digest and that was the sequel thousand vamp America's sequel to impeccable blahs. And I thought about for a second and I was like yeah let's make a third man Derrick event McMahon. Not not yet maybe someday. I just. Especially because this was going to be the first record back. I just wanted to make a solid and just. Rock and roll short sleeve. Not really a concept album album. And so that's how in that we can't listen. Do I say it I absolutely love it and it was hard beaches like I came down and a guy in the lobby in net use in bright yeah open and your you know your hanging out in here for a little bit before we went live in. That's why I tell you all these things that. The album and later. You what it boils when when you get right down to it the bottom line is I love the album. Thank you I you know I can turn and speak in some poetic language about all the ways that loaded but the bottom line is adjusting to do amazing job I'm so glad that. You made another save act say hi album. Not said I didn't love the world to strike zone because I did. I guess my next question is. Where we going from here. Well that's a very good didn't do so terrible I was still so bad when it's like he'd just put out an album 48 hours ago let's next. Now I mean so. You know that. Circuit has been done for six or seven or eight months or something like that and it just sort of been focusing on that. Prepping everything for their release and getting ready for the tour and making lots and lots and lots of weird photo shops to post on social media hasn't stopped. And basically in my head to. In the world existence. And so on October. 19 from the when the tour ends and I. Aside from sleeping for a couple day is after that I have I have no idea and probably. By October Tony first Simon of mosey on down to the studio and make some drum machine music and see what happens and you know it it usually takes me awhile to figure out what that sound or violent the next record is going to be Bynum. I'm not there yet and it's. A lot of you'll probably. Depend on how. Awesome or non awesome I feel about myself after this and you're on tour for five weeks. Well. You made my days by saying the next album. So I'm just glad that we're gonna keep on with this we're on yeah we're gonna keep on and so on and so thrilled and we should mention. You're ending the living room should tour with two shows in Seattle yes he hustled out but the Mercer about it. Okay. Well I guess we'll just keep our eyes out for maybe some more Seattle stuffed on the enough pressure. I would love to come and see you lied again and spend some time. Saw you live well for some oversight Limas when you put to death camp crocodile. And I remember and I talked about the last time your commander death camp came out and before even playing Ben givers says. How about say they get his new band to the microphone in the true heck I was like dad I don't amazing. And how well listen all your stuff that I was so excited costs so you know please just keep doing doing. Also thank you so much for coming in tonight you have thinks that I mean penny got a lot of stuff going on and it has a birthday. Having dinner is there any links and some 85 years old ma. You look great it's bill also just congratulations and everything Erica it's I think this is. And I think from what I can tell and all the load you've been getting from NPR in the press and in seeing. This is doing as well as anybody could help well thank you very much I appreciate it keep it up please come back against them time and drive safe on your tuner how well. Here's another one I think my favorite songs from the new album. Tampa arson impede its outside looking in. And I hope you guys enjoy it go by Eric's music all of its say hi I'm Dan camp than everywhere else now. Sandy imam dot com. And and and can have. And and old old old old and and and and it's. Long goose. Don't really good movie here that I host yeah. It's a little football. Getting its act any change savings. And he did the. At this. Good ingredients that I it. And then turn and didn't intend to come and from. Can. And don't yeah. And told them and content and tone. And to kind of mix and just kind of contained. And I'm told it's. It's constant heat it's. Smoother. And and and a bullet item whose new book I'm good. And says it changed. Rather than it is it's nice. So okay. My interviews went Abraham and say hi. You definitely need to go and get your hands on all the new music from these guys the three eve he is. From Abraham this year have just been fantastic in this most recent one I think is their best work yet. Don't get all of them they make sense together trust me analysts and all of them lined up and it's perfect and the new one from say hi caterpillar senate viewed. I'm so happy these guys making music again you should definitely go buy it and if you're not familiar he just got to know say hi. As part of the show to dive into the back catalog it is. Lengthy and you'll be glad that you did. Thank you as always for listening to the show if you enjoyed which you heard please. Go over iTunes click subscribe. Looser rating her view those things help us out and check in next week as we back with more the best music from the Pacific northwest. Right here on locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought Cuba won a seven point seven the end. And supported by Rainier beer.