Locals Only Playlist Episode 25: Snuff Redux

Monday, June 4th

Snuff Redux came by Local Only this week to premiere some new music from theirfull-lengthh album Denim American that will be released this Friday, June 8th.

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Yeah. Yes that is just a little bit of what we're doing beginning in two Tim locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought you don't want a 77 and mining misty and Grammy to host the show. And that had the week off last week as other SaaS watch music vessel had a great time and I'm very excited bedecked this week with more brand new music from the Pacific northwest. If you've never tune into the show what we do every week is we take the interview from locals only the radio show. And we added altogether we take out all the music that doesn't belong to the band or interviewing. And we just get their interview and their music and that's what this podcast it so this week I'm very excited releasing down with the guys and stuff redux. And get a beginning into some tracks from their new LP clubbed an American that's India June 8 it's just this week which is crazy we're in June. But I've heard it it's very gated and I'm excited to be talking to them. Figuring out little bit about where they come from and their story and then claim bunch of their brand new music for you guys think you're gonna like it to stick around enjoyed the interview. And it's presented to you I gotta say this is presented to you by our brand new locals only sponsors Rainier beer. Which I think is so cool. Not only their sponsoring but the somebody over Rainier apparently. Alex were doing over here locals only so I think that's awesome I'm really excited to work of those guys. And I am sure will be talking more about cool stuff coming up for the Rainier in the future but for now. Enjoy the interview in the music from snuff freed up some locals on. Yes it is our number two of the locals only as we have a friends the show come by tonight it's new friends. I've never met these Kansas for a very excited to have you and Harriet Smith redux and studio. Guys first talk aren't say yes hello introduce yourself. And Skyler. Play guitar nice thing. Daniel. It's. And now you re an airman before and I have been aware yes for a while because people come through here and speak very highly of you. Quite often I wanna say I'm Richie from Fonda shade was the first guy who started. Really tell me any new paying attention you guys since it was a while back I miss that I think he could live in California arson and but yet nice guy had a lot of great things in human and that. Just was like the first domino and and all its people hope you get a checkup you're gonna frequent Eunice and and then and then and then a guy who I I respect equated it to kinda help me when I was trying to figure out how to do it on in. Whatever what I want to do in music because I'm playing music like you do. You're welcome for that. Is a Marco Collins who then hit me up recently and he is like hey these guys got a new single. You don't lose your mind it's so ga it's so big and sensitive over and he's right it's fantastic I can't wait to play here a little bit but. Tell me a little bit about you guys. We will win did you guys get killing. Well. Snuff. Has been around for a few years now. Existed since then and as Tony thirteen. Dana and I started the band. We've had a few climate changes. Zeke he's joined the band on drones. That and has torn the sixteen. All right. Yeah and Dunst in the bay and like I wanted to say most the time. I think he's going to play a year and a half after restarted. Two on that's that's kind of like. That's how we started if. If I had my own band and somebody was doing now liners during a little late to practice I think it is on the re Eugene and you also just remind people that. The line it's changed a few times. And it could change again. It's just attention yes. A lot of bullies. Now. Nice. We'll ice it sometimes the end of his game than he now. He is run by men's play we understand yeah that they don't let it happen again as. I know. It. Exactly think that. But you guys have new albums in India this Friday June 18 meant yet and it's Dan and American. And the but it soon. Prior to that. What what can people go fine if they wanted to in your back. We have to ET's released a few years ago. Toy kingdom and besides you need if I'm and then canned sound and when. It's at least Europeans and mis. I like to start there letting people know about the back Kellogg because I feel like after replay. The first single from the new album here and that people and now. If you check this out I need more this before Friday that's it's a little different. That's I mean. Who would you be if you were not at all. You know it's always ever changing picture OK so I know the use of show coming up for the release let's talk about though. This is tight shot it's tees it'll penalties well. Can be this Thursday at topsy. And proponents some of our best friends. Salt Lake is one of them. Great spiders on them and do non mall as one of them com. We wanted to. Have a bill that reflected some of just like. Our favorite sons are their friends in the city. To help us make a really fun celebrations this album you know. An end that line up. That's like that's an interesting lineup it's it's not a bunch of stuff that I yeah exactly click the hour to come back and talk about that in a little bit because I feel like. Seeing more of that around lately he's. I think it's pretty cool so let's do this power play I'll play the single from the record the French press which. On IA but Jason Marcus sent it to me awhile ago. And Ivan on my phone and I was driving around the edited and I put it on taxes and I was on my way over to the gorge. And you lose. Playing and I just can't Catholic. Kangaroo in my car eluded to it. And then I realized. Lake. I think it just listens only four times but I didn't get it just kept. Repeating and Muslims in the that this is very good as the good work and he snuck up on the investments that I appreciate it. Tussle chairman there earlier right now on the weave back and well after the somewhat unpleasant in a mall because she's going to be Tricia yeah so it's let's do this and then opened wide awake. Ira after the French press and stick around who have more brand new music from snow freedom throughout the hour on the locals on. We. Now you're listened locals only supported by a Rainier beer. Who I have it on good authority will be. Feeling my fantasy football draft later this summer so thanks for him. Bill that they now. I hang out stuff freedom explains some new songs from the album it's going to be out this. Friday. And Denham American. And then it SA this Friday but. I'm. Suspecting people can get a layup on the whole situation they come out to your release party chops to be on Thursday and that is correct that as people are coming out and get it. In advance copy before all minorities. Okay. The for all the other people wait for it is streaming service listening to mountain by. Yeah we are talking earlier about your your lineup now I don't know. Salt lick but I want to play them here a little bit because your Tony's got a new music video out. And I mean I'm excited checked out and play at their plane yourself. I'll along we do normal on and the decrease fighters against those. This. Feels like this thing I've been noticing. I'm in Seattle lately that I think is so cool and I seen bonuses Seattle times this article about it. This thing where people are no longer be in the lake. I'm an indie rock being NAFTA play with the same you know two or three billions sound exactly like idea or on you know. Hip hop artists and need to do a bill with a bunch you know what whatever it. That thing is seems like it's kind of going by the wayside and a little bit and people are now experimenting with its mix the stuff. Seems like that's kind of which against him. Yeah I mean I think we've been trying to. Adhered to that kind of. Openness. And for a few years now. We started playing shows Ruth. Members of got to a clinic to ABC. That's her first introduction in type sanctions as rappers and pop artists. Across the spectrum and a guy reunited with them. This artist not name. Our through and those shows an instance I want to comment she school with him. And replenish area there in time realizes him after being played and then from there it like kind of changes this unlikely friendship. That is yeah I'm now. So I met Mack then he came in with the flavor blue I had the flavor blew in for an area. And was supposed to be all about them it turned into the Mac mentioned pretty cool I was and not mad about it yeah yeah yeah I entertain and he might let's. Like Mac Ned is now in this conversation. It's less Seattle's. And yeah well it's funny you say you are going to elementary school Mac men and just off air Ziggy was just talking about how he was in school with. Cole from Brothers from another. And I mean it's like. Those those connections. These people kind of phase of your life and analysts in here at a venue. And he sees you know whether you're on the bill or not the most in Europe and I think that's got to be pretty as the pressure. Yeah as an introduction to a different way of thinking and so we're trying to consciously. Incorporated bills with justice and he I don't know different art. Yeah different artists and you're saying this is that for sure this kind of in your approach for awhile now. Do you feel I mean how do you feel the audience responds. To use this like diversity and flavor throughout the night of what they're hearing. I mean whenever people that are. Absorbing dated today and you can't deny that is just where only listen rock or we don't listen hip hop or RIA. I I listen everything except for rap and country that has gone right that was his thinking is gone. And Seattle breeds creativity entries different genres it pretty it's different pathways. You know and inspire us all together attitude. Except different. It sounds different I don't know stories of other people and to learn from other people. Oh. Man. I'm glad you drop. The William go anywhere yet among those he has vehemently forty minutes of this but I'd just a quick reminder this Thursday it shops series. You can here bunch these songs alive. And pick up the new album it's not freedom it's its called Denham American. And CDs beans advertising dollars listening to normal earlier. And great spiders. And Salt Lake who want to play after we clear an extra accurate but I don't play yeah. Well this is almost. The title for Muslims say all mostly now. But I I appreciate you warning means it's a place to be damn America because it would have been very easy for me to just. See it and just add the and onion and they've always seen it kept. I am serious yes I did an event that's happening quite a bit. But as mr. mean is this woman out there anyway this is the first time it's been so what you're saying unions. Yeah. Yeah that's the only open a few more data get I had I had to get the airborne. Yet so we generate free at this never reader itself will premiere here. Yes. Yes yes I'm holding Nana reaction of some in the other room dues to hear. This is a brand new track instead in America. And conceded chops Syria on Thursday nine to each of copy. It's. Today. We are back hanging out with the guys and stuff redux and Syria and just. Premiered. I'd done in America had little grief on the computer but we got back to apologize for that will let it in its entirety on the locals only podcast. In a couple days of people wanna check this out he can hear that song in some more and all this interview if you're just a jumping in late you can. Here kind of went in came from and all things there coming up pitch to circle back. It's not redux Thursday night chops Syria. With the June mall. Great spiders and Salt Lake who just listen to it does surrogate. What's the name at the end EPO. Colin Moore is more is that right now it's common soon okay Cummins and we'll tell them sending email. If you guys are listening solich locals only 1077 Indo com send me an email. Able to put more your stuff maybe it's using your sometime. It's you know. Given they got the stuff redux bumps and I'd pay attention and I have a nine and salty but I thought. The the album is gonna be out on Friday people candidate they can match your show on Thursday. But you guys are going to be taken off on tour your precinct there via ferries and the way it's how many dates where he has gone. Did you open microphone. Then I or it in the east coast's. The New York Chicago. And easily. Mr. and others. All jets but that's big time and certainly any sense of being mentioned the jet and a as a fan what's it what's it like to you it's. That. You know get that thing and her team hands. It's we have 1616. That our country and when he that's ambitious ID. You guys I mean I I imagine. By the time you're done your finally happy you know by a little exhausting but we're out there. Living when I imagine is you know. Not only super comfortable to relies. Using public have a good time yeah places you love grown into. Spots that you'd be. You get excited about. It. And case their kids. And Stockton we can be friends down there it's just girlfriends hear that the yeah were set for new adventures fresher and the last who has since he four days. And some that assume laws. And stand period time. There vacation in Europe and so a 64 days I imagine. Some stuff happens on Europe is sixty forwarded to our anything's safe for radio any wild stories that you can talk about. Though looking around there it. In Kansas. The we can now place today. And not be careful my teens from Kansas says it's because these things I would find it again and you invited notes over to jam it is house and and at my house is last house graveyards are OK fine you first red flag from the first red flag for certain and relied. Can you single strand split slow it's not the best so we kicked around China and get all the somebody we couldn't. Reed's say whoa what the heck will go for it and so it's somehow refine his house. And and we've. Played music without him and he stayed up on nine he gave us lots of things and then got mad about them was a very strange day the next day. That then you read you actually sleep. If this guy's place after this encounter was like. Yeah I had had a bad day Aetna. I don't on his sleeve seriously and this room at the top of the stairs and he. I'm an a lot like. I was using it hopefully it means that it blocked from millions. ID and in the morning thoughts Tyler and has found a grown brighter up there and woods knocking on the board and you shouldn't be up there Ritter. Van. Crazy. Is crazy Obama plays later we went to the venue. Called the replay lounge very cool in the guy that I did the war. Pulled us dads this guy we then had been there right executed line start town. But then had an incident where you're almost counts and had died and that was again. And it obviously never the same afterwards. And useful is. But it was slide it was. Definitely wildness and counter okay our last tour aren't as well this guy's. I mean hopefully. You know not as popular in this next disasters. I was number they thought they okay Israel figured out yet it turned out against the use that is that let's put in anyone from the record. This one's called country. And then after that. Oh but he is one place. Visited listeners fires listeners of security immediately Omar. The man peca Christie's. People always always came in here and documentaries spiders that we should definitely do that here's another brand New Zealand army airborne right now wondering will he apparently in the next time. Another brand new one from. Denham Americans. From the sniffing dogs in India this Friday. June. It's. Okay. There. Okay. Stay even though. Armed men as we're coming down in the in the money. If you're just tuning in and he now it's not freedom it's all night handing out really great I mean you know these guys and talking them playing their new album. IDs when asked so downs going to be out this Friday. How long has been. Bounds then done sense. Last summer since August. Does that record plates. What's that like knowing you've got it Nick Cannon like trying to. You're picking your spot you waiting for everything to be just right jittery to put an Alley. Now it's time have you lived that long enough that you just like you just want out there were no link on the use of its release. He is he's earnings IE year around that. We've taken a lot of us. Big stats that I just think this year in terms of take responsibility further. Our art and you know our identity within that aren't. So both in this tour making new designs for merged. So if releasing you know myself release now we invest in all our own money into the engines making vinyl CDs and tapes and finals expense. Yeah this that's just imagine if a waiting game. Because I mean. I don't know we might I'd lofty lame ideas to finally realizing now. You have to take responsibility for. You know where are right now has. Yes and I was just had to go nose and that they look and are free to take. End you know I've somebody. Forget who was somebody hurt held and once we don't play chicken with the label. Your stuff three ago. And you you know you wanna get behind it you believe and put it out there. You know whatever supposed to happens happen. And I mean I think he has an amazing job these songs sound incredible you handed me the CD which I can't wait it. Hop in the car and make my pilgrimage back north to Everett. And listen to the stuff that heard yet analysts in the country and it is. We were in the middle having conversation off there while that song is playing and I got distracted. From our conversations like Amazon cute song and think this is really it's. Thank you guys sister coming in and sharing it with meat and certainly the listeners on the show does. You know it's an honor to lieutenant. The part of this process that you guys here are in right now and some runs and putting it out isn't the end. You know it's not the end of the process. You hit these guys yet that you'd Wear his honor and right now as the beginning of the five. Exactly. So both for this comes out. Is there anything that you wanna share. Anxious were you to cents per unit. That's true that's true it's a long time to write some of these songs. We're all really happy with how I turned out and we have a lot of new size is about this terrorist you. Yeah that'll be for next year. Hopefully. I love that I don't know if it's not as Israeli moves faster and think not wait so much sir. I don't know inspiration and strength against is that we've we want to make an album like a real. I don't know it's on the need to sit down listen to all the way through. And I mean I personally that's now as the case these days people want short and sweet songs pop is cool that we want to make some little bit now. So is yeah he's. Is insisting he says that so. Off air keep referencing things that's I don't know if that's battery yet but. You re you we're talking about. The new post T album or talk about yea yeah. Are you fans yeah and again meets it and carry it so. I was reading the Rolling Stone piece about not necessarily like a review of PA and a about this idea. You know he's got all we did all the good music artists are reaping 97 track albums right now. And it took him a little while to convince push that this is the way. It doing seven tracks and you know not fourteen her twenty year there you know. Hampshire pushed it to every wants to do the convince him like no we only distillers like let's let's do this being and its dislike. We're just bring in the heat. Think it's very pond can very president and I think pretty awesome kind of masterminded probably some of these new techniques that you know technologies for in lake. To streaming itself you can see from the numbers it's like most of the songs are in a million place. Why they're two minutes long see you're sticking around for menu one Allison the whole song Mon has been as you can you can listen to yea. Three times. You'll hit I listened to his sentence I think. A con man that you respect. That's. The super relevance. Him take. On this is music here on the articles on him. We we broke outside of the locals their perspective but I about it are wanna play the the last song of yours and into tonight. But before do you really quick. Who do you guys loved the seed did not on your bill this coming Thursday night. Who do you guys get excited about going out and seeing that you like to try and options with the round. I want a book Morris. I do those with that you're not she's needs she's amazing. You embody. A lot of friends and people make great music. Review for instance there were in the first hour you guys have good days. An idea that's come back. Come to this again again guys thank you so much for coming in quick reminder to everybody ago. Go and pick up. Denham American. This Friday or go to the show autopsy Thursday nine it's the great spiders who we just put it little big news do mall. Salt lick and then the span snuff for yet so we're gonna play. Every rock is old you know that's an excellent and that's true and or get out here guys again thank you so much combined. I thank you journey sponsor Rainier beer. After coming on board of locals only. I'm really excited at that point that he didn't think it keeps doing this radiation than market. And we'll be back next week who Moore Oklahoma. He's. I. The it's. There. Yeah. Okay. It's always. That was my interview local band snuff redux if you like what you heard and I. I imagine you probably did this quite get you can think of their new album Denham American this Friday June 18. And enjoy it in its entirety I wanted to say thank you really quick to the ban for coming in those top fun. And also one thing our sponsor of the locals only that Rainier beer for supporting the show thank you so much you guys I'm very excited again to be doing business with the if you like the show. Cruiser iTunes his subscribe to review this or reading your review and we back next week in more than best music in the Pacific northwest right here on locals on the Seattle music podcast. Project 17 point seven yen.