Locals Only Podcast Episode 21: Naked Giants and Unlikely Friends

Friday, May 4th

We had a revolving door and a packed room for Locals Only this week. In the first hour of the show, I was joined by our April Locals Only Artist Of The Month, Naked Giants. These guys are more than a little busy right now since they are on tour all over the world opening for Car Seat Headrest as well as performing as part of his backing band. I felt pretty lucky to have them be able to stop by the show.

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Well I kind of personal attention to Caroline and is just a little bit of over Demi getting into today on locals only the Seattle music podcast. Brought you back 107 cent in the end many receiving Graham might it to host the show. And I'm very excited because. This time. And actually get to really great bands not just won it two guests tonight and they both put up fantastic albums this year. First would be hang out a naked giants of all kinds agrees that going on they released their the beautiful blank slot. I'd just like a month ago and they've been on tour with. Cars the headrest and they're going to be playing timber fast and there are locals only or so month also so lots of stuff to talk about. But make it giants and then for the second part of the show I'm going to be joined by unlikely friends who also put out a really great album this year called crooked numbers. Back in January and they're going to be playing some songs live. This is going to be a ton of fun stick around enjoy the show enjoy a lot of really great music from right here in the Pacific northwest on the locals only. I'm hanging out with naked giants we're gonna do is hello Dan. To introduce ourselves again because that was just from a year later here variety you can now hear us. Claims she Yani I'm from naked science at play the bass and sometimes I also talked concede. They. I'm Henry. I mean do you see aimed at former. And you're here means the area on the and aptly terms and eighty cents. Grant played guitar signals. And how many good just like sales things that I just said you guys and I apologize it doesn't does sound is genuinely think it will because I meant it. You guys. Put out a fantastic album a month ago. Called slow a few days youthful length. And I'm in love with it and I remember is soon is the first video came out for. The title track sloth. Can billboard released some but he. That's and I was like this is I pay attention you know I'd like you guys and does its rear that billboard for temporary idea. You know. I don't think it is because I think that you guys. You guys need something. Like the video is fantastic and tons of fun. And and I wanna get into that whole thing is the interviews that you guys did a round that released. I've questions about that later but this whole album is so great. You know I was just talking to you. There are there. About how much I love every part of it including super love the last traction again which we can't play Maria Canadians him bunch bad words. But it was definitely on the. He took some time because it's it's it's tasteful believing they're used. It's it's that it's really. If they take us through some paces. And very slow they go through some spaces. Nia goes through some pace now. But yeah you guys are having like a pretty big get. First part of this year I mean you guys have been. On it's been on the road a bunch yet you're going on the road a bunch I'd been wanting to do two guys in here I should also mention their local owners the month marriage isn't pretty even playing Nikki giants pretty Major League. On the end so you people listen to the end you're gonna recognize some of these songs we played tonight. But there's so much that I want talk to you about. From the tour that you're on the album but first just like may be davis' lake who where in making giants come from. Hello and he and he has put sound awfully. When you where Helen has been together what's the story. It's. Three and a half years even the other vote as a full three piece band. But that's our and our tender and I went in high school. Just jamming in the we decided sort of band for a battle of the bands. And death from there again issue of the crocodile and then Giuliani's stand it please fox was playing after us. And we need to bass player and then from there I think. Everything else kind of spawned bird. Friendship in early in the kind of put our minds meeting that music means it what it is I think it's kind of morphed over time and to. We're now. So. We when you guys started this did you. Mean see you guys are now your album to hurt your opening shows and playing his backing and for. When did. I mean. Curse interests become one biggest artists out there like one of the biggest bands out there right now. Yeah definitely signs do you tune from the they are at best is the next big army and honestly now it. Vegas I don't I can't disagree with that like. He says that when you say you'd see diapers and like yelling. A wonderfully funny things can save them like no actually it's. Hillary it's. I mean when you guys word you playing sound off and yeah there young's bill. As you like this trajectory everything about this is all. Amazing its enemies looking pretty good and I'm happy with that yeah. Yeah Africa has this slave but I henin had more for me yeah can mine to himself who just to say yes yeah. It's it's. Really amazing and it's it's onward. It's really rumored it's really on the play drums naked it's. It's really unlucky bounce back and forth between news team. I mean people line. Just care. Well here's what's this I only get us. Contract I'm lines. So let's play it the title track from the elements called slow share. And then we've got a little bit of hockey games and in some specifics. On some things and talk about some funds that he has got kimono. And a little bit on the problem. Yeah. Then I. Yeah. Is it. Yeah. And you. Now moon. Not a. So long names on them yeah. We. We are back after the two minute promised to smaller locals only hang out naked giants in studio in China and has gone public. And half a percent to cool for. The past. I am. Sosa in there and they love the guys sounds love and I saw the music video for the title track which we just play it now and you're talking earlier about bill borders premiering now which is very cool he has congratulate speaker leeson's on everything. But. That videos lot of fun and I read this interview. On where I think it's you Serwer talking about the how you is can I came up with. Yelling sloth. In the course and I you know in the interview talk about how it kind of has taken on likely it's on this sort of because it's like sloth is a word that you guys in different spelling and now it's kind of taken on a meeting amongst. You're tried it seems. He had definitely well it's it's kind of interesting because like. Well let's go tangent here did you know size of the shows for it's it's a man's man's man's world by James Brown sir I just heard a version by the residence that was really really poignant actually cared. But I just read about that that. You know James brown and G Davies wrote the music. But his girlfriend at the time at the words in his must be kind of like you know cynical dig into the man's world. And apparently he like. On multiple occasions forgot to pay her royalties like over the years for all the stuff that you because it broke up eventually I'm sure others. James Brown was like an op Ed cool guy but he mystical meets evil music school. Ms. alt attention because I'm my girlfriend Celestine Cuba with its life as the court as. Ams is the elect of course are on good terms about like you let us have commitment. By at what point should I pay her royal yeah. I'm confused. When he gets locked down Mercedes commercial or something for at least there and you know then dig dollars. Various interest I'm not fully and the presence in the house like what we co write songs about people now we got to bring label. Well you just gave consent from them. First to not pain and anything and then you can do that every media definitely analyze it get paid some and yes through a flat fee rate the beginning legal music licensing little canola. Really don't know if you know I guess we've got lawyers for that just kidding you have one. You know I'm gonna Oreo and Henry ineptly the drugs that. And make it giant X but. In the music video. This can keep going to go it is in the music videos and there's what appears Beason going different artists. That pop up throughout the there. Doing different kinds comedians. Literally standing where where did that come from that all comes from bush on down means that. He directed the media and actually directed all three videos that we do. I am down with his whole conceptions that he just sent us. Basically what he wanted to do as an idea to listen to song and we. We collaborated with and really that ones it is the the other ones we worked with and but it was more our idea and islands. Totally his idea so we commissioned. An eight artists to make their own art with just life as a reference. And brother are we still have solved some good ones sell to a lesser connect. Series is so as a reference do you mean just the werder in the song. I think it was the song in the words you know I could just ordered a I don't think anybody knew it sounds like and maybe nine. Is the word well or down there and while I think it is for him there a lot of snakes and rats in our my home in lake the editors like Diaz is a slightly naturally carry came. In my head Malia. Obviously so I hit. And hit it well under title that was precludes a fun music. Is actually a love animals feel lusty lady. Which is now being torn down now. He has his history it is I mean I think is the last thing down next it was a venue called pre entries for awhile. But I remember when I was a kid being in the sale art museum and scenic cross street you can look pretty cool although I didn't Miller Owens of the child right. But I can figure what was and it looked pretty. That we thought we shot fat and wanna say like the Mikey go it. Down under street level and and you go down another set a staircase he and one more and he had made and make them leg negative three level which is super cool look at Seattle has like this hold and history of being built over another city. Egbert got burned down. On the order in the end I believe it actually we filmed it. Down there yeah somewhere between mine. Here in silent hill purgatory jail and a but as the months now. Yes Faith Hill. The same thing. Is they're going OK so you guys. It. So the Selma came a month ago and some minimalist kind of fascinated about going to these different answers from people. How I mean how long between you lose finished and you released it. Mansi recorded it in two weeks in October. When he seventeen. And then. After that it was like. A week and a half of mixing and then they went off and got mastered in my the next two days so it's like five months after it's been a while cylinders finishes and then you're like on the unity coming out and patently what's satellites in the nineties and anxiety is it you'll feel pretty good about it. It's kind of just like hello. It's coming out now that's cool because you know when you finish it that's kind of the accomplishment when you listen back to it. And then you know you got away five months spurt come out so when it finally does it's really exciting but it's it's it's more exciting that you know that a bunch people are gonna have the opportunity here it. So that's pretty cool but as an artist it's more like when you actually record something I feel like that's win for me at least I have like satisfaction of like the excitement and anticipation of women who listens to so that. More that's more in the studio. Or when you're working on writing it then when you're actually when it's just like pending. Yeah I had sizzle out of waiting. I I mean and seeing five your question brings up for me which is just like you know Blakey get a DF final mix on August CD. You know you keep in your car or something keep it here has or something and and you may be your immediate for anger for someone purely ceiling need to show them a song or two but it. You silly kindness or like the other people that are around me in my life have heard some of the tunes and yeast I've formulas is that's I would think about and now it's like. People from all walks of my life in my past and mine. Future and right now our lakes slot. Henry. And it was like I had notices this is what I did instead the college. I think having all walks of my life is improvements that phrase and it isn't if it. Well up on that on that when it is interesting to think about it. 'cause it's kind of old news to us by now. And I do hear that some times like we've waited so long line we've heard we've got a whole another record rate artists are working on you have that same time that it like sometimes it's really interest and put yourself in people's shoes like in this digital age. Like there's people discovering this our music every day and it's like. Maybe here for the first time in there like isn't really cool so it's kind of maybe maybe maybe they heard easy eating for the first time a week before. Right. These album came out mine disaster now for awhile army unit found your guys sound off video on YouTube zoning you know right before it and and he'll be just an album coming out a few it's totally totally and other people may have been waiting for it for awhile you know people do. Have been sending messages for like a year. And and maybe some people are hearing it for the first time tonight. On this show and it's here in essence get folks. Let's test. But playing everybody thinks they know Austin on really. You playing this one quite a bit on on the him from Austria conference on. Mean I looked up at night and I'm really excited to play asks the audience to for the first time on the show them I was reuniting its nice tool will definitely do that. That's a sticker on because will be hanging out with that make you giants more aggressive sour on the local. Really now. Okay. I mean. The. We are packing now and make it giants in studio. Guy is I tried. So I've gone back and forth with the lovely folks motive which. It's just think you're so Smart or work with and who's here so get what they do yeah I've definitely. And also I'm slick. Bright futures in our audience tonight you know that's the family now known uranium from Dayton. But. The. Who knows that and mystery yet guys they're still Lesnar down on my dad's name thoroughness and I believe. Dave Matthews. There are only good things in this world in this city hey. In case I. But it. I was gonna turn have you guys in here a little while back that I waited blanketed teacher responded that you offer particular date and you know I got back was. Actually no other flying out to a festival. On that nice and and I honestly can't if you news story that. Festival play you. It's. I don't think it's worth telling I would basically we flew in minutes of retirees and there's snow storm and like the late mr. connecting flight basically went to the mall America and that's OC is did you play. Issues and that is as a white man in the proper leader yesterday it got out of a week ago he had his degree yeah. So if all of those decisions Google seems to beat them might her. And a very important he has now that Henry I'm really glad you came mentally. But I do executives about. That think Regan is flying you know you play with course. Yeah Diana's that soon you guys went on to you when you've been often concert tours Andrus and you're going to do a whole bunch more dates and Mara. And assigned it this window this. And the I mean. You guys are opening shows Ian playing uses the N interact. That's insane gas masks they get really tired. Yes definitely hear it. Utley and now we did on that tells and so we can restaurants there yet opinion as well but that's a mean grade. So is the what is that conversation like Regan is friends with jewelry account how all this again where. We've played some shows with them like. Why early years ago just after being in Seattle and we went on one to earth than. In November of when he sixteen S and and of that tour the last show on stays together and plates and Talking Heads covers. Dan apparently there at the site that's pretty cool when we just do that. Or an indefinite amount of the time. Some nauert just kind of like with them until it. Decide that they're done doing so I've so basically almost an irony giants in studio but that guy a fraction of RC. Yeah hub and it's its regal playing them because as I know that. I wanna I really into the music in overtime we get to learn a lot of songs. Of of wills that he's written so it's interesting to see in other artists. Mind at work and he's such like he thinks things out so thoroughly that you know any decision he makes this whole this coming with an idea too of the practice space. And we have no idea like where he's going but he's just been thinking. And so we just kind of follow along and trust that what he's doing his kid and it pretty matches always. The other the other day he tried to have us throw a mashup of blinded by the light by. Man for man earth fans into the middle of beach life and death which is that fifteen minutes on yet thereby extending it to winning and that's the and we can put you there if you go to him but it is that is not a doubt Rickey but yeah we probably is actually. That they make it happens will that you're listening. To backhand. That's. That so you guys are getting to go in I mean I really do think it with just the trajectory of naked giants and I think there's a lot of buildup and excitement around your guises album that just came out last month that I think he's been doing just fine if all this wasn't going on. But it. I mean if you like his are getting to go and you mean other than getting stuck in a snowstorm in and going to the mall America. A few ideas are getting to go and do some pretty cool stuff and some critical places looks like. Your word and you are playing and found with them. And giants opened them still pretty cool. And then we have we fight Europe's or opening for them them all through Europe which. We wouldn't be doing right now. Yeah it's pretty easily you're gonna go on defense. We are so are you get on Jenkins in the quest. So if you like remains others that for oil and and then the rest of us just stand in the corner G on and I do need to sing a corpse. On the on the power play that so I get a bongos solo or hit. There. Not. Only that man yeah. Welcome back to there medio. Paying everything it's. Did you on the read you know welcome to Selma and always welcome back. The radio. With each it's I do love it when people come in here and you radio voice. Can definitely whenever it exactly this late. Do you use new mad at me from ruler of all yes he he does like the best job at that we Uga is also quite get it. But whenever I hear I'm always kind of dance host South Africa. What's the radio voice is demeaning I guess just I think it's a funny because I've heard your your voice on the radio before and I'm always in your isn't an image of what someone looks like it and it was brilliant. Never the way they really look okay except for that one guy we met authority and no. I mean the first time and I could hear him on the radio. Yeah that's I feel like you can do voiceovers for movie trailers that is especially as you guys aren't here yet has so it's chorus that two compression sounds so good. I'm. I'm and hanging out and antigens for people who might just be tuning and we've been talking about their new album sloth and doing out on to her. As nick giants but also as part of car's headrest man. And if you wanted to say earlier referred to will and geo and an off air I was like why do that. And then that we've grant was like well we were talking about the song. Does he instantly zionists here in order you know. Aaron and I I it which is some interest in simple model actually yeah and on in your brain yeah you know you infected man that's fine. Kind of did you move over Julio via inception but this is right. This is media and not so subtle Paula of one of my favorite music festivals. You guys are going to be playing out at the timber fest this summer for. I love everything. There is that there's sounds of r.s. For sale on Sunday is on Sundays and there. But that that's accurate using replaying that ousted dental McDonnell park our nation and you replying as needed chance but also be playing cards generous and. Is that the only time currently it's on the books the guys are we doing now in the Pacific north ones you mean playing with them. Also that it's been that is the only yeah and our fans who have asked the only and it even yet. The act. For the sake of nobody getting in trouble let's just say that's going to be the only yet it'll and this anonymous yet okay. But for now. Timber fest. Have you guys been to any of the artisans. Its way into law that it kind of we played it Hamburg three years ago summer or winter summer neck cancer. It took a chance on mask is like me you know we just played sound off tonight. Didn't have many fans at all India had a scan mountain Plavix super cool. Well and and really it's. That's really your endorsement and you guys because my favorite thing about the artist on the events in that I've realized this since the first time I went to Dover and and advances do it yeah exactly and been out to. That two different camera festivals. Artist home. Books a festival of who they think he's Canadian open is next favorite band and I go there and Atlanta comes out. If I don't know who all the bands are is the only festivals he's the only desolate excitement. I don't know who these people are can't wait to find out because I trust their tastes so much it costs and then you guys are part of that and and they have a pretty good record of plucking people out of sound off yeah. Definitely can scan in late on a shade his logic really great people that you guys here. In that club and just running down slightly. Kyle craft. Make giants scored Marie angers car's headrest. Rule whether cumulus news she is new album it's Miguel this year I've heard it in the past it later this year Brothers from. Clouds are coming Brothers from another lots of really great stuff in India can profess this year I people can commence the media giants as well. Set the scene a little bit author or atomic I'll park. In radio. Strap it to your car zoom lawful and highway ninety. And yourself line exit somewhere in the forest. Is this David Lynch movie so it's to test this summer continuing adventure but walking on the verge again took breaks. Wish bush is your children begin. Today and here is joy. Do as you find yourself walking forward oddly love him that it and doubted that. Described itself. Exhausted Lee ready to rock. In the the main stage of Tinder desks. I observed side do you need to correct you the mainstays is moved to the other side of the suspension rates it's a lot more against you walk the gitmo you're happy and others who didn't have to turnarounds. Com and find a way back. So. Artists Thea a daily decisions to Kevin's dad and gas X. Thanks so much for coming by this line only go out of the theaters on Syria's now owns cults audience too and there is the ground will be back in a little bit but unlikely friends at 9 o'clock. And man who pick ups duplicate and go see it. And make giants whenever you get the chance because it's telephone lines and forest timber. When they more convenient short walk. But in previous. It would be great opportunity due this summer. Real quick I just wanna say let there be in the timber the walk is no big deal has had a great time for him since. Chairman moms listening China. On earth yeah. How you're buying everybody the Cleveland minus. Well. I. Here. Boom. Yeah. And minutes. And so are. The. Stay in this market. And soliciting he's. And it. It's okay. I. It's changed and the. It's. Yeah. It. It's. And a close to it in his. And I'm. Let me give you. It. We are back with part two of the show's second hour which. It's been definitely especially normally we just have guests in the second harvest names we've done. Double double pack of guests and the studio is very full right now. And again as promised the guys from unlikely friends in the studio. Hello hey the exodus and it's you know shot from the wings. But he give considerably more people than microphones. And and that's fine because it's going to be fine you guys brought instruments which of these commuter exciting leaders well. I loads. This itchy you know like I'm getting older and on continues in should you lose as I used to and do you like this things like conversation starting earlier bent. But the difference is that happens are conversation but the well liked seeing the owners of some clubs around town have been putting like holes on FaceBook and Twitter like started new music starting at 8 o'clock when people prefer that it. They're doing in Bellingham. Is working its way I'm like appears to be hit. If I could get out of work in just go straighten things yet he's going to be pretty fair degree. But I'm excited and you guys and studio because I had heard your. I heard crooked numbers. I don't know month and a half ago our silence her plane on the show and used in January. Yes yeah in January 12 I'm not sure that's where. And I'm not sure where I stumbled upon this news I heard. Broken in you know like I. To have all of this and I listened to. Allan several times there and then went back and listened to view was solid gold cowboy snuggle cowboys. Floral plural okay yet for correcting. That's a that's who would like that there was a little while ago and so I'm just. But I'm just discovering now so yeah like Olympic Games just down breaking down on that but Netflix didn't have to wait to solid plot yet. But I mean tell us about unlikely friends introduced assisted what's up with unlikely. Yes so many years ago Charles and I met. I was in a band and I still in an event called boats and Charles an event called math and physics called our band to play together. And I was left charles' voice as he is a pretty voice that really a pretty voice. And so I always dreamed of doing like Simon and Garfunkel recording session with him. And that's kind of what happened is we started recording but it didn't sound like Simon and Garfunkel at sounded more. Moroccan rule than we anticipated that he Matthews. And says. Give it bit you the our friends in three mentioning growth oh. Partly and a ice cream shop and you invited you can sing a song and that was a 4 PM show we played it blew their bluebird micro Kremer and Capitol Hill he train and is unlikely friends that yet Genesis and we just we played a masters cups on together. Unrehearsed and it's going to do things he's. It is and it was just in the solid field. That's that's perfect I love that. But then you know take some time off as well what was. Like three years and yet think it took us three years to finish this second round we thought it was going to be done right away and then wheels got busy. With different stuff than and Jackson is here. He was the producer and he also plays on some of the songs and he so it's his fault it's kind of his spot yet a child a lovely child and Crosby. And anyways these yet he did that any goes and watches too many baseball games when he should be probably working on the albums. I didn't Sosa baseball team yet they are not only the cover ours and being camp exploding. He came down and child area. And and through lyrics as well talk about later later I thought yeah baseball. I would love that what it's like to be constantly each entrenched in heartbreak. In the Pacific northwest but the let you guys are gonna play some songs like later in yes okay. To start things off though I won't play one from from the album. And we talk about fifteen rounds opinions about Yost listed that derby stick around because we're gonna we're gonna have some live music from unlikely friends. On the locals only stream it over on. Been through remote. 1077 eons FaceBook pages wells that you wanna watch live and these instant levels he deleted. I'm. It bothers. You know. And we are back hanging out was unlikely friends in studio on locals only and we are going to be getting alliance detract from these guys and I was just listening to them warm up. The bulbs. Well we're commercials there and do so get them like actually angry that we don't have. A much larger roomful of people to enjoy this under the solid warm up very very excited. For this to go out. Live on the hearing now go forward. I'm broke. And again. And back it showed dole or hold in my hands everything that I'm sort of this old guitar. Made in Japan and not much else. But I've got a new plan. I didn't track. So city. I think it's. Okay. I'm just want to fly everybody down. Saying role. In all this. I'm forty years old and my hair is go in grave. Ringing in my ears and it won't go away. Too many bars. And Steve man U fans. Not much else but I've got a new plan. Pot and try again. This OCK. His. Hello feels. I'm just gonna be lying. Anybody. It's. You at all. Wow this time. Please. And leave us. Call. Yeah. I love that song. I love that song. I am OK it's silly you guys another Salomon January. And. I am I as San earlier had just founded on new month and a half two months ago I cannot stop listening to it and from start to finish it does all these and you guys is last album does too. Armed solid gold cowboys for those of you out there listening news should go in here and like everything from. Unlikely friends. I left. I like the lead on. Well that's smile song was that yes miles for Myles the only weird like toothpaste thing opinion you know relax dental care accelerator. It was actually it's a simpler richter is the commercial it's better it is so Ric raise episodes bring it back around yet the baseball. So huge. And I I do. I love all of the like. I was talking actually to the guys who make it giants through your little bit ago about you guys and has seen their all of these weird like songs that are under ninety seconds. There are perfect. And they don't. They don't leave you feeling like incompletely they are a cohesive being in themselves and when it's over early you know lake. You'll feel like he got robbed of something and that's not because as bad annuity and is that you didn't know that was what it was posted the and it was great and. But none out but actually I mean I do cash at a you know a kind word in this small piece markets. Need. There. And it. And in these these little bit. Oh yet we'll and it is officially began as soon as solicitors. Earlier and I think that's a perfect example and people are smiling around the room is their story. Now in I think we're just not gonna take compliment not a a lot of lot of happiness that come by anytime that the. I'll hand amount because I I do love this album and I think people should go into camp crooked numbers. Look at one less thing I wanna ask before we are in place more stuff and go back after commercial break but what's crooked numbers. Where is an income from so it's like a baseball author and I I had a feeling did I think Jackson would probably be best explain swing them like over. Willie you wanna put up do things right right so it's so in baseball it's it's scoring runs but that's a perfect double. Double meaning for for unlikely friends cat because that is the baseball love and then the songs that are hard numbers straight. And then crooked numbers. It's good stuff on a hit I'm like. Lot of hits and an album almost kind of went away from that title and I sort of quietly fun for you had a different title and it almost happened. OK so it's too perfect Nazis on in his view are just now joining us he missed out earlier when Nash. Unlikely friends played broken again live in studio but it's okay. Because we're about to get another lion won from these gangs. We used to play. The strangest kind. Of pilots did. Here. Okay. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Spain. I think. You know. You eighth. I feel like. Very fortunate. Get this is it every now and then head bands can indeed this ill at times in its thank one person brings guitar doesn't suck which is pretty. Jason Q came in here recently today he's a wizard as tough on. And there now and then like the new dog he's a commend them bring everything you guys command. This is rat and getting a private concert with the band and are seen before it's exceeding expectations of thanked him. But nothing like expectations Rolla. I need Clinton to be clear. Well you guys actually had me at hello because I didn't expect it to six of services. This is just lots of lovely surprises tonight they and in general where references so. Baseball. I grew up. Child in the nineties. And you know I'm assuming with a baseball references BO on man understands that's. And when I said that I saw some painful and had knobs that so yeah okay. Get group so this insane about. It's hard and every year. And I have a buddy who listens to like all these shows and he's won an investment mean. Best friend in the whole world is you know and if you know he knows this isn't like this is shattering news didn't play as his name is spinning at that he's he's newspaper guy and he wrote a thing after Everett herald he's trying to put together thing about like me. Die hard mariners fans still on snohomish county send us a thing and it's up. And six and oh yeah well analysts are worried that finally we have ever in favor. Now but. I mean every time until late this is this is it going is going to be the breakthrough. And every here for her economic fifteen. Or more. In eighteen years with two dozen won the last time now's when he now before bread and to. Now on this source of good neighborhood and it. You know but for it to stop in. These. Men is that's a hero. It's. That this. That's that's part of the north last use. Use that New Year's winners and losers. Entities and their systemic that much sweeter when it comes would like they're doing it now I mean it feels like Leo you wrote Guerrero. There which in theory is that there above 500 and so there's that. But it does feel different because it's like how many years do we watch will be they had these losing records but if you look it's like the areas are all low in their losing. Two to zero. Yeah there could. So it's nice to see unites them runs scored went. Their averages rose the game but. I get the update out of the art Soviet days off and Tuesday. And I also like I'm one of these people who a couple of years ago right human hands up and like. Practice again still got the updates come to push notifications coming to my found in the game ends. And I'm. But I'm like I'm now watching these games. And so on and I've I've been now watching him and now they're starting to win some games and I'm like. Ignition map like this superstitious person a measly. He and you just keep he's an Austin you know you bet I'll take on that sees us check schoolers to boxing history. The hot sports talk about it. Absolutely worth. OK so I only come back a little bit and we'll do another live one and then on a plane went for you as a record this might favors for the record. That I didn't wanna be again like previous ones. You know because I want he has to do exactly what you wanna do and I love that album version so. You know I am losing them. OK we are back and as to be our last break of denying. An unlikely friends and yet another line one. Whatever we're gonna go back in two Sokol countless. Yet. If so it's. It seems. You brought us so it made us do you think yeah. Mouse creative. It becomes so it's there's so many things and strong witness. Slower paced high noon making line. Rates changes they can also. Since we have to say it may have to music at all. Yeah. So yeah. It came time. I'm being. Hey good. Yeah. The friends it's up. Base. And know that I tour. And it's good to see what he's. Me. I'm. Find the yeah. I'm the. Man has awesome. You agree. I'm glad I'm glad he's painting and as soon as I this is I heard you as. When you condensed. Confront students and Andy did not disappoint I cannot stress enough everybody. Needs to go into their hands. On to the back catalog to boot on this because it yeah I was let's let's talk about that let's let's talk about the show what's I don't know hold and hoses and I'm assuming that you are my guys guys have a show at the sunset yet. It sunset next Saturday think demise with a trip wires. And pops rule. And can be an amazing evening. Those. Odd trip wires and pops like local men and a little status drummer promote companies in the triple nines. For yet. That's like sort of the situation here you know all these people and all these dancer and all these other bands it's. It's. Oh fun town entity. That could be playing give away the to get to give way to come after. But also to show the show is in Ballard yes those you know I cannot connect to compete with all the parking and traffic from the game. So upside dollars and you're gonna be a good place to be the yeah. Guys think he's so much for coming by there's been tough on. Everybody if you just caught a little business on the issue check out the locals and podcast later this week will have that your views. And the alliance songs. You check it out. And find them iTunes stitcher revenue stream and listened to podcasts but most importantly go pick up. Cricket numbers in Iowa played my favorite song from the album right now. And and uniting here it's called king of the last calls. And no wind and just keep coming back to this point. And maybe is that the longest song on the album maybe I'd get that little change of pace what you guys are actually ready to commit to me Furman. Now. I do I do love like this hoping some and 39 steps. How it. If it's another of those things it. Here's simple and it also is yes that is I love that idea because when I'm done within unlike that spoke to me exactly how's those two and I. I can't explain it properly people need to go and just listened to crooked numbers in its entirety and to see him talking about but for now. Drinking in the last calls and again. Guys thank you so much for coming in thank you into again to make it giants are coming in the first hour and think you're before listening. In night. Okay. You know. Okay. It's. Yeah. You know. Yeah. And. Those were my interviews with local bans naked giants' unlikely friends out because during the show. I'd definitely go check out their music where every listening music maybe why it's so good especially. The stuff they put out this year denied in enough and unlikely friends on the numbers are naked giants album slot and McKee plant stuff on the show all the time. Thank you again that bans for dropping by thank you for listening if you like the show me leave with a rating your view on iTunes. And I definitely check it out next week we put more of the best music from Pacific northwest right here on locals only in the Seattle music podcasts proxy by one a 77 the end.