Locals Only Podcast Episode 24: Sasquatch! Founder Adam Zacks

Monday, May 21st

This week Sasquatch! Music Fest founder Adam Zacks came by Locals Only to talk about the origins of the festival, the 2018 lineup, and how things have changed over the years.

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Okay so we're doing something a little different this week if you listen to locals only the Seattle music podcast which is what this is that you're hearing right now. You probably know that what we do is we interview artists musicians. And we've talked about and play a bunch of their music on the show that's what it's about his music. This week we're doing things a little differently. I have got mr. SaaS watch himself Adams Jackson founder of the SaaS watch music festival on to gorge. Coming by to talk about the festival this year this year's lineup a one dime into the history of the festival. And it's no all kinds of stuff that. You never really think about when you're out enjoying these kinds of events stick around enjoy the conversation. With Adams axed and get yourself some tickets to head out to records from Memorial Day weekend and enjoy the SaaS watch music fest most. Harris started started in 2002 dozen to as the first here. So on 2001. Start planning at about nine months out. Nowadays asserts planning who over a year now. Am a wrist so you're already thinking about next year now surety Annika you know out of necessity. So I just had. There's not any grand story other than the fact that. Now it's a need for it and a bunch of touring vessels like Walt poses and Lilith fair and in some of those over touring festivals. Which has largely on the wayside and and disappeared and now we didn't have a festival scene in the same way that Europe to. And I wasn't the only one that was. Recognized in this timely upon restarted at the exact same year rent for the same reasons and so saw a need. I was newly working and possibly his concerts which. Now operates a gorge which is you know an incredible venue for anything that I thought especially for a fast analyzed their fast Loughner. And I had him and name it is cameraman and nowhere. And it'll just tolerates I went into the boss's office and I don't worth their a couple of months and violated on him and he paused for just a couple seconds and yet. And so green my a student. And from there just completely made it up now for shooters given a budget and and if were to sold out in advance to everybody's surprise myself included. It's crazy here as a look crazy so when you win in to pitch to say did the boss says the new guy. Did you have. Like a handful of bands in mind that you and in and said this is this is who I want again this is how we're gonna do it. Now now which sounds like ridiculous. If you. Can go back and talk and everybody's had a chance now since fossils are such thing that has sort of imagine what they might do with the shirt on festivals and it's hard to imagine a time when there wasn't a whole time festivals and so all of us is that didn't have a grand vision at that time the first year it was more -- who can mean. To me talking to doing that discusses this whole brands constant so who did you who did you get that first here. Those second year it was like Coldplay and the Postal Service the yes of this the first year was. Like really read soaring like Ben Harper and then Jack to send him like. Ben Harper at that time was a huge huge yeah like assault our I saw Ben Harper and Jack Johnson played the gorge like animal liberation orchestra and dance like that of the bunch back in bed early to mid 2000 cents. So it was different time goes on the mound was around and Melissa real strong. And supportive fans like come on Jack Thompson's anyway it was like a more roots rock thing and and I wanna say he'd data and I'm bands total. So it's become a very different. So yes now it's it's this map it's a monster and you know I wonder. If you don't remember the exact dollar amount that's fine but it. In relation to today's budget. I accuse the budget back then just. Minuscule. I grant you one day advance. But if that's yes we win all this started I mean when you birthed this. This wonderful thing into existence that I go to enjoy every year and encourage other people too as well. Did you have any idea what this is gonna become. No bit after the first year was like OK now it's time to like. Really think hard about what this could be. And connected always does intend to be a reflection of the Pacific northwest things over. Uniquely. Worthless. In flavor and tone and and types of cancer until this moment so. As the region change sort of the festival. And after the after the first year and really it's hard to develop its own identity is like. He music discovery place and I feel like. Knew that turned music discovery is overused now. But it's it's true but on the fossils at its best it's the place for people. Learn out of hand for the first time and maybe goes on anyone other favorites and I think there's been some good examples of that over the years. And he I feel like this year accomplices that. Now I'm pretty pretty well last. Last year I had never heard of it rained a kitten surprise area. And my wife and I on the way over pulled them on online and listen to them in the car camera like one. We have got he has newsstand and companies. And packed ideas yet always yes odor what is that's not the I think they put the race is the smallest. Yeah it is. You and I mean crowded and granted I mean that that. The first time you're at than they play over there and for those like on the first means the festival in the past Sonia every now and then I feel like. I look at the line and I think I wonder who. Ask once it is for the next what's the thing that maybe. From the time all this got slotted to now something has happened. And it's curious be crazy. By I really love it when it's word of mouth phenomenon like like I'm oppose him and Republicans prize. Hosed here. It would take time for it yet it's song on the radio in between and so that means. As obvious what happened there. And same thing with. What's happening. Foster the people oh yeah yeah they are that of course they were put on early in the day before they had anything now and then that song took off ten. And then it was huge mob scene there now but he has to be there early you know I always love how much. How much you support the local crop of artists. That's ask watching there's so many great dance and you. From massive man you know Modest Mouse and had no hard and stuff like that. I should mention that and the hearts not their this year but it just over the years these huge bands that if come through it at different levels. Of their career it's pretty cool watch on two. What you're doing now this year with the pack. Please call that the instinct is that old Chicago broom which stages that yet still cheaper cup okay and the I know this year you still have some pretty big acts in there but your also. Can have a lot of local artists they're going to be in there. Rocking that place from. Throughout the day and I Chong nomads can be there each period. Yes so all credit for this idea just goes to Austin San Tiago I know him and. You know it's always sort of bother me that there's. Non music playing between acts in the dance dance tent. Because I think people would like to stay and dance and kick and just keep departing going to happen. I mean they care who it is so like if you leave it to the sound guys who are all great. But they ate a lot of them on a place Steely Dan back. Re so not exactly a perfect theater people are gonna stick around and chance red this concept has been in the back my and then. Austin who represents. Several artists with as his build strong empire tough playing some damn lot and then in electronic and danced and then. You know he just created easy cyclists. Have got these these five artists that are totally down to do it. And the Plame between sets internal dispute you know from a certain point the day on them to be music going nonstop. And so I think. It's gonna go over pretty well we did it a little bit last year out of necessity. When. We had a big win. He issues and and had to lay things on the main stage and in a gorgeous Kennedy McCain down there. Yeah he and you know it never quite know Oregon again. But. Austin delivered cash bandit who who I think was either already out there are forgotten car affect testing and came out there and and will be there again this year who put off on the stage with that it wasn't even in the scheduling me we tweeted it. And the time people showed up in atlas rocket that is amazing soon. Good thing to do in our word ample time and doing. More of that this year's big time. Well and I think that's. That story is still I think is a cool. I think we've talked about this in the past that there are some cool moments and very cool some of the coolest SaaS clutch moments that. Not on the schedule or things that maybe are on the schedule with the way it happens is not as planned might get. Likely on bridges a couple of years ago via the supposed to play on the main stage and things just went crazy. The guy walks out on the along with his guitar. In just those things yeah that was super and then oh gosh it was I don't know 56 years ago maybe longer. Ray before. Jack white's that rain wolf sets up on top of the stand next an easy street do and plays this I mean. Very cool stuff that goes on around San escorts that's not. Not advertise all the time yes there are some great moments in the best ones of the ones that are on plan at least and forced him. And if you so I was dancing guy videos I was there dancing man I mean viral and in a weird way of it. In if you plan matter force that it would. It would and sickle and map but it is something intriguing and interesting and made some sort of statement that resonated with people on. And so it's cool when that happens naturally. And I want it done. When you have and you Canada's prime that would be it the same thing happens. You know last year. Win. You know you lose frank ocean bringing else he sound system and then you know on a different scale you have things can ago. Haywire with the way it turns them you know. Cash panicky jumps at their own city. A similar chow was supposed to be on the lineup last year if he added he had had last minute ranked doesn't say I've wondered upon his seminary puzzles like him being on the planet. That you do you have sort of an idea in your mind like okay this big festival there's a lot of artists means something might happen in or you know kind of out there with. You know the weather could throws a curve balls on the night happened. Here are some people that maybe are reliable that might yield a place a phone call do you ever app is that something you think about it that's a really good idea that is not a good that is not what happened and I'll say two things about that. One is there were several cancellations offer various reasons last year and I just cinemas we're not going down like this would happen. Everyone user can replace with something better if we the release we're gonna tries. LCD was like. An incredible example of that like. And going from like that the depths of despair totally. The emotional rollercoaster I was on a tirade that that press mill oh man I was like. One set those yet and you know that was an act we tried to book initially from the get go so it was really amazing. Turn of events of that was able happen and then. Sir mix a lot was a felon back and cost competitive with some trapper was laws as much now was. So anyway like. It could end up being pretty great there was a lot of heartache and stress of course right and it's. One Tweeter FaceBook comment that weekend. The economy and all worth net heads had something along the lines of like. On the Internet music festival of alignment got better after I I think. That's. Amazing and Hulu was kind of amazed that so cool because you do it and using night you know made me most people's mind and notice or care red. Turns out. And cementing maybe easy task much audience and and maybe it is time so those. But then there particularly. Attuned to what's going on and and Caroline. And every single item will be against. So those relief and a fine to sell one model the feedback was like okay. It was those were both about as it is it it's never to do but at a I can you keep to the test you keep doing the best of a lot of feeling unfortunately you are probably gonna have to but Adam your daughter is trying to get a high five. After hanging its I was so focused on the two minute. Could captain thinks the so since we just rest referenced your daughter men have asked this. The dude do you rain I think it's pretty cool that. Your dad puts on one of the schools festivals in the Pacific marvelous. I mean yeah he's kind of and my best friends and it's really funny to have like my fine. In his forties believe this twenty real man in my life is. It's time and music. Without. The post amazing answer and I'm a crime makes it look amazing and I don't know that I totally put her on the spot I yeah most accidentally kissing in the funnel to swing the Mike over somebody and expecting me. It does not go that well so yeah I'm okay well spoken. OK so let's dive into this this line a little bit more and for people who may just be tuning in let's reset a little bit we've got Adams acts from SaaS go to music festival here. And the lineup. It's quite did we already played some of my favorite local artists that are going to be there we just put bread buttery points and perfume genius. Tom and also. We're gonna talk. While we're gonna get into some Pedro line here a little while which I think is so cool. That that's a thing tapping again and I was so excited to see Dow's one that I got rates here in a prediction list. I look at thereto or adding and I they're gonna be clever. But also. Let's see here. Oh yeah thunder camp which. I think if people wanna have their minds blown just want to thunder cap music yeah. My. Twenty year old steps and showed me a thunder cap music the like a year ago mean in housing okay I'm all the way in a this is underhill. Let's explosions in the skies in staples TD on the radio shaking graves seekers always. These fans it's news that's interesting Japan dreads do I wanna say were they they're like three years ago. He had just made them have finally Cameron which used via yeah I've seen them at assessments before this is. This is very good lineup I'm really excited that is happening this weekend can't wait to get out there. And the we're talking earlier about. You know sometimes. Artists. You know aren't able to make it for one reason or another variety of reasons Hampshire and sometimes out of their hands sometimes and it's. But when that happens for whatever reason does it ever you like and I ain't trying to these guys next time or is it like maybe. Depending on circumstance. IPad I think that truthful answers as depends on circumstance and I chassis don't had to cancel their holt who's there. At the and it incredible out mas rule I foreign of them I maintain that. The song different now is the best song McKinnell last year. It yet I I say that was my favor summit last year. So days you know this is all public sonong like preaching their frustrating day there's a health concerned that it is a reasonably counselor torso. Dolores totally twisted totally understandable. No ill will towards happen. But it is an option to vote again of course island now it's a I think that's perfect that's kind of what I figured I'd always kind of wondered sure. Because I would love to see of the C testy built make. And it can triumphant return SaaS clutch and your next year mean if everything's everything's. Better and are. This is something that's sort of don't you are doing games and those who want to. What's the weirdest thing. This has been on an artist writer. You've seen I don't know if you deal with these things. Are are you literally music but I bet you seen some weird stuff. I have because I've been in this long time now that it might be disappointing years it's largely on by the ways OK even like. Little funny jokes people used to put in their writers to see if people were reading experience. You know see very much anymore which is just means that the the business as awful as torrid as if you. Corp guys a little bit and that's that's one of the results of that so of course they don't see too many jokes anymore but remember like it did. You know I was tradition as a college and University of Oregon and early 1990s and he did you receive stuff like that all the time. And I won't say what was in the Ryder one of my accurate for shows was public enemy Rage Against The Machine. And I had no idea what I was doing it and it's totally in over my head and and the riders from bolt dance shows that. And it was massive and had a lot of things you'd gone broke and I had I had it wasn't clear to me when I was obligated to provide him. They were the opening acts on need to use ZTV tour. An avenue passing three team had nine plane is and so. Yeah I can't say it's okay I'm glad it's not some easy very often anymore and. Bookings as I've I've been in this situation greasy you're like matches that they think is real the they really think they really think they're gonna get a bottle Greig use. Gentleman Jack and listening initially I wonder. Yeah it is and (%expletive) that's played fairly minuscule compared to the things that you dealt with but it it is interesting is like. In thinks that. Where you wanted to victory here and abs absolutely you have to be responsible. Yeah like this is gonna double. We guarantee you this. Although I will recommend to any man listening. Put two socks on here. I have seen that and I bet on that I'd gladly done that and their she's come in Ohio don't it'll make the and fuel grade just wearing clean sides that they don't get to suffer laundry anywhere it's like it. Easy cheap thing to do the first man ever sought asked the band that I never thought about that scene for a that's genius in total game changer didn't realize how much are quality of life was an entry yet until we started requesting a pack to back talks. You know it's handled it's a small the small stuff. Another thing I was wondering news this year is there any change last year also but this year last year there's like an online scavenger. Thing forward getting access and currently the lineup yeah announcement. And in all the years before that there these really fun lineup announcement parties in this it has happened last couple years was wondering. There was a reason. There it is and here a few of the reason spoken starting now. It became kind of pass and after doing instantly years a lot of other fossil sort of followed suit in and nose and another we are the very first is the first that I am aware of to do. A lot of events as the announced party I was. And so is cool all las and I just felt like it kind burnout that it. Also in Lima that it's just. Next to impossible I keep a secret that long keep something from leaking so lighten the stress around. Something leaking online before a year of the official line up and now it's pretty drawn a line in the sand this is that the date and time bouncing. There's too many factors outside of our control so others systemic risks that are to do it. And that the scavenger on an idea which I think that unites I was it was a failure for. Technological reasons and also. I mean I participated help pay cool are you as a good idea just. In a better ideas and it wasn't in practice that those are stranded mix it up into something different and when you do that it doesn't always work some that took him and the mr. we just kept it simple orally. It's just. Tell our room out there on here incinerated bed at night and out of bed it. So those who read it. Well I think that. I think it that that makes total sense a quiet over complicate this yet this thing the secret. There's union you know imagine telling a box of flyers sit there around the lineup in place hopefully nobody gets an a list. Yeah so I get that makes total sense and it was it was a great long last it's thanks for Germans and I always had a good time. Let's play couple more local bands that are going to be out of the gorge this weekend Anchorage or but he Q. Go over to assess what's fast we'll dot com get your tickets there's some very cool four packs in one day passes and cool deals and and three past. We are back and we're in down to here at the end of the nines from. It's. Goes to Florida in aluminium. And you know maybe maybe a running team next weekend and I'm sure you'll be paired. We've got a chance steals and absolutely hang out some but it's always fun when you combine and future. Thanks for him for coming by the show. OK so we ran out of time a little bit there and I didn't get the chance with an approval will do that this time and before we go. I do you wanna get a few more songs in that I want to ask you. On in the past. I've always ask you a couple of questions and you're here one. Next year. Or or are there any local bands that weren't on this year than Europe like very high on right now. The U thinker probably going to be involved with the thoughts on the future. No I didn't commitment. Travis is not a commitment I don't know commitment not a suit from China forget. Well we if you break your retirement has been on the black towns I had I known about the it earlier when I was putting if that's all I probably would reach out to them as that are. They're really cool but they are going to be playing the Paramount. Was not yet at Paramount's ninetieth anniversary with the death cab Chenault yet so it's tantrum onstage and some pretty cool and it. Good day at bat not a bad place to land reciprocal and I was also severely there's just tons of new bands that. Come out of nowhere and just when you think the scene is. His dying down there's. There's lots of proof that is absolutely not written. You know yeah it's. It's a very very good around here impeachment and editing and asked in past. And you gave me an answer the first time nastiness. In it was a radio and and a hasn't happened yet and you know one day maybe. But is there other than radio and is there being and its elected. Like real high on your list that you having gotten for SaaS question that you can't wait him one. You now. I just get a whole lot more excited about burgeoning bands that are coming. It was certainly thrilling to have Robert Plant this vessel that's you know that's not Led Zeppelin and it's about as close as we begin. And so those moments are really pretty cool that it's just. It's not exactly about that so then with this year's lineup. You know to make it. Super relevant in bins and you'd think people should keep an eye on that are on the line at the navy or a little deeper they're not you know they're not. Right next to David Burnham Modest Mouse so you know Neko Case at the top but yeah. Who is who do you think people should definitely. Maybe aren't aware of the need to be there that that that remote can surprise. I really Japanese breakfast a lot of okay. She's not exactly under the radar anymore it is you know maybe for some people. So pretty that's agreement Curtis Harding. I'm a big fan and I think that's going to be greats that. Margo prize in Tyler shoulders are polls kind of represent the alt country. And offer sincere and they're both just grade. He can't go wrong but just so I would say. I've sinkers people who show up early and take a chance on vans examiners in and get in the spears that I highly recommend that as well. Not just her minors this weekend Memorial Day weekend SaaS watch music festival out of the gorge. Com you'll enjoy yourself bring your friends that it will be a very good time well that's it that's my team and a promise. I don't think you so much for coming by it it's always a pleasure and please please keep doing what you do it is. It is very cool about here with this event every year accounts thank you again thank you. There you go that was mine in your view it Adams axis escorts music bestseller as escorts music festival is Memorial Day weekend at the gorge. And there's just not really more beautiful place to go and enjoy outdoor music is so incredible if you've been you know a gunman if you've never been. You it's going to enjoy it for the first time ever so go do that. Thank you so much as always for listening. The locals only to Seattle music podcasts brought to that one a seven point seven the end if you like the show please his subscribe in the us the rating or review on iTunes and we back next week would more than best music. And the Pacific northwest right here on locals only to Seattle music podcast. Project 17 point seven million.