Locals Only Podcast Episode 27: Cumulus

Thursday, June 21st

Seattle band Cumulus came by Locals Only this week to share their new song "Retreat" and talk about their new album, Comfort World, due out in late September. 

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I. That is just a little bit of what we're beginning in two today on locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought Tebow won a seven point seven and and supported by our friends at Rainier beer entering your peers like you guys. This week. Can be such a great show I'm going to be hanging north cumulus. And this is the first new music that they've released and costs like three or four years so it's so great this last week they released this new song retreat which gives her a little bit of their at the beginning of the show. And we're going to be diving into that listening some old stuff find out what they've been up to you and what they've got coming up next. Because my suspicion is there's more new music on the horizon and I can't wait. To get as many details as they are willing to provides a stick around in chewing the interview with cumulus and enjoy the brand new music. And you'll music to their their old record is so so good so I think you're gonna like it rain now on the Oklahoma. If cumulus and studio. How he's doing. His movements introduces student productions. And my name is Alex and clean the name Kimi I send. And it's something saying. Yeah. I'm Sebastian and I think if there. And many town programs. And you guys just had an apartment where you talk about it looked just a tiny bit. But don't come back animal really dive into it later but. And a national news. It cumulus has a new a new single called retreat and people are loving and all over the place which. I'm very excited for Yang is but I I mostly wanted to backtrack a little bit and kind of get to cumulus story. You know we can maybe give people the Genesis. And and more work up to where we are now again and the for the nights over the minister put you on spot about it. Future yes totally. Sell you on picking on Hillary are artists are. I am well I mean let's see I'm 30 am and then doing I think even performing under the name Kenya and saying really is this year for ten years now. So our own. Basically play and singing since I was little team. Has always loved music sing along with my dad and its plant. Singer signings and by any means Sheryl Crow and catchy songs. On its up and down. And and then I just. Ice a purchase of high school I did a lot of the conditions in Italy into seeing how a lot of inner connections and Amy when I was younger and that being exit impacted me. Now so. I grew up twenty minutes from John Indies and you formally of the only flights to win the tone Indies and I've hurt John and isn't. When I was fifteen. Four or. Violent temple. Which was listen Max lab building you know carver. And I community. Rent out for the night for a hundred dollars and and I don't look like three bands. From mount burning and dialing lone oak harbor in accordance or whatever and had the lesbians and we'd make enough money to pay out there that night. And I that would be the killer. That's so cool and dammit and I booked Johns emailed me and the Chileans Kumble was also in your called last man standing. You that now he has a punk band called birthday yeah it's costs spiritual yes and and and then you know majesty that I was always counted helping with music I was looking music anise. And moved into the department safety for awhile it was not only his music venue in in accordance. As introduced to. At that age he and it's been a lot of maintaining an accord is skis that's where they're nearly. Interesting music to meet this happening. And I was really inspired by those artists now you mean and Carl brown especially. He and then fast Florida College started finally writing my hand songs after breaking for the university. I started playing house shows and while kind of ended up here in Seattle I. That's the logical move he got from Bellingham Seattle. And you know which time off that it. Seeing other people do yeah Nancy commune dated. There's the plane plane I mean death cab on her credit now. But you know there's there's a little more to it meaning you meter record what four years ago. Yes we'll see you have so many years and as things like OK you know if we just got in part one start and I was the heartland yen. But. I mean the album was. His sixteen year successful since five years ago them and there's been this. Yeah. Where you bend me and I now is that all I'll. And I know that I'm I'm so excited that you get it you music coming yeah and Watson. I'm I'm assuming lots of exciting stuff to talk about tonight and hold you to that because I don't commit to anything in outrage Syria that. In the singles grade and were needed to a little bit and is thinking you replace something. Off of the last album yeah and I play on the show all the time and is like this is the one that always played the and I'm man about it and do it and and this is do you remember from cumulus and will be back in just a little bit more pleased the brand new when retreat. And I wanna find out. More on old story that song because it's just sort of timely and so. And we back and missile that would more from cumulus on the Oklahoma. This. I'm snow and it's not as snappy songs and engines and on and yeah. Yeah and I'm Diane. And. This. It's. I. And news. And Latin communities. Seasons. Home. A new song that we're gonna play here and missiles that can. And I want to you first. Hear from you beaches the contents it is. I think you know bay area of the times yeah and it's unfortunate it like it took till now offer to be of the times then. And and it wasn't just like no way yeah for. So now. Let's hear about it. Limited to seeing him so much there's so much to talk about that topic. I definitely think it's not I mean it's it's clear when he really shocked and all of a sudden I have to be extra. Careful. With. You know how I plan. In count Allen and hasn't had how come now I have to be the answer. You know it's like it's actually always been now we should you should always be respecting other people and their space and everybody and everybody you know so it's like it's its weird. I don't really think it's something that's like. All of a sudden it's an issue it's always been an issue. We're talking about it now like you Mike you mentioned. And I think there's been a lot of people talking about it for a long time but now I guess the majority is finally getting on board. In and it was interesting I was trying to Trace back in the day hours of just email writing a post about the song just trying to Trace back the moment that this on panic he knew me and I realized that the son had been building in me for early years I think I had some version of this on kind of an in your book there. I'm on a voice memo for years of you know of moments that I had to Wear and walk away from an experience and like. Earth like I was really uncomfortable and and that person was very entitled you can't Wheeler that prison. You know just had no consideration for MySpace learn. Iron what I wanted in this whenever the scenario lands and so I wrote a song about it. Just kind of felt like. Think that the whole issue of them. Enthusiastic and or the whole idea of enthusiastic consent something really simple actually. And and we make it seem really complicated night. And some people make it seemingly complicated who don't really wanna except except the idea of the concept. But really I think it's so I kind of broke it down in the song like the choruses. If I don't see SN ask me to leave and to me that that means there's. There's so many moments where I had interactions with people. You know he's sitting on the bus and he had phones on and some stranger asks you what you're listening here and you don't really feeling responding. He just wanna see new music so you don't respond he and I don't really feel like I should have to hear tell them that they don't feel like talking to them should be able to Chile in my body language he finished be able to be. Left alone and half my State's. Term but instead they continue to pursue conversation and they continue to pursue. Your. Approval of them even if you don't feel like you wanna keep and so that was the kind of thing has kind of writing about is like what about what if you just listen to. Not not not just to my words for it to the fact that I am actually not to even anyway it's like right now I am just not acknowledging. Your presence right now Sarah just like. Take that and that except that. As my interest level. Yeah that instead of taking your senses you like false sense of entitlement and yeah lack of boundaries and no holding meat is an expectation and I never. Signed up exactly. Yet. And then if they don't respect that and I've already. You know given and the body language that I am not interest and and it goes further than that. I was thinking about well when I say now you better retreat so it's like if you actually gotten mean and point laugh until a year. And eat ago way you better ago way this has really ticked me off. Let's quickly let the sun is about is like just kind of the levels of play. He now. Of that kind of building up and happening and just. Wanting to be listened to and wanted to be heard and I think there's so many people are accurately to this kind of experience. And so I just got cable. Let's break it down and talk about simple it really is in his voice and make it really catchy and and jokingly as kind of thinking it could even be. You know repeating died from. So he seasonably cool and are in and yes some within meanings need to answer lake maybe just. Michael you should make it a little four page pamphlet goes along this. And yeah a little digital booklet on the lake stick figures. Yeah I was actually they QB really like what you like having that you a video that was like an instructional like you know a teacher like pointing delightful word that Matt media actually have an idea there's something there yet. Perhaps that's that's a planned yes it now slipped out and. We have so out of it feels really hit yet I've had email and when I started playing the song. Women started coming up to me after shows and just telling me how much that assignment and the that they really reached them. He and so when I brought it to the end I think I played there may be an it band practice in having almost like. It's past its time. Not nodding your head is like tougher rating program it's. However could put. And also also playing that song matters is soil for then I think like after two months. So that's and you couldn't line. Mean let's bring all in that we're all gonna sound unreal he plan. And really cool thing too is that for the record that I district grated. Well not just recorded its and then for a year but the record these guys are not on it I hired art I had other really awesome local musicians planet searching is on it. Session please guitars I'm comfort around it without them that's going to be coming out. And but I have a new lineup of people in my band right now so it's Sebastian. Sessions airmen on guitar and time to give in on terms and steamy cam on dates in Salim Hamdan on keyboards. And I was just thinking well what it well we like this time what o'clock teeny dressed all in CDS together and and give people luckiest of like what the actual. And it sounds like tissue itself. And real quick before we play them in their tree I mean NPR premiered yeah. It's it seems to be making the rounds pretty well on her. I mean how are you feeling about. Sort of the launch of this it's the next phase of cumulus record back for more new music warm how's it going and. It's amazing Eminem. Be in the studio for album and then being in the studio for this song has. Topic is taught me so much about myself and when I'm capable of and playing with such amazing musicians. Like these guys the people at playlist and really proud about the destiny. And I feel really confident about the skills that I have to offer and I'm really excited Blake about the things that we're going to see in the things wrangling could be end. And and I just feel very eager and excited to you share. It's music that I think is the most to me. And anything that I've ever made that's awesome so important yeah. Man. Let's do it let's the time and do it let's play a retreat as is the latest from cumulus. And after you listen to my country people and some don't go to iTunes and yet he can buy an and I teens and and can't end. And is learn and all that good stat I think stream in on all. DXP's. They cloning I think you'll want to as wells that we couldn't get ready for that. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. He had. It's. A dvd. Yeah me. Yeah. Scan. Yeah. Only. Years that's right nothing but the best. That's nothing but the best here on the locals only and we are hanging out with the links and so we're sticking to that. Yeah nest. And improves. People are. Texting in the Felix the new song Bo you can text like or dislike or can I it's me Texan asking me about a song we played you can text and 9177. Text battery life. It back too much you know. When Thompson but he I was anatomy that plea Brothers from another. And and I played. Like. Oh gosh what was it completed punishment other in minutes played. I'm the flavor blew her immediately use the songs like but I got your eye catcher Texas and I think I can change your mind and I displayed more. Holds a masters in let's stick it's amazing because of the end of the day I'm yes and nineteen. But he knows that and I'm. I and I'm gonna do it. Oh excellent view I was curious on that I've got to meet them we don't play Brothers and completely blew. And definitely not in here he EC don't like cumulus but you hating it but it's. OK so. After we played retreat. Napoli our local flavors of the month speeding police and who I knew you had a run and went and festival last year. Yes so there's a festival called fast in Florida and its land just called the fast and now. And dad gets punk festival in Florida and we are both playing stripped down acoustic cents. And we are both from Washington union up on the same bill. And I mean there's hundreds 150 plants and it festival. And he's randomly and it doesn't get bars are typically the only Seattle bands played debt crisis played it like five years we've pleaded three news. And so yeah I was crazy and mean another Washingtonian at this weird. Gainesville camp on Florida punk rock that's the food. And they had come in here a month or month and a half ago and we are from payments the songs from their new record which is fantastic it's of the make and I'll show you check it out. On and they had tonight a plea do you remember in the early coincidence and I exits cumulus and we met her hat hacker we we met Warren Moon bats now it's. That's the OK so. In doing the show things isn't ask the surveys like what are you guys in 93% of the bill with somebody commuted to play you'd. TC local bands plane around and leave in the apartment and I'm gonna go and see what humans. Yeah. Well right now and then. Analysts like our friend Mike Bell is an awesome singer song mayor and he's actually playing at sunset right now and you did email me distract and I've gotten out of hand a little bit. And there's also like an early date and called temple canyon that I million Tuesday. I put them on the shall all the time community and she just released a solo song not a couple of days are definitely trending down for united here it's did yeah and anti I'm also pleased and her friend grab in his please under Lisa prank. Oh yeah Lisa it's great sound familiar I am only seen on her songs. Says woody woody. I think it's pretty hard for me again to issue now. But he armor is part of the one and he was the everytime they play at a time. Mature enough. String quartet the clear evidence yet it was that it Barbosa that was it that net but he did do a thing or media is Andrew Johnson was like touring with them and they came back and played are those. Yeah I just saw was on it had. It was a Peter line access watch and use playing stuff for Mike strange negotiations and yet cursor branches and is is cool we did that show a couple months prior to. The suns went pretty well. Yeah I heard that. Details pretty cool I would like to have been you don't brag about it but in. Burma Eric while there is and shot oh man and I now and paid as a lie and where Mike and I and comfort. Try to cash. I love Erica looks over to merchants he can play colonial that in here yeah it was pretty much Sebastian in and Colin rich he Shanley in an air quantities. Mike penis in me. These are really cool communities surrounding the stadium or corn and a lot of records than coming out of there and would you record. Soledad states. That you know ST yeah yeah yeah I mean he yet it's premature and I remember him in my penis. And yes yes he should talk more about that he kind of know more about it and especially I mean I. I guess my international the studios do Mike Davis who produced the cumulus record. In the single yen and the symmetry. He. It hasn't been an old friend for a while he's from out of town and then he emailed Chris I think and got a job. Somehow the studio. Well it's pretty yeah he's that might think that best example just like just ask. Yeah happens and it's been happening permanent amazing congress and position now perhaps you know someone else. And it's kind of threw my that I ended up actually playing well Alex. As Mike was like I think. Lineup to produce the record and was trying to find a band for an. The other and so many records from a studio this year her last few years came to an army missed a few. I mean and other areas like the taste next decade Eddie can't and the and. I know there's so much but I mind my mind is. They're very Graham putted part of their record better. Than my expediency Katz is marking and yes there's oh record was recorded there. Yeah in the disease specialist doctors on the house. And ninety parks and Malia on the anything except now like I am Ellen Anderson. I think that most Andersen's and team like Atlanta oh. And the young in the stagnant and the he's got another I band yeah my glory on our cellar again Gloria can't wait to hear that. Just and it's. And crazy if it was just like so many. Bands are records this is right now this is an incredibly easy shouldn't do because of all the things and it things that are happening in town right now and when you. Though if even if you just. Like dialing just on any park. Yeah and the things that back and is doing yeah and I can fill show with just stuff that Andy has touched her dance he's played and. And it's not yet and it's really cool because I mean Indy in and Mike both. We're together on a lot of projects and help each other out on a lot of projects and then they'll bring in the order lake you know open its backup locals like commencing on the staying or something like that. And then it just turns into like a wide web and all of us being able like help out on all kinds of projects that we never would have imagined we'd get our fingers and you know and that's really cool and I'm love and it's. It's been nearly definitely like an inspirational community be apart as. The end of the night and you both cumulus a really cute and tonight you know the guys that I'd make you gentlemen the February and still intends senior this it's nice to kind of ketchup and now. I wanna hear about the things to come. It is your release retreat retreat is not going to be on. Then the new album but yes the first music that we've gotten from you in in a long Time Warner won putting pressure on you but it feels like to own. Can which this continent and didn't. And very excited to hear about what's next yeah so would you like what can you share. I'm well the album his called comfort level. And it's coming on September end. Basically I wrote the album I mean specifically kind of about the long gaps that I tick I do a lot of weird detours in mind. He young adult for a guest late twenties trying to figure out you know what I was doing. And and you islands as a person and I think that that. Discovery is what that albums kind of all about. I was driving to Yakima I saw an abandoned mattress store at that said comfort world on it. On a billboard and I just thought that that was like the most amazing image and I knew there was going to be named my album that I had not yet written but the please feel like to me and that is I have. I forgot that comfort world was a really good thing. And then my life Kenneth started falling apart I got fired from a corporate job. And I had for two years and I got a relationship ended and them and here it got my mom got diagnosed with cancer. All of this can happen all at once. And she Savannah which is awesome she's in neighboring Canada but I was just kind of like. All of my foundations are really scheck and I just and I realized that come from world is. Maybe not necessarily a place you're supposed to stay for too long term maybe it's not actually the best place to be. And so that kind of the team the foundation of all the songs like I definitely think posada signed. And then the suns started happening and mean and I started happening in and the suns started happening. And Dan and and making it album he got me through here and calling the toughest period editor Ben and so far. In my life and I just really believe in and really. Panic and just so excited to share with people sell and that and just to people that I've met through the process of making that album changed my life tale itself. Yeah so and you think you know it's kind of I mean considering what you learned this from what he saw a thing called comfort resign abandoned. Mattress mattress store call come from world in the song started coming to you and what you realize through this is that maybe that's not. The best way to live your life for the best place to be and I think that that's pretty inches that's the thing that you learned and that it was abandoned. Yes. Yeah exactly I mean it was really like the visual I mean I think that at first when I sign it is refusing to acknowledge the whole vision the whole visual. I just saw soccer. Oh yeah comfort but it's Canada so comfy isn't great to have this comfy little. World to go to whenever you need it. And then he now and then oops. Everything collapses around me and closed for biz yeah I like this life. Life just get TN and in no way I'd never shakes everything up and that. And that's actually like all those cliches saints like when you find out about yourself the most. Cooper is one things in and comfortable. And so yes as cannon with a record is about that can coming out of that and finding out more about myself. And in the recording process and so much about myself and I'm working with my penis was really amazing is he's really young and just has a crazy vision for things. And he encouraged me in ways that they never really been encouraged are challenged musically before. So we're talking an element I can obviously play for you yet but it will be gaining played. And yes I'm super excited. Well come September. A book for you come back and above to dive into the album as much as we can whether it's. Come and premieres and stuff before it or and they become an after and we just rip the Warner whenever retrieve it. I've heard he has and it's it's graded and I think that. There's some stuff in there. I mean it's it's the boots and deep stuff yet it's really the release an album excited for it to come out and I think it's. It's just as important and timely he has the stuff we're talking on a tree. Then you know so I think it's going to be a lot of people like these can think things are go offered. That's a Chinese won't get too comfortable that that that there. I don't know what you do all. It's all going very well so are I want to play another old ones yours and Ankiel out on that and it's called one. And I haven't played this on the show no long time. It's they're so I'm exit and I asked you know what you wanna play. And it is that's. The reason for that is the ones so thank you so much for coming in you know everybody can check out retreat. And if you just currently part of this in your view and you wanted to find out what's going on with everything with cumulus. That we talked about what the locals only podcast appeared a few days you can find it on iTunes you know it's strive we do this every week. And today you get a whole bunch of interviews and great music from all that spans the Pacific northwest including. The full interview with cumulus. Check that out and go back next week thank you in the coming yeah thank you for listening in nine. I. It's okay. Okay. That was my interview local bin cumulus wanna thank them again for coming by and then be sure to go and download a copy for treason or pay for it and sure he'll be happy to have in your library moving forward. And also. Keep an eye out for morning music for cumulus in the near future because it's coming in I think you're gonna want that to. Think he was always for listening if you enjoyed the show maybe go to iTunes click subscribe Vivus a rating or view that stuff helps us out. And knowing that Mexican more than best new music from the Pacific northwest right here on the locals only Seattle music podcast. Brought to you by one a seven point seven yen supported by Rainier beer.