Locals Only Podcast Episode 28: Kevin Sur Talks Timber! Outdoor Music Fest

Friday, July 6th

Kevin Sur of Artist Home Booking came by Locals Only to talk all things Timber! Outdoor Music Fest and play a bunch of great artists from the lineup.

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You're listening to the locals only podcast brought Cuba won a seven point seven and and supported by our friends at Rainier beer think you Rainier in the if you guys. My name is Stephen Graham right to host the show. And it's every Sunday night is the radio show two hours the best music in the Pacific northwest and we turn that into podcasts you've listened before you already know. And we know is we usually have artists in here and we talk about their music play their music. This week we're doing things a little bit different screen have Kevin surf from artist's home booking in to talk about while we're gonna talk about all kinds of things. That artist's home is up to in the Pacific northwest right now but mainly. The timber outdoor music fest will come in carnation in July. And as far as locals only representation of music fest will go and usher gets a lot better than this I'm very excited to have Kevin and and what this is going to be is open stuff about artist's home in about timber fest but it's also gonna kind of be. Like a greatest hits of music we feature on this podcast before. Q is there are so many great bands that'd be an honest podcast. There are going to be out timber fast so you might recognize some of the stuff you listen to the show in the past if not. It's fine you're gonna learn all kinds stuff that great bands and music that you're gonna love I'm sure of it stick around enjoy the music enjoy the interview with Kevin sir Marcus home. And then now what you're listening to it. Still each tickets timber fest in coming out this atomic dog park carnation Washington because it's going to be a great time. My name's Steve agreement to host this week I guess if supported by our friends at Rainier beer which. I think is so cool I can't believe that people like this year and one actually X. And oh yeah that's great that's less than in the Tillman. Of course these. I am still excited. I need to do this twice a year. Where. We're friends yeah I kid you about that I get the call I need to calm my friend need to call him my friend Kevin sir comes by. And and he's got some trees to talk about we've got all this lovely artist's home stuff going on but. The the real pressing. The thing that we're like really run enough on. Not fast enough for team that may be too fast for you I don't know how you feel like it feels just right adequately determine exactly but he had to math tutor timber outdoor music festival in carnation Washington is coming you know twelfth through the fourteenth again it's all through the fourteenth of July cotton carnation Washington. I was incarnation today. Awesome it says it it's it's a cool little town. And also on the Alley it just you ball. Yak and the people there are amazing machines are so many cool little businesses out there. It's just a great place to take a little feature to I mean it's forty minutes here from Seattle or better yet. Spend the weekend yet similar outdoor music fest and hope that that part yet and I do. Just one run down the celestial it is totally said in the press release the night before this was announced. And his everything I had not just like polar realign them whom god timbers going to be insane I can't believe this started. Hello car seat headrest yes but it so we have to talk about actors well. We when you talk about that right now yeah OK so cars headdresses thing where one. Will Toledo's is blowing like this band is getting yeah and it's a thing that I feel like not everyone here knows about yet and if they do maybe they don't know that I think if they come here I think they do I just think that they actually haven't this is like I think their first Seattle area show in the and one time for this new album and I think that that you know play a lot of people are coming out to see cars he had dressed and yeah I think they are a pretty massive the end here and they just haven't had. That show yeah. As well I think so I mean they're headlining a festival advocates and it's a great festival. It means and totally biased but it. He this and. Honestly unique. You know we booked them leak it just ran away the current last year just knowingly. Ignorance you know we love the and we actually try to get them a couple times and I. Yeah we just really lucky like the the chose to plead to her. And to members are band to perform an intern just know totally what it's about and I think. They were in into the opportunity is common headline this summer camp out in the Enos on this whole river. And down how that experience so we're just going over the moon to host them Valencia. And you know there's if there's two part to us yes he does so it's Garcia had to rest which is amazing. You know I really do think it. I think that if people aren't saying yet I think they will be saying it will Toledo's like one of the U songwriters of this sort of this time totally guys is the genius then but then you add on. You know the cherry on top is that you also making giants playing this yes the law. And they're touring together and make a giant has been opening for RC hatteras but also playing in the man as the band yet. You know on the television appearances and yeah it's aghast so lake. You know in this one we booked it like it hadn't really happened yet. In it was something we kind of knew about as you know I'm friends with they can turn its guys who can hear rate. And so lanky out in the confirm the news media like can we get through it please the naked skew. Think we make this thing happened answer and so lake. You know one of the many things like Tim rather he's successfully tried to create moments on stage that it never happened before or just. You know instead of just looking just a line up of names and the set times we try Kyrie moments because. You're out their campaign year year paddle boarding your kayaking with aria I during the day you do analysts like. Amazing stuff and you're having me and when you experience a moment on stage that you know this is truly unique that was. That's something that we really trying to achieve and to have them onboard and known it. For a lot of people for most the people that are coming to see him be the first time you're gonna see this place car seat headrest naked giants' super group on stage. And it's gonna kill him because they haven't done that night here now. So he can go on you can go they did it or imagine yet how fast yet and then there's also like a video of them. Covering Talking Heads. And now he's just a picture with some got the audio I think it was okay team. And it's so cool. Yet it's an amazing so it's him well you don't even worry about going online and check you just go out timber fast and you know next month July 12 through fourteenth in. And you increase virtue to music fest dot com. To check out the whole lineup which we're gonna dive into while we're here for the next two equaling and you know why I go ice mixture that is the thing I'm. He had so we don't wanna just we don't wanna get too deep yet. Because we get some time we have some ground to cover before reuniting like ours start at the top but it's I mean I think. You know for my money colleague in my favorite album of the year yet so it's a lot of them now there's a lot always did it well in this and I just two bands we just talked about that too incredible albums this year yet and I give the like five of their albums in this list that I'm dispose stoked. And one that's coming that we're gonna talk about in our next break between Libya and September's so yes let's stereo XT sloth from nick giants is their title track and I don't play war is coming. Which is kinda like an alternate version of the song that he released for like a one day thing on being came to raise money for earned it with the organization won yet but I'm so glad I bought that game and I put our system because yeah. It's so cool so that you want and knowing being free to play I would tell Tucker and Hudson. Time again it. Steve that's 5% voice property abduct. All right we'll be back in salute that was more from Kevin server right now we're gonna do you and make it giants and Percy Andrus and you'll get something else and before we did. Now moon. Not a. Long names on them yeah. And call. And we. Hanging out with can concern in Stephen Graham yeah well that's my name via yes thank you. Sounds cooler and use it when his name. Yeah we should just that's that's a beer thing when you walk around we should do everything together and then have you ever we have to be introduced to somebody you think you'll introduce mean. Yeah that's coming in on how this is perfect yeah we're talking. No idea all things timber music festival timber outdoor music vessel and some other nonsense as you just heard. Yeah and we just played a couple of the bands that are going to be out here. I guess there are people sort of headlines and physically I gather. Poet this is you know it's funny to have the guys from Nicky giants in here yeah on the show awhile back actually tried to send you the podcast because. Towards the end we really went deep on. Timber yes and those guys. She just beyond making the rounds as you're spokespeople deactivated agreed alcohol. And they did it like the seriously than blanks as cat yeah I think mainly young Steve I just love them like they are just that began. Yes I mean I don't know if any of you doctored this huge fans and make it giants now hear this if they're great people are the artist. You know we've we've had them play. Tim winter and go and have guys championed them crazier since they sound. And it was you know even means Obama because maybe 23 years ago. And people don't know that to greet. Little pop of Ali his hands. To battle Libyans kind of thing and it's not very competitive which is really supportive and it's under 221. In every year like we see incredible only. Talent in you're reminded how little all ages music companies here in any. Any sabotage us off just caught off limits affect but it make it giants they played in it was just literally one of the past. Big and so I mean it was funny I was like you know punk Equinix. Way it's coming don't in this kind of burnout fees were I don't find in Ugandan. Lake and you listen honest and like 23 weeks again now and and I was going in this kind of burnout thing arm was seen thousands of submissions and just wanting to go inspired seeing something here in. And I saw him sound job. And they completely just lifted me out obviously you know sometimes he deceived in Munich re energized about everything you do music. And why you do this and why it's meaningful do you pick as your mind you know like I can phone with music I can follow with this and they moved me. This makes life filled with some better this discrete experience and then we booked them for that summer. And I think Nolan and here's what's incredible guys. How around you know and so on them every festival just not just to perform on stage it just hang him hang out. Hazardous you're such loving incredibly fun engines and yeah I'm just really glad I mean the they're huge I mean they're going out and they're getting it toward the world have these amazing life experiences and it's it's really exciting immediately. Coming back he's going to be on towards coming in being a hammer and well being carnation Washington yeah everybody do and yet. In one of the best light means he can see. Tire West Coast in America. They're skids aid that is the guy who knows things. I believe in the OK so Iowa Alan shift gears just a tiny bit in and let's go a little bit deeper in year line essar. Q yes so I land it cumulus on the ship just last week yeah and and those that they've got a new album come from world it's going to be out in September yes and did just released. Last week. This can stand alone single it's not on the album called retreat and go back check out last week's locals only podcast. And Alex talking quite a bit and bow. How important this song was and where it came from in its means you're gonna hear your second understand why that. Cumulus means that the band it. They can play with anybody they play with anyone in and steal the show exactly as well I mean in in not intentionally and now they're not there to deal that's. Alex's. One of the best songwriters just. Alive today. In. I've never heard a cumulus track that was increase greatly exactly I mean this is not like me just. You know sucking up like he can I mean anyone can go on iTunes and I mean you know anything drinking in this look at anything. I'm there's not. A song that's even like coverage like everything's exceptional and that album record like a year ago. She sent me the only needs you for in the new one that's coming out and I called her lake the moment I listen to housing driving him like. For economic Alex think. This is so good please lake. This is amazing and it's or you lake where my favorite records of the year I can't wait to me. September things are just gonna go off of ignorance and yet I feel like retreat the Steelers last week is just sort of like. That a warning shot for life I think is about to happen for us and the ad distresses me that that album as a scan of the I mean it is it's it in the bin. Since nine for a pit wing for the right time and you know and it's going to be. Really well and I imagine you probably will get the opportunity to hear a lot of those new songs before their release lives. At timber fence July 12 through the fourteenth via and you know it's mean that's that's just still just a small piece. Of all the reasons to be it to professed I mean let's let's just so we start with RC had resonated giants how to get down stay down yes it's great debt yeah. Kyle craft pottery next Courtney Murray handers coming back to the scene of the crime yes that's. Going to be fantastic yeah he's just blown up all over the place yeah we were blink one of the first things to Booker. In the northwest yeah in. Yes she did little. Think our first two winter festival she performed in little icicle brewing yeah. I was an air under the best voices they are around him. He had a lineups amazing I mean how craft just put out a new record he's out of Portland and on some pop madness tournament fair record of the year. Exceptional action now and then you have of course pal. You know who's the leader talent to get down Steve Allen put it out some of the most influential indie rock sound in the last dec Eden tonight. I am very excited about this and so yeah is. It seems like you've had a say in this I may ask for my Courtney Avery and his two lake scene here at the campfires stage it's just it's this amazing. Stage that's set in the woods hasn't settled back trop that was built by the Boy Scouts like thirty years ago and you're just surrounded by trees and campfires. And here it's a very romantic intimate setting it is nearing its. And usually you know you little moonlight on our news and stars going. It is six streaming at some special man so I let's let's just let's play on from cumulus let's play retreat Cole will be back. Diving deeper into this incredible lineup that's just full of stuff silence the stick around. You know. He had. It's it's. Okay V. Yeah yeah for me. Yeah. And scan it yeah. Maybe it. We are back with more locals only hanging out with concern on 17 point seven hand. Talking all things. Timber outdoor music festival and I do I just saved and specifying timber outdoor music festival because if your new. And who don't know. Now you know. We also are just we have the benefit of being the Pacific northwest getting to also go to leavenworth yet in. It's so I think it's been December sometimes been January notes it's it's it's almost anywhere again and so he had timber out their music Kessel for people who don't know. But it's acts music festival forty minutes from here. We and it's a weekend long and incredible music but also lake. Just outstanding leak in ventures and things you can do them REI isn't this means your partner with us and they host guided kayaking and paddle boarding you swim in the beach and on the river it's on the stock army told river. We have we have astrophysicist that you start toxic name. We have cleaning part nature painting parties and stuff he can sign up for. We just treat this amazing summer camp get away where people can choose one of many adventures. They're never gonna feel overcrowded the Beers are never overpriced. And we just. Ian on the map partners we put this on. Because we want people to if we want to create an event. That is about music that has been amazing music that we want everyone feel like they're in our backyard and just feel at home and comfortable. And do losses also like. Did. Children and your music festival here are the most delightful fact it's so funny because you run wild and sometimes late yeah. But they run wild in like the most polite way policy hat and it's you know to your point about the over crap like there's it's not overcrowded it's feels exactly right even when it sold out. Last year was such a great experience coming now the eyes and seemed like. Just do that there's families here and you have amazing dude true. It's just an incredible scene like people who come to this really care package and care about their neighbors and care about music and one of the stories always you know every year to seemed story where. He seems like he's terrific after fassel photos and let Brussels nation's trash everywhere. People literally just leave there can't keep her in the but like every year. You know King County parks to. You know makes this all possible for us. They're cleaning crews come in the don't have anything to clean because the attendees are so incredible. Making it nicer than it was before they got there. Happening yes so I mean then the viva the festival is just that it's just you feel like you're out with your community. Kids under twelve are free whose music is something we should learn that it's amigo experienced person. We love that in Tim winter what you're talking about earlier is. We do winter version of the festival up and eleven were hand. That is activists. You know its system in another way to celebrate in different season. In the northwest in a different beautiful place yeah where it's about the snow it's about huddling up Meehan Mormon going happen you know people stay in cabins and the actor with their friends in the winner which creates and you know. This amazing vibe of camera out and leisure game so these are games as of. Loudly you we have hot tiny garden ardently football. Yes it's it's it's really amazing experience and I can't wait I'll already excited to find out what Lance can be for that now you come back later in the year to talk all things timber you know winter music fest we'll bullets you know stick with the times now OK so we're gonna go into the slightly more. You got ruler playing who obviously I love that they intra have many years often as possible speaking of great new albums and winning start champion. It is mean. Yeah that all this stuff coming out of the city northwest this year. I'm writing in and like I'm not doing a ranking I'm not in India and hiring an average do I'll make a list of everything I think people need to make sure that they. Here it came out this year yeah but I'm not I can't say. Yeah the best and this is the second best yeah I think a lot of people lot of musicians and people in music click through a lot of concern over just like cost of living things in the city of course for musicians and I totally share a concern and couldn't fear. But it. T have any team rank in terms of local out as a coming out I don't remember like here. This many incredible new rounds have been released the Zune thing. Yes LA. I'm I'm just. You know and I'm glad that our festival showcases some many these bands that have these records play. You know it's a good time to be music fan it's a good time to go out in can get something new. You know we just talked about cumulus Courtney Murray in juice. You know car seat headrest make it giants like. All have amazing sounds easy routes between eighteen pounds and now also ruler yet and I mean that will get will definitely getting out of candidate but. This lineup has some stuff. I'm not familiar with cool you're you're. Tell me that there's this one from the velvet teens yet I don't know these guys at all. They're frowned gather from I think who are kept and they were a submission like we have opened submissions every year which I think is so cool. He had and we actually booked two bands from from British oil from Canada. Based on the just minutes from her with Dallas the other pin yet passed on him and then we booked a third Canadian band pitching in the backers who I honestly trying to poetry. Ears you're. When you were telling me the bands that are gonna be in the lineup. That was one that you hammered. I continue in the vipers in your typical find this video and check this out Piaf. And so that's the thing that I think that I am excited because it's I've seen alliances and must bash is there ever been to. In that been trying for years timing is never worked in the coming. Can't tell the teens were incredible surprise. Outstanding venues and so it's this power play on from the Philippines is called hanging from the ceiling this cannon says he wants to watch my face as I listened to stuff like crank it up in here in the studio or recommend you do the same thing where your rat. And will be back in a little bit of more more music from this and he's doing and using timber out or music council chamber music fest that current. Okay. OK okay. Hey. Okay. Okay. Okay. Kevin I'm in on velvet jeans. Yes is so good and so I do that's when I do wanna talk a little bit about the facts and and it's it is every time commitment yet and into. Any time artist home comes up which I'm not kidding you know. He's almost weekly really. Yeah well if he's looking like artists that I have in here on the show ever think they're always pushing something that their playing that is you know your involvement or if they're giving examples of things that they're into school. You come up. And the I mean that's a great endorsement right here in the also. You know the crowd that comes out for your stuff as there talking matter there is great in it they don't leave messes. Two children well behaved. Differences lovely. And it's just a really great environment to enjoy music and because they're all there for the music but. They also trust you. They trust you guys so much and I think that a lot of times. And this festival I mean you got a lot of heaters on on the timber line up this year and I think people are familiar with but there's also a lot of stuff. You know typical artist home booking that people are. Probably seemed familiar with they have myself included in this is an either fast or they come out to find their new favorite band. Yeah and development teams is going to be one of those for me I can already tell a molecular. And I think you have been part of our thing you assist. You know we wanna take every opportunity we have to propel artists forward in. We've been really lucky in that audience think that audience you know come out her fassel's and they support what we deal. In such a way that it allows us to take risks and allows us to. Go out in fine mapping and that's incredible book playing for like five people or is never had a obviously Seattle before. Knowing full well that that's something our audience really appreciate the appreciate that moment when. You know to keep putting on an event you carrying this moment and people are making part of their summer something you're doing. You know sometimes at cherry on top it's just like you gonna go to thing and pharma with a mean for the first time Aaron yeah. I remember that I think it was the first time ever which would artist's home festival. You have the being and bison you know they were formerly the last bison. Yet in this or maybe they were ice and it became the last place and I can't they were the last spices and they just became bison right. And they're not from here. Or anywhere near here yet they came all the way out here from Virginia yeah and I have actually heard their song Switzerland them on some blog that I followed mean this is started the 67 years ago or something yeah. And and I just film of that song we can access to that Dan and then I saw that you how to model lineup yet and I came out and just don't while I can do Knoll their whole catalog being have a ton of stuff out of the time here and just like couldn't believe how amazing it was and I think that you know that's how a lot of people experience. Their first time doing your festivals and after that hooked. Yeah enemy you know we're. You know it is can be stressful play you know because that becomes the thing you spend the most time in. When those expectation there's expectations I mean it's a great expectations have because it's. You know the best way to support the arts in the sports music economy mean in many ways is just to go out and find new music and on the farm with a new man you're you're gonna don't support cedar shows by music tenor. And tell your friends yet and for slate so much the festival lease from like the Mercury in its side is. Experiences never known it's pat before at least seen on these form and also bands they've never seen that are incredible is anyone's opinion. The music knows full well that there's a band playing. Connor burner on Wednesday. That you know for five bucks that is every bit as good as a band that's playing. You know the more they just know it's not a people seat and you know we can find aliens. On the just peaks and digging and there are enough you're never enough things that put those opinions on pedestals and we just wanna be one of them you know and you know back when and in the heart first played day. I was reluctant for that they had one song on MySpace page and played the cute cafe like new people never heard of yes and I. In we've had a lot of who has experience with artists that system. You know we just sometimes we just that first that honor on honor goes very high up in. Lots of people I've been texting him and that they really like the stuff. So you like the things that you are hearing from the September under music fest lineup one guidance and as a text. Two won a seventh irks me 9177. Text and data rates apply. And then obviously. Go and just buy tickets. And timber music fest dot com if that's in the we've. From mountains is I think what this through yet and I'd be friends. Yeah look obviously that's that's how I met you you mean I came out to us Adobe if that's the long time ago and I just can actually follow you around the business are you carrying some Tiki torches and some. Speakers. After the preakness go somewhere where every puts a Tiki torches and I'm just gonna all of this guy yet and like you might get weird because he doesn't know me. And our thickest these man. Kind of bodies will do you remember with the secret show us yeah it was it was. Bobby Perry junior. Some new yeah I think dean your blue might have been there and he went on a cappella yeah. And I think keep him Miller. Yes and John Roderic of the long winter's came out I think and I think you know it well now it's no wonder they're so over literally with four or five people there. And John the long winters were playing yet the John router just came out to perform via and it will it's. Is the best yet I mean in. Yeah we like to create a half by moments off the stage which I. And it being like the things people talk about most is most Libyans it play. Actually camp and he stayed there that we need is common experiences like everyone else does. So it turns and lifting our way of people go to see him and suddenly you're just seeing that me and well here's the other thing it's really cool and sometimes they go round and sometimes you'll have a ban at night and playing the festival yeah show up Canaveral on time. The grizzled mighty ship last DO mayonnaise like senate and played in hand well that wasn't the story a story let's hear him OK so I love those guys. Yes the grizzled mighty when you know the Wii yet they were setting up outside. And I side generator and I signed guitar amp and in terms that I didn't know they war I knew the grizzled variety doesn't like. Oh. I'm innocent I think I walk up like OK we can't have proof type music. And mean. They're doings in nominal park might do that school as I see this life of Hamas current charge and people eat sleep so it. I went up to them and was like hey. Oh my god you agree as Miami this year name an interim case I love your band. I felt awful even telling you this. Because seminal punk and I am totally new way you're about to do we keep it. In so they lake nearby Imus and the guess why. You're gonna inflation tomorrow I have a place you play and we sent a mop play next to this 200 yard slip and slide her. And they played was Austin we've became fast friends and we came back the next year round. Trampoline and I love that things just think outside boxing. And it is one of those in Armenia. It they are and and you know you things like that whole. I was askew. So OK let's operate in a world re admit that you've got some Jews accuse some credibility and makes things happen. Canucks let's just a bit different. Is that actually view them bring me on the radio pitcher when this is that you had this Jews long before this happened. In the first summit ever sought kick in yet as. Manifest who you put on and I Thelma instantly. Kept in his no mosques. I'm. I missed that band daily via daily. I met my wife and kids can environment which show yet. You know I just miss is delta can get them back. That's a real idea I mean you know what's funny is think I'm just really excited about. You know when you get to know these bands you just become really good friend who. You know like for you kick in this case like Bob has gone on in his doing like. He's doing that big fat wallet and Yang now it's. Let's. All of the lower the total hours I figured out what figured he oh I'm believe kingdom began yes they're very very different animal sounds like people. But I'm pretty terrible man means which is we are so many industry so many. You your accountants yours writing mean politely. Going instant familiar it's absolutely. And then Alex is becoming an architect yet so I mean. And I just you know he just kind of see these days and you become fans of what they're doing and why eggs and you know it's funny I when they kind of espionage and everything is going on. This weekend they're gonna Buick. Some form of the music industry in ten years from. And they're going to be two years RO contended it's. I think it will probably that's probably be accurate. And but yeah in and you know the only secret shows and things of retirement to lake we will be having this market. So you don't have to just keep your eyes out and look after this. A round of applied for each user with you losing Carnoy is somewhere off in the forests yep that's now. Not on schedule I'm pretty darn excited about those things the guys and I don't mind speak okay lifted its awfully ruler as we talk about Mueller earlier and there's going to be on the lineup. On what you. It would you think about Abraham. That was really cool yes it was I like bella I love the concept that is those three albums that I've seen it reminds me is being Connolly yeah it is for problems one he wrote one for each season when you're beautiful. Herculean effort to do that but are really done that yet I like them alive had them on the show on the cool I was getting Al geeky about their counterpoint style of play is here stuff which is really great but I just I was saying there's this kind of resurgence in tone. As easily just orchestration. To reminiscent of just some of the best things from the ninety's. You know so there's like Pacman agree Korean pop. And I. It's yen and land. I think. And just going to incur implanting the seat because it's worked in the past page book some time and after a plea ruler who you have vote among player abandon. Is near gear my heart is there from my hometown of average I think dish put them some time to either called tellers. I don't Ellis yeah there those guys. Salary so it's playing its plea. Easy laugh from ruin all play all of them totally back in a little bit more timber tock. Can answer if you. I. Okay. A game. Kevin million people texting and anyone know what we just played so on human form that was. If fewer if you destroyed your living room prod while listening to that was Beverly crusher. Coolest thing me and I have yet so in that. I have never heard those guys before and now I'm just like can we get them here we need and when can we get them here yeah beyond this Ossetia and you know I apathy rule they really rule they cool cool being cut loose wild stuff like that well we just it's cathartic we need to cut this in the need to be I mean -- I'd love to see this kind of like area of turmoil in our country. Pop outs and greet. Can rule. In Beverly pressure can sleep. For. As far as I can answer these are all things that I'm so excited to have him in the in the library for future is so low that during this this episode like we've we've just like you've played music I've never heard and I deeply music you've never uttered. Yeah I and I look we're we're gonna do it again yap were a good thing that everything you. I guess I mean I was so into it we just exciting to be about when your festivals were just sit down rumors can Joe's song for song yet. And trampling to its can be very and it's perfectly and I'm already giddy thinking about it I'm making a list in my mind of stuff I can't politically wise I got it is so let's. Let's let's circle back a little bit recess because we are getting to play really get this in one more break or we're gonna talk to McCain believes. So people if you just tuned in we get cancer from ours on booking who's getting ready Q do you what yours. Is your sixth sixth year of the timber outdoor music fest on carnation Washington not far. Now this is what 3040 minutes depending on traffic just outside socio economics on the weekends and minister non bias the it's it's really close by a lot of people can't make it super team to camp if you wanna camp during the week and a lot of lot of people who don't like camping the just. But it's not hard to go home they just go home and come back and it's it's just a fantastic weekend in the outdoors with rat. Music. Yeah and if your gonna camp talked park. Hard to be tired of these rivers. Passed a beautiful setting. And can be July 12 through the fourteenth that's. On. Now that's just a few weeks from now he could literally float in the river while listening to the means days yeah Massachusetts. Voters cool to handle the and you float in the river on multiple things things to your friends and aria yeah. What kind of stuff it's going to be out there people to enjoy kayaking paddle boarding we have the we're gonna he can go hiking with naturalness. And these two. He said before stargazing with astrophysicist lead at nine on Friday god. He had a day of may leave them I'd do a few things the way happier and with the telescope's new look at the cosmos and have your mind blown by. The universe in your place and they know. You guys do different stereo in the past I think last year had a flashlight egg game yet and unions this year we doing a really cool film's screening. Actually that's Friday think they'll back the we have. T bone Burnett. Injure Christi local immunity from series. About the mid just. Kind of these incredible stories of rock and roll. On drawn in recorded. House were doing from screening one beer popcorn the awesome play. And the only secret chosen wounds. And the SP Greek company Greek meters leak it is. Agree to learn so. Two Reeves music fest dot com bring your friends just counting tests come make new friends yeah find your new favorite band. There won't be people bury your anywhere during your children in years later five bucks I think that's pretty deal. Compared to past public festival prices that's good that's a proper. Rights we were motivated by non. Like by all the things we didn't like about the hassles that that's what inspired assistant to the office so. I think people. I mean yet tickets are hungry and last year sold out in every year it's kind of grown and it's going to be great time and you know just crews are out to music fast. In the lineup is insane the cruisers in your car seat headrest how to get down stadium cow crap naked giants Kremer handers. Cumulus send it Davis union of vipers. And and and a group that I've told you I think every year you ask me if I've got a wish list in nice and use in some ideas that may have had something to do I think I put these guys on there every single time yet he did and I'm so excited. You know Brothers from another on there have you seen these cats live for and have seen India's. It's insane yet. They put my birthday party that's cool and I there's video of that but it's not on line with the drug me up on stage. And if it's on the flight actually out there anymore forget it. And but I knew the words to that's what does it. I think you're my first interview yeah when mr. belittle it make blog trying to get in shows for free yet I think they were the first and they agreed. Let me interview and I told them that once like years later became friends and offers an argument that's coolers. And just like watch them. You know like beauty is now on to Mac or more it is clear that we mean stage at the gorgeous ask why it's like they've been. Doing so well on their music's always so much fun especially in the summertime. Year actually getting to the point restore to wind down mentioned here. Can't leave. Doesn't mean we can't keep saying now we go some. Yet I'm proud of basketball sized. And literally did that make game play. Yeah is my favorite sport. You have for people here except we mean Steve played hoops together I dare you try and stop cannon when he decides to undue pain. It yak is I can't release that. That's the truth your shoulders first and it's no. I'm a Teddy bear out there has CM a IE you know my trash tock is. Slot oops sorry sorry excuse me oops sorry it's me. Should yeah doesn't need to get aggressive and yeah and growth and angry. But it. Really important brunch all talk on locals only yes. OK so. We got the sad part. Out of the way we're out where we are we are coming to an end here but. Timber outdoor music festival defect in the show's almost over just means that we are closer news timber under music festival on July. 12121413. And fourteenth Allen told we don't park in carnation Washington. Which. Is I'm easing into the beautiful beautiful place beautiful place. And you know let's. So like let's strip away all the amazing things that people can do while they're there all the extra activities of which are now outdoor things. Stargazing and astrophysicist polling in the river on and you know tracks and panel boards hiking. Detaining all kinds with but by writing let's push all that away at you then let's talk about you know there's some kids shows the pretty cool let's post those away. And then we've got this amazing beautiful incredible place. Slide down away. Actually let's let's keep kitchens 'cause it's part of this. Insane wanna keep the ticket via this line up is incredible things and I'm just I want rendered him and I just played since over torch is there because they're going to lose or torches on timber line. Kersey had written a stick to the locals only school paper car seat headrest Padraig makes making giants Courtney Murray Anders. Industrial revelation you. Showed up for a surprise last year. Kind of members members right but this is a surprise this or not a surprise that they do something very special this year okay. I'm near collaborating with the northwest. Tapped connection. I'm so glad you brought this up because I looked up videos of them on line and it was is breathtaking. Yeah it's amazing northwest tap connection. Agree organization. Down and Rainier beach area. Slaney Melba I eco has formed police officers started. This school to teach young people to the art of dance and tap dancing as a means to help get them off the streets and when not in. The have turned out incredible performers. In and have kept this beautiful art form alive. And industrial revelation in my minor one of the most important bands in existence today here it is really moving. The heart of jazz in this direction that I've not seen before our. If he can imagine. Miles Davis. Inspired by from Ghazi and Radiohead in terms of like alive. I feel I don't know if you had my attention. But yes so it's going to be it's amazing first time ever. Who knows spotlight can collaboration between industry revelation. And northwest have connections amazing update its entry so. And it seems like she's been successful in this mission because I saw some videos and Errol iPhone yet the have some numbers yet so it's going to be awesome that's that actually might be the thing that I am most excited. To see come together. Timber finesse this year the it's it'll totally work. And I'm just excited to see what they do in Midland. Two. And in continuing down this line up I mean. Ruler cumulus. It's over torches Brothers from another display censoring nearer we just learned about the velvet jeans and Beverly crusher who. I can do in just over Beverly crusher stuff some marketing analyst and announce tomorrow my new home and it's quite that will keep you away from the link the regrets who have been sending me some of their new stuff that's yeah I did. And then a couple that I want play. Before we get out of here. Suit when you'd told me that the lineup was use shared a couple of songs with me being from a couple of bands that I was not familiar with Juan. We'll as. A live version of unrest from douse yes and I currently live version for a studio version here a minute but I was blown away so get. And then the cricket song from tinian vipers and I was never heard anything. Like this yeah if he just continues vipers crickets arm. If you wanna see when most incredible vocal performances just way. And we're about playing yet and then this guy's voice just missed it and then when you win. Kevin's. Correct. Which you'll find out here and we'll go buy tickets to profess their music fest com and come hang out I'm. I'm glad I. Think I. Told an article with. Because it is it's. It's an incredible incredible so yeah I'm so. Cool. Cancer thank you so much for coming in here thinks it's always such a pleasure to hang out of view and an organ played two really really gets on those. Let's go which were known to first. That's to pay it's union since it are the his voice let's do it sticker and you gonna like this and then go back next week with more. I guess is Nancy I'm sure it's amazing. Holy book the best. Eight. Okay use. Yeah. Yeah these. Game. Although the yeah and yeah. Feyerick is a car me on this whole lives in me again. Does. And them far away from home animal. Thank them sing. Song. Why they create games if college. Seeing all this apple. Appearances here. And his toe blisters and they'll win homes inches tall. There's up. Very. They have little baby on a flat. Run stand they have them here and yeah. And that Honolulu. Zero and then they'll get it down then up home. It's time. I got to leave the guy who's got again. Sending out an old man. The moon. It's me. Yeah I do great game series call me honest homes and lives here and it easy. I think you'll man always follow me only useful. May soon be in now. Okay. And the and then. You can see. The the yeah. We and I. It. And then and now. Who. And I am. I. Know. Soon. Nine games and and the wind and and stuff that yeah. And ruined lives the yeah. It stands now. The. My. And. Yeah. It's. Yeah. So. Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay. Me. Yeah. That was my interview with Kevin serve artist home booking in the timber outdoor music festival you can get your tickets coming out timber. July 12 through fourteenth at timber music fest dot com. And sealed cans agree artists Kersey had addressed how Kraft naked giant's core gamer handers. Cumulus Ruder added I can go on and on and on. But if you listen to show you just heard us talk about all of it played conscious that she do that coming out this going to be a lot of fun. If you like to show please -- over iTunes his subscribe maybe we use the rating and review those things help out in will be back next week with more the best music from Pacific northwest right here on the locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought Cuba won a seven point seven yen. 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