Locals Only Podcast Episode 29: Tim Wilson of Ivan & Alyosha and Kilcid Band

Tuesday, July 10th

Tim Wilson of Ivan & Alyosha is on the show playing some live songs, talking about his performance at the Freemont Abbey (7/10) and what's next for his band. Then Kilcid Band stops by to talk about their new EP and how hoolahoop jousting was born.

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In the dirt and pet you get a fair defense then me and I'm mad death on the system bringing it isn't show let's listen she. Oh man I love that song. This is locals only at the Seattle music podcasts brought you don't want a seven point seven yen and supported by our friends at Rainier beer. Money receiving Grammy to hosts a show and I'm so excited because tonight we're going to be getting more of what you just heard right there that is a little bit from kill sedan. There actually are locals only artist of the month. That first. We're going to be hanging out with Tim Wilson and I'm Alley OSHA hearing all about his upcoming shows Tuesday night at the around Tuesday depends on when you're listening to this podcast at the July 10. If you hear this in time. Go to the shelves it'll be quite get it. But if you don't hear it in time that's okay because the interviews still going to be very gets to stick around enjoyed the conversation learn great guest. And enjoy it more brand new music from the Pacific northwest right here on locals only the Seattle music podcast. We have a very very cool shows so stick around because at 9 o'clock our and allies that clock like that. Talking as hard my tongue feels today. At 9 o'clock we're gonna have kill sedan or locals and leaders of the month and here we're gonna play a bunch who will play their entire new EP I am excited to meet those guys environment for. But first I have someone here I have met before. But I haven't seen too long since the last time you did this show through before you had you had a big show at the Neptune coming up at nine your back promoting another show that's. A little bit different experience that I am really excited about I've Tim Wilson from I've Alley ocean state. Thank you for having me and agree to be always an honor and timber on a guitar for tonight's definitely going to be cool. It's him I'm very excited I I talked about this any time I get the chance. For those of you who are familiar with the round. About once a year the good folks over at the Fremont Abby arts and allow me. Come in there and cure rate this event of the around and that's what's happen again and it will be on Tuesday night the Fremont Javier it's an hour. Every once come I think it's going to be a lot of fun. And the way it works is we get three amazing musicians. And they get up on stage together and one person at a time please songs that we get three songs. Then. A poet comes up does poem. And we starter at the music again and all the while they're alive gainers on the sides of the stage painting turn and you can and did on their paintings at the end and if you. I have added. Yes it's it's very cool and Tim is going to be playing on that Tuesday night. With its Sarah Feinberg of tellers and Jason Q who we love who's been on the show a couple times. I was little Jason comes by is mom tax them and she's like your on the radio it again sounds like Jim helper. From the office. Which I don't think so. But it does kind of like I'll take it out of the office. It moms are always good to listen to that. Sunday night radio if you don't you know I'm guessing all of Seattle is also listens but mom tells. So that's why you know the then it's not well known that this is prime time radio but it is. But I'm excited you're here because I know it's been a little while since I now ownership about music. True and you've been working on some stuff yeah yeah. And we're gonna and probably do a little bit of that tonight. Mean whenever. We can do possible now we can come back into later era you know you warm up whatever you wanna do Amanda. I I'm just really excited to see you. In sort of the and a Ager bring in some people back Cuba you know on Tuesday right yeah yeah battled. I do com yup. The around two sets of Randy unique experience. And love how and the arts this continues to support. On the arts community in Seattle. But yes a Tuesday in a place. Kind of non Ivan finale of says songs exe solo songs that mean. A lot to me. But yeah my friends Torre Anderson is gonna back me up on the piano and vocal. Victoria Tori yeah plants with. Chris or allows key and so we're torch is lots of people yeah tag and it ruined. And Keith Thomas on cello. And my body Jamison do than on pedal steel gorgeous pedal steel so. Yeah I look forward to you plan some some songs that I've written like a said it. The the mean a lot to me and I feel like times like this it's that our shows like this. It's more about just kind of doing what I want and kind of relaxing in in kind of it's going after some songs that. My instinct says Haiti's that are these are dead and they they mean something and even not recorded yet or whatever. I love playing them and it's there's almost a piece about that where as I NA. We try to get pretty dialed in and rehearse a lot and we played to click track whenever. The but like again moments like this. I might have been afraid to do this in the past and kind of strayed from. Whenever I inning guys who were due and but I feel like it it's life giving to me in a musical way and I am. That I can just get up there and end saying it eases some songs that may be never made it on mine near records that. Again means a ton to me you know I was listening them so it's a these just aren't out there in the world yet and I hope we're gonna record tonight that's right yeah. I'm very very say and if you I knew I feel like this stuff we'll plant and on the locals like podcasts and the next couple days for people to be able to check out and they can injure it again if Newton though if you want ago you sir hello to him every argument and I'm gonna get it and just live stream this over onions FaceBook pitched him. Right down. Well this is a song. This is a sleepy summer songs. But again I love to call we will meet again. So. Days days seem to AA east. They need the sun was. That today he and children playing and. So. And he. In. Match and so. And yeah. Zone. Evening in Nashville. Really where I mean. Again it's and I. And then. Yeah we win these. Twins. Game. The. Any time. Key is no friend. And how is that is Malone. And do lasts. Florida. I was it is. Ends. Some. Me and you'll hair does he manages grass home. And me. Come on me. No we live. No need. Game. Okay. Pollyanna we will need admin. So listen. And it ain't. The. On the the son. Ali is being made back. Just saw evidence acting scene. I'm standing. Rad in frown. NGU a road that leads me season. Home let's all have a dream. That saw have a smoke. Into the moaning and today. Was the game ends. Dan. Flower Asians and you all hands us each is. And he is come me. Now we live on me. And some games. Yeah we were. I need a. Some day and. I don't know ten. Mean yeah. So London. ME mailed me asking. Some. And these things. All man. Sweden team room. Well I mean I haven't talked about how things get qualified for those records can I don't understand it I think I've got questions aren't you pleasant this out wanna play one from tellers they released a record earlier this year ago and the skin is Sarah from tellers can be performed via. Come back chat with you a bit more. And here another one chair to salute this is to granite they were gonna have more. From Tim Wilson and Ivan now answering some more stuff on the couple's home and hear more about the round this Tuesday night at Fremont arts and you can hear more what you just heard. And maybe lose this as well as hollow from tellers. You're. Maybe. It's. I. Only man. Jeans and then. Jane is sugar. Ace. Yeah. Disease. Okay we're back and now with that Tim Wilson from now in addition on the locals on plane. And I would say tonight or proving that statement from that little jingle is is the best music from some of the last. And I'm so excited because is. Getting it are you guys seeing you know power thing man. Currently at the moment. I am doing. Great. Just got back from. San ones if there's any transplants in the recent transplants in the Seattle area. Who've never been in the sale island's economic yet don't let people trick like the coast is fine like it's fine but the islands I always think about it in terms like. If that. Scenery that you get when you ride that fairy how to Lopez Marcus or something yeah if that was in. Like the south of France or something you wouldn't stop bragging about the places you Valencia. The thing after that we take it for period. Because these are amazing it's beautiful we were talking actually this week grip on Lopez island which is tackle my happy place. Is my happy place I love it. There's nobody is like 2008. Full time residents there but you're saying that one the minute the sun comes out in. Understand one's really could be could be Italy could be the south for all of these places and never meant that with a little bit of sunshine. You've got that kind of dry. Pine smell in the air in its lenders I don't know. It's just incredible as agree is peopled by writing it's. Gorgeous it's a few. Get a chance get up there in my appointment to the kids to orchestra for spring break senate to a now constitution in. And it don't mean to make this and a place. I had a concern here talking to profess to. Kevin which comes in play and while you played him fast. Yeah we have first timber facts yes we did did we yeah. Well because I've ever because of being canceled and I'm now she jumped and that's it that's very last minute. Timbers amazing anything artist's home does swear there earth ever where we're asked we love those guys so much it's this coming Saturday and going to be out there ultimate Kevin's like Tim said. To task and settled for free seriously there's not many people will. And yes Kevin is ending its Asia cannons on those guys that you always take the call and you always try to do that he asks him as he's. I would say housing about this the other day that those guys are big reason why. We the we're kind of warmly welcomed in the Seattle music scene several years ago with our first time dove a first time timber. Even coming in our foot in the door here KXP whatever we. We kind of never envisioned that we would be a ban would become. An accepted part of this community which. It was just ninety's and won I don't know I don't know because we kind of we are you hate yourself a hot. We joke grow we we make we make brunch way and as we like to call we make dad rock. Home going beyond so. And I enjoy it I think what we've done what. I think we've always. I think I'm an Elliott said the strength has always been a song writing and I think we've had that. The luxury of developing over the years making records tutoring. I think we're just really thankful to kind of be on the other side of kind of some some of those grinding years where. Now I mean we were talking about the new record earlier I feel like now. Rim maker record a data rock record but something that we are really proud of and is pretty substantial and match here. And if we're saying that you were kind of like man what are the what are other people who think that it's. In a good way thinking like. This is. This is something we're excited really excited to show to people. I mean he dissects I was right now I was firing up just a fire tweet about or Brunswick. Now I listen to Pashtun migrants who I'm if I'm glad. That you're accepted even if you aren't idea stand on your the outlook isn't that outsiders this you have seen. They gonna the idea of your music being the bad boy is this the scene that. The suburban yet that always. But I think that's the thing and maybe that's. What I love about music and I think. Here's. And maybe some people might not agree with this but for asked the music has. Become kind of a means to an end and that end is like always their relationships in the doors and opens for us to. Have conversations with people like we're having right now and in. Plan a show and talking afterwards or whatever so I think music has always been a door that opens. A sop to those to those conversations and relationships if that makes sense I think that's the way we've been accepted is. We kind of dug in deep. Suggests that hang with the you know. By any means necessary and I said yeah. Yeah I ending that's what it's all about we learned that may be early on two from a lot of great artists that we toured with his. Kind of shockingly some of the bigger part as cuter than they were the ones getting. Off the bus after the show. And spending time with people like taking a line of people signing and hugging and pictures and make yourself available via I think. Vats may be. Thomas More than even just kind of maturing in in the music that we're making you know bullets another level of giving people an opportunity to feel like a part of something yet out you know and think yeah you're buying the record coming out to the show. You know getting some march or something that's one thing that him being a little light actually and it and see death cab for kitty for years. And I got my picture taken with the band the first time I like eight and a half ago. And I certainly it was a death camp for like at least fifteen years and probably longer knew him closer it is like eighteen outing but it. Like on their forget the moment to walk a project standard and now let's here it is never gonna forget it. And that's in in Iraq to these days as you kind of keep you can't I think maybe gone are the days of aloof. Or kind of separate the rock star whenever you you do have to use it is about those relationships you have to. And you have to develop those relationships. Even in off the fans sending whatever like. Those are the people that know you and love you that are going to be the deal folly in consume whatever you put out for years you know if the question is there. Don't don't get too big for your britches as an old boss of mine used to send. OK so you heard you know part of the reason you're here history settled for people who may have just union you're going to be playing the Fremont arts dinner on Tuesday night as part of the round. What does that start. South. I mean if they did so just some more background I booked it I'm not sure what time it's Republican and a pronouncement. You can get more information at the round dot org I believe. Some 8 o'clock or something action in the unanimous. In its content and by. No brainer OK let's round. We've got to the round 158 with kennels and about mr. Feinberg tellers which we just listen to you in that. Is amazing. It and you know you're ugly from different in your stuff like that that aren't now and states it they have you. Yet doors at seven shows and yet you and then noticed the Q loss. Who will be joining us former sound off champion Jason Q he's got the title belt. A Gayssot do you wanna do another line forms yeah. I deal. Let's do songs of bittersweet old world just another song that selflessly I wrote a long time ago. And then it's on the means a lot and I love planet so here we go bittersweet old world. It's. That's very rare stuff can prove. It every thing saloon. Am. This train is he used any moment. Passing downs out of this season. The men. Sooner team. Because my advanced was mayor of took to the India. Fall mean. It's a me. Yes indeed. Own ver. It's hard. Swinging. Holes were. Is now last saw the may be banned them. We have the news all she did. But some things. Xie Xie says he's seen. In now one day he closes ago. That suggests. Around the corner and. Sounded. Frauds is laying singing and reading. It's a me. This indeed. So her. It's a game. Paris I mean. It's. How old were. Honest to me. And flown. It's a visual. It's Sony's. Move. There and then to have some. And. This is the so so if you show to get so confused. Look around he now. Is now XUL demanded snaps. It's. Some ease their old. It's a and me here. Oh. And. Honest man. In. Van. I. It's a big. Did two. It's indeed. Feel. Yeah. And. I. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It. It's. And yeah. Yeah. The well I can't wait for Tuesday. Mississippi and I'm gay and I get private concert from and Myanmar on my favorite singers on my favorite local bands is great. Are atlases Jason Q is also going to be joining you know with the round on Tuesday. He is a French. Hoskins I so it's plea one from his fantastic new record is to map this year and the and that would back a little bit. Talk some more on how recently prepared uncannily tangent and that's climate we can make time. Are it will be back in just a little bit more locals only with Tim Wilson and I mean now wish. It's. GM. It's. And. Okay. Yeah this is locals only and 17 point seven Ian in that is supported by our friends at Rainier beer which I think. Is pretty cool I'm wearing my ring your shirt. I wanna he's full I want it I found that thank you it's simple it's it's like it's in your face bit understated the same time. Now is it an official slogan of Rainier that they are the champagne of Beers or is that just signed dances and that's actually I think that's the official slogan of a different. It's but look at out what I'll say is you know what you're says it is probably knows I mean if we can't say that we can't discount his feelings now. Catholic who we. He likes the champagne in the years old now it's this year and yet he'd be right his house whether it's. She passed him dad you listening. Also my friends who keep tagging mean things about her fantasy football draft and doing radio stopped it. You figure it. Stance on the analysts I'll pay you in June 26. I will ultimately. But I'm very excited we just Curtis and Jason Q who can be during knew at the round at the Fremont had our senator. On that she's this week that is the tent and go over Fremont and he got word. For more information or what's the round dot word also. Right. So is it suggested donation. At the door when he's now none and I think it's like need some routinely tenant Tony about a dress like eight dollars of your student there's nothing uh oh okay I'm not. A lecture I surprised by tickets. Philly it has its content and yet it sounds standard I think what it is I think you can pay twenty. For light campaign in reserve the first two roads. Otherwise it's like wherever you show up but let's Steve talk about the around in the avenue and lake what they exit the scene for people. So last round I played with. Was with like Bradford Loomis said earlier this and you know and it is a really intimate environment I mean the Freeman and he's obviously such a beautiful place beautiful church. Upstairs is a gorgeous rumor I've been to several weddings and other shows treated like Noah Anderson's. Christmas show up there. Oh yet to be Dick Anderson chemical testing in the just a beautiful venue. Beautiful stained glass and those is downstairs as awesome as little wine bar them if you download that sort of thing that. I just love that kind of in cement closer environment you don't really get that the time and these days I just think it's it it's a unique. Space to hear music to see art being made. I don't know forgive and slam poetry on Tuesday as well but again I love how. Abby arts just kind of curious a lot of this stuff this combination of visual and music and poetry in. It is really it's local. It's as local as again it's you know I end again. And so appreciative that they kind of stick with this and continue to kind of Foster that every single month second Tuesday stealing how often as their cool thing go to on Tuesday. Just never just about never. Except for that. They have or once a month. So I'm excited it might be my favorite. It's my think my favorite format for an doing like music as part of the things are one of the things I love about. Doing shows for much Abbey's. And producers packed full performance and it's hard because there's like. There are some rock clubs in Seattle go to you see somebody playing excellent opening the year before Anderson cleaner they're playing themselves. And you guys and like no disrespect to bartenders because they job to do but it got ice sloshing back and and you get people talking music in the right. The only this art is also very important even those batters into drummer and you know electric guitars. Since and everything that. I think that this this. Sending. Its really perfect for this kind of performance. You know. Segue this brings up the story and I'm on instant conversation we have an amount like we planned it. Richard swift who is reaching recently passed. I saw swift opened up for will come and see who that swift was. And an acoustic echo opening set and it worked it was that Mary Moore park he was a premium for will go in it was unfortunate how many people. Talked to dissent. And they kind of shared some of those frustrations. After I think that two or that they were pretty fed up with people just kind of getting drunk and talking through her over the music yes but Adam. They yak in in talking about are thinking about the swift to you again recently passed away. He was. Steeper influential I would say one of the more influential songwriters. To myself so I know my brother's well. He. And he will be he will definitely be missed for sure yet definitely one of those. Like giants behind the scenes. Like using some great band and make decisions in issues he was in some incredible bands and then. You know I. My favorite songwriters in danger. Damien dried and Richard Smith made a three or four records together. And I think certainly America was one of my favorite albums of all time yeah. And it's amazing producer. Hands and is so we were Stockton earlier Steven and you know. Just about swift in I have not seen him for years and it was really it was a huge bummer to find out that he was having some health problems that. I've spent some time with him. Years and years and years ago in Los Angeles Sidon is there to pursue music I did nothing of the sort I parked cars. I. Went into songwriting rounds and open mikes and I never played. I would walk out before my scheduled time because I was a friend. But it was that time that I met swift and I meant you like Thompson plays bass now for. Father John misty. Jessica Dotson to. Also diversions. Yet. So and I met all these people. Within the context of the church on up one day at this church on Hollywood presbyterian. And so for mile informative in many ways but it was also it was relational it was musical. It was a spiritual element to it like we would go see these guys. At clubs play clubs in the wee team on Sunday they were basically like the house and at the church and I'd go home now and smoke cigarettes. In between sets and we kind of fallen back in like. Kind of press him on who they were listening to what they're doing and who are who argue it's. But it it's is incredible looking back now and it's. Kind of tragic that he doesn't get to continue to make. Music. Moving forward back however however he's left in insane legacy and as. Influence how many. Artists such as myself. Them but I yeah I can't say enough I. It's it's. Super sad but I also know that he. He was such a kind man he was such a deep thinkers ingenious you know. You know him his contribution was huge. I mean tell you the if the first song you play it and then and then this last when the display in this cover for Richards wit which was beautiful by the way. You know in some whistling. And I want you know like another round is all about collaborating. There's not a whole lot that I have. In you know in my back pocket that I really pullout help view it. It's and they come in on the whistle whistle did that's a move that I might actually be able to jam pull off and I think that you've earned that right here in English open honest. Jim grab a Mike. They actually might give me a microphone at some point you mean last time if they let me do the like the public service announcements about it. And I snuck in now I mean I know we talk. Because that's now we hear. And thankfully people's though. They may mean introduce you guys again. Which would be an honor by the way I don't know if that's the plan that if I get to it was case the in honor. If you're just joining us we're hang out with Tim Wilson and I value OSHA talking about the shoe coming up at Fremont the arts and on Tuesday night can be playing the round. With Sarah Feinberg tellers and Jason Q. Both we heard earlier in the hour. And it. We haven't. Really. I didn't dive in yet too much into what's going on Ivan now OSHA and the last mess are you guys were playing. He show at the Neptune which is very cool. And I. I at that time discount what's going on using the new record. And now were almost a year and was out last September that's yeah so we're almost a year yeah. I mean with I mean you record and a half I thought we. Were pretty much done we actually do. We do stirrings this week. On three more songs with our buddy Brian barker. Formally of Barcelona. 90 currently. With. Let's see citizens and kings kaleidoscope and bunch of other stuff that he's working on. So yes strings and then we will mix. And then work kind of you know we're kind of looking to fail big if you know. I think we. We're kind of beyond any sort of kind of contractual agreement with labels or booking or whatever. Almost a free free agent if you will. So we. We would like I think we're really proud of the record that we've made it. We think the songs are chair we think the performances are special. And we. We really do we've. Believe in it in a way that is refreshing and I think really exciting. After again maybe some years of grinding it out and kind of plane every crummy bar from here Saskatoon. Canada. And I think you just kind of the the ideas that we'd be pretty intentional about. Who releases it and win and what we do on the road. But like I said we we still believe in it we we don't. Need or earth will it doesn't. Need to be some sort of big thing but I or whatever legged. It just needs we want to vote songs have life and we want people to get behind you who really believed in. And I think is just an honor to keep. Continue to do it to make music to play ten people come out to appreciate the ban and continue to grow. At fan base in that connection those relationships so. Are saying. It's a special record. And I can't wait for people here it. When the it comes out I have no idea I think we're almost done we would like to get it out before SXSW. And so which would be early next year okay. So Michael do that but a couple things first. That is one of the greatest response is anybody's ever did in when talking about. Their own music. On the show a lot of times you know people come in and now it's coming at night and I am you can now. On the state. It's a new deal here's more. It's late but you know it just fine that are in those that was ha. Ha ha it's quite tough now I wanna. Now like even he has as a fan of your ban only down here more music and and he said that we have to get my hands and thank and I consider in the sessions. So into what it is ready whenever that is you come back and connected to the show bring the bring the bullies and bring you the Valencia. Arson just as we're getting to a point with timeshare. And and I listen we have kills have been waiting in the wings if I mean business at 9 o'clock. Do you wanna do another one for us to do it just primed for a Tuesday night -- yeah. And I think this one kind of ties it all up real nice it's a song called by the time I get to Los Angeles when I had. Dreams of Granger and I still do I really do deliver stuff man but. I think. And there are more moisture and realistic. Lebanese you prone areas hit a in his skull by the time I get to Los Angeles. That us some idea to Los Angeles serve in the wrong key. Forgive me Seattle nobody who might in this. Never get old. It's only two Los Angeles takes you. It. If that was some I did so lessons or months. The event that is a gun or no home. I mean. Yeah about it some I did zoo Los Angeles's. Mean Venus and Anna Gunn I'm. Saying yeah. So be careful. Two this time. Because it down to use them. All of these things we've been praying and phone. I slowly eat coming true. Let the grass is always dream now. On. There's no turning back now. Give that some guy gets in less chances it. Passing downs on and go out and matter of being. Image he did and compare that loses. We have no money from the pocket Amman to lefthander thirteen. So movie can't full. Do this. Visit so. All these things you've been trained fold. All alone with your dreams that. And he mavs main guy mouse now. Within their own thing Blair us and gonna change young man. That's some that I game. Fact see us sands. And then. Yeah V thing is changing and you know I'll staying the same. Yeah I'll list. And tell them. Mean. That'd live dean is way. Leave us. You know that. Hands say it is going to be seeing him and we'll go there as to. It is. Between these two could have been. He had. Saying. These kids had to Moses is. Jim pain. Can you not think last. And don't things man. Gonna genes young man. About the sound that game. In fact he loves dances. And. Tags. Sends me. Well man has corroborated. That is great artist a couple of things one island that I think that should be is on its released an out there for everybody here also. I got a bunch people who have been texting and all our warning in the names of the song you're playing. And there are upset because they can't find them anywhere and having it held its people. They're not released yet the answer is there like view from the tables in America. It says what's great about stuff like this you're so kind have me on. I feel like action. V it's almost like the birthing process. It just a quick reminder yes you can go see Tim Wilson here these songs about it then maybe zone moment of calculus on your plan. Out of the field on abbey art center on Tuesday night tickets the door or use connectors Fremont abbey dot org. Could Kamensky tickets and coming up at the round. And it's going to be very very cool Chenault. Kim thank you so much for coming by is it tough on. We are in the second hour of locals only on one with seven point seven yen presented by our friends reading your beer captures sadness after the game he freeze. I am now hanging out with kills the band in studio. From its Port Townsend you know and ideas wanna say. Jolt. Is here again. Where's your punch card yeah. I think evidence carrier Abraham not to. Right now the guys that are airing. We might be best we've had some exits recently. But the that the reason one that kills have been hearing and actually it was before I. We had some recent developments here at the station where. Unions are locals there's the month but it was actually reaching out to your publicist way before and you can happen wanna get these guys in the deacons now. I love this song. And I sent it over to John Manley is music director here and he'd like sometimes I've like campaign a little bit. Now I'm not not this guy and he he may decorate it is my son in the summer this is a jam I can't wait for is on the radio. So I'm not sure what your goals were. The that was one of them linkage. It's quite so when we go around the horn introduce to some introductions. I'm interest in them what is singers. Jules. He plays guitar it's I'm on Connor. I am also one of the lead singers world the lead singer brilliance that. I'm one of them and I played keys and guitar. Smooth manner. I'm Christian and I played jumped. My name is Kyle and I played boom boom tees. Let's no that seems like an accurate. A presentation that. So guys I had not ever heard of you guys before and telling an email from the lovely folks at reineck media. Telling mean listen to the single watch this video which we're gonna get into the video later for sure cut you down here. But can we just get sort of the let's get the kill civilians story. Whoever wants to take the reins. Okay owned. I connected though with Carter and Kyle about eight or nine years ago only just started. Making music together and we actually formed the coast have been. Not too long after that day it went through some different incarnations. Flu what we're looking at right now this is like the truth kills and then. And that's been going confident about three years has been actually really cool to be working on stuff for so long because. Because I got a chance to develop sound build up and slow back catalog with some songs than. Get to the place for real now. And yet as we've been a ban for three years but we have like. Eight years of you know overcoming all the drama of mean again banned him on an anchor this site were built for tough now because Asia all of that. All of us pitfalls in I mean has seen it. Yeah. And and and stuff with most of them that they there record years and we've actually all live together I mean as every ever accused. And you have to yes I think. You know and Christine O Christian interest in all these tests you know. Let's that is inherently that you you finished up practice and then flake grant all. Knocking us. Because we live here yeah yeah yeah and the I mean I know at that we've we've learned. That really the best practices don't happen like with in any close proximity of your bedroom like if you had if you go somewhere. To practice since it is sacred thing that you know were actually misses. Desperate in some work done with the straw that gadget than if it's yeah it does not physically it test your house used to burn fewer calories during their receive invested. You can't just wondered hamsters and jams in the winters coal. Via. Wolf we've been we've been we've been practicing in his. It's he built the garage. For his house but it's not insulated so it's been great this summer action this summer it's been too hard on monster in the winter was little bruise. Is kind of like those athletes that train. You know for running and likes super high altitudes like it was so cold our fingers wouldn't work so by the time we got to the show. It was I was just hit it tonight parents terrorists yeah MC MX what is it like technically tartans this. I you can play like one good note good slide. So that your team just came out on a friend who. Zachary that's right that's I mean. Well OK let's do this for the sake of time on a play in the first single on clay because gig on and wanna come back and kind of talk about that process. And two in the some more stuff I wanna get to know you guys a little bit scratchy lot of ticket and that's them there aren't listed this is the big date gone. From kill sedan new stuff on locals only you're gonna hear all month almost sunset and into these guys are at locals only artist of the month and I'm proud of it. Who's going around and take here. Laettner. Had to get a fair defense then me and I'm not get the Mississippi bringing it isn't showed us listen that she's there. It's. Yeah Gmail and. Kill civilians in studio. I write that song. You can get gone is going to be stuck in my hand for amber I love and I'm not unanimous I love that sock. You guys need to absolutely. Amazing. Who areas music video for that song that involves the who's who casting. And if you watch that music video on YouTube or we've got it over on locals only blog over 177. Yen dot com. There is another video that follows it. That is like how true. Yes. Can we did you invent who the hoop jousting. Why I didn't and they did it together a kids. Let's let's get into the studio where did this when did who have jousting become a thing. How to become the concept this video. And also can you tell us all how to also have more fun than everybody else. That's. Absolutely okay started again real quick though. I met a Buddhist among. She is not where I was gonna start out. Who she she was picked retired from being of Buddhist monk and she washed dishes that this restaurant or at work called the summit cap pay him Roosevelt. She did whooping for exercise that house linked to dust pretty cool and using yet it's really cool and so. She go. I got a hoop and it was like you know store about hoop and adapt when they're still making some decent heavier weight ones and don't make cuts and I each have lumber that hoop Arab. Don't heads up you know just content. But were like super competitive dudes so the next step was like. Hey. Why critics amassed these together. Until only one person who puts stills Nash was still go on. And do you think the sport is born. And though that's where it came from that we're gonna happen about 18 of revenue whooping move just him for twenty years and then. We had this kind of visionary effective school like he's cool dudes verses that he's cooler dudes. Actual who leads. And really who. Do you think the trapeze in the goth yes look at that as yeah the closet joke you know like vs start Britain this with a slight twist is that things deeply think about it this is what should happen in The Breakfast Club yes there ago. But I know. Every nickel classic sounds good yet that's kind of I don't adios. But jewel really was like okay. Okay. OK if you do that and he had grabbed the ball or the loop as the I guess it's a derailment and his started. He he and actually Campbell were the co directors and the ages. Really went nuts on the organization making sure everything was as a mean story boards. With you know hand drawn pictures of load be happy I was like holy that you it yeah well. I was out of all of us that story board and I mean it's and I mean I've. Requirements in quick when your kid and you wanna make a video you're not gonna take that step to let let's let's start filming night rats that are all in all does happen but it never does so with. You have is immaculate and it really is our story board. Was that I can 980%. Avoid use its thoughts I don't know it's it's cool to have that much you know premeditation. And that the madness that. I think mine there and watch the view my wife yeah we're both laughing pretty. Easily pride in its. He's in treatment. The delegate duties. Things each time it's not a long video I don't know which game at the rounds only writings about having him. OK let the law of the Middle Eastern. But in that Hillary wins in this. Like chalk it balloon. Days. With that. Tick box of give those rights protests. Even though the extent I think it's. In all stained yeah yeah I just can't lies lies. That is is my wife and I were watching globe this weekend's season. And actually it was Susie homes and amber we're gonna watch the season and excited and apps to watch him I was like really. Tennis stressing about I was looking at the clintons out of time to watch this. An Alley before to lead to do radiance I have to and the public I think about this all right. But at one point. They've somebody blows some dust and some space in the ring and it's whole area. If you don't watch the show check that circus play that I didn't think that it is. But yet the video's fantastic and we encourage everybody to go and watch do after the shows we're gonna play some more about them you can sedan EP. Right now. Tenth place at the next yen one thing to note if you do you go and visit the YouTube. It was a bend state would love it if you subscribe because we intend to keep coming up with a lot of fresh popping on as time goes on the up and belong to the next incomes. Well I'm glad you said that also there was some an island rescue units that are in the air. And I don't know how violent this much time go by because this trying to respect the guest. I didn't he retired Buddhist monk. Yes that's that the you can walk away you going up to share their likes image that you sent a contract and then after accidentally years like. How no it's all commitment in the first place and so I think crew levels commandments like you know on the go back now among the world and at her I think the way she did it I was like I'm gonna go back among the people and live it. You know and I mean that she didn't wanna be Clijsters I think she wanted it to be the PC down and sheer. That's the rather etiquette obvious them so. That's way more than an act of an explanation victorious. In his strong Steve and looted so who may is. Okay and that that's I mean guys that RN causes diseases that said who for any music from kill sedan on the was going stick around. We're back in just a little bit. But more from kills that. I it's. It's. In the and it. He. Okay. We're. Oh. It's. Yes we are back with more locals only like it there's no commercials that means I can talk to cool people like till sedan during sphere right now. And OK guys so far off the new EP. Two for two. Chances are both fair again so thanks for me to get stuff. I want to ask you guys. Now that we've had stories about. Who moved jousting and you know. Retired. Buddhist monks and how the music music you got me. Cornell like what are you guys into. If you guys are playing shows who you love to play with if you're going out he see a line up. For local bill. Around town like who's gonna give you out of the out of my house. To go to a show on. I'll tell you know one thing that my brother told us and good you're entered or I am I really enjoy the bread and butter I think they've got to really fund sound that they've got going on. I think I was totally blown away by The Who who eats. They over and men and then within months they flick their energy in Arizona think this is funds out of school. So. Yes nominate somebody great and lie and in particular is late. Yeah those guys are from Libya and I think yup and just. And I've been listening to this for a long time and super excited to finally play with them. August 4 plane in Port Townsend the seller or the lake. And yeah. I've absolutely for a long time. He's the pictures of an average and making them clean shows a bunch and they still do this they still come to town which was fantastic. I'm a friend of mine mangled remains my best friend. It was you were for the south would be records of his over on the island a lot and he went to some festival music there's a span. They're called Davy island there amazing and then we had lake pulling an average you can expect that that's the band. And you know not the same but by the same guys and I daily island in here and I like they're break the least of late and those everything they do is perfect. It's. Just puts me in the best you know it's good for pretty much anything any anybody else. Or Indians. We had warned dunes featuring Julie amassing yeah we had them in here. Yeah their stuff is there a very cool and hundreds like duck it's kind of two yards. And a little bit which is notre compliment. It's it's been very cool. Do you guys and he does have a show coming up. Three point one that you political. Should come again and then only if that's going to be a relief until August 4 in port town. At the seller real. Pockets idols and really I had driven through port towns I've not spent a lot of time. It looks adorable I'll give you could seekers though quick is that thing. It was called the city of greens. It was intended to be. The jewel PC of the West Coast and northwest both the years ago or to order you know it's funny is in high school we do watches the history I would stop it average disposed of units that he could that's where Iger got the go ahead. Path. A this is where the railroad was supposed to though yeah it was it was gonna go through there and that they sort of build this vehicle was city and so they build these brick buildings downtown and that the early eighteen hundreds of dollars. And then there robe and them went to Tacoma which bicycle with code that you destiny. Because it's the railroad actually matter Manson on the Internet emerald city importantly right now acts. And whatever. I don't know if we've things we had a thing called ever massacre ones which can do that there's. I don't know that cost you. That's not renew our adrenaline that. Maria. Imported to him back into. That he's the end of the night his last memory and talk on the air again so whoever's. Hearts. The time again. For Saddam. OK I've had a good time yet I can buy you Allen a note that dump button looks like I've heard about it. It's you know in the old studio I feel he used to view is that the biggest play on the board issue right now what's funny is it says. It says dump on it but it's a green button in green usually is like positive. And I still think he should feel like you went and caution have read it yet talking if pick. Feeling the journey older and this golf green after the Mike's yet and uglier than a giant and I'd sit there and on the microphone yeah I don't make the rules and is that the play of disease and it's but viewers tuning and you accuse who's been talking about your first question idea who's even though it. I've got to kill sedan in studio and we're talking about their great new EP discount. Can graduates and bundling thank you. Win this. You know you get through this process was the following through and the but how long was it done before came. And you know. That's that's that's a time that's a hard question to answer because it done is like a moving target yeah Arabia and so I Pablo is still all right yeah yeah there were. Long story short it was like we we have a lot of wrapped up in these songs and I think at the point where it was like OK we've definitely spent along. Of time on this. At that point where that what was spend that time. Additionally to make sure that it's also Austin since there's so much maligned. Given that it's taken someone's done it well that'd be pretty is that says it's been awhile. I would say that it's very did and and yet as. You hired decree publicist pushes he had Lori in lorry carrying. And and a right that so awesome thank you they're listening I'm on a lot of lists. Third place driver that ever herald for like seven years or something and than. Just in music stuff and then doing things here. And you a lot of like hey listen this emails. Riot act media is the only one it like every time I'm Nelson every single time beaches. I think they must be saying no to a lot of people and paths. We don't just take everyone's money. And it yeah your name on the stuff like you are in Q and think I'm going in to post do their job if your publicist don't take everyone's money. That's true and as you know I was wary of that you know we we we have worked with a publicist until now but I don't know yet she'd she offered so much of herself personally believe. Yeah I mean you know image it was really goes is that the you know wasn't really a business transaction by any means. China to Nathan and Lori Ali Antonio mystery team there. So now that it's out. You know you guys went through that processes. You know it's done OK and on the retreat this announcer Al. How do you feel when is it is really exciting to finally get it out there is kind of like man assisted out there. Known as crucial crucial we've should you need to be out there event now that thing is is that. We've got plans for the next step for best authority you know got four tracks we've got hurting earmarked for the next single actually relate your ego says is. Usually how I actually in the interview says skid that you you can help me out that because now is feel a little strange especially on a band just released something. Mean it's like only get too far ahead of ourselves let's celebrate the now ranked. But. Now even now really is something that was done a few months ago threat threat like. In some ways yes so what can people expect that means they get of the show coming up in August August we have a show coming up this door I think one thing right now and that's all I can say. Literally all I can say. Top secret and that's on hold stupid but in this case it's lose legit. We got something in the works right now. Percolating. And we're gonna be making a really big announcement this week. Noodles that after a couple of railway yard though. I am hooked to go I wanna keep your ears to you know under the tracks that that was going to be making a big announcement about them that's potentially coming. And look at subscribe old Arnold there's no word used there. That's important now. We're making a big announcement about something potentially. OK go is going to be making an announcement. It's gone down if you go to neighbor YouTube's site and subscribe. You're gonna get some coming down the pike that's gonna blow your mind it's it's it's more of just like a thing acting that though we can say the musically. We've got a couple really exciting tracts. Our next round schedule thing is some more work around for release in September is the hope. Next plane and release. A few things hears of two things that you need to follows the first go to YouTube. Look up till sedan subscribe and keep your do it immediately because apparently some there's. Announcement hot takes come and yes they're gonna wanna be subscribed that you're ready what's going. Number two if you just two Indian you're like what's going on the sounds awesome and I wish it would have heard this full interview you can you can go once described the locals went podcast on iTunes or stitcher every listen podcast. And it can be serene view if you like is those things help out and you can hear the rest of this the next couple days when he gets released on that podcast and all songs from not kill sedan. Also. You have a voice that leaves me concerned that I can lose my job that you you have such a great radio related to aging FX. I do look I think give future changed today museum and keep them you don't let a few of the songwriting thing that he appears psychic is I mean. Some day. Clearly alienating Hillary is hail from awesome to each other yeah oh yeah I can pick and rolls and can just games. Homeland I don't know like we might lose some listeners to gain some new ones yes and no bit like this. Some balance demographics and ethnicity. Everybody thank you so much for tuning in was into the show olympians injury to sedan. Thank you guys so much for coming it is great to meet you and see you again. And I wanna play the let down. And then if we have time I'm able to do and from Warren. The 024 FF I. I know I don't have to have clarity every act I just feel like it's important I mean I right now live into got that coloring years ago of them mariners. On team that all of those things. Do you do for gonna drink a beer. Drink a ring year I think right. This is yet it's an easy sell like you know and I found out that Rainier is going to be supporting Michelle was like that's. Talking about that I would look at that that are generally down highway on the ways though to be on the idea from arson from Ireland this year yet the economy yet it that's where it's near beer. It. This is the more brand new music from kill civilians is a let down. And that the creepy you can get it anywhere in the music available. Now Natalie Anchorage and thanks for listening to night. It. And it's been. It's. I hope you enjoyed the interviews with Tim Wilson and I'm an Alley ocean and the guys kill sedan just a matter there are locals only ours the Monte building here kill sedan on the and all month long I think you'll like sugar check out their new EP its target. I hope you enjoyed the show if you did police cruiser iTunes click subscribe to really is the rating or review those things help out. And be sure to tune in next week and we have more of the best music from Pacific northwest right here on locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought you by wanna seven point seven yen and supported by Rainier beer.