Locals Only Podcast Episode 30: Eli Anderson and Evan Johnson of Capitol Hill Block Party

Wednesday, July 18th

Eli Anderson and Evan Johnson of the Capitol Hill Block Party stopped by to talk about their amazing lineup, all the great local talent they booked this year, and the current state of the music festival landscape. Music from Dude York, Mirror Ferrari, Spirit Award, Metsã, and Monsterwatch.

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Oh you're listening to locals only this yeah music podcast brought Cuba won a seven point seven and and supported by our friends ring your beer accurate here and here we appreciate that. Mining Stephen Grammy to host the show every Sunday at locals only on the seven point seven yen from 8:10 PM. And also this podcast for you can hear the interviews. With the artists she'll promoters whoever happened to have on talking about. Their music rather than whatever is coming out and playing much music from the this week I'm really excited. I've got you by Anderson and Kevin Johnson from Capitol Hill block party coming by talk about the festival this weekend this Friday. Through Sunday. That's can be July 20 through 22. Happening up on Capitol Hill right here in Seattle and the lineup this crazy in the lineup is like bothered John misty don't France's. There's gonna have Cashmere cat. A whole bunch agree huge artist but also a bunch of really great locals on favorites like salt. Do you York great cramp. Chong and nomad spirit awards sisters Paris Alexa Mets you do not need that's just. Naming a few so we're gonna dive into that line up play some music from some of these artists. And find everything you need to know about capital block party and then you should just cruise or capital block parade dot com. Got some tickets and going out there pretty it's going to be a great time in Seattle. Now here's my interview with you line and the. Yes it is time to hang out with our yes rude second error this year we've debt today you line and then from Capitol Hill block party here. And then I'm very excited the lineup that you guys have. Is ridiculous I'm doing is I'm doing and I ran sixth and asked earlier on rating. Hurt after previously yeah this is coming up this weekend it's going to be Friday through Sunday the twenty through the 22. As we can there. That means Ives at some fond memories Pena at capitol block party and feel like. Like I I sent her one time. Sob Brothers from another in the beam room you I like I've seen so Helen had Hartley. I've seen some cool cool stuff. Discount means little off shoots around capitol block party cool things happening but then. You'd like. Take a look at the lineup in the things on the schedule mean he has Ali John missed the Cashmere attack that. Deal in France like all of these. Crazy big artists from all over the world. You guys are here beacons this festival has so many amazing local artists on. Which as with the show's all about me but I just wanted to let's start kind of with Alex acknowledged that people maybe you guys what are the titles. Programmers and the program managers and the program for capital block party and Tom effort Newman as important as the and no mystery there. I don't know if I have with an official title. But I do should I yourself when I sit I sit down and and a czar snow I I handle a lot of the local stopped doing in the some of those and a couple of smaller stages. That we have miles final sponsorship stuff which isn't nearly as excited as you think you'll be well miles that's pretty important but as it pertains this show probably not so much so yeah and yeah kind of minerals and you do and along the aisles of book in the some of those. That's over here. When you guys are now this festival as it might we can open submission. Type of thing I mean it is in the sense that we draw some notable we'd use him as it goes into the possible right so if you're the kind of ban is looking to play doesn't get you know get local showed authors and I that's. The best way to confront people's become mission now right here Samie new things and things fun little boy scout councils again and again. Job and it is almost like a job interview. Who investments that totally. I mean how many years are we doing now the block party is 22 years goal this year block party to drink and a critic and it's over he's been drinking for a year it's a little over. Hang numbers certainly works thanks. And actually our I think they able pretty in this form is probably closer to light 1215 years old and sort of like the two large stages in the three formats about seven years old as I believe so but it started just as the total local lake. Outdoor Haley just put on a show and close on the street and have a beer and then there's all local Oxford year's first couple times when it's you know mercy turtles. Aliens you know kind of stuff mocked two opens as the you know over the opal tore. And and now you to pick those and now I get a ticket and now every yells at me about. How they didn't get the play you're wrong because my band didn't get everyone's banned as wonderful good luck to all the buttons. You know it's human and you dream you dreams can entry. Yeah that you took took this test will be used to use go to against little idea that Connecticut the live you know for like twenty miles away from where anger but you know it's Amish county revenues and you know. It's good it's very it's it's it's crazy to me how local parties but is obviously get all the attentions from the in the same unit of B Townsend. The top one stuff but then like. You two thirds of that poster is just like locals yet you're stacked up all week and let me let me just run through it and I'm sure that there are some local bands on there and maybe I'm not aware of our local. Then maybe you guys can school me today. And I'm looking forward that to mean it is I know something I think oh yeah I mean these are just give them you know are despondent and I learn something every time I've guessing him like this before I didn't know those guys are from here. So do York. Great grandpa sisters. So internationally and those guys spirit award pink parts to. They need to start playing worship as they send their stuff awhile back in its saluted. Sauls who I decide hang timber yesterday. Slacks and that says that should just spent about. I'm not the you do reeled on music a lot of real villains in this fund and when there's like a horn section in turn tables onstage there's going to be a party. Your Ferrari box mind. Some injuries Whitney dale in black towns monster lives. It when it meets the list goes on to say I'm a lot actually which is the crazy part is I was like wow this is going on on on I'm just looking. You're playing great I know it wins and stuff yeah I mean a bunch of stuff and it's just like it's so many. Two lists that it's like would be battery OK and looking great yeah I mean. No event and you won't listen Brian yeah exactly and if you if you're listening in your one of the bands I didn't list and Matt said meaning it was only at 1077 and a complete stuff if it's good enough for these guys it's in. We can play on this we have this ten minute. This fast. That's I still feels a little weird to be that guy is like oh yeah what's up like this yeah it is right now I don't area code though our listeners let's play one from new York and then ironically one from volatile misty because Johnson and clean. Until now is local. In fact I'll play who will play ability from fudge on mr. Pickens. I was on the plane right after that is my wife and I walked out of things now. It's special sweet memories. And we'll be back in a little bit I digging a little bit more into view on capitol block party. The U line and here on the locals only. Stick around. Management course. Registered. Couple. Bands here block parties this coming weekend the 2322. July freighters and hanging out. With Eli and having from block parties in his. Make the block pre match up then. Oh. You know I just heard the microphones and that makes rated class easier. And all business minds to killers joked as it is utterance that you epidemics. Work. Oh so block party this weekend the line that is stacked with a whole bunch of our favorite local artists. I don't do debate in Iowa playing next. To it. I don't play nearly enough to think Marco clones can hear them here for two years ago that the India are eerie very coolest images that song. Last week. So I'm excited to play on the pit but. One of my favorite things go block party. Is always you know you go to festivals and you're sort of lies. And of the torch love it. And bush years. Your options are you know for food and drink and that is whatever right there. A block party you can wondering slice them winners there's all kinds of food options please. You know if the bar's going ever want to I was walking a block parties who related. And it was by myself this is I don't know 56 years ago or something and I've. Wonder past Cha Cha. And somebody who's just hearing. Some DJ and there was is to increase I don't know if you part of that all of that point why it. And I honestly wonder and check it out and attempting to answer. That. I then I got myself I don't know and you know it's nice to kind of that first hit the fake. It was pretty cool. I'm sure great when it block parties sort of like winding down the dynamics you know the gates become open and people sort of start ups wonder and you'll get like it's like we got his guitar there and they're just like you know vessel leaving the kind of thing in my apps mean as a box. Yeah it appears meets the company I mean we're definitely here to to promote the you know the stuff that's. Part of this that the affiliated. But it just sort of the whole vibe of Capitol Hill that weekend. This juice much let me cancel lately that you set it yourself or so much to do so few festivals in the nation that. Are like capital walk rain or lose it like. We're just gonna cordon off the neighborhood and how the music festival if you don't dig the music that's happening right now. You go to calendar some parking. You know and go grab a slight Sheen go get some. You know just do whatever you were on Capitol Hill you're in the center of everything in the part of what makes well and that's one of the things that you seem so crazy about it because you do shut down. A pretty serious neighborhood when he got some food and part of town like this is. This is despite the gas and you guys just take it over we'll do this that this city county is happened around us and still does you know there's probably two or three more apartment buildings of our a year ago or eighteen months of snow. I mean capitals always in the cool neighborhood of minutes ago maybe right maybe some contentment I thought I was the alien that was like part of the draw I was like it's into the hill like in high school used to come up there and just trying to hang now and Mike we couldn't count on them like we knew that's the spot like at three wannabe I had some friends with the procedures for that well play not just that he's an epic weather but it it was definitely part of the draw. Yeah going to do you like right there which is crazy I mean I love my education bows on somebody the CO might that if you cut my hair played. I got moral just living downtown. You know during college in media callers no offense I learned a lot and he is my degree for any thing. How interest in machines that are consistent and she's. They did it tonight when they do love that evidently get along with some smiles and goes we're talking about is this. Developer have help putting me he couldn't go out on our objective but let's isn't. Really quick go back through. What people can expect from him. Capital blockers in new registered to New York bothers on this the and home daddy who's. Rank here Mayo who spun back in the birthday party once well oh Brothers from another how old and yet it was can a big deal. The dip. We got here. Kelly the bowl wins and then getting back in it and some more local staff Craig Graham. There are some Leo says coach on the nomads geared toward. Your record yet that's. Really it's it's spears you wish it was this power play here Ferrari because our ideas at the movie you know and then let's play summer and spirit award incidents where rat and were excited to spend. That unites our summer Capitol Hill block party this weekend cruiser capital bought pre dot com tickets and only there for me she need. And his stick around because we hang out. You line and then for the rest of the hour finding out everything Enola capital block party. And I will not be staying in the New York obviously here it looks great pass. But it will be right back into sold more musical mobile home. Or. Me this tyrant to turn on him and Mike. Suspends tennis professional radio and that we are back after the two minute promise more locals only hanging out with you line and then from capitol block party. And mania. Listening Samir Ferrari in some spear were back to back definitely need. Definitely got me excited urgent problem in France. Rock rule everybody if you like which you've been hearing me be cruising over to capitol block area com and gets more and those tickets. And head out to the party this weekend Friday through Sunday on Capitol Hill. I'm OK so it talkie is that something that it is. I'm like the first where it comes to mind to scare. And it has a lot to do you know for years and years. I mean. SaaS watch who's 1617. Years sentence and Padilla to seventeen years and I'd gone to fifteen at the last fifty. And in the first lot. So. Anger at perceived as they can drive them I'm almost as good as anybody's books that put him mama. Some kids from the birds is turned loose like fifteen when your mom happy and is models. It's it's over. Access watch. Done and we see it happening so much like you know there's a big one in Portland errors. Simmered and Oregon and whose penalty and forget exactly what I had handers in Hoover and Banco. Yes summer I was on the big one out okay yes I mean it's it's crazy what's happening and I just wonder lake. What do you guys think about that. I mean what kind of have you ever felt like. As some outside of maybe particular festival. In the industry in the night knowing kind of what works and what doesn't like. What kind of warning signs are there does it mean for me like I'm out there and I'm having a good time and also you know like into the David Byrne and it's like round in the next year. I think that the that that's what's in particular has had a couple years since they tried that too weekend thing whatever it four years ago and don't know if it ever really like that I was peaked possible. When they tried to do that when it was like the willow and I am turning to an arms race yeah until late in the in the haves like nation EG nine festivals and you know Nelson their big corporate giants and you know I think these are guys are. We are not wearing independently owned and operated music fastball. And I think that's part of what makes block party. More were. We've steady footing because we're small fish. Were independent we can do we want. I think room we know what we're good at bat and stand in and just two and I know that every year since I've been there we've had growing attendance go over her fortune and yeah I think that's question had some problems and you know I think this year they try to be different with the lineup that was lasts. Like super young people weren't as more like. You know indie radio like international. Iron. Loved it no I know yeah puzzles like my reaction was if that was were rubber she was absolutely. The kid down why if we would had like that but like drive for five hours. Incidentally ground and that on the ground in sleep either and owns burger for retirement away or you know and camps spread tool for. And maybe have a different style but I don't know why you know thankfully it's I think we've hit peak festival I think some of the big ones are your feelings that filling do you get a little bit. Attendance wanes and then like the reaction as a week is the beer acts. Simply throw more money and it needs your in this position groups like in the off your drive you know movements. Henry and thought about that as so many in the fassel's so I mean I don't know property is. It does listen to box the Capitol Hill block party on Capitol Hill. All your loan that we see what's cool what people like come through our Rosen who knows and we're able to just pick up on and put it outside it and it's a block party it's fine and it's it's summer as we in the summer and now. I don't know it's hard it's it's hard quantify it. I would say that we get we're not trying to reinvent the wheel of block party every year we take steps forward but they're not necessarily the extra like huge leaps they're like very reasonable. Like sensible stir strides that every year it's improving in every year you know we try to do something and difference or add ons of last year that was successful bomb you know and I think it's partially manpower like there really is like. Your rounder sixth it's 56 I don't know how many people receive its place you came days that guy you know is like that or running around your round and then you know. As as we get closer to the course the team expands and all its other people were on hand weakened it's all in the on deck but like. You know this is not a lot does not you were not adding two stages every year run doing this huge you know improvement or recalls so well in the other than his. You know like. John misty is a thing it's just gonna work in see how it's dead or in Seattle is it's like a nice side. Aside you said Bojan this year and now if there are other times play chapters I'm thinking in the first time gap first year I was six years ago I was just interviewed him for electric Google+. Promotion thing that here. And he didn't she go and I was actually kind of relieved because you are Catholics scared yeah. But I just love to sit down and talk with him now that seemed to relieve I got Sherry and reason that I think there's like so in love. When his stuff and also like fan yeah I was like can he seems like a deep do them look like who theaters it's getting pretty. But I'm really say he's going to be up there in this weekend it's gonna be greatly his show is a big deal out to gases at large war Japan and extremism because some of the more. Last year yeah of the Paramount yeah I mean it was there is allowed is a it was a huge people love Josh that foreign Mormon it's a good light show that he's a super animated for silent music to you kind of expect him to stand up there and it's passing grade ons like. Jump off the drugs and he's gotten hits for a half hour I cannot. It's unpalatable. Our Allan do another one. From you from the lineup another local. Artist and I know that and then you're quite familiar with all that but that's that's me you you went in true bristles for listener uh oh we're like a shortage looks like this give us just a real quick something we need to know about what to expect government that lets see what to expect out of Mets there's an month over the age so a year who when check that out I know he's he's a producer for Bellingham. Good friend of mine we've been working on some stuff together. And this song I guess that he's going to be plane has bristled when you can catch him on Saturday of capital block party at Neiman stage 8:15 PM folks put under calendar so on up. Mr. stooge for fans of Odessa. Or fans are more popular and over didn't know that I'm aggregate area and I credit that. It's. And blue. Blue. This. Oh. Yeah. A young. We are back it's command under the into the show dying you know with Eli and having from capitol block party. This weekend Friday rescinded twentieth to 22. And the line it is the business mrs. thought they might buyer some say the best lineup in the world. Some say that Bethlehem only history good history of music. Senate race music festival I mean at some say that. Contested. Idea or you could anybody that had these guys look pretty calm and I don't let them. Having a great time listening to a bunch of in Tennessee fans you can catch now acts capital blockers this beacons in the locals only ones that. We've been enjoying we just heard sister's soul. Now blues. You know just little. Kill two birds one stone who is involved and be there and if you've never been to. Sisters show I've seen them. I posting them thirty times I was like there's a second show and I once watched them play for two hours. In front of the courthouse for like Liz lynch lake city's. Am and densely why the Clinton Obama surrogate. I don't know any records is like a fifteen minute break here or something. I wasn't tired of any of what's the whole thing it was like Josie sisters you will not be disappointed and they get better every single time see. Just on the bottle block party protests and you were apps and I want to ask you guys impotence blow it each one view one day and does have to be local. That you. Like you're not in this and you can't highly recommend enough anybody's listening attending. To make sure that their ballots in over year basis you go first well you know him as the I'm gonna say flasher. Of that banner from DC it's kind of like a team B records like. Early ninety's sort of feel to it it's like to get inside ninety's unlike all the orange bands that still I mean that's the thing. But yeah I'd I saw them as a bus novelist rate two years ago pass on some accident like those planned and there. And there's a's and as on the next day to their planes and that's it David. You better lay hands another domino records that our. The other plan Friday. And all of this is classic question. I hadn't had pain in his eyes never seen here and I like that you're old but you only because I really thought that it was Arizona. No I think that's very confidently you were pretty excited I love when I was a loses the closer he gets at the Morris are looking at me like he's been there isn't this has worked products like there's a concert there a bit and not just means these grade. The fun part of the number I thought it was immediately now I do love you guys are all right that's. A. Well I'm gonna have to go with my my game Canadian friend mr. Chet Porter who is. Similar again to the Odessa kind of tight he is on the label as well. One man show but it's it's great stuff I I liken mes is a personality of guys you can catch him on the Saturday and home under siege. You know about any of that stuff and and and I'm in everything on feel bad just bare stage still out science and that in various agents means Asia outside all agents absence only gracious. I saw one and royalty for the first time ever on on the first. Jefferson had ever seen them on the bears stage and I walked up as they are covering media Mac crowds like oh that's waiting for this award so yeah. And then now that means you know Audrey yesterday and things because these I love those Soviet Bloc Party is the reason why thanks to block party yes actually I did end up actually getting interviewed Fineman realty for that you'll hang out things had to knock out and it's how's the band they showed up okay right. But I mean. So many great and it's not like learning team and he's from Bellingham are now there are us part of plastic picnic and also cuff links the F. But I mean that very stage has. Holds a special place for our team a lot of really good stuff there so it was definitely. I'm pocket last thing when I ask you guys this is sort of like a behind the scenes thing. I think it's interesting I think in the people's attitude when you program something like this. And you're like on the U. It's writer on the corner. Who like nervous excited. What is your weekend action likely are you trying to shut off the walkie talkie and I don't bother me I'm going. Man I'm Doris I'm black area again I'm very much on purpose and effort they tackle him well in the effort to it would have been no I thought about it on the mile does that experience. Division and it is a satellite radio. Not realize and usually and the mind I think. Are my hardest because immediately was last week and hopefully this this people's movement. Seem rough edges of it. You know it's all blue ones bands organ and content of our production staff with hale and John all of those people like. That's me surrogate Mike hey we are told we get of this wise just like that might say yeah align them more back and forth like that news analyst briefing over mature as happy. Usually by Saturday aperture Saturday it's a it's like not even mores run and ever knows that like sponsors that. Bands are in now we know it was time we nose like Allergan the only line. He had so that point it's. Also when you can do it weakened to some cancel on you like. You find on Saturday it's all right well there we go like you have to find a replacement you know you happen to live in the city where you can Poehler plays that's what you write that he has had a target Lincoln day in happily canceled that was like two or three years ago to use a couple days and a I was as they might delay walk through the crowd is only a -- is your whole group are always I don't know they are playing on the wasn't a bit of a band had already played that as -- count votes against and they began. Late to studio stays like when school's phone bill and I remember all of. Somebody her one time I think it was a sense scored somebody canceled and for the sake of radio call in star effort on was there and they had played the night before and I think they took the place of whoever had bailed but they played. The duplicate tree there like a tribute band to somebody delegated some of the different that it wasn't there sat from the day before I was kind of credible you know it's like. Obviously like. And don't wish that situation and you'd have to go and find some bodies. I am I imagine that you know that kind of thing can you be read some pretty cool and interesting stuff that you view as an expert. It just so light. Mike Evans that is just it's if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen there's nothing I can do about it so you just sort of like OK and so we have both lively book we do. And Google me tax that could that we leg head on FaceBook chat play who's there a light that's like negative gold accounts and it is tax that mentally is where animals like hey. They've around the back. He wanted to make the money and equipment 101000 people out a cold front that I'm the ass gas I don't know I mean it's a great opportunity to do that doesn't matter. Aren't as sausage. Really quick if you just cut part of the interview in nineteen in this uninteresting I wonder what all this conversation about will have this whole thing up on iTunes here in the next they're so you can hear the locals only podcast. With haven't you I hear everything about capital block parties crews are capital block party dot com teach them some tickets go out there this Friday and Saturday. That's July 20 through 22. Guys thank you so no I think he Grammy announcement really does this kind of fun I've talked to you guys are email like FaceBook chat. For years literally years and we had ever met in person. So this is that really tree and you look just like your FaceBook. Yeah I try you know I'm not terror attack this year is going to pass it up let's do well to do one for monster watch two had those guys in here before if you wanted to triggered joins blown out to them. Everybody thank you so much for coming by and the night. That was my interview you know Anderson and Johnson of capital block party just her miners capital block parties happening. This Friday through Sunday July 20 through 22 rate here in Seattle. He crews are capital block carried out congrats and tickets. Well on C a ton of Crete and I hope you enjoyed the show if you like it may be cruise over I teams click subscribe Revis or reading your review those things help out. And we back next week would more than best music in the Pacific northwest. Right here on the Oakland Seattle music podcast brought Cuba won a seven point seven yen supported by Rainier beer.