Locals Only Podcast Episode #32: Lofts

Monday, July 30th

Seattle band Lofts stop by the show to play their new self-titled EP, talk about moving here from Chicago, and their upcoming first Seattle show at the Tractor Tavern on Tuesday 7/31.

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That is just a little bit of what we're going to be getting into today on the locals only the Seattle music podcasts brought you don't want a seven point seven yen and supported by a Rainier beer my name's Stephen Graham I need to host the show. I'm very excited because being you just heard a little bit is a band called lofts who were actually on a really early iteration of this podcast on her first episodes when. I was just cannot do any stand on interviews at the hands the more on the radio show. And they did come by the radio show for just a little bit for our. Covers tonight back in December but I'm very excited because now lofts has their new EP about to come out and they've got a show coming up. And and have them on the radio show for full hour Serena died and everything it's going on and then where they came from what they've been up to since they got to Seattle together. And what's on the horizon next installment of very exciting step. Stick around enjoy the interview and enjoy all this brand new music from loss. This is when that gas combines and I'm very excited Kazmir hanging out with the guys from lofts. And that had these guys on the show before that it was there he. Of the ten years were actually on the radio show I think used to view the Edmonton and we did the covers show. Back in December which was a ton of on him and that. And we did. A brief version of the podcast. A while back but. Because I haven't really had you guys in this format before we're gonna have the opportunity can feel long form a little bit. I'd love to you kind of full first let's go around and introduce everybody and then I wanna find out. The Genesis of lofts and how you guys appear to know you're not from Seattle. Let's let's start over here on the right. I'm Reggie and the guitars. On. Crisply it's. On. Its. And Thelma with the guys because a site music video awhile back for minefield brain waves and just absolutely was obsessed and it's so it was a great music video I'm just a fantastic song. Great song. And as fun watching your but he quell the different instruments and music via. It. Yeah it's let's get another everybody's you know really next manna history. Experience. But yeah I know that you guys just had your new EP coming out. And we're gonna get into the whole thing tonight that first. How do you guys get here. How to offs and a year. Stone. We. We went cosmetic change on us army each other pretty much like first week. I mean Q rehearsals. Weekly changes like for studying. And Alison hey guys. And didn't do so tonight at her name on Armitage and we hang out Chicago affair probably five years. That's been there. We always going to be on the West Coast. To we sort of sent some scouts out here a couple of us came to Seattle for a week now it's two years ago. Yes we use it we hear it on Monday Tuesday alien for anything her and then Leo to sentence anyway it's. We've renamed ban laws the reaper and launch. He react. The EP. And how long he's been here. He's so. Is it is hard when. You know one or two you guys comes out here for one reason or another and you connect give guys would go but if there's any yet he did anybody have any hesitation dollars services like yep. Let's days ago I was actually here. It. The hat. And city people is. Freezers. Yeah. It's different musicians. Musicians morsels. He's make friends where there's there's a song from Seattle and I think it's like that is super completely through a few different hands and Dan. It's something about like it's it's not the Seattle frees you sometimes. Edit title with automatic Phillip got up and play tonight that. It's funny because yeah actually just even again yesterday signed article floating around on Twitter sending four is another article about the Seattle treasonous. I I don't live in the city and live a little ways north then I'd never experience. It's it's weird here but it. The united and come here from anywhere else other than effort. Does not too it's still love it. This degree yeah. And I love Everett if you're looking for a place to go where you can actually afford to Asia commencing in. Notes get. It shed in the back here Retief for 11100 dollars a month the way achievements. And her partner. I got an extension cord out there you to get some power no. Soon. The it. Since you came out here it's been a couple years you hemming and is actually clean shows. So you've got the first one coming up this Tuesday point I'm all into that salute the first. Let's play this on. That got me like super hooked on you guys aren't way we've played on the show before you miserable as yours the month earlier this year. So called minefield brain wins I think you're gonna like it if you haven't heard before. And yet seen the video before we took the show's over 10 o'clock. Because we got some good stuff come in and then go watch the video on YouTube you do think it's pretty. We back and it's just a little bit more from loss. Is this either. He's I hate online. The day tomorrow. Anyway. You know. You know your call. Isn't CU game. He. We are backing out with lots and yet found that song that was. The song was called Seattle freeze by who's who is she. And it's wants its members of like taco cat Lisa prank in chastity belt. And yeah the cookies it's not Seattle it's here. Monster size of those treatment. Rear hang out of loss if you just union. You know being and it says Seattle by way of Chicago. Meeting each other college. Do you get sees it is a man like the first week of school. Usually they're like this is it we don't need any difference at the truth on Kramer it's yeah I thought it Chris Kirk I always. Always like to imagine this and maybe it's navy guy I like to imagine even more. Would you guys because you all moved out here together those late when you start listening to and mr. kind of learning about it being moved it. It's like to figure they're always doing everything in their. If you are so when I see a band that show up. It almost show together was. I speeding geysers like sitting around eating pizza and playing halo before he came here or something and that's. Well or not far off okay and pick it apart from anywhere just in my house. Now. Provisions. In her. Victory. And it's good but it's important. Armenians committed to ending his stick to ask him. And even though you know unlike apparently some people you're able to make friends now on sale this. OK see guys have a show coming up this Tuesday night at the tractor tavern is going to be your first like proper Seattle show. The in the. You guys have been here for a while in what sort of gone into the decision of waiting. Was it just about the EP. And talk to me about the people you're playing I think it was more. The recently it was because we have a lot of songs that we had and we've recorded in the EP and really long time we've been plane and he he lives over turnovers unwritten rules sort of lost chapters. And we just wanting it's we relate this isn't we're not gonna take these songs under new name. Hi this popped into it should go away pretend. Like we wanted so as we moved out here that was. The expiration and you know we've got almost carefully written news you need answers and on Tuesday as silently interior force songs we recorded and certainly says. There's a lot of mean record there's a lot of like fine tuning in going back and seeing what works and went what we can make swapped out for other songs and stuff like that and luckily press that electrically we knew and that option to. Really like. Dig deep into these sounds and figure out what it really needs to move forward with them so and did. Kind of the expense of taking a little bit more time mean we feel a little more comfortable with where it's going. Yeah basically all he did was we had Garrett. The audio engineer producer we sent them. Like three years for different songs and gas and demos and they give you and then he takes like the best ones that so literally reeling and take it like fine tuned like what. We wanted to record them we never work. It's like. Objectives Eisley. You know it's been very much like debate disease happens and I think that having Garrett being able to just be like. It's now one woods who really different for us because it wasn't. This on all of us would act which was. Well on that that's gonna be nice. Because I Andy's talked to a lot of bands that are like yeah I like it's a democracy you think we all kind of have we weighing in trying to figure things out. Have talked to people who feel like they're really struggling actually get anything done like that that are down any talk to somebody is like. Yeah like this is the person night and makes that decision. And Regis mode there record you know and you know sometimes it's a person Dan and I've talked people who sometimes it's it's the opening of the label gets involved and talk to people accuse like Gabby engineer producer. Team minerals like this is what. I've heard the stuff these are the ones and that's like that's got it can take a little bit off. Your plea and a soda he wasn't he never overstepped its he was never. Like commanding by any means that heat it was that they still are session but it is nice to have somebody weigh in and like we. At times it was almost like a writing session where your content and we you know not even the song wasn't finished. So he had ideas we used we did use some of bomb it was just a net upon their. Then it he did a great job and we're really happy with what with Canada we typically don't step into the studio and weave through compose everything prior to this theory itself for us that sort of like hands off the wheel thing Lewis it was a piece that. Yeah because he did a learning process of like how. Recorded now woman like. That less like through composed when more improvisation on a sense like we went and more like a bare bones a couple of songs like I think maybe only wanna like the first one month O'Brien as was the only song. From Chicago that had been like Ari pretty much written but the other three. Songs as. Now we have on the gears completely. Just I'm more open. Studio and please go to Kazaa came together really well let's do another let's play at your door and other songs now for a little I think we've played on the show but. Still little house and exploited and then stick around everybody listening to will be dining deeper into the rest of this EP is because through the night. And after playing at your door. Maybe he'll play completed unlikely friends in a while scenario play broken into and from them. The first let's tear your door from off some local. In others. Yeah. Okay. Lines didn't care who. Mean. Seeing. Just. OK okay. That's the yeah. Yet just just quick reminder I think you mean your beer for sporting Oklahoma. We think that's pretty cool. We are back hang out with the loss in studio and I just really quick before we we we were halfway through the new EP. And do you wind just kind of doing different direction really quick Reggie. You've been pulling double duty. I you review you've been gone I I actually wasn't sure if you were gonna be here tonight I know you've been very busy I just wanna hear a little bit and on the tile that's back into the end here in a minute Jackson but I know you've been out on tour with somebody else can talk about. So I recently. Joined up with Alice Murton. Singer songwriter. Got that it no single up fairly successful at the moment. Pretty yeah yeah pretty and doing some good stuff and I'm assuming this a lately showed James cordon assures that you're wearing is because you and performed. If this is. Not planned that way and I picked up. Yeah we. I signed non existence he went into its games cordons. While rat so far. It's pretty crazy. It just came back from your. Some as. The great prizes awesome performers great human so I bring this up because oust Murton is going to be out of summer yet few weeks from now on Mary Moore park won a sentence of onions are working and you're going to be their performing. Us that's awesome man. So when you're when you're out there you know doing the late night circuit and you know meaningless games people he's one of like I'm the vehicle lost the yeah. Hours are really really is. Yet you know I have this project at home they mean. Need me active may be and this is great that's good music. Yen so I'd. You know. I play with cern and and you know. We've. Gotten people talk. And you know. It's great. Irons and you know. This year. It's it's been really. Awesome support. So how many times you guys vote on booting Bentley. And that. Starting with it looks like this are being super devices aren't exactly I think that's a yet. Yeah yeah yeah they're a and I think a few thousand. You know on the you know I mean. Some more stuff going on thank you I'm sure your hands of the cast that she got half oh yeah it's it's been so fun it's it's been crazy so you know these. You know in new places and play in front of these huge crowds. And then like winners and Luke of them their eyes they're saying it's yet. It's different just completely mine procedure scouting on all the best this is the year intends. Roll through your roommate and I know guys have been here later starters are not going to be dialed the words. No response fine. Season Chris who are yeah yesterday I. OK see you guys are going to be at the tractor tavern this Tuesday night we've planned. So we got on the video phone apparently so. And serve science yet again I'm excited about this because I had. I love having people coming into this show because I find out something you almost every week about bans and I'm not aware of it and are these local bands and yet there and I'm assuming you think they're pretty good as a financial. Aren't you want to find those hands and put him with the sets longer is there really cool people in the music. You know. And ports mean remembers actually. You stand on and stuff but I think that's pretty accurate. You guys haven't. You know me and Adam and I mean I know you read you work you work it and you open pan European democracy and you've seen a lot of hands but. That's got to be kind of fun like. These guys Anderson opened deliver we have seen in Nunavut yet we fund. Yeah. From what we've been heating. And people. They've been really supportive and any sort. Finish posters and people look at you this year yet he's a Smart I think that's that's one thing that. Separated us separates this from Chicago. And reach. Oh. Utah you're the struggle for yet that after the world famous he he's the Lake Michigan for reasons that are. The trip. There's a lot of support on late. Between peoples and so they've. Work hard and I think that's on the net you're trying to really. Your neck in Putin's. Ending date seen. So quickly in yours it's. Yours. Actually something payment. In. Well it's like how I'll talk with Dan's neck fairly new cancel some of their music in public is gonna put on the show only K can we are trying to book show. Is there anybody we should play with him. Yeah stands between should play with them you should do is just start going to all local chosen town may go up to people after their set and talked into it just opens it has yet people here are supported and yes it's pretty much. It's in thrown out making friends since. And nobody's gonna get set particularly I can't really be breath at the did you hear her. If there today it's it's nice especially when you humored and rumors just the pleas were exposed to music then it's. Comes a team which. If there's any chance puberty the and is there except. Let's play another on our play of the game is third track from the EP correct. And don't come back we're gonna hang out more time of Korea here's nine and get some more questions for you guys about. To space the well we'll get into facilities that the the worst he's an all time power talking more about being antsy over those places because a lot of people leave here. And so I wanna dive into the audience but the rules will get into that this'll be the first here's more brand new music from Los self titled you pizzas. Debut it should go and get this wherever you listen music stream music by music. You and Juliet. Again and again and again what you're going to right now. So. To me. Own engines were coming down to the end of it. Last part of the show organ talk with the law it's hanging out in studio. And guys I am I am first of all thank you. For coming in on hold and no cattle you you. And you know if this is a year ago which we'll be watching game after answering. Because it's this year. There's nothing. Winters here. Extra extra read about next zero. I'm excited that you guys are here I'm excited that you got your new EP out. I couldn't believe it when you guys sent me. The first single mine field bringing winds months months ago gosh has it been. Some hasn't been a year does. It answers yeah its been a long time since since that came out and diet I fell over the instantly announced this is the and I never heard of them they're from here. And you know what there's master expects sort of but you guys are here now and so I didn't feel too bad about not knowing him costly to sneak up on the but. You guys are in any of the UPI you get the show coming out. You live in Seattle now. What what about Seattle I know the New Year's tigers would be on the West Coast obviously Seattle historically. Amazing music city. Currently amazing music city. Amazing music community. But we're seeing a lot of people lead in their service axis ever so android left. The guys he's being as being a learning team gathered in a plastic picnic it's fair game and they let their Brooklyn. You know chaos chaos from smush Brooklyn. Tangerine LA like this list can go on and on and on. You guys came from somewhere else decide to be here. Knowing how you feel about that decision what are you guys think about being in Seattle. And might can you see yourself leaving are you plan on this home. Oh. Please show that at. But I mean I can. The differences between talking about. Being in Chicago art it's. You know I'd arts and I talked to customers. You know I've been and there and people pulled out there. With the show calendar. You know they could people's. They seem pretty genuine and that they're going to show. It's that you've seen it's it's hard for ourselves. And were really his ego. Ends. That. It's. We're really happy to be part of it yet thing I like about here in select lets us in general. Especially sells it seems like has more of like a small town country I've come from the country. But it's in the city you know I think it's a city with what is. It's almost in the west charm. Yes. Which you know. Makes this feel like home as well that its own. Ignorance is. Make a bunch easy stops on the West Coast here and that's exactly. And also were closed today cougars and yes tough the international round and and it doesn't think that there's just. I mean I guess that's his preference thing but it's just so. Read. It and it is a very simple thing it's just really prix here. And there's a lot of people who wanted to. Get out and do stokes. Clearly they're gonna always be arrow and explored and you see something different and you know and climb a mountain. You know go swim in the day here's some things that can make that that driving people is really lake. It's comforting to the slate of tournaments and they feel it there and try to do new things new emling go see things they haven't seen before. And you know it's. There's just like this huge. Late spirit of exploring. That's just and it's been really getting to me is well made it inspires you currently and figure something else knows that you haven't done. And I I don't know maybe if that's that's it for me it's just has given how many people in the city likely get their car and drive your ship is there anything in Chicago was if it wasn't five minutes off of the train mine. Before coming there like nine days later. Probably face the client that is it's the only thing and if your image at. Great and you know it's it's it's really. Yeah I think she and a lot agree music dance and it's a beautiful scene nine minus a lot about it but I think it is just hard to break into you and our sounds more yeah and I think you were soundly I think there's a lot of bands a lot of friends that. Great music but it just didn't fit us. The sign that the scene is that's slightly that premise and. Then that makes sense later in the game and hard essentially they. It is yeah I'll leave Joseph Barrow timely. Reunions are getting my radius for multiple shows and stuff until it was six months Chicago and over here very. I mean when we were really starting to promote here to this few months again it shows the express lane and. Well under exit user error here public thank you for coming. He invented yet as saying yeah they have absolutely. And people if you catching just part of this and you're like what's this about laughs you can hear the full interview in these songs are beginning to on the locals only the podcast. It's on my team still cheering realists the podcast. The Viet the next couple of days. And you can hear the whole interview and and find out everything that's going on cloths and coming up from Chicago which I found out tonight is apparently the worst. You know punish the kid again. It's obviously this is a different atmosphere also there with some of these parents listening. Yeah and mom and dad. Bad now. They could play out there out there did I skip. And he's been asleep. Every radio issue. Good tractor guarantees Yangtze lofts and also come out summer camp missy Reggie the degree and then just two weeks from. That you're very for coming in thank you refer listening here is the last track from the news so you keep from lost called stop. And we've neck next week hanging out with. Smoking rates and spirit award on local. And in pain. So. Where he is very good. The last. That was my interview local band lofts if you like what you heard. And you shouldn't I go pick up their new self titled EP you can hear anywhere you stream your music you buy your music and if you hearings in time. Go over to the tractor tavern on Tuesday July 31 check out their live shots at their first big show in Seattle. Very excited to see who these guys are all about to in life situation which haven't seen yet since be very cool for me and you guys can tune in on the attack. Thank you for listening as always I hope you liked the show if you did these trees over iTunes click this scribe Lee was a rating our view those things helps out. And we deck next week with more the best music and Pacific northwest right here on the locals only the Seattle music podcast brought to about one of seven point seven yen and supported Irene your beer.