Nerd Talk - April 11, 2018

Wednesday, April 11th

Totally going green.


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Called apple the maker of insanely overpriced laptops phones and watches have converted all the facilities to run. Leave leave green. Retail stores offices did the senators. And whatever co located facilities means. The production facilities overseas should not view of those Dorado and the tears of children Keith understanding from his iPhone can't. Speaking of green energy the world's most powerful wind turbine just went into testing generating eight point eight. Megawatts of energy using the ocean's winds off the coast of Scotland. Despite protests from our president who was driving to build a golf course where there who's gonna ruin the view. It's a huge development as just one turn of its massive blades to power home for an entire day. You do that in spending fast enough blood and allowed the Darth bitter boys are unaffected day when you talked. I'm Latin Latin. Move could I yeah or bottle and donors. Though. And finally wiggle in Japan to do zillion blocks and made their own timely blossoming cherry tree really it's also. Allergy to dogs let's make our own you don't want to totally goes to the downside when loading blossoms pull off the trees down upon them. Your foot doesn't bleed to. Night.