Nerd Talk - April 12, 2018

Thursday, April 12th

Donald Glover is all of us.


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Eight and what her other. At. Is well this is talking about a dog's having to. Will blow over the actor upon learning that he got the gig as lend a cal museum in the new Star Wars throwback. She is peak all of us during an interview with the star wore showed he said quote the death found out I got the part I remember. I bought like all told it's up went home and watch the empire strikes back how many do I read now. Whose name I. Good news for all night club loving costume wearing friends possible. Addressing a detector customs is becoming such a huge thing that a Japanese talent agencies started representing tossed players make good money give them gigs. A local costly friends at Zach labs must be stoked this is agency is looking for foreigners to represented just. And finally okay China you need to chill out China. You're too good to build some and seen facial recognition software that can scan faces in the crowd and find a perfectly good concert. Portland 50000 people have been identified a want to fill it. Pull the full bloom raiders game said that. We have like no friends left with a scary stuff but I think it'll let you get more depressing when like the vending machine has. Has it been automatically starts dispersant plug in lets these June and I might add. And unpredictable. Can make federal choices.