Nerd Talk - April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 17th

No pod yesterday, I took the day off!


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Hi there I'm Gregor thanks for joining me for the nerd talk podcast sinister laugh friend up. Up. Food out how. Hackers are coming for our Smart devices the Internet of things. A group broke through the security of a major casino and stole details on their highest rulers. The security loophole this is sewed up. They hacked game. A Smart thermostats inside a free can fill his tanks. Hit poorly cyber criminals don't lose. What about getting paid and carrying. You went. All right moving on and do Paul Allen is launching the world. Biggest airplane its wings are twice as wide as the 747. To take that pain few tour blowing the ticket how big those suckers are the doable it anyway. Paul once they have a rocket launch company that flies a rocket to the stratosphere on this massive two bodied plane. Before dawn when the rocket launching into space. So big that it wouldn't fit on the field suits make. And finally. Scientists in Europe are going to start a human trial to fix a blood disease using gene editing technology. Cold crisper the takes themselves from the patient do some control excuse movie editing and then re introduced to cells hoping that the altered products will reproduce and fix the issue. It's like saving attack but in the wrong hands do we one day have real life X-Men. Did someone eliminates the ginger GU. Or worse. Making moral low. It's. Okay. It.