Nerd Talk - April 18, 2018

Wednesday, April 18th

Oh, I'm sorry, did someone just leak about the sweetest Vans slipons ever?!


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Until singles in the energy market. Eight beautiful people and fans are rumored to be teaming up with the nerds at mass to make an astronaut inspired slept on the dream of the shuttle flight leather shoe will feature simple red NASA noodle logo with the local American flag packs. And islets for the non places that look like the air valves on Buzz Aldrin spacesuits. These things are supposed to wait they'll take you to space but also you chose we didn't fund in years ago so you do that to yourself. Oh yeah giant asteroid this doesn't really feel good mother loved by earth on Sunday and we didn't see it coming into like in the day before and I we I didn't see anything. I'm BD the last one half that size that Russia and wiped out like a forest I'm sure will be side. And finally group's Japanese scientists took an enzyme that breaks down plastic found in pop bottles that's cool. That's the only made it more efficient if that's. One million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and only a tiny amount get recycled. Most of the rest are ending up in the ocean and kind of like every five minutes every one in western Washington. A bottle into the seat and adds up fast wells I just hope that a new form of recycling using this super enzyme. Will mean we can completely recycled material found these bottles and do enough to dig up any more oil and it's upsetting are trashed and deceit. TVH. Some sort of hoping that'll let's see garbage Forbes is the one giant white trash zillow that we have to reckon with the. Should and then. I.