Nerd Talk - August 1, 2016

Monday, August 1st

How in the fluff is it already August?!

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I think Amazon may be stepping up the technology of noise canceling headphones with a new. Metal loud the noise canceling to cut out what it detects certain sound combos like someone's shouting your name or danger error no real huge safety improvement wall letting you ignore the construction sounds and other humans of Seattle Mel I think it makes no canceling nose plugs it still lets you detect tasty pizza. Who without the pungent sweet odor of doorway urine. Smells like hot waffled sort of a moose. Works and why five. His face declared super Wi-Fi and it's being used as sources the white Internet connection aboard the International Space Station that's crazy. ISS is using twenty year old technology up there just imagine if you're these computer at work strong enough to run windows 95. They're operating systems and installing up to be men and add to wherever it is that humans are headed in space. Packers already alert still not as Smart phone photos of Neptune near nudity. The number and it. Then finally it turns out before you head up to his days Internet from the BG surface of Mars with a little water just now the space travelers that survived the whole strap a rocket to your blood and fly a ludicrous speed around the solar system thanks. They then have to worry about five times greater risk of dying from heart disease and brave. NASA thinks it's solar radiation and I think there's secretly hiding sun dried space chicken drew must fit as delicious what's herald over your arteries. Oh.