Nerd Talk - August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1st

Turns out we could probably save the world with sushi...


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Think that the earth is headed towards mass extinction of species scientists. Figured out how to make giant seaweed farms accede to help crush our greenhouse gas production now. We have to cover 9% of the Earth's oceans and seaweed farms to pull off let's like goth. True North America as MVP but do all that seaweed. Which finished thrived because I like to sushi and this seems like the best way to get it. Scientists studying bird noises what did you good discovered that at least one species of bird those are using complex grammar to communicate to. How else do you think they coordinate which humans to people logged. And finally sciences harnessing the power world slug slime tell mend a broken hearts. Puck using a crappy valid or like Chris Martin's singing will close that is what that takes no not that hard that the broken love muscle and if it. He's so loved most and this is an actual non functioning blood pump are being fixed by synthetic Mukasey adhesive designed to synthesize a slow the royals. They staked everything to be fair including slippery wet or Demetric. Mucus in that case my driving instructor in the ninety's it constantly spit knows goblins into a Mason jar full water. He soon invented this years ago. Did you supported by our friends in Vernon Wells.