Nerd Talk - August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10th

Move over CAPTCHA, Amazon's looking at brain busters...


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All Amazon is experimenting with replacing the capture those annoying swear we let our combos like you never read to prove that I'm not roll another robot. The thinking about replacing them with puzzles and brain games all of this is perfect for my friends. Who go home drunk at 1 AM in order things off the Internet to be fair those saved by the bell trading cards were pretty dope who can you. Here's an idea I never knew we needed beer made from fried chicken yeah. This is I celebrated all the nerds that go beer crazy but fried chicken beer yeah yeah I'm sticking to mashed potato beer. William against Morocco it ruled that this is Pete. And finally. Audible known for streaming audio books has teamed up with the renowned dog human trainer Cesar Milan to introduce audible for dogs today. People wondered does doctor total but after freak out every time you leave the home for the day. Just tell your Alexa Alexa stream all little or no. In the dog whisperer himself will narrate something pure little howdy complete. I know chowder you can just use normal mobile 23 dogs can't tell the difference. Don't spruce that good dialogue. Oh.