Nerd Talk - August 14, 2017

Monday, August 14th

Move over LA Lights, we're going full HD on Nerd Talk!


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Look to upgrade to shoot technology. Forget the blinking LA lights at your childhood or Hugh is still pretty cool a New York shoe company has designed a sneaker with a full. Color HD display on the side report. I get those numbers match on that not enough because shoulder creative side with a loss of swirling rule eight or just write the word box but. You should sit clubs golf right you can go full tilt toward the low low price of just what 500 dollars. There's got the money for that. SpaceX they've been busy in the lead up to launching a new rocket the falcon heavy. Which they wanna use to take earth Joseph Dumars I had no idea that the party launched ten smaller ones who lives here and there's another one tonight. With more than one month. That is of those rockets that they fly up into space in the middle and back here on earth were in the seat to be reuse begin leader recyclable rockets. And finally science wants to use drones the plant trees I'm in we have this problem. We're cutting down the rainforest real ones of the planet in order to make stuff like new telemedicine. And stuff well. Once we can really see the dearth using autonomous robots clones. It's done it they can pledge a 100000. Trees in one single day. Don't fully mad scientist and engineer a burrito tree and he in my hand lower these drove through. Need my. This week supported by burden in Wellesley gaming glove on the east side. Back La.