Nerd Talk - August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14th

Nerd Talk!

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Hi thanks for finding the nerd duct podcast. Do the best. The future of doctors is more like Star Wars and less like. Now. Who wouldn't fed data from scanning your eyeballs than ai told deep mine and is able to analyze the scans with the same efficiency as human doctors. On the the coffee and end any time of day without having to wake someone up. Also since it's in its infancy until we do get better publicity the dot but can give real Luke Skywalker are items interest is now from them. So cold to. Title on these dudes found Pokemon go through Smartphone has taken a pretty far these ridges bicycle. We're eleven mobile phone holders and battery packs that we can ride around this town catching all the zoo bats and we'd lose. What yeah. The dog to feel like 12100 dollars per month what does the social aspect of how great how is a positive 12100 dollars a month for service. When he says these social aspect of hunting and battling Pokemon is keeping the alzheimer's the way Oleg bill say that eleven Pokemon phones a day keeps the alzheimer's Glenn. Let them. Brackets and finally. We're now. How Lincoln Vick is finally getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame later this month but daytime Hollywood gets together. British Open will now be a permanent part of tour is getting there handbag stolen or. The perfect face for mega drug to break dance. We're.