Nerd Talk - August 16, 2018

Thursday, August 16th

Google Glass was lame, but a version more like DragonBall Z is being used in the best way!

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It takes refining the nerd talk podcast you're all rat. Well know how lame good. Glass turned out the glasses with a tiny computer screen over your ride you out but there's still applications where it could be also. They racing league in Japan has created a transparent screen about its biggest play in card that goes over the visor of the racing helmet and he can display info without having to look down imagine driving with the dragon balls these style display over your eye that told you your speed and next GPS directions. Still no texts please the last thing I want is my jackass friends sending his eggplant MOG well I'm zipping down a high five. Canada's trying to save the beat you slip by banning a pesticide that's. Kills bees march meanwhile in America we're trying to remind beans for coal and oil. Then finally. A study by the publication science robots with them immediately subscribing to found that children. Our super susceptible to peer pressure from robots schools were. What else shift practice so eighties broke blood. Anyway we shouldn't be surprised look at Star Wars most lovable character. It turns out aren't Jewish trying to get kids to invest their lawn mowing and babysitting money and big boy wow. This is what. This week is supported by our friends and Vern and will's high. And our new rules.