Nerd Talk - August 2, 2016

Tuesday, August 2nd

The best part of elementary school is getting a reboot.

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Oregon trail is. Riding the success and current popularity of card games like towards against humanity and exploding kittens. President plugging in your old level do we are an app on your phone this time he'll tell your friends on a journey from Missouri don't or again. All on the luck of the draw trade for goods for rivers. Yes it's a little likely die of distance there it. I hope it's not your two children and other fun news one of the forget about a galaxy travel around and that is so fast it would take literally. Five billion years to see every planet blues did read the gay men. Thirty hours about a copy and he'd they've found an exploitation of the credit system we got to the center of the galaxy in just a couple of days what a jerk. This is literally the game I've been waiting for before buying a PS board took Steward of Sony. And finally tonight just about a new source for antibiotics and all you need if you don't bang her. Turns out that a trip knuckle deep in the some dudes nose discovered the latest source of bacterium that can kill microbial disease but a little low. Goods like I've been conducting research for a decade. You look filmed. Oh.