Nerd Talk - August 3, 2017

Wednesday, August 3rd

I'd write more, but I'm too busy using Instagram Stories...

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The next five years one in three surgeries will be robot assisted the hole that's true. Got out I imagine that accuracy would go way up and it'll make your way easier for the robots to implant tracking devices. Even when the bunch of robots. Humans. Imagine getting a surgery bought drove delivered in thirty minutes of your prime membership blazes that leg right back off and it's not quite a through replicate or like Star Trek. But nerds like us will soon be 3-D printing our own meals. Researchers take tubes of food do put into the printing machine in your dinner is specially printed and took simultaneously. The designers are hoping that people at home will make their own recipes and via the Internet. We'll go viral you went through go viral you spend a few days in the bathroom thinking your intestines are eating you from the inside out what does age had finally. Next month NASA is shooting a prompt to an asteroid that could possibly Armageddon us in the future political Bruce Willis the problem called Osiris Rex. No that's not a flying dinosaur instead at the Thomas spacecraft that after a two year journey will settle into orbit scanning the flying Rockies biggest garbage for a place to take a sample. Fly down to just. Above the surface troublesome rocks and sand and stuff like it's on the beach in the return home. NASA will then put the rockets into Tumblr makes suites based jewelry like a cub scout program off.